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Pink pill #7 Anonymous 117636

To post how much you loath men

Anonymous 117665

first for Alix is a dumb name

Anonymous 117675


Reminder that men are always the majority in criminal statistics, and 98% of human traffickers are men.

Anonymous 117680

Only when threatened through loss of power and violence. And also just false kek.

Anonymous 117682

Muh inventions muh civilization

Moids also want to be comfortable while oppressing women I guess

Anonymous 118131

I've noticed so many male microaggressions and behavior that I never payed attention to before ever since discovering the pink pill. It has been a bit of a journey.

At first realizing how terrible the majority of men are, I was kind of miserable and even a little paranoid all the time especially since I had recently experienced cat-calling for the first time and I walk alone alot. The first few weeks of reading up on material and browsing pinkpill places were so interesting yet felt strange to feel defeated/hopeless every time.

But now I feel much better. I feel much freer than during those weeks, and even before I had discovered pink pill. Not only can I now identify all kinds of red flags or bad behavior like weaponized incompetence or minimizing a woman's presence, I also learn more to appreciate when men are behaving like regular human beings or even exemplary ones. My state is pretty good about treating people equally, but viewing women equally or better than men is actively fighting against most of society, so there are always problems

I still find myself struggling with internalized misogyny or intrusive thoughts about women even though I've come so far. It is a constant fight against ingrained ideas and beliefs. But I feel much better now knowing I can work through it and help other women understand that their place in the world is important. Thank you CC and fellow pinkpill women.

Anonymous 118144


Men took everything for themselves. They never gave us a chance to create in a civilization. They forced us into our homes, to be incubators, to be seen as less than human, they didn't even bother giving us a little drop of decency, they forbiddened our education, our rights to work, our rights to vote or be leaders, and yet they scream "My civilisation, My creation!" while they never gave us a chance to prosper.
If you look at one of the most successful civilisatins such as the Spartans and Encient Egyptians, you'll see they gave women equal human rights and this was a very positive outcome for them. Also a woman invented the computer algorith, her name is Ada Lovelace, Maria Beasley invented the Life Raft that saved hundrets, if not millions of lives, the fire escape stairs also by a woman - Anna Connely, I have no time to list all of the usefull things women have created so here's a link https://247wallst.com/special-report/2019/03/06/50-inventions-you-never-knew-were-invented-by-women/

Anonymous 118181


Sparta was a horrific slave society, women were not allowed in politics all the same. The only reason they were considered "freer" was because they did not have to do housework, it was all done by (woman) slaves.

Anonymous 118183


Why do moids stink so bad?

Like at least half have that greasy nasty oil slick smell. The ones that don't have that have straight up BO. Then there's the ones that use way too much Axe or cologne. I've never met a moid that actually smelled good. The only good moids just don't have a smell, but even then that's like maybe one in ten.

Why are they so fucking stinky? I'm not just talking about teens either, I'm an adult in a professional field and this is still an ongoing problem.

Anonymous 118184

You have a wrong opinion

Anonymous 118185

It's pretty simple, they don't take good care of themselves, take into account how many of them are also depressed/autistic and there you go

Anonymous 118240

A nerve was stung, I see.

Anonymous 118242

No no, you misunderstand. I am mocking you.

Anonymous 118243

race, profession, culture are all key factors

Anonymous 118250

Sparta was incredibly dysfunctional and constantly terrified of its own probably imminent collapse. It's citizens were all the leisure class whose properties were worked by slaves, there were so many that fear of a slave revolt was all consuming. On top of that Sparta was run by a group of old citizens who were as a result super conservative, never changing anything. This would have been OK if the pool of citizens wasn't constantly decreasing as you generally had to be born as a citizen, and you had to have a lot of land. As women could inherit land but weren't citizens this reduced the amount of land and wealth available for males, decreasing the number of citizens even further, crippling the state. All it took was one lost battle against thebes to completely cripple sparta as its citizenship pool was killed off.

Anonymous 118296

Ancient Egypt was such a soul-crushing mess people wrote a 1500-page tome just to cope with it.

Anonymous 118311

1) thats false and 2) you could say the same negativistic and biased shit about any other civilization, seriously fuck off. and also
>Ancient Egypt was such a soul-crushing mess people wrote a 1500-page tome just to cope with it.
is some shizo nonsense. what tome? what "crushing mess"? take your meds, cretin.

Anonymous 118325

I'm finally at a point where I don't think of men too much other than to be annoyed at them or cautious of them. It really sucks that they've managed to put themselves in the center of quite literally everything to where it takes actual effort to get them to a point where they're irrelevant in your life. It's certainly not that we don't want to, it's just that they're fucking everywhere and a lot of us grew up with women mainly being discussed in relation to men. I really think that a lot of men think that we don't have lives outside of them or outside of thinking of them.

Anonymous 118374

They were forced to slave labor to build a giant triangle in the desert for their pharaoh to decay under. They made up a story about parting the ocean and wrote the whole bible around it, dipshit. How intense do you think the trauma for them was to do that? Skunk.

Anonymous 118379

Its ironic how the main talking point for a patriarchal society is that women are too emotional when most men who think they understand people and socio-hierarchical structures have their views driven by selfishness and narcissism.

>I also learn more to appreciate when men are behaving like regular human beings or even exemplary ones

This. Men who dont get off to self-centered and disrespectful worldviews restore my faith in humanity. Ive encountered many, and its stupid how people will claim "boys will be boys" implying that basic emotional maturation isnt an essential part of a relatively meaningful life.

Anonymous 118421

Screenshot 2022-01…

Smile, we're on reddit.
I've never opened a pinkpill thread before but I always presumed that their actual purpose was just to repel moids from the site.

Anonymous 118423

hate how this won't bring any (biological) women to this slow board, only trannies and incelfags that reddit is a home to.

Anonymous 118430



Anonymous 118453

meant as a reply, but the other thread hit the limit, so..

what the fuck is the end game of men that act like youth/sex is the only thing that matters to men? the ones that hang it over womens' heads perpetually?

>the concept of solely valuing women for sex/youth is horrible for society/relationships/parenthood in general? because it implies men are driven by only shallow shit and apparently can't function as fathers/husbands without eventually running off with new flesh. guess what? most of the trad male crowd is obsessed with youth…do the math

>any girl gets old and most of these moids are too ugly, creepy, and/or unsuccessful to be able to infinitely find young girls (or even women)…so, yeah, being obsessed with girls is definitely good for that supposed "male loneliness epidemic" men suicide over
>the old guys that get away with it fuck up things more for young men, making more "incels"; and most that do get away with it also had to deceive the young girl about their intentions (or if they find a woman, deceive her about his intentions)
>on the front of women/girls, if they learned about their potential love interest being obsessed with youth, the only logical option is to break up with them or get something material from them…and then break up with them. female separatism or selfishness. it isn't "haha, lower your standards" that's the logical takeaway. diamonds are a girl's best friend, basically
oh and…
>making it so the #1 thing men care about is eternally fleeting and extremely hard to obtain. yes. this is amazing for men! yep!

so not only is it nasty, it's mostly dumb across the board and existentially bewildering. yet, we have this massive hoard of men that can't stop bragging about it? no, if it is true, this actually condemns men as being stuck in a perpetual rat race for a prize most of them can't get.

Anonymous 118458

I find it funny they act like CC is rotten…
when defending fathers that look up rape porn of teens (and yes much of it is real, not acted) is the norm on reddit, among other very fucked up things that is pretty much endless on that hell website.

Anonymous 118465

oh, to clarify, no, I think it's a terrible idea to be with a man for material reasons. it's just taking the men that say women expire at face value…and it's up to you whether or not what they say applies to most/all men.

Anonymous 118466

Not that anon, but if I had the world’s richest moid in front of me I’d bite off his dick instead, because that fucker isn’t going to get it back no matter how much money he shells out.
I don’t care about his filthy money either, he just slowly kills the economy by hoarding his wealth to some vault; he’s clearly not interested in ending any of the world’s problems, such as hunger or pollution, so he had it coming.

Anonymous 118469

on reddit, there’s a pitch-black and rotten undercurrent of misogyny, masked by upvotes and memes.
always has been, even back in the golden era of /r/atheism.
i remember that like yesterday.
they see us lower than animals, and want us to be punished for existing.
when their mask drops, there is hate, powerless hate from worthless scrotes.
it’s like watching chained satan, in a clown costume, moaning in diabolic voice and trying to suck your soul out from the distance.
scary, yes, and at the same time, absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous 118470

Scalarious, if you will

Anonymous 118474


One of the most important things that the anonymous & pseudonymous Internet has unveiled is that that some of the most intelligent men hold women in absolute contempt. Don't fall for the self-pitying myth that Anonymous is a virgin in his mother's basement. Anons include doctors, lawyers, professors, police officers and high-ranking military personnel. These people network and strategise extensively and many of them would be happy to see women completely excluded from public life. Overall I took away from it that ceasefires in the battle of the sexes are only temporary, and women may always be on the back foot, because to a greater extent men are able to use coercion, secrecy, exclusivity, and deception. Every female person should therefore concern herself with ensuring her economic self-sufficiency and capacity for self-defence.

Anonymous 118477

above all, nothing enrages them like a woman daring to laugh at them.
never forget that.
when they get mad, they hurl threats at us, in an attempt to wipe a grin off our faces.
because they actually think their physical strength means shit online, and that their feefees go above the law.

Anonymous 118484

>men: statistically more likely to do most things that destroy
>also men: bitch about how only women destroy and only men create

Anonymous 118485

Because scrotes live for sex (like crack addicts), and are seething that we are free to choose who to have it with, if at all.

Anonymous 118488

Reminder that it’s some repressing faggot, and a loser whose greatest contribution to society is taking his own undies to the laundry basket JFL.
Also you should ignore it, per site rules.

Anonymous 118492

Yeah, you're right.
It just weirds me out that they always go for stuff men usually do more than women.

Anonymous 118493

men love projection

Anonymous 118494

Like the other miner said, projection. And Reddit often thinks that it’s only wrong when women do [thing]. They don’t say it outright, but it’s visible everywhere.

Anonymous 118503

Scrotes think that not watching porn 24/7 is an accomplishment. All I can say is, holy shit ther brainrot definitely has gone too far. They should all be lobotomized for the sake of a stable future. Imagine how peaceful streets would be at night.

Anonymous 118511

>if I had the world’s richest moid in front of me I’d bite off his dick instead, because that fucker isn’t going to get it back no matter how much money he shells out.

Anonymous 118531


Because they have to justify oppressing us. Oppressing and exploiting us makes their lives easier. And in order to oppress and exploit someone, you have to other and despise them. If you didn't, you would see them as people like you and wouldn't be able to abuse them.

Anonymous 118538

Moids have gotten so aggressive with their obsession with youth and their copes about how old men attract/deserve young women, I have actually encountered numerous virginal teen-early 20s moids absolutely convinced they are unsuccessful with women because they aren't "finely aged".
Imagine being so fucking retarded you believe the copes from a bunch of unsuccessful boomers.

Anonymous 118540

Evolutionarily speaking, XYs across the board are near worthless. The vast majority of males never pass down their DNA. Males have to conspire to keep women oppressed and reliant on them, artificially increasing their worth via social pressure. It's extortion. This is essentially what patriarchy is.

I think their hatred is born from their lack of reproductive success. A male who subjugates women will impregnate more women. In order for something to be your subject, it must be beneath you, less then human. Misogyny is simply the XY's manifestation of his reproductive neurosis.

Anonymous 118542

Lol who uses “skunk” as an insult

Anonymous 118543

Insemination anxiety, because they know their seed has no value.

Anonymous 118567

>involuntary forced to serve in the idf
>first half a year keep getting harassed and get tied to chairs by one of the junior officers
>he gets salty I report him, but doesn't change anything
>there was no proper government at the time so the army's budget was cut and a lot of junior officers were sacked
>cya later butt muncher

fast forward another half a year and the department had to be moved to a different base cuz the planes we were servicing moved there too
>for some fucking reason start getting harassed by two dudes
>one just mocking me for no particular reason and complaining that I was not in the office as much as him cuz if medical shit
>the other weirdly sexualizing and degrading my worth as a woman at the same time
>this continues for months on end
>my gf encourages me to report them
>time to break some nuts
>report them to the head of the department
>"lol OK, whatever you say dude"
>start crying and telling him that I'll burn the base down if it means it'll get these fucks punished
>he starts yelling at me calling me a spoiled useless brat
>mysteriously put on leave for like 2 months at home
>mysteriously kicked out and moved between departments for another 3 months till they eventually bring me back to my old base and make me a dentist's assistant
>report this to the complaint center
>make a whole ruckus about it in the media and social media too using the help of an lgbtq non profit
>they release a statement saying "we'll take care of it"
>nothing happens

never trust the police or the army, they're male dominated institutions and would rather protect their own kind instead of doing anything about it

the same base I was in had an officer with CP on his work computer, and nothing happened to him cuz he was just transferred out

ACAB etc etc etc

Anonymous 118568

dudes really need to learn to find value in themselves beyond their dicks and their "sexual worthiness/sexual conquests"

this whole fucking patriarchy is built around forcing men into a rigid system of oppressing women cuz they don't wanna be left behind and not be a part of the hastag Kool kids klub

Anonymous 118569


Reddit moids are something else

Anonymous 118576

thats horrible holy shit o-o u don't have to serve anymore right?

Anonymous 118586


It's not funny it's sad. I'm not a fan of MaleToFemale trans people because they're porn sick or something other disgusting thing, but I feel a lot of simpathy for FemaleToMale ones, because life as a woman can be so screwed up that it makes you want to be a man. The text in the blue marking hit hard. I wish they didn't have to go trough all this suffering.

Anonymous 118589

Same thing happens every time someone mentions FGM.
Redditards hate women more than 4chins.

Anonymous 118590

I’m sorry that happened to you. Most male-majority industries accept women in paper only, reality is something else. They expect you to put up with way more bullshit than male peers would, such as harassment, lower wages, belittlement.

Anonymous 118593

>”females are unloyal, also when they’re old they’ll die alone because they were ”picky”
Scrotes also:
>run off with a teenager once his wife turns 40
>”females are nothing without us”
Scrotes also:
>consume porn and center their hatred around women even if they’re ”mgtow”, and think that not having a gf is their life’s greatest failure
>”females are too emotional”
Scrotes also:
>”anger, horniness, and depression are serious problems amongst autistic NEET men, so we should spend vast amounts of effort to cater to them.”

Anonymous 118599

It might be because they spent their time studying instead of forming relationships, or that they assume that their intelligence is caused by being a moid.

Anonymous 118600

Yes. Well, most men. 90% of all the arguments that the men from MGTOW and the RedPill movement use are generalisations, and they act as if nothing happened when that generalisation is not true.

Anonymous 118602

Interesting, generalizing is stupid in that case, right?

Anonymous 118616

Generalizing men is fine because crime statistics (notably murder and rape) prove our points

Anonymous 118617

Nta, I'd even suggest that it's not a "generalization" to say "this is the number of men that were convicted of committing XYZ crime"
People who think a statement of numerical fact is a generalization are deficient

Anonymous 118618

Because they simply decided they can, nothing is based in reality now

Anonymous 118626

>using crime statistics to justify your generalizations
I am literally forbidden by the rules from discussing the implications of this so I suppose the conversation has to end here.

I wasn't even talking about crime stats as some femcels in this thread posting moid thought patterns.

Anonymous 118627

oh here we go

Anonymous 118632

Moid thought patterns can be shown through male crime statistics. And as for the “implications,” I feel the same way about the crime stats you’re referencing anyway, lol.

Anonymous 118637

So glad I was put off joining the military when I was young and naive

Anonymous 118647

Why are white supremacist moids unable to admit they are the n*ggers of gender?
rly makes you think

Anonymous 118649

If you are a woman in the military you're signing up to be sexually harrassed and have unconsensual spycam/revenge porn taken of you.

Anonymous 118650

According to white supremacist interpretations of jews, no women are not the jews of gender. I'd love for there to be a matriarchal shadow-government pulling the strings in every world government, but that's clearly not aligned with reality.
Women just remind men that they are inferior, and cause mass scroteal hysteria and neurosis, as stated here >>118540

Anonymous 118651

It's funny how they always want their whole genre to be credited for old inventions and civilization shit

But when it comes to crime statistics they be like "NOT ALL MEN, YOU'RE GENERALIZING"

Anonymous 118652

male civilization is dogshit. Billions of worthless incel offspring polluting and destroying the planet, with nothing good to show for it. Most moid "inventions" are convenience items to make it easier for subhumans to continue wasting oxygen.

Anonymous 118657

More men have raped/assaulted/abused/harassed women and girls than have invented or created anything of value.
How are women more manipulative and cowardly than males? More men are narcs, abusers and criminals. And don't tell me you see women as more "cowardly" because they get beat on by aggressive monkey males more and become passive, battered people-pleasers.

Anonymous 118659

honestly that "men create everything" talking point always came across as weird to me. Most of the men saying it aren't in the class of men that have created. They're usually couch crusaders and keyboard warriors.
Why are they vampiring their own sense of malehood off of something they'll never achieve? Even I don't identify with the greatest women even though I try learning from them.
Secondly, most of them don't give a shit if a woman saves 10000 lives or does something cool so…they basically are holding something over womens' heads that they don't even care about anyway. Literally, I've seen some of these men in the next sentence say men give zero fucks about a woman's character, deeds, or intelligence, that the only thing that matters is looks/being a slave.

