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Anonymous 128502

How many hours of sleep a night do mermaids need?

Anonymous 128507

I heard from a friend that its eight hours a day, but they sleep like dolphins, half awake half asleep.
They can split it up like 4 hours of full asleep, or like 3 hours of full sleep and 2 of half sleep

Anonymous 128513

As many as they want but they also sleep like sharks: eyes open monitoring movement, and mouth against a stream of water in a catatonic state.

Anonymous 128570

I can get by with 6

Anonymous 128654

oof, im part mermaid and usually get less, like 3 or 4, but I'm tired a lot so it would make sense if it's more

Anonymous 128676

They can sleep in multiple short periods of time, like my cats. Not like humans who need uninterrupted sleep.

Anonymous 128681

I wouldn't think many, since they probably don't exist.

Anonymous 128682

I saw one when I was a child

Anonymous 128687

Wrong. I am a mermaid.

Anonymous 128764

Why do you think they don't exist?

Anonymous 128772

Calling something …

0 they consume people for energy

Anonymous 128777

thats a big probably

Anonymous 138804


5, i think they’d lie on the surface like sunfish with one eye open for any surface or water dwelling foes. maybe if a pack of them manage to capsize a fairly large boat they can have a hibernation session after gorging on all the sailor filet.

Anonymous 138955



Anonymous 143879


I agree, I imagine them doing a semi sleep. Like one side of the brain is asleep but the other side is awake so they can be aware of any dangers

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