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Say good things about normies you've met Anonymous 134081

I was being bullied at school by some boys, and one time, a normie girl saw them doing that. this normie girl and the boys were friends, but she shut them down so quickly that that particular group of boys never bothered me again.

also a lot of normies i've met don't have this pent up aggressive vibe that intense-internauts have. sometimes i see two internauts arguing among each other, and sometimes i wonder if they're deliberately trying to interpret what the other person is saying in the most malicious way possible to get really fired up about it.

Anonymous 134096

My normie roommates bought me a giant chocolate bunny for my birthday.

Anonymous 134098

A normie friend kept listening to my miserable life while eating noodles together and paying for me. We are still really good friends now

Anonymous 134103

i only have 2 friends irl (i got a handful of acquaintances, but we dont met up or anything) and 1 of them is the most normie person ever.

i dont even know how we are friends, we got 0 interests in common, but we still hang out. and shes SUPER religious.

so the day i came out as lesbian to her she went to our town's church all worried & asked the priest if god still loved me and that if he could marry me (she knows one of my dreams is getting married) 😭😭 I hate religion, but that was pretty sweet of her. (the priest said yes btw, hashtag ally)

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