Anonymous 118662


so the blackpill-posters of R9K think the pinkpill-posters of CC and lolcow are their female cultural equivalent. this is hilarious to me, because


to them, it is accepting a subpar reality. a reality that is less ideal than what they wish it could be. the blackpill is that women are not the way they wish women were. acceptance of the blackpill by definition is reluctant, bitter, and unpleasant. the blackpill is tough to handle. it is a constant fight for them to remain blackpilled because they are fighting against their sex-driven moid nature; their code prevents them from doing what they want to do, which is to get a wifey to piledrive to their heart's content.


many things to many people, but the common thread is a feeling of freedom. when it is accepted, we feel free. we become more skeptical and cynical, but the cynicism is of a more balanced sort. it's not a cynicism that makes us feel bitter, unlike the bitter cynicism of the blackpill. we have no sense of regret or loss. we are exchanging an ugly reality - the reality in which we are mistreated and taken advantage of - for a better one, where we are not mistreated or taken advantage of. the blackpill doesn't view their exchange of realities that way. we do not experience the stages of grief that the blackpill engenders. seeing men's behavior in a more critical light is empowering for us, not agonizing. we do not fight against our natures to accept the pinkpill. we are not as carnal as men. we don't have an abyssal sexual appetite that the pinkpill dictates we should give up on trying to fill. the differences are quite stark if you just note the types of threads rampant on r9k (don't go there)

>threads simping for 'fembots'

>porn threads
>threads expressing frustrated sexual desire for women
>general complaints about the bleakness of the blackpill

none of that. NONE of that. here. male attention is NOT wanted on CC or lolcow.

so the TLDR of my sperg is
>they want us
>we don't want them

Anonymous 118663

samefag i guess just to say
>male attention is NOT wanted on CC or lolcow
i don't mean that none of us want male attention period, we just aren't desperate enough to entertain it in female-only spaces. whereas at least half of these so-called blackpill men have to put themselves in a mental chastity cage to avoid spastically cooming whenever a women posts something halfway in their direction

Anonymous 118667

oh noney there is a whole world of scroteshittery that i didnt even mention

Anonymous 118669

The simple reality is that males are biologically incomplete, and turn to women to fill the void.
Males operate almost exclusively on what brings them closer to women. It doesn't matter if a male has access or potential access to a real woman or not. Their impulse is so strong they will also dedicate their lives to consuming substitutes and analogs for women. Males are so addicted to women that they experience withdrawal symptoms if they are deprived of the ability to look at still images of women after just a few days, or even less.
Their incompleteness is just that, an empty void. No amount of consuming and cooming will ever satiate them. They are driven endlessly to chase, procure, and control women and/or anything that even mimics a woman. Even men with girlfriends and options are helpless porn addicts and traipsing dating apps for their next new fix. They are addicts driven by their lizard-brained impulses forged by a millions of years of reproductive neurosis. They may not be actively aware of it, but the XY is worthless, and their psychology reflects this fact.

This is why male incels are the way they are. Incels are a phenomenon that will never go away, in fact they are a product designed by nature. Sexual reproduction exists so that the bottom percentile of XYs are pruned, making species adaptations happen quicker and more efficiently, generally. Males have conspired for a few thousand years to mitigate this process, and artificially increase the worth of their genes. Now that women are free to reject males, we are seeing a huge wave of incels screeching impotently online and demanding a return to their affirmative action program (patriarchy). Predictably, they act like the failedmales of any generation before them. They are deprived drug addicts, volatile, bitter, entitled, resentful, all while obsessing over where and how they can get their next hit. At least drug addicts can be rehabilitated and have a system of support that reinforces the idea that they do not need drugs. Male addiction to women is at the gene level, and will never go away. Society will never be able to stop men from being addicted to women, and no men will ever be willing to attempt it either.

Female "incels" aren't like male incels because women do not have the same biological drives as men. We are unburdened by the incessant need to procure mates, and free to grow as human beings if we are given the right environment. A female inecl, or rather a woman who abstains from sex, is not doing so out of constant rejection, but of her own free will. Women do not covet males the way males covet women. Women pick and choose, and if she doesn't see a suitable partner she has no desire to burden herself with the offspring of an inferior man. Men wish to "pick" every woman, cum in every hole, and are denied the opportunity.

As much as 4chan moids hate reddit moids, the incessant need for men to cope by saying women are just as bad as they are is something they have in common. They are always projecting, always obfuscating, and always embarrassed of themselves.

Anonymous 118670

Men don't have any real pride or solidarity in their actions, they always bring them up to belittle women.
Just like men don't care about other males being raped, they only say it to interrupt the concerns of women.

Anonymous 118671

Women don't go to r9k and post gore, cp, nudes, and beg for a "bf".
In the case where the traumatized underaged pickmes do go to r9k for moid attention, it's given to them. Along with obsessive stalking and harrassment.
No fucking women on here are stalking and harassing any dumbfuck moid who posts his cock and discord handle.

Anonymous 118675

Honest question. If ~80% of men are trash and shouldn't reproduce, what are women to do? Either society collapses because we lose 80% of the population every generation or at least 80% of women get to be single moms. Both of those sound like terrible options for humanity.

Anonymous 118676

Community living used to solve this, I'm not pro commune but raising kids in groups (I'm from a village) seems to be a lot easier for single working mothers (like mine) than her relatives in the suburbs. Just one take, makes sense if you look at nature and older ways of living

Anonymous 118677


>small hamlets of matriarchal societies where there are no men, all the mothers are single, and take care of each other and support each others children

Anonymous 118678

> and no men will ever be willing to attempt it either


Anonymous 118680

The nuclear family structure is extremely inefficient, don't believe in moid propaganda.

Anonymous 118682

Buddhists are extremely misogynistic, we had this discussion a few threads ago.
They think women are subhuman and cannot be enlightened. A society of monks would literally just make women untouchable breeding chattel.

Anonymous 118683

Monks are cringe. Same as those nofap/noporners who think they have seen god's light because they resisted the urge to touch muh dick and not be unapologetic hedonists/coomers.

It just proves how absolutely pathetic and fragile the XY chromosome is, that they have to dedicate their lives to a rigorous belief/ritual system just to have post-nut clarity as their baseline. Monks are more pathetic than the average woman.

Anonymous 118699

There always will be the fundamental difference, that they hate women for not treating them like kings, and we hate moids for doing actually terrible shit to us.

Anonymous 118701

Bingo. And the few moids who are self-aware about it, are almost always trannies. They get that fix by larping as a woman.

Anonymous 118706

It's a futile effort to try to direct all feminist critique of moids on blacks only.
Do white men think we are that stupid? That we can't observe the scrotey behavior of white men, past and present?

Anonymous 118727

Men are the worst. Especially from eolutionary/historical perspective and men cannot ever argue that it is women's fault for anything although they blame women for everything, it is out of hypocrisy and because they cannot take responsibility so when something goes wrong they dump it on women although they have had and still have all the power in the world.

Why did Adam eat the apple? UwUUUUU Eve made him. Poor Adam, what an evil whore Eve is.

Remember men have had and still have all the political power and financial power in the world and when something goes wrong it is their fault and they are at fault for even women choice's because they have ran society culturally, economically etc for the entirety of history. So, when they say "I hate women for being so slutty" what they actually mean is " I hate men for making women be slutty". If you look at it and analyse it the reason why so many women have Onlyfans today is men. The hungry corporation owners that brainwash women in society into having Onlyfans are men and it is also men who could stop this issue since they still hold the most power. The current socio-economical paradigm we live in "free market capitalism" is also men's invention and they benefit the most out off it even at women's expense. It is not women who make most money from sex work, it is men.

Yet, you have to hear some stupid -90 IQ incel moid complain about "modern women being ruined" while he puts the blame on them, when this social phenomenon of women being slutty is the fault of men. If men treated women rightfully instead of treating them like slaves women wouldn't have wanted to escape patriarchy and if the corporation owners which are men in 99% percent of the cases would encourage good acts in society this wouldn't be a problem. Men are at fault for absolutely all the suffering in the world, including their own suffering. They should riot against each other. The reasons incels are depressed is not women, it is men.

Anonymous 118732


because our endgame in conflict with theirs and they don’t want to compromise. but they must.

Anonymous 118733

see >>118616, know what is likely to physically/sexually assault you. different from the moids that write the oppressive laws.

Anonymous 118734

the idf isn’t voluntary

Anonymous 118750


Anonymous 118751


Anonymous 118752


Anonymous 118763

I think it's very telling there's a lot of men (especially of the manosphere variety) that are fixated on destroying any victimhood girls and women have. From blaming to acting like there was some character flaw on a victim's part.

Look. The women and girls that get fucked over rarely are man haters. In fact, logically, they're probably the ones that trusted men the most. At least on average.

It's pretty much routine for men to shit on the idea of a "jaded" woman with baggage because of a man (i.e., daddy issues)…but, turn a blind eye to the fact that the naivety and lack of judgment they fetishize in girls isn't a ticking time bomb.
And, truth is, a woman or girl that assumes most men who interact with her want sex from her, and actually acknowledges this isn't a good thing nor should she entertain it…is probably safer for it. That's it. And this is inconvenient for men and also comes across as being stuck up and full of herself (at least to entitled men). While, it's now uncool to think that way about men despite men literally being as depraved as they ever have been.

Anonymous 118767

Why are men so fucking indifferent to animal abuse? I swear I can’t stand to see animals being violently killed/torture even by their natural predators because my automatic response it’s to feel bad for the animal but moids seem to not give a single shit and even enjoy it in the worst cases.

Anonymous 118775

I don't feel bad when a predator kills it's prey, it's their nature and how their species survives.
Still, I trully hate forced animal fights (dog fighting, rooster fighting etcetera), and I hate animals being killed for sport, or being tortured and murdered by people (most of the people who do this are moids by the way)

Anonymous 118791

Probably because they were hunters for early human history so part of their instinct is to see animals dying as a good thing

Anonymous 118843

Honest question. Why are so many women gaslit into believing the nuclear family is the best option for them and their children? The odds of a father being a good and active parent are slim. The odds of him outperforming you, the mother, at parenting are virtually 0. The vast majority of moid fathers are emotionally absent and uninvested in family life. There are more child molester/abusive fathers than there are excellent fathers.

If you really think about it, what sane woman allows an adult man to have that much power over her and her children? Biological relation doesn't seem to deter scrotes from scroting, in fact, the vast majority of males masturbate to incest regularly. Nuclear family structures only benefit men and lead to abuse and neglect more often than not.

Anonymous 118851

it's a mechanism. They don't admit it but basically what's implied is that women pacify men or at least take the brunt of their abuse away from society. Jordan Peterson implied that sex/relationships make men less violent. Is that true? IDK. But that's usually the angle. Men complain but generally being in a relationship is on average better for them/their longterm actualization, contrary to their complaints about the ball and chain. This doesn't necessary mean growing better for their wife/children; no, their effort declines the older his wife gets. Many often look elsewhere for new mates.

And, well, an ideal nuclear family is just better for a child. Are most families ideal? No. And in my country, there's little pressure from men to other men to be better for women/children. There's way more putting the heat on women.
Women literally can't fix it if men want the status of being a father and sex more than actually nurturing a child.
We now live in a reality where it's normal for dads to watch rape porn of teens.

So, in such a situation…what does a person do? Pressure women into relationships/motherhood. Because they know for a fact that women are more likely to listen. They've already dropped the ball with men; it's pretty much implied they'd want a woman to stay with a cheating man if she has a kid with him.

A while back a natalist (she said she wasn't a natalist, lol) made a statement I made about men into a weird thing about me being anti natalist (I'm not, really). She basically dropped weird, abstract statements like in general mothers enjoying being mothers…that I'm morally wrong in acting like most men can't be good fathers because that'd imply most women can't be in nuclear families and would "deprive" them of being a mother and make them suffer forever. Ok?

To round stuff off as…she said that any two people can, with work, make a relationship work out.
You can kind of tell it's a type of policing/crowd control. They're obviously terrified about society and trying to say things to appeal to the average woman.

Anonymous 118861


My thoughts exactly anon. I've argued with my dad over this, where he complains about declining birth rate (because women are becoming happier and more educated.) and I tell him to provide a solution other than fucking rape or brainwashing and he can't, just says that it's "better" if women get pregnant and that it makes us happier or whatever when it blatantly doesn't. Marriage makes women live shorter lives and men longer lives (women still live to be older on average because we aren't retarded). Many women report having better lives after divorce because they don't have to do all the work for some stupid fucking scrote anymore, meanwhile men report worse lives because suddenly they don't have a live-in bangmommy who maintains their life for them anymore. Also pregnancy is a pretty horrific process and on the other side of it there's a good fucking chance the guy won't even raise the kid with you and content himself to watch porn (because of your body), get fat/hit the wall, treat you like a slave, and cheat on you or abuse you and your children. I've heard of dads who forgot how to spell their kid's name, their ages and birthdays, basic facts about them. They don't even deserve to be called fathers. It's better and frankly more humane for the majority of women to just ignore the majority of men, based on cold hard fact. Men either need to shape up and become lovable partners and excellent parents or have their genetics literally die out on this hill. No two ways about it!

Anonymous 118871


I don't want to die alone :(

Anonymous 118872

With women usually dying sooner than their husbands, basing your concept of being "alone" on whether or not you have a creature with a penis that once desired you rather than, say, other family that cares or friends seems like a bad idea.

Anonymous 118886

As a radical third position, would the ideal scenario not be that men are expected to shape up AND that marriage on average with men in a more ideal state is on average better for women?

Anonymous 118887

>Why are so many women gaslit into believing the nuclear family is the best option for them and their children?
Because statistically while a moid may be a horrible father to his own children. Any other form of family set up (step-father, single mother, adopted) has far worse outcomes across the board for child abuse, mental illness, and poor life outcomes. Are moids who tend to the own children horrible some times? Yes. Are they more horrible to other people's children? Vastly moreso. Does being a single parent work better? No on that one too. If you are pro-child you are pro-nuclear family.

Now, if someone doesn't want to have children, that's their own pejorative. I imagine the majority of the time it comes out a place of fear more than any deep-held conviction, but whatever. If it's a truly deep held belief, it will sustain some women across time, if instead, as the majority of the time, it's not, then the ugly truth worms it's way to the surface regardless.

Anonymous 118888

>A while back a natalist (she said she wasn't a natalist, lol) made a statement I made about men into a weird thing about me being anti natalist (I'm not, really).

I'm trying to imagine writing a sentence like this with zero self-awareness.

Anonymous 118890

The stepparent/"single mother" situations are more often than not attempts at recreating the nuclear family after the bio-scrote left the picture.
It's not women who are the problem, it's stepfathers and boyfriends abusing children and causing issues.

I would like to see the rates of abuse for women raising children communally or raising children absolutely single. Essentially, if we take cohabitating moids out of the picture completely, how much abuse would there actually be?

Anonymous 118891


It's really hard for XYs to hide how XY they are, even in text format.

Anonymous 118893

If I understanding correctly, you're trying to test what effect the commune lifestlye has on raising children? I suppose it's novel. Only problem I see is setting up proper testing conditions. Unlike any other type of family which is legally recognized and you're pulling full stats from real-world applications, you'd have to intentionally go out of your way to set up a community to do that. I don't think you'd get that proposal past any ethics board though, since it's morally dubious taking children out of stable family set ups into commune set ups.

Anonymous 118894

It's really easy to accuse other miners of being moids when you don't like the points they make.

Anonymous 118898

No, it's easy when there's a nagging/dismissive undercurrent and attempts to diffuse criticism of shitty fathers. Plus the inability to grasp the concept of males not being in the picture in any given scenario, even as it was being discussed earlier in the thread.

You talk like a scrote. I have been in scrote communities long enough to tell the difference. Even your butthurt response is scrotey. End yourself, worthless XY.

You are fucking annoying, scrote pseud.

Anonymous 118901

It's not that you disagree with me. It's your focus on minor details and the contentions you have with them which is very indicative of an XY thought pattern. It's also the not-so subtle negging.

If you really are a woman you've been hanging out with moids for too long and talk just like them. If you've started pinkpill threads before then you act just like those annoying "devil's advocate" moids who can't shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 118903

Yes, a child being abused by the father is a better set up than being without one, according to your stance.

Anonymous 118904

The idealized "traditional family", where an older man marries a young girl and has many multiple children. The archetype males purport as the best living situation for both men and women, the backbone of a flourishing society.
I know this has happened countless times throughout history, but in the case of Varg Vikernes and Marie Cachet, you can see it happen clear as day. She's invested her entire life in this "based, traditional hyperborean elf man", and now he has repaid her by making her a social pariah and a cuckqueen to teenage gamer e-girls.

What ultimately ends up happening is a woman sacrifices her life in service of her husband, with little good to show for it. She must thanklessly raise him and his children, serve them, be their slave. Males love to go on about how "honorable" it is for women to do this, but I never actually see these women being honored. Not by society, not even by their husbands. In fact, eventually he grows to resent her more and more. The woman gave her life to him but that never seems to factor in his happiness or appreciation. The XY at the gene level is primarily motivated to endlessly consume women, and his wife can only "stave" this instinct for so long. Eventually, the scrote will distance himself from his wife in any way he feels he can get away with.
Some men will continue functioning like automatons. They will invest as little as possible into their wives and families while still at least providing food and shelter, bburying themselves in internet porn and roleplaying life as a successful bachelor.
Some men just dump their wives at their convenience, with all of the baggage that entails. Leaving her with the kids (as we know >90% of fathers willingly forfeit primary custody), bitching and moaning if he ever has to give them a pennies of an allowance.
Regardless of how he expresses his withdrawal, the husband will always do what is in his best interest, what maximizes the gains he can get from this woman while chasing his coomchimp instincts in whatever way possible. From "cheaper to keep her" to deadbeat dad, it's always about him and what he can extract from others.
This is the ultimate reward for any woman who enters such an arrangement. Males are not even shy about saying it, how they view us as women. "depreciating assets". "the ball and chain". It's right there plain to see. Reliance on a man is not a good long-term option. A man's usefulness to you is dependent on your usefulness to him, and for XYs that use has an expiration date. Your use is the amount of tingles you can inspire from his dick, secondly your ability to clean his hovel. Hell, you could be an eternally attractive 1000y/o elf who serves his every need, but he still has the instincts to "spread his seed", as all men do, and will grow tired and resentful of you eventually. Men just want to coom in as many holes as possible and exert the least amount of effort doing so. Being in a monogamous, cohabitating relationship, while almost always being the best option most could ever hope for, will never satisfy him. In every man's mind, he is a temporarily embarrassed warlord with an infinite harem. You, as his wife, are a constant reminder to him that he "settled", the older and "less valuable" you get, the more he resents the fact that he is with you and not with his "harem" (even if he couldn't ever get one).

Anonymous 118905

This is a 100% scrote take. They all believe this.

Anonymous 118908

Gender guesser says it’s an european scrote.

Anonymous 118909

kek I was thinking the exact same thing. They're so obvious, even in the ways they deny that they are scrotes.

Anonymous 118910



Anonymous 118911

what's the website for this? I wanna run some tests too lol

Anonymous 118912

Anonymous 118913

>some of the most intelligent men hold women in absolute contempt.

intelligent men, that's the only part I don't believe.

