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Pinkpill Thread #4 Anonymous 108911

Vent your frustration about males and the degenerate things that they do here.

Previous Bread >>93567

Anonymous 108912


I'm gonna post it again because I think its funny

Anonymous 109046


the "superior sex" be like

Anonymous 109050


>100 males (mostly men)
What did "the science" mean by this?

Anonymous 109053

Anyone can cherry pick studies and statistics to make the other gender look bad, this just makes you look really dumb and desperate. It's literally what incels do with that penis size study that had like 75 subjects from california.

Anonymous 109057

penis size =/= literally fucking animals

Anonymous 109058

That's not the point

Anonymous 109060

>100 males (mostly men)
trannies are only .6% of the population and yet they are still overrepresented in cases of moids trying to rape animals.

Anonymous 109066

Think it's differentiating between adults and children? Still sounds like an unscientific and stupid way to put it.

Anonymous 109197


tbh what's even the point of heterosexual relationships? apparently our worth is mostly hinged upon something depreciating we can never control (ofc men lie and scapegoat weight but we know most would take a chubby 18 year old over a fit 30 year old) that men lie and say is really a superpower that gives us eternal sway over men.

In research, the only people who at all seem really attracted to women for…most of their life past puberty…are lesbian women. And already men's efforts/happiness is more bound to how attracted they are to their partners, so, do the math there.

Sure, there's probably "exceptions" but the idea of happily ever after with a man seems like a scam.

Anonymous 109206

I think the issue is more with living, aging, and dying than what men want

Anonymous 109210


This comfort often starts lacking overtime and there's a lot of contextual trends that kind of shit on it.

I.e., "men are as faithful as their options", men cheating much more in their middle age, men acting like cheating is justified if their wife gets ugly, the emphasis on dead bedrooms (often a symptom of a greater issue), women usually getting less emotional support from their husbands despite valuing it more, single childless women being happier on average, etc.

As far as I know women seem to vastly overrate the long-term comfort in a man despite being consistently fed that it's special, only for it to be extremely conditional (to his sexual desires) in nature. Lots of women seem to conform in order to desperately "keep" a man.

Maybe platonic friendship was the way all along.

Anonymous 109213

All in all I think there's very few men that prioritize a love not based in short-lived, unsustainable factors. Age is just one of many and it seems like a set pattern with men to becoming very entitled towards their partners/their bodies despite increasingly dehumanizing them and neglecting their individual needs.

While I don't think most women are "abused" by men I think most in one way or another find their psyches take a beating–because they're constantly being compared to the 100s of hot girls her partner probably looks at and lusts over, among other things.

And is this all a surprise? Men are constantly saying women are damaged by just being with men (i.e., see body count rhetoric). It's like they know it's bad to be with men but also can't admit it.

Anonymous 109216


Most men are incapable of love. They will be infatuated with, lustful, and covetous of a young woman but he will grow resentful of her as soon as she shows signs of ageing.
So much adult male humor and male bonding rituals are how much they despise their ageing wives.

You can get a sense for exactly the types of men these are with a bit of interaction. A lot of "nice" men are just non-confrontational and dismissive. Finding a moid capable of deep love and understanding is extremely difficult.

Anonymous 109219

>and these are incredibly hard to test for.
Not as hard as you think. Most men are fucking stupid and too egocentric to even know what traits to hide from women since they can't even figure out the real reason why women don't like them.

Ask a man what he likes about you, or what he sees in a future with you. If he says shit along the lines of
-you're hot
-you serve my interests
-you will probably serve my interests in the future
this moid is to be avoided and will turn into a bitter, balding, boomer scrote who will despise you, and will jump at any opportunity to cheat or cut you off if you become in any way inconvenient.

Long term comfort with men doesn't exist. They straight up tell you to your face their love for you progressively becomes less and less because the no.1 thing males hate is women who are not nubile, young, impressionable virgins. You can't cook and clean your way into him not resenting you. A long term relationship with a man is him deciding to keep your "depreciating assets" around because "it's cheaper to keep her" and he would have to start doing his own dishes. As soon as you can no longer service men they will dump instantly and without remorse. Notice how many men toss their ill wives to the curb.

Anonymous 109220

Only "the very best" deserving love is such a shitty sentiment to spread I'm half convinced you are a moid who hates the idea of women having standards or feeling too self confident. So many ugly, soulless scrotes receive deep love from good women.

Scrotes are so shit. It's not that males capable of love are extremely high quality, it's that 90% of men are simply monkeys capable of human speech.

Anonymous 109221

You talk like a pseud "skeptic" moid.

Anonymous 109222

Well, it seems like I'm talking to a guy so touche.
Terminal celibacy is on average worse for men as far as I know (I suspect this is mostly from other toxic factors tho) and I'm not really sure if you're referring to that.

When there's all sorts of pro-relationship and anti cat lady propaganda thrown at girls or women and a lot desperately forcing themselves to make terrible relationships work out because "the clock is ticking", I don't mind being a lil propaganda-y tbh. Because what we're working with is something that's a scam.

Anonymous 109223

Moids are only capable of neurotic projection. They treat women as dispensable but in reality they are the ones who are dispensable. A woman can live a complete existence without the prolonged presence of males. Males, however, cannot.

Historically only 20% of men contributed to the genepool. 80% of men are quite literally irrelevant. The only way one can earn relevancy is to latch themselves to a single woman and mate-guard her so at least he can pass down some of his genes.
But they all still have the mindset that they're the top percentile and can cycle through as many women as they like, without ever thinking about the reality of their situation.

The average male must mate guard an average woman in order to ensure he has offspring. However, any woman can pass down her genes whenever and with whoever she likes, and even have access to the genetic material of the very top percentile of males.
Males may not be actively aware of this situation but it has definitely imprinted on their psychology. It's why they act so scrotey.

Anonymous 109224

Men should want me for me regardless of what I bring to the table

Anonymous 109225

Anonymous 109226


This is why I really love when males are obsessed with the idea of artificial wombs and bio-engineering rescuing them from genetic irrelevancy.
They are essentially recreating the role of the female sex through technology, yet they still hate women and how we function. They really are too stupid to get it. The male ego interrupts all rational thought. Of course goat wombs and "eugenics" are just some of the more obvious displays of male reproductive neuroticism.

They want to be us, they want to be the ones who choose, the ones who exist without existential dread. They think we are unworthy stewards of reproduction and unworthy to determine future of our species. Why? because narcissism. Female hypergamy is what turned amoebas into what we are today. They just can't stand that they're part of the runoff that makes this possible.

