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Autism Anonymous 133367

Any female autistics here?

What do you think about the DSM-IV-TR? Also, autistic women general I guess

Anonymous 133373

Don't know about the new criteria, but I miss the Asperger category and find most of the autism acceptance community online cringe (not to speak of the amount of fake autists).

Anonymous 133375

I’ve technically got an autism diagnosis from early middle school but I’m pretty sure that it’s false so it’s just something I keep in the back pocket if I ever need to steal some social justice valor

Anonymous 133376

i will never accept autistics

Anonymous 133378


I've heard a lot of concern from women about the new criteria, since the APA was claiming ASD is now over-diagnosed. This is impossible to prove of course, because psychiatric evaluations are confidential.

My concern is with women who are autistic falling through the cracks, and instead of getting the support they need and understanding who they are, being slapped with a BPD diagnosis and called a crazy bitch
no u

Anonymous 133379

are the new guidelines more strict? i didn't read with too much attention, but it seems that the strictest criteria is
>C. Symptoms must be present in the early developmental period
which I can see could upset some peeople, but they also leave a lot of wiggle room with the
>but may not become fully manifest until social demands exceed limited capacities, or may be masked by learned strategies in later life

Anonymous 133380

The issue is that the current understanding of autism is based entirely on observations of little boys, and doesn't take into account the manner in which women are socialized differently–thus resulting in different outwards behaviours. Women are expected to be meek and quiet, so female autistics masking are easy to overlook.

Basically, if you're a researcher and your sample pool is entirely male, then obviously your results are going to be biased

Anonymous 133381


When I went to therapy my therapist said I could have aspergers but I was so adamant that I am "normal" and that the only thing I have going for me was my clinical depression that I take meds for, but now that I'm more introspective I either am an aspie or have adhd. I know someone who is diagnosed adhd and says my entire family is basically wrought with it. I don't know if I will ever be diagnosed officially though because the idea of spending loads of money to take a test just doesn't sit right with me. Regardless, I relate to adhd and aspergers even though I think the latter isn't even diagnosable anymore (according to my therapist).

Anonymous 133383

ADHD and autism are frequently co-morbid, and most of us have both.

But one big difference is sensory challenges. For example, when you're in the grocery store standing under the florescent lights and amidst a crowd of people, do you find yourself getting disproportionately angry or overwhelmed?

Anonymous 133384


Kind of, I mean I don't really understand what you're asking but there are some stores where the lights give me a migraine. I do get overwhelmed and fidgety when surrounded by a lot of things though, but weirdly I just sort of get quiet and look around a lot. I do that in cars too when riding with friends, all I do is sit in silence with my legs crossed and look out each window over and over again.
Is it the lights in general? I know some people can hear buzzing from lights and I can sometimes but I feel like lower frequencies upset me more like the dishwasher rumbling through my wall and it's so low it almost hurts and it makes me angry.

Anonymous 133387

>I do get overwhelmed and fidgety when surrounded by a lot of things though

Autistic people call this sort of fidgeting "stimming." Which is a euphemism for self stimulation. It's an emotionally regulative behaviour we do to manage our well-being. It is not something people who aren't autistic do
>I know some people can hear buzzing from lights and I can sometimes but I feel like lower frequencies upset me more like the dishwasher rumbling through my wall and it's so low it almost hurts and it makes me angry.
Yeah that sounds like the same sort of sensory challenges I have. Yuo might benefit from noise cancelling headphones

Anonymous 133388

The rumbling part only lasts a few minutes so I just wait it out. I don't know if I "stim" but I am a picker, I do pick my nailbeds and my lips and I find it incredibly difficult to stop, especially since I've been doing it my whole life. I guess I also grind my teeth, but usually to music (imaginary or actually playing)
Other noises I hate more than anything are repetitive stupid tiktok/vine (when it was a thing) noises that people play on their phones, it enrages me to hear the same EIEIEHAAAA noises repeated over and over and over again of someone on a phone screaming for no reason!

