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Pink pill #10 Anonymous 129384

Vent about society, men, etc.
Last thread >>123844

Anonymous 129388


Saw these 2 comments under a comedy skit about straight women “dressing gay.” Second comment pisses me off. Women dressing comfortably instead of wearing pink frilly dresses isn’t “dressing gay” and it’s not “invalidating” anyone. FFS.

Anonymous 129395

anon that posted >>129316 in the last thread which board was that from? I thought /tttt/ but couldn't find in archive

Anonymous 129396

nvm found it
on /v/ for the other miners who also wanted to know, search crystal cafe in a /v/ archive

Anonymous 129398

What kind of clothes/outfits do they mean in this context?

Anonymous 129399


Men are so fucking annoying. Low IQ subhuman coom apes

Anonymous 129402


These are the girls from the video who are “dressing gay.”

Anonymous 129407

gonna jihad this faggot

Anonymous 129408

The russian flags should have been your first clue. Its the defacto “my personality is centered on contrarianism” sign these days

Anonymous 129413

because male dominated societies are doing so great

Anonymous 129414

Moid societies do so awful because they literally bastardise society and create complex but useless little hierarchies that accomplish nothing just to make it so trash scrotes pass on their genes, ruining the gene pool an society with it. That's why we have so many violent autists now.

Anonymous 129415

All societies are me dominated, I think you mean to what extent

Anonymous 129419

I'm sick of the world rewarding shitty (predominantly moid) behaviour.
>You cleared all the land first and extracted its resources? Billionaire, and your children, and their children, and so on.
>You chose to just take what you need and nothing more? Poor. And your children. And everyone after you.
>You're amassing more and more power and fame? Snowball effect, now you have even more power and fame as a result of your power and fame. No one will ever try stop you!
>You're a nobody? Why should I ever listen to what you have to say!
>You get a career stripping people down to nothing and reducing them to a mere blip on a screen? Millionaire.
>You get a career in nursing, or education, or anything that has a mote of compassion for your fellow human? If you're lucky, you can afford rent this week.
>You murder, kill, pillage, and ruin other societies? War hero.
>You provide for, protect, love, and embrace those around you struggling? They'll hiss at you the moment you stop

Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it just feels so… hopeless. Somewhere along the way, we as a society got our priorities mixed up, and it just seems like now the worst aspects of men are what we reward. Greed, lust, wrath, and avarice. Look at most popular things today (music, tv, film, basically anything outside of literature), these are what shape the peoples' minds. Having any kind of values rooted in something beyond yourself is unheard of, but being a disgusting, self-obsessed scrote is idolised. Not caring about other peoples' feelings is "tough", violence is "badass", and if you're a horny coomer that does all the sex, then you'll sing it to the mountains, valleys, and plateaus.

I don't want feminism to be "women should become just as disgusting as men", I don't feel empowered by the messages I'm getting at all. I want to be empowered for being compassionate and caring, for being a decent human being. I don't want a reward, I don't want a pat on the back or a thank you; I want society to acknowledge that there's good people and bad people. Sorry for getting off topic

>Compare this to things like black culture
It's like these people come online looking for trouble. A harmless skit that is related to LGBT without being homophobic, and still people manage to fit in discussions about race.

Why would you want to be perceived differently from straight people anyway? Isn't a necessity of "lgbt acceptance" basically the condition that most people can't distinguish between gay people and straight people? It's not really like race or gender; theoretically, someone can be gay and you won't know until they kiss someone of the same sex.

Anonymous 129458

TW for child abuse and suicide.


A Ukrainian MP has raised alarm about Russian soldiers raping and sexually assaulting women during its invasion, and said Ukraine would “not be silent” about the crimes.

In a TV interview, Maria Mezentseva referenced one case in Brovary, an eastern suburb of Kyiv, where a woman was raped in front of her child.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor general, Iryna Venediktova, said the attack was being investigated by the authorities and Ukraine had told Russia that an arrest warrant had been issued for the serviceman.

Speaking on Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mezentseva said: “There is one case which was very widely discussed recently because it’s been recorded and proceeded with [by] the prosecutor’s office, and we’re not going into details, but it’s quite a scary scene when a civilian was shot dead in his house in a small town next to Kyiv.

“His wife was – I’m sorry but I have to say it – raped several times in front of her underage child.”

After the attack, the soldier is believed to have threatened the child.

Mezentseva, the head of Ukraine’s permanent delegation to the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, said that cases needed to be recorded, as “justice has to prevail”. Rape and sexual assault are considered war crimes and a breach of international humanitarian law.

She said cases were being underreported, and added that she hoped that the UK could pass on expertise on how to support victims in the aftermath of crimes.

“There are many more victims rather than just this one case which has been made public by the prosecutor general,” she said. “And of course, we are expecting many more of them, which will be public once victims will be ready to talk about that.

“That’s why you know, when we’ve been talking to Boris Johnson, when we will be talking to your Home Office, when we’ve been talking to MPs of UK, we’ve also raised this issue that this aftermath, which we are dealing with right now, the aftermath of war, has to be taken very cautiously, very seriously, and to take into account the UK experience and experience of other countries, which can help us in dealing with psychologists, and how to help these people to actually live over these cases, to keep going afterwards, to keep living.”

She added: “We will definitely not be silent.”

Her words echoed those of fellow Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko, who addressed UK MPs earlier in March and said Russian soldiers were sexually assaulting and raping women.

She said: “We have reports of women being gang-raped. These women are usually the ones who are unable to get out. We are talking about senior citizens. Most of these women have either been executed after the crime of rape or they have taken their own lives.”


"I cried out, 'Where is my husband?'" she said. "Then I looked outside and I saw him on the ground by the gate. This younger guy pulled gun to my head and said: 'I shot your husband because he's a Nazi.'"
The woman told The Times she told her 4-year-old son to hide in the boiler room where they had been sheltering. She said the two soldiers then took turns raping her as her son cried in the next room.

The Russian occupiers tell their relatives by phone about the atrocities their fellow servicemen commit on Ukrainian territory. Thus, two more cases of rape were reported. The recording of the intercepted telephone conversation was published by the SBU press service.

The invader told his interlocutor that Russian soldiers raped a woman and a 16-year-old girl in a village in Ukraine, but he did not specify which village. The occupant himself admits over the phone that he believes the rapists should be shot. "In a neighbouring village, some kids got concussed, or I don't know what. They just went and raped a grown woman and a 16-year-old girl. They should just be shot," the occupant said.


Eleven cases of rape committed by Russian occupants in Ukraine have now been confirmed in Kherson. According to Yevhen Karabelesh, a doctor at the local polyclinic, only five victims have survived; one of them is known to be 17 years old.

"Russian occupants are raping women in Kherson. The girls are asked to stay at home and not to go out in the street. This is what the locals said."


Russian occupants continue to terrorize peaceful Ukrainians in the occupied territories by killing, maiming and torturing people, raping women and girls.

One such terrible story was shared by a Facebook user - she relayed the words of an acquaintance who works as a doctor. The woman said that she had recently received people who had been captured by the occupants, including girls aged 15 to 20. According to the woman, these girls were repeatedly raped by the Russians and showed signs of ill-treatment. She noted that the victims were bleeding.


Russian occupants commit sexual crimes against Ukrainian women in Kyiv, Kherson and Chernihiv regions.

Evacuees reported the facts of mass rapes.

Among the victims is an 18-year-old girl who was raped by the occupiers for eight days.


A doctor from Zaporizhzhia reports that a group of girls from Mariupol were admitted to their hospital. The oldest one is 10 years old. They have recto-vaginal tears.


Lyuba (28) lived with her mom near Kharkiv. They couldn’t evacuate as mom didn’t walk.

One day Russians came for food. One stayed. He raped her for a week. When running, he offered to go with him. She said she couldn’t leave mom. So, he shot the mom in front of her.



The level of brutality of the army of terrorists and executioners of the Russian Federation knows no bounds - raped children…

A 14-year-old girl was raped by 5 occupying men. She is pregnant now. Bucha.

An 11-year-old boy was raped in front of his mother - she was tied to a chair to watch. Bucha.

A 20-year-old woman, raped by three occupiers in all possible ways at once. Irpen.

Anonymous 129459

Samefag but sorry about the sloppy formatting, I copy+pasted it from another site.

