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Capture d’écran 20…

which style do you use Anonymous 138965

i used yotsuba b until today, now im using girltalk

Anonymous 138966

Screenshot (79).pn…

dark crystal (old) + dark reader extension for fonts and tint

Anonymous 138975

Autumn Light

Anonymous 138977

Crystal, the default style because I don't like how the style here won't match the one in the catalog.

Anonymous 138988

Same for the exact reason
Crystal is very cute anyway

Anonymous 139064

I used the default for a while bc i didnt even notice you could change the style
I liked it but I like to change

I wish editing was possible tho

Anonymous 139065

Autumn light, cute n cozy.

Anonymous 139066

Dark Crystal, it's more comfortable to look at

Anonymous 139067

Autumn Light is pretty cute.
I mostly use crystal/default because I open cc on incognito

Anonymous 139090


Anonymous 139124

Wintery :3

Anonymous 139128

Same I need my themes dark or else my eyeballs burn

Anonymous 139156

Wintery, it's very soothing to my eyes.
I love Girltalk too, but I'm unable to use it because the color contrast between the text bubbles and the background is very low for me, so everything looks like a single long text

Anonymous 139322


Me until just now! Nice!

I'll have to remember to switch over to Autumn Light and Halloween for October. Really like it.

Anonymous 140645


I use girl talk! I like pastel colors but my eyes hurt

Anonymous 141306

I like how /x/ has it’s own default theme.

Anonymous 141319

I was using the default green but I just changed to Autumn Light. I remember when I first came here the default theme for me was also orange, now I feel nostalgic.

Anonymous 141337

I like winter

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