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Do I really feel bad? Anonymous 106219

Do you ever wonder if you actually feel bad for certain actions you take, or just feel bad about getting caught or soiling your image?
I know I definetly didn't care when I was younger, I stole from relatives and didn't think or care about how it effected them, I was only concerned with soiling my image.
Sometimes when I apologize, I don't actually feel sorry but just want to preserve my image or stop a fight.
Its not all the time, and over the years I've thought like this kess and less, but I definetly used to feel little remorse for wrongdoings. It makes me doubt my motives for things even today, because its been natural for so long.

Anonymous 106237

May you and I never meet eachother, OP. That’s creepy af.

Anonymous 106296

Hmm usually I dont reply to posts like this but I have a different experience from OP so I'll chime in! I feel endlessly bad for others (all living things) a lot, all day, my every life decision depends on doing the least amount of harm, and I hate money and the industrial system so, therefor, hate most people and my boundless compassion and empathy is entirely wasted on me as a result. Uh, what else, I don't care about my social image at all, big hermit, wasn't socialised to feel empathy just naturally have 15 tonnes of the shit clogging up my central emotion hole. Someone take some off my hands! Hugs all round!

Anonymous 106335

I'm that way too OP. For a while I thought that everyone else was the same but it seems like that's not the case.

Anonymous 106362

I feel the same way honestly. I used to be a bully as a kid because I guess my empathy hadn’t developed yet. I only feel bad about it because my victims probably still hate me for it. I also am a pretty bigoted person and only feel bad about it because I know people irl would hate me for it.

Anonymous 106447

I think feeling bad about stuff and empathy in general is a learned behaviour. I used to steal pennies and stuff from my mom’s purse and didn’t feel bad but if I did it now I’d feel awful. I think saying sorry to prevent further conflict is quite common also

Anonymous 106448

Bahahaha you wish. I feel bad about causing pointless suffering if thats what you mean. I don't believe morality is anything but twisted manipulation. I think the complexity of morals are relative and in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous 106456

Stealing from people is rude and more trouble than it's worth stealing from big stores on the other hand

Anonymous 106464

I have schizoid personality disorder, so since I don't really feel like I'm a participant in the world, it's hard for me to understand consequences and guilt. I can't really envision how an action made by me can actually affect others (practically I get it, but my brain just doesn't click that way), so I don't really feel guilt when I hurt someone, but I do recognize that it's wrong and that hurting others is bad, so I try not to do it and to fix any mistakes I do make.

Anonymous 106473

Lol youre just a piece of shit

Anonymous 106483

Absolutely zero. I always thought that we all just play pretend that we care for others because it makes society work.
I mean sure I feel empathy and shit but at the end of the day, who cares? Is it me suffering? No? K. I have no remorse besides being cautious to not crack my shiny image because that would lead to problems for me. Its not like I'm running around aimlessly hurting people but if I want something and someone stands in the way… why not? The difference between overcoming this obstacle in whatever way is only that if I don't overcome it, I don't get what I want, if I overcome it I get what I want no repercussions if done right. Nothing in the world changes for me if others are not miserable.
And I'm pretty sure that nearly all people are like that otherwise the world would look like it does.

Anonymous 106604

Yes I also agree with this. Stealing from people is usually bad but stealing from walmart is fun.

Anonymous 106624

Stole from Dollar General for the first time in years yesterday, was quite a fun experience

Anonymous 106642

What makes you think it's not the case? I think more people lack empathy than they would admit.

Anonymous 106643

Anonymous 106649

For a while I did anything I could get away with, sometimes just because I could. Like doxing people or exacerbating an argument between two people by making fake accounts that would look like they were obviously made and poorly disguised by one of the parties. Lately I've found myself developing new boundaries and feeling more directly the impact of these things, so I've all but stopped.

Anonymous 106651

>And I'm pretty sure that nearly all people are like that otherwise the world would look like it does.
Possible I suppose, but incredibly unlikely. Most people back in the day would just be fine hurting other people willy nilly if they wanted, so something had to change at some point.

Depends on what level of society you are looking at. The average normalfag isn't lacking in empathy, in fact they probably have plenty, any mistreatment you get from one is generally from an emotionally standpoint, or them legitimately not understanding the problem they are causing. As you climb up the social hierarchy to those on top though, the people who don't feel any empathy whatsoever increases.

It should also be clarified that feeling empathy is not an on/off switch, there's plenty of gradiation for how much a given person feels for another person in a situation.

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