Anonymous 129467

It is no wonder we fear moids when moids, in situations where they have complete monopoly of force, rape and kill us like the rabid dogs they are. my heart breaks for the women and children suffering at the hands of these subhumans

Anonymous 129477


Recently I learned there's quite a number of moids who get off on girls cutting themselves and shit, some of them even blackmail/threaten girls to do degrading shit for them, I think some of them might've been underage too.
I'm not gonna go into great detail but it repulses me that a bunch of edgelord moids who see it as a competition of who can get the most girls to do the most stuff for them, ruining their lives in the process and selling their nudes to other moids who also get off on that.
I know it sounds over the top and kind of fake but it's real, and I have proof of it, I've seen these girls nudes and it's honestly so sad. At first, I thought those girls were pathetic for wanting to be a part of some edgy retard's harem that they haven't even seen the face of, I only learned about the blackmailing part later.
I hope I don't live to see this shit becoming more common, with pornsickness getting stronger, I don't want to see more vulnerable girls getting groomed into doing depraved shit for moids.

Anonymous 129478

It also repulses me to realize I would've been a good target for them, with how easily I was groomed when I was younger.

Anonymous 130022


men are truly subhuman and their only real goal in life is sexually pleasuring themself
they will do this with animals, inanimate objects, children, nonconsenting women
the y chromosome is a disease

Anonymous 130057


Why do males always punctuate every argument they have with a woman with "hm if u disagree with me i bet u were raped as a child"

all xys, troons included.

Anonymous 130058


Anonymous 130059

I don't think they themselves were raped I just think they have monkey brained impulses that categorize women they dislike as tainted and undesirable, and the most undesirable woman is one who was sexually conquered as young as possible. Which is to say, another man tainted her long before he ever even got the chance. To a monkey male, an already claimed female is useless as a vessel to carry his parasite sperm.

Anonymous 130064

>Why do males always punctuate every argument they have with a woman with "hm if u disagree with me i bet u were raped as a child"
Ever since the enlightenment and Freud's psychoanalysis people don't believe in essence anymore.
They believe all behaviour is the consequence of socialisation.

Anonymous 130069

They most likely weren't but they clearly have some sort of obsession regarding molestation which they project on everyone else
Moid in your pic is clearly rapist material by the way he uses "sissy," which he obviously got from porn

Anonymous 130070

O ok, that makes even more sense. they're just sex perverts. I'm overcomplicating moids again.

Anonymous 130075

>engineer tradwives out of imageboard lurkers
not at all in this argument, but absolutely I've seen similar behavior around here (not sure if the end goal is trad wives though it usually is similar). it's super disturbing and I'd highly advise people to keep a look out for it. also I'm pretty certain it's not all men doing it.
they tend to come out during arguments like this in order to manipulate women into being "ok" with a certain type of male (while carefully making sure to pull the wool over womens' eyes in terms of the myriad of problematic, sneakier behaviors average men often do).

Anonymous 130083

>Yes moid, I would filter you.
Even if I were a moid I don't think you're in the position of filtering anyone, your ugliness is clear from the venomous words you've been spouting.
You're like a female version of an incel, complete with a grandiosely delusional perfect society where the opposite sex is enslaved

Anonymous 130102


Anonymous 130103

If I admit 1 is a bigger number than 0 would you consider your gatekeeping successful and fuck off

Anonymous 130139

Nope I'm sexy, smart, funny, and personable.
However even if I'm the most despicable woman alive I still have higher value than a man, keep coping and seething tho. It's always a male's final throw to try and discredit a queen's worth.

Anonymous 130144


moids have the biggest victim complexes.

Anonymous 130166

>Woman is mean therefore she is ugly and doesn't date and doesn't fuck!!! Finally I have more reproductive value than a woman because I'm definitely not mean or toxic or anything like that

Anonymous 130171

>she will be repulsed and I get no sex.
Everytime it just boils down to this uh ? Pathetic.

Anonymous 130175

This is so weird. There is a difference between being intimately vulnerable and then just being a crybaby. In the dating market there's massive amounts of men that are actually heavily depending on women to be their sole therapist and caretaker (do most the domestic labor/childcare even in situations where she pays half for everything), like, weaponized incompetence is disgusting. Look up the data on how much a woman's workload goes up with a man around. It's actually nuts.

It's why so many rush moving in. Why older ladies are in general less eager to move in than older men. It's why on average men get the most support from their spouse…while the same trend isn't as common for women.
Why the most successful marriages tend to feature mutual interest, caring, and paying attention to the little things the other does. It's not about being "weak." It's about being emotionally well-adjusted people.

I'm not at all surprised scrotes like this see woman saying, "I don't want to mommy a guy!"
and then think it's time to devolve into a caveman.

Anonymous 130178

Oh, also, men in general don't actually treat female vulnerability all that well in general and I find it weird failed males act otherwise. There's many, many proxies of this that end up disportionately affecting women in long-term relationships.

Vaguely "tolerating" female weakness isn't the same as actually caring about women at their lowest points, it's why so many men jump ship when their spouse gets terminally ill, why women are more likely to go out of their way to help an ailing spouse even at their ugliest/weakest, etc.

Anonymous 130184

>Oh yeah?? Well, u ugly!!!
Males really do value having sex and looks above everything else huh

Anonymous 130261

Moids say shit like this while living with their mommies and being dependant on them. Pathetic behaviour

Anonymous 130262

>“Having a choice wouldn’t benefit me, personally, so other women should not have a choice :)”
so tired of this rhetoric. you want to wear dresses and heels, you want to get married, you aren't interested in secondary education, you want to carry any possible pregnancies to full term? go for it. women who want to live their lives differently from you should not have their choices taken away because it wouldn't be what you personally choose for yourself.

Anonymous 130264

>Usually adult males who are unable to make emotional connections with the women they choose to be intimate with are frozen in time, unable to allow themselves to love for fear that the loved one will abandon them. If the first woman they passionately loved, the mother, was not true to her bond of love, then how can they trust that their partner will be true to love. Often in their adult relationships these men act out again and again to test their partner's love. While the rejected adolescent boy imagines that he can no longer receive his mother's love because he is not worthy, as a grown man he may act out in ways that are unworthy and yet demand of the woman in his life that she offer him unconditional love. This testing does not heal the wound of the past, it merely reenacts it, for ultimately the woman will become weary of being tested and end the relationship, thus reenacting the abandonment. This drama confirms for many men that they cannot put their trust in love. They decide that it is better to put their faith in being powerful, in being dominant.

>When men lie to women, presenting a false self, the terrible price they pay to maintain "power over" us is the loss of their capacity to give and receive love.

Both quotes from bell hooks.

Anonymous 130266

I have witnessed it countless times. Low value men who manage to get girlfriends spend effort abusing and devaluing her and ruining her self esteem to "test her love" (aka test to see if his ruination of her resulted in complete dependency). He will never lift himself up to make his gf admire him more. It's all a power play, on his terms. If he does any "improving" at all it's all about intimidation to scare her and size up other men.

Anonymous 130269

Low value men seen any woman they get as “earned” not that they got lucky. They then think that they deserve an even higher value woman and begin to resent the one they have for not being that.

Never ever even consider a low value man. He’s low value because he chooses to be that way, not because he is unlucky.

Anonymous 130278

I really do think a big part of misogyny is people believing that men have an extra layer of deep emotions that women don’t feel or understand. even though women are thought of as emotional our emotions are also seen as very shallow

Anonymous 130308

So it was just mommy issues all along.

Anonymous 130316


Daily reminder men are evil

Anonymous 130327

How is having sex with someone he finds unattractive a "win" for him?

Anonymous 130328

because he's Le EpIc TrOLl

Anonymous 130331


>India has highest number of rapes in world


Anonymous 130333


Nta but here's a source. Looks like it's not only India but a bunch of other 3rd world countries too.

Anonymous 130334

>Japan has worse rapes rates than England
>fucking SWEDEN has less rape rates than England

How would you even begin to quantify adjustments for "taboos"?

Anonymous 130340


How does one even adjust for taboos? I contested anon's claim that the number is highest.I just want source citing that 3rd world countries or India for that matter has highest number of rapes per capita or in general. This map isn't it chief

Anonymous 130344

>needs a source that 3rd world countries have high rates of rape
It's just common sense, even without the stats. Btw the website is in the bottom left.