We have seen how men act when they are in control of human reproduction. Passing women off to any and every male to keep the human genome stagnant, just so they don't have to come to terms with the fact that they wouldn't get picked. Under monogamous patriarchal structures, the human genome has barely advanced. The male will is to halt evolution and breed drones endlessly. It will destroy the earth if gone unchecked, and we are starting to see the backswing now. On the whole, males are insectoids but pretend to be philosophers/warriors/kings like the top 1%.

He is just a scrote who can't stand the idea that he is not superior to women by virtue of his birth. He has to make sure women don't realize that the majority of men can and should be left behind (because he is included in this category).


Anonymous 109227

Most of the most advanced species in terms of organization, productivity, and intelligence are matriarchal.

If human beings became a matriarchal species it would be a boon for this planet. We would be smaller in numbers and of much higher quality. There is literally no need to breed billions of failedmale offspring into this world just to pollute and destroy it with no greater purpose.

Anonymous 109230

If there were some in this thread trying to defend themselves - on a forum FOR WOMEN - it'd actually really show the point that they feel entitled towards women and are terrified of women and girls finding joy in independence. Literal mate-guarding random women in a place where he doesn't belong. One-moid pinkpill.
When the default for most men being into a woman or girl is dependent on irrational, short-lived factors, if a guy doesn't truly cherish you ASAP and feel like you're special it really never begun.

Men whine and say it's arrogance and being full of yourself and say this or that about women wanting to be babied and special privileges , but the reality is that men benefit more from being settled for…than women do. When a lot of men are desperate creeps literally saying whatever they can to optimize their fuck-chances while we gain far less out of sex and suffer more consequences, it's a necessity.

Men whip out the rhetoric of "well what do you bring to the table" when it basically is just putting women in the position of insecurity and always having to perform–all to cover up the fact that he will never really value her. A lot of women become increasingly broken from within this process. The brief bits of validation and "comfort" they get is a distraction for their growing reliance on a structure of compulsory and conditional compliance.

I'm pretty sure women are way more capable of growing to value someone more overtime–men don't give a shit about almost everything apart of a long-term relationship. It's why so many women get pinkpilled after having a baby–turns out men wanting to be fathers is but an aesthetic to make their intentions more palpable for an earnest, family-minded woman. A sort of status-posturing.

Most men just genuinely don't like fully grown women and I think most people are in denial of this and eternally trying to cope otherwise. Hell, we all know this sentiment destroys and fucks up middle-aged lonely men too because…guess what? They don't want to put in effort into pursuing age-appropriate partners they are more likely to actually be bale to get–who when aren't neurotic and insecure are way more likely to be happy alone.

Anonymous 109235

schizo polcel. You would think some internet nazi would appreciate the idea of selective breeding and hypergamy, but nah, you're just edgy incels.
"what do women bring to the table?" a literal continuation of your biological existence, something the majority of males in the animal kingdom have no access to. They should be doing everything they can to impress us, instead of whine that we aren't hot enough and won't be their surrogate mommies. It's no wonder when women are able to support themselves they engage with moids less and less.

>turns out men wanting to be fathers is but an aesthetic to make their intentions more palpable for an earnest, family-minded woman.

Males are r-selective and duplicitous insectoids. They want to see their genes propagated infinitely but care very little to invest in their offspring. Once a male has secured a child with you they have 0 reason not to become parasites or absentees, they've essentially already duped you into continuing his genes and tied you to him for life. Only the legal minimum effort is required, and even then it's still too much to ask for a lot of them.

Men want to use us for creating mini-moids, as sex dispensers, and as house cleaners. To say that men love women or are heterosexual is false. They are pedophile coomer insects devoid of souls.

Anonymous 109239


Glad the thread is started with some based anons, it'll lure out lurking moids wanting to spew some shitty counter arguments

Anonymous 109241

>they feel entitled towards women and are terrified of women and girls finding joy in independence
They have to spread their scrote propaganda to make women believe in a separate reality- a reality where women compete for men, and men are swimming in options. Us women would be so lucky to have a king save us from a future of cats!

It's all such bullshit. Patriarchy exists as incel affirmative action, because men are so inferior to women they need complex societal structures to keep them competitively relevant. All they can do is repeat the old mantras over and over, hoping women will fall for their lies and fearmongering. Too bad reality never reflects their position, and a hell of a lot of women aren't falling for their shit anymore.

Males should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and learn some humility. The fact that women actively choose to live with friends, family, and pets rather than cohabitate with your average scrote reflects very poorly on them. The single thing males had to their advantage was holding resources hostage from us and forcing us to serve them in order to survive, again, their incel affirmative action.
I can make my own money, I can go to a sperm bank. I don't have to barter with some incel and trade my freedom to literally stay alive. Women are cutting out the useless middleman, and look how they seethe. They can't coast through life by being born with a penis anymore.
The only thing a male could add to my life is love, partnership, friendship, but no. They seem completely incapable of having any relationship deeper than transactional (and not just in love, in friendship with other males as well). They're still operating like lesser animals and only care about muh dik and muh replacement mommy.

Anonymous 109242

Cope harder mananon. Perhaps you can indeed cherrypick studies that make the other "gender" look bad (though I doubt it goes both ways, really). But you will never be able to cherrypick an objective reality where male humans are not inferior degenerate creatures, no matter what how hard anyone tries to deny it the truth always remains the same.

Anonymous 109243

I think so too. They should have said "mostly adult" instead to make themselves clear.

Anonymous 109246

When I read posts like this, and like a lot of other posts in this thread, and read incels and mgtow posts on 4chan and the like, I feel like it's immature people who don't understand the opposite gender. Women and men are different. They have different goals and objectives, and different tools to achieve those. Your point is basically that men make for shitty women and their goals don't matter to you, and you're right on both accounts, but consider the ignorant men that would say the same thing about you. It's an unhelpful way to look at things.

Anonymous 109248

1546188091948 (1).…

Anonymous 109249


Every time I bring up these points around men and discuss the reality of their existence and how they operate biologically, they just say "lol well u sound just like an incel" since they have no other real criticisms. If you could actually process what I'm saying by turning of your moid narcissism filter, you wouldn't feel the need to voice your emotional objections.

Men and women are different, and part of that difference is male expendability and the necessity for y-chromosome bottlenecking in the advancement of any and every sexually reproductive species. If that offends you maybe you should try being part of the 20% instead of seething at "femcels" on cc.

How is what I'm saying unhelpful to anyone other than failed males? aka you

Anonymous 109250

ilu unwavering & resolute anon

Anonymous 109251

You get back what you put in

Anonymous 109252

How many kids do you have? I have 3, and we're trying for 4. Tell me why you husband. My husband loves me absolutely, earns us a good living, and we've been married almost 10 years. We understand each other's needs and have a very successful relationship.
Like incels, you don't have what we have and rather than understand why and make changes, you choose to be a salty bitch.

