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Reddit? Anonymous 10778

Do you use reddit?

If so, which subs do you recommend?

I found myself returning to lurk on r/credibledefense and r/geopolitics quite frequently. Refreshing to see a level of discourse between folks whose consumption of political reporting goes beyond the 24-hour news cycle.

Anonymous 10786

I know reddit is fine and everything, but I always feel embarrassed when I stumble upon it due to the rivalry between them and chan sites. I just don’t like the whole “good day sir, love your doggo, you deserve bacon! :D” nice guy crap they have going on.

Anonymous 10791


>If so, which subs do you recommend?

Anything that isn't political. It pisses me off when I see some opinion downvoted, just because it didn't allign with their shitty hivemind, even when it was laid out rational.

>nice guy crap they have going on.

I especially hate it when a tranny posts her timeline and the comments are like "OMG u are beatiful" and so on. And don't you dare to say that HE still looks like a man.

the good thing about reddit is that they even have communities for more obscure interests like urban exploration and what not.

Anonymous 10799

>Anything that isn't political.
Did you visit the subs I mentioned at all?

And we get it. The front page is shit. Yada yada. I want this thread to be about finding the nicer parts of the website, not the same old tired complaints of the problems which everyone's already aware of.

Anonymous 10806

I like r/nosleep sometimes and I visit r/tumblrinaction when I'm really bored (despite their tumblr-tier tendency to defend trannies and to post sane feminists just because they're "TERFS" which puzzles me) but don't go there much for anything else even though I know some subs about subjects I like are good. It's hard to take the site seriously.

Anonymous 10812

I like AskReddit, Unorthodog, TipofmyTongue and WhatisthisThing

Anonymous 10815

Whenever I read r/relationships I feel like a woman with a titanium backbone lol.

Anonymous 10840

I can't take ribbit seriously since the whole gamergate fiasco…

Anonymous 10844

>nice guy crap
That's exactly how I feel. And I'm talking about guys I know personally who spend way too much time on leddit. They always seem super fake IRL. It's probably just a coincidence but still eh.

Anonymous 10856

I visit r/stepparents because I'm a fairly young stepmother and almost cried with relief finding some solidarity with others going through the same struggles. Mommy blogs and chans aren't exactly good for that sort of thing. After I found that I subbed to a few others like r/lfg and r/DnD, which I know is available on the chans /tg/ but people aren't as big of a dick to you on reddit. I also visit some minor trashy TV subs since they tend to move faster.

Anonymous 10858

I like r/askreddit because I like to read about other peoples' stories and experiences about things. Sometimes I visit r/raisedbynarcissists to feel better about my own nmom and my shoddy relationship with her.
Other subreddits I visit at random and can't say I frequent even weekly.

Things that could make reddit better? Doing away with karma scores. It's still possible to push liked posts to the top with hidden voting without there having to be a "score" for users.
It's annoying to see posts blatantly whoring for karma, and to also have bitter users downvote something just because they think a post is trying to get karma.

I do enjoy post histories though. It lets me know if the person I'm replying to is worth the effort or is just a troll user.

Anonymous 10859


I dislike it.
The upvote/downvote system encourages herd behavior, posts that challenge the common opinion are de facto hidden, since they get downvoted to the bottom of the comments.
Their "fame" and "reddit gold" or whatever it's called are even worse, I can't stand e-drama and queen bees. Popularity contests are annoying IRL, on the internet it becomes downright pathetic.
With that many companies or e-celebs participating and getting too much attention, it's also a place for advertisement, which is bad for discussion.
And let's not forget, they manage to be even more cringy than channers in their "culture". It's a haven for normies of the "omg I'm such a nerd :PPPPPPP" kind.

Small subreddits dedicated to very specific topics are fine I guess … Somehow there are some information that are difficult to find outside of reddit. I've been using the drug-related subreddits for instance, though I only posted twice, once for asking a question, the other time for saying thank you.

Anonymous 10860

I'm a pleb and I mostly just go to normie front page humor subreddits like /r/funny and /r/jokes when I want to see a lot of things that will make me laugh.

Anonymous 10878

I only use it for r/cripplingalcoholism. It's nice to be able to talk to other degenerates that know, and don't give a shit, about me being an alcoholic. We know we're fucked up, but at least we can talk to each other without feeling the constant pressure of judgement.