Anonymous 130346

Sadly Indian women are 18% of the global female population but make up 40% of all female suicides.

Anonymous 130350

Do moids really?

Anonymous 130353

feeding into incel rhetoric, using meme language, sharing the messages they have with these girls, judging objectively attractive girls bodies like they're trash? i know its tinder but jeez this video is so incredibly retarded

Anonymous 130426

Nuke all orange and below tbqf famalam

Anonymous 130427

Sweden has the same rape rates as the UK. You're looking at Norway.

Anonymous 130431

Incel and other manosphere ideology is popular in the west in 2022. Inevitably some males will try to cash out on it. Many incels are obsessed with their inceldom and spend a large portion of their free time looking for any confirmation of their ideas, so they will watch all of these videos created for them.

Also if you browse sites like Twitter you will come across many males who aren't incels by definition (sexless and ugly) behaving just like them by using their rhetoric, terminology, memes, etc. It's like the new edgy and rebellious thing to be. Everybody wants to be like incels but nobody would actually want to be an incel which includes being ugly, mentally ill and isolated. I think it's because there aren't a lot of subcultures around these days so edgy males who would've gone somewhere else otherwise just all funnel into this.

Anonymous 130435

>Everybody wants to be like incels
Not even close.

Anonymous 130490

nta but i've seen so many guys try so hard to be like the incel stereotype so >>130431 isn't 100% wrong

Anonymous 130491

Its a very online male thing of embracing the worst things you are criticized for. Like the excitement on 4chan when the news said that the alt right were mostly single men who masturbate to anime.

Anonymous 130496

There's even a music genre called incelcore now with it's own music festival. I doubt most of the musicians and fans of this genre qualify as actual incels. There are female incelcore artists even though incels claim a woman could never be involuntarily celibate.

It kind of reminds me how some people online insist on being called NEET or hikikomori when they actually are in education, employment or training. Maybe we just need to create more terms for all these disaffected people so more specific things like incel and NEET don't become diluted.

Anonymous 130498

Most men have the same interests at the core and are on some level misogynistic, so yeah.

Anonymous 130499

>Everybody wants to be like incels but nobody would actually want to be an incel
It's because incels are unashamedly and openly misogynistic, which most 1st world moids aspire to be.

Anonymous 130500


>You know. Despite claiming that i hate women, i secretly wish one of you loved me.
We do know.

Anonymous 130501

So.. Noise? Or EDM? Kek

Anonymous 130705

>Thalidomide was introduced as a sedative and medication for morning sickness without having been tested on pregnant women. While initially deemed to be safe in pregnancy, concerns regarding birth defects were noted in 1961. An FDA reviewer named Frances Oldham Kelsey is largely responsible for blocking use of the drug in the United States. The scandal lead to stricter drug laws, including amendments that, for the first time, also recognized that "effectiveness [should be] required to be established prior to marketing."

cool lady

Anonymous 130706

Anonymous 130707

yeah but that's not about the color of their skin. there's go gene in indian men that makes them more likely to rape.

Anonymous 130757

>some troll posts pms sex in an unrelated thread to be edgy
>a retard comments how "whoa, swollen" her labia appear to be, but she looks completely normal
And here I used to think male inexperience was a cute thing, but then shit like that just comes off totally cringe and unattractive.

Anonymous 130829

One of many factors that exacerbates the "gender pay gap" (a phrase I have my problems with, but that's neither here nor there) is that it's simply expected that women will be doing unpaid child rearing or familial labor. Keep in mind that the reason far more women than men pause their careers to do unpaid labor caring for children or other family members (e.g. disabled and/or elderly relatives) is due to sexist social and financial pressures. Her job is worth less, so she can quit it more easily. In my country, for example, female teachers make less money than male ones and there's no negotiation about salary involved. They can just have more classes because they're not expected to take care of children. What about lesbians, childfree women, women who otherwise don't want children, women who never plan on marrying, women without extended families to care for? Well, they just don't exist. Dontchya know.

Anonymous 132612

the cultural trope of the perfect woman being a robot trains women to see ourselves as replaceable. men specifically want robot partners BECAUSE they are inherently subservient. all humans are replaceable.

Anonymous 132615

wow her keys flew over my house
>stories that didn't happen for 500

Anonymous 132649

probably because of porn brain rot, since alot of porn starts from what i know get surgery to cut a bit of their labias

Anonymous 132660

>Honestly pretty understandable lol.
Maybe if you're a porn-addicted scrote.

Anonymous 132665

Friendly wolverine…

What is a good comeback to this kind of retarded discourse?

Anonymous 132667

>letting a girl be stalked/possibly murdered just because you want to pwn feminists (?)
moids who think this way are broken therefore are not fit to be fathers or healthy enough to be husbands

Anonymous 132669

Why would he implied she seeks a protection just because he is male and not because he is a convenient passerby

Anonymous 132676

based, normalize shooting moids in the head when they're following you around

Anonymous 132677

If I was in the scenario I would only approach another woman if needed. If there's only another scrote around I would continue going by myself. In general I don't ask men for help.

Anonymous 132679

>You want men when you need them and expect them to fight your fights, but they're disposable any other moment.
Unironically yes. Men are the ones violent towards women, the least men could do is fight back against their fellow scrotes. And yes, men are evolutionarily disposable lol. Die mad about it

Anonymous 132681

porn stars*

Anonymous 132692

This is nonsense, of course thay can hypothetically be this edgy when only a hypothetical woman would be near them or regard them as helpful. Also this:

Anonymous 132714

and they're the same type of men that say "b-but not all men!!"

Anonymous 132721

Isn't that something you quietly ask? "Hey, I'm being followed, can I stick by you for awhile to scare them off/make them reconsider?"

Why would it be demanded?
These idiots can't even set up a realistic hypothetical, not that they have experience to know better.
Anyways, women should carry.

Anonymous 132776

most men are necrophilies

Anonymous 132777

autocorrect did me dirty

Anonymous 132924

they just have 0 altruism. where are these men helping other people? i have been involved in volunteering and rescuing for a long time, i can count on one hand the amount of men i have encountered in my spaces. and almost all of them were gay. males do nothing for no one without something in return.

Anonymous 132931


dumping my pinkpill pics

Anonymous 132932


Anonymous 132933


Anonymous 132934


Anonymous 132935


Anonymous 132938

i had a sensible chuckle, these are some good memes nona

Anonymous 132940


thanks nona! i have more but they're more meme tier but still ill dump bc why not

Anonymous 132941


Anonymous 132942


Anonymous 132943


Anonymous 132944


Anonymous 132945


Anonymous 132947

Anonymous 132948

All that meme tells me is what he means by "his 20s" is that he's 28 and the girls he's "trying to date" are 20

Anonymous 132950

Lol no. I'm bi but I don't even like women that much, there's nothing to be horrified about pussies. Unless you're a gay male I guess.

Anonymous 132962

Anonymous 132967

lmao best meme in the thread, author really gets it

Anonymous 132983

This is oddly adorable. It cheered me up to read it.

Anonymous 132991

anyone know what anime this is from? reverse image search didn't work for me

Anonymous 132993



Anonymous 132996

stop feeding

Anonymous 132999


Yandex gave me Onii-sama.

Anonymous 133002

yeah looks like that's the one, thanks nona

Anonymous 133007


>Pakistan: Unidentified men dig up the grave of a teenage woman and rape her corpse, 17 accused being interrogated, investigation underway

A girl died in village Chak Kamala, Gujrat on 2nd day of Eid and today. Men dug up her grave and raped the dead body. Not only her body was completely covered but also she was almost 8ft under the ground. It's really tough to be a Woman in Pakistan.

Anonymous 133012

>hate moids
>love penises
It's not fair…

Anonymous 133013

how the fuck is noise incel

Anonymous 133029

Everyday, I lose more hopes for humanity, and the reason was never a woman.

Anonymous 133035

>Don't like to wear dresses? That means you're actually a man.
>You wear shirts and a hat? That means you're gay.
These people are so obsessed with signalling, archetypes, and compartmentalizing it just takes over everything, huh.

If it stays still long enough, men will find a way to stick their dick into it. I'm honestly surprised we don't trip over men digging holes in the ground after a rain to fuck the mud.