Anonymous 109254

Moid "understanding" of "opposite genders" is exactly that, genders. Males operate on the premise that what is socially enforced as femininity is female and what is socially enforced as masculinity is male- which are products of patriarchal systems of themselves. What men think makes women distinct is pink dress and squee at babies.

I am talking about males. XYs, creatures that produce spermatozoa. Most of what I say can be applied to most of the animal kingdom. My point is that the male objective is rooted in their biology. Biology that stems back billions of years, before these concepts were even given thought.
Men are not failed women and women are not failed men. I am criticizing men the same way I would criticize parasites and swarming insects. It's in their blood to do what they do, that doesn't mean I don't find it repulsive.

Anyways, these "ignorant" men that you speak of don't say the same thing about me. If they do, they are retarded. What they say about women is a reflection of their neurosis that I was already actively discussing. They believe women are hypergamous and this is a disadvantage to them, so women must be taken to heel. I believe women are hypergamous and this is an advantage to humanity and the world as a whole, and I don't care that it makes incels butthurt.

And yes I am shamelessly double posting.


You are a larping polcel who already got banned for being a larping polcel but you switched your VPN location. No woman is bragging about her broodmare status to flex on other women on a fucking "femcel" imageboard. Only tradthots with a male audience do this… for their male audience.

On the contrary, I know a few men who I have made deep friendships with and they join me in hating failedmale insects. It says a lot about your "husband" if he appreciates the fact you're white knighting scrotes online and trying to equate us based misandrists to them. Could you be any worse at being a woman?

Anonymous 109255

(0705155741) (14) …

Anon is talking about men in general being bad, and you bring up your husband. It makes it sound like you think your husband isn't that great. Otherwise, why bring him up?

Or consider it this way – why throw out your man, to defend all sorts of other men you don't know? Very odd.

Neat showing of male interchangability here.

Anonymous 109256

Because this a "trad" polcel male who is terminally single and sees himself as every other man who is terminally ignored by women. He thinks he's giving himself credibility by pretending to be an incel idealization of a woman. Except we are not desperate trad polcels, and we do not measure the value of a woman's opinion on how much she does in service to males.

These scrotes are stupid and lack empathy to the point where they can't even pretend to be women well. Not even fucking trannies who dedicate their life to emulating women can pull it off. They are just too self-centered and their brains literally have not evolved enough to process the world from an entirely different perspective.

Anonymous 109263

My point is that the existence of pinkpill/femcel/incel/mgtow groups is bad, and these groups just have a bad perspective that makes them bitter. It's no different than telling incels "hey, maybe if you spent half the time you spend playing video games on being interesting and taking care of yourself and you thought of women as actual people and not objects like in the porn you should stop watching, you could get a girlfriend." I have a successful relationship. I want others to have successful relationships. You won't get that with a toxic mindset.

Anonymous 109264


>My point is that the existence of pinkpill/femcel/incel/mgtow groups is bad
Who is bad and bad for what?
What you mean to say is having an excess of volatile failedmales finally coming to head now that incel affirmative action won't save them is potentially dangerous for society.
So, a male problem.
The only reason women choosing to separate from males is in any way a problem is because you know males will retaliate, potentially violently. We no longer wish to pacify these failures by giving them female servants and allowing them to spread their failed genes. Rip off that bandaid. Sorry if that means you're included.

Anonymous 109265


Wow, I was OP posting on a proxy and you really did delete my posts for just being honest Jesus Christ.

Anonymous 109267


Omg I left for a little bit and there's a mini war going on.

I'm sorry but a woman that hangs having kids as some sort of war trophy to dunk on other women with is sus. I understand actually being proud, etc., but the way your mind is framing this in this discussion is "well, these women LOST by not having 4 kids! I WON!"

I get the vibe from you that you'd keep bragging about this even if your husband cheated on you or abused you. I say that because that's what I notice from most women that do the "not my nigel" thing and stress how amazing their husband is. It isn't that they chose worse men, but that they're so high off an inflated sense of importance and sacredness in the relationship that they're less likely to smartly address the bad things their husbands do, and choose to posture instead. I mean it's kind of inevitable when men cheat the most later in a marriage. Some good women end up getting burned.

A LOT of women convince themselves that they'll be incomplete without a man. Guess what? This is super horrible for them and isn't realistic when contrasted to the pool of prospects. Straight women often invest too much of their heart and soul into them that it ends up backfiring eventually because their husbands are rarely on the same page.

Again, if you did actually get lucky and this guy is a neverending pool of compassion, generosity, and integrity, understand that this isn't that common and that the amount of men that posture early on to look better is…disturbing.

Anonymous 109268

we want to hate males here, we don't wanna hear about how exceptional we need to be to deserve a partner capable of equal love.

Anonymous 109269

Also which one were you? And why a proxy?

Anonymous 109270

I'm well aware of that now. I forget to not interrupt the circle-schlick of numbered threads. I thought that just applied to TERF thread as a rule of thumb, but I was obviously mistaken.

I made the mistake of stating that wanting what are supposedly high-quality and rare males may enlist the idea of being high-quality and rare yourself as well. I didn't think that was that out there of a thing to say, but boy oh boy was I fucking wrong. I can't imagine being in a relationship with someone better than me, reminds of the retard who made the Mr. PeanutButter thread bitching about how her Chad boyfriend makes her feel inferior all the time because she isn't up to par.

I post on proxy because it's faster than appealing bans mostly because Admin doesn't seem to actually respond to ban appeals, but I don't want this thread devolving into meta-shittery.

Anonymous 109271

This must be a coping mechanism for shitty nigel-havers. Women like this see feminists accurately assess their own moid's behavior and have to couch for these men to alleviate the pain.
A good man would want you to be a misandrist to be fucking honest. A man who loves you doesn't want you to be subjected to the horrible and dehumanizing behavior of other males, let alone defend them.
Imagine if a man who supposedly loved you, like your father, called you a femcel and made MRA "not all men" arguments in response to your rational fear/hatred of other males. That ain't love. If any woman married a man who wants her to do this, you bagged yourself a shit-tier scrote.

Not that it applies to this situation anyways because this person is clearly a retarded man.

Anonymous 109272

>I made the mistake of stating that wanting what are supposedly high-quality and rare males may enlist the idea of being high-quality and rare yourself as well.

Males capable of love are not high quality, they are just rare. They are of normal quality. The bar for males is just so low that if they aren't jerking off to pedo content, aren't cheating, doing their own dishes, and capable of the full range of human emotions they are "high quality". If that's the criteria than 99% of women are already in the exceptional category.

Your mistake is assuming there must be an even spread of traits across the sexes. The truth is most men are dogshit and most women are not dogshit.

