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niche interests/ hyperfixations Anonymous 118191

post about your weirdly specific, obscure hyperfixations

Anonymous 118192

obscure silent films

Anonymous 118194

Napoleon Bonaparte

Anonymous 118196


Gore/guro, self harm (I like to talk about my self harm habits or listen to someone talking about them), some anime, certain corners of tumblr, specific art styles (picrel is an example)

Anonymous 118197

harsh noise

Anonymous 118199


Anonymous 118200



Anonymous 118201

Ur mom


Flaming Carrot

Anonymous 118202

adult otome games and Japanese female-oriented straight anime porn


Anonymous 118204

This is the worst starter pack i’ve ever seen

Anonymous 118206

barbie dolls and neo noir films

Anonymous 118211

Interesting, please enlighten me with some recommendations

Anonymous 118213


70s horror with cute guys

Anonymous 118248


rollercoasters(types, manufacturers etc.), dead malls/urban exploration, casio loopy(failed gamesystem for girls), shojo beat magazines/shojo manga magazines in general, japanese fashion magazines/furoku(extra free stuff included with magazines in japan), japanese city pop music

Anonymous 118253

idk if it counts as niche but lolita, gyaru, and a few other jfashions
even more than the fashion itself I'm obsessed with the subculture surrounding it plus how it's changed over time and online spaces for it (like for lolita the old livejournal blogs, and all the drama, etc)
also obsessed with old internet nostalgia and drama, lolcows, imageboard subculture - basically typical terminally online stuff but from back in the good old days before it was commonplace to be an internet addict lol

Anonymous 118258

It’s a game made by a single dev in a small country, only found through a certain foreign language thread in an already niche interest forum, and has an active community of around 20 ppl, and I’m the only woman, so I’d doxx myself if I did tell you that.

Anonymous 118262

umm drop some recs please??

Anonymous 118272

Proto-indo-europeans, I actually learn PIE phrases and words in my spare time, but no one cares to know about how greek gods are descended from the PIE pantheon.

Anonymous 118273

Martin?? I loved that movie since 2018

Anonymous 118274

Or tbh now that I think about it, it's just more etymology and stuff in general

Anonymous 118282

>no one cares to know about how greek gods are descended from the PIE pantheon
i do! that sounds super interesting nona

Anonymous 118283

do you happen to think you are getting gangstalked by any chance?

Anonymous 118287

doesn't she like harsh noise wall though?

Anonymous 118314


Ok, how's one for each year? Here's a collage of them, minus Martin. Pick yer fav <(o_O<)

1970 Dorian Gray
1971 A Clockwork Orange
1972 Straight On Till Morning
1973 Flesh For Frankenstein
1974 Black Christmas
1975 Salò, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom
1976 Massacre At Central High
1977 Martin
1978 The Fury
1979 The Amityville Horror

yes queen

Anonymous 118324

2000s glitter graphics, I still make them a lot and actually almost got banned for posting them too much here which made me not come back here for several months. Then I found somewhere to post them and came back.

Anonymous 118347

I'm the one who storytimed that Sonic/Marvin the Martian/Kingdom Hearts DeviantArt comic and I feel like that sums up my hyperfixations

Anonymous 118367


Birds and birding/birdwatching.

Anonymous 118390

I obsessively browse occult threads in anonymous boards just to see the absurdities they come up with. It's become a hobby to me.
Other than that, silent film era actresses. I love reading their biographies for some reason.

Anonymous 118479


I am obsessed by pinnipeds. You asked for it OP. Now I have to post a seal picture. Sorry.

Anonymous 118483

I love you, Seal-anon.

Anonymous 118486


this warms my slow pulsing heart heart accomodated for long diving time, there, another seal being cute somewhere in China

Anonymous 118487


May I interest you in a pinniped that is also a cute guy?

Anonymous 118489

displeased sea lio…

what in the HELL is this monstruosity ?

Anonymous 118490

I know he's had a rough few years, but Justin Long is hardly monstrous.

Anonymous 118495

incel/mgtow/redpill kind of stuff. ex. wheat waffles on yt [Not a moid I swear]. i watch their videos and stuff even though i disagree with most of it. but it's kinda interesting to me, idk why. I think shows it men's unmasked nature. It makes me kinda hate them more but that's not the reason I watch it. I watched these kinds of videos for years before becoming pinkpilled. just curiosity i guess? biological and psychological differences between men and women in general interests me. maybe thats why

Anonymous 118514


medieval armor

Anonymous 118579


I used to be the same, I was browsing r9k everyday. But it was unhealthy. A bit like digital self harm? So I stopped and focused on feline animals and seals.

Anonymous 118580

Keep that up. A lot cuter than r9k dwellers.

Anonymous 118612

Cool, I used to have a folder full of reference pics of armor parts to draw my OCs, but I lost it when my hard drive died :') I forgot what most of the parts are called

Anonymous 118655

Ufology and ariel pink band

Anonymous 118692



Fragrance. Absinthe. The Real Housewives. The psychology of folk tales (e.g., archetypes, Joseph Cambell and Jungian shit).

Anonymous 118696


Ohh, UFOs. What are you most interested in? Abduction stories scare the shit of me. I definitely recommend the book The Intimate Alien for an incredible analysis of what the alien abduction phenomenon might symbolize from an anthropo/sociological perspective.

Anonymous 118739

The Borgias and western films, especially spaghetti westerns

Anonymous 118889

i also love making knight ocs nona!

Anonymous 118916



Here's the summary!