Anonymous 133054

If only there was a women's only country in order to accept South Asian women as refugees.
It is so bad down there, no wonder the best feminists I know IRL are South Asian women.
>thinking about d*cks in a time and place like this
Kind of inappropriate, nona.
Take it to the you-know-where board and discuss about male ryona or whatever makes you horny there.

Anonymous 133055

No I doesn't if they're overbearing assholes walking into it you can pretty easily tell them off. Remember they're the ones agonizing over and obsessing over you enough to comment. Its like they can't let it go. Don't you ever wonder why lmao

Anonymous 133084

Men find it really, really hard to hear accounts from a woman accusing a man of sexual harassment or assault and visualize themselves in the place of a woman with a credible allegation instead of in the place of a man being falsely accused.

“Well, I would never. And surely, most guys are like me,” he thinks, “wait, but I touched a coworker's butt accidentally at a work party twenty years ago… will she accuse me of harassment? I hugged a young woman and her breasts touched me, will she accuse me of pedophilia?”

Even men who are extremely empathetic about other issues not directly affecting them will jump to talking about “not wanting to sentence someone in the court of public opinion” or identifying with some small part of the accused’s testimony even if they intellectually agree that the accuser is credible. They ask, “wait, when you say harassment, do you mean… harassment, or flirting that got out of hand?”

Even when the men are uninterested in women sexually they still have a fundamental inability to imagine something so widespread.

Some of the most empathetic men genuinely see nothing wrong with some forms of sexual harassment and assault. They think that, sometimes, women deserve abuse because they’ve misbehaved, and it’ll teach them to correct themselves in future. Or that it’s funny to torment women because it’s just a game to them and they think it’s silly that women overreact.

Sometimes, you will see men largely (but not entirely) agree the woman’s side is in the right. Like in the recent Chak Kamala necrophila case. Where the woman’s side is her family, and the woman herself is dead. She is blameless, in death. She did nothing to provoke the men. She was eight feet under, in her funerary clothes.

Anonymous 133088

>You have ‘concluded that I favour matrimony.’ Well, so I do, for the men. I regard the pure and lovable wife as the best safeguard for a man’s honour and purity; the comfortable and happy home as his rightful and natural resting place; and every loving environment that springs from such a tie one step nearer the heart of earth’s dearest and best. That’s for the man. And for every such home some woman is the sacrificial flame that feeds the altar. I take notice that my girl friends who have been engaged a year and those who have been married a year look vastly different, and it sets me to pondering on the differences between a man’s engaged love and his married love.

I thought this quote was interesting. In the latter part of the 19th century Gene Stratton-Porter, a famous U.S. naturalist, wrote this in a letter to her future husband (during their courtship). She's very clear-eyed about a value women have always seen in marriage: which is to say it's inevitable women will love men, and women will want the people they love to be happy, healthy; home. Yet, she's also very clear-eyed about the weight of the man's world on women's shoulders. The way she described all of the great, holy, venerable benefits men receive from having a wife in a home followed by the metaphor of women as the sacrificial flame… made me stop and think.

Anonymous 133092

I meant it takes over everything in their lives, minds and all interpretations thereout. (Or I guess therein since that's where it's happening.)

Anonymous 133111

BASED. she is completely right. very based lady so ahead of her time, unfortunately.

Anonymous 133612

Anonymous 133631

Turkmenistan is a totalitarian dictatorship in Central Asia. Right now, the new president (who was installed by his father's government back in March) is imposing more restrictions on women.


So far:

- women are forbidden to ride in cars with men who aren' their relatives
- forbidden to ride in the front seat
- forbidden to ride in cars after 8 PM
- prohibited from wearing any form-fitting clothing
- any kind of beauty enhancements such as manicures, false lashes or lip fillers are forbidden
- forced to sign agreements that they will be fired if they are caught with the above even outside of work
- are being stopped by police officers in the street and have their faces inspected, fined if they're wearing make-up or nails

It's not in effect yet, but the government is also discussing a law forbidding female citizens from leaving the country for any reason.

Anonymous 133645

Virtually NOTHING has changed, we just have great home and kitchen appliances now. Every woman I once knew, who married seems to have completely lost herself. I do NOT envy the situation. They completely changed, became shells of the people they were before.

Instead of running a homestead or household we work and chase kids and a manchild around for 18 years.
People who try to see the et positive and take a chance with it are INSANE to me. Its not worth throwing away 18 or 25 years to me.

Once you're in it with a kid there is no going back from that hell.

Anonymous 133646

It's fucking EASY to live without them my god.

Anonymous 133652

I think they can just get a dildo or something. Being pinkpilled when you're a hopeless romantic though hurts

Anonymous 133658

How the hell can anyone be a hopeless romantic these days? It defies all perceptible logic. You only have to be on the internet for 2 minutes to realize men are filth. They lay it out for the univers to see. Kicking choking spitting at you during sex being the new thing. Laying in bed with a porcupine seems less revolting

Anonymous 133659

You say this but I just do NOT understand how it's even possible. Are you an alien?

Anonymous 133662

its not that hard

Anonymous 133664


That sounds impossible to keep going for a long period but ok

Anonymous 133672

It's weird, I'm actually pretty depraved but all the guys I talked to and dated were vanilla. It seems like the guys with extreme perversions are just typical obvious psychopath dudes and 4chan freaks. Most normie guys are really boring.

Anonymous 133683

I know how terrible men are. But I've always been a hopeless romantic and only been pinkpilled for a year. I'm still attracted to men unfortunately and wish men weren't evil and could actually feel love. And idk why you guys are mad that I am a hopeless romantic. I don't choose to be this way and I wish I could grow out of it somehow. The pinkpill for me feels heartbreaking and causes me to be resentful towards men

Anonymous 133687

Same. I'd always been kind of wary of moids. But I think talking to, dating them and lurking manosphere boards and realizing how many of them are pedos was the final nail in the coffin.

Anonymous 133694

You don't need to be resentful or a hopeless romantic you just need to realize how to pause feelings and experience complete neutrality MOST of the time. Don't ever get caught on love feelings unless it's towards someone that's gone above and beyond or it's just fantasy(it's not like you have to be numb either) Don't give them any positive or negative power, don't participate in any kind of mental game with men.

I'm not really mad I'm just blown away

Anonymous 133695

You assume I just haven't got to know enough men yet, but this isn't solely based on my own experiences. No matter how many men I get to know, they'll never change, and it isn't just me either. They all have the same moid brain. I don't hate men, I couldn't bring myself to truly hate an entire group of people so much, though I am angry and resentful. Their contempt and lack of respect for us, the pleasure they derive from hurting, raping, and murdering us, all rooted in their nature, is unequivocally unforgivable and warrants my resentment and leaves me no choice. I cannot fathom being apathetic towards this.

Anonymous 133699


Imagine if it was the norm for men in mass to yeet themselves into male-dominated circlejerks objectifying or talking shit about women in order to argue for hours and hours in defense of women.

Anonymous 133708

nta but they get shouted down and laughed at by other men and their words are dismissed as coming from a dumb simp. So what if 1 out of 500 male posters defend women?

Anonymous 133711

You meant it as a means to amuse oneself, no?
Because the schizos are right that there are entire teams of researching and implementing deradicalization stuff. Homeland security is one hell of an academic field.

Anonymous 133713

mods are awake?

Anonymous 133751

browsing reddit innuendo subreddits made me realize how undesirable and gross 99% of the male population is.

Anonymous 133754


stuff like this is so ingrained in our culture. the idea that ~*women don't understand that they're being degraded, only men Understand Le Epic Sex Joke*~ is 99% of the joy moids get from doing random degrading shit to women or making them the butt of perverse jokes.

Anonymous 133791

Good morning
Males should die
I wish every lurking and/or posting scrote a very kill yourself (that includes trans """""women""""" and moids who say "based" only because they mistakenly believe that TERFs are just like their white supremacist fantasy tradwives)

Anonymous 133793

We need to take hints from Sri Lanka and BURN IT ALL DOWN.

Anonymous 133795

I hate men so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 133803

love from crystal cafe

Anonymous 133825

i'm a woman and say "based". trying to connect language to gender is a very troony thing to do.

Anonymous 133827

not what she said lol

Anonymous 133830

well then she should be more explicit

Anonymous 133834

she was though

Anonymous 133843

Are all moids psychopaths? Asking unironically. Never met one that said it "felt" anything other than anger or being sad about no girlfriend.

