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Draw yourself in mspaint Anonymous 142685

Hello fellow summer victims
https://jspaint.app if on mobile

Anonymous 142694


I don’t look too good either. I’m in pjs.

Anonymous 142698

me mspaint.png

in cozy clothes

Anonymous 142700


Anonymous 142701

Screenshot 2022-07…

Anonymous 142708


Anonymous 142710

self portrait.png

Anonymous 142713


Rotting in bed like a decomposing corpse but in a sundress

Anonymous 142714

peak in2 my life.p…

Excellent PJ pants, I need to step my game up

Anonymous 142739

Same but in sweats and t shirt

Anonymous 142745


Anonymous 142746


We almost have matching shorts lets gooo

Anonymous 142774


Anonymous 142789


Anonymous 142812


It's not summer here where I live. I have legs and I'm wearing pants, but it's too much effort to draw it.

Anonymous 142862

I'm very glad you have legs nona. Please take good care of them.

Anonymous 142879

I'm sorry but your drawing looks like an auschwitz prisoner I'm dying

Anonymous 142927


I’m not blind I just wear tinted glasses because I have a complex about my eyes

Anonymous 143041


summer is my least favorite season

Anonymous 143051

Sans titre.png

comfy dripping

Anonymous 144263

untitled (4).png

Just like me fr…
I want to see the octopus
Cute anime girl

Anonymous 144380

sigh… that looks so comfy…

Anonymous 144457

lmao, anon this is beautiful

Anonymous 144458


Anonymous 144459

Unironically wish I could cop your fit. Sometimes I laugh when I see myself wearing my shitty bootleg Burzum shirt paired with my pink pajama shorts from Uniqlo with hearts on it. The duality of miners, I suppose.

Anonymous 144462


I did this on my phone with a stylus.

Anonymous 144464

i love you

Anonymous 144523

Super cute anon

Anonymous 144556


Thanks, nona! Here's today. I really have not drawn in a really long time, so it's been fun!

Anonymous 144562

How sweeeeet! I love your ribbon

Anonymous 144570


Anonymous 144601

crystal cafe threa…

It's depressing how fat my face is compared to the rest of my body.

Anonymous 144624

you look like you smell, take a shower you stinky shit

Anonymous 144625

i'm sure you're fine, besides have a fat face when you are young means you will age better

Anonymous 144626

naw let me get a wiff

Anonymous 144647

Musty is justice

Anonymous 144789


here's my lil sequel, i get two days off a week so you can just imagine me rotating between these two great looks


Anonymous 144876

super cute

Anonymous 144952

please take care of yourself and stop drinking energy drinks

Anonymous 144961

Anonymous 145065

monster > red bull

Anonymous 145455


am i the only one that just hates bluetooth headphones for some reason? if the wire bugs you so much just put it under your shirt, pussy.

Anonymous 145466


Anonymous 145513


Anonymous 145514

I usually carry phone in a backpack or a handbag, and during the warm weather days I rarely have clothes with pockets I can use for my phone
Using wired headphones in this situation is not a very comfortable thing, I’d say

Anonymous 145532

Your style is so cute. Do you post your art anywhere?

Anonymous 145533

I love my wired headphones. I've had these high quality ones since before wireless headphones were cool and they still work great. They have a neat zigzag pattern. I like to wrap the cord around my arm like a weird bracelet. Seems less likely to lose compared to wireless ones.

Anonymous 145534

This was not drawn in ms paint

Anonymous 145544

thank you! i did post on social media for a bit but got tired of it
you're right lol no idea how i missed the mspaint part. might do it properly when i get back to my computer

Anonymous 145549


Took me 30 minutes to make. hoope u like it even tho it physical NOT thru computer ^.^

Anonymous 145554

thats so cute thank you nona

Anonymous 145557

The hell is it supposed to be between the legs?

Anonymous 145558

its the thing that makes the legs move back and forth dumbass

Anonymous 145565

Can we kiss…

Anonymous 145569


hi s

Anonymous 145572

Anonymous 145587

Why the emphasis on the body hair?

Anonymous 145606

>arm hair above elbow
>lots of leg hair above knee
>no happy trail
Work on it.

Anonymous 145610

Why not? Is there a problem? You sound like a scrote.

Anonymous 145612

Silence retards

Anonymous 145993


actually done in mspaint this time! just waiting for my ride

Anonymous 146033

yipee oh yeah oh y…

scrotes itt please kys
I'm hanging out with my rat dog

Anonymous 146138

Relatable except I have a rat instead of a rat-dog

Anonymous 146139

Why do so many of you nonas draw yourself as teenage boys? Half of this thread and also the one with template for interests and nationality look like introverted nerdy boys with hairstyles and male clothing.

Anonymous 146141


Anonymous 146143

Why the fuck can't they scrote ?

