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Traveling Anonymous 140376

Have you done it before? Which places did you go to? How was it like? Any recommendations?

Anonymous 140379


Love the cold

Anonymous 140380

Wow you have been to a lot of places. I have only been to canada once with the alaska marine highway.
How was indonesia? Did you go to bali or some other island? What about india? Can you go to those places alone?

Anonymous 140382

Yea I went to Bali, it was loads of fun. I probably would've enjoyed India more if it were a vacation, but I actually lived there for a year and had to go to school and stuff. I'd say Bali and maaaaybe Kerala (India) are safe to travel alone, but I REALLY recommend you don't with the rest of India. Many of the moids there are hyper-creeps; (coming from an Indian) Also are you living in Alaska? If so, lucky

Anonymous 140390

What about colombia, cr and panama?
>Also are you living in Alaska?
Yes. I live somwhere in the 9nside passage.
>if so lucky
Nah its depressing in winter and the bugs are huge. I am probably going to move to europe because i have a useless degree thats probably only useful there.

Anonymous 140398

Costa Rica is AWESOME, everything from the cities to the beaches to the rainforests are beautiful. Colombia's pretty great too, but I'm pretty biased towards it 'cause I have family there (Colombian mom, Indian dad) From what I remember the beaches in places like Cartagena are really nice. I don't have a lot to say about Panama, I just visited for a bit after crossing over for Colombia, they're pretty similar.

Anonymous 140436


aa I love travelling, want to see every country at some point tbh, can't wait for the plane travel situation to return to "normal"(lol)

Anonymous 140439

How was China?

Anonymous 140440

I was only in hong kong, so it feels a bit like cheating to mark the whole thing lol. it was pretty nice, really liked the aesthetic of the city and the mountain hikes. i am half-planning a trip deep into mainland china soon tho, hope I'll make it

Anonymous 140480


Thats where i have been so far. I am quite old and didnt travel that much but here it is.

Anonymous 140974


Anonymous 140978

I was part of this tour thing for school and went to Britain, Germany, France, Austria and Czech Republic. I am going to sound like a piece of shit but i hated it tbh. being trapped in a different culture is terrifying and confusing and my retard ass kept getting lost. There were people everywhere and shit there was just to much going on. It was overall just stressful. idk why people like traveling so much.

Anonymous 141657

crystal map.png

Anonymous 141671


I've travelled a lot for uni, then work doing genetic and medical surveys. Honestly, the only place I'd recommend visiting for fun would be Argentina because it is so varied and beautiful. I just want to visit a country that isn't stinking hot and humid.

Anonymous 141672


Being older helps.

Anonymous 141673

What does the green mean

Anonymous 141683


I don't even want to go outside.

Anonymous 141708

I'm trying to get to png. Is ot a nice place?

Anonymous 141709

How was french guiana? What about chile uruguay and argentina?

Anonymous 141715


Yes I'm serious


Anonymous 141717

It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The highlands are so steep that the view just drops away to misty valleys of untouched rainforest, then rise again to more mountains in the distance. The entire landscape is primeval in a way that even untouched parts of Africa just can't match. It feels like Pangea. It may be hot and humid, but it's incredible.

That said, I would not suggest visiting.

Travel is long, uncomfortable and can be dangerous. Road rules are a suggestion and taxi/bus drivers often could never have a license and/or are intoxicated while driving. Getting anywhere outside of the few main roads really requires a 4x4 and experienced driver.

Local crime is a problem in Port Moresby, but being a foreigner gets muggings downgraded to being menacingly asked for money or belongings. Worse than the locals are the ex-pats and holidayers who saw relative lawlessness and decided it was an invitation. Most acts of sexual assault and rape against tourists are from this group.

Outside of the city centre you may encounter roadblocks and checkpoints run by local 'militias' that take tolls to enter villages. It's best to have a local driver for these as they can pay a small amount and pass in under a minute, while for foreigners they love to flex their muscle and get you out of the car, search your things and demand larger tolls.

Being touched and groped, even by boys as young as 8, is common if they can get away with it, and some men will proposition you forcefully and try to physically pull you away from people, then isolate you somewhere. These rapes aren't reported because, to the police, they propositioned you for sex and you didn't fight them, so it was consensual.