Anonymous 133845

Yes. The situation in Russia reveals it very clearly. The only reason moids don't run around raping and killing everything is because they don't want to go to jail. Men are psychopaths and the best way to protect yourself as a woman is to not exist in proximity to them.

Anonymous 133850

men are inferior to women in every way, id be a petty insecure retard too if i had to feel hopelessly attracted to people out of my league since birth everyday

Anonymous 133851

Yes, men are driven only by ego and sex

Anonymous 133852

The reason men get so angry about places like this is because they're mad they have been found out.
Men are too lazy to stop watching porn and come up with some new strategy to take advantage of women, and they're pissed their tricks don't work on us anymore.
If something you say about men makes them mad, crying to ""prove"" you wrong with manosphere riged statistics and zombie pornbrain retoric, know you've hit the nail on the head and go your merry way.

Anonymous 133853


i-i-i i..
gets ed from porn and writes on r9k why all women are whores

Anonymous 133856

I am rooting for reappropriating “based” for anything tradtards are loathing
So I am using it for that matter

Anonymous 133858

>men are inferior to women in every way
Reminder that all males literally have a sad defective chromosome so them being inferior comes from their genetics.

>moids who say "based" only because they mistakenly believe that TERFs are just like their white supremacist fantasy tradwives
I didn't say there's anything wrong with saying "based" for other reasons.
I've seen several scrotes call TERFs "based" when they shit on trannies, as if those same TERFs didn't hate non-tranny males as well or consider them both as part of the same. It's pathetic and only shows how egocentric and clueless males are.

Anonymous 133859

how is it "reappropriating" if it wasn't created by you anyway? if you mean that thing where normies will take any piece of original slang from online communities and repeat it ad nauseam in their mainstream platforms until they stop being funny then it already happened lol.

Anonymous 133862

Reeeee normies

Anonymous 133866

I think many men also think women only use the internet for posting selfies on instagram and such things. When they find out women also use the internet for things like anonymous discussions it’s hard for them to understand that. They think the non social media part of the internet is a male domain.

Anonymous 133868

i dont mind when mediocre men (so basically all of them) think theyre the shit i mean its annoying sure but i love laughing at how they make a fool out of themselves and give everyone second hand embarrassment

Anonymous 133886

It makes me sad how easily incel opinions spread out from the incel-o-sphere.

I see it as a two-pronged path to diffusion:

In many online spaces, pointing out obvious misogynistic propaganda is dismissed as white-knighting or simping. (If the simp is revealed to be female, their points are dismissed because obviously they're taking it too personally.)

At the same time, women are more likely to give weight to men’s opinions than vice versa. (Especially when men state their opinions as fact.)

Post incel memes and slang on normier and normier internet spaces, rinse, repeat.

Anonymous 133913

I was reading this interesting thread on a forum frequented by older women. They reflect on the free love movement in the 60's and 70's. Some of the responses were pretty interesting. A peak at history—what's changed, and what hasn't.

>Q: Elder[posters] who lived through the sexual revolution, how wild were the 1960s-1970s?

>A: You know those guys who say they want to be in an open relationship but actually they just want to fuck a bunch of women and expect their girlfriends/wives to stay home doing chores and get pissy if those women sleep with other guys? Imagine that but home is an RV and it's not just your guy but all the guys.

>A: My mother doesn't recommend it. Her first husband was actually a minor but significant enough member of the free love movement to have been interviewed on a few talk shows, and she says it really did fairly depressingly often break down to "the guy can fuck around on the woman as much as he likes and if she's ever unhappy, then she's just a total square downer".

>R: Yeah, never forget that there were signs back then for "Free Land, Free Love, and Free Women." Nobody bothered to ask the women how they felt about that, of course.
>R: I'd be all for that slogan! …if "Free" was a verb instead of an adjective. D:

>A: A bit later than you are asking, but I went to the Stonehenge Free Festival, the last gasp of the UK hippie culture, in 1984, the year before the Festival was broken up by the police in the Battle of the Beanfield. I was a teenager with a couple of other teenage friends. We stopped by a small encampment with a sign that said "apple drinks 10p" and a woman came out to serve us. She was literally barefoot, buck naked, and heavily pregnant. She was hauling drinks and sorting the site while the (fully clothed) menfolk were strumming their fucking guitars by the campfire. I hated that whole scene so fucking much. I literally hitched away from that site the same day to go and live in an all-woman community, I hated it so much.

>A: According to my mother, fantastic. I think it can be hard for us some of us younger people who grew up with it being a common thing to fathom the incredible, previously inconceivable freedom that came with birth control pills. You could just fuck around and not worry about getting pregnant! You could do the thing men had always been doing without the all the medical, financial, social etc. risks of pregnancy!

>R: This is kind of weird, but I feel like in the modern day many people take birth control so much for granted that they have completely forgotten why slutshaming among women was a thing. Obviously, misogyny and double standards has always played into it as well, but the sex positive attitude of "go have sex, be free, own your body," and all that has really only been possible for women since the advent of birth control. Before that, when women shamed and sheltered their daughters and other younger women in their charge, warning them against dalliances with men and so on, it was as much about protecting them from the consequences of pregnancy as it was about regular old misogynist double standards.
>R: Definitely. And I think they also forget the incredible fear and danger of (consensual, wanted) sex before reliable birth control. Of desiring someone and wanting to be intimate with them and knowing that it was impossible to do this safely, without potentially risking social and financial ruin.

>A: My mom said it was great if you enjoyed getting crabs a lot.

>A: My mom was raised in a cult in the 60s through the mid 70s which she ran away from as a teenager. She then spent the rest of the 70s hitchhiking through the southwest until she reunited with her family, but then her aunt tried to kill her with a knife because she thought my mom was sleeping with her husband (her husband was actually sleeping with a witch – a literal witch – who lived down the street and had previously had multiple husbands of her own die suspiciously which is like, another story) so she left again, met a guy who got her pregnant with my older sister and married him only to divorce him right before the 80s when he stole all her money to buy cocaine. She says these were the best years of her life though.

>A: I do think my mom definitely expected my brother and I to be more promiscuous than either of us turned out to be based on her own experiences, but at the same time I've heard more about her dealing with jerks than having fun. She's also explicitly told me that she found out the hard way that she can't have sex without getting attached after, and that the one time she went out with a guy just because he was pursuing her super hard he dumped her right after sex and she realized she was just a notch on his bedpost.

Anonymous 133925

Kk, “appropriating” then

Anonymous 133926

Lol, most of them really do think women on internet are either instahoes(sexy) or tumblrinas(ew unsexy) - that’s it

Anonymous 133927

Well, pretty much what one could expect, thanks for sharing this

Anonymous 133934

Men never change.

Anonymous 133936


Troons are men

Anonymous 133937

Why do they have to make those absolutely idiotic anime girl teehee~ poses? Are they trying to pass as women or as weeaboo porn addicts?

Anonymous 133943


For most men anime is the only representation of womanhood they have in their lives, so when the their fetish demands they mimic it, they start to mime their favorite characters

Anonymous 133945


Anonymous 133947


Anonymous 133966

How to redpill my bf on abortion rights and troons?

Anonymous 134001

why does he support trannies but not abortion

Anonymous 134003

No abortions hurts the economy. Cycle of poverty, poor people have more abortions leading to higher crime rates and the degradation of society. In the US, over 56% of abortions are done by minorities.
There is a reason why successful 1st world countries have abortions while poor 3rd world countries don't. No abortions are what help them stay 3rd world.

Anonymous 134004

Anonymous 134007

You ought to judge yourself rather than look at statistics.

Anonymous 134011

This is the single most civilized imageboard in the world. And I think It's no coincidence.
Moids are violent. Violence and chaos Is hard-wired into moid culture.

Anonymous 134012

Just take a peek at crime statistics. Most violent crime is just moids being moids.
To anyone here that has been mugged, did you get mugged by a girl even once? Of coure you weren't.

Anonymous 134014

Sucks to be you then, It's not worth it.
Imagine there's a chimpanzee that may feel like raping or killing you anytime for any reason real or imagined, but you still own it because it sometimes does something that makes you feel good.
That'd be stupid as fuck right?. Just as stupid as being with a scrote.

Anonymous 134028

so true

Anonymous 134029

why are you dating someone that doesn't believe you have the right to autonomy? why would you want to sleep next to such a creature?

