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Draw yourself in mspaint Anonymous 142685

Hello fellow summer victims
https://jspaint.app if on mobile

Anonymous 142694


I don’t look too good either. I’m in pjs.

Anonymous 142698

me mspaint.png

in cozy clothes

Anonymous 142700


Anonymous 142701

Screenshot 2022-07…

Anonymous 142708


Anonymous 142709


Accidental cosplay
Post rat

Anonymous 142710

self portrait.png

Anonymous 142713


Rotting in bed like a decomposing corpse but in a sundress

Anonymous 142714

peak in2 my life.p…

Excellent PJ pants, I need to step my game up

Anonymous 142739

Same but in sweats and t shirt

Anonymous 142745


Anonymous 142746


We almost have matching shorts lets gooo

Anonymous 142774


Anonymous 142789


Anonymous 142812


It's not summer here where I live. I have legs and I'm wearing pants, but it's too much effort to draw it.

Anonymous 142858

The virgin shampoo slave fears the chad economical buzz cut haver

Anonymous 142862

I'm very glad you have legs nona. Please take good care of them.

Anonymous 142878


I'll comb my hair.

Anonymous 142879

I'm sorry but your drawing looks like an auschwitz prisoner I'm dying

Anonymous 142892

Weeble potato maid

Anonymous 142927


I’m not blind I just wear tinted glasses because I have a complex about my eyes

Anonymous 143041


summer is my least favorite season

Anonymous 143051

Sans titre.png

comfy dripping

Anonymous 144263

untitled (4).png

Just like me fr…
I want to see the octopus
Cute anime girl

Anonymous 144380

sigh… that looks so comfy…

Anonymous 144453


i cant stop laughing at this its been like 15 minutes and i cant breathe

Anonymous 144457

lmao, anon this is beautiful

Anonymous 144458


Anonymous 144459

Unironically wish I could cop your fit. Sometimes I laugh when I see myself wearing my shitty bootleg Burzum shirt paired with my pink pajama shorts from Uniqlo with hearts on it. The duality of miners, I suppose.

Anonymous 144462


I did this on my phone with a stylus.

Anonymous 144463

You are definitely trans

Anonymous 144464

i love you

Anonymous 144481

Fuck off I’m a TERF, keep perpetuating the stereotype that girls can’t like metal or cute things, whatever it was that made you assume that

Anonymous 144501

Are you Czech?

Anonymous 144522

Go back to lolcow

Anonymous 144523

Super cute anon

Anonymous 144527

Projecting are we?

Anonymous 144537

no haha.jpg

shut the fuck up

Anonymous 144539

kek the seething troons in the replies, seems like you're right

Anonymous 144540

Probably not a tranny but still 5 replies seems excessive

Anonymous 144547

Probably because the most popular and active threads on this site are pink pill and terf posting, so naturally there's gonna be a lot of women on here who absolutely DESPISE trannies at any given instance.

Anonymous 144548

Good point carry on tranny haters

Anonymous 144555

>t. anon seethes at anyone that is better at art than her

Anonymous 144556


Thanks, nona! Here's today. I really have not drawn in a really long time, so it's been fun!

Anonymous 144562

How sweeeeet! I love your ribbon

Anonymous 144570


Anonymous 144587

star… unicorn….childish…. how many other people like that int the worls? curios….

Anonymous 144601

crystal cafe threa…

It's depressing how fat my face is compared to the rest of my body.

Anonymous 144624

you look like you smell, take a shower you stinky shit

Anonymous 144625

i'm sure you're fine, besides have a fat face when you are young means you will age better

Anonymous 144626

naw let me get a wiff

Anonymous 144647

Musty is justice

Anonymous 144789


here's my lil sequel, i get two days off a week so you can just imagine me rotating between these two great looks


Anonymous 144876

super cute

Anonymous 144952

please take care of yourself and stop drinking energy drinks

Anonymous 144961

Anonymous 145065

monster > red bull

Anonymous 145455


am i the only one that just hates bluetooth headphones for some reason? if the wire bugs you so much just put it under your shirt, pussy.

Anonymous 145466


Anonymous 145513


Anonymous 145514

I usually carry phone in a backpack or a handbag, and during the warm weather days I rarely have clothes with pockets I can use for my phone
Using wired headphones in this situation is not a very comfortable thing, I’d say

Anonymous 145532

Your style is so cute. Do you post your art anywhere?