If you do plan to visit, either stay in the tourist destinations by day and hotels by night, where there are always plenty of watchful eyes and police brutality to keep tourists secure, or hire one of the handful of Aus/NZ security companies who'll send a big, imposing ex-military guard and a local driver/fixer to take you places.

Anonymous 141723

never ever had been anywhere, traveling is too much stress for me

Anonymous 141734

Really? I know moresby and lae are dangerous but i am planning to cross through vanimo which should be safer. I have lived in pacific islands before so idk if id be fine

Anonymous 141735

How was cabo verde?

Anonymous 141737


Maybe we're not so different after all

Anonymous 141739

The general rule is if it's travelled by corporations, it's safe enough. Police and security are extremely heavy handed with crime which effects foreigners, so the crime is really limited to areas they can actually police.

Anonymous 141744

Yea this and never go out at night. Thanks a lot for those infos. Btw is this map accurate ?

Anonymous 141780

I'm from the US. I've travelled to Canada, Italy, Japan, Thailand, China, and South Korea.

There's nowhere I really want to travel to, except maybe Hungary and Germany because I like their history and musicals.

Anonymous 141962

Have you been on a cruise?

Anonymous 141967



France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Ireland

>Want to visit

Russia, Finland, Iceland, China, Cuba, USA, Argentinia, Peru, Brazil, India, Iran, Israel/Palestine

If I had money (which I don't) and a friend to join me (which I also don't), I'd like to take the Transsib through Russia one day. Russia is such a fascinating country. I have been learning Russian for a while and really wish I could visit.

Anonymous 142107

A few. They’re more pleasant than planes.

Anonymous 142193

How was central america and the caribbean?

Anonymous 142195

They were all family vacations I was forced to go on. I laid on the beach for a bit on all the islands. Beaches are mostly the same anywhere. There’s one tiny island that’s not on the map that’s owned by a cruiseline. That one was my favorite because there were no other people or things on it. Just a bar and some sand.

Anonymous 142210


south korea, belize, dominican republic, japan
>visiting in a few weeks
poland, italy
>want to visit in general
austria, germany, mongolia, iceland

also does anyone has any good ideas for things to do in gdansk, rome, naples, krakow or other cities in poland? just wondering

Anonymous 142280

that's an unusual destination. any reason in particular you want to go there for?

Anonymous 142321


Anonymous 142322

I hope you're fine, anon.

Anonymous 142344

I genuinely think travelling is vastly overrated. It's a serious drain on time and money and screws with your head so it's harder to accept your home community and adjust to it. I think you'll find that the happiest and most stable people in the world have lived in the same place for a very long time and have deep roots.

Anonymous 142392


Would be nice to see things once I graduate college.

Anonymous 142452


Baku and Tbilisi are great

Anonymous 142466


The list of countries I want to travel is much more inexhaustive, but in particular I marked:

- Former Soviet Block countries because of my homeland Bulgaria being one.
- Scandinavian countries because they actually seem to care about their population.
- Almost every Oceanian and Caribbean island because I want to visit a bunch of extremely remote islands.
- Central America and South America because they feel much closer to my European roots than any place I've been to in the U.S.

Fuck most of Western Europe, China, Middle East, Somalia (And other pirate/AIDS-infested African countries. Didn't mark it all because of laziness though), and North Korea.

I live in the U.S. but otherwise I would have put that in red too. Especially because of the Bay Area.

Anonymous 142467


One day maybe. I only want to visit the middle east if things improve there for women. There is too much cool history there not to go if they kick the chuds out.

Anonymous 142584

Not her but its gull of pretty atills and crystal clear water. Its a high class honeymoon destination in europe

Anonymous 142585

Are you from vladikavkaz by chance?
I wish too. I 'm used to taking the train but my russian is absolute dogshit since i have never been to russia and unfortunately i dont think europoors are allowed in right now

Anonymous 142619

Hey i mean well but how can your homeland be two countries. And you don’t want to visit france?!

Anonymous 142620

I'm going to walk you through this concept called "immigration".

Anonymous 142622



Yeah, I'm an immigrant so I just decided to mark both.

>And you don’t want to visit france?!

No, I don't really care for it and it seems like a terrorist-overrun shithole tbh. Although I have an online friend from there so I might for him at least.