Anonymous 10879

How bad is your alcoholism anon? Last I checked in that subreddit some posters were trying to see how many drinks a day would cause wet brain later. It's just…sad.

Anonymous 10907

this how im tryna …


One advantage though is the upvote downvote system lets you quickly filter out trash opinions. On a site like this, someone can post something thats complete trash (like on 4chan for example poltards will literally start thinly veiled "gaming" threads so they can push their weird ass agendas. like "which games are halal guys? I want ones preferably with goat fucking in them :)") keep in mind trash threads like that are right next to threads with actual content in them, and you now have to sift through that garbage to find actual video game discussion. then you find a video game thread and you think youre good, but nope, the thread gets derailed by some moron posting a BLACKED porno meme pic and asking if the one female character would ever fuck a black guy. That shit doesn't happen on reddit

I think a site like this would benefit from upvotes and downvotes that dont do anything. like you can just upvote or downvote a post to show that you agree or disagree. Lots of people dont want to take the time to type out a full response, but they want to express their approval or disappoval. the upvotes and downvotes arent tracked or recorded in anyway, theyre just there to show other users the general "feel" other thread goers had on that post.

Anonymous 10921

Ah, I'm not as bad as that. Yeah, I know I'm actively killing myself but I'm not out to do dumb shit like that. I'm a pretty high functioning alcoholic. I have a full time job, a home, relationship, etc. Though I'm basically destroying my relationship because of my drinking but I'm probably better off left to my own devices anyways. I really should just break up with him so I don't have to hide booze all over the house anymore.

Anonymous 10930


>I don't have to hide booze all over the house anymore.

Pro tip: people who live with alcoholics notice this shit. You're hideouts are not as good as you might think. He probably is either in denial or he's afraid to talk to you about it

I grew up with alcoholic mother who did the same and always stumbled upon this shit

Anonymous 10932

>filter out trash opinions
>I disagree with it so it's shit/racist/misagonist/wrong/etc…
You are the sole reason reddit sucks.

Anonymous 10933

Venting time. I constantly get fucking downvoted for stating facts, like quoting the law or statistics from reputable sites just because people disagree with it.
Imagine it, people are throwing poop around in a topic they know shit about it, I quote the law word by word to make thing clear. And what happens? My post disappears by the next morning. No sane person can defend this.

Anonymous 10937

Huh this has happened to me too, anon. I was in a thread where people were discussing what the average # of sexual partners is, and I posted a study that stated people with over 10 partners were in the top 10% across all age groups. I wasn't even being judgemental in my post but I got downvoted to like -50 and the only rebuttal I got was, "well it varies wildly by location and your social group". Like no shit. I was posting a national average.

If they think being promiscuous isn't a big deal, why are they so insecure if someone suggests their number is statistically high?

Anonymous 10938

Some opinions are bad and some people should shut the fuck up especially if they're being obsessive and deranged about it.

Anonymous 10940

To me you are the one who sounds obsessive. So much that you can't take a different opinion.

Anonymous 10941

However I'm drunk. So may not have the best judgment. :3

Anonymous 10942

>why are they so insecure if someone suggests their number is statistically high?

I'm curious about your source.

I mean I'm no genius and I'm not sure of the context of the discussion, but there does seem to be something problematic with reporting and measuring questions about sexual partners. After all, we only know of what the individual chooses to report and we have no way to prove if they report the number lower or higher due to bad memory or just lying. It also depends on how big the sampling of the study was. Even if they surveyed 13,000 people that's hardly an array to draw conclusions about the national average.
I've read a study that said Gen X had an average of 10 partners, whereas millennials had an average of 8. It must feel a little insulting to get roped in with the same percentage of people who've slept with 60 partners just because they've slept with 10 and an arbitrary difference of 2 people is what did it.

I can understand why others would get frustrated at those who seem to take these studies at face value when at best they only illustrate general trends.

And heaven help you if you're trying to make inferences about other behaviors like infidelity, divorce, or mental problems based on the number of partners when the group you're saying this to largely doesn't exhibit such behaviors. Yep, that's like thwacking a bee's nest.