Anonymous 145533

I love my wired headphones. I've had these high quality ones since before wireless headphones were cool and they still work great. They have a neat zigzag pattern. I like to wrap the cord around my arm like a weird bracelet. Seems less likely to lose compared to wireless ones.

Anonymous 145534

This was not drawn in ms paint

Anonymous 145544

thank you! i did post on social media for a bit but got tired of it
you're right lol no idea how i missed the mspaint part. might do it properly when i get back to my computer

Anonymous 145549


Took me 30 minutes to make. hoope u like it even tho it physical NOT thru computer ^.^

Anonymous 145554

thats so cute thank you nona

Anonymous 145557

The hell is it supposed to be between the legs?

Anonymous 145558

its the thing that makes the legs move back and forth dumbass

Anonymous 145565

Can we kiss…

Anonymous 145569


hi s

Anonymous 145572

Anonymous 145587

Why the emphasis on the body hair?

Anonymous 145606

>arm hair above elbow
>lots of leg hair above knee
>no happy trail
Work on it.

Anonymous 145610

Why not? Is there a problem? You sound like a scrote.

Anonymous 145612

Silence retards

Anonymous 145628

Noooo don't dress comfortably in your own home during the summer noo
How come you're not calling out any of the other underwear posts retard?

Anonymous 145632


The beauty of the great outdoors

Anonymous 145638

Anonymous 145639

Is that your house?

Anonymous 145993


actually done in mspaint this time! just waiting for my ride

Anonymous 146033

yipee oh yeah oh y…

scrotes itt please kys
I'm hanging out with my rat dog

Anonymous 146138

Relatable except I have a rat instead of a rat-dog

Anonymous 146139

Why do so many of you nonas draw yourself as teenage boys? Half of this thread and also the one with template for interests and nationality look like introverted nerdy boys with hairstyles and male clothing.

Anonymous 146141


Anonymous 146143

Why the fuck can't they scrote ?

Anonymous 146146

I want to see your rat.

Anonymous 146147

>beep boop
>short hair
>does not compute

Anonymous 146168


Very cute hope you had fun nona :D
Strongest crystal.cafe user
Weakest crystal.cafe tourist (possibly trans)

Anonymous 146281

This. Trannies dont have drawing skills. So trannies call other trannies just because women inherently are better artists on average than moids.

Anonymous 146547

short hair is more comfy and convenient than long hair, which in my experience is very tedious and itchy.
male clothes > womens clothes in terms of being made out of thick, durable fabric, not being too tight or low cut, and usually being cheaper. men's boxers are v comfy for sleeping and hanging out at home, and don't ride up your ass like regular panties tend to do.

Anonymous 146737

would not be surprised if derailers are scrotes. thread was comfy until this thread got posted on r9k

Anonymous 146738


cool thread. i like this thread

Anonymous 146739

very cute

Anonymous 146747

why do you all look like teen boys lol

Anonymous 146749

>no arms and legs
how did you draw and post this?

Anonymous 146752

You know they have drawing programs that uses your eye movements,right

Anonymous 146753

Everyone looks like a teen boy in their summer comfy clothes

Anonymous 146755

Because woman is when you shave and have lip fillers and a boobjob and a BBL and fake nails and long hair and lets not forget the limp feminine penis of course!

Anonymous 146756

no i dont know

Anonymous 146757

i didnt mean to strike a nerve lol

Anonymous 146758

You didn't, I don't even look like a tomboy myself, just pointing out how retarded you sounded, moid.

Anonymous 146759

>every comment i dont like is a moid

Anonymous 146760

not really, but okay

Anonymous 146761

What's wrong with that? I think it's pretty fitting the worst insult we can come up in an all female community is that you sound like a moid. So even if you were a retarded female you should still be ashamed you're moidpassing. Also, no woman thinks shorts a croptop and short hair makes you a teen boy. Are teen boys just on your mind or something?

Anonymous 146762

yeah i struck a nerve didn't i

Anonymous 146763

>>every comment I don't like means I struck a nerve

Anonymous 146764

quit stealing my moves

Anonymous 146767

just ignore bait, moidposters are coming in from r9k.

Anonymous 146768

the paranoia has really ruined this place, i dont even know why i bother coming here anymore

Anonymous 146770

the paranoia can be annoying but your original post was dumb and definitely comes off as bait.

