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Whiskey-drinking women Anonymous 127109

Bottle of choice? Rocks or neat?

I live in the glorious controlled state of Virginia so interesting varieties are impossible to come by, unless I get a marked up shot at a nice restaurant.

Anonymous 127110

I only drink apple juice

Anonymous 127112

I'm really easy to please when it comes to whiskey, some gentlemen jack on the rocks with a makeshift frosted glass? bomb.

Anonymous 127115

I really only drink water

Anonymous 127156

I drunk only whiskey

Anonymous 127169


Anonymous 127188

I’ll drink anything that burns thank you

Anonymous 127219

I only drink concentrated sulphuric acid during weekends

Anonymous 127227

I want to try yamazaki whiskey, has anyone here tried it before? if yes is it worth the price?

Anonymous 129733


How I drink it depends entirely depends on my mood. Usually neat, but sometimes on the rocks. I also enjoy whiskey cocktails.
My favourite bottle at the moment is Ichiro’s Malt & Grain World Blended. My simple go-to is just plain old Jameson.

It is good, but I wouldn't say it's worth the price at all. There's a lot of 'whiskyaboos' that overhype it for what it really is.
Why do you want to try it?

Anonymous 129752


OP, choose the best of both worlds.
Ice will dilute the whiskey. If you like it strong, but want it cold, pick up some whiskey stones. They freeze like ice so they keep it chilled but won't dilute the whiskey.
Also looks like literal "rocks" when you say "on the rocks" so thats kinda fun.

Most of the time my whiskey was rotgut that came in a plastic bottle on the bottom shelf. So, drinking it cold improved the palatability.

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