Anonymous 142623


take a wild guess at what i hate doing, anons. i love learning about different cultures but vacations are so stressful

Anonymous 142625

why the hell did you love visiting america

Anonymous 142628

If you can't appreciate the land's natural beauty with diversity only matched by China, I can understand your confusion.

Anonymous 142631


Anonymous 142635

>misspelled Antarctica
End me.

Anonymous 142663

i can, but it is ruined by the people and culture

Anonymous 142667

No, I'm from Dagestan. I've never been to Vladikavkaz but I heard it's pretty nice

Anonymous 142668

worst one yet

Anonymous 142743

I'm from france and it sucks. The other poster is right

Anonymous 142744

Isnt that the place with a lot of different ethnic groups. It looks pretty rad ngl.
Do you like it there?

Anonymous 142764

i don't think there are actually any Arabs there. there is a lot of Turks though, and there are a lot of Muslims there.

Anonymous 142765

Are you avar?

Anonymous 142768


>Isnt that the place with a lot of different ethnic groups. It looks pretty rad ngl.
Yeah, we have like 14 official languages
>Do you like it there?
It was bad for some time after Chechen wars, terrorism and all, but it's getting better
>They're ethnically Russian & Arabic
No, we speak Russian but we have nothing to do with ethnic Russians, we're not even Slavs. Population of Dagestan consists mostly of Turkic tribes + few local highlander tribes

Anonymous 142904

no, i'm an American

Anonymous 143272


Decently well traveled for a 30 years old i guess.

Anonymous 143597

How did you like azerbaijan and georgia?

Anonymous 144309

Can i still go to belarus?

Anonymous 144419


Anonymous 144420

I feel like I should explain I haven't actually visited the british isles but I did go to Gibraltar while vacationing in spain. I got bit by one of the monkeys. it was pretty cool.

Anonymous 144430

Thats awesome nona

Anonymous 144495

So happy to see a miner from my country

Anonymous 145031


I haven't travelled much, but I would like to see more of Europe and the Americas.

Anonymous 145038

>euros wanting to visit US but have no interest in Canada

I'm kinda surprised by that even as an American. The US seems to get a bad rap nowadays. What about the US interests you more than Canada? Is it the diverse geography?

Anonymous 145039

Yeah I think they would find Canada interesting, its Euro roots are a lot more prominent than in the US.

Anonymous 145125

>North Korea

Anonymous 145135

Which us states did you visit? Which one did you like?

Anonymous 145141

NTA, but maybe because it is radically different from the West without being too dangerous to visit (especially as a woman). There are actually quite a few organisations offering regular tours to North Korea. As long as you are not a complete idiot like that American guy who stole a propaganda poster, nothing will happen to you there.
The downside is that you only get to go in groups, with a fixed schedule and a North Korean guide staying at your side the whole time. Still would make for an interesting visit imo, if you have the money.

Anonymous 145149



Anonymous 145419

Why do people want to travel to India

Anonymous 145431

>Ireland is red like UK
I'm about to infight

Anonymous 145491

Which part of brazil did you visit? Did you get to rapa nui too?
Yoga lmao
Looks pretty great ngl, are there mosquitoe?

Anonymous 146203

>want to visit
egypt, algeria, morocco, senegal, mali, russia, mongolia, vietnam, china, north korea, japan, spain, italy, peru
at the very least, i want to see egypt before i die

Anonymous 146212

Tankie spotted cringe

Anonymous 146473

Do you know how i could get a job in new guinea or madagascar?

Anonymous 146897

Unless you plan on emigrating, your only shot is an NGO or university running programs, usually in capitals and the poorest areas. I wouldn't suggest Madagascar unless you're fine with spending a long time there, maybe a year or more. PNG is easier to find work for with companies based in Aus/NZ and Indonesia, as they run shipping, import/export, hospitality, security ect. Fair warning about taking a job with Chinese companies, as contracts are often highly predatory, may stick you in demountable barracks with men in a locked compound and they will frequently violate contracts with total immunity. What kind of work are you looking for?

Anonymous 146906

Any tbf, could be mining related, could be tourism… anything.
I have a degree thats not very useful so it wont be much of an help here.

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