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Are you more like your mother or your father? Anonymous 138934

Anonymous 138951

My father. He's pretty fuckin shy and quiet but we don't talk alot and don't see eye to eye on alot of things. I kinda wish I had a different dad though.

Anonymous 138956

I'm very much like my mother, and I hate it tbh.

Anonymous 138978

I have the personality of both and yet look like neither

Anonymous 138979

my father ig, even physically

also my mother keeps saying im too different from her

Anonymous 138987

My father, who is better than my mother, but still not great

Anonymous 138998

I thought I wasn't like either of my parents, until I found out my mom cheated and I'm exactly like my biological father.

Anonymous 139005

I'm nothing like my parents, looks or personality. If I didn't inherit medical issues from them I would be sure I was adopted.

Anonymous 139009

I think I got the worst of both worlds. My mom is very hardworking and conscientious but very high-strung, whereas my dad is impervious to stress but very lazy. I'm a depressed neurotic mess who finds it difficult to clean up after myself.

Anonymous 139025

Wow, how did you find out? Did your bio dad know you were his?

Anonymous 139106

physically: my mom
personality: 70% my mom, 30% my dad

Anonymous 139108

100% like my mom thank god

Anonymous 139129

My father and I hate it, not only do I literally look like a female version of him (which means I'm fucking ugly), but I have all his negative traits, from the extreme laziness to the sudden anger outbursts, everything.

Anonymous 139145

shadow disappointe…

my sister inherited all the good traits from my parents, while i inherited the bad and inconvenient traits, including the health issues. a lot of them from my dad's side.

Anonymous 141056

Personality-wise the worst of both. Looks-wise, I have features from both. Hate that my brother got the tanning gene where I just tirn into a lobster.

Anonymous 141066

Much like a couple of other nonas, I got the worst from both worlds

Anonymous 141141

my personality is 90% my dads. we both yell when angry, same humor, introverted, night owls and are persistent. The 10% from my mom is My avoidance and impulsiveness.

Anonymous 141142

looks wise i have my dads face but white. My dad looks like Michael Jackson before he bleached his skin and i look like Michael Jackson after he bleached his skin.

Anonymous 141143

From what people told me, I'm more like my dad. My mom seems to think so too since after her divorce she started berating me like she berated my dad.
Now that I'm older, I think I'm mellow, try to help when I can and I can be manipulated like my dad. But I'm more hot blooded and I can change mood really fast like my mom.
I also have a weird mix of extrovert (my dad) and introvert that value her alone time. Which is not something I got from my mom since she crave human contact.
So with time I developed my own thing

Anonymous 141150

Mainly my dad both in personality and looks which I don't mind. He's hard working and optimistic. I've noticed I've started acting a bit more like my mum recently which I hate- she's an incredibly negative person so I'm working on trying to stop that.

Anonymous 141151

Like my mom, but more quiet. She raised me so it makes sense that I find myself speaking and acting like her. Around a year and a half ago, I caught myself nagging a friend in a way very reminiscent of my mother and it made me stop and think. My old coworkers also said we use a similar vocabulary haha.

I look like a paler female version of my dad, and for a time I did emotionally reproduce his approach to relationships. This was horrible so it's good that I outgrew the volatility. He was very, very borderline.

Anonymous 141166

Long story short, I realised I looked significantly different to my brothers, got very different ancestry results on a test and it all came out my mother groomed my eldest brother's best friend when he was kid and I resulted from that. No one officially "knew", but he strongly suspected and my mom was obviously pretty sure because she let me spend entirely too much time alone with a boy 12 years older than me.

Anonymous 142211

My mother says I am like my father.
My father says I am like my mother.

Anonymous 145400

>because she let me spend entirely too much time alone with a boy 12 years older than me.

>12 year old dad

jeez… your mom is a rapist sis

Anonymous 145412

Women can't rape you pickme

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