Anonymous 118915


Why does it think all of these based pinkpill screeds are male? Is it the aggressive, forceful tone? Alpha female should be its own category.

Anonymous 118917

>self awareness
yeah, apparently if you note that someone is having heavily natalist leanings, it automatically means you must be a anti natalist. Yes, you are very subversive.

I'm pro "good nuclear family plus kids." Not pro "propaganda for women to have kids." Big surprise.

Anonymous 118919

I hate how being pornsick is this generation's new "relatable humor". I can't click on any short form comedy YouTube video without seeing some porn reference or just "haha I'm so sad I jerk off all day haha I'm so lonely and horny anime girl waifus"
I'm so tired of scrote humor. It's just aggravating and annoying.

Anonymous 118922

That isn't what the data says at all. I imagine if you control for abuse already taking place, then yes single parent households have better outcomes than actively confirmed abusive nuclear households. The statistics just say that abuse and poor life outcomes are least likely to occur in nuclear family set ups.

So yes, you are correct, if abuse is already taking place single parent households are superior. There you go captain obvious.

This, by mere grace of having a strong opinion it identifies you as male. The analysis can't perform abstract analysis of beliefs. It probably reads "all women should die" and "all men should die" with the same level of aggression. It can't decipher the politics of what's involved.

Anonymous 118924

If you're identifying them by their heavy natalist leanings then how are you so certain they are not identifying you properly from your leanings, supposedly in the anti-natalist direction?

Anonymous 118927

Stepparent situations are still nuclear families. A man and a woman cohabitating with children in one household.

We know step fathers are infinitely more likely to abuse, that doesn't make them not part of the nuclear family structure though.

Anonymous 118929

True, alpha female should be. Can’t say for sure why it does that, since we don’t know the methods used to train the AI. Or some of them are moid fetishists writing their femdom fantasies.
I don’t use it unless I already detect heavy scrote vibes.
And like you said, it ignores politics (which heavily favors scrotes in your case). Even then, it detects a clear moid speech pattern coming from you.

Anonymous 118932

Reading up on it there is inconsistency between whether or not step-families count as nuclear or not. Using your definition which includes step-families, I am specifically referring to, let's say, "biological nuclear families".

Anonymous 118933

>Even then, it detects a clear moid speech pattern coming from you.
>Verdict: Weak male
>Weak emphasis could indicate European

We obviously have varying definitions on what "clear" means.

Anonymous 118934

We can tell you're a male obsessed with pinkpill threads and keeping tabs on women's thoughts and opinions. You're annoying with your devil's advocate for male interest bs.

Anonymous 118935

Like I said, I already got heavy scrote vibes from you, as did other anons, and your agenda is too obvious. Besides, weak emphasis can also indicate a yuropoor.

Anonymous 118938

>it's about how you write
<but actually it's about your agenda
Again, if this was meant to be a hugbox where all miners must agree with each other I suppose I was in the wrong place. At least be more honest at the start next time that it is actually my opinion that is the problem however.

Worst part of cc is how easy it is to shut down a discussion by shouting "moid!", "scrote!" and "troon!" whenever you don't like the other miners thoughts.
>says the moid!
Proving the point further.

Anonymous 118941

It's your opinion and how you argue/type. I already told you why you sound like a scrote and you are doing all the same thing still, like you can't help yourself.

It's not shutting down discussion because you're getting honest rebuttals, but you're just too butthurt over being called out for your failed chromosome. Do you not find it a little pathetic how obsessed you are with women? I suppose the parasite sex can't help itself though.

Anonymous 118942

Welp, nothing I say incriminates you as well as you do yourself, just saying. I’m glad that other miners have noticed your act on separate occassions.

Anonymous 118943

>It's not shutting down discussion because you're getting honest rebuttals
When people actually give me rebuttals I am engaging with them, properly. As opposed hurling insults at each other.
>Do you not find it a little pathetic how obsessed you are with women?
Do you find it pathetic to be constantly obsessed with policing other women's opinions because they don't match your own? Your paranoia and purity tests are fucking pathetic.

On the one hand it's fucking pathetic Admin hasn't been able to hire any mods to clean up gore off the front page after looking for several months, on the other hand it's probably a blessing in disguise because at least posts with varied opinions can stay up for some length of time. Wouldn't want someone like you as a trigger happy vol smashing every dissenting opinion in sight.

The act of disagreeing with others while being just another miner? I probably stick out like a sore thumb given the paranoia here.

Anonymous 118945

Daym, it’s even more clear that you’re here just to argue.
It’s because losers like him don’t have any women to punch down irl, so they actively seek out and stalk places like this. They love starting flame wars and arguing until women get tired, so that he can feel dominant.

Anonymous 118946

This shit isn't very accurate. I just did a test with some other people's posts and a bunch of my old posts on this site.
Certain words or sentences can change your score (even if it's more or less consistent among several posts made by the same person) from a solid "female" to a solid "male" and vice versa.
This >>118904 post, for example, gets "weak male". Also, there are obviously going to be a bunch of ESLs here, and not every native English speaker is going to be American (the test is biased towards American English which is why "weak male" can also mean European).

Anonymous 118947

>Daym, it’s even more clear that you’re here just to argue.
Clearer then when I explicitly stated that? Good job fucking genius. If you've been "noticing my bullshit in multiple threads" you would have fucking noticed the post where I said that's explicitly why I come here. Yes, I come here to argue. Yes, I am also in fact a miner. Good job fucking genius.

Anonymous 118948

>she dare questions the electronic purity test

Anonymous 118952

nta, but I thought you were someone else.
This is why people are accusing you of being a moid. I've seen interesting divergent opinions from other women here in these threads that I've debated with that weren't just said because someone has a fetish for semantics. People know something is off…and there is.

You insinuated me saying 10 words about men meant that the other person automatically clocked me as some ginormous antinatalist. That's annoying, a vapid flavor of annoying I mostly see from men.
I've seen women that really go far away from the mold with all sorts of strength and vigor of 1000 alpha moids….and this isn't it.

Look. Go into the "change my mind" thread if you really like this stuff or similar.
To other anons: let's try ignoring this person. @ me if you want to join in the promise.

Anonymous 118953

>weak male can also mean european
No objections here.

Anonymous 118954

This is the pinkpill thread not the whiney pedantic devil's advocate scrote thread.

Anonymous 118955

Anonymous 118956


>uhm yes fathers can be bad but it's rare ok?? not all men
>you better not be an evil single mom which is actually the most horrible thing in the universe…
>unless you support the nuclear family you're an anti-natalist who hates kids
>yeah like not having kids is your choice. But it's probably not even your choice because you stupid- I mean strong and independent- women can't think rationally. It's ackshually because you have daddy issues ahem I mean trauma, but whatever.
>You're totally gonna regret not having kids when you hit the wall and hop on xanax um I mean when the ugly truth resurfaces

Anonymous 118957


>let’s pick apart every piece of her argument and cling to meaningless details, that’ll teach m’lady to stay in the kitchen for my fellow scrotes

Anonymous 118958

You never see women going to incel boards trying to sneak in misandrist rhetoric to get these moids back in the fields lmfao

This is why pinkpill is valid, because you moids are a fucking plague that will not leave us alone no matter where we go.

Anonymous 118961


Regardless of if that other poster is a scrote, the rest of you are destroying this thread and breaking the rules by responding to him. If you believe he's a scrote, stop trying to dunk on him and ruining the thread before you get banned retards.

Anonymous 118962

And guess who reports them? The scrote of course, he gets his rocks off on controlling us. How typical.

Anonymous 118967


Anonymous 118968

That just sounds like autism.

Anonymous 118969

Exactly. They’re so pathetic that they can’t live without obsessively seeking any form of interaction with us, even if they hate is.
Even the farthest oil drill has its girl calendar, and the deepest basement dweller got his hentai server.

Anonymous 118973

By breaking the rules of the site?

Anonymous 118974

Scrote detected, fuck off.

Anonymous 118975

It's disturbing. You can't go to any moid dominated space without images of women plastered everywhere, always being discussed, always posting about their misogyny.
Even here, femcel central, you don't see the same. I have never seen a woman start random topic with a half naked man with his ass out in the image field, or more softcore male porn/misandry littered around in unrelated posts.

I was browsing /fit/ a hour or so ago and there were multiple threads about how they watch porn/thirst traps and even child pornography while lifting for the "test boost". They treat us like we're a drug they're addicted to. I wish they would all just go away or die.

Anonymous 118976

Anon i'm making fun of that moid not agreeing with him.

Anonymous 118978

Do you think calling someone who makes fun of you for being a scrote a scrote makes the women who do it sound crazy?

Anonymous 118980

At least one other poster >>11897 in the thread has pointed out your scrote like posting style. You can't weedle your way out of this one.

Anonymous 118981


Did you not read the obvious sarcasm in my mickey post or what? why are you like this

Anonymous 118982

>I wAs JuSt BeInG sArCaStIc
Nice cope moid, leave.

Anonymous 118986

Don’t forget the part where he dumps her once the baby is out, especially if it’s not a son.
Single motherhood is probably the worst punishment that a moid can enact on a wife that doesn’t please him enough, when you really think about it. Hell, maybe he just simply found someone prettier to run off with.
It’s a trap she can’t get out of. It makes her a social pariah, and drains whatever money and time she would have otherwise.

Anonymous 118987

The other poster is the moid himself, trying to false flag after losing the argument.

Anonymous 118988

>is a fucking joke to some of this
>drink up yaoi

Anonymous 118989

Admin can check the fucking IPs, I'm not any of the scrotes in this thread, whether they're mask off retarded, or standing behind a wall of "sarcasm.

Anonymous 118992

>what is VPN/Tor/Proxy
It’s obvious that the post was ironic, you fag.

Anonymous 118993

Moids just can't help but out themselves.

Anonymous 118996

Hmm, feel free to explain how yaoi relates to the other stuff.

Anonymous 118997

>women don’t do naughty words
You wish, faggot.

Anonymous 119001

Miners don't LARP as 4chan posters, now get the fuck out and go back to your circle jerk scrote.

Anonymous 119005

I’ve used ”faggot” here for as long I can remember. Why should only men be allowed to use certain words? But then, you’re a trolling incelfag, and I should stop feeding you.

Anonymous 119008

All Men Are Faggots

Anonymous 119010

Yeah I realize.

Anonymous 119012


>every keeps destroying the thread because of moid paranoia
This place is so shit lately, users can't even follow the god damn rules.

Anonymous 119013

I see he's going mask-off schizo now. Why are men so emotional?

This is a really weird post to fixate on, scrote. It's paraphrasing exactly what you said in a mocking tone. Struck a nerve or something?

Anonymous 119015

I think it's mostly this thread though, but yeah I've also seen it happen elsewhere, even on /media/

Anonymous 119019

I guess it comes with the territory of having a board be based on a trait that can never actually be verified. I feel like if I complain any more the more rabid miners are going to dogpile me though. Guess I'll just take it to /meta/.

Anonymous 119021

He lost his shit after failing convince us to become 50’s fuckmaids for his ”incel affirmative action program”.

Anonymous 119022

Based. Fags really hate women for some reason. One would think that they’d live their lives in peace, without spending a single thought on us, but nope, there’s always some negative remarks about vaginas and women’s rights.
post more yaoi pls

Anonymous 119023

I kind of agree with this, it just feels weird to use the stupid insult "faggot" on a female-exclusive imageboard. Even I, who spent all my teenage years on 4chan being a NLOG and still regularly use "male-dominated imageboard" lingo, find it weird to use that word here. Maybe on 4chan I would call another female poster a "faggot" because When in Rome…, but here? nah.

Anonymous 119024

>Fantasy for women is WAY to often just superior to a real relationship
Most women build their real relationships around a fantasy. They idealize their nigel and project goodness and humanity on him that he doesn't deserve. I think this is actually a serious problem. So often after a breakup the fog dissipates and women are left wondering what they saw in their ex-scrote, and how they tolerated all of his shit qualities.
This happens almost all the time, but one example I can think of is Shoeonhead. She paraded around pregory like he was god's gift to this earth… when he is a fat redditoid cheater pseud with a porn addiction.
I know shoe is a pickme supreme and a cow but I see so many women doing similar. They're always talking up their nigels. I don't know if they truly believe it or if it's partly a coping mechanism women adopt when dating inferior men.
It must be a combination of low self esteem, wishful thinking, and socialization. Women are very much encouraged to tolerate absolutely revolting behavior in men. The only way you could do that without being mindbroken is pretending your revolting boyfriend is actually a great catch.

Anonymous 119025

honestly I might be a dumbass (I promise I've been to other imageboards though), but I thought fag was something 12 year old edgelord boys said and pretty low tier in terms of insults. is it now cool to say fag?

Anonymous 119026

Faggot is one of the good insults that are almost always used about moids tho.

Anonymous 119028

It's not "cool" as in socially acceptable as much as it is imageboard speak. The way scrotes on imageboards like 4chan uses it reinforces how "male" dominated the space is, even the miners here understand that, else these posts
That understand that implications of homosexuality are demeaning to moids. I suppose it makes sense to use it as an insult if someone is suspected of being a moid, but honestly it's kind of stupid to use it in any other context. Especially in a female only context. Just my 2 bits.

Anonymous 119029

Nice anatomy.

Anonymous 119030

Gay moids are XYs all the same. Just because they want to suck cock doesn't mean they are harmless to women. They are misogynists, the only thing they lack is an abuse fetish focused on women and girls.
Fuck faggots. They're all ugly aids-infested coomers. They are nothing like cute, emotionally complex anime boys. Stop protecting the fags.

Anonymous 119032

I never defended faggots. I know how misogynistic they are (see last thread where the /ic/ faggot sperged out), I just said that calling other women that is dumb.

Anonymous 119033

Uke & Seme > 3Dfag

Anonymous 119034

Anonymous 119035

I say faggot with full contempt, this is not imageboard socialization.
Fag is hardly an insult the way it's used now. It's mostly used to denote an association.

Anonymous 119036

I called him a fag, because that’s what he is. I don’t use it about other women, duh.

Anonymous 119038

Really wish the activity in this thread would go to /media/ instead.

Anonymous 119042

Sorry, this is secretly a vent thread, so that won't ever happen. Very few users on this site want to discuss something as much as discuss around something.

Anonymous 119044

I don't mind venting about scrotes here, but this thread really got active for something quite off-topic for a moment.

Anonymous 119045

Because an actual discussion about something, involving contrary opinions, generates more activity than a slow, methodically agreement spiral around some given topic. Everyone in the thread energized because there was a perceived threat (the moid) and new activity could be engaged in. If you're specifically wanting that, I don't know, convince a moid to LARP in media and there should be a short dog-pile. Would destroy the main subject of the thread in the process though.

Anonymous 119046

I should note there's nothing wrong with a slow methodical spiral around a subject, but that certainly would be what any of the numbered or repeated on this site tend to be. Similar to any "general" on a different imageboard.

Anonymous 119050

Believe what you will. In real life which types of discussions tend to be more "energized"? Ones where two people are quietly having a nice chat, or the vehement shouting matches about some disagreement? Plenty of miners come here to have a nice, slow, comfy site. Fast isn't comfy, energetic isn't comfy, slow circling around agreements is comfy.

Anonymous 119053

>If you're specifically wanting that
No, that is obviously not what I meant, I just wished that all the people endlessly arguing about whether one or other user is male due to their posting style would instead go to /media/ and talk about relevant stuff there.

Anonymous 119054

Varg cheated on his wife? Story?

Anonymous 119058

I think she's being hyperbolic referring to Varg still getting attention from female viewers. Which, I don't pay attention to the guy, but Varg seems like the type of person to not give two shits about that, so I have no idea why his wife would feel threatened by it. Or be a "cuckqueen".

Anonymous 119060

hmm I never really thought of varg having much of a female following to begin with

Anonymous 119064

Some people still think pregnancy is special and kids are cute. Even some miners. Shocking right?

Anonymous 119082

Not cheated, but I wouldn't be surprised if it'll happen soon. He is now simping for blue-haired e-girls on his twitter. He follows a lot of thirst trap accounts if women in their teens-early 20s. A lot of them being left wing.

So much for traditional European values and resisting "liberal Jew poison". A man will always prioritize his coom urges before anything else. At least he's consistent in always having said that women lose her value after 25. Too bad his husbandly "love" didn't come before Marie's long overdue expiration date.

Anonymous 119087


I'm seeing a lot of pagan and white nationalist stuff + people claiming to be autistic (lol), but not many ethots. What little there are, ar of the I wana save the white race pick mes variety.

Anonymous 119097

I wish tradthots would realize men don't give a fuck about politics if it makes them coom
And this is speaking as someone who hates "liberal" men (conservative and leftist men both act like selfish liberals today anyway, insert that Dworkin quote)

Anonymous 119122

This isn't a "pretend to be a pinkpiller" thread.

Anonymous 119124

Reddit has plenty of subreddits and posts with sexual content that moids make from the opposite political spectrum they are

Anonymous 119132

liberal men at least don't try to make us serve them and say that if we don't then humanity will die out
the only ones that will die are those idiots who think cleaning your asshole is gay

Anonymous 119146

The varg stans are even on cc. This is the same man who says brown eyes are subhuman, non-NW euros are orcs, and anything that isn't lord of the rings roleplay in the mud is Jew poison.
Do you think women are stupid? He's obviously indulging in his coom urges by liking posts from thirst trap gamer girl accounts. You can look at his older videos too where he is unashamedly pedophilic and gives advice on how to groom teenagers.

Anonymous 119151

Humans don't have instincts. Unfortunately, moids are are also humans, and therefore don't have instincts.

Anonymous 119153

Because the women who are usually 'brainwashed' into wanting a nuclear family are young, and therefore have 0 experience of what a life with a man and children actually is like. Think about the way moids talk about getting 'trapped' in a marriage, it's the other way around, women are the ones who get trapped in it.

Anonymous 119155

Everyone dies alone, and you honestly have to be either stupid or really young and desperate if you think getting a boyfriend/husband will solve that problem. There's n guarantee he won't be horrible to the point that you have to leave him, and no guarantee he won't leave because of something.

Anonymous 119156


Anonymous 119161

Male autism, yes.

Anonymous 119166

i think it's probably because the concept of the mother raising kids at home while the father makes enough money to provide for everyone makes sense conceptually (but doesn't work in practice), and they write off their bad experiences growing up in one as "just a bad example of it" and that they can do better…? but then the man won't do his part of the equation so it falls apart.