Anonymous 146146

I want to see your rat.

Anonymous 146147

>beep boop
>short hair
>does not compute

Anonymous 146168


Very cute hope you had fun nona :D
Strongest crystal.cafe user
Weakest crystal.cafe tourist (possibly trans)

Anonymous 146547

short hair is more comfy and convenient than long hair, which in my experience is very tedious and itchy.
male clothes > womens clothes in terms of being made out of thick, durable fabric, not being too tight or low cut, and usually being cheaper. men's boxers are v comfy for sleeping and hanging out at home, and don't ride up your ass like regular panties tend to do.

Anonymous 146737

would not be surprised if derailers are scrotes. thread was comfy until this thread got posted on r9k

Anonymous 146738


cool thread. i like this thread

Anonymous 146739

very cute

Anonymous 146749

>no arms and legs
how did you draw and post this?

Anonymous 146752

You know they have drawing programs that uses your eye movements,right

Anonymous 146756

no i dont know

Anonymous 146770

the paranoia can be annoying but your original post was dumb and definitely comes off as bait.

Anonymous 146771


No fighting only mspaint doodles
And this the you girls look like boys thing was already said right before you brought it up again so it did come off as baity

Anonymous 146804


i'm plenty nice, anyway here is my drawing

Anonymous 146809

Paint (1).png

Peace is made

Anonymous 146812

Anonymous 146815


Less moid talking, more art making.

Anonymous 146834


it's me again, i'll contribute as many times as i need to in order to keep the thread comfy
i hope everyone who took an actual vacation this summer knows how jealous i am, all i've done is sell produce

Anonymous 146854

I buy those shirts as well. I want to buy more in different colors but I get a little bit nervous standing in the men's underwear section.

Anonymous 146945

I love your doodles anon, I would like to hold your weird celery hands

Anonymous 147023


tis me

Anonymous 147076

untitled 4.png

Version where I look nicer

Anonymous 147126


it does look like me so

Anonymous 147636


why hello

Anonymous 147639

like one of my french girls

Anonymous 148204


Wrapped up in a blanket with an angry uterus type feel.

Anonymous 148205


7 days old bun

Anonymous 148209

This is super cute

Anonymous 148251


With some artistic liberties.

Anonymous 148303

I was just too lazy to draw them and I'm not really good at drawing arms and legs, especially in Pain with a mouse :D

Anonymous 149029


i've lost 20lbs so far this summer but i'm still a failure woman

Anonymous 149038

Good job anon

Anonymous 149048

Succeeding woman. Well done so far!

Anonymous 149106

ganbaru nona, if youve made it this far youve already passed the biggest hurdle, dont let up

Anonymous 149674

Is that a gondola T shirt?

Anonymous 149755


I think some of these cameras are showing me a haunting

Anonymous 149756

Sorry that's the best you get from phone scribbling

Anonymous 149763


A really cute drawing, is the little dude on the shirt meant to be any specific character?
NTA but they really don't anon… most normies see runes and assume it's some random metalhead shit, or just think you really like skyrim or something kek.
And yes, I know things like nsbm exists and is associated with nazism and viking larping, but saying that most people automatically associate runes to that is a bit silly. Not trying to start anything , just saying that I only ever saw the rune = nazi argument on the internet, I don't think most people irl care or even think about it.

Anonymous 150016

Sin título.png

Ignore the way I look like a powerpuff girl, I haven't draw since preschool.

Anonymous 150046

fuckim kot n bnuuy

Anonymous 150065

Can I hire you to draw bunnies for me?

Anonymous 150110

I like your animal crossing drawing style, so cute <3

Anonymous 150135

cute bnuuy

Anonymous 150272


Anonymous 150275

Shit, really cool art style anon!

Anonymous 150295


Quick doodle because i need to sleep
Based metal anon, we can make fun of train knees together
I like your jumpsuit, I thought it was a set of scrubs for a second
Pls post more

Anonymous 150781

the eyes in this one actually scared me lol

Anonymous 151320


mistpäi oot

Anonymous 151806


the temperature dropped 20°c in a day and it is now full on hoodie season
pk-seudun lähialueelt

Anonymous 152646


mäki :) kiva tietää et tääl lurkkaa myös suomalaisii

Anonymous 152659

Why is Finnish such a cute language I’m jealous

Anonymous 152704


I'm out of my element, I usually draw by hand.
Love your art style.
This is really good, doesn't even look like paint.

Anonymous 152729


It probably sounds better the way you're thinking it. Imagining that cat speaking Finnish to you might also make it sound more cute. As a side note, I hate sleeping with any lights, so I always love when autumn rolls around and I get to sleep in pure darkness, anyone else?

