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Immigration Thread Anonymous 130609

Has anyone here seriously considered immigrating ? Anyone been successful at it? What is likely to make immigrating successful? I am American and I want to live in Canada or Europe. I actually really love my little life here, and this place but the country is becoming way too fascist friendly for me.. I have always worked as a Night Auditor though I can do pretty much any job in a hotel. I want a license to sell insurance and make more money but in the future I can really just see myself leaving.

I really have no idea where to start. Please discuss tricks and approaches .. countries that are better to immigrate to than others…. Is there a possible way through? or is it just too hard for some people who have just an okay/meh amount of money?

Anonymous 130615

>I have always worked as a Night Auditor
OT but what's that like as a job?

Anonymous 130618

I know it's common for people to get into teaching English overseas in order to live abroad. I had a friend I worked with who got approved to be able to do so, moved to Czech Republic and hasn't been back since. I knew another guy who gets contracting gigs overseas, specifically in Thailand.

Neither person was particularly rich, but occupation seems to matter in cases like these. I have no personal experience with it myself, but I'd like too. My friend lived with her parents, so she was able to save a good sum of money before heading out. The contracting guy was known for making decent money, kind of a feast/famine scenario, so when he had money, that's when he went overseas. Obviously plenty of people enlist in the military for reasons like this too. So I guess it'd be best to figure out how your occupation fairs in another country.

Anonymous 130619

teaching english is the worst job you can do, believe me

Anonymous 130620

>the country is becoming way too fascist friendly
Lmfao, yes, please leave.

Anonymous 130624

Front desk operations.. credit card authorizations.. billing.. guest checkin, night audit, running a hotel in the dead of night.

Anonymous 130625

Also dealing with the crazies

Anonymous 130626

Don't forget about New Zealand, always a good bet

Anonymous 130628

How is working nights?

Anonymous 130638

Iceland ? Finland ? I know the housing crisis is scary in Canada, but is it even bad in small cities?

Anonymous 130641

Why do you think you can just move anywhere when you clearly don't have any valuable skills (e.g. being a nurse, doctor, scientist)?

Anonymous 130646

>>Why do you think you can just move anywhere

Did I say that?

I actually do have skills I just choose to work on my own terms. This is a night job for me, it pays the bills. I have a bachelors in visual development. Still i don't know if it's for me, like I said I really enjoy my life here and moving to a place where I know no one would suck but I might as well take a shot at it, it would probably steeply improve my peace of mind

Anonymous 130661

Ngl on paper it sounds super comfy, but in real life I'm sure it's scary.
I've always had a weird fondness of hotels for some reason.

Anonymous 130665

Same. With the people coming and going it's like they exist in a difference dimension without permanence. I imagine this would be heightened working at night. I wonder if the OP encounters a lot of interesting characters and spends time in liminal spaces

Anonymous 130668

Graphic design isn't a "valuable skill" that countries are looking for lol

Anonymous 130712

Visual development is not graphic design you rube.

Plus being able to manage the house and front end of a hotel is a job that exists in every country. I really like the night job though because it let's me work on multiple things at once.

Anonymous 130716

It is super comfy. You can lock the front doors at night so people can only exit and enter with their key. When I say crazies I mean wedding parties, drunks, nude streakers.. people who sneak their pets in and make the place reek of pot. People can be absolute assholes and treat you like shit too though. There are people who complain about everything, if they find flaws and will lambast you personally because you're the face of the hotel. Most people are good though I'd say like 95% are reasonable. I never lock the front door honestly.

Anonymous 130721

Arts degrees are unlikely to looked on favourably by immigration review. You could get a work visa, but unless you're seeking asylum, you're going to be on the bottom of the list for immigration.

Anonymous 130722

What was it like? I got accepted to teach English in Taiwan was going to do it until a drunk driver hit me and the legal battle sucked up all my money. In hindsight, the company that was sponsoring me was super shady. When I told them I no longer had the money to come, they offered to give me a loan, but they would keep my passport locked up in their vault until I paid it back.

Anonymous 130723

My dream is to live abroad, more specifically in Denmark. I'm in IT so people usually think "oh it's easier because every country need those" but since I don't speak the language, it's way harder to move than people think. Right now I'm just working in my country to build up my resume and I'm hopping that with a year or more of experience, I will be able to find something.

Anonymous 130731

why denmark?

Anonymous 130732

the companies cut corners in every way possible to make money. it feels like you are scamming the students and you are constantly being taken advantage of

Anonymous 130776

Horrible guest stories please

Anonymous 130778

Guests where they get taken in and then just ignored in their little corner for years while they take as much as they can until they finally decide to fuck off

Anonymous 130781

>being able to manage the house and front end of a hotel is a job that exists in every country.
The point is that immigration officers aren't desperately scouring the applications for people with art degrees. Your only option to immigrate is marriage probably.