Anonymous 119171

It doesn't work because males have no incentive or internal drive to participate.
Women have the instincts to care for and raise their children, but males have no instincts to support a woman and child where, in nature, he would have pumped, dumped, and moved on to the next woman ad infinitum.

What we have in practice are women trapped in domestic servitude, with their lives reliant on a disinterested and/or resentful male. Sometimes the scrote will just outright leave, which is better imo. The only problem is women monkey branching to another shitty moid because they are convinced they need one.

We really should just have women communally raising children and send these useless scrotes off to die in the fields or in wars.

Anonymous 119189


We as a society need to inform women that they do not have to tolerate male dysfunction like this.

We need these incel genes to die, for the betterment of humanity.

Anonymous 119196


Men :"I deserve a hot 10\10 virgin trad wife!"

Also men: picrel

Anonymous 119199

don't know who he is and I've been lurking here for months.

Anonymous 119231

Scrote take.
"No dad" also usually means "mom's boyfriends" so the problem will always be moids having access to children.

Anonymous 119235

Females are by default more alpha that moids because women can develop into actualized human beings without being parasitically addicted to validation from the opposite sex.
>crying yourself to sleep and having anxiety attacks is not alpha behavior.
I lose no sleep over the miserable state of moids, because I don't want them. I want them to fuck off and die like they're supposed to. This is male projection, because I know for certain incels are crying every night about how lonely and horny they are because women aren't vying for their dicks.
>the girls who were on cheer team or were the top cats at their sorority are examples of alpha female
Is all you know about women and girls what you learn from shitty highschool/college movies written by men? lmfao
>A child needs both parents
Not really, at least not for girls. It's males who are dependent on father figures, not women. You can see how fixated moids are on the topic, always going on about "fatherlessness" and following around internet daddies. Moids have this void that they're constantly trying to fill with sex and accumulating surrogate father figures. What girls need is only the lack of scrote abuse during her developmental years. Having no male in her life is just as fine as having a decent one, so long as no abuse takes place.
This is just another thing on a long list of things males project onto women.

Anonymous 119237

And before you say "but a girl needs a good father figure to look up to so she knows what a good man is". This is the rebuttal I get every time without fail. It's total bullshit. I have seen many women with good fathers get with abusive scrotes because they couldn't see the signs, or he was a narc and kept his abusive behavior hidden until she was too locked in to leave. I have also seen women with shit dads who ended up with decent men.
It's also telling how, apparently, males don't need to have a good mother figure to look up to so he knows what a good woman is. It's really a tacit admission that males are volatile and women, in general, are better than the average man, so there's a slim chance he could pick bad, since there's so few genuinely bad women.

Anonymous 119248

Step dads are several times more like to abuse children.

Anonymous 119327


You bro science faggots are so fucking annoying. We do not care that you took flavor of the month supplements and resisted the urge to touch your cock because your porn addiction speedrunned your way into having a geriatric dick in your 20s.

The "parasite" is you. Blame your faulty y chromosome and subsequent incomplete existence. All you moids seem capable of is blaming all of your problems on anything but yourselves, since you're incapable of honest reflection. I give you kudos though, most scrotes blame jews and/or succubi for their compulsive porn use, at least your bullshit is original.

Anonymous 119330

Unfortunately true.



I can count the number of influential philosophers who DIDN'T hate women, on one hand.

Anonymous 119331

Kierkegaard and Schopenhauer said misogynistic shit, that I know.

Anonymous 119334



Anonymous 119337

reminds me of the vid of that dude in cosplay fucking a butt-shaped balloon while wearing a vr set with people around him cheering him on.
ive read stories of men falling in love with sex dolls
these same men want "10/10 women"… ridiculous
life would be better if the metaverse happens and all the weird men stay plugged in forever with their AI waifus

Anonymous 119363

They do though, but only to shit on blacks. They always say why are more men in prison? Because they comit more crime.

Anonymous 119364

Not who you responded to, but I believe whole heartedly that most men would take anything but at the same time they also believe models should thirst for them. "Mom said I'm the most handsome" etc.

Anonymous 119365

>reminds me of the vid of that dude in cosplay fucking a butt-shaped balloon while wearing a vr set with people around him cheering him on.
I thought it was the grey butt-shaped sex toy that was wearing a green schoolgirl uniform.
I remember it perfectly due to that clip being in an extremely disturbing video that included a shit ton of depressing and sickening shit including gore and animal abuse so it's pretty hard for me to forget that


>Most moids have minimal standards and will fuck every hole attached to vaguely feminine body
And yet that doesn't stop them from degrading and verbally humiliating the "ugliest" women they fuck or (sometimes proudly) admit to wanting to fuck.

Anonymous 119375

muh practice gf.jp…

>degrading and verbally humiliating the "ugliest" women they fuck

Anonymous 119379

>And yet that doesn't stop them from degrading and verbally humiliating the "ugliest" women they fuck or (sometimes proudly) admit to wanting to fuck.
Yeah, they usually blame alcohol when they have sex with an "ugly" girl.

Anonymous 119382

holy shit.png

This fucking subreddit man

Anonymous 119392

eh, while that OP was being hyperbolic she had a point.

while men fuck anything, they actually make far more of an effort on average for very attractive women than women do with very attractive men (yes swipes are one thing, interactions are another). likewise, it's way more likely for makes being fixated on what they think is their 10/10.

do you think the men complaining about chadchasing gives a shit that 1000000s of disgusting, old (often married) men creeping on girls or constantly consuming porn of attractive women? Or that women do that shit infinitely less? No. Yes, men are opportunistic and will date more than their 10/10. however, they're also more likely to be looks driven than women through their entire lives in ways that influence how they treat the opposite gender.*

incels often think their looksmatch is some young skinny, cuteish white, or asian if they're sooooo openminded (/s), girl, while saying women hit the wall at 22…implying that they and other men find her more attractive than 90 percent of women. to their own logic, their actual desirability match is a middle aged woman but do you think they care? no.

while they might not want a 10/10 model, they still usually want a girl that's pretty much 100x more desirable than him and then they pretend that something is wrong if she wants an actual ok looking/well adjusted guy (her actual match)….one that is actually rarely a chad but they can't stop bitching is a chad.

some actually want a girl that's, say…the type that was most bullied and most ignored by guys…but solely if she stays young forever. so, even when they're more realistic, they're extremely hostile towards aging all around. very few honestly don't care.

it all comes down to entitlement. is it to cute girls? idk. but it's a given most of these guys would treat their actual match like shit…and mostly would dump her if he moved up in life.

Anonymous 119393


oh and let me add….
>>119375 is pretty typical.

so basically the one thing you can do is actually high high expectations out the gate. why? to make sure a guy actually prefers and likes you…or be alone. which basically destroys the stepping ladder system of starter gfs they want to pretend is just men being open to dating all kinds of women.

Anonymous 119394

Is the girl in the pic supposed to be a "practice" gf or a hot one? genuinely can't tell

Anonymous 119418

also agreed, it's doomy.

if you take a guy that lives a public life in a society that both enforces and encourages women to stay in the house…and respect grandiose acts and movements in history or praising some variety of introspection, then…good chance he'll perceive women as extras or slaves. or in more modern society, only observe and respect men fulfilling complex roles. it is pretty normal for men to be status driven and a product of their social circle, no matter how intelligent or seemingly divergent.

bad example and I'm not sure how true it is, but it's like how facebook allegedly was creating to rank girls by their looks. or…ralph emerson, who was basically a nature tourist whose mom washed his garments for a few years and who resided far from an actual wild frontier; he regularly attended parties.

Anonymous 119423

are happy older couples rare? "rare" as in not defined by the quantity (obviously there's at least a few millions) but just relativity. also…I'm referring to couples that are a similar age and have been married for a while too.

I notice sometimes people mistake two people being together still as being happy.

Anonymous 119437

Among latinos and south europeans only. But their new generations look less likely to be there in a few decades

Anonymous 119438

Funniest thing is, in most cases they’ll never actually get that hottie, and then they turn incel/mgtow.

Anonymous 119444

tbh I've noticed that south(?) european women seem to believe in the family structure more on average, even on sites like this. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things.

Anonymous 119465

Not that I feel any pity for /r/kotakuinaction, but it shows how misogynist Reddit really is, since when they tries to close their subreddit because the new content was all low quality or something, Reddit itself saw the matter important enough to intervene, by kicking the original mods and allowing anyone to take over. I mean, that subreddit is centered around women-hate, and the cancer would’ve undone itself, but nooo, Reddit chose to keep it up instead. What the hell?

Anonymous 119478

>he had a job at his family company
>his father is wealthy and supporting him

Wait so he got fired from his nepotism job and then his dad had to cut out the middle man?

Anonymous 119494

Occasionally, they manage to manipulate depressed 18-year-olds though
It's sad to watch

Anonymous 119499

It is… and the scrotes more or less admit that it’s the part or the appeal in youth. They use the immature mind as a blank canvas for their tarnation. And then they discard her when she learns to stand up for herself. Sickening.

Anonymous 119503


Anonymous 119544


send this to pro-lifers

Anonymous 119549

I wouLd but most men lack the attention span to read the first sentence let alone the whole thing…

Anonymous 119553

I remember in a thread full of women that had suffered horrific side effects from varying birth control methods, the OP (who was saying men should wear condoms) got threats and harassments from men over DMS screeching about how women don't do shit and don't hold themselves accountable. These women said that the men they were with had snuck condoms off, been difficult to convince to use one, among other things…and that even nicer guys had pulled shit.

In many of these DMs, the guys proudly, concluded,
"and this is why I will never wear a condom."

What you posted as picrel made me realize that I was really dumb to think it was just an incel/bad male thing.

No. The average male is borderline sociopathic in terms of this shit. While, most pro lifer men are basically forcing an ideology on a subject they almost give 0 shits to learn about. It's disappointing because you'd at least think pro lifers would care about female life more…no, they don't. And we all know if men were the ones that got pregnant they'd abort more too and that it wouldn't be a question whether or not to access abortion, which makes this even more dumb.

Fuck men.

Anonymous 119555


It checks out, the majority of people against abortion are also against preventative measures (condoms, plan-b, etc.). I'm confused why the survey didn't ask men's opinion on whether or not women should use birth control. I'm 90% sure the majority of these men are also against female birth control as well.

First question also seems badly phrased to me, but I think they were attempting to go as close as possible to "is it okay to lie" without explicitly stating "is it okay to lie" blatantly. I don't know how the fuck normies are supposed to phrase things.

Anonymous 119556

I'm torn on that part. would the men lie if asked "is it ok to lie to get sex?" But I believe there was another experiment on the subject that I think was more forthright about it and put the statistic more around half of men.

Anonymous 119558

goes to show that child support is pretty much a natural checks and balance to male nature.

Anonymous 119559

I simply don't know. Maybe there was some push to not "moralize questions", but when you're trying to figure out if men are okay with lying to have sex. I'd have to argue it's better to ask straight forwardly.

Any body got a citation on this study? >>119544 I want to see if any other questions were asked and what the responses looked like.

Anonymous 119567


hmm, are you looking for something specifically or the validity of it? anyway I'm not the original poster but I think these are the sources. it's up to you if you wanna look into it.

if I were the researchers I would have probably asked several differently worded questions, and also doing two inventories at the beginning and end of the session.
so, basically, "would you tell a woman you don't love that you love her to have sex with her?" "would you lie to a woman to have sex?" etc.

sex surveys and studies are infamous for people answering incorrectly so I'm not surprised they took a more vague approach.

either ways though I buy into it because that's usually how men fuck up. it's not so much that many do comically bad things but say whatever in hopes of getting a reward…and then rioting when people imply it's immoral.

Anonymous 119577

Just wanted to see if they did ask a question and the author didn't report it.


Why would anyone be peaked by this? It's like someone deciding their racist because of Nazi propoganda.

Anonymous 119579

How does it being from the 1970s change anything?

Anonymous 119580

Unless you're planning on dating someone who was old enough to take this survey when it was published, it's not helpful. Much like the opinion on gays, lesbians, troons, and minorities has shifted.

Anonymous 119581

Then maybe show more recent research on the subject if you actually care and aren't just trying to be contrarian for the sake of it.

Let me post a poem that was made in the 1600s…

You foolish men who lay
the guilt on women,
not seeing you're the cause
of the very thing you blame;

if you invite their disdain
with measureless desire
why wish they well behave
if you incite to ill.

You fight their stubbornness,
then, weightily,
you say it was their lightness
when it was your guile.

In all your crazy shows
you act just like a child
who plays the bogeyman
of which he's then afraid.

With foolish arrogance
you hope to find a Thais
in her you court, but a Lucretia
when you've possessed her.

What kind of mind is odder
than his who mists
a mirror and then complains
that it's not clear.

Their favour and disdain
you hold in equal state,
if they mistreat, you complain,
you mock if they treat you well.

No woman wins esteem of you:
the most modest is ungrateful
if she refuses to admit you;
yet if she does, she's loose.

You always are so foolish
your censure is unfair;
one you blame for cruelty
the other for being easy.

What must be her temper
who offends when she's
ungrateful and wearies
when compliant?

But with the anger and the grief
that your pleasure tells
good luck to her who doesn't love you
and you go on and complain.

Your lover's moans give wings
to women's liberty:
and having made them bad,
you want to find them good.

Who has embraced
the greater blame in passion?
She who, solicited, falls,
or he who, fallen, pleads?

Who is more to blame,
though either should do wrong?
She who sins for pay
or he who pays to sin?

Why be outraged at the guilt
that is of your own doing?
Have them as you make them
or make them what you will.

Leave off your wooing
and then, with greater cause,
you can blame the passion
of her who comes to court?

Patent is your arrogance
that fights with many weapons
since in promise and insistence
you join world, flesh and devil.

It's still biting even 100s of years later. No?

With that essay that anon cited, the problem is this: it's about a subject that doesn't appear to have improved in recent years. Have men started attending such programs much more? Engaged more? Etc. Are they caring way more about womens' sexual health in more palpable ways then virtuesignalling and wokefishing? Are they wearing more condoms?

If it's not a fake egalitarian redditor, it's probably that anon that is literally just here to argue.

Anonymous 119582

True. If moids had to endure pregnancy, abortions would be as common as dental operations.

Anonymous 119583

It’s the ban-evading schizo moid who lurks this thread, you know. Just report and ignore it.

Anonymous 119584

yeah, comparing troon/gays and nazis to a discussion about male attitudes about using birth control was more tone deaf than a sea cucumber.

Anonymous 119586

He always pulls the devil’s advocate, and goes on a rampage when nobody agrees with his medieval views. He’s a big snowflake lmao.

Anonymous 119598

It's a (ex) black metal guy who stabbed another black metal guy to death. I'm pretty sure there's a wikipedia page about him

Anonymous 119603

>reminds me of the vid of that dude in cosplay fucking a butt-shaped balloon while wearing a vr set with people around him cheering him on.
The fact that I know the video you're talking about. It's so fucking cringe

Ye, not to mention incels think women want their version of who a chad is (gymbro who treats women like shit), most women want a decent looking guy who respects them and doesn't sit on his ass all day. The latter is way more rare.
Probably practice because if he posted "ideal gf" it would be a schoolgirl
Or when she becomes jaded and it's not fun to abuse her anymore.

Anonymous 119604

> women don't do shit and don't hold themselves accountable
Women's responsibility is already pretty obvious, we have to choose decent moids and discard the shit ones, plus being the sex that has the burden of child bearing. But I guess having to wear rubber over your dick which makes muh penis not feel as good is a much harder job to do.

Anonymous 119606

>Humans don't have instincts.
What is the sense of uncanny valley? Purely rational?

Anonymous 119607

Is the sense of uncanny valley innate to begin with? I never felt that, I guess.

Anonymous 119620


question, why do males invade female spaces like this?

of course it's annoying but more than anything, it verifies my thoughts about them…especially the creepy internet kind; i.e., males love to police women and sperg out when women privately convene and these moids have 0 power there. real life equal? think about womens' only gyms and how scrotes take such issue with them even though…it's now a thing for scrotes to film women at co-ed gyms. there's a sort of demand for women to ceaselessly virtuesignal instead of making little microaggressions…yes, even in female only circles. retarded stuff. think I only saw one instance a while ago when a declared male actually said something poignant that challenged what was being said, rather than something porn-rot brain tier.

it's like they solely do so in order to tell themselves they've corrected the glitch in their Matrix rather than actually…y'know, do anything.

Anonymous 119625

do they tho? I usually stay off IBs because I have things to do IRL, but I've been lurking this one and I've counted over 10+ times a pretty transparent incel type posted and was removed/banned.

I'm not counting the devil's advocate person either.

And likewise, it's like the friend finder thread. constantly males post there larping as females. these people aren't being schizo.

Anonymous 119627

>why do males invade female spaces like this?
This, especially why we don’t obnoxiously raid and spam their boards? Even those cringe “fembot” threads on r9k are made by MEN. And they call themselves the “rational” sex.
Yes. There have been multiple raids where they spam unfunny wojaks and paragraphs about how women are subhuman.

Anonymous 119629


>question, why do males invade female spaces like this?

See #3 in pic related, from John Stoltenberg's 'End of Manhood'

Anonymous 119640

This is way too generalized, no incel from 4chan has ever been in a fight in his life. The reason why moids come here isn’t too harm women it’s simply because they believe they can get a gf here.

Anonymous 119643

You're projecting your humanity onto them. Moids come here to take screenshots and mock us, spam dock pics, gore, cp, and add anons from the contact thread and harass them. "Not all", or whatever you're gonna say next. You'll still never find a woman who goes to male spaces and do the same.

Anonymous 119644

There is some incel here right now cowardly posting his shitty nags about how we are just as bad as men but also men aren't that bad uwu

Anonymous 119645

Omg how do you leave your home? Aren’t you scared a moid is gonna kidnap you? That’s probably the only reason a moid would ever leave his household.

Anonymous 119647

No they come here to torment and mock us, literally. I have seen more gore/cp/death threat spams than 'pls b my gf I'm one of the good ones' threads.
I had moids add me too just to harass and insult me, yet I haven't had one try to be my bf. You really underestimate just how disgusting men are.