Anonymous 133391

I thought I had autism, it was recommended me and my brother both get evaluated for ASD (but weren't because my mom didn't want it) because we have a LOT of aspie traits, so does my dad, but I think we fall under the "broader autism phenotype" due to being gifted (and my brother I am certain has ADHD but I don't bring it up to my parents because he does exceptional in school, has no responsibilities at home other than pro-gaming 24/7 that it hinders him from doing, and him being put on the same damaging amphetemines I was on will do him more harm than good).
I got into researching it a lot when my assburgers bf brought it to my attention, I have come to the conclusion I don't have autism because I have always had fine eye contact unless I am anxious and my other body language deficits are so mild they're non-existent (probably an endophenotype I inherited from my dysgenic bipolar mother and not an ASD symptom), but I still love researching it.

the DSM 5 TR was literally a word change to clarify things and some diagnostic features that don't effect the criteria, who cares, people literally got all assblasted about it and made a bunch of petitions to stop the criteria from changing without even knowing what it entailed.
Asperger criteria is hard because it makes it hard for adults to get diagnosed and ignores that sensory issues are a core aspect of autism (and should be a mandatory criterion).
ASD acceptance communities go over the top and spread literally factually incorrect information and seem to ignore the lower functioning part of the spectrum and will try to convince you its all the same internal struggle when its not true even for a neurological standpoint. Any treatment (I say treatment, not cure) is shut down for being ableist even if it stops behaviors that hinder quality of life, yet treatments to manage aspects of literally every other neurodevelopmental disability are supported and most are on a cocktail of mind bending meds for depression, OCD, etc. Its so stupid, I could write a book on whats wrong with these people and their ideas. I understand WHY they do this, because ASD isn't accepted or accommodated like it should be, but that doesn't mean you should spread false information and all these just wrong viewpoints

Anonymous 133393

Extension of >>133391 reply here

No the APA didn't declare that, infact diagnositic features were added that are beneficial for women to get diagnosed. It was one doctor who said "Autism isn't just a neurotype, its a disorder" and claimed it was overdiagnosed
, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you have autism, you have autism, some people have easier environments to manage themselves in, that doesn't change the inherent brain differences. He aldo fails to realize that having ASD makes you at risk for basically every mental illness in the world which is challenging.
I understand why some try to gatekeep it, because the whole point of being diagnosed is to get help, and so it really only makes sense to diagnose those who need help (which is pretty much everyone with autism honestly).
sensory issues are common with ADHD too. ADHD (real ADHD not tech induced attention deficits or kids getting put on speed to work like monkeys during the pandemic so pharma companies can make $$$) is honestly basically autism without social deficits (eye contact issues are common though). The genetics and neurological structures are incredibly similar with aspergers.
I would add that restricting sensory issues to hypersensativities doesn't make a lot of sense because there are hyposensativities, and then just general processing issues like irlen syndrome, auditory processing problems (words sounding jumbled, unable to remember verbal instruction, selective hearing). Also problems with balance, bodily awareness (the being aware of the size of your body, bodily functions like feeling thirst or the need to use the bathroom) are related and considered sensory issues. Also about 1/5 autistics have synesthesia according to some estimates, but synesthesia is hard to measure based on lack of awareness.
I'd say having no sensativities is unlikely though.

The dishwasher thing she talked about sounds like misophonia which is common in autism.

Anonymous 133399

>sensory issues are common with ADHD too.
Sensory differences are not part of the diagnostic criteria for adhd

Anonymous 133413

Just because it isn't a diagnostic criteria doesn't make it not a very common symptom. The criteria is just criteria, it is the bare minimum requiresments to be considered to have a disorder. To classify a disorder soley based on the criteria is ridiculous and an overly simplistic view of any disorder.
There are plenty of components of autism which are not diagnostic criteria but still incredibly common.
Also if the diagnostic criteria was stricter for ADHD they wouldn't be able to sell speed to children as easily.

Anonymous 133414

>It's an emotionally regulative behaviour we do to manage our well-being. It is not something people who aren't autistic do
This is wrong. Plenty of people stim and are not autistic, I'd say everyone does sometimes actually, its very common for people to bite nails, shake legs, fidget with things when they are anxious in particular. If you're autistic its just harder to stop and you do it a lot more frequently to a more extreme degree.

Anonymous 133416

Same. When I see videos of low-functioning autists screaming at the top of their lungs and flailing their arms around, I feel 0 kinship with them. They're violent retards. Aspergers should've been kept a separate category.
Also fuck self-diagnosing Tik Tok girls who post videos of themselves fake-stimming (99% of high-functioning autists don't even stim).

Anonymous 133417

>Same. When I see videos of low-functioning autists screaming at the top of their lungs and flailing their arms around, I feel 0 kinship with them. They're violent retards.
Holy shit that made me laugh so hard
>Also fuck self-diagnosing Tik Tok girls who post videos of themselves fake-stimming (99% of high-functioning autists don't even stim).
They're doing autism now? I thought it was just tourettes where they would pretend to tic out

Anonymous 133419

Some dumb bitch basically turned my cousin into a joke for missing some social cues in their friend circle, then 2 weeks later she's virtue signaling on twitter for autism acceptance month and posting edits of the aspie girl meme.
Anyone tired of this shit?

