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Anonymous 11443

What chans do you visit?

I got caught into a rangeban at Krautchan, and 4chan is too bothersome with all of those captchas, this makes a viable alternative

Anonymous 11521

Just 4chan and operatorchan because /k/ on 4chan sucks.

Anonymous 11802


pic related was what I ate a permaban for. I had been banned a lot over the 4+ years I posted to 4chan on

Anonymous 12190

arisu, lain, 8ch, and . . . that's pretty much it. i've been trying to find more, but it's difficult scoping out quality places.

Anonymous 12194


4ch (/mu/, /a/, /wg/, /fa/, /b/, sometimes /g/ - too bad it's pretty much advertising: the board)

8ch (/a/, /cuteboys/ - sometimes I just go there to cringe at some fugly anons but sometimes I kinda like some of them)

lainchan and arisuchan - feels/dreams threads

Anonymous 12205

Used to go to 4chan since approx 2007…. was even a tripfag on /fa/ for a while. Now I just come here, 4chan has gotten worse over the years, I guess the turning point for me was 1 year or so before moot sold it.

Anonymous 12226

What tripfag were you?

Anonymous 12407


I frequent lolcow, arisuchan, lainchan, 4chan for /g/ and /ck/ because it's pretty funny and of course crystal cafe

Anonymous 12529

I completely forgot about that site. They've certainly added a lot more boards since the last time I went there.

Anonymous 12556

mewch and lainchan and sometimes 4chan when im really bored

Anonymous 13537

Meowch is fucking annoying with their spamming everywhere and pandering to any audience they can get (case in point, they recently opened an /int/ and styled it to look like Krautchan after KC closed)

Also using a real girl as their mascot and being obsessed with her. No thanks. Camwhore religions are so 2005.

I use

>crystal.cafe best waifu

>4chan (/r9k, /x/, /cgl/, /wsr/)
>8ch (some minor boards)

Anonymous 13538

I have to say the best imageboard experience so far was definitely crystal.cafe. It's slow, but the threads are a lot more readable and have a really high quality overall compared to other chans.

Anonymous 13579

That can be construed as racist.

Anonymous 13588

No shit, it says it in the ban reason list. Imageboards are not for you, friendo.

Anonymous 13684

dead board.

Anonymous 13712

What about lain/arisuchan? Never heard of those but I'd like to know what are they about
I see. So where have all the homeless /int/fugees gone now?

Anonymous 13732

>I see. So where have all the homeless /int/fugees gone now?


Anonymous 13742

Fucking loser lmao

Anonymous 13752

Only a part and in my opinion much of the idiotic part of the Bernds.
Others are at Ernstchan, some at 8chan I think.

Anonymous 13765

Ernstchan is getting boring because the rampant mod is deleting threads left and right and banning everyone, so much that I do not feel comfortable even going there.

Anonymous 13766

Ernstchan only exists since some people didn't like krautchan. So it's pretty different than kc and they wanna keep it that way.

Anonymous 13767

4chan and hispachan

Anonymous 13842

Nothing says loser like not being able to read and coming back to respond to 6 day old posts.

Anonymous 16526

I have these phases where I get really interested in chan/img board culture, but have yet to really find a place as nice as this one.

Other comfy but not as trafficked boards:
https://sushigirl.us (URL/theme is sort of cringy, but it isn't crazy toxic so I'll take what I can get)

Especially since I'm not particularly into the themes of lain, uboa, or arisu chan.

Anonymous 16615

>if things don't improve soon I'm going to have to start living IRL
Jesus Christ, anon. Don't be so drastic.

Anonymous 16633

Krautchan was my main board, but then it died. A few replacements popped up, but they're all rather shit. I don't really have anywhere to go any more. I was on lainchan for a little while, but it smelt strongly of teenagers trying to sound intelligent and grown up. Maybe it's time to leave imageboards.

Anonymous 16641


>4chan - /v/ and /vg/ , sometimes /r9k/ and /gif/ too
>8chan - /hgg/ once or twice every few months (using it to check up on some text based games i discovered few years ago that turned out to be pretty cool)
Other than that I was also temporarily banned a few times for shitposting but that wasn't so bad, at least it gave me time to do other stuff than waste most of the day reading threads.

Anonymous 16650

this is the only chan I visit because I am sick of dealing with boys

Anonymous 16660

Just 4chan /sci/ and /fa/

Anonymous 16720

Another more chill one is dreamchan, though it is more dead than here.
Also intriguing is Tea, but I don't see myself getting into it due to the time element (could set an alarm, but having a reminder to check a board seems pointless).


What boards do you like on 420? I've checked it out before, but the ads and clutter turned me off (they have so many categories, but not a lot of quality).

Anonymous 16723

no sorry, the best we can do is keep this one clean and comfy honestly. Lolcow is way too gossipy for me so I don't use it.

You should check out the discord of this place though, it's really nice

Anonymous 16727

Theme as in overall vibe, not the literal look of it.

Anonymous 16732

lolcow (ot + g only)
i love reading through the advice threads and lifestyle blogs there. it's interesting getting some various perspectives.

4chan, but only a few generals.

i've started lurking on sushi…and that time based board ( tea ) is fun to lurk occasionally too when i remember it exists.

Anonymous 16756

There's a girl only board on 8chan, but I can't recall the name atm.

Anonymous 16760

/girltalk/ is the last one I recall

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