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Moid Copium Anonymous 130480

Post funniest moid copes in this thread, whatever it may be about

Anonymous 130482

t. micropenis moid

Anonymous 130483

The male penis is irrelevant anyway. Autistic males are so repulsive they could have an 8 inch dick and it wouldn’t matter because no woman would want to be around them for more than 5 seconds, let alone see them naked.

Anonymous 130486

I wonder who even invent the concept of a bigger penis being better for sex
It doesn't make any sense

Anonymous 130492

moid propaganda

Anonymous 130493

I'd like to hear his reasoning.

Anonymous 130495

bigger is better up to a point. it feels more full. too big is just painful while too small feels like nothing

Anonymous 130502

That lizard on the right has boobs

Anonymous 130513

Maybe the lizards help him forget about his tiny penis. Like most have comparable length flaccid.

Anonymous 130518


I just noticed the lizard on the right has tits

Anonymous 131636

Looks like wooden statues at some tourist trap.

Anonymous 131707


We need more women like you in the world.

Anonymous 131716

Delightfully devilish, absolute chadette, oozing with impish energy.

Anonymous 131778


Anonymous 131863

Having a micropenis must suck. It's a dealbreaker for a huge majority of women (and gay men). There's no surgery or fitness regimen out there that would help you have a bigger one. You're relegated to fetish and kink communities and hyperspecific dating sites where you announce the status of your genitalia in the hopes some woman will tolerate your micropenis.

Anonymous 131870

even if your life isn't about sex, there's going to be a lot of people who will be disappointed when you drop your pants.

Anonymous 131871


>just dont make your life about sex.
One of the original and longest lasting moid copes. A sexually reproducing organism having to convince himself that the sexual act is something he's above in order to save his ego the pain of realizing he's not good enough. Classic, goes all the way back to ancient times.

Anonymous 131902

The same goes for women though. Never heard about nuns?

Anonymous 131906

I was particularly referencing laypeople. People of religious bent are a different matter entirely.


>Small breasts are great, serve their functions, and can potentially grow on their own later in life.
A bit sloppy to accuse someone of being a man and within the same breath sing your praise of what can only be construed as the breasts of little girls. Out


There are equally mutilating surgeries they can turn to.

Anonymous 131907

>only little girls have small breasts, I know this from watching anime

Anonymous 131912

Who are you quoting?
Tell me more about how the breasts of adult women grow further.

Anonymous 131913

Pregnancy, retard.

Anonymous 131916

What about "growing on their own" entails pregnancy?

Anonymous 131919

I assume that's what the poster meant.

Anonymous 131920

You read "grow on their own" and assumed that the poster meant an external event requiring a man?

Anonymous 131921

ace people exist

Anonymous 131922

Screenshot 2022-04…

Those with missing sex organs and low sex drives exist too. Genuine disinterest is different from cope.

Anonymous 131923

Dang if it's 1% of the globe population… That's a lot of people

Anonymous 131924

Yes, problem? It's not a hard procedure to make a moid cum in you anyway

Anonymous 131925

Glad you've understood why you're wrong then.

Anonymous 131926

You must be mentally ill.
Breasts never "grow on their own". They grow, always, in response to a number of things.
Those things entail ​hormones, and hormones fluctuations that lead to breast growth can happen as a result of:
-birth control pills (and a number of other medications)
-the monthly menstrual cycle
-lifestyle changes, especially in diet and exercise levels
Saying "grow on their own" is something that doesn't exist in reality, but i'll let it pass because men talk out of their ass on a regular basis anyways.

Anonymous 131927

oh and menopause can also lead to breast size increase, add that to "on their own" list!

Anonymous 131928

>Saying "grow on their own" is something that doesn't exist in reality
Sounds like an issue you should take up with >>131886 then.

I had completely forgotten about weight gain. You'll have to accept my formal apology.

Anonymous 131929

menopause is a hormonal change in of itself, woman connoisseur lmao

Anonymous 131930

LOL typical male we have there. the less they know, the more they want to explain. the topic of the day is "women's bodies", which means it's the thing he knows the less about…?

Anonymous 131962


The entirety of the dadbod trend in the 2010s.
>A sexually reproducing organism having to convince himself that the sexual act is something he's above in order to save his ego the pain of realizing he's not good enough.
Explain pic related, and all other monks.
You smell like shit, Anon. Did you wipe your ass properly today?

Anonymous 131975

>when you try so hard to own the moids you end up embracing their extremely shallow worldview
Seek help if you aren't a moid yourself

Anonymous 131976

Smells like scrote in here

Anonymous 131989

Wrong about what?

Anonymous 132144

NTA, but it is simply using their own logic against them to point out their hypocrisy and that their beliefs and hatred of women is largely projection out of insecurity.

Anonymous 132330

Those dots don't connect.
It's not "Using their logic against them" when they are explicitly refusing the logic.

Anonymous 132412

weird that men on imageboards apparently just love scat so much they have to save it to their computer, look at it a shit-ton (kek), find the right pic of a guy's hairy asshole letting out a gnarly load, then come post it here. pretty laborious for people who claim to be totally not gay. sounds pretty fuckin' gay if you ask me

Anonymous 132710

Screenshot 2022-05…

at least this moid admits "men age like fine wine" is moid copium

Anonymous 132718


Anonymous 132719

What anime is this from already !

Anonymous 132913


Anonymous 132917

very good.

Anonymous 132920

but the kids dying of hypothermia because genius wants to be off the national powergrid and price gouge for $1800 per kWh (vs 11 cents pre emergency) can't be used as a political football the way "babies" can, so already alive kids can die in droves from his actions and it's fine. terrible person.

Anonymous 134070

It's Haman Karn in SD Gundam.

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