Anonymous 10944

This is my first reply on this subject manner you god damned weirdo.

Anonymous 11592



Anyone else frequent this sub? Am I taking crazy pills or does it seem like in images of couples, people there are always calling the male as slightly more attractive when in actuality the woman is noticeably more attractive than the guy? I feel like there's a conspiracy there to "take women down a notch" or something.

Anonymous 11593

I scrolled through the sub, and this does not seem to be the case to me. In the pic you posted, they look to be in the same league. Can you give an example?

Anonymous 11594

I havent been to the sub but guys do that online everywhere. It's transparent and corny.

Anonymous 11595

I think they are equal imo.

Anonymous 11596

I'd much rather stare at the girl than look at the guy. He looks generic as fuck. Her cute nose alone body slams every average feature the guy has.

Anonymous 11597

This is dumb as fuck. Beauty is subjective as it can be. I personally think the girl looks way more attractive than him while he looks a bit like a prune.

Anonymous 11598

Samefagging to add there's so much more to attraction than looks. Hence why there are several couples out there that have 1 person who looks more conventionally attractive than their partner. These people make it look so simple. I am going to sage this for samefag and rant but this is just depressing. I am so fucking relieved that I have friends and a loving partner who don't think this way because if the rest of our generation does, this is absolutely sad. I don't know if it's just a symptom of the overuse of the internet, Photoshop, plastic surgery, heavily faked social media and whatnot, but something is terribly wrong.

Anonymous 11599

When presented with an image of women in a group of women, men will rate the women as more attractive than they would when presented with the women individually.

I'm guessing that something similar happens when you look at a man in a couple - he looks more attractive because he's in a couple. You can make evopsych theories for this if you want.

Anonymous 11601

lol they're 23 and 20? I thought they were mid/late 20s


Anonymous 11603

imo the guy looks definitely like he's in his late twenties, but though the girl has a football coach housewife look, she does look twenty.

overall, though…his weird smunched up eyes are uggo af. the girl has a cute smile, what seems to be the start of a nice butt, but her eyebrows could use some work. I think she's a lot cuter than he is.

Anonymous 11604

She looks like a youthful 22-25. Definitely not someone who was a teenager just a year or so ago.

Taking into account her hair/makeup and the guy looking like he's confident like he has a decent job, they seem pretty equally yoked.

idk if it's trying to "take women down a notch" but yeah, they're weirdly lenient on the guy when the girl is a lot better looking (all individual pics so it's not a thing about people looking better among groups or something like >>11599 suggested)

Anonymous 11605

hm. see, here, i think the girl is definitely not as attractive as the guy is. she relies on angles and her cake face, whereas the guy looks more youthful and seems to be open about sharing different angles of his face.

i'm lesbian, though, i might have higher standards for most girls than average.

Anonymous 11606

The premise of this whole subreddit is stupid. Like people have mentioned, "attraction" is subjective; that word normally encompasses non-physical aspects that aren't available without a lot of projecting or nitpicking. It's not as bad as self-post shit like r/roastme, but it implies that there is some kind of standard for rating people physically that means something deeper when there isn't. What difference does it make that a couple "match" in physical attractiveness? Does that change how they see each other if they are together for reasons that aren't solely shallow?

>>11592 You're not crazy but you probably have different tastes than the average reddit user (male, white, 20s-30s, US-based).

Anonymous 11607

What I don't get is why people would post as a couple in that subreddit. Wouldn't one of them end up feeling hurt/insecure if everyone in the thread said one of them was more attractive?

Anonymous 11608

Probably because one person of the couple is looking for external validation or leverage to use against their significant other in petty arguments. I doubt that many of the couples are posted knowingly by both people.

Anonymous 19760

I hate it, but I'm addicted to it. I even have an ip block installed to my phone so I can't access the t, that I disable every once in a while because "I must check it". There is a localized subreddit in my native language that is pure cancer, and a cultural one that is mostly noobs, people who deem themselves important and naive elaborations. I don't know why I keep coming back. Guess I like shitposting

Anonymous 19766

Yeah it's the same with me. At least this place isn't as outright toxic as the other ones.

