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/butch/ Anonymous 139127

Haven’t seen much discussion about us, except for that one troll thread recently (apparently deleted now). Wanted to create something a bit more positive in its stead.
And it’s Pride month anyways, so… welcome!
Converse about all things related to butch lesbians.

Anonymous 139130


I love butch lesbians and masculine women. All women who don't perform femininity thank you for actively making the world better for women. Having women see what other women look like naturally by just existing is an important service. Also you are sexy.

Anonymous 139131


its pretty clear they were scrotes angry some women don't want to touch them, or sleep with them SHOCK!

Anonymous 139132

i fucking love butch women they are cute <33 wish there were more around here

Anonymous 139134

i had such a crush on my instructor, who was clearly butch, but i was too shy to tell her.

Anonymous 139144


I know based on the weird diversity scale Blizzard made Zarya is straight but still her look is iconic

Anonymous 139146


Anonymous 139147


Anonymous 139149


By @_Mohtz

Anonymous 139188

so agreed!!!!!!!

Anonymous 139190

Here the seething faggot goes again

Anonymous 139191

ahahah it cant be more obvious that its a man too. "muh jews!!!"

Anonymous 139203

I don’t know many butchy lesbians, but those like, ten, I’ve met was very tryhard in thier “toughness”, like dudebro fuckbois and I hate dudebros

Anonymous 139237


Who else here /loserbutch/

Anonymous 139255

question, is there any aesthetic that favors butch looking bodies? I'm sick of trying to overcompensate by being feminine and sick of feeling frumpy when I dress andro. I don't really want to feel plain or dress in drab colors.

I'm just huge. I make >>139131 look like children. My bone structure is bigger than most mens'.

I don't really look cuteish like >>139144 either.

Anonymous 139257


These outfits are pretty black but you could always swap a dark jacket for a colorful one, or a Hawaiian shirt, or the classic butch flannel

Anonymous 139258


A skater look is good too

Anonymous 139259


Anonymous 139260


Also very nice

Anonymous 139261


Anonymous 139262


Anonymous 139263


I miss her art every day of my life sisters


she got cancelled for being a cryptoterf. she's still on instagram tho

Anonymous 141474

are you talking about femmes who chase butches? butches aren't moids…

Anonymous 141477

Kys that's like telling a straight man he should date a tranny because they "look and act like women", you think all people are attracted to is clothing style or something?
Wait really? Her last post says it's from last year. Are her story highlights new? I don't remember them being there

Anonymous 141478

yeah she posts on stories sometimes iirc. but she's been mostly quiet.

Anonymous 141479

imagine having this level of brain rot lol

Anonymous 141480


I don't use instagram so I didn't know about her posting stories, glad to know she's still active :')

Anonymous 142331

It's been literally months since she posted anything :( maxineharlow if you're reading this i hope you know i love you and miss your cool art every day

Anonymous 147118

I´m a handsome handsome boy (female), and good for her.

Anonymous 147161

jesse what the fuck are you talking about

Anonymous 147162

why is this image pissing me off i feel like this image was made by an agent of moids this is giving me major moid vibes.

Anonymous 147165

because she is making that cringe ftm face where they try to look like fuckboys

Anonymous 147167

Calm down son it's just a drawing

Anonymous 265381

Where you guys come from?

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