Anonymous 118944

Colonial puritan history, especially laws, customs, and naming conventions

Anonymous 118951


Anonymous 118963


I am such a fan of soviet trams and commie blocks, but not in a doomer way - seeing all the soviet architecture makes me so elated, i could talk about it all day long. I got a drone for my bday just so i could film my favorite apartment complex nearby, made an attempt to take my peers to an excursion there and i am planning to get a tattoo of it.. I even somehow managed to procrastinate productively with my interest: instead of finishing my assignments for uni, i would build paper models of trams, draw the apartment complex, crochet a commie block sweater, knit a tram scarf etc. Even my philosophy project for the end of semester was about the philosophy of soviet housing. And well, almost nobody seems to share my hobby, maybe some 30-50 y.o men on domofoto or transphoto etc. I kinda tried to get myself involved into some urbanist party on Twitter or something, but they are much more into getting rid of the commie blocks..

Anonymous 118964

tell me you have autism without telling me you have autism

Anonymous 118965

you want to get a tattoo of an apartment building you are in love with? do you also want to marry it?

Anonymous 118966

hello? baza department?

Anonymous 118979

not sure how niche it is, but i enjoy looking at dead corners of the internet. this includes websites that don't receive much traffic, or old blogs. my current interest is finding old youtube channels of random people, and going through the channels they are subscribed to. they are usually subbed to their friends channels. i look at the plans that they made but never went through with, such as making more videos. i also look at the comments they leave each other. all these accounts have been essentially abandoned for like 10 years, and i wonder what those people are up to now. i like the empty feeling it gives me, not quite depression, but it doesn't really feel good either. it's like recoiling from a bad smell, but then being compelled to take another sniff.

Anonymous 119018

I also like so-called "commie blocks" and brutalism, anon. The hate they get is completely undeserved but almost no one understands.
I think your hobby is pretty cool.

Anonymous 119031

i like the aesthetic, but i wouldn't want to live around it.

Anonymous 119096

Yes. Still better than moids

Anonymous 119115

thats really cool, have you fallen into any rabbit hole you found particularly interesting in the process? i once became obsessed with obsolete blogs about serial experiments lain and it was an experience lol

Anonymous 119118

like crystal.cafe?

Anonymous 119177

>The hate they get is completely undeserved
>t. never lived in one

Anonymous 119182

brvtalism is 20/10 but >>119177 is right, it's easy for your neighbours to do petty (turning music on very loud and if the walls are thin, gets annoying really quick; loud stomping, talking (the worst is a straight couple arguing or even domestic violence happening, horrifying and sick) etc etc) or even horrific stuff if you're being gang stalked (the gov agencies pay your neighbours to install psychotronic devices and either the agency members or paid trained agents living on a wage from that operate them. check out the gang stalking thread for more.)

Anonymous 119200


Yay! Two napoleonfags itt already

Anonymous 119204

>have you fallen into any rabbit hole you found particularly interesting in the process?
yes, i found a rather lengthy personal drama that an individual was going through in their life that spanned several years and multiple websites. it was like watching a soap opera, i was fascinated by them and the manner they were living their life. once they went offline, or made new accounts or whatever, i made the mistake of reaching out to them at one point to ask if things ever got resolved and they were sort of confused as to who i was and why i cared, and it caused them to delete almost everything. i still regret that last part.

Anonymous 119361

I also love these things, especially niche or indie perfume.

Anonymous 119362

Lol same. I love ancient and medieval history and languages that do not have to do with the Roman empire. I even majored in linguistics.

Anonymous 119930

Folk tales/lore, the more obscure the better. It doesn't matter the culture they are from, although I have a soft spot for Slavic ones. It's hard to find really rare ones because people who tell them are old and those countries only recently got internet probably. There are some dedicated websites for more obscure stuff, but those are hard to find because they usually arent in English and they are just older websites that don't come up in searches. I wish to one day write an epic adventure story with similar vibes and elements to old European folk tales.

Anonymous 120024

>be into obscure thing since age 5 or 6
>incapable of finding anyone else who actually likes it as an interest, just information about it existing
>no clubs, subreddits, any kind of group whatsoever
>it's just considered a thing that exists. not something to be into
>one day find a discord server dedicated to it
>holy shit!
>lurk for a while
>tfw it's full of trannies and discussion is extremely permeated with shit like mods declaring new genders
>watch as 13 year old boy who joins is bullied and subsequently groomed into saying he's a girl
I don't want to say what it is, because I'm paranoid that someone will be able to identify me by it. but damn

Anonymous 120032

god i hate discord for this. i wonder what your interest could possibly be if that is the crowd that also enjoys it.

Anonymous 120043

It's a niche field of mathematics
The only other people I've seen who are into it are like 3 old men who are professors

Anonymous 120130

Nuclear radiation, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons. Anything involving highly radioactive materials and nuclear reactions. The sheer power, the god-like hubris, of humanity's ability to harness literal atoms, the building blocks of our universe, and use them for both mass energy generation and mass destruction… the gravity and magnificence of such an accomplishment is unutterable.

I mostly just watch YouTube videos on nuclear science and read particle physics textbooks. It makes me sound smart but people don't really care about hearing it besides the surface-level novelty of the subject. I don't know nearly everything about the field, not by any means, but I just want to talk about the intricacies of nuclear reactor designs with somebody. It makes me so happy.

Anonymous 120132

>niche field of mathematics
>since age 5
When I was 5, I couldn't count to a hundred.

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