Anonymous 19804

Honestly I find it really easy to tune out the bad aspects of reddit when I actively go out and look for subreddits that pertain to my interests and aren't terrible. I used to be subscribed to a lot of TV show subreddits but I unsubbed because they sucked. It's really not that big of a deal.

The subs I genuinely enjoy are r/changemyview, r/Unresolvedmysteries, and r/indieheads. I follow a lot of self help subs too but that was so I could start weeding out the ones where I just spent hours looking at bullshit. I really enjoy r/changemyview because it's a well moderated discussion that allows for different viewpoints to be challenged without getting downvoted to oblivion.

Anonymous 20215

Reddit protip:
>Hide child comments

Makes it so much easier to skip past all the pun threads and only read the comment threads you're interested in.

You're welcome

Anonymous 20299

usually just use r/chickflixxx for porn lol. everything else got boring for me after a year or so

Anonymous 20328

I do but so many of the bigger subreddits are full of people who are straight up retarded. r/AsianBeauty is a haven for weird SJWs and clueless normies, their inside jokes are cringy as hell and they try way too hard to sound knowledgeable. So basically as in any other bigger subreddit.

I read my native country's sub, it's nice when it's not full of Americans asking for tourist advice for the umpteenth time and bragging about learning a foreign language. I also visit subs for some of my other interests such as some niche games, and the industry I work in.

Anonymous 20332

Thanks for the rec, anon.

>r/AsianBeauty is a haven for weird SJWs and clueless normies, their inside jokes are cringy as hell
Really? I sometimes browse that subreddit and don't really see it.

Anonymous 20355

I use Reddit but I'm something of a lurker, even if I have something to say, I usually don't. I do comment on smaller hobby/interest boards where the quality of discussion tends to be higher.

Anonymous 20364

I do pretty much the same. Niche subreddits can be a goldmine.

Anonymous 20372

They really can! As niche Internet pages and fansites have disappeared, I've found a lot of these folk have taken to Reddit. It's nice to engage in real discussion with people with the same uncommon interests as you.

Anonymous 20398

I really enjoy makeuprehab since i'm trying to curb my shopping addiction, and xxfitness is nice sometimes for advice on finding cute workout gear

Anonymous 20435

On the actual sub you don't see it too too much aside from the "praise Snezus xDDD" jokes and "Ow my wallet", but the discord is a cesspit. People on the sub used to be a lot more smarmy and lecture people about how sebaceous filaments are not blackheads etc but they've since calmed down.

Anonymous 20449

I browse an options subreddit, but unless you are into trading derivatives, there is no point.

Anonymous 20508

The only times I felt SJW vibes on these skincare related subreddits are when discussions about diet are taking place. They flip their shit whenever anyone suggests that their shitty diet may have something to do with the fact that they're breaking out all the time and they ought to try changing it. Especially ironic for them to go full on HAES when they love to pride themsevles on being driven by scientific evidence i.e. autistically combing through studies on NIH.

Anonymous 20589

It's wallstreetbets isn't it

Anonymous 20612

there are no good financial/trading subreddits at all

WSB is cancer but not as bad as when it first was WoWS/Robin-hood era of 2013-2015.

Anonymous 20631

No it's /r/options. Unfortunately, with the push of options on the robinhood platform, the subreddit is filled with "I bought a call on ______ why isn't it going up waaah" because no one who posts actually learned about how options work anymore. They don't even understand IV or the greeks. So I heavily decreased the amount I browse. There use to be great discussion but it has since gotten flooded by newcomers.

Anonymous 20632

I don’t understand that. I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and pretend I’m a total healthnut but even I know there are certain foods to avoid and stuff you can do like drinking more water if you want better skin. It is what it is.

Anonymous 20633

To me reddit's "general" subreddits (news/photos/music/gifs etc) and general discussion/debate subreddits (r/politics) are useless due to a number a factors but most notably the style and lingo of the general reddit community mentioned ITT I could go into detail later. Shitposting on image-boards or even twitter is better if you're bored and want to post garbage.

I use Reddit mainly as a reference community of sorts, and for that function it is very useful. For instance I would argue it is the single best community reference site in the internet for general reference stuff (excluding niche stuff like stack-exchange and specialized stuff like tech support forums) as quora is terribly formatted and it's users tend to go off on a tangent for a simple question. Reddit is extremely useful for instance translating a song from a foreign language, obtaining a answer for a simple history question, etc. However once you go into specialized niches (history, science, academics, econ/finance etc) reddit is just useless and other specialized niche sites for those subjects/interests serve better purpose.