Anonymous 130784

Lol what, yes you can?
I moved to Germany with no job and now live here with a shitty customer service job. Granted for me it was easy to enter since I had a European passport, but I also know a guy who moved from Egypt for the same job.
All OP needs is to find a job and she can enter with a work visa or whatever the fuck she needs. I recently read Italy was giving work visas to people who do online jobs too or something.

Anonymous 130785

The fuck is visual development

Anonymous 130811

Because I like the place. It's cold, small, surrounded by ocean, you can easily move around in trains and they have really good social stuff as a bonus.
The only downside I saw so far is that I haven't noticed much of a drinking culture compared to my country (France)

Anonymous 131030

Lol for years ? We don't really have guests who can take much more than any other, unless they buy out hotel I guess and have sex parties.

Anonymous 131031

Is it hard to live in Germany if you only speak English? Of course I would love to learn German though.

Anonymous 131032

Why do I always hear these stories about English language teaching scammers and seedy companies ?

Anonymous 131038

>New Zealand
Wages are crap and housing is both extortionately expensive and of abysmal quality.

Anonymous 131049

Not too hard in Berlin, but I also have my bf who speaks it pretty good. Finding a job might be hard if you only speak English tho. I do my shitty customer service online job in French. Finding a place is also harder if you don't know German.

Anonymous 131060

because the companies know that you are moving to the country specifically for that job and won't be able to quit easily, especially if you have invested money into doing so. this means they can treat you badly which you are unlikely to report as you don't speak that country's language. plus people taking these jobs often don't have many work options back home

as for the students, if your english is really poor or you just don't have much experience learning languages or if your parents are forcing you to do it as they think it will help you, it's hard to tell that you are not being taught properly or that you might be getting taught by a non-native speaker who is making mistakes

i think part of the reason people struggle to learn other languages is because there are so many bad teachers and textbooks out there. just speaking a language doesn't mean you are qualified to teach it, you need months of training and shadowing to do that. language schools often use their own terrible textbooks written by people who don't know how to learn a language or basic grammar and include stupid games that waste time because you're never going to play that game irl

Anonymous 131283

No, I live in a good country and I hate seeing North Americans talk about coming to our continent or my country specifically as if it's not already overcrowded for our own people here. Stfu fix your own country.

Anonymous 222151

Creep alert

Anonymous 222152

On the guy going to Thailand part I meant

Anonymous 222310


i'm planning on moving to Canada by 2030. i'm currently a freshman so my plan is to get my MA in management and economics in due time (5 year), and then get a job quickly so I can save enough money in order to move (15k at least). I loved the landscapes and all the people I’ve met during my holidays there were just sooo nice !! Y.Y

> What is likely to make immigrating successful?

I think that being fluent in your chosen country language and being highly educated will help a lot.

> I actually really love my little life here, and this place but the country is becoming way too fascist friendly for me..

Same, I’m French and the political climate here is going in the reactionary direction. I’m a third gen immigrant and I’m sick of the racist remarks such as “you’re not really French, where are you actually from?” and “wow your French is so good when did start learning?” for the later, the person knew that my parents were born here… I know that I’ll get asked the same kind of insensitive questions in Canada but it would make sense since I would be an immigrant.

>countries that are better to immigrate to than others

It really depends on your skills, what you’re looking for and yourself as a person.
>is it just too hard for some people who have just an okay/meh amount of money?

Depending on the country of your choice yes but remember there’s tons of poor people who manage to immigrate so there’s no reason you can’t but it’ll will probably harder if you don’t have a significant amount of money at the bank.

Anonymous 222311

*"when did you"

Anonymous 222313

pls stay out of canada there are not enough jobs for us and they just hire people like you for diversity.
it's so bad for us. just improve the situation in your own country.

Anonymous 222314

I thought Canada was lacking teachers, social workers etc. and wanted to bring in qualified people?

Anonymous 222315

People say the exact same kind of things here yet employment discrimination exist (it probably exist in Canada as well to some degree). people with desirable skills always end finding a job , get a degree who's highly in demand if you can go back to uni.

>just improve the situation in your own country

sure little ol me will fix a 200 years old hate. :)

Anonymous 222321


the thai government has really been cracking down on visa runs lately, so if you've been looking into that, it'll be difficult. one thing you can do is look into the thai elite visa, where you can either have a stay of 5 or 10 years. it's pretty expensive though, iirc it's about 15k usd.

malaysia has a similar retirement visa, but it's very difficult to get it after covid. are you dead-set on SEA, or are you open to other countries as well? do you know any other languages besides english?

Anonymous 222325

idk just came to say I love the OP pic

Anonymous 222345


if you can land a remote job (or have a pretty good pension), uruguay has a rentista visa for people who make around 1500 USD or more a month. you could also see if you're eligible for citizenship through one of your parents. mexico is also a popular option, but it REALLY matters which place you choose to stay. I hear a lot of good things about the Yucatan, but it's hot as fuck.

Anonymous 222401

I want to retire with you while holding hands.

Anonymous 224730

You realize it costs around 1mil to retire in singapore…? Also hope you don't smoke pot because they execute people for possession there.

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