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i like to learn things Anonymous 119882

a thread we can share resources to learn things. anything goes!

Anonymous 119884

i'll start by a website i recently discovered https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/

Anonymous 120007

What do you like to learn? Anki is a good resource for doing my own studies and memorizing things with decks

Anonymous 120022


Great resource to learn about the only subject that matters, math:

Anonymous 120027

I like Primer (aka PrimerLearning) on YouTube
If you want to learn about something more useless/autistic, check out pannenkoek2012

Anonymous 120028

Any computer programming?

Anonymous 120029

Anonymous 120030

Thank you! Anything on java please?

Anonymous 120050

Anonymous 120051

w3c has tutorials on many different languages and lots of information on what is standard/protocol

Anonymous 120064

Would you say that Tae Kim's guide to Japanese is also a good recommendation?

Anonymous 120107

I usually only learn things through osmosis, or through putting books under my pillow and dreaming about the contents

Anonymous 120110

wow that's amazing! This is the same site we used for biology in highschool, ah the nostalgia…

Anonymous 120117

looking for free resources for a few things I want to learn, if you can help with any feel free to share resources!
japanese grammar and kanji lesson/studies (already have both genki textbooks)
learn to sew and pattern draft
learn music theory and writing songs
diy lolita fashion dresses/accessories etc
also ways to study and improve both digital/traditional art would be super helpful

Anonymous 120124


Anonymous 120128

Javascript tutorial: https://javascript.info/

Complete introduction to frontend web development: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn

Stay away from Youtube tutorials if possible. Even if the videos themselves are good, Youtube is designed to keep you on their site consuming content rather than actually coding yourself.

And don't just read tutorials either, try to pick some project that you want to create (for example a website) and work on that while going along with whatever tutorial you chose. You won't really learn otherwise.

Anonymous 120143

internet friend (who’s dead so i can’t ask more) linked this to me a long while ago, so I’m not sure how up-to-date it is, but eh whatever


Anonymous 120166

does anybody have resources abt history of ancient rome

Anonymous 120172

>>120166 The Fall and the Decline of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Anonymous 120465

this has a lot of different stuff

Anonymous 120467

if you're fine with podcast format than mike duncan history of ancient rome is worth a listen

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