The main problem with reddit I would argue that while the general reference/knowledge subreddits are extremely useful and friendly to newcomers/hobbyist interested in said subject the more specialized/niche a subject becomes the more slow a subredddit becomes or it maintains a sizeable community that declines in content quality due to in-community sub-reddit culture, incompotent mods, and/or circle-jerking. In the first-case you may as well just visit another specialized website that's not as slow as previously mentioned.

The /badecon, /badphilosophy and other "/bad"sub-reddit variants (r/badhistory seems decent tho) are for instance supposed to be actively frequented by "professionals" in said field "pointing out the bad misrepresentations of XXX field" but they end up just being frequented by undergrads spouting off shitty memes (usually consisting of 4ch/twitter memes rehashed/sanitized and edited to make some unfunny inside-joke for said community) in vain sense to feel like their doing something productive or gaining knowledge. I've seen for instance on /badecon redditors who are clearly not professionals in said field managing to gain influence in the clubby circle-jerk community all because they made some shitty memes with inside-jokes a undergrad can come up with. That's just for the "professional" subreddits mentioned; i'm sure subreddits for hobbyist interests like some obscure fandom have had subreddit drama regarding circle-jerking/mod-revolting

TBH "meme" culture shouldn't exist outside of 4ch; just call your original inside jokes what they are (inside jokes) instead of rehashing image-macros and shit, it just makes all humor unoriginal and tiresome. Better yet they feel out of place in the self-righteous/circle-jerk communities of reddit who mostly tend not to like being associated with 4chan despite stealing their memes

trading forums haven't been penetrated by that /biz/robinhood/wsb demographic yet. Most of those original kiddies either way moved on to crypto instead of polluting other securities (they probably couldn't have enough money to bypass PDT-rule for equities) after the hype cycle for penny stocks, leveraged etfs, and later AMD stocks died off/shifted. Some of them may have actually grown up and moved on from that garbage banter. Stock-twits is still useless and ruined by this cancer tho

Anonymous 20634

That's good to hear. I mean I don't hate the newcomers, but some of them don't even try, you know? They even have a noob thread that they don't always use. When I started learning I use to take actual notes over the material I read and make an effort to educate myself. At this point, I already have the strategy that I think should work for me (fingers crossed), so I guess I am fortunate that I learned before this new wave of craziness happened. I don't know where these forums are that have good content. It'd be nice to know because I do like to stay plugged in, which is why I'll still pop into /r/options every now and then to see anything from the experienced traders. I guess it's also the nature of trading too? You can teach, but if you have a money maker it's generally not in your best interest to give out information. Those generous few that do are a very small minority. So eventually smaller groups that have some good traders get flooded by people wanting in and the quality of the site goes down very quickly.

Anonymous 20690

>However once you go into specialized niches (history, science, academics, econ/finance etc) reddit is just useless and other specialized niche sites for those subjects/interests serve better purpose.
This, exactly.

Anonymous 21982

I feel like the hate against the whole "nice" culture that people associate with reddit is ridiculous. Half the time it's people trying to say people who care about trying to be nice are "fake" when they have nothing to show for how that person is being disingenuous. I don't have a problem with reddit culture, people hate being reminded that other people get affected by what is read online.

Anonymous 21984

What are you referring to by "nice" culture?

Anonymous 22000

People on reddit say equally horrible things, but they put it under this layer of pseudointellectual politeness. That's the annoying part.

Anonymous 22560


Anonymous 29201

bump bump

Kazzie 29251


Reddit sux azz. I rather commit sudoku than use it…

Anonymous 29252

Reddit is just 4chan lite

Anonymous 29262

exact. i remember not wanting to use it because i thought people would brag and powerlevel for the stupid points and surprise surprise, they do… some are huge cunts. but i have no patience for 4chan anymore and besides cc i don't use imageboards as before, so reddit has become an option for when i am bored.

Anonymous 29283

I don't have an account but I lurk r/waifuism (because I'm pathetic) and r/tales. I don't really like the layout of the site so I don't use it much.

