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Something you want but can't get Anonymous 140312

i want to play a theremin, but they're so expensive, especially with added shipping costs to my country. also all the cheap ones are sold out. aaaaaaaaa

for personal reasons, i don't want to live at the house i'm at forever, so i want my own house, but the housing prices are shit. one tiny little one-story house in my neighbourhood back in 2010 was $500,000. i checked the median price for my neighourhood today, and one house was over 1,300,000$ (converted to 'murican dollars, it's approximately 900,000$.). this isn't even in the middle of the city, just the suburbs. Need to be more than a literal millionare just to get a house, or be in even more decades of debt than my parent already is in, bloody hell. maybe i'll just live in the outback where all the roos and the worst spiders are when i grow old. but the bad thing about houses in the outback is they're prone to fire seasons, so you might just put yourself in debt for a house that'll burn down one summer anyway/ :/

Anonymous 140314


>expresses disappointment about the current housing situation in my country that's a common topic of political discussion among young people, in various neighbourhoods, across the nation.

>someone tells me i'm not making any effort effort or making too many excuses, despite me not detailing much about my personal life.

ok then.

Anonymous 140318

Getting roommates is often a lot worse than living with family.

Anonymous 140327

Yes. Literally yes.

Anonymous 140328

>I'm just asking what's the point of venting.

sometimes thoughts don't go away, so to stop them from bouncing around your head like an eternal feedback loop, especially when the current circumstances means solving those problems/finding the opportunity to do it, would have to happen later and not now, you put the thoughts outside of your head.

while well-intentioned, sometimes giving unasked-for advice when you don't know much about the circumstances can come across as too generic to be useful, condescending, or assuming the person on the other end isn't actively thinking about how to solve the problem themselves eventually. if someone keeps many details about the situation private or vague, it's highly likely they want privacy or don't want advice, but still would like to put the thoughts outside the head by venting anyway.

i started this thread because i thought it'd be fun to see what other objects or items other people cannot acquire for now, but would like to acquire. the thread premise is based on the assumption that for whatever reason(s), disclosed or undisclosed, someone cannot acquire that object.

Anonymous 140334

yuri on mice.PNG

I want a ticket to this movie, but Studio MAPPA has been silent on what's going on with it. I hope the long development time is just trying to make quality, instead of massive development hell… It's probably massive development hell….

Anonymous 140335

I want my own nice house. Ohhhh this economy is so sad…

Anonymous 140336

>I thought this was a "I have a problem, let's find a solution" thread.
Nothing in the OP even hints to that.

Anonymous 140339

Japanese style dumbphone. But they don’t work with local 4G/5G.

Anonymous 140340

And most don’t even work with the (dying) 3G either.

Anonymous 140421

A house and a part time job that allows me to pay my bills and go on vacation. Hard emphasis on part time. God I hate working 5 days.

Anonymous 140429

I want to be born again somewhere else and have a nicer life

Anonymous 140447


hooo hooo haaaaaaah! I did it! I found the cheapest theremin with both pitch and volume control available!

If anyone else is interested, it's at https://microkits.net/

I'd like to thank thereminworld.net for having a list of some theremins available. I've already come across nearly all of the theremins in their list, except for that small cheapo one that no one talks about.

for most theremins, while searching, i found like one big company (Moog) that mass produces them, and the rest are tiny little companies where the people build the theremins themselves by their own hand, selling it on their own obscure sites or ebay. just found it kind of interesting how small the theremin market is.

Anonymous 142579


Anonymous 142586

I wish I was creative lol. I think it’d be neat to write songs and music or maybe even write stories (along the lines of Otessa Moshfegh or Mona Awad). I used to write stories when I was a kid, but it was just escapist stuff where I would write about being a wolf or about being in high school and having a boyfriend or when I’d rp online or write fanfiction. Anyway that was the last time I was creative. Now I can’t think of anything to write, but I wish I could express myself creatively. And then even if I was able to do so, I don’t know where I could publish any of this stuff online. I feel like in college, there were tons of girls who were writing poems and stuff like that. The last time I wrote anything was in high school, so if I tried to write anything again it’d probably come off as juvenile compared to other girls my age who have been writing consistently. And I would love to write songs, but I have no musical talent kek.

Anonymous 142598

mustangs like those are cheap in the southeast, like under 10,000 dollars

Anonymous 142605

Lmao just build one yourself, it's the easiest electric instrument to build

Anonymous 142785

For males to stop doing retarded gay ops constantly and leave us alone.
Gee maybe more women WOULD "go back to cc" if moids stopped fucking posting here

Anonymous 142786

Functioning reproductive organs.

Anonymous 142798

DAMN… i’m sorry

Anonymous 143178

I want friends so bad. No idea how to make them as I'm autistic. My only friendships have been formed online.

Anonymous 143180


Anonymous 143235

how do you go about forming friendships online? i don't even have that…

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