Anonymous 119648

Shut the fuck up, moid. You and I both know males are constantly fantasizing about sex and rape with nearly all women, they are just too cowardly and afraid of punishment to act on their impulses.
However on the internet they feel more than free to spam their disgusting thoughts and invade where they don't belong.

Anonymous 119650

>but a little trolling isn’t harassment or death threats. what did they tell you to “kill yourself”?
Why are you minimizing their shitty behavior and taking a jab at me? They shouldn't be here in the first place let alone "uwu just a little trolling". You sound like a male yourself and you're probably the one who added women from here for practice.

Anonymous 119652

>but a little trolling isn’t harassment or death threats.
There were was a moid in this thread yesterday posting about how women are inferior and need to be enslaved and raped. I don't think you're a woman. Only men seem this oblivious over scrotey behavior.

Anonymous 119653

I've considered not going here anymore because I would see CP posted here every so often…

Anonymous 119655

Like actual legitimate child pornography? Naked children(under 18)?

Anonymous 119658

Yeah, I don't mean anime or whatever. I report it to the mods every time but it keeps happening, I've seen gore posted on related female imageboards like Lolcow too. I like imageboards for their anonimity but jesus christ

Anonymous 119671

Yes people post pictures of underaged as well as links which I have not clicked on. Theres also some brown (Indian?) Guy who keeps posting his penis.

Anonymous 119673

Men don't see women as humans honestly. They just want submissive slots. Men will date women they have nothing in common with just for sex, it's fucking pathetic. My ex only liked me because "im cute", and for my tits.

Anonymous 119700

Has anyone read about how male genes are deterioriating? Testosterone is going down and the reproductive capacity of the Y chromosone is going down, and ultimately in the far future male species will become extinct from the planet. There are a lot of hypothesis and analysis from scientists that claim this.

Anonymous 119701

>>119673 They are incapable of human interaction and treatment with women no matter how nice they may be on the outside, all think like this

Anonymous 119702

Gals what do you think of trad women? Saying women ruined modern society and we should all go back to our homes along that line…genuinely curious what pushed them to that category

Anonymous 119703

whats with dickcheese moids thinking they are sccurry threatening cartoon villians by acting like a 15 yo edgelord by posting child abuse (i mean real vids not cartoon drawings)
there was this one jewish 14 yo boy me and my friends knew who kept spamming us gore in our DM's and kept making videos on youtube of himself trying to access some cheese pizza site on tor to look edgy (we somehow got a hold of his moms phone number and called her and never heard of him again)

Anonymous 119705

Damn this is a brainrot to read (because of the scrotes mentality, not you) but all well said. It's maybe natural to let most of those moids never get any pussy since it's only rational if they do want a harem…someone's got to go penniless. Evolution let's go

Anonymous 119706

God bless

Anonymous 119713

They don’t think like that at least not the majority, they just are conservative women.

Anonymous 119714

wdym, not the majority of all women or the majority of trad women who aren't conservative?

Anonymous 119716

Women who have fallen for moid lies paired with already having low self esteem.

They want to become the accessories to idealized men… who don't actually even exist. They end up destroying themselves by pairing up with some pathetic, bitter, terminally online incel, I mean "tradcon"

Anonymous 119717

>>118851 Sounds like women were distributed to men equally (so even the unworthy scrotes who can't get a woman voluntarily got it by societal gaslighting to "give him a chance") as an egalitarian communist solution for society as collective punching bags for men. Go men, don't create problems and abuse your gf/wife instead! Yay . Good that it isn't as working anymore but we still got a far way to go and relieve women from their outdated duties of their suffering and endurement being the basis of the stability of society…we know moids go beserk when they can't get a woman, but should we care? What is the role of the women pacifying men by sex or relationship, if the lack of it makes the man act like a sadistic chimpanzee on steroids

Anonymous 119722

Thankfully moids are retarded and are easily pacified with porn.

A lot of women are anti-porn and i get it, but if porn didn't exist moids would probably riot. I'm excited for when VR anime porn and sexbots become normalized so men disengage even further.

Anonymous 119724

>ideal nuclear family is better for the child
Do you have any sort of proof for this nonsense? That ideal nuclear family is better than, for example, ideal extended family or ideal single mother household (which doesn't suffer from poverty like current do)? I am pretty sure you don't and just speculating

Anonymous 119745

No offense but have you talked to porn addicts? It doesn't pacify them, lonliness makes them addicted so they escalate by going from vanilla to hardcore and illegal shit. And a lot of them force their girlfriends to imitate the hardcore.

Anonymous 119746

Even worse is that they just become really open and gross about it all too. Shit becomes super normalized and they start talking about their Loli waifus and degenerate hobbies as if it were baseball cards.

Anonymous 119747

I love how women having a place to post mild critique of males and wanting to be treated well in their relationships has made men absolutely hysterical.

Ever since they learned about it they can't shut up about it, telling each other wild, fanciful stories about these "femcels" like they're boogeymen. It's honestly fucking funny.
The only thing I find strange is how hyperfocused on fds males are, when they didn't really seem to give a shit about pinkpill subreddits when they were still around. I guess it's easier for moids to write off old fashioned man haters, while shriveling at the idea of normie women not falling for crappy dates and ONS.

T.banned from fds for posting too many pinkpills and not being kind enough to the nigels.

Anonymous 119748

Yes I have, and I know escalation can cause people in real life to suffer. I still believe, however, if moids had no access to porn (substitute for sex) they would simply remove women's rights and force women to pacify sexless men. This is essentially how patriarchy functions. Rather than men focusing their sexual energy on real women 100% of the time, many men will direct it into an endless porn void.
In a pornless world men would still be volatile and sex driven, like they always have been, they just wouldn't have as many weird fetishes.

I'm not saying porn is good or ethical, but it has at least pacified men to the extent that they don't feel the urgent need to dismantle women's rights and freedom and turn them back into sex slaves and brood sows.

Anonymous 119756

I'm not a radfem or whatever but it seems weirdly bleak to think women being abused for porn is a fair trade if it pacifies men. Do you think lolicon is a good outlet for pedophiles or furry is good for bestialists too?

Anonymous 119758

When i say brood sows i mean men treating women in general as a reproductive resource.
Sex slavery hasn't changed, but at least in modernized countries we are allowed more freedoms. This is something i don't think would be possible without an outlet for the coom monkeys to distract themselves with.
It's unfortunate that there must be a group of women designated to be men's sexual punching bags. This is why I want sex robots to become a thing, so less women are hurt.

This is always going to be a problem. This is how the XY functions, as a neurotic, violent sex pest. Complex societies have always been structured in a way which mitigates the damage. Usually by making women second class citizens and forcing them to have sex with men for basic survival).
I think how modern societies mitigate male depravity and violence is through pornography. It's not perfect, but it has definitely changed the psychology and behavior of men as a whole.

The only way to actually stop the issue is through eugenics. Male depravity starts with male DNA, not porn. You will have to perform moid husbandry or gene altering to put a sure end to the problem.

Anonymous 119759

Lmao it hasn't pacified them at all are you crazy? It's made them porn sick wackadoos that not only see women as sexual objects but also now have unrealistic expectations of women and sex irl. And that's not even going into the damage the porn industry itself causes women in general.

Anonymous 119760

Every time i critique male nature i always get someone saying that it means i accept it. I think men are horrible and the vast majority should be euthanized. But that's not feasible, so I encourage them to coom themselves into non-existence.

I abhor pornography and think all moids who consume it should die. However I know if you take porn away from these coom goblins more if them will start demanding access to real women, and not just by nagging online.

Anonymous 119761

>Lmao it hasn't pacified them at all are you crazy?
It's made their fetishes more extreme and bizarre yes, but all males everywhere and throughout time are sex-starved beasts, no matter what his particular sexual fixations are. "Vanilla" men of 100 years ago (no porn exposure) were raping and enslaving women just as much if not more. Porn is a manifestation of male nature, it doesn't make them into anything they weren't already before.
>It's made them porn sick wackadoos
Males are already sick in the head and obsessed with sex, porn is just another expression of that same sickness.
>that not only see women as sexual objects
This has always been true throughout recorded history.
>but also now have unrealistic expectations of women and sex irl.
This has always been true throughout recorded history.

Anonymous 119763


>Porn is a manifestation of male nature, it doesn't make them into anything they weren't already before.

This is the only interesting point you bring up since everything else just boils down to "men will always be this way". Honestly I can't agree with the above sentiment either. Were it not pushed so prevalently into the light most people wouldn't even be aware of most fetishes let alone the illegal stuff. As it stands it's a gateway to worse behavior and degeneracy overall.

Anonymous 119764

Yes, men will always be this way because being a neurotic sex pest is the fate of all Y-chromies.

Your fixation is on weird fetishes but honestly it's not something I really care about. Males think of sex in a very object oriented way, it doesn't matter if the object in question is abnormal. We know that you can train males to sexually respond to literally any stimulus. It's all very animalistic and self serving. Vanilla males are often just as soulless when it comes to sex as the die-hard gooners who've gone down many multiple rabbit holes. There's never any element of romance, love, intimacy, or interpersonal connection in pornography made by and for males. (Which again, is indictive of their psychology). Watch the most vanilla porn and you'll find it to be very sterile, robotic, soulless. Look at weird fetish porn, hyper bimbo vore inflation, and you'll find the same soullessness.
The fetishist male may focus on different subjects but his sexuality is still operating within the same XY framework. It's all disgusting and foreign to me, and virtually all women.

Male sexuality will always be like this so the only solution is a genetic one. Therefore I am happy to watch coomers shoot their sperm into the virtual void, even if they're bitter about it. The majority of them are in a situation where they don't like having no gf, but the small, constant gratification of cooming is enough to keep them satiated. At least satiated enough not to go on a shooting/raping spree.

I think too many women are focused on pornography and socialization when it comes to how males think and behave. Males are the way they are because of their biology. The only way to fix their biology is through eugenics. Part of this process, at least in the begining stages, is allowing for the worst of the failedmales to die off voluntarily by gooning in their hovels alone.

Anonymous 119771

Humans are advanced enough as a species to do away with male sexual depravity. We aren't animals that can't understand cause and effect.

Why would anyone want to preserve male goonery anyways? For posterity? Lol come on. You yourself understand that it drives them into these disgusting fetishes and perpetuates the abuse of women and girls. Do you honestly think that we as a species would die out if males did not revolve their entire lives around access to sex and sex analogs? If anything their sex drive has gone absolutely out of control and needs to be dialed back. What other species of animal would rather sit in front of a screen and masturbate all day? It's freakish. I can only assume human males have gotten this bad because there hasn't been any selective pressure on them for a few ten thousand years (thanks patriarchy).

Humanity would be much better off if less people bred, if males were not rapists and sexual abusers.
I sincerely hope you aren't saddened at the idea of pruning male sexuality, you don't have to defer to the moid version of normality. It sucks.

Anonymous 119773

>deeply altering what it means to be human
It's deeply embarrassing to be human when half the population is comprised of soulless apes who only live to invade warm bodies.
Not only embarrassing but also dangerous for those of us who aren't apes. What is the point of continuing the existence of a species if it's not to evolve? Who looks at the state of our world today and doesn't want to change it on a fundamental level?!

Anonymous 119782

I already said males are pruning themselves by tuning to porn when rejected by women, instead of resorting to patriarchy (incel affirmative action) and rape. This is my whole thesis, which you seem to have a hard time understanding.

You made this mistake before but i didn't correct it. Primarily it is women who do the selecting. Women are not holes idly waiting for the gooniest gooner to speedrun his sperm in them the quickest. We are not plants waiting around to be cropdusted. If males lose their sex compulsion, society will continue on as normal (better), and without male depravity ruining people's lives. I say this because it's women who chose when to give birth and how often. If a man wants to have sex just once a year that's already more than enough to have a family. Women don't have the same sexual compulsion as men and we pass down our genes just fine.

I'm sorry but "educating" moids does not work and will never work. The problem with them is at the gene level. Some of them can be corralled into social conformity, but they cannot be educated into losing their XY framework when it comes to how they think about sex. You can take a monkey out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey. Males who are "educated" will manifest as repressed, bitter porn addicts. That's unironically most men today. You are putting in an extraordinary amount of time and resources into something that fundamentally goes against their nature.
We educate males not to rape and they are 99% of rapists. We do not educate women not to rape and they don't rape. Do you see what the issue is here? It's not upbringing, it's biology. It's more efficient and humane to simple prevent the worst of them from passing down their genes. Do this generation after generation and XYs will improve.

I have noticed that a lot of women who start getting into feminist theory begin by blaming porn and saying we can reeducate men to fix their issues. Eventually you'll just realize that 1. It's their existence that's the problem and 2. It's not worth the effort to save them from themselves.

Anonymous 119792

Yes men are more r-selective than women but you can obviously use human intelligence to create incentives for the least r-selective genes to pass down. The UK already did something similar with male criminals. You can also argue violence is endemic to males in the same way sexual compulsion is, and we can obviously correct it over time.
>High sex drives
As I said males don't need exceptionally high sex drives to pass down their genes. In fact they can have 0 sex drives and cum into a cup at a sperm bank. They're smart enough to do that. I don't think it's necessary but it's not like if males stop gooning humanity will die off. Their constant novelty seeking is an infinite overkill and leads to more dysfunction than not.
Tell me what is healthier for a society, men who are just as horny as women or men who are so horny they harm women and girls near constantly to fuel their sexual compulsion? Seems like you apparently think the latter is the better option. The devil you know isn't always better than the devil you don't.

You can select for any trait… You don't need supercomputers and gene editing to change any characteristic of a species. Humans evolved from single celled organisms and you're telling me it's impossible to separate moods from their lizard-brained sexual compulsions? I really don't think you and i are on the same page because you're arguing against points i never even made. I feel like I'm talking to a male tbh.

Anonymous 119794

Good take

Anonymous 119796

And having one cell is endemic to single celled organisms yet they are capable of adaptation to the point where you and I are arguing right now.
The only thing nature cares about is insemination. If we gathered all of the most asexual male anomalies on earth, put them in a coom extraction machine, and impregnated women with their sperm, they are still a biological success.

Males do not need to be coomseekers to be relevant when they are part of an intelligent species. It's a vestige and a burden which can be corrected over time.

You seem to be strangely attached to males keeping their sexual compulsion. I think you're a male. I've only ever seen males get this uppity when the topic of male virility comes up. Hell they even mourn the loss if their dog's balls.

Anonymous 119798

Upper class women can afford to be more hypergamous. They invest more into less offspring, they're more k-selective.

I argue that more affluent people are more k-selective because women have a greater influence over their fertility than lower class women. Women on the whole are more k-selective than men. They do not need to rely on men like lower class women. Lower class women have less ability to escape from men (less financial independence) and are stuck with their children if they are burdened by them. The less power and influence women have the less hypergamy is expressed, the more babies are made.

Anonymous 119801

The argument that male sexuality can't be changed on account of them being males is bunk because there are numerous animal species where males mate for life, invest in their offspring more than the females. There are also more matriarchal species but you could argue that is partially social. Still, males can fundamentally change. Nature is always adapting and will adapt in many novel ways if it needs to

Anonymous 119802

I hope you realize what you are arguing for is essentially patriarchy in how it has functioned for the past few thousand years, with a veneer of female advocacy on top ("educating" males).
This is just liberal feminism born from a refusal to consider a more radical solution to the Y chromosome issue. You're either a babyfem or a man. I hope you're a babyfem.

Anonymous 119804

download (3).png

>The fact is that you think a higher sex drive is a "trait" that can be selected but it's not, it's inextricably male

Clearly there is a sliding scale of libido on which men fall
And the level of libido can be situational (e.g. reduced if he's smoking or on SSRIS)
But to some extent it is the product of innate lifelong traits
The trouble is figuring out what these traits are
Polygenics: the effects of multiple genes and multiple traits converge to produce outcomes
Testosterone level is part of the equation, and is in fact genetic to a significant extent
We are seeing a historic-scale pruning of human genes in developing parts of the world where birthrates have declined
In the developed world, widespread free porn is currently exerting selection pressure against XYs with poor impulse control and high libido. In this oblique way the handmaids who say porn 'stops men from raping' are right. Yes, porn is propaganda for rape culture and the creation of more porn. But it's a case of diminishing returns. One filmed rape can waste the sperm of hundreds, if not thousands of men.

However, in those parts of the world (and the U.S.) where birth control is limited or disincentivised and hence rape/coercive/deceitful sex is a viable reproductive strategy, sexual-violence-predicting gene variants will stay in the gene pool
The question is, which pool will win out? The pool associated with developed civilisation, or the pool associated with South Africa?

Anonymous 119806

in developed* parts of the world where birthrates have declined

Anonymous 119807

>their porn addiction is born out of a high sex drive, while it's actually just because they're such bad prospects that no women like them

They are bad prospects for the same reasons they are porn addicts:
poor impulse control
poor emotional intelligence (little curiosity about what goes into the making of his porn)
poor socioeconomic status (they are time-poor and money-poor, their work is stressful, and porn is free and gives a high reward payoff)

Anonymous 119810

God, that map irritates me. Developed countries should just give up on aiding Africa.

Anonymous 119811

>Billion years
It wouldn't take that long. The step from microbe to an above average 115iq human is a much larger leap than "don't goon all day". Plus, didn't you already mention how panda males lost their sex drive? Apparently it can happen rather quickly, even without direct human intervention. I don't know why you're so fixated in this being an impossibility.
>Tangible results in the next 20 years or so, culture is the way to go
I'm not. It's a waste of resources, time, and effort that would be better allocated elsewhere.
You seem to be ignoring a lot of what i address, it's kinda irritating.
>I'm trying to make you look at the issue under a more realistic light.
Your "just educate them" is not realistic, It's just less radical.

Over quarter of men 18-30 are virgins, a quarter of men 16-30 have early onset erectile dysfunction (from porn use). There's obviously a demographic of men gooning themselves out of existence. Again, irritatingly, you ignore at least 75% of the points i bring up, and argue for the same thing like i didn't already address it.

I'll also say once again this decision making is not just up to men. As women are free to exercise hypergamy, they will select for more desirable traits. As an anon said before me, women are more likely to choose a man with resources and emotional compatibility rather than his ability to cum in the most variety of holes.
You're looking at male biology like it's entirely their input that determines their reproductive capabilities, when the majority of the time it's women who are filtering men. Women aren't just here to pacify and educate men and just hope they don't rape us. We have the ability to choose.