Anonymous 133426


Question, how do you guys manage such things?

Looking back at moments before I went full turtle brick wall zombie mode and ceased expressing any emotion…I had so many ridiculously embarrassing and even creepy moments.

>be made fun of for looking and acting like a school shooter in high school, other girls calling me "creepy" behind my back even though they went out of their way to talk to me to begin with and say I'm nice (I would have literally just ignored them otherwise)

>acted very quiet and evasive all the time through my life but then acted like a weirdo whenever I relaxed and actually was trying to have fun which I deeply regret
>several soft deformities + speech disability
>so many basic social cues I completely glossed over as being important. even to this day I'm pretty straight-forward in a way detrimental to myself
>be accused of being autistic several times and am a near 30 yo virgin who's never been hit on, only called fugly
>have autistic brother who is 10000x more social than me to the point where the entire extended family is crazy about him
>in the meantime I can't even have one real conversation with people and it hurts because I just wanted to be able to connect with people and live a fun life, not be some dumb cow

IDK if I'm autistic but let me say, I relate and I don't understand how women can "mask" because I can't even function normally.

Anonymous 133428

>have autistic brother
It's hereditary, you know

Anonymous 133429

corgi train.webm

Lol, that's why I noted it. My mom already was the black sheep of her family.

Anonymous 133430

Ah. Hello nice to meet you, me.

Anonymous 133466

im pretty sure im aspie and i was always the black sheep of the family. any other aspies here had the black sheep experience?

Anonymous 133595

Should I go and get myself checked out?. I've always had developmental delays. I remember I didn't stop wetting the bed until I was 10 I think. I talked like a baby until I was 15 it was comforting. I usually hang out with people younger than me because its easier. I have issues with outbursts of various kinds. I don't know how long I've had it because my memory sucks but its been this way for awhile now. Even earlier this month I went to a concert and ended up hitting some girls thigh repeatedly because I just couldn't think or see or understand anything due to the music.

Anonymous 133597

ooo I also used to do this thing where I would do something weird with my hands whenever I got excited. I can't exactly describe it but it felt good.I very clingy towards certain things. Still have stuffed animals I sleep with and I used to have a jacket which i wore everyday because it was my jacket. Idk where is went :( I think my mother took it. Its actually kind of funny because my mother always thought a lot of things I do were weird which is why she told me to stop them but she says I'm normal and don't need to get myself tested for anything.

Anonymous 133598

Oh yeah also I tend to have a hard time figuring out when I want something. One example would be when i try and sleep at night sometimes I forget I'm sleepy and then I freak out thinking why do I feel bad? Then I remember its because im tired. I have a hard time talking about this stuff in person but I can write about it just fine.

Anonymous 133600

This happens with sexual stuff too. I remember in high school during 3d art class one time I was working with some clay and zoned out. Next thing I knew I was holding a clay bepis.

Anonymous 133607

>Should I go and get myself checked out?
You sound autistic to me but whether or not you should get checked out is up to you.
Could your functioning improve if you got help from a diagnosis (can get easier access to mental health services and makes you allowed to ask for special treatment at work)? Would it make you feel better knowing what's been different about you all your life for sure?
If you don't get a referral from a pstchiatrist or your GP usually its pretty expensive, like can be 2000 dollars and up.

Anonymous 133608

Oh yeah and you can get disability neetbux from the government if you are professionally dx'd

Anonymous 133609

Yeah I have huge issues. My mother beats me I would like to be able to get out but getting a job feels impossible.

Anonymous 133620

No wonder she doesn't want you tested
Getting on neetbux might help you get away from her and by on your own, from everything I read you sound autistic and would probably definitely be diagnosed.

Anonymous 133623

surprising how so many of the things you mentioned i can relate to. the only thing i am lacking is the baby-talk thing.

Anonymous 133625

I didn't even know anyone could relate to this stuff. I just thought I was weird and shit. I'll try and get a referral from my current therapist when I go in for an appointment. Funnily enough I think she tried to assess me a couple of sessions ago about this too. Idk what she thought about it though.

Anonymous 133817

I feel you so fucking bad. Ive never felt human. I need to know if there is hope if there would ever be anyone whod love me. can any autist here tell me if their social life has improved and how

Anonymous 133840

In my experience, it only gets worse the older you get

Anonymous 133863

I met another kind autistic guy who became my bf and I befriended a very kind and patient girl. There is hope anon I promise you. Miracles come when you believe in them.

Anonymous 133865

IDK, I failed hard in the way that I let myself get more isolated. If I had, say, forced myself to get a job out of high school or got a huge passion I probably would have stayed pretty high functioning.
We do have some control over how things go but it's difficult.