Anonymous 134059


Why do moids seethe so hard about women preferring tall guys? Men do nothing but nitpick the way women look. They make their preferences very well known to the point where all women feel they need to look the same to please men. Yet, when women have even ONE preference that's even kinda universal, moids foam at the mouth. Vid related, it makes for great trolling. Guaranteed scrote rage every time.

Anonymous 134061

NTA, but my bf is also anti-choice and he says it's because it's "ableist" (lol) especially when the fetus is aborted due to disability like down syndrome. He has a genetic disability so he empathizes with the fetus more than the mother (still sociopathic to me).
I almost thought about leaving him over this but it felt silly since it's just 1 political disagreement..

Anonymous 134066

>I almost thought about leaving him over this but it felt silly since it's just 1 political disagreement..
Not all political disagreements are created equal. He's literally denying your fundamental rights as a human being and you should not tolerate it. Imagine what other things he's going to reveal down the line of you stay with him.

Anonymous 134067

Pretend that you might be pregnant and see how he reacts. My bf used to be the same, but I got late once and he absolutely panicked and told me he would get me any pills I needed to end it. But this was less than a year into dating so it might not work anymore if you already plan on staying together.

Anonymous 134071

Anon it's not just that you "politically" disagree with him.
He's actually retarded. Are you going to date a tard?
You're better than that.

Anonymous 134075

I know you're right but i feel like I excuse moids' behavior because I honestly don't have high standards for their intellect in the first place.
He said if I ever got an abortion he'd break up with me but I'm on pills and refuse to have sex without a condom so I don't think it would come up.
>He's actually retarded.
I know. It's just hard when he's a fine and loving person otherwise.

Anonymous 134076

You should still try it imo. Even better if you're on pills and condoms. He can say that because he has a double safety net and thinks it will never fail.

Anonymous 134122

Yikes. I wonder how he feels about people with genetic disabilities who specifically choose not to have children? Like couples who meet due to their disability and decide to have a childfree marriage. Are they being ableist against themselves, or the (potential, nonexistent) children?

Anonymous 134123


But someone is a baby if they get a hang up over it. There's 100s of reasons why someone might be turned down for a job interview…a relationship..a friendship…half of it might be out of their control or current circumstances.
Hundreds of millions of women have been turned down over their age and other things they can't change (or just pumped and dumped). It's just how the cookie crumbles.

There's a difference between being hurt by something and moving on, and then getting a hang up on something. Men being weirdly preoccupied on who they can and can't fuck is a failing. And yeah, that gets 100x worse if a guy still has a hang up over the idea of a lot of women not being open to dating him if he finds a woman that likes him.

I think you saying "control" is interesting because it does make insecure men feel less in control over women, yeah. Entitlement cancelled, I suppose.

Anonymous 134127

That type of man just loves to blame his shortcomings on things he cannot change to make himself feel better. Those guys have a "height complex" because being short is the most common and simple "undesirable trait," so when a girl doesn't like them they can just say "Stupid whore wants a Dimitrescu wife, ridiculous standards!" rather than dress better, shower, or not be an asshat. That way it's her fault and not something he can change.
Just look at 4ch/ic/, 100 threads every day going "I‌ can't improve at art. I‌ have no talent. No asian genes!"

Anonymous 134154

Is this a moid? You should know that most women don't give a shit about men being super tall. Most of the time you just have to at least be as tall as the girl.
Obviously nobody likes being rejected over physical traits they can't control, but that's not how to world works. There's no reason to seethe over it, get used to rejection like the rest of the world.

Anonymous 134158

Nobody likes being rejected period. Not everyone wants to fuck you. Get over it.

Anonymous 134177

As you should, seethe harder moid

Anonymous 134178

Ok, go date an ugly girl then. She can't control being ugly, you shouldn't reject people for things they can't change.

Anonymous 134179

It's OK to feel upset over rejection like most people do but seething at women and acting like they're hypergamous sluts for preferring tall guys is retarded.

Anonymous 134203


There's also the consideration that men get triggered over height preferences because it makes all of their self-improvement journey "void." All of their time spent at the gym, reading and watching pick-up and hustle sophistry, building social status either by aggression or arrogance, and making money as a functioning adult is, to them, "gone" in the moment of the rejection; hence their mantrums, autistic screeching, and the obvious on how truly vapid they have to be if they did not enjoy their self-improvement journey as it is.

Little do they know some women don't mind height differences at all–it is seen as cute for some women too, even if the moids don't like it when women call them cute–but the moment they open their mouths and start being overtly misogynistic and begin shitting on women, instead of the impossible patriarchal standard of men always having to be 6' tall, is the moment women unmatch and block them, simple as.

Anonymous 134204


I don't want to sound schizophrenic, but I think moids' obsession with women-only spaces is rooted in some kind of Freudian awe of women having vaginas instead of pps, and them wanting to "explore" the vagina as if it were a cave, and they were the next Indiana Jones trying to discover the Ark of Covenant inside every biological woman.

Anonymous 134207

Freud sucks though

Anonymous 134215

I went back to the male-dominated site I used to frequent before discovering CC and LC, and now I notice just how puke-inducing their misogyny is. I remember why I left that shithole. Males are massive hypocrites and their whole existence revolves around sex and seeing women as objects. You can even see it in their support for trannies, they would rather "support trans rights and our trans sisters!!" than stop making pornographic rape jokes involving women because their COOM is more important than supporting actual women (obviously they don't see troons as women either, that's why they support them and their AGP fetish so strongly).

Anonymous 134258

God this.
I went and made a thread asking what men’s ideal women is and all I got are meme answers like 6ft black man with 8 inch penis or quick one liners like 5’9+ long legs big rack.
Meanwhile on female ideal partner threads you have a long detailed list about things other than appearance like characteristics, personality traits, hobbies, skills, etc.
Proof women take relationships more seriously

Anonymous 134340

Tbh, someone who is only capable of feeling good at self-improvement if they get a blowjob or eaten out is already dead in the water to me.

Anonymous 134400

i hate this fucking woman who pities the dumbass men who consume this content but demonizes the streamers, theyre both disgusting groups of people who deserve to be shot but shes all like
"evil women! poor baby lonely men aweee come here"
she simultaneously blames women for infantilizing themselves for making this content but then infantilizes and pities the gross pedophiles consuming this
they are literally grown ass men who are responsible for their own actions and dumbass decisions, quit fucking babying them

Anonymous 134401

whats the disability? is it mental or physical? is it something lime aspergers or are you literally dating a guy with downs. I hear downs people are super sweet.

Anonymous 134404

>He said if I ever got an abortion he'd break up with me
Holy shit dude, leave him. He clearly doesn't love you if he's willing to drop you just like that.

Anonymous 134407

why to men loneliness is not having an irl inflatable doll to have on demand sex with? aka a ""girlfriend""
they could have a loving family, a cute pet and a group of nice friends, but they would still cry about muh loneliness because there's not an underappreciated girl to be their bangmaid in the picture.
they're not lonely, they just want a sexual partner. which is totally fine, but the lack of it doesn't necessarily make you muh lonely :(((

Anonymous 134411


Her channel has always had massive pickme vibes. I remember watching some videos from her concerning trannies but I didn't dwelve deeper into her other content. I'm not that surprised that she hates and blames women in favor of muh men which is probably all of her pathetic audience.

Anonymous 134417

No, no, this is true. For reasons like >>130499 stated and because they really think it makes them a maverick and "not like the soy bois", It's hilarious because so many moids are jumping on the bandwagon thus making it popular and trendy, the exact thing they wish to not be.

It's EXTRA hilarious because on one side, you have normies who use incel memes, terminology etc. but will instantly bully the actual people they parrot, often attacking how many bitches they get, being ugly and mentally ill and on the other side, the males who really want to be seen as "one of the rejects of society" don't even get accepted as one because they have had sex and aren't really that socially inept, they get classified as "failed normies". Clown world.

Anonymous 134429

Almost all dating apps allow you to post your height. If they are worried its an issue they should be honest about it and thus only match with people who dont care. They are like troons trying to spring a surprise on you last minute (bad analogy, you can always clock a troon as a man instantly but still)

Anonymous 134431

so men are retarded?