Anonymous 29284


That's cool

Anonymous 29286


>implying men should dedicate themselves to other people
Real people do not deserve dedications and honors just for existing. You're coming off like a stereotypical dependent woman who can't handle men who don't want women. This isn't cringy because he prefers 2D. It's cringy because of his unrealistic fears of how others perceive him, the attempts to express devotion through consumerism, and the convoluted mental stream that has him simultaneously wanting to announce his "love" (which men can't experience anyway) and feeling trapped by his own fabrications. The fact that the only way you know how to respond is through an anime avatar shows that you don't even understand what you're saying, or that you lack self-awareness.
Also, there is nothing wrong with having a husbando. Fight me irl.

Anonymous 29288


Anonymous 29290

Kami no Kodomo.

Anonymous 29293

i go there for tech support

Anonymous 29294

I'm not as anal as they are there. I don't view it as a lifestyle or anything, I wouldn't ever "come out" to my family and friends. I just like collecting merch of my husbando and pretending to talk to him sometimes. It's like a psudeo-relationship where the other party has 0 expectations of you.
A lot of the people who post there are underage (think 13-16) so that can explain a lot of the immature posts.

Anonymous 29724

I don't use reddit because it sucks and realizing that is a scrub filter.
Also you have to go back

Anonymous 29733

I've tried Reddit so many times but every time it disappoints me. People have told me that if you stick to certain subreddits, it's fine but it's not true. The place is full of misogynistic men ready to tear you down for any opinion you have or handmaidens who are fine with female topics being flooded with responses from MTF trans people and have rules to accommodate them (first thing that comes to mind is that badwomensanatomy and twoxchromosomes don't allow "transphobia", even if it's on-topic). I think it's disgusting that subreddits like incels, deepfakes, beating women, men's rights, jailbait and revenge porn are allowed to exist and tbh I wouldn't even want to contribute to a website where things like that exist anyway. Even small subreddits that are for niche hobbies are full of really aggressive men looking for some kind of debate, it's really depressing and idk how anyone browses it regularly.

Anonymous 29740

It's disgusting that subreddit male rights exist?

Anonymous 29743

Anonymous 29778

I just stick to hobby subs and this stuff never comes up in the first place.

Anonymous 29972

>disgusting that subreddits like incels, deepfakes, beating women, men's rights, jailbait and revenge porn are allowed to exist
ngl browsing Reddit made me lose even more hope in humanity. I've come across deranged users with hundreds of daily comments where I can't tell if they're just trolling and shitposting or they really believe in all the crazy stuff they say. I pray that I'll never come across those misogynistic crazies in real life.

Anonymous 29995

>made me lose even more hope in humanity
I feel you anon.

Anonymous 29996

you don't feel this way browsing imageboards? they're 100 times worse

Anonymous 29997

I think it has more to do with expectations and frequency. Image boards don't have the same posting frequency, or ability to inspect people's histories. I also generally don't expect people to be badshit insane on Reddit, just have a terminal case of the normies.

Anonymous 30002

Sort of but not as much. Like >>29997 said people aren't posting with their usernames attached. It's depressing to see someone talk about how much they hate "roasties" but it's 10x more depressing when they say that, you check their history and they have a newborn daughter. Imageboards don't represent the majority of the population but Reddit on the other hand is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Same with Facebook which is even worse again because men post hateful shit with their REAL names and faces attached and pictures of their daughter/wife/girlfriend on their cover photo. It's the same shit across all websites, it's just varying degrees of anonymity. I don't think Reddit is any less extreme than imagebords tbh.

Anonymous 30003

Ah ok, I see what you two mean.

I don't ever check people's history pages or care to remember usernames, maybe that's why I have a different pov.

Anonymous 31118

/r/Askreddit threads about creepy experiences are my jam, even if they're always the same.

Anonymous 31159

I only go to reddit for r/fatpeoplestories, r/1200isplenty, r/fatlogic, r/animalcrossingPC, and info on Petscop.

I used to like Reddit before it changed to be more advertiser friendly and before I started using 4chan regularly. The subs I’m in regularly deliver what I want out of them, but there is always a healthy dose of cringe on that website.

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