Anonymous 109273

The different goals thing is valid. The problem is that it essentially fuels what we're getting across…that women want something out of men that men don't care to give because they just……don't care that much and tend to feel less pleasure at being giving/making others feel good. Also, what different goals are we discussing? The stereotypes look kind of bad.

I.e., if a guy's priority is excitement or good sex, he…won't get it from one person indefinitely unless they're just amazing together. The brain literally releases less dopamine over time with the same partner. I don't know if it's almost all of them, but porn definitely makes them more dependent on extremes and way more likely to sexualize the world around them, other people, etc. And I'm sure how male friend groups talk about women like pieces of meat often makes things worse.

Lolll if it means anything I didn't report that one. It just had the tone of disdain I often hear from men when women complain about men.
But understand that it's kind of exhausting as you clearly put the emphasis on looks–judging by the Peanutbutter thing. So essentially it sounds like you're saying "well you aren't good enough, you aren't Stacy, so, you don't get a high quality man." Which I can't dispute tbh, I have basically almost no faith in most men's priorities. It's just one of those things that's a bit exhausting.

Anonymous 109274

Everyone is fixated on me bringing up my family like it's about them. My point is that I'm clearly doing well with my ideas, maybe you should stop grumbling and figure out what you're doing wrong to find the kinds of men that are actually worth dating (they exist!).

Bad for society. Not enough people reproducing is bad. Desperate men with nothing to lose going on rampages is bad. Spinster busybodies voting for literal communism and universal cat healthcare while racking up insane debt is bad. Healthy men and women together in monogamous relationships is good.

I'll take monogamous relationships over every other type of sexual relationship in the animal kingdom. I fear we're moving away from that.

I know the reality is that most men are shit and it's only getting worse, but it's not like women are getting any better either. I worry about the dating prospects of both my daughters and my son. That's why I push back against these kinds of ideas.

Ignore me if you want, I'm just offering my opinion.

Anonymous 109276

>Bad for society.
I don't see the way patriarchal society functions as being good for society or worthy of maintaining. You are excusing and allowing low quality men to extort women and spread their failed genes indefinitely. I think what you define as good/bad is entirely backwards.
>Spinster busybodies voting for literal communism and universal cat healthcare while racking up insane debt is bad.
You are 100% male, if not your brain is so cum corrupted you might as well be one.
Also, since when does voting accomplish anything? Oh right, when men want to blame things on women.
>Not enough people reproducing is bad.
We need muh infinite growth for muh pyramid scheme lending economy, billions of drones polluting the world aren't enough, we been infinity more. R-selective malebrained minset. Your impulse to profligate and cropdust your cum like an insect should not inform your greater morality, but you males don't have a greater morality.

>I'll take monogamous relationships over every other type of sexual relationship in the animal kingdom.

In the animal kingdom, humans included, species are specifically designed to slough off unfit genes. It's why evolution is expeditated in sexually reproductive species. Males are designed to be cannon fodder. To defend males as a group is just pathetic and ill-informed.
If you believed your nigel was a golden god (assuming you're a woman lol), you would not be on here defending every violent incel spermlet moments away from chimping out over not getting his dick wet.

Anonymous 109277


>Desperate men with nothing to lose going on rampages is bad
So you agree with her, you just want males to continue their racket because it benefits you personally?

Anonymous 109278

So what are you gonna do? Complain your way into a healthy relationship with one of the few good men around, or die with your failed genes, bitter and loveless? Pretty sure only one of those is a realistic option. And I'm not all defending men, I'm criticizing your bad perspective.

Anonymous 109279

It baffles me why women with absolutely no creativity concern themselves like this with others. "I'm following the only program I know about, why aren't you? I can't see any option beyond these two, why don't you stop?" Fascinating.

Anonymous 109280

… that's my point. With this nonsense, those are the only two options, both terrible.

And it's called caring about others and wanting them to be happy, even if they're being hateful and stubborn.

Anonymous 109282

Good men don't care if you're a misandrist. Good men know failedmale critisim doesn't apply to them and they will join you when you ridicule soulless incels. If you actually bagged a good male you'd know this, but you bagged a failedmale and you're coping.
Even if you can't find a good man, you have access to the top 1% of genes if you go to any sperm bank. Hell even a fling with a college football boy is better than being some ugly, ungrateful scrote's incubator and servant. Single, loveless women still have better options than 99% of men when it comes to gene selection, so much so it's not even an issue.

btw being an alpha stacey misandrist makes it much easier to filter for decent male company. Unlike pickmes, who are in constant fear of moids and try to bribe moids into loving them through appeasement and subservience. A losing strategy, really.

You are a male who is larping as a tradwife. Wouldn't be surprised if you troon out soon since you're probably enjoying the fantasy.
I am loved by many, this is true.

Anonymous 109283

No, people actually do have their own thoughts and aren't going to cave to your aggressive mental illness

Anonymous 109285

You mean males, like you?
I am hated by incels and failedmales, this is also true.

Anonymous 109286

Your thoughts are that we need to have sex with men so they don't go on violent rampages, but women who choose to avoid men are mentally ill? You talk like you're an abuse victim omg.

Anonymous 109287

You're putting words in my mouth

On an IB it is pretty dangerous to take a few posts and build a single personality out of them, you might not even be responding to the same person

Anonymous 109289

Sis, assuming you're not a larper, you brought up your kids in the first sentence of your reply and asked "how many kids do you have" or something which is obv a bomb and forces attention towards your family.

The more you talk, the more you seem to subscribe to the extreme toxic force that is "you need a man to be a happy." You might not admit this but that's essentially what you're saying.

"I just want people to be happy." "have good relationships." Fair, but you're projecting when you think that's the only mode of being or happiness, and whatever you might say…most women that find what they think is a good man end up being disappointed or being hurt by it deeply.

I think the ultimate point here is that…women on average are better off focusing on things that aren't love, that people can be very happy without romantic love, that it's kind of poisonous and wistful to keep on acting like a person MUST find love or else it's a waste.

Also true ascendance isn't finding "one of the good men." It's being happy living and not needing to be sustained by the validation of someone. This is a gift. A virtue. It's what all women should strive for.

tbh I don't think that person dropped that talking point about incel rampages. If they did I'll kick their ass. <.<

Anonymous 109290

OK NEVERMIND I JUST READ MORE. She did drop some Jordan Peterson shit talking point about incel rampages. I guess she really is one of those types that wants to pimp out women to fix broken, abusive men.

God bless this insane Earth. Also I already know that society and men are screeching a lot about women wanting to be on their own. Everyone already has given up on men being better people without some sort of pussy-on-a-stick to entice them. That's what's disappointing here.

