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Anonymous 11443

What chans do you visit?

I got caught into a rangeban at Krautchan, and 4chan is too bothersome with all of those captchas, this makes a viable alternative

Anonymous 11521

Just 4chan and operatorchan because /k/ on 4chan sucks.

Anonymous 11802


pic related was what I ate a permaban for. I had been banned a lot over the 4+ years I posted to 4chan on

Anonymous 12190

arisu, lain, 8ch, and . . . that's pretty much it. i've been trying to find more, but it's difficult scoping out quality places.

Anonymous 12194


4ch (/mu/, /a/, /wg/, /fa/, /b/, sometimes /g/ - too bad it's pretty much advertising: the board)

8ch (/a/, /cuteboys/ - sometimes I just go there to cringe at some fugly anons but sometimes I kinda like some of them)

lainchan and arisuchan - feels/dreams threads

Anonymous 12205

Used to go to 4chan since approx 2007…. was even a tripfag on /fa/ for a while. Now I just come here, 4chan has gotten worse over the years, I guess the turning point for me was 1 year or so before moot sold it.

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