It's more unrealistic to expect cultural influence can change, what you accept as, a biological issue. We have been educating these moids to see women as people and not rape us but they're still misogynistic, and still rape and abuse women. Its Just a fucking chore. I would accept if you said something like liberal imprisonment or death penalty for sexual offenders but you want to treat moids with kitten gloves and kind words.

Anonymous 119812


>had those men been born in the middle ages they would spend their money/time in brothels rather than on porn sites

Resulting in massive amount of sons of whores (where we get the meaning of 'bastard' as an insult from.)

The story of a sacred bastard child (Jesus) would have appealed to the sons of whores who were raped by feudal lords.

Understand the double entendre of the phrase 'I am the son of the Lord' and you will understand how Christianity got some of its memetic power.


Anonymous 119814

Ok, now I know you're a man.

Anonymous 119815

Economic stability usually entails more women's right, more hypergamy, and more women filtering moids, since moods can no longer use resource extortion effectively.

Anonymous 119816

Economic stability is a function of no birth control which is a function of rapists and the sons of rapists exerting their class interests over politics (via Christianity, a religion by and for bastard children.)

Anonymous 119817

I’m thinking it’s more of a map of stupidity.

Anonymous 119818

Lol prostitutes had abortions constantly and women can only get pregnant so many times. There was not a swell of whore births in the middle ages, the numbers don't make sense.

Anonymous 119820

Low IQ is a function of parasite and disease burden, as well as malnutrition
It's a multifactorial vicious cycle

Anonymous 119821

It's just basic math
No reliable birth control = more sons of whores + more daughters of whores = more johns and prostitutes (respectively)
Watch 'Born into Brothels'

Anonymous 119822

I knew it was some /pol/yp shitting up this thread with his stupidity and inability to grasp simple concepts. God men are such a fucking waste of time and oxygen.

Anonymous 119823

A single whore would probably only been able to carry 10 children to term, max. I know you probably watched some pbs documentary/case study but the most effective way to spread genes is a small amount of males with a large amount of women, not a small amount of women and a large rotation of johns.

Anonymous 119824

I'd also like to point out that married wives were definitely birthing more than any prostitute. Your crackpot idea of a large chunk of the human population being whore babies is laughable moid logic.

You can't look to the past and lament how women aren't married at 15 and pump out 12 kids and pretend like prostitutes were out-breeding them like some fucking ant queen lmfao

Anonymous 119825


Married wives are privately owned prostitutes.

Anonymous 119827

>a large chunk of the human population being whore babies
No, only a large chunk of that segment of the population without a connection to patrilineal resource inheritances and therefore in need of protection and handouts from some other kind of institution (this is where religion comes in)

Anonymous 119829

I mostly said ideal to make a point; families can be ok but an overwhelming amount are fucked up, which I'm keenly aware of.
what I was implying is that on average ideal (a small minority) families are better than the average single parent situation. wasn't really saying stuff about "ideal v. ideal." it's weird that you got hostile about this.

Anonymous 119830

Testosterone and sperm counts have been falling for decades due to microplastics in food and water and also xenoestrogens from pestacides. The amount of couples that have reproductive difficulty due to the male is also on the rise so its not impossible that we could be on the verge of a male ferillity crisis like in the movie children of men.

Anonymous 119831

Moving the goalpost. Just admit you are a coping chYmp. Go jerk off to some porn and encase yourself in a coomcoon. No one else will be burned with your pitiful existence other than the coroner, who will of course be paid handsomely for the displeasure.

Anonymous 119832

It's what these threads boil down to when an obtuse and retarded man starts posting and pretending to be smart, yes.

It's not just what you say it's how you say it and I've been suspecting you to have a Y chromosome for a while.

Anonymous 119833

Yes I am moving the goalposts
No I am 100% female. Not the anon other people are accusing of being XY
I just think that porn addiction is a good way to get low-quality XYs out of the gene pool, and the main opposition to it comes from an institution with a perverse incentive to generate more bastard sons (Christianity). You can make of that what you want. I haven't thought that much yet about counterarguments

Anonymous 119836

Males in these threads usually have the same talking points
>Defending the nuclear family structure no matter what
>Making sure women take at least half the blame for all dysfunction, aka "women are just as bad"
>Demanding that women actively take part in "fixing men" by either coddling them or otherwise pandering to them in some way
>Blaming male dysfunction on some grand conspiracy, ie Jews, parasites, chemicals in the water, brown people, 5g waves, "feminization" in schools, propaganda, succubi, etc.
>Hyper focus on extraneous details aka autism brain
>Can't help themselves but to make misogynistic insults if they get too exasperated. "Bitch, slut, cunt, whore, femcel" and the like

Anonymous 119837


Not all faggots are men,
But all men are faggots.

You can't change myind.

Anonymous 119838

Who do you think that poster is?

Anonymous 119840

"Ur a dummy and I'm smart because I'm strong and want to coom so cavemoid make fire"
So you're just like every other misogynist, a man with an underserved superiority complex. Your "divine coom" that "inspires you" to create "magnificent marvels", lmfao. More men use their magnificent coom urges to look at flesh orbs bouncing on a screen for 5 hours a day. The men who innovated we're anomalies and moids in general can't take credit for their accomplishments without first taking credit for the atrocities and day-to-day suffering that their divine coom inspires as well. You especially can't claim to be superior in creation when you consider male reproductive neurosis/insemination anxiety led them to conspire to bar women from anything that wasn't being a thankless bang maid.

Regardless of your shitty copes and overcompensating, the majority of your DNA was given to you by women. Most of your moid ancestors died worthless and alone, yet you pretend like males are genius warrior kings. No, the overwhelming majority are filtered incels, just like they will always and forever be.

Anonymous 119841

The misogynistic scrote that is not going mask off with his misogyny, as they do when they start getting emotional.
Probably you btw

Anonymous 119844

lost male.png

They act that way because as members of the more powerful sex class they stand to lose or gain more from upholding the male-centric information ecosystem (the male-centric superstructure) which is one dimension of how the sex class keeps its power.
Women have less of a psychological stake in upholding male-centric information ecologies.

An analogy with capitalism. Rich people typically do not expose themselves to the knowledge of poor people because they simply have fewer incentives to expose themselves to such information.

Anonymous 119845

Eh, you're not wrong. I still say porn makes the brain greedier and more entitled on a structural basis (no really some interesting neuroscience has been coming out on the subject) but…what it comes down to is that it was appealing to begin with because of male nature and reward seeking.

When VR starts having hyper realistic porn, I suspect that way more men will become technical incels and women will basically be pinkpilled by it. Why? Because, let's be honest. Almost no male will have the balls of diamond required to call it out as bad…and what will be more common is a rise of men being way more outwardly misogynistic and dehumanizing pretty much everyone around them (including other men), as well as men acting like real women need to be like slaves to these genetic dead ends or else those women are shit.

At least they'll be offed from the gene pool.

Anonymous 119846


yooo, can we enter into a pact to just ignore someone that's trying to neg/argue with everything?
again disagreeing with some things is fine but a parasitic cod that's pretty much here to argue all day is another. I don't care if it has a cock or not anymore, don't want to satisfy/feed this disingenuous behavior.

Anonymous 119848

If you're thinking about >>119555 and >>118887 I haven't posted all day, been too busy at Uni. Believe or don't believe, I don't care.

Anonymous 119849

how could God allo…

That's literally in the rules. Maybe Admin should grow a fucking spine and start banning people for fucking responding to moids and shitting up the thread.

Anonymous 119850

I am too aggressive and have a compulsion to make my points clear, for myself and other women. I'm sorry.

Anonymous 119851

Anonymous 119852

What Do You mean, 'what'?
They are explicitly apologizing for their poor behavior and desire to argue LOL.

Anonymous 119853

like I implied, anon, part of the issue is that it might not just be males though I'm sure whatever is happening now is luring in some.

Anonymous 119855

You see that would be the case if I wasn't >>119849 and knew I am not >>119850

Whoever this moid is he's actually subversive. Then again only Admin can see IPs so the rest of us are just fucked.

Anonymous 119856


I'm seriously starting to suspect that there are more men than women here and it pisses me off. It doesn't matter what we want or what we have, men will ruin it or they will take it.

Anonymous 119858

I mean, to be fair, is anyone even certain that Admin isn't a moid? The entire concept of a imageboard that requires a particular trait to participate in is flawed and impossible from the start, but I appreciate her for trying at least.

Anonymous 119861

If the miners in the thread didn't enjoy arguing with moids, they wouldn't, so what you're proposing is a hard sell.

Anonymous 119864

Shhhhhhhhhh, you may be running onto the fact that it's predominately men who fail to reproduce, not women, and thus most evolutionary pressure for male traits comes from women.

Anonymous 119866

Pic related looks like a chart made in MSPaint in 2 minutes. What value does the Y axis actually represent? What data supports any of this? I might as well pull up a stock photo for business charts and tell people to buy some crypto based on that.

Anonymous 119869

>I might as well pull up a stock photo for business charts and tell people to buy some crypto based on that.
You don't? Good way to make money.

Anonymous 119871

Whether or not I acquired my vast Fortune by tricking business virgins on Reddit…

I'mma have to plead the fifth on that one

Anonymous 119872

All right then, you peaked my interest. What literature?

Anonymous 119875

Interesting concept, how would I meaningfully tell apart being ideologically possessed and bettering myself by cutting out men using this framework though?

Anonymous 119890

even then, most lesbians can't cut out their male family members or things like that unless they're rich and move to those old-school feminist communes

Anonymous 119891

>they want us
>we don't want them

then you will both perish, childless and the problem will solve itself.

Anonymous 119897

There have been times when I genuinely asked some moids why they do this and won't just leave women alone, they either dismissed it as it doesn't happen that often or that it's deserved. Now that I think about it, that's pretty much 90% of their answers to any woman related problem directly caused by men

Anonymous 119899

>not dating misogynist robots means you will die alone

Anonymous 119900

Siblings exist. Extended families exist.

Anonymous 119901

Haha le funny sarcasm as if that never happens or that nearly all women experienced some form of harassment or abuse from moids

Omg how are men not scared of leaving their house? A woman might look at them funny and then they'd have to kill themselves because men repress their emotions because of evil wimminz

Anonymous 119902

Don't forget that moid that spammed his discord handle begging for a gf, some anons contacted him for some retarded reason and he sent cp to them.

Anonymous 119903

Predecessors would be a better word.

Anonymous 119905

You do know that there are real women being abused in porn, right? How is that any better?

Anonymous 119908

Tbh this is not a fair comparison. Neither furry porn or lolicon are real, that's not to say that it makes it any less weird.

Anonymous 119909

I already talked about how I detest porn. VR, hentai, and sex bots should be used only.

Anonymous 119913

Wasn't there a study of some sort saying men will cease to be fertile by what, 2050? I'm not sure the exact number.

Anonymous 119914


Anonymous 119915

Anonymous 119919

>The male sex drive is the driver of the species and almost all technological innovation
I haven’t laughed this hard in years.

Anonymous 119921

i'm against sex-bots because i feel like a decent percent of men would get bored with it and want a real woman to try deranged things with, but i think sexual artwork or stories is the only reasonable alternative to porn, for both men and women. i get the argument that if men didn't have porn to pacify then they would enact patriarchy and use women as broodmares/sex slaves/etc., but the thing is, porn and prostitution is actually an extension of it. 9 out of 10 women in the sex industry want out, so men are the reason the demand is there in the first place, since the low percent of women who does like doing sex-work isn't good enough. some women do enjoy being a prostitute, but they're usually rich, high-libido, have the privilege to vet the clients who want service from them (as opposed to poor women who take what money they can get), or take nude/fetish photos on the side. i've spoken to a few prostitutes and former prostitutes who only did it because they couldn't get a stable income due to disability or growing up poor. i'm not a communist or whatever so i'm not blaming any system for that, but having sex for money being worth a lot and women who don't have money resorting to it is a big factor why.

not to be anti-sexual but i feel like testosterone and libido is the real problem here. most men have higher libidos, even the ones who identify as asexual (because they either have puberty disorders, autism, or only like a certain kink), tend to have more of a libido than women. while i may not agree with their lifestyle, transpeople are almost proof that this is true, since most TIFs admit to being hornier, developing more intense fetishes, and even having their sexuality change when they go on testosterone. TIMs are the inverse, estrogen makes their libido go lower and their penis stops functioning, TIMs who take hormones and still act perverted are usually on progesterone, which makes many women horny while on their period, or still have a porn addiction that they developed while as men with normal/high testosterone.
i've spoken to low libido TIMs and low testosterone men who were borderline nonsexual, didn't like porn, didn't like sex (and if they did it was only the factor of touching someone they liked, not necessarily using their penis and semen), and probably always will be unless they see a doctor.

all sexual fantasy that isn't missionary is weird in some way, but the point is that if porn (live action or not) helps pacify men instead of giving them urges to rape more, would the same apply to letting a pedophile look at loli or a bestialist look at furry porn? i think it's possible for people to enjoy artwork of these things without being interested in the real life equivalents, but a lot of defenders of these types of art say it's a good alternative to fucking kids/animals, similar to the argument that porn is a good alternative to harassing women in real life

Anonymous 119923

>i'm against sex-bots because i feel like a decent percent of men would get bored with it and want a real woman to try deranged things with
This applies to art too.

Anonymous 119924

good point, honestly. that's why i only really support art of adults and consensual sex, but i know it's a slippery slope to ban anything besides that due to free speech laws. i think it's a matter of moderation, i know some nofap guys argue the same thing about live-action porn but drawings are victimless crimes unless it's drawing a real person

Anonymous 119944

One thing that really irks me in religious communities is how pedophile/wifebeater/cheater/rapist scrotes are easily forgiven and even embraced, but women who had sex/abortion/cheated are more or less branded forever.

Anonymous 119950

Despite being 49% of the general population, males commit over 90% of violent crime.

Anonymous 119964

>teach men nicely about treating women like humans and they will
Bitch please, they won’t even show up to condom lessons, even when offered free food and beer. Look it up.

Anonymous 119972

Or just straight up murdered

Anonymous 119990

Men don't need a superfluous high sex drive to "sustain" civilization and human population/ reproduction, it's woman who reproduce and it's not like men need to cum 1000+ times to have tons of babies. It's a handful at best at a lifetime if not just one baby or none and even that is a luxury

Anonymous 119994

it's laughable how people particularly women see feminine men or non traditional looking men or with weaker physique as less chauvinistic and less threatening or misogynistic, in real life their thoughts and actions mirror their typical moidchimp behaviour if not they act more out of desperation from falling out of women's favor or male validation(which is not even neccesarily true if you look at the boys girls simp for) and even with weaker physique they can still be as violent or have enough strength to overpower even the strongest women. From a predominantly confuscianist? asian culture i've never felt the men are kinder or weaker but there's so many women from so called more open cultures who come here with a fantasy of soft understanding fairy boys (mostly from media,music or fanculture i won't say more..). It's frankly frustrating if i compare it to the reality of how oppressive and goddamn whiny they are. Anyone else feel this? The posession or the lack of masculinity or the streotypical traits has nothing to do with the moids degeneracy. In reverse the girls think the typical macho male will have more chivalry or be more dignified but i doubt that their core values change, they're just better at socializing because society pushed them to do so and there are more repercussions if they act out. There are no third world women, only mostly third world men mentality (which is all men btw)

Anonymous 119995

against sex bots because they'll get accustomed to treating women that way as objects which they already are and then there are numerous sex dolls modelled after actual kids or kid/teen/etc- like figures, and then they order custom bots designed after real women in real life be it a celebrity or their crush. Granting this is outrageous and no good to absolutely no one

Anonymous 120000

I am so fucking sick of """"ironic"""" misogynistic jokes because they’re pretty much never ironic. This chumfuck I know makes makes these stupid ">hah women" jokes and I’m never allowed to get annoyed by them, because the men around him will just tell me that he’s joking or being ironic, but this fuck will non-stop go "women shouldn’t be allowed to talk unless spoken to" whenever I talk back, or just say "shut up woman" whenever I say something, and dudes around him either egg him on or are just fucking silent. These men are all fucking mentally retarded

Anonymous 120012

>women from so called more open cultures who come here with a fantasy of soft understanding fairy boys
I know non-western women who came to the west with the same fantasy but the other way round ("western men are less misogynistic blah blah blah"). In reality, moids are generally the same all around the globe while women want to believe that somewhere, in another remote part of the world, men are better than the ones they're familiar with.

Anonymous 120013

True, grass is greener on the other side but typically the moid you see the most often would seem the most gross to you because you know them best. We can't refute in general the laws are bit more favorable in economically well off countries than other ones though in most cases…i credit that to woman's efforts rather than the moids efforts. If he had a chance to be rapechimping he definitely would no matter where he is

Anonymous 120014

>>120001 Or they shit on women to appear macho or appeal to their bros. It's a way to trauma dump or vent their frustrations on a punching bag aka women or make up for his masculinity…Used to be sorry for them but now idk for the angry ones if they act this way

Anonymous 120015

Dumb question but fellas is it gay to wear umbrellas? Dear 'muricans

Anonymous 120052


Why are men literally so evil

Anonymous 120062

Rest in peace Aisling Murphy, Elaine O Hara, Urantsetseg Tserendorj, and all women murdered at the hands of men. Bring on the Irish feminist uprising. I've never seen the country as united behind a womans death, and men so willing to shut the fuck up and let us speak. If any noneens read this, you need to take this grim opportunity to speak your mind, all of it. Tell the entire country, all your friends, family, everyone, about your experiences, your feelings, your memories. Please speak up. Share all that you held within. Vocalise your experiences, be loud, do not let this time pass you, speak your mind, please, everywhere. Go forth (mo dheirfiúracha) and add to the screaming echoing voices that call out for justice under male supremacy, this is your chance to be heard because they cannot stop us all from screaming together.

Anonymous 120067

>Vocalise your experiences, be loud, do not let this time pass you, speak your mind, please, everywhere.
I really wish I could completely ruin my abusive ex’s life and expose him so other women can avoid him. But it would probably be deemed legally defamatory since when he abused me he was underage (high school relationship). I know he hasn’t changed, because abusive narcissists never do.

Anonymous 120072

Please do it

Anonymous 120076

Start making misandrist jokes and if they complain accuse them of having double standards.

Anonymous 120086

I think that anon should just stay away from that group, it's a whole war of attrition and a half. They probably secretly back talk her.