Anonymous 134435

scrotes are absolutely outraged women can make good money barely putting any effort (at least in their limited perspective) because they are so coomchimped they equal horniness with being as impairing as being mentally disabled.
try being less of a disgusting coomer? lmaooo
where is their """victim""" blaming here? oh i guess the rational and logical sex only does that when its a woman being killed or assaulted lol

Anonymous 134436

The rock-peddler is a true capitalist and American hero and should be lauded.

Anonymous 134443

Intentional, as you can also see I also used the word normies for satirical effect.

Anonymous 134498

Imagine if, tomorrow, a third sex appeared on Earth.

It's a miracle! YY chromosomal babies are possible. One-third of all babies born, starting tomorrow, belong to this third sex. Let's call them 'thirdies'.

Thirdies are indistinguishable from other children until puberty, at which point they grow twice as big as males, twice as strong, and twice as aggressive.

Thirdies are almost exclusively attracted to males, and are capable of impregnating men by laying a clutch of third-sex-gametes in a man's scrotum. The baby comes to term after nine months, at which point they're birthed through the penis. During this process there's a 80% chance of tearing, and a 60% chance of death.

How would the world change?

Anonymous 134523

crime would skyrocket that's for sure. The world will be a much worser place but at least men would know what the fuck women are going through.

Anonymous 134527

Whats with men online backpatting eachother about how much women are worthless and all whores, while also crying cause no gf

Anonymous 134528

Its the same as nonas on here.
They are all scrotes this and moids that yet who posts in the 'tfw no bf' thread?

Anonymous 134531

A woman won't mug you (meaning robbery through force), she will swindle you instead.

Anonymous 134557

there's way less fixation on fucking moids on here than the other way around for sure.
not to mention cc is way less gross than any scrote filled imageboard.

Anonymous 134560


Moids get so offended over not getting sex. It's annoying. I mean it's also very predictable that this shit would offend them but I just want to slap the shit out of moids when they moan and cry about not getting their cocks sucked. Moids should become second class citizens and removed their rights to sex. It's just fucking annoying.

Anonymous 134561

I give you that it's a less gross imageboard though I think it's like that because the rules have banned anything gross.
And there is less fixation on bf's because most nonas on here actually have one, which is not the case on r9k etc.

Anonymous 134562

Using a gun is a stick up, not a mugging.

Anonymous 134565

Bokusatsu Tenshi D…

why do scrotes always side with the man no matter how obviously in the wrong he is? i always see men trying to defend other men when the guy is "against" a woman, even when
it's murderers and rapists.
where is their so called protection instinct towards women?
they must be secretly gay, conditioned by media to get erections on boobs and interpret that as being straight.
where is their logic, when they know men are the most violent sex, yet keep repeating how all women are evil whores one should guard themselves from? (even though they're obsessed with us and do all but ignore us)
to add insult to the injury, women do side with men when they're the legitimately hurt party in a situation.

Anonymous 134616

When you think about it logically, who has more discerning taste than (women, labeled by men to be) whores? They have the most experience, they're not satisfied with just some rando dick who pays attention to them because they've surely had better, and they can spot a selfish misogynist a mile away because they're not new to this shit. That's why they're so insistent on young women without much sexual or life experience. They know any woman who has had sex with someone else will find them disappointing, and any woman over the age of 25 has enough life experience to see through their bullshit.

Anonymous 134617

>where is their so called protection instinct towards women?
It only exists when they see women assailed by blank-faced dehumanized flunkeys. If the presence attacking the woman is men with faces and identities, the man will automatically side with the men, because he inherently sees the men as fully-formed humans while the woman is a mere ephemeral concept.
>where is their logic, when they know men are the most violent sex, yet keep repeating how all women are evil whores one should guard themselves from? (even though they're obsessed with us and do all but ignore us)
Men do their best to beat their female partners into literal or figurative submission, destroying her identity and self-esteem, controlling her finances, raping her with impunity, and so on and so forth, and want to keep doing so. Any woman who gets her own out of a relationship challenges their ooga-booga instincts to use, destroy, and discard women.

Anonymous 134683


Anonymous 134684

I hope somebody kills this man as soon as possible. Why put all these restictions but not even one for men?

Anonymous 134689

I hate how gay men feel like they're somehow exempt of their sex and go all ''uggh men are so tiring 🙄🙄 why can they shut up'' (n general complaining about men, you get me) like dude YOU ARE MEN…. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM….

And also i hate how random people expect me (and other lesbians) to be like besties with them. I hate all men, I can't stand them, what you like to put on your mouth doesnt matter, a man is a man….. they dont even care about us and 100% side with other men (gay or not) first than with women anyways, why would i be friends/in solidarity with them

Anonymous 134692

i feel like most men in relationships are in for the status and easy sex and dont actually give a damn about the girl they're with, and would happily cheat. their gentleman or affection actions feel performative to me like they're playing a role just to mantain the relationship and the lie that they care. i dont know if im cynical or what. i hope there are good men out there, but i doubt it more with each passing day.

Anonymous 134718

men lack empathy and would rather relate to other men than with women. They usually don't care when women are murdered or raped. They have to be related to him to care like his wife, daughter, mother, etc. otherwise they see no reason to empathize

Anonymous 134758


>where is their so called protection instinct towards women?
It was never there. If it were, there wouldn't be any rape, murder, and abuse against women, at all. Women would have had rights and equal status to men from the beginning of human history, and pretty much the history of (wo)mankind would be matriarchal in nature as men would still kill each other in war and die en masse, but women wouldn't be harmed and killed if such instinct existed, so the ratio of men to women would be something like 1:3.
>where is their logic, when they know men are the most violent sex
They hide it with rampant racism and ethnic discrimination specific to every country (e.g. the Roma people in Spain). But they know damn well that non-violent crimes like fraud are still being done by men rather than women, but they remain 1) ignorant or 2) refuse to talk about it.
Marriage is slowly becoming prestigious in the social sphere due to the propaganda of the divorce rate being 50% of all marriages (and increasing). So now we have seen married men obtain plenty of benefits, directly and indirectly, like job promotions, better chances to get a raise, greater overall happiness and quality of life, etc., but not so with women, like always, unless the husband in particular is of high value like him being engaged in child rearing, doing half or more house chores, etc.

>i hope there are good men out there, but i doubt it more with each passing day.

I want to believe they do, but it is pretty hard to find one that is single and not gay.

Anonymous 134759

Did you know the women and children first rule, was never an actual policy on ships. It was rarely enforced and on most ships, women and children died first

Anonymous 134760

>moids use the one time women and children came first to justify years of oppression

Anonymous 134762

Anonymous 134764

Imagine having to live with a whiny perpetual victim lmao

Anonymous 134772

on the topic of scrotes defending their kind, one time i said how most moids dont care about girls feelings especially when sex is somehow involved.
this moid jumped in bringing the anecdotal evidence that his brother's friend had a girlfriend and he found a condom in the guy's backpack. that proved he cared about her.
so much to unpack, if someone wants to go ahead. i got tired just remembering this.

Anonymous 134774

Why do straight scrotes hate gay moids? Shouldn't they be grateful there's less competition?
They idolize chads though, who supposedly steal all the women. what?

Anonymous 134814

Straight men hate gay men because they are feminine. To men, femininity is weak and that's the worst thing a man can be. They don't hate when women are masculine as much because they see women as lower than men so it's like they're getting closer to a man's level. There's a quote basically saying when women cut their hair short and wear tomboyish clothes, it's cool and cute, but when men do anything feminine, it's "gay" and made fun of because it's degrading to be feminine. Women obviously aren't made fun of for being feminine because it's expected of them, and usually conservative men will enforce traditional gender roles onto women to keep us below them, but whether women are masculine or feminine, we have always been degraded by men because we are women. It is degrading to be female. And I think that's why women are generally more accepting of gay men than straight men are. And also men just idolize chads because it's who they aspire to be. Instead, they blame women for their lack of ability to attract women calling them slutty, shallow, hypergamous, etc. as they always do.

Anonymous 134818

On what planet

Anonymous 134819

Anonymous 134820

on the same planet where porn is real, the moid dimension…

Anonymous 134856


Woke liberals are literally just male rights activists now, but I know most of you losers will vote blue no matter who anyway.

Anonymous 134860

At least the blue party isn’t trying to force women to give birth.

