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How do you find a guy's insecurities? Anonymous 120504

Anonymous 120554

If he is your bf you can just hint that he is bad at sex (which is true most of the time anyway). Why would you want that though?

Anonymous 121640

Balding is a huge concern for almost half of all men, poke fun at his hairline, which a hat actually does hide sometimes. You fucking psycho.

Anonymous 121664


Gaslighting is trash behavior for trash people.

Anonymous 121665

Men aren't insecure much about anything though. The audacity they have to drag down women is pretty blatantly obvious. They are controlling af ( manipulative) and entitled whether they're insecure or not. Being insecure makes them even more so though. It makes them even more predatory. You should know their insecurities to keep them from walking all over things and you, sure, but I don't see the point of getting extremely close to one if you just intend to manipulate his insecurities. It just sounds like living with even more of a burden.

Anonymous 121666

Well okay, no, obviously the only thing they're really insecure of is losing control over women. In other words you being out of reach, immune to their manipulations. Lose the emotionaly labor thing you do for them unconsciously, most of all and do what you want. All women are brainwashed to a heavy extent by men and patriarchal culture. Rip it all out of your mind and you're gold honestly.

Anonymous 121667

I say lose emotional labor because that's at the heart of what men want and expect, you to make more space for them and not for you. Take up your space and do your things, without the emotional labor. Space entitlement for men and emotional labor for women.. are pretty much the cores of patriarchal brainwashing. Rip the subconscious rules out of your mind and live for your space not theirs. In every way that means. Not just actual space, but mental space, career space, etc. They'll go crazy from the insecurity of seeing you live a full existence where you're completely mentally removing yourself from their expectations.

Anonymous 121694

What a mean spirited thread

Anonymous 121695

Why did it trigger you, though?

Anonymous 121697

Tell me where we a…

Being a burden to other people is pretty hard to hear for them I think cause all they do is try to be useful (the good ones at least).
Also don't think dick size is as big an insecurity as these other anonettes imagine. Most guys know whether they have a small or big dick past their adolescence.
It is, but where do you think you are

Anonymous 121703

I don't know, I just don't like this type of thing. I'm very insecure about my body because I have stretch marks so i guess it just hit close to home.

Anonymous 121765


>Most guys know whether they have a small or big dick past their adolescence

Correct, most guys don't care if we think their dick is small or what, though they might care if you compare it to someone else's.
A more general approach is point out how inefficient they are as a partner, like pointing out how he's bad at kissing or at sex. If that wasn't a insecurity before, it will become one from now on. Hate this kind of thread though.

>Being a burden to other people is pretty hard to hear for them I think cause all they do is try to be useful

This one is mostly true, too.

Anonymous 126467

If he's lonely, hug somebody and give a lot of attention to guys around him while ignoring him. Expect rage and extreme discomfort. You are a total sociopath if you do this on purpose though.

Anonymous 126472

Doesn't have to be lonely. most guys hate when women they like pay more attention to other men or don't treat him like he's the only guy in the world.

Anonymous 129324

Dick size being a point of insecurity is a meme, general height is more important to them. You hear guys complain about that a lot, many of them seethe about women who mention height being a preference at all.

Anonymous 129573

Pretend to be a male and act like you have the same ones you suspect him of having. If he does, he will probably just tell you. It’s a lot easier to weasel the truth out of men when they think you are one of them. The downside is not knowing what to do with that knowledge.

Anonymous 129575

it's not a meme. i read a book that analyzed google search data and penis size was searched much more than any other insecurity, male or female.

Anonymous 129633

Get him to like you then be the first to talk about personal, serious matters and ask him about himself them. Ask him how he's doing, tell him he can count on you and talk to you if something's wrong.
You can try to ask him first. You can also lie about yourself.

Anonymous 129634

Then do or say whatever you want about things he told you about himself.

Also its very mean I dont know why im trying to help

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