Anonymous 109291


"s"he went from
>consider the ignorant men that would say the same thing about you. It's an unhelpful way to look at things.
>Not enough people reproducing is bad. Desperate men with nothing to lose going on rampages is bad. Spinster busybodies voting for literal communism and universal cat healthcare while racking up insane debt is bad.

Anonymous 109292

I don't understand how men expect us to not think of them as subhuman and unworthy of attention, when they admit they will destroy society by either giving up on themselves and/or turning violent if they aren't promised pussy in compensation. What sane woman wants to live as the dependent of a dick-propelled monkey?

They seem genuinely shocked that women choose abstinence when our options are largely mgtow-adjacent coomers (choose from an array of equally detestable fetishes) with absolutely no future prospects and a complete lack of emotional maturity. It's like it never fully sank in that women are no longer forced to settle for them to survive. They just start with the hysterics about cats, communism, xanax, and the evil council of feminist propagandizers spoiling the minds of impressionable young women.

Males would improve their station a lot if they nixed the porn addiction, got a real hobby, and got in shape. Most never will, and the ones who do usually end up being homosocial misogynists who happen to lift 80kg more than the average male.

Anonymous 109306

How do you even respond to the claim that women can't be involuntary celibates because """women can get sex whenever they want"""?
>Literally just go outside and offer sex to random men lmao
How the fuck do you respond to that

Anonymous 109307

You don't because it's correct.
Women can be voluntary celibates but there's no way you couldn't get sex if you really wanted it (not including paying for it)

Anonymous 109318

You throw your trap card at them and fade into the shadow realm obviously.

also just don't bother with "I'm a femcel" at all or any related 'cel conversation with guys which I'm guessing was what spurred the comment. Also the other person (possibly a moid) is still mostly right in terms of celibacy. You can't argue with "lel just go post booty on craigslist" bc that person just doesn't give a shit. Men are usually pathologically obsessed with sex. "I want an actual relationship with someone who actually values me; on several levels casual sex is way more risky and less beneficial than it is for men, it's not the same" can't compute bc the only goalposts to them are those they themselves set.

Anonymous 109319

volcel is a thing and there's nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous 109321

I'm not a moid at all. I'm implying that the average man is so disgusting and dangerous that women choose to be celibate over letting one use her body as a masturbatory aid.

Anonymous 109322

Anonymous 109344

That's why it's contained to only one thread

Anonymous 109362

Can you cope any harder than that?

Anonymous 109364


Based nona strikes again

Anonymous 109369

Men don't experience sexism lol

Anonymous 109372

Is there any way for me to find pink-pill and terf-friendly spaces online? Is there a magic key word that I can type on google that will lead me to said spaces? I want to connect with other women and maybe make friends who share my mentality.
I don't use reddit, but to my understanding all the pinkpill subs were banned.

Anonymous 109373

A very powerful argument for moids just being animals, my only contention with it is I am uncertain how you are certain woman aren't also? Unless I am misreading, you seem to imply that while men are running off of biology as if women aren't also. Am I mistaken?

Anonymous 109375

everyone is

Anonymous 109377

Then why is it a relevant point? If everyone is subject to their biological realities than the biological realities and their outputs are morally equal in value.

Anonymous 109439

For the same reason mgtow incels obsess over woman.

Anonymous 109461

I mean this is the only place many of us vent about men.

>designated containment for venting

>flooded by contrarians talking about obsessiveness even though they're the ones who are going our of their way to fight here

Anonymous 109469

and a lot of the points made here is that men in particular have trouble with leaving women alone, especially in their own spaces–if one wants to harass us here it actually directly feeds into some of the theories said here about them.

I have little sympathy for any male lurking here's feelings getting hurt as he's basically looking for this shit. I wouldn't say this stuff to put down a random guy in another space but here? You're just mining for hate porn.

Anonymous 109471


Anonymous 109474

it isn't a bad site but the site creator is a sort of neo-Pickme and it kind of weirds me out.

Anonymous 109491

What does that even mean

Anonymous 109502

Won't go into it because it's super private stuff, but she coddled incel men a lot. Essentially an incel could be repeatedly racist, sexist, and pedophiliac on her server but then she'd refuse to ban him while banning any woman that did a fraction of a bad thing as him, or bugged her. She demanded 10x the evidence to ban men than she did women. The "neo" is bc she is outspoken about women's issues, sometimes extraordinarily and beautifully so, but also weirdly coddling bad men and treating men like weird pets…even if said men were manipulating and gassing her ass up. she went on a massive rant about how she gets hurt when women don't fall into line for her which was very telling.

idk what she's doing now but she really overextended herself.

Anonymous 109503

also this is a meta question for women (I can tell if you aren't) bc I'm a newbie here. is CC very hostile towards men as a whole? like, most other threads are related to other things besides stuff like this but then people barge in and act like all of it is a man-hating circlejerk.

Anonymous 109514

Where are anons being hostile towards men?

Anonymous 109521

Men think it's a crime against them that all women aren't all on their knees ready to suck dick. They read feminist critique of male behavior and think its a call to genocide and start chimping. That's why they're so hysterical about CC.

Anonymous 109523

i mean when i had bumble i spammed right swipe but its not exactly a compliment (many of them unmatch actually) but if i really wanted sex it wouldve been easy to get
and im not even that good looking, perfectly average

Anonymous 109524

>Then why is it a relevant point? If everyone is subject to their biological realities than the biological realities and their outputs are morally equal in value.

A lot of people misunderstand that naturalistic/biological arguments are an excuse for human behavior. I disdain the male mode of being, I do not disdain the female mode of being. Both are products of their genes, but the gene influence itself is just an explanation for what they are and why they do what they do.
Parasites are born to suck blood, cause illness, and bring little good into the world. They didn't choose to be born parasites, but I still hate them and their existence.

Anonymous 109528


it's insane that some people have accepted men's insane selfishness so much that they're blaming mass shootings on men not getting sex and women being too difficult. I know it's just a minority but even so the rhetoric spooks me.

Anonymous 109531

>I don't understand how men expect us to not think of them as subhuman and unworthy of attention, when they admit they will destroy society by either giving up on themselves and/or turning violent if they aren't promised pussy in compensation.
I dont blame them checking out of society, they're not that smart and they need us more than we need them. I actually feel kind of bad for some of the men on 4chan. When they don't have any ambition or goals in life and all they seem to care about is "tfw no gf". Yet they can't even manage that. It's sad, pathetic even, but understandable why they're depressed nihillistic husks of people.

