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Anonymous 113464

post your favorite food

Anonymous 113471


I don't have a favorite anymore, but when i was smol my favorite food was potato pancakes.

Anonymous 113481


Milk chocolate. I’m lactose intolerant. :(

Anonymous 113494

Great choice anon. Potato pancakes are divine. Everyone eats them with applesauce but I like them by themselves.

Anonymous 113509

Have you tried looking into vegan chocolate? Some of them you can't tell the difference, especially if it hazelnut based.

Anonymous 113521


Pasta, all the shapes.

Anonymous 113523


Good ol' basic bitch burgers.

Getting the right bun with the right texture, crispy veggies, interesting toppings and sauces is fun. The cross-sections of interesting burgers are cool. The feelings of the different, usually intact ingredients is cool.

The shape of it is a joy for me to hold and put in my mouth, and quite frankly even a busted hamburger from McDonalds is a cursed miracle for my tastebuds.

One thing I don't get is when people try to overkill it, like, stacked extremely high. It's not even more delicious, there's just an egregious amount of meat or whatever, so it's like you're eating a meatloaf encompassed by a burger, or a gooey prison of cheese. Also it's like making it more unhealthy for the sake of it.

I don't have burgers often (once per month), but they're still my fave.

Anonymous 113524


marmite is the best

Anonymous 113531

Yeah, I just had some actually. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t have the same sweet taste that I really like (e.g. Dove milk chocolate bars). Do you have any brand recs?

Anonymous 113532


none of these dishes taste good enough on their own but the whole feijoada will always be my favourite food

Anonymous 113547

I’m in the UK and the ones I like best are Vego and Topic (both hazelnut based). I love milk chocolate too and they taste like the real thing and melt properly.

There is a vegan version of Galaxy (what they call Dove here) but I haven’t tried it as I’m allergic to one of the other ingredients.

Anonymous 114158

My pancakes wont stop coming out gummy. The internet says not to overmix, but its impossible to make without mixing. I only mix the bare minimum to incotporate the flour and water.

Anonymous 114205

What country?

Anonymous 114206


chocolate coulant my beloved

Anonymous 114236

>in pancake mix

Anonymous 114239


thinking about galaktoboureko makes me crave it

Anonymous 114265


Whether it's frozen pizza or fresh pizza, I love them all.

Anonymous 114349


Azuki Red Bean paste.

It has to be hot and in a bun/sesame ball.

Anonymous 114350

Why do the tomatoes look photoshopped in? Could they not get any tomatoes?

Anonymous 114358

Brazil or Portugal, anon? Anyway, feijoada is based and now I want it.

Anonymous 114377


Seconding Azuki, but in mochi! I'm lucky I have a tiny Japanese supermarket here. These are just so shockingly good. Theyre lso great with strawberries inside.

Anonymous 114390


Garlic breadsticks

Anonymous 114398

WOW olive garden is unappealing

Anonymous 114412

Make sure you add enough baking powder (or whatever rising agent you're using) and wait for it to get bubbly on the stove before flipping it.

Anonymous 114478


I agree, but their breadsticks are still pretty good.

Anonymous 114531

I haven't seen anyone eating them with apple souse in my country, we usually eat them with sour cream. I prefer eating them with a sauce made from sour cream, butter and salt.

Anonymous 114561



Anonymous 114690


Anonymous 114718

canned tuna sushi? anon, it doesn't have to be that way…

Anonymous 114725


Anonymous 114726

carrot? oh boy

Anonymous 114733


Anonymous 114734


Anonymous 114735


Anonymous 114736


Anonymous 114737


Anonymous 114738


Anonymous 114739


Anonymous 114740


Anonymous 114741


Anonymous 114742


Anonymous 114743


Anonymous 114744


Anonymous 114803

I wish there were more veggie rolls. Like.. god imagine a roll covered with stewed, marinated pumpkin.. It would be top notch if it was done in mirin.

Anonymous 114804

onigiri makes my inner weeb tingle (i know, i know) but i also don't get how it's meant to be good? it's just rice, right?

Anonymous 114818

the most basic ones are just rice but what makes them good is the contrast in textures and flavours. you can have sesame, crunchy nori (so soggy nori plz) or toasted rice on the outside and the sharp umeboshi (plum) or salty salmon or whatever else inside. this them mixes with the basic rice. really nice.

Anonymous 114819

that should be *no soggy nori. soggy nori is yuck

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