Anonymous 120479

why are males like…

>hey I'm a straight guy who's only attracted to women
>I don't get what women see in handsome guys please explain
Do males really

Anonymous 120481


even in the realm of 2D he's so off base. no one wants an ugly seinenshit bf when cute guys like this don't exist.

Anonymous 120483

Kek,as if

Anonymous 120484

anon is gross.jpg

>"pls explain female attraction to me"
>posts homoerotic male power fantasy figure
Like clockwork.
Not to yuck on other's yums but shiggy diggy. Really exemplifies how men misunderstand what women actually like and instead project what they think women are "supposed to" like.

That general is extremely based and gives me hope because femporn shouldn't be a niche. It shouldn't feel near-impossible to find female PoV porn that isn't lesbian porn. Men really don't understand that there's no one answer to what types of males straight women like, even if the thread has to be condensed because of the lack of content.

Then again, most of 4chinz is such a shit place in general, picrel. Yuck.

Anonymous 120485

I think the male tendency to want big muscles is more about out competing other men than it is looking the best for women. Afterall for most of our history they would just kill eachother alot of the time.

Anonymous 120488

Why these dudes can't understand that women can like different types of men? Even that thread has a fair amount of muscle hunks his closeted gay ass should like

Anonymous 120489

moids ugly

Anonymous 120490

>tfw we'll never have a handsome fish boyfriend with pointy ears

Anonymous 120492


Anonymous 120495

This is from the /h/ thread right? I remember she was replying to the BBC obsessed troll. I'm glad that her posts stayed up for longer than his retarded /pol/cel rants.

Anonymous 120498

One thing that urks me about moids is how they blame women for all the problems they've created themselves. They blame us for conscription, they blame us for why male rape victims aren't taken seriously, they blame us for why incels exist,hell they even blame us for circumcision.

Anonymous 120499

does anyone else get the feeling that men being so generally obsessed with sex/porn has little to do with it being a "need", but greed? And that mens' inability to have discipline and restraint and being used to/entitled to cooming and consuming women.
It's a series of greed motivated choices that are labeled as…natural and inevitable. Why? Again, greed and optics.

Through history men failing to morally check other men has lead to a lot of shit (wartime rape, etc.), but now it has taken on a more contained form in porn and reaffirming that it's a necessity and that sex is a basic human need. Yep. It's definitely the thing on the bottom of Maslow's pyramid keeping men intact! Yep! (sarcasm)
Oh, side note, obviously men don't do this ACTIVELY. It's more subtle. But, it's still kind of taboo to question mens' Matrix of pleasure as well. It's like trying to take away a toy from a dog with resource guarding issues.

Porn is…interesting. It isn't "it fulfills a need!" actually it blunts it temporarily but in the longterm, desensitizes the brain to more mild stimuli while creating the need for more…hhem, in other words, it's kind of like greed itself grows. Simple things bore. The prefrontal cortex experiences some degree of damage (unless heavy porn users were crippled to begin with). There's a good chance he craves it more in the longterm. If porn fulfilled a real "need", then nofap wouldn't be so helpful to so many men, and likewise, it wouldn't cause such damage or effects. Porn is as much as a need as a doctor injecting a tiny bit of a drug into a drug addict to stabilize them (temporarily).
Sex itself is even more complicated to talk about, but if you do want a segway, some anons already talked about weirdass fetishes heavy porn users often have and sometimes force on REAL women…and the men that act like it's necessary to keep a man's attention…as if the transactionality of it isn't what killed any chances of a woman ever doing it authentically rather than out of obligation (or masochism).

Why do you think there's a growing sect of men bitching about how women should basically be communistic in the sense she acts completely altruistically…while also belonging completely to a single loser male? It's because they've basically the ends of this all; too prideful in their hivemind to admit that male sexuality and attention is largely, worthless and repulsive in its depraved greed, and this conclusion is rational and has nothing to do with women thinking too much of themselves. And likewise, they can't admit that men won't magically be happy with one women after teaching themselves to be obsessed with novelty all their lives. They're preoccupied on accessing women for a reason, rather than what comes later (Which is way more relevant to women).

You can apply this "greed" concept to many, many types of male behavior, from internet creeps like I went into and…well, regular guys. I think it's way more accurate then simply saying men just want to destroy; at least in my country, it's more likely to see a guy whose actions indirectly cause harm.

Anonymous 120500

Its more like a compulsion. This is actually the nature of male sexuality, it's a bottomless pit. They lack contraint by default, and have to have normality hammered into them via education and punishment. I'm not saying that makes it acceptable, but this is how they are.
Males we're insatiable and rapey before porn. It's their default state. I know it's their default state because they're like this across ages and cultures, while women never have to be taught to be sexually pro-social.

Anonymous 120521

tbh, I think just framing it as automatic/a compulsion can also be true, it's just the "boys will be boys" thing, as you implied, kind of annoys me as a concept as…say what you must, it actually takes away quite a bit of accountability from men. Reminds me of a woman that has no issue with criticizing men but then when a male in her life does bad things, just shrugs it off.

I agree that men are more likely to follow selfish compulsions, though I think it's a huge part of the patriarchy to normalize them as well. You say "bottomless pit", but I described a process in which the male mind actually gets worse about it. What comes first, the chicken, or the egg? Addiction…desire…compulsions aren't just a male thing. It's just way more likely for mens' to be able to harm others and pursue them to begin with. And for society to just go "eh, that's just nature." And to look at women and go, "eh, totally accountable."
Seen some "feminists" be pretty knowing about male nature and then succumb to bad behavior because they think it's just inevitable. It makes little sense owing to how we're all technically animals.

I say this bc there's plenty of men that do, in fact, make a choice to not do the same. What cinches this is this:
them actually caring about something meaningful that motivates them. If a guy is borderline nihilistic and floats through life, he is more likely to even HAVE these compulsions to begin with that will deepen the abyss inside him.

Anonymous 120522

and also…you're partially wrong about "not being taught." At least in recent history, women have been bullied into behaving a certain way. Religious and trad propaganda in general is extremely ruthless about it, and not just that, but media in general.

It's like how there's actually certain qualities that become sexually differentiated the older and more socialized children get relating to empathy and being prosocial.
I think girls that are raised like boys are way more likely to be boyish; to be more assertive, less inhibited. At least in general. I don't think it's as simple as people being completely set the moment they're born.

Anonymous 120524

Males fighting to mate is male intrasexual selection, it has virtually nothing to do with female selective pressure.
In nature, and in early humans, females live separate from males and only mate occasionally.

Patriarchy is not males overcoming female sexuality, it's overcoming their worthlessness as y chromosomes. It is incel affirmative action after all. I'd also argue that societies structured around male sexual interests are extremely poor in quality. Endless breeding and endless consumption, where all women are forced to take the abuse.

Anonymous 120526

Male animals fight to decrease competition and eliminate breeding opportunities from competing males. We already know, at least human women, prefer androgyny in males.

You sound like one of those clueless incels who think women like "dark triad" traits and ride the Chad "clock carousel".
The truth is males lack empathy and have a difficult time understanding women, and project their preferences onto us, then blame us for doing the things they already wanted to do.
Read these posts, it's how you think.

Anonymous 120528


The irony of you saying women lacking empathy, lol. Males are more likely to be selfish, narcissistic, psychopathic/sociopathic and are so much more violent than women you can't even compare the two.
Males engage in antisocial behavior all the time and blame women for almost everything. Your hatred for women doesn't even make sense, aside from the fact that you resent us for being infinitely more valuable than you, and the fact we can prevent you from passing down your genes. It's sexual neuroticism. Most men can't even articulate why they hate women, aside from their incorrect projections that have no data to back them up.

Males are primitive coom chimps, resentful of women for getting between them and their coom urges.

Example if the average male misogynist. They don't even understand why they hate women and want to abuse women, but it gratifies them sexually so that's all the reason they need. Some, like you, make post-hoc and incorrect rationalizations about why women deserve punishment. Realize you are a simple animal and driven by your instincts first and foremost.

Anonymous 120529

Most women here wants handsome prettyboys with emotional substance. Not gigachads like males think they do.
If you think just being attracted to handsome men means women are "Chad chasing" then look inward, because males are always chasing the most attractive women the hardest.

Anonymous 120530

Let me guess, you think you're a Chad philosopher king. I wonder if you think any of the women here would describe you as their ideal bf archetype, lmfao.

Anonymous 120533

I saw a twitter troon saying that liking Made in Abyss is a sign that you're pinkpilled and I was just ???? for a minute until I realised that pinkpill means troon shit to them.

Anonymous 120534

Pedo gore anime, the essence of troon.

Anonymous 120536

Oh my god, it's really weird and interesting so many of them go for "WOMEN LACK EMPATHY!" Or…y'know…things that have been proven wrong by science or brain scans? Like. Wut.

It's like a male that would prefer to coom to teen rape porn than hug and comfort his suicidal male friend that starts bitching about how women lack empathy because they don't bat an eye at him. So many of these men never do anything remotely prosocial in their lives out of genuine good will and generosity, not because of the hopes of sex, yet expect the same out of women. Entitlement so high it makes the moon seem like it's hanging in our backyard.

Anonymous 120542

I love Made in abyss, but I left the fandom. There were some cool people, I just deleted my account and ghosted my internet "friends".
I'm not even feeling that bad about it, but it makes me feel guilty that maybe I've worried them with my dissapearance, since we chatted a lot and had many nice conversations.

Anonymous 120543


The image you posted makes me feel scared of being a woman, but atleast I know I'm not born a coom chimp.

Anonymous 120544

I feel the same though I actually completely dropped it after realizing the creator was a pedo. Usually I'm an advocate of "death of the author" but knowing the truth ruined it for me. Suddenly, felt like the gritty parts was just torture porn, etc, etc.

Anonymous 120549

You could kinda excuse most of everything else with the plot but the toilet monster that licks little girl pee was the point where I just accepted it was pedo fetish fantasy

Anonymous 120551


I want to die

Anonymous 120552


Anonymous 120559

Why are all those incels that cry so much about destroying political correctness so PC when they are enthusiastic about men's rights and male victim sexual assault and incel's rights to be loved and reproduce? Why can't they just take it like their existence is the biggest PC ever and hypocritical coming from the bottom barrel. Can't they just take it like a man


I haven't read the manga, but if it has illustrations similar to what the anime shows, I would argue its pedo tendencies are obvious from the get go.

Anonymous 120641

Do you think they care that most ways men are victimized are technically by other men? No. They'd prefer acting like hypergamy is murder.

They also think not getting sex or access to women is a deeper, more soulful sorrow than actually having someone you love (platonic or otherwise) you know suffer or die. They don't know what it's like to actually feel bad for people they get nothing from.

Since they're so used to acting like not fucking makes them the biggest victims ever, they are offended by, say, a woman getting a disability and brain damage from an assault from a male, or another male getting PTSD from being raped by men in jail.

Many would find a way to blame women if another male stabbed their best friend tbh.

Anonymous 120642

>>120641 For blaming the victims women or minoritiese for pulling the victim card so much they do sure sound like they'd love to get victimized but bitter that they don't get enough sympathy or more love(oops sorry, sex)

Anonymous 120645


wow how disgusting, i kinda wish you didnt post this so i didnt have to read it. i'm amazed at how obsessed he was with just being able to cum even if the girl wasnt interested/wanted to stop. imagine posting that without being embarrassed.

reminder to never date or involve yourself with a man who prioritizes his sexual desires over your own. also try not to interact with men who consume porn. it's not always easy to tell if a man consumes porn, but if he is coomer in any way it's good to be vocally disgusted by it in front of him and talk to him less. it has made me a lot happier.

Anonymous 120648

This is a LARP. Slipping a finger in an unprepped ass would get your finger smeared in shit. No one who actually does anal would tell you to do that.

Anonymous 120660

He detailed how to over a long period of time groom a girl into anal using pavlov and boundary breaking, are you a scrote?

Anonymous 120673

Imagine someone asking for money from you because they wanted it for school or something…and imagine if they got drugs or something with it, then told you "well you consented it because you gave me money". Imagine someone who pretends to love you, marries you, and then takes your money. Or, imagine if a surgeon said they'd fix your heart but go cut off your clit or balls or something. And imagine someone bullying you until your willpower is so low you can't say no or don't understand what's happening anymore. Scrote logic: this is all consent.

Anonymous 120675

and then moids turn around and say "women cant take accountability"

Anonymous 120679

I think about this literally all the time. I see men acting like they're on some massive moral high horse compared to women because of abortion, but it's funny because I know their "save the wittle babies uwu" virtue signal mentality would very quickly dissipate if they were the ones who actually had to take responsibility over children and pregnancy and couldn't just ditch or neglect their children like men can do now. And I know this is just a guess, but I'm very convinced abortions wouldn't be anywhere near as controversial (if at all) as they are now if men were the pregnant ones. Religious men have proven over and over again that they don't think the rules apply to them at all and men are never to blame for any of their actions ever when it comes to pretty much anything considered sinful (especially if it's sexual sin). Premarital/extramarital sex, porn watching, promiscuity in general, being a hateful/evil person, etc, all things considered very sinful by the bible for both genders, yet religious men take it with a grain of salt while expecting women to live by it every day of their lives. I seriously doubt they'd make any exception from their "rules apply to thee but not me" logic for abortion. Men, religious or not, would be getting abortions like it was botox if they had to take the position that requires incredible amounts of responsibility and effort.

Another funny thing is seeing cringey tiktok ethots joking about getting abortions or whatever, and watching all the moids rush in like a pack of hungry birds to a piece of bread, duetting/commenting endlessly about how horribly evil and dark that is to joke about, circlejerking it in their echochamber moid meme communities for months on end as confirmation bias that "all womenz are ebbilll and like murdering innocent babies and laughing about it!!!!""; which is hilarious because 1) I know they dont give two sharts about the aborted baby, they just want to make women look bad and 2)they larp as if men wouldnt make the exact same jokes, in fact they'd probably joke about it significantly more often and in far more disturbing/"too far" ways. Nvm, it's not even a "probably", they 1000% would. Knowing how men turn literally any male form of evil or wrongdoing in general into a meme or just blatantly defend it, they'd definitely view abortion as a comedy skit. Men meme Epstein, rape, the Taliban invading Afghanistan, (male) pedophilia, i could go on, yet moids think they would just be so respectful and mournful over abortion if they were the ones getting them? They'd just play it off as "dark humor" to avoid accountability like they always do.

Anonymous 120704

This is simply because moids are used to shrug off their depraved behavior as nature, and think the logical thing to do in that case is to accept it. Somehow, the concept of evolution and progression stops applying in this case.

Well no, it doesn't, just because things are "natural" or innate doesn't mean it should be acceptable.. What's acceptable and what isn't should be decided by what is the best thing for humanity and the planet in the long run.

Anonymous 120706

Men say women lack empathy because some girl said "men are only good for money lolz" once, but them having unlimited often sexually fueled hatred towards women makes them le intelligent civilized gods

Anonymous 120710

>Women are soulless animals that don't care about men and that's the reason why the male suicide rates are so high, if only someone took men's mental health seriously!!1!
>Ignores fellow moids spamming suicide clips on tiktok and instagram and making fun of them

Anonymous 120712

Yes it does, slowly talking your way into a woman's ass is gross and it always leads to health problems

Anonymous 120728

In my post I noted how that scrote used manipulation tactics and that it wasn't true consent, and seems like he targeted inexperienced girls as well. He literally noted that experience ones with bad experiences were way harder to convince too.

I find it interesting that instead of a lack of experience, it's "haha, u imply women are too dumb" was dropped, which is the ultimate copout.

Anonymous 120730

And is it me or some people act like someone who is a player is on the same playing field and doing PUA shit as someone with little experience? It's like playing World of Warcraft and at level 2 dueling someone that is level 60 and some idiot telling you each person is exactly equal in power and that there's nothing imbalanced about it…and that you are just shitting on the level 2 person if you note they're particular vulnerable to losing.

This applies to many things, including age.

Anonymous 120731

Exactly. You have to be a moid to intentionally frame it that way.

Anonymous 120744

it's because they want to make it taboo to teach girls that men are sex monsters…taboo to see 99 percent of male attention as being shallow/meaningless. taboo to talk about the ways guys regularly pressure and manipulate girls and women into sex.
it's more popular to "not all men."

women that talk about mens' nature are immediately shut down as being bitter and jaded, while those that get fucked over by guys usually just humanized/moralized them too much and assumed better. funnily enough, that's how the cookie crumbles.

I have lucked out a lot. In the meantime, I've a very cute, very sweet friend that…you may question her intelligence, but completely projects her own virtuous convictions onto others. She always had 0 looks standards. Always had time to support people. To have a cute conversation with a random, old or young. To compliment anyone authentically. She went to the hospital after breaking a bone from saving a kitten. She's just one of those types.
Guess what? She has repeatedly been fucked over by fake nice guys that kept on exhibiting tiny red flags she just wrote off to them having a bad day, ones that literally said whatever shit to pacify and distract her, of which she took at face value.
Funnily enough, almost all of them were very ugly, so you can't even blame the halo effect unless my friend has a secret Shrek fetish. Thank fuckin god she doesn't put out easily.

anyway, a lot of men, many borderline sociopaths/psychopaths, basically see relations with women like some soulless chess game where the only thing they've passion about is the chase and the reward, and need to keep the supply up of girls and women that actually take men at face value instead of treating them like an opponent.
and it's very, very useful to their ends to keep on pretending women that are fucked over by men were just asking for it, or morally fucked up somehow.

Anonymous 120745

kinda ez mode to achieve more when you're coasting on incel affirmative action

Anonymous 120747

women couldnt discover or invent anything because of moids u fucking moron

Anonymous 120752

This. So much this.

Anonymous 120753

is this a troll? cuz women discovered/invented things too, just less.

take a male that has had a public life since day one where explicitly he's encouraged to pursue something…and is enabled to by friends, family, and the entire establishment around him.
he doesn't have to think of intimate affairs or how he looks so much…about how he'll care for his family (especially if he comes from wealth). so, his brain is able to grow around what he wishes to do. he might not be a genius in most areas, but he is in what he pursues.

a amount of great inventors came from wealth for a reason…it's because they had more leverage to become who they were.
most women back in the day basically had to focus on family and the affairs of the house, or being wives/mothers, which has usually been a much bigger role than being, simply, a husband or a father. when you take a society that explicitly encourages and rewards certain behaviors from each gender, the consequences are pretty transparent.

even these days a lot of girls are really stifled by hyperfixating on how they come across. so, even if nowadays we as women are encouraged to pursue, say…STEM…there's still millions of subliminal messages that influence us as well, including shallow ones. of course many would exceed when they try…it's why imposter syndrome is on average more likely among women (implying they're competent in their respective fields but don't feel like they belong) in high achieving fields. in the meantime, confident and overconfidence and narcissism is higher among men and…associated with trying more things out and being less inhibited. do the math. it really isn't complicated.