Anonymous 109532

I don't feel bad for them at all because their sadness is just an expressions of their entitlement and selfishness. They feel bad for themselves because they can't get a another human being use as a fleshlight and surrogate mommy. They are subhumans who want to be uplifted and venerated by others for no reason other than they are XY narcissists.
Why should I care for a creature who has no goals, no will, not motivation? It's like feeling sad that monkeys can't read. They do not have the equipment to be fully human, and can never be taught how to be fully human.
Even if they do manage to get a gf, they treat them like objects, because that's all they ever wanted.

On top of that they aren't even just sad and mopey about it. These men are violent, bitter, angry, and fixate on the idea of hurting/harming women and girls as an act of "retribution". Always addicted to abusive and pedophilic porn, too.

Anonymous 109535

I think everyone here is making a gross oversimplification of the "men threaten us with societal violence if they don't get sex, so women are supposed to give sex to violent sociopaths THAT'S CRAZY!" Being charitable to that argument, I don't think men or anyone really is born a violent, maladjusted sociopath, but society continually fails them until they're pushed beyond some margin. It's not a threat, more a consequence of a broken society. Obviously this outcome puts evolutionary pressure on a system that prevents men from getting to that point. It's not like sinister misogynists are sitting around deliberately crafting societies to oppress women under threat of violence, it's just sorta what happens. Same outcome, just without the intent.

Anonymous 109546

>men threaten us with societal violence if they don't get sex (reproduction)
Yes, this is literally foundational impetus and function of patriarchy.
>I don't think men or anyone really is born a violent, maladjusted sociopath
Well then you're stupid. The way society "failed" these dregs is not giving them easy access to a female servant, btw.
>it's just sorta what happens
male behavior and the consequences of it is not some mysterious magical force. It is a manifestation of the male will which is influenced by male biology, which is to say, what benefits men.

Anonymous 109547


the "it's society" shit is exhausting and takes attention away from the fact that the group with the most power to influence men are other men.

Many men refuse to acknowledge basic issues, including those that cause men a lot of mental harm and depression that could easily be improved. They keep on repeatedly laughing at the "feminazis" bringing them up. Doesn't matter if there's scientific backing to them, men will rip it apart in order to look good to other men–if it makes men feel good in the moment…it's king shit.

Then they turn around and start screeching about society not supporting men while backstabbing every woman that sacrifices shit for a man and calls her used goods.

Men are cowards incapable of challenging the status quo set by other men T B H. This is most of the issue. .

At the end of the day men are failing to give basic care to other men and refuse to read any books or learn anything, or go to therapy in order to help other men to learn how to be happy on their own. Men would rather touch themselves and cum than emotionally support a suicidal friend.

They're all repeatedly and viciously beating one another that society and women not being easy to have sex with is the problem, which in turn further digs the grave of millions of impotent men. In reality, their bros just don't really care that much about one another and they're starting to rot from the inability to realize that the millions of men that blindly agree with everything they say don't give any shits about them.

Anonymous 109549

>they basically are failing to give basic care to other men
Men are monkeys and just want to coom and dominate. The best thing society has done for these soulless incels is give them pornography and videogames to pacify them, letting them pretend to be the warrior-kings with an endless harem like they always wanted.

> refuse to read any books or learn anything in order to help other men to learn how to be happy on their own

This idea seems strange to women but the vast majority of men will never be happy on their own. Their desires (primarily focused on power, domination, control, and sex) are a bottomless pit. Their happiness is based almost entirely on externalities, their emotions in general are directed externally.
They need women to be complete, to continue their existence. It's a manifestation of their reproductive insecurity. They will never be fully complete biological creatures and their psychology reflects this directly.

Anonymous 109595

>Parasites are born to suck blood, cause illness, and bring little good into the world. They didn't choose to be born parasites, but I still hate them and their existence.
I agree, but "hating" something, and thinking that something "immoral" are two different things. Has your entire elaboration so far just been one very long complicated way of saying "I hate men"? Because that doesn't require a discourse. You can hate anyone for any reason very easily.

Anonymous 109597

Cool frog anon

Anonymous 109622

Ty, wish I had more. ×_×

Anonymous 109666


Anonymous 109671


>Men want to use us for creating mini-moids, as sex dispensers, and as house cleaners. To say that men love women or are heterosexual is false. They are pedophile coomer insects devoid of souls.

Anonymous 109675


>muh 'different but equal', being aware of how men have fucked us over history and tried to cover it up is 'unhelpful'

GTFO cumstain.

Anonymous 109676

Everything on this is true, except I'm pretty sure the bent ribs is referencing corset use, which is 100% a myth.

Anonymous 109678

If things are different, they can't be equal. I'm talking about different but comparable things.

Anonymous 109684

There kind of isn't a point, I've come to find. It's a shame because I have always loved them so and felt dreamy about them, all way the back to being five years old.

The reality is that a bisexual or lesbian woman is who or what actually loves women. Men are pure sex appeal and resources and to add their one ingredient for the next generation. That's all.

I suggest cultivating female friendships and/or finding a woman that does not mind if your orientations are not exactly a match.

Anonymous 109691


I find it karmatic and interesting that so many hundreds of millions of men hate older women (i.e., over 30), but so many men whine about men not being able to get women despite making a factory of contempt that makes them incapable of feeling happy with the majority of women. They act like this is why men kill themselves and etc. Ouroboros rhetoric.

So many assholes see the age thing as a "whoops! I guess you have to settle!" thing when…it's not that…it's actually "well if you aren't loved more than he would another willing or hotter woman, you are better off alone." Men often fetishize nihilistic, structureless relationships and many people bully women into being in them…even though these often have no robust future. Often takes massive amounts of cope being pipe-fed to women in order to keep monogamous relationships together in the long-run, especially as men start cheating a lot more as their wives age.

It's my theory that soon we're gonna see massive amounts of women and girls separating from men permanently tbh and it's only going to grow. But we'll see.

Anonymous 109775

Fantasy relationships have really fucked up women and girls and how we perceive men starting at a young age. Shit is like propaganda. We grow up thinking most moids are capable of love and a deep connection, but it's just not reality.

Anonymous 109776


I hate how males never realize just how worthless they are. Dick is cheap and abundant, but they always act like women need to make concessions for them to be worthy of their consideration, as if they are the prize.

They are just so selfish and entitled and you can never, ever, get through to them because their narcissism barrier is too strong.

Anonymous 109780

lol what mental gymnastics did this guy jump through to decide that watching porn is natural?

Anonymous 109781

make pp feel good. pp feels are a man's moral compass.

Anonymous 109787

You know what? I think that is exactly what got me in the first place. Thinking they were anything like that to begin with.
They're so… flat in reality. It's so uninteresting.

Anonymous 109788

This is so obviously written by a man it's hilarious and sad at the same time. LMAO

Anonymous 109791

Only men measure a woman's worth by her fertility. Plus only men peacock about their social status on the internet to win arguments.

