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What can you not sleep without ? Anonymous 139310

I can't sleep without earplugs an eye mask and my cat.

Anonymous 139313

Heavy blankets

Anonymous 139315

Asmr. Usually just white noise. And my blankie.

Anonymous 139316

Gotta cover my ears with the blanket regardless of position so no bugs crawl in

Anonymous 139318


I can't sleep without my cat either. I worry about her if she's not in my room. Her presence is comforting.


ASMR can make me sleepy, but it's not something I need to fall asleep to. Though maybe I'd have less trouble falling asleep if I could listen to it more often.

Anonymous 139319

I only need a couple blankets.

My husband needs to be incredibly cool temperature-wise, physically tired, mentally tired, not being touched, and usually has to listen to a video of some sort for an hour before even getting close to sleeping.

Anonymous 139332


Brain noise to keep the intrusive thoughts out. I can't stand ASMR so mostly chill gameplays

Anonymous 139334

absolute darkness

Anonymous 139339

my eyes closed

Anonymous 139350


Something to hug. I usually cuddle with picrel but soft pillows also do. I think it stemmed from my childhood when I loved Mickey Mouse a lot and always hugged my Mickey Mouse pillow. Now, I can't sleep without anything in my arms. It just feels so wrong and empty.

Anonymous 139351

Me too. Sometimes when I’m visiting friends or on vacation I have to gather the blanket in my arms so that I’m hugging something or else it’s so hard for me to fall asleep.

Anonymous 139355

comfy kenny.png

- fan on during the summer
- pillow between my legs. pillow to hug, pillow behind my back
- memory foam pillow for my head since my neck/shoulders get sore without one

Anonymous 139356

Thunder rain and lightning are such a perfect bonus and so is cold like 64 degrees.

Anonymous 139362

I can't sleep when someone in the room is talking, when the tv is playing, any lights, or if it's too humid/the air isn't fresh in the room, also when it's too hot or it's cold but I don't have a blanket. Other than that I can sleep just fine.

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