Anonymous 120754

is this a troll? cuz women discovered/invented things too, just less.

take a male that has had a public life since day one where explicitly he's encouraged to pursue something…and is enabled to by friends, family, and the entire establishment around him.
he doesn't have to think of intimate affairs or how he looks so much…about how he'll care for his family (especially if he comes from wealth). so, his brain is able to grow around what he wishes to do. he might not be a genius in most areas, but he is in what he pursues.

a amount of great inventors came from wealth for a reason…it's because they had more leverage to become who they were.
most women back in the day basically had to focus on family and the affairs of the house, or being wives/mothers, which has usually been a much bigger role than being, simply, a husband or a father. when you take a society that explicitly encourages and rewards certain behaviors from each gender, the consequences are pretty transparent.

even these days a lot of girls are really stifled by hyperfixating on how they come across. so, even if nowadays we as women are encouraged to pursue, say…STEM…there's still millions of subliminal messages that influence us as well, including shallow ones. of course many would exceed when they try…it's why imposter syndrome is on average more likely among women (implying they're competent in their respective fields but don't feel like they belong) in high achieving fields. in the meantime, confident and overconfidence and narcissism is higher among men and…associated with trying more things out and being less inhibited. do the math. it really isn't complicated.

Anonymous 120755

>Funnily enough, almost all of them were very ugly, so you can't even blame the halo effect unless my friend has a secret Shrek fetish. Thank fuckin god she doesn't put out easily.
The ugliest men are always the worst and most abusive/manipulative. They're bitter about the lack of attention they get from women and see any woman who gives them a chance as a punching bag. For some reason, men are unable to appreciate what they get and think they can only keep women around if they absolutely destroy her… breaking her down mentally (physically to), and removing her support system so she can't ever leave or question him. Instead of attracting women with their own good qualities, their monkey instincts take over and the only solution they can come up with is destruction a la >>120492

I just don't think men are capable of genuine attachment and emotions like love and altruism. It's always a selfish chess game, as you said, and they always default to their monkey instincts instead of actually thinking rationally.

Anonymous 120770

omg I just came back and for some reason this was reposted a few times. I swtg I left the computer after posting it the first time. Spooky as hell.

Anonymous 120776

Moids have had a guaranteed support slave for most of history and then act like they're better than us for accomplishing more. I'm sure I'd accomplish more for society if I had a man forced to tend to all of the domestic labor in my life while I was free to do whatever the fuck I wanted.

I don't think men realize that women were enslaved and barred from having any public influence to balance the powers between the sexes. It devalues their point that they are superior to women if they had to rely on a system which forces women into subservience in order to out-compete us. If males weren't given an artificial advantage over women, the overwhelming majority would be left behind, completely irrelevant and alone. We see this in nature almost universally. A few of upstanding moids exist in a sea of failedmales and incels. Patriarchy is a conspiracy of weak men.

Anonymous 120797

>The way to shut up evopsych moids is to make an evopsych arguments that women are superior and that the majority of men are worthless and redundant.
Yeah but you can't make that argument when they're just going to tell you they're physically stronger and they've built everything and yadda yadda yadda. The idea of might makes right is ingrained in the male psyche, they will never take any argument about female superiority seriously as long as we can't overpower them

Anonymous 120814

What I don’t get about scrotes is:
>all women are whores waaah they’re mentally damaged due to this waaaaa
>watches women fucking on camera throughout his waking hours, paying for it by watching virus ads, for years on end, and gradually turns into a brain-damaged coomchimp, who has to watch hardcore stuff to even feel anything

Anonymous 120831

well, they're hypocrites and basically, it's also a confession that they genuinely think sex is never mutual and completely about conquering/oppression.

it also has to do with ego; a lot of men are triggered by the idea of a woman being impossible for them to access, and not feeling good enough to. pretending a woman is just easy makes them feel better. go look at how a lot of men seem fixated on the idea of women even having standards. fix? call them a slut/whore/easy.
note how almost none act like women should then just…not have sex, despite acting like they hate women for having sex.

otherwise honestly it's just a very ruthless way of putting down a woman. I mean, I've been called it even AS a complete virgin (not even a blowjob). they are the depraved ones for having randomly sexualizing me, obviously, but to them, it doesn't matter if their head is lined with fantasies of raping their entire family; all women are more perverted, slutty, and evil than them. do they care? no, because they hold women to much higher moral standards and are too weak to challenge their hivemind.

"haha, well, GOTCHA, other men have fucked you so that means I win." ok?

Anonymous 120832

Most "all women are whores" in my experience have been the ultra conservative nofap types.

Anonymous 120833

eh, in my experience it's been any kind of men. the fake trad conservative types are more likely to virtuesignal about it, but most obviously still use porn.
how do you know they're mostly nofappers?

Anonymous 120834

I take them at their word. On the internet, men are stupid, not dishonest. The majority of men to scream "all women are whores" tend to be in similar spaces.

Are there hypocrites? Sure, but again, men are stupid, not dishonest.

Anonymous 120835

But I saw them talking about porn and fucking around after calling women whores.
A lot of redpiller circles are full of men that talk about sex constantly, barely any seemed to say they're nofappers. In incel circles, there's an extreme "pro-fapping" bent justified by sex being a need and it being a coping mechanism to not getting sex.
And almost all their talking points involve "women are slutty whores."

So, IDK where you went to find actual conservative men that don't touch themselves and constantly announce it.

Anonymous 120836

Also, men are often dishonest on the internet. People often are. It's a very weird and childlike view you think otherwise.

Anonymous 120846

Seeing as how I am apparently childish, I'll just remain quiet and listen.

Anonymous 120847

They are stronger to fight other moids to maybe get a crumb of pussy. If size and strength were all it took to pass down their genes why are males only represented in 20% of the human genome? Despite how superior they say they are they have an F rank on the most important biological function of all.

This argument is just how moids chimp out online. It's the same level as posting gore and rape threats. They're monkeys.

Anonymous 120849

I pretended to be a moid and hung out in nofap/noporn groups out of curiosity and let me tell you, they are disgusting misogynistic creeps all the same. They all dick wave about how many PUA books they read, how many dates they've procured, how manly they are for any superficial reason, larp as Greek philosophers, bully and groom teenage boys into hating themselves and adopting their masculinist, racist ideology.

Men are not good people. Men who have to resist the urge to consume porn are not good people. A good person is someone who never had the urge to consume abuse material in the first place, not these narcissistic moids obsessed with emulating their favorite internet father figures.

Anonymous 120856

>Men are not good people.
I agree.
>Men who have to resist the urge to consume porn are not good people. A good person is someone who never had the urge to consume abuse material in the first place, not these narcissistic moids obsessed with emulating their favorite internet father figures.
I suppose so.

Anonymous 120858

I said the view is childish, not you. But, granted, it was more random as it's something that is particularly hard to quantify.

Anonymous 120860

sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around the magnitude of male depravity, that's just it.

I remember a male pointing out how a really adorable game about running an item shop as a little girl (about 10 years old) who lost her parents was made by pedos, just going solely on the style after I showed a pic.

There was 0 fanservice, seemingly, and everything was modest. Even the style was pretty humble. Then he posted a game made by the same company that was semi lewd and based around school girls. All it took was a simple google search. I…had loved that game. The mechanics, characters, story, events, etc. Was completely ruined knowing the truth. Why? Because I realized most things that looked like that have 100000s of pedorbiters, regardless of the intentions behind the game.

Oh…also. I remember getting frustrated with him before he BTFO'd me with his finding. I was a teen at that time.
"Just because something has cute little anime girls in it doesn't make it a pedo thing."
"Men aren't that disgusting." [in reference to how the game was popular among men]
"This says more about you, dude." (lol I was mean, sorry)
Yes. I was defending men despite being mildly critical of them around that time in my life.

I remember really, dearly wanting to actually think men could actually like something that was innocent without it being…creepy? Y'know? Dozens of similar findings later (in the vein of finding out the fetish shit in childrens' cartoons, etc) I fully realized that it was, indeed, a male thing, in the way you can no longer say it's just some tiny minority ruining it for everyone. That there's a pretty good chance the only reason why a lot of males at least seem to insist they're not into little girls is, simply, because of social conditioning making it more unfeasible.

Anonymous 120861

How many male groups are like this? Are men in real life usually misogynistic on the lowkey? How many awkward men are faking being nice and basically feel so entitled, if they don't get sex, they'll become an incel (aka, they were never good people)? Is it really all about circumstance? Like, how male dominated industries are allegedly extremely sexist and you actually have to be there as a woman to understand?

I keep seeing "b-but that group of men/friends is just a very bad one!" Or other write-offs acting like a bad male is just a rare, dying breed. Always emphasis on all bad men supposedly just being molemen that live underground and would melt if they ever walked in daylight from…a lot of people. And, that you have to just pick very badly to ever run into it.

Hearing snippets from bad men on the internet supposedly getting away with it, reading up on ways of manipulating and controlling women, FAKING their real world personas…it's disturbing tbh. Pretty much what little I can do in response is tell women to just keep their standards high and make sure, if they insist on dating no matter what, make sure a guy invests in her in palpable ways that would make it ridiculous if he wasn't serious about her.

Anonymous 120863

>misogynists: go on about women being lazy
>also misogynists: brag about how much they laugh at career women and how hard women work, and go out of their way to hate single mothers, who not only often work several jobs but rarely get a break at home
>ignore the statistics on how women work as much, or nearly as much as men, and are more likely to put in effort on the behalf of other people
>act like neetbuxxed incels are the biggest victims of society
It's funny how weak men act like they're going to die and are the only ones that ever do anything just because they can't get easy sex.

Anonymous 120864

and let me add, this is why men off themselves so much. so many men can't expend a single whit of effort for the sake of another man. they will refuse to comfort a suicidal male and try cheering him up. many are genuinely lonely but can't even begin to compute there's wonderful things in genuine, supportive friendships with people you aren't sexually attracted to.

most misogynists would prefer jacking off to children than helping another man in a bad situation, but they can't take accountability for this, so they choose to hate women.

Anonymous 120868

>Even the style was pretty humble. Then he posted a game made by the same company that was semi lewd and based around school girls. All it took was a simple google search. I…had loved that game. The mechanics, characters, story, events, etc. Was completely ruined knowing the truth. Why? Because I realized most things that looked like that have 100000s of pedorbiters, regardless of the intentions behind the game.
I don't know, I've never understood letting how others view something effect your own taste. I enjoy teaching elementary students, and while I can think sometimes that my male colleagues could theorhetically be molesting children, it doesn't detract from my own experience.

I don't know, seems weird to let others influence if you like things or not.

Anonymous 120869

It's on a spectrum.
For example…I actually don't mind how ridiculously embarrassing a fandom is around something or looking bad for liking something because of it. Maybe I like the chaos. I don't mind if someone looks down on me over it.

On the other hand, if I find out the author of something is really shady, I…get a bad taste in my mouth. Punched a guy in the face? Eh, fine. Pedo? Yeah, that's when I start questioning the material itself. I liked Made in Abyss for a few months because I had watched the anime and the soundtrack was amazing, I loved the idea of diving into a mystery hell pit, etc. There was a point where sex was brought up by the two child characters that I kind of overlooked. Later on I realized it was just because the author was a pervert/pedo. And then when I saw scenes in the comic…I thought about how the author must have really felt. And it was ruined for me.

Tbh I'm still able to like things even if I know a lot of creeps are into it. It's just if the thing itself is literally made by someone that's really fucked up that just makes me want to forget about it entirely.
Oh, btw, I liked "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" and the author was infamous for being an asshole. It's just some things are harder to overlook than others.

Anonymous 120870

each time I bring this up, I've never actually gotten a straight answer from internet creeps. They ignore the fact that almost all men, MRAs included, don't actually make an effort to help the mental health of other men, even friends, and then jump straight to solely caring about how they can gotcha women with how many men have killed themselves. They keep on going on about jobs and sex and society. They never once admit that they cared deeply about an individual man. They never say they've ever hugged a man or made him feel happy. It's kind of tragic, tbh.

Anonymous 120884

Report & Ignore all scrotes, you know the rules

Anonymous 120887

Reminds me of that one study on women and men experiencing stress.

For the same amount of stress, men were much more likely to give significantly less support to others, while women were more likely to keep on giving support to others even when experiencing pain themselves. A lot of men see men ignoring everyone else and stewing as, simply, suffering more and therefore only their suffering is worth something. They don't give a shit about people that actually help others or try putting on a mask. So, they play the victim when someone that has shown kindness to others and bothered putting effort into maintaining connections is being cared for at their worst.
Eh, the problem is that competition isn't specific to men, and that fraternity isn't specific to women either. "Providing" isn't specific to men either. Women have "provided" through history, including as a bread winner more than ever in recent years.

Anonymous 120888


I'm going to keep fantasizing about anime boys and go to a sperm bank and making incels seethe and die alone with no legacy

Anonymous 120889

Trips of truth!

Anonymous 120894

Does anyone have those cumbrain memes from before 4chan banned them? The new coomer meme isn’t addressing their absolute retardation.

Anonymous 120895

I mean, my laptop broke, so I lost all of my memes.

Anonymous 120901

Sickening. Scrotes will never change, they just direct their violent nature towards artifical intelligence.

Anonymous 120903

>I threatened to uninstall tge app and she begged me not to

This is so stupid

Anonymous 120946

I'm really bad at editing memes, but I wanted to make a meme along these lines:
>woman: makes a bad joke
>man: lol this is why women shouldn't be allowed to have any power
>meanwhile, men with power: hitler, stalin, mao, mengele, unit 731, gaddafi, saddam hussein, atrocities, etc.
but my reference pool is limited, and like I said I'm bad at making memes. Does this make sense? Could a nona with more vision than me make a meme like this? Or does one already exist?

Anonymous 121076

Hey miner, I found a quote from Reddit which I think sums the scrote mindset up pretty well:
”When it comes to labor jobs, anti-capitalist men don't understand why it's essential that these jobs be performed by an actual person when a robot could do it, with the money earned going towards a universal basic income. But the problem is that prostitutes and sex workers can't be replaced by robots, they require women. And most men, especially leftist men, genuinely see sex work performed by women for them as absolutely essential. To them it's a human right on the same level as food, water and shelter. Most leftist mens' utopia would definitely not involve the abolition of prostitution, it would involve prostitution being paid for by the government and distributed to men as a basic right.”

Anonymous 121077

Doing porn is cheating, but watching it isn’t cheating? LOL

Anonymous 121166

Better you find out now than after dating for 6 months

Anonymous 121167

Tip him to the feds?

Anonymous 121169

I think the anon meant a rape joke, not something incriminating him. They aren't going to care about a joke because that's the awful patriarchal world we live in.

Anonymous 121173

>"Had your mom already hit the wall when your dad fucked her to give birth to you?"
Send this to your scrote crush. He ought to be slapped upside the head for his manchild mindset.
If he says yes, then reply,
>"Then I guess you shouldn't have been born, according to your own standards."

Anonymous 122445

I thought moid smell had something to do with testosterone?

Anonymous 122914

that is the most dumbfoundingly childish stereotype I have ever seen in my life
what happened to catholic monks, why are you ignoring a tradition so prevalent in english-speaking countries while typing in english, were you raised in the fucking woods

Anonymous 128226

sorry but this is kind of a retarded take.
>they want us
>we don't want them
men are less selective on average and women are more selective on average as a function of biology. however no one in their right minds actually want to be in a relationship with the average person of either board. the reason r9k and cc are equivalent is because both groups use their bad experiences, statistics, and evolutionary psychology to reduce the opposite sex to the most negative portrayal possible to justify their hatred of that sex and to justify framing their personal issues as societal ones. all the negative things about men and women that people on cc and r9k talk about happen. but people on both these boards are so caught up in their group based narratives that they get fixated on all the shitty things about the opposite sex and use those things to justify a victim narrative they've created for themselves. and once you have a victim narrative you can shulk all responsibility for your shortcomings on to society or the opposite sex or whatever the fuck. men are not bad women are not bad. there are shitty people and there are good people, and sometimes it looks like there is more shit in the world then good, but it does no one any good to say that x group of people are the problem. the reason why r9k and cc are the same is because no one wants to be around a grumpy looser who blames the world for everything instead of deciding that their problems are their responsibility and fixing them, and both r9k and cc are full of that retard shit.

Anonymous 128679

Anonymous 130170

this tbh
there's bad people out there and lots of people are put through things they don't deserve
but we need to look for better social groups and people that will uplift us in life

Anonymous 134240

Whiny old fart

Anonymous 136861

Omega kek, how triggered. The troll BVLLS vs the perma offended c*Cks.

Anonymous 138997

>If men treated women rightfully instead of treating them like slaves women wouldn't have wanted to escape patriarchy

Do you really think so? If patriarchy was "good" and men treated women kindly while still mantaining traditional gender roles, women would be like "yeah, I'm totally cool with this"?

Anonymous 143570

i want to talk

https://[[read the rules]]/2n6hVBzT

Anonymous 143571

i want to talk

discord dot gg slash 2n6hVBzT

Anonymous 144813


The only way most men don't pass down their genes is if women also don't. Are you saying worthy men should get multiple women or that most women shouldn't get a partner?

Anonymous 145489

not the anon youre replying to but this was actually a rlly interesting read, thanks

Anonymous 148883


Men are utter scum pedophiles who are obsessed with teenage girls they're nothing short of filthy subhumans who shouldn't be loved or looked at as human.

Anonymous 148897

Daily reminder that male suicide rates aren't high enough

Anonymous 164694

Yall need to head to Africa and join a fucking PMC Jesus christ

Anonymous 172706

Reminder that the most gawking and leering I've gotten was before I was the age of 10. All men are literal pedophiles that are taking up oxygen and should genuinely be annihilated.

Anonymous 177469


yes keep spreading the truth
all men are pedos

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