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Anonymous 104311

Besides imageboards, are you a part of any other niche/not widely known website? For me it's selfharm.pics, I know it may seem shady but it's the only place where I can vent about this specific mental issue without stupid normie shit.

Anonymous 104313

No. I have no hobbies, or anything interesting in my life.

Anonymous 104314

Just CC, I used to be pretty active in a little MMORPG with about 200 active players, it had a cute little cozy forum I used all the time, but with uni I lost the time to hang around on it.

Anonymous 104323

I like gaia-esque dress up game & forum type sites. the forums themselves are usually retarded, but in an endearing way. The minigames can be fun, too. It's nice to window shop via bug eyed cutesy avatar.

Anonymous 104325

What are some ones you like outside of Gaia?

Anonymous 104339

Used to frequent the forums on this one neopets-like website like 10+ years ago. Its shut down now but got me really into little online communities and chatting with strangers.

Anonymous 104341

i dont have much to add here, other than I used to hang out a lot on random dog maker websites lol
But does anyone else know any other forums/imageboards that are for girls/girl friendly?

Anonymous 104347

Respectable answer

Anonymous 104355

Like a lot of people, when I was younger, I used to play a lot of crappy in-browser text-based MMOs where nobody really cared about the game and just chatted. I ran a guild.

Shoutout to any Alien Adoption Agency or Lorean veterans out there!

Anonymous 104376

recolor.me & someone on lolcow put me onto bimboland which is much better than the name would imply

Anonymous 104377

Lol, I'd feel like someone was insulting me if they recommended me that site. But looking at it it seems innocent enough, even if the name is kinda sus.

Anonymous 105059

There's a gardening-related forum I browse. It's pretty slow but it's kind of nice because it's in my native language and mostly visited by older normie people, so it's void of American wokeism and shit like demanding to be called x pronouns.

I just realized how much of the internet has gobbled up by/is centered around a select few giant companies now.

Anonymous 105176

>For me it's selfharm.pics, I know it may seem shady but it's the only place where I can vent about this specific mental issue without stupid normie shit.
I want to see pics of self harm but I don't want to participate in the community. I just want to lurk, read people's stories, and look at pics of self harm. Unfortunetly you have to be an active user for a while to gain trust, which I don't want to do.
Anywhere else like it that I can just take a gander at some self harm and read people's posts? I wish there was an imageboard dedicated to that kind of stuff.

Anonymous 105223

I was seriously bummed out when I looked it up and it wasn't an imageboard, honestly

Anonymous 105224


Anonymous 105238

I have an online friend that runs a small textboard for fun. Only like ten people know about it. Only like five people ever post. It's cozy.

Anonymous 105240

That's a porn dump, not a self harm dump. I won't dig through 10s of threads of porn only to maybe find one good shitpost or self harm pic

Anonymous 105242

Anonymous 105257

everskies ! the ui is modern though i dont know if that is what youre looking for but its dress up focused with a forum

Anonymous 105258


honestly twitter specifically the phrases shtwt sliceytwt styro beanstwt LOL but its full of children which makes me feel disgusting so i dont necessarily recommend… there are plenty adults though and nice pictures i just dont want to take the risk
sometimes i just look up self harm on 4chan archives and see for myself

Anonymous 105259

Thank you anon, you're great.
Is that zombiebeatz2000?

Anonymous 105291


yes ! she is my favorite girl ever i was both happy and sad ( for her ) when she got crazy popular in 2014-2018 due to 8(/2)chan because it meant i got to know more about her
i hope she is happy and safe now wherever she is

Anonymous 105908

The japanese sh tags are insane, I saw a girl that used what I think is a venipuncture needle or something to draw blood, I felt sick at first but now i want to do it myself

Anonymous 105938

Neopets revamped its website last year when Flash was killed. Some of the new stuff is nice, but there's still plenty of nostalgia. It's still pretty fun to play for 20-30 mins a day.

Anonymous 105949


Nice pics but literally everyone has a profile like this. I thought it was a joke lmfao

Anonymous 105950


Anonymous 106029

It's twitter, I don't know what you expected

Anonymous 106033

Yeah your right
I checked out those tags more and they got some great pics if you dig a little bit

Anonymous 106059

Have you seen the japanese ones?

Anonymous 106061

Look up user Bacteria_x_x

Anonymous 106064

Holy shit I saw one of her vids reposted on someone else's account

Anonymous 106067

I think a good portion of her posts get retweets, unless you mean something else

Anonymous 109308

There is this neat imageboard called nanochan I visit.
Its a bit much at sometimes but its a nice small community where you can have very nice conversations.
Highly recommend.

Anonymous 109379

Anyone knows pink-pilled/female only websites? I want to talk to other like-minded women online. Is there a secret tag on twitter for this or…?

Anonymous 109416

suptv dot org

watch movies and talk to people

Anonymous 109594

Anonymous 109910

that sounds so nice, could you tell us what MMO it was? i am constantly looking for some because i miss being really into them.

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