Anonymous 146771


No fighting only mspaint doodles
And this the you girls look like boys thing was already said right before you brought it up again so it did come off as baity

Anonymous 146772

it was literally just an observation and i didn't even mean anything bad by it. like 90% of the posts i make i am just being accused of being a moid tranny or dumb and some other overly defensive remarks. it just isnt fun

Anonymous 146774

if it's happening in %90 of your posts maybe that's on you and you should be nicer

Anonymous 146778

Maybe you're autistic so I'll spell out this social cue for you, most women would take being called a teenage boy as antagonistic

Anonymous 146781

huh? well it was more a comment on the drawings anyway but i guess i'll add that to my autism diary

Anonymous 146785


they definitely do come in here and psyop by larping as women. normally i just ignore bait but the amount of larps increase whenever this site gets mentioned on /r9k/. it's comfy when it dies down but otherwise it's just kind of annoying, frankly.

Anonymous 146786

Np intent doesn't translate well over text, personally my autism manifests in the opposite direction I end up typing paragraphs so my message gets across the way I want it to

Anonymous 146792

>witchdom spinsterhood
no problem with that part, women are statistically happier and healthier without a male partner there to murder them and their ambitions desu

Anonymous 146794

Are any of them actually doing this or are their inceloid brains so lost to what women would consider an ideal man that they're doing a really shitty job at it? Cause every bf anecdote i see on here is straight up awful lol

Anonymous 146795


This is retarded cope from some retarded incel. Married women are just as likely to end up spinsters and unmarried women. Moids dip the second their wife gets ill or old.

Anonymous 146796

As unmarried women*

Anonymous 146802

it's probably a mix, sometimes women are just overly idealistic with their partners. moid rhetoric definitely pops up every now and then though, specifically this thread which got posted on 4chin's robot board

Anonymous 146804


i'm plenty nice, anyway here is my drawing

Anonymous 146805

This. Modern moids have nothing to offer women anyway. They’re stingy, don’t want to provide, cannot fight, and are mentally unstable and irresponsible. Every service moids traditionally offered can be bought now and relatively cheaply. You need your lawn mowed, car fixed or plumbing done? You can just call up a moid to do it for you. You need money? You can make it yourself quite easily, just by telling moids they are worthless online. You need protection from bad moids? Get a gun or call the police. Need an orgasm? A vibrator will make you come harder than a selfish moid stabbing you with his pathetic pork sword ever could. Scrotes are so butthurt that we don’t need them anymore.

Anonymous 146809

Paint (1).png

Peace is made

Anonymous 146812

Anonymous 146814

Kek, this. Every relationship post I see on this board goes something like this
>my bf is addicted to camgirls and he spent our life savings on onlyfans, should I say something?
>I found my bfs interracial midget loli gangbang scat folder, is this a red flag?
>my bf refuses to marry me because I’m not a virgin, should I stay with him anyway?
>my bf wants to bring his Asian female coworker into our relationship and make me a cuckquean, im a little bit sad about this, is it normal to feel this way or am I just being dramatic?
>my bf ignores me and plays OSRS for 18 hours a day. I’m starting to feel a little bit neglected. Am I in the wrong here?
>my bf mocks everything I say and calls me a stupid braindead retard every day, is this normal?

The absolute Stockholm syndrome shitshow that is female heterosexuality and liking men. Jesus Christ.

Anonymous 146815


Less moid talking, more art making.

Anonymous 146834


it's me again, i'll contribute as many times as i need to in order to keep the thread comfy
i hope everyone who took an actual vacation this summer knows how jealous i am, all i've done is sell produce

Anonymous 146854

I buy those shirts as well. I want to buy more in different colors but I get a little bit nervous standing in the men's underwear section.

Anonymous 146945

I love your doodles anon, I would like to hold your weird celery hands

Anonymous 147023


tis me

Anonymous 147076

untitled 4.png

Version where I look nicer

Anonymous 147126


it does look like me so

Anonymous 147129


Anonymous 147191

We could be twins!

Anonymous 147636


why hello

Anonymous 147639

like one of my french girls

Anonymous 148204


Wrapped up in a blanket with an angry uterus type feel.

Anonymous 148205


7 days old bun

Anonymous 148209

This is super cute

Anonymous 148251


With some artistic liberties.

Anonymous 148253


Anonymous 148254

I'm not a troon! Why is everyone with pink bottoms accused of being a troon!?