Anonymous 134868


wow who could've seen the complete implosion of liberal identity politics? it's almost like it's a tool of division or something

Anonymous 134869

They will make prostitution legal but keep abortion banned. Any woman voting for this future is a retard.

Anonymous 134879

What the fuck are you on retarded scrote? Go look at the Amber/Johnny thread, most people either side with Deep or neither. There's like 1 or 2 posters supporting Amber.
Go on TikTok for 5 minutes and you'll see endless videos of women making fun of Amber and supporting Deep as well. Your hate makes you so disgustingly delusional.

Anonymous 134880

True. I don't think I've seen any women defending amber, only making fun of her. The funny thing is both amber heard and johnny depp were abusive to each other yet women still defend Depp.

Anonymous 134881

Yeah I cringe a little when I see these women saying shit like "protect johnny". The smart thing to do here is realize they are both fucked up millionaire actors and we will never know the full truth. The only thing people should care about is how this affects their entertainment. I'd rather Deep wins only because I liked his acting/movies more.

Anonymous 134903

>have to compete with giants to get a bf
beyond over

Anonymous 134911


After I saw republicans and conservatives takes on rape now what trannies do doesn't seem that bad at all. Still hate them for their degenerate fantasies.

Anonymous 134913

What makes those statements worse is that those people will think rape is the rarest crime on Earth and if the victim isn't beaten half to death and totally mentally shattered by the experience, it wasn't really rape.

Anonymous 134916

Can't say I like the RP but stop conflating republicans with conservatives. Its like conflating dems with libs they often agree on issues yes but its for different reasons.

Anonymous 134917


>conflating republicans with conservatives

Anonymous 134918

Trannies are not better. They literally tell you the same thing when it comes to lesbians sucking girldick or exposing themselves in female places.
It's like choosing between a shit sandwich and a shit sundae.

Anonymous 134919

the DP and RP both have 3 main sects all with differing ideas on how things should be run.
in the DP there are the liberals, neolibs, and the more radical sects which tend to band together for their own benefit.
In the RP there are conservatives, neocons, and the radical right wing sects which also tend to band together as well. Neocons and neolibs are interchangeable because they work for their own benefit and try to subvert anyone who they perceive as a threat to their power. These are the people you're quoting just like how conservatives often quote neolibs when it suits them ignoring the actual legitimate arguments of the sects that care. But idk im just some conservatard nona don't listen to me.

Anonymous 134925


At least these people are honest.
Democrats and woke liberal men will hide behind the concept of BDSM to abuse, beat and rape women. And then gaslight the entire population that she consented or it was her choice or that all women enjoy rape and being submissive to men. They are grooming women to like sexual violence so they technically don't have to rape in the classical sense but the violence is still on the same level.
Democrats want to legalize prostitution and pretend there is nothing wrong with men that buy women for sexual use.
The wokes are waging a massive psychological warfare against women the end goal is that patriarchy and womens subordination will never end, because women will perceive patriarchal oppression as their individual choice.

Anonymous 134937

>noooo not the poor American mainstream politicians
Cringe, honestly. Imagine defending either of the two main American parties. Fuck American politicians. Not only do they make your life hell in the US (look at how they're trying to make abortion illegal) but also for people elsewhere.

Anonymous 134958

>If a woman has[the right to an abortion], why shouldn't a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist's pursuit of sexual freedom doesn't[in most cases]result in anyone's death.
Holy shit scrotes are retarded. Imagine being incapable of empathizing with women but fetuses instead. And they're the same men to blame women that get abortions for having sex in the first place then say shit like this. A man's pursuit of "sexual freedom"(rape) could very much result in abortion too. Male sexuality is inherently degenerate. They couldn't care less about who they mate with and the wellbeing of society as long as they see their shitty genes be infinitely propagated and nothing could ever satisfy them.

Anonymous 134994

Republicans also want far harsher penalties for rape. Regarding the last example, polls show most republicans support abortion rights.

It's not that bleak.

Anonymous 134996

>They couldn't care less about who they mate with and the wellbeing of society as long as they see their shitty genes be infinitely propagated

To be fair, reproductive drive is the underlying factor that motivates people to do most things.

Anonymous 135002

Except for the rapes they commit. And to them date rape isnt real. And its only rape if she was dressed appropriately. Youd have to be a fool to believe any part of their lipservice when their actions completely contradict

Anonymous 135004

just because moids are motivated by sex only doesnt mean actual humans cant genuinely enjoy lots of things simply for what they are <3

Anonymous 135007

Of course, but most of our behaviour is indirectly geared towards propagation. Status, social networks, material wealth, appearance. It permeates almost all of our actions without us being aware of it. Neither moids or real humans have free will in the strictest sense of the word.

Anonymous 135008

I'm pretty sure left leaning moids are more rapey

Anonymous 135010

Ok youre totally right ill blindly support conservatives who work to strip me of my rights and personhood now. but at least we owned the libs, right!

Anonymous 135013

Support who you want. I'm just saying left leaning moids are more rapey

Anonymous 135014

Ok well im saying the opposite

Anonymous 135016

Neoliberal is a word with a meaning, its not just “new liberal” or a counterpart to neocon. Ronald reagan is a neoliberal. Please stop speaking about things you obviously have zero understanding of.

Anonymous 135020

Enjoy taking your kids to drag queen hour with a sex offender I guess.

Anonymous 135037

Neoliberal is a term used to decribe a specific branch of the democratic party. Sure they have beliefs but all of them are opportunists who would easily switch parties if it was for their benefit. That's why they are interchangeable with neoconservatives who would do the same thing. The beliefs don't matter as much as their actions.

Anonymous 135040

If you want to discuss the beliefs of a neolib then the correct term is neoliberalism. Neoliberal is specifically a term used to describe proponents of neoliberal ideology not the beliefs themselves. You can say Ronald Reagan is a neoliberal all you want but he was relevant 40 years ago honey this is 2022 political dynamics are different.

Anonymous 135050

Its not though. And anyone using it to describe a branch of the democratic party is a moron.

Anonymous 135055

The thing is, we all agree it's creepy. But we have the option to not go do that. Whereas conservative moids genuinely want women to be forced into marriages, raped, and forced to birth their spawn. One of these is clearly worse than the other.

Anonymous 135057

Do you understand the differences between male and female reproductive strategies? There's a reason why men rape and almost no women don't. The reproductive goal in males is to impregnate as many women as possible but males are also less valuable and have less selectivity than women hence why they rape. Even males that don't actually commit rape still watch rape porn, get turned on by women not consenting, defend other male rapists or say nothing if they see women getting raped, it's in their nature.

Anonymous 135063


Are any of you doing your duty on immersing yourself, and giving your support of, women-created film, art, literature, etc., out of support for your fellow woman?

I am asking out of reconsideration of >>134856's post about men attempting to divide and conquer all of us via identity politics and related bullshit. So I strongly believe that, given this exact appropriate time of ours, this is the best time to support women before men start using feminine pseudonyms and do unacceptable shit like this:

However, what I personally fear the most is that perhaps we are already there, but with biological women supposedly writing them themselves instead.
Considering that there has been some alarming attempts to artificially create some form of conflict between women via intersectional "feminist" books, I have no doubt the authors do know what they are writing and doing, but they have sadly sold out for those thirty pieces of silver.
Thankfully, said books have never been widely sold nor discussed, as it is obvious those numbers about how much it sells and is praised are as artificial as the attempted conflict. Yet, I can not help but dread about a future, well-written book that could destroy the entirety of feminism as we know it, leaving it stagnated for decades to come.

Anonymous 135064

Anonymous 135067

The female authors I read are mostly dead. I have some radfem books on PDF that I downloaded for free on the author's webpage and they are still alive luckily!

Anonymous 135072

I wonner what their crotch would look like. Do they also have dicks or is it something else

Anonymous 135073

Is it really the same? They lie about just wanting an average looking gf (read: young and cute) to play video games with (read: have sex)
At least I'm being honest when I say I want a good looking boyfriend who I would fuck and I don't pretend it's all about uwu we will read books together and he'll cook me breakfast uwu and it's harder for a woman to find a decent boyfriend than vice versa tbh.

Anonymous 135074

Even then it's a lesser chance of that happening.

Anonymous 135075

They only "protect" or defend women when they know they will get something out of it. Even then, those men are called simps who worship women (because doing favors for someone expecting something in return is what worship is…)

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