Anonymous 109794

Yeah this.
Men are master projectors because they lack empathy and are less intelligent than women, so their way of determining what makes a woman feel accomplished and happy is what they themselves want, which is always the big family thing yadda yadda because of their stupid ideologies and insecurity, thus the need to lock a woman down through children and housewife-ing since they aren't confident they would be able to keep her any other way (which they are totally right about lmao).
Nothing wrong with wanting a family both for men and for women, but the attitude most moids have towards it + the real reason they have this obsessive life goal is what makes it disgusting from the start.

Anonymous 109802

That's why single moms are at an all time high? Because men are so interested in locking down women by having children with them? They're so interested in being fathers and having a big family they just fucking leave as soon as they get a woman pregnant lol makes total sense.

Anonymous 109803

There are more married moms with cheaters and abusive men than single moms, tho. LOL

Anonymous 109806


Males are very low-investment with their offspring, this is true for 99% of the animal kingdom. They just want to make sure their genetic material has been successfully spread, that's all.
The honest ones will leave. The ones who stick around are usually just using the woman for free domestic labor and a source of guaranteed sex.

Anonymous 109807


you are into something

Anonymous 109808

About pic, does anyone have the original post of the husband? I've seen this pic around a bunch of times now and I'm interested in reading it.

Anonymous 109810

Why do men who supposedly hate women so much go out of their way to invade women-only spaces ? Like why? If I hate something I wouldn't spend my time focusing on it. What the fuck is their problem? Like just fuck off and do something with your life instead of complaining about women on the internet like a manchild.

Anonymous 109819

They're zombie drones of the male hivemind tbh that see stuff like this as glitches in the Matrix to delete, lest their delusion fall apart. They love violating women's boundaries and being entitled control freaks. Subsets to this is some of these guys being creepy martyr fake victims that go out of their way to look for fuel, or guys that see stuff like this and go "kek women aren't innocent lambs."

Anonymous 109857

is it me, or a lot of alt-right/qanon men seem obsessed with liberals being pedos and this is a huge talking point even though they also argue that pedophilia is ok all the time too? And act like only disgusting feminists take issue with men creeping on 13 year olds?

It's so weird.

Anonymous 109859

She deleted them out of embarrassment.
>His posts are not available anymore as I deleted them once discovered out of embarrassment

Anonymous 110016


how do u get over men sexualizing everything?

been tryin to learn finance and etc. and what I didn't expect was seeing a bunch of men talking about women like meat. even on less deep web circles it's a huge problem.

if I was a size queen I still wouldn't be bringing it up in normal conversation.

Anonymous 110030

Yeah, the same people accusing liberals of being pedophiles are the same people who are pedophiles

You can actually compress the viewpoints of many individuals and get something coherent and logical out of it

Anonymous 110031

Perhaps you are confusing the libertarian crowd and the alt-right crowd.

It's never bothered me, so I wouldn't know what to tell you. Good luck finding a way out though.

Anonymous 110035

>even though they also argue that pedophilia is ok all the time too?

Who does this?

Anonymous 110037

Actually not. I'm referring directly to what guys in alt-right circles behave like, the content they share, the viewpoints they argue for, etc. Tons regularly try justifying liking teens or younger is just biology. IDK what libertarians are doing but I'm sure they're pedo-y too.

also is it me or we're getting brigaded a tiny bit?

Anonymous 110039

*the site, not this thread per se.

Anonymous 110090

ive seen it on 4chan and other imageboards

Anonymous 110102

there aren't any men in any of my classes but i'd like to rant about my friends situation. she's more of polyamourous (?) of person and tends to hookup with several men. she honestly has not had a lot good experiences and she told me she knew her current bf was the one for her because he didn't try to touch her while she slept. it makes me so upset for her. one of her (former) friends basically assaulted her at a party. he still hangs out with her friend group and they still hang out with him despite all of them knowing what he did to her. she told me he showed up to her job today and just stared at her. i'm really trying to convince her to report him to the UPD. why are moids so disgusting?

Anonymous 110115

Has anyone else noticed how men go often on woe me tangents?
Like talking about how hard their life is and bringing up dumb fucking shit from the past that somehow still haunts them (and justifies them being a shitty person) like how their crush turned them down in 2nd grade LMAO
Why do they do this?

Anonymous 110129

what the fuck nona that sounds just like my friend
does she work at subway

Anonymous 110221

Because even though they don't give women credit for it, they know women can be emotionally manipulated easily. Faking vulnerability makes women feel like the bond is stronger than it actually is.

A lot of women especially insecure ones go along with it and now a lot of men mindlessly use their tragic back stories to get optimal pussy.
When it doesn't work these men will claim women are heartless and hate men being sensitive and emotional.

Anonymous 110223

Soon, millions of more men will justify playing games all day and neglecting their children bc they have "depression". It's now becoming a master play to get out of being a decent human being.

Anonymous 110224

Is there a good argument as to why pedophiles and rapists shouldn't get their dicks cut off? Is that too extreme or what?

Why should a pedophile experience sexual pleasure? He's going to always get off child porn (whether it's real or drawings). & will most likely end up abusing children in his lifetime.
A rapist ruined the life/lives of his victim(s). Why should he continue to experience pleasure considering he traumatised people for life and will most likely never feel remorseful, and will do it again if he gets the chance?

Moids think getting castrated is the absolute worst punishment but I think it's only fair. There's also chemical castration but that's reversible.

Anonymous 110226

because of the possibility that even one of such cases was an innocent man

Anonymous 110228

in that case permanent incarceration, death penalty, etc shouldn't exist then.

Anonymous 110229


Anonymous 110230

You've totally convinced me.

Anonymous 110238

Congrats, you discovered the basics of law in a civilized society
Enroll in the nearest law school to learn more!

Anonymous 110242

>Why should a pedophile experience sexual pleasure?
Why should anyone feel sexual pleasure in the first place? You make it sound like none rapey-moids exist. I feel like I missed a step in your logic.
>Why should he continue to experience pleasure considering he traumatised people for life and will most likely never feel remorseful, and will do it again if he gets the chance?
Well, your question pre-loads that rehabilitation isn't possible, If we pre-suppose this you are correct. How would you prove whether a rapist feels remorse or not?

Anonymous 110244

nah it's an asian restaurant

Anonymous 110261

There are a lot of reasons as to why death penalty should not longer be used:
1) It is impossible to completely rule out the possibility of an innocent being found guilty. Therefore, irreversible sentences should be avoided.
2) Ethically speaking, the goal of a sentence should be to rehabilitate, not to punish and it is impossible to rehabilitate a corpse.
3) Studies show that victims don't tend to feel better if their abuser is killed/very harshly punished. Best results are obtained by giving victims opportunities to take part in the proceedings, to be listened to, to hear genuine remorse from the abuser etc.