Anonymous 148263

pagan symbols are nazi crap now? lmao damn where have you been

sounds like your iq is barely above room temperature

i'll give you the benefit of the doubt, nona. these high school kiddies really suffer from black and white thinking.

Anonymous 148286

Ik, they sound deranged and are probably moids shitting up the board themselves.
Anyway I got that shirt on a trip to Iceland, chile.

Anonymous 148303

I was just too lazy to draw them and I'm not really good at drawing arms and legs, especially in Pain with a mouse :D

Anonymous 149022

Not all nordic symbols. That isn't a sun wheel or an iron cross ffs, it is an Icelandic sigil that they slap on every tourist merch.
I can tell you are American by how much you reach. I'll make sure to slap on some more Nordic symbolism in the future to upset the likes of you.

Anonymous 149029


i've lost 20lbs so far this summer but i'm still a failure woman

Anonymous 149038

Good job anon

Anonymous 149048

Succeeding woman. Well done so far!

Anonymous 149106

ganbaru nona, if youve made it this far youve already passed the biggest hurdle, dont let up

Anonymous 149108

you might not be one, but you drew one.

Anonymous 149144

The angle of the femur crossing the hip joint in her drawing is obviously female.

Anonymous 149155

I don't see a penis there. Maybe you're just horny and imagining penises everywhere nona.

Anonymous 149158

>The trannies have taken nerdy women from us

Anonymous 149674

Is that a gondola T shirt?

Anonymous 149755


I think some of these cameras are showing me a haunting

Anonymous 149756

Sorry that's the best you get from phone scribbling

Anonymous 149763


A really cute drawing, is the little dude on the shirt meant to be any specific character?
NTA but they really don't anon… most normies see runes and assume it's some random metalhead shit, or just think you really like skyrim or something kek.
And yes, I know things like nsbm exists and is associated with nazism and viking larping, but saying that most people automatically associate runes to that is a bit silly. Not trying to start anything , just saying that I only ever saw the rune = nazi argument on the internet, I don't think most people irl care or even think about it.

Anonymous 150012

and?? women can dress like a dyke with full pcos stache and still be women because they have vaginas, tranny

Anonymous 150016

Sin título.png

Ignore the way I look like a powerpuff girl, I haven't draw since preschool.

Anonymous 150033


Because the people in this thread are LARPing as though they look like men. It's like if a tranny drew themselves as a woman

Anonymous 150046

fuckim kot n bnuuy

Anonymous 150065

Can I hire you to draw bunnies for me?

Anonymous 150075


i didn't knew that having short hair and not being hyper feminine made you a xy, strange…

Anonymous 150077


Anonymous 150110

I like your animal crossing drawing style, so cute <3

Anonymous 150135

cute bnuuy

Anonymous 150272


Anonymous 150275

Shit, really cool art style anon!

Anonymous 150295


Quick doodle because i need to sleep
Based metal anon, we can make fun of train knees together
I like your jumpsuit, I thought it was a set of scrubs for a second
Pls post more

Anonymous 150310

>complain all women want chad
>go to extreme lengths to push more women into sleeping with chad
>cry about it
Moids are psychotic

Anonymous 150336

Scrotes will do anything to further their victim complex, cutting off your nose to spite your face is moid 101.

Anonymous 150781

the eyes in this one actually scared me lol

Anonymous 151320


mistpäi oot

Anonymous 151779

wtf you look exactly like me

Anonymous 151785

Anonymous 151806


the temperature dropped 20°c in a day and it is now full on hoodie season
pk-seudun lähialueelt

Anonymous 152646


mäki :) kiva tietää et tääl lurkkaa myös suomalaisii

Anonymous 152659

Why is Finnish such a cute language I’m jealous

Anonymous 152704


I'm out of my element, I usually draw by hand.
Love your art style.
This is really good, doesn't even look like paint.

Anonymous 152729


It probably sounds better the way you're thinking it. Imagining that cat speaking Finnish to you might also make it sound more cute. As a side note, I hate sleeping with any lights, so I always love when autumn rolls around and I get to sleep in pure darkness, anyone else?

Anonymous 152821

untitled (1).png

old metallica shirt i use while painting
high school gym shorts
fml my rosacea has been so bad lately…

i sit the exact same way and by the end of the day my back feels like shit yet i keep doing it lol

Anonymous 152973

nta but I sit like that as well and it does suck ass. I won't stop.

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