Anonymous 133872

I'm still trying but so far no, it hasn't gotten any better. The 'tism and I always foul it up one way or another

Anonymous 133881

I've never had an official diagnosis myself, but in the last year or so I've been considering the possibility I may be autistic because of a few things I never thought about before. Biggest and most recent thing I thought about was that my father is a weirdo, but thinking about the way he is in the perspective of "could it be autism?" has changed my entire view of him, and by extension myself because I'm just like my dad. I have considered that it could just be ADHD manifesting itself strangely which I do think is possible, but my fiance has ADHD and is also very possibly autistic. It's also pretty widely believed that there's a huge overlap between ADHD and autism. I know I'm not mentally sound anyways, I have and/or have had some serious issues with anxiety and depression in the past, and mental illness runs in the family (brother has BPD and mother has ADD) so that's why I'm so hesitant to slap the autism label on myself in any serious manner, just saying that I have some very serious suspicions about it like it's an indicator of what to expect when someone wants to interact with me.

Honestly, I'm not much of a believer in self-diagnosing these kinds of things because medical issues are complicated and misdiagnosing would be dangerous in some cases and embarrassing in most, but I can't really get the help because of money reasons. Therefore, I tried to get some sort of vague idea of what's wrong with me and ended up taking a few of those online quizzes. Has anyone else tried it? Some posters (and lurkers) may benefit from taking a few, judging by a few responses in the thread. This is the site I found for a bunch of them in case others want to take some: https://www.aspietests.org/index.php

I only took one test (the first one on the list) and wasn't very satisfied with it, but I want to try all the other ones. The result I got was basically "that's weird, maybe you should get that looked at", but a lot of these questions don't touch on the stuff I'm concerned about so honestly I'd say take these with a MASSIVE grain of salt. The thing I find most difficult about these sorts of tests is that it doesn't cover things I consider to be staples in modern autism, particularly what the kids seem to call "special interests" or "hyperfixations", particularly ones seen in fandoms. Hell, even just the internet as a whole. Maybe there's a lot that psychologists can and/or have learned from certain circles on certain sites? No idea if there's been papers written about it, it's hard to when so many kids online are merely pretending. I dunno. Mental health is so complicated.

Anonymous 133968

They diagnosed me with high functioning autism which I think makes sense due to my obsession with list making and ordering things. I think it's probably part of what led me to be bullied as a kid which gave me my more serious problems (ptsd, avoidant)

Anonymous 133969

Do you not have insurance anon? Even medicaid can afford some therapy. A referral for psychological testing is very helpful

Anonymous 134010

Having autism is the worst shit in the world, normalfags can SMELL IT from afar. Normalfag women bully me and normalfag men see me as easy to talk into anything(and then they invariably get mad as shit when it turns out im a stonewall). I don't want to get out of my house or talk to anyone, everybody in this world is garbage. Not even my own family likes me.

Anonymous 134017


…ok I'm sorry but who has people actively trying to talk to them? I know I'm probably just unattractive but it's probably been, like, 4 years since a complete stranger just talked to me and I ended up becoming friends with her and I still talk to her.

I assume I'm just ugly or people can psychically sense my bad personality.

Anonymous 134078


Unfortunately, no, I have no income of my own and live with my family. Too old to qualify for my dad's insurance and medicaid applications went wrong or something, don't remember the details but reapplying has been put on hold for now because of other stuff that's happening that's taken priority. Once I get married I'll be on my husband's insurance and can probably get help then, though that's been put on hold for a while too due to circumstances that are out of our hands. I've got nothing I can do now and my brother's therapist who spoke to me briefly recommended that I be on medicaid before I get evaluated.

In my experience it kinda depends on where you live, I feel like the pandemic made people less inclined to talk to others but I live in a place with a lot of farmer-type boomers that'll make small-talk if you politely excuse yourself when reaching past them on a shelf at the super market or standing behind them while in line at checkout. Not really the level of conversation you get in a big city like Minneapolis or New York where some strange homeless dude on public transport will gladly talk to you out of nowhere about what he hallucinated about a year ago one summer night in the middle of a park. But what do I know? I leave my house maybe once a month these days and haven't had a meaningful conversation with a real life person that isn't related to me in years. I feel like I too give off some sort of "please don't talk to me" vibes in some way.

Anonymous 134778

Is this picture for fucking real???

Anonymous 134783

No, foreigners can have a sense of humour too. Even Americans, so I'm told.

Anonymous 134863


i got tested and was basically told despite having a shit ton of symptoms indicating autism i didn't get the dx because i have ptsd

Anonymous 134872

wha? Can't you have both?

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