Of course you are allowed to disagree with any of these points.

Anonymous 110271

Firstly, all men are pedophiles. They just want to assign the social stigma of the label to their enemies/outgroup.

RW men call LW men pedophiles, ironically, as an expression of their pedophilia and misogyny (almost all males are ideologically motivated by their male-centered interests, how they rationalize them is the only thing that ever changes).

RW males hate when leftist groom children into what they see as "rejecting gender roles". They want boys growing into masculine men and girls growing up into feminine women, because the enforcement of gender roles is beneficial to them and their ideology. When they see a rejections of gender roles they think they want to make boys feminine and make girls masculine. Males on the whole are unable to understand males/females as humans or even animals. Males are only able to perceive masculinity/femininity. Like I said earlier here
>Moid "understanding" of "opposite genders" is exactly that, genders. Males operate on the premise that what is socially enforced as femininity is female and what is socially enforced as masculinity is male- which are products of patriarchal systems of themselves. What men think makes women distinct is pink dress and squee at babies.

RW males are terrified of the idea of separating biological sex with the gender roles they enforce, which is why they hate leftists and hate radical feminists (without ever understanding the radfem critique of gender in the first place). They can only see a world where boys are turned into sissies and girls are turned into overbearing, unattractive dykes.

They think LW moids are motivated to abolish gender roles because of pedophilia and other types of sexual degeneracy… and they are actually correct. LW moids want to inverse gender roles because they believe it gives them easier access to sex. Everything liberal feminism advocates for is just a way for males to get more sex with more people (including children) with less investment.
Yet still, liberal moids are incapable of truly abolishing gender roles. They simply want to expand who can embody these roles. This is exactly why trannies can only be hyper-feminine to be seen as "women".
All moids operate on the belief that gender identity and the adherence to it is more important that biological sex.

Right wing men hate liberal ideas of gender roles because
-they turn boys into "sissies" who cannot uphold the patriarchy/chauvinism/masculinist culture
They panic about GNC boys the same way they panic about homosexuals. They want to ensure all males everywhere are maintaining the standards of masculinity and the advantage men have over women.
-they make girls unfuckable, since they are no longer sufficiently feminine. The less fuckable you are as a female, the worse men value you and your existence.
Males see women and girls as reproductive chattel. They response to supernormal stimuli (femininity) over actual XX females. Women are worth less as chattel when they aren't serving their purpose, make pp hard.

Because men view the act of sex through gender and not literal biological sex, they don't see the irony of calling other men pedophiles for wanting to inverse the gender roles of children while wanting a 13yo stereotypically feminine childbride.

Anonymous 110272

To add, RW men can only see the reversal/destruction of gender roles as inherently sexual, because they maintain gender roles to ensure their own sexual gratification. They can only assume the same is true for their opposition.

To them, liberal men are keeping them from sex because gender roles/patriarchy makes it easier to get sex. They can only assume that liberal men are doing this as some sort of intersexual competition, and are thus pedophiles. (they are right in this assessment, because LW men are braindead pedos like all men)

They also think radfems and women are keeping them from sex because they are old jealous roastie hags who hate all men and will do "unnatural and unholy" things (dismantling gender roles) as retribution. They resent the idea of women teaching girls to be themselves and live for themselves, instead of training them to play a hyperfeminine role and become servile to men. The pedophilic implications here are very obvious.

It all comes down to men trying to ensure that we are our gender, we are made to embody femininity, we are objects for them to use. The only difference between LW and RW men is that LW men don't think you need to have XX chromosomes to be part of the feminine underclass.

Anonymous 110274

Because all males know they would be subject to the same treatment.
Known pedophiles are just the ones who got caught. In a society that kills/castrates pedophiles, 99% of men would live in fear of the day of being found out and their dicks cut off.

Males love to ensure other male criminals aren't punished appropriately. There's no reason we need to keep these dregs alive in prison cells. We only do it because men know they are just a few steps away from becoming wife beaters, rapists, child molesters. Men are parasites who only want to be punished enough to keep civilization running but will always have access to siphoning the bloodflow, even if it's less than what they're used to.

Anonymous 110275

Your empathy should only apply to women, not moids. 99% of moids in the prison system should be swiftly executed, not even the ones surely guilty of horrendous crimes.

I don't care about integrating failed males back into society nor do I care about their victims "feeling better" (they never will). I care about exterminating unfit male genes and making sure society does not have to bear the burden of their existence.

Anonymous 110276

eh, anonette, that's too eugenics-y–it's highly unrealistic and would cause more issues.
also even if it's just in name, some semblance of respecting human life is important for society even if it's bullshit sometime.

don't get me wrong though. if I could push a button that stopped many of those men from ever being born I'd press it. I'd feel terrible for it for the rest of my life but society would be improved over it.
I agree with though, specifically the fearmongering part. so many issues in society would basically resolve over night if men were taught to fear or actually police one another for doing sick things. imagine that men laughed at and humiliated men being creepy to women…to their faces. something as simple as men being proactive and genuinely looking down on it is the only thing that'd make those subhumans wake up. instead of just being sheeps that only care when it hurts their status.

Anonymous 110286


This is what I've been thinking. I see so many right wing moids defend sus age gap relationships, their fixation on fertility (the fact that they're wrong on most things related to men's and women's fertility in relation to age makes it even funnier).
I think there's little difference between right wing and left wing moids they just shit on each other because of different ideologies/political stances, but moids aren't self aware enough to realize they're 99% the same, especially when it comes to women. Right wing - private property, left wing - public property.

Anonymous 110287

The only argument against that I see as somewhat valid is that they didn't chose to be born this way, but it only applies to non offending pedophiles.
I don't buy it though because most pedos are moids and moids aren't known to withhold their sexual urges just to not hurt someone. Every pedo is a ticking time bomb waiting til they get a chance to touch a child. Also feel free to correct me on this but I think pedophiles/child rapists are extremely prone to recidivism, moreso than other criminals I think.

Anonymous 110289

In my experience men show more aggression to feminist beliefs, 'innocent' men getting falsely accused and basically to everything that involves a poor 1 in 100000000 moid that got unfairly treated than they show to violence, rape, harassment towards women.

Anonymous 110306

Males will make every conceivable excuse for known rapists but think women who can't 100% substantiate that they were literally dragged into an alleyway and raped against their will should be jailed for false convictions.

Anonymous 110308


Anonymous 110309

moids crying incel affirmative action (patriarchy) won't save them from not passing on their literal cripple genes.

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