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Screen Shot.png

Can we have a desktop thread? Anonymous 11882

Well, I figured since some of you came from lainchan a desktop thread wouldn't be a bad idea I guess?
Just post your desktop as it is right now (or in a way you wouldn't mind people seeing it lol).

Anonymous 11883

Screen Shot 2018-0…

here's mine

Anonymous 11885

Screenshot (903).p…

cute wallpaper, good music choice!
wallpaper very simple, but sometimes less is more. never heard of that music before

Anonymous 11887


thanks, I'm kinda autistic when it comes to how my desktop looks, sometimes I waste countless hours looking for good wallpapers because I'm too lazy to make my own.
problem is no wallpaper fits well with this hand-me-down screen my brother gave me
wish I had a laptop, all I have is his old mac mini and this surfboard screen

Anonymous 11903


Trash. I just use my computer to draw.

Anonymous 11953


I just mainly use it to watch youtube and netflix.

Anonymous 11969


A-anon please share the wallpaper

Anonymous 11978

waiting for a mobile thread bc ricing is so much more versatile on phones.

Anonymous 11980


Ohh lets do this anon!!! Maybe we should make a starter kit for beginners too?

Anonymous 11983


Here you go :D

Anonymous 11984


Bless you anon! I hope you have a nice day!!!

Anonymous 12326


Anonymous 12380


Anonymous 14491

Screenshot (27).pn…


Anonymous 14506

Vai dormir, Fludgy.

Anonymous 14507

Deixa a criança ficar acordada, eita.

Anonymous 14509



Anonymous 17184

Screenshot (113).p…

I love this anime so much.

Anonymous 18086


Anonymous 18194

Screenshot (1).png

Please excuse the roblox, I only play to troll little kids with my best friend.

Anonymous 18196

Nice background, I've used it before.

Anonymous 18199

My mom put AVG on there before giving me this laptop, is there something wrong with it?
Also thanks, I love this anime so much

Anonymous 18206

I friend told me AVG is fine, but I suggest you to invest on a paid antivirus. It'd probably be better.

Anonymous 18207

use windows built in stuff and common sense (don't run stupid shit) or get malwarebytes

Anonymous 18221


Well this is awkward, anon

Anonymous 18239

how does everyone have such neat desktops? mine is a total mess, like half the screen is taken up by random files that i've been too lazy to organize.

Anonymous 18244

you should organize it today anon. just pin the important things to your taskbar!

Anonymous 18272

Screen Shot 2018-0…

it still feels pretty cluttered but this is waaay better than it was yesterday. thank you for the encouragement, anon!

Anonymous 18274

you're welcome, it looks great!

Anonymous 18276

Captura de pantall…

I hate having stuff on my desktop so i put stuff in the taskbar.
Tried to have a cool rainmeter desktop once but got annoyed with it on the second day so i went back to normie desktop.

Anonymous 18296

Haha it's all good, it seems to be a pretty popular one

Anonymous 18297

May I ask what kind of computer you have? It seems like you can fit quite a few things on there and I'm in search of a computer that has a lot more storage than what I have now. Also, nice background.

Anonymous 18307

Not the anon you replied to but if you're satisfied performance wise with what you have now then you can just get a bigger hard drive for more storage.

Are you using a laptop or a desktop?

Anonymous 18308

I’m using a laptop. It’s a few years old and doesn’t even have enough storage to update it. I can really only watch anime, listen to music, and use discord on there. And it has enough for pictures and stuff but that’s all on the OneDrive. My dad says he has an external hard drive I could just plug in but would I be able to download games with that?

Anonymous 18309

Sounds like you have a chomebook or something. You should be able to download games but I think there are performance issues when running them off an external drive.
There's also very few games that would run on a laptop like that.
What are you looking to buy? A laptop or a desktop? And for what purposes.

Anonymous 18310

I need a laptop for school so something like that. A gaming laptop would be a viable option but honestly I don’t really think I need all the extra Fanciness that comes with those things like crazy storage and graphics. Just something that will run Steam and the games off of there, and I only play like two games at a time so it’s not like I need something that will hold a huge library of vidya.

Anonymous 18311

depending what games you want to play, it won't be so much about storage space but about the graphics card, which is $$$. some of those steam games are really hard to run, it's not a run one run all type of thing

Anonymous 18315

If you wanna play steam games (anything other than pixel indie type) you'll need a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. The Lenovo Y520 is good price/value laptop. The basic one (1050ti graphics card) with a 2tb drive is like $800 and it should be more than enough for anything you need both gaming and space wise.

Anonymous 18339

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into it! <3

Anonymous 18485


don't listen to this >>18315 anon.
that laptop is a cringe inducing piece of garbage.
just buy a lenovo yoga 730 15inch. It has the same NVIDIA card and it even doubles as a tablet so u can draw stuff/write some notes. If you don't play newer games you could even buy the cheaper 13 inch model and save like 200$ i think
If you're not in the US though I think the dell inspiron 5000 (or 7000) 13 2 in 1 is cheaper (althought I think one of these models loses it's color over time and ends up looking kinda ugly)

Anonymous 18487

It's BG image from Russian VN "Everlasting Summer"

Anonymous 18488

The one you're suggesting has a worse GPU (1050 not 1050 ti), a quarter of the storage space of the Y520 (albeit the SSD on the yoga 730 is much faster there's an option to go for an SSD on the Y520 too if that's what you want), it has a worse cooling system AND is more expensive by @ 200$. While it has a better screen (4k vs 1080p) you're not going to be able to run any semi modern game with that resolution anyways so it's pointless. She mentioned nothing about wanting to draw on it which is the only reason why you'd wanna pick the yoga 730 over the y520.

Anonymous 18687


Doesn't change the fact that it's ugly as sin.

Anonymous 18688


Btw you're paying 180$ more for
>better design
>a battery that lasts at least 3-4 hours more
>2 in 1 functionality
>double the SSD storage
>less then half the weight
Worth it tbh.

Anonymous 22645


I've never bothered to post this but since the thread is dead:

Anonymous 22648


plain bitch

Anonymous 22649


My wallpaper is from an artwork by Luminokaya, I just edited it to be red. Also I usually don't have any icons on my desktop
I wanted to say I have the exact same laptop as the left picture but then I realized that's not it, I have a really really similar one, but it's from HP. I think it looks cool though. The glowing keyboard is certainly useful at night.

Anonymous 22702


No wonder the linux thread is dead, Its a windows thread
You use arisu when it was still lainchan.jp?
NGE you watch the rebuilds?
Lain !
Post art
cute witches
neko chan
Hows booting ubuntu in vm on 10 ?
Haibane Renmei was excellent
everlasting summer bad ends :(
Its a great vn though
what are the odds
Not sure how messy it was before but looks good
I wouldn't use rainmeter either its just bloat
Россия Аноним ?
pink !
That is a nice touch it the middle of the night

Anonymous 22710


Pls no bully

Anonymous 22722


Anonymous 22755


So like, how many of you in this thread are MtFs?

Anonymous 22764


Anonymous 22766

>practical os, hidden cortana, only system tray icons showing are the ones that matter, musicbee
you're the only cool person he-
oh no

Anonymous 22787


Anonymous 22794


stop bullying bladee

Anonymous 22797

keep being a lil sperg

implying only men know how to rice desktops

Anonymous 22819

bladee.. more like.. dummy

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