Anonymous 152821

untitled (1).png

old metallica shirt i use while painting
high school gym shorts
fml my rosacea has been so bad lately…

i sit the exact same way and by the end of the day my back feels like shit yet i keep doing it lol

Anonymous 152973

nta but I sit like that as well and it does suck ass. I won't stop.

Anonymous 216885


Anonymous 216910

you're scary :(

Anonymous 216915

this is me.png

Anonymous 216923


seeing the moid i rejected seethe was so fun to watch kek

Anonymous 216941

Good outfit
The image board stacy wins again

Anonymous 216960

based+vodka+nice cat
high score overall nona

Anonymous 216964


reminder that alcohol might help you numb down a lil bit but it won't solve your life problems nonas

Anonymous 216966

What about weed?

Anonymous 216984

am i the only weird one who listens to black metal

Anonymous 216985

i do too nona! what are your favorite bands?

Anonymous 216986

Why is Chris chan calling you and why is there a heart emoji by his contact

Anonymous 216989

Its all those bad ones with the horrible imagery you prolly know what i mean. I kinda hate myself for it

Anonymous 216993

…that doesn't narrow it down nona. Do you like Peste Noire? Is it Burzum?

Anonymous 216997


blue light of the phone keeping me company tonight

Anonymous 217000

cool foto of me.pn…

you made me want to draw my own, very inspirational

Anonymous 217002

im 90% sure we used to be in a discord server together, or your art style just reminds me of that person. i like how sketchy it is.
cute cats and i like how you stylize yourself

Anonymous 217003

yeah its those bands… like burzum or absurd what about you?

Anonymous 217004

the way you draw cats is perfect

Anonymous 217005

it’s me.png

Anonymous 217006



Anonymous 217014


Drawing on phone is hard

Anonymous 217017


Anonymous 217045


I've never posted my art anywhere, thanks tho

Anonymous 217057

You look like you'd be shepherding cattle in South America.

Anonymous 217134

your drawing looks like 2022 Riddler. I want you. I have no shame.

Anonymous 217365

your bar is in hell nona

Anonymous 217366


but i'm fellow danofag too

Anonymous 217440


Anonymous 217528

1 татар.png

Anonymous 217603

Actually freaked me out LMAO

Anonymous 218871


Anonymous 218906

Hell yeah! Another lego lover!

Anonymous 218907


Ignore the AI hands

Anonymous 218940


Noticed that most of you are drawing yourselves with flat chests so I decided to be different and not like other girls

Anonymous 218952

Lol'd I think it's because everyone is drawing themselves in their comfy baggy lounge clothes.

Anonymous 219018



Anonymous 219032


hmm looks familiar

Anonymous 219038

not appy.jpg

woah woah

Anonymous 219040

she looks like me irl, except my haircolor is normal

Anonymous 219051

such a cute style nona, i love the lower lashes.

lifelover based
i like those too but lately more into dsbm and ambient.

Anonymous 219158


Anonymous 219162

Why do you go to wizchan?

Anonymous 219180


I relate to men more than women even though i am a girl. I think cc is a good place because I want to support fellow loner girls but i find lurking on dep more therapeutic. I dont hate men, I hate normies.

Anonymous 219435

I found wizchan inscrutable. The board culture there is strange to me since every board feels the same. And it has little levity or creativity. Probably because the same 10 guys probably browse in all of them.

Anonymous 220026

>woah woah

Anonymous 220123


just ate a lemon candy

Anonymous 220246

>bo'o wo'ah
>Red head
You Irish? Cute drawing btw

Anonymous 220250



Anonymous 220255

Are you Japanese?

Anonymous 220260

thanks! also no I'm from southern EU but i just love saying bo'o wo'ah kek

Anonymous 220282

I'm Korean. But I actually only sit on the floor cause I find chairs uncomfortable

Anonymous 220361


I'm a phoneposter and I've 7 months without drawing
Where are i'm from is always summer

Anonymous 220391


me asf (i cant draw)

Anonymous 220392


Gave it my best shot

Anonymous 220487

Fuck yeah a maggot

Anonymous 220813


This vas pretty fun. I really need to pick up drawing again
and fix my sitting posture.

Anonymous 220816


Anonymous 220817


Anonymous 220820

objectively the best nona on this website

Anonymous 221500


i have a cold

Anonymous 221675

Anonymous 221738


i look weird tbh

Anonymous 221768

I like your art style, you should post stuff to the art thread, I want to see more.

Anonymous 221776


forgot to draw the glasses lawl

Anonymous 223400

you look cute as fuck anon. we must cultivate our body hair to be like a treacherous jungle, no one who strays in will exit alive.

Anonymous 224310



Anonymous 224448

zoe? is that you?..

Anonymous 224454

Anonymous 224478

What do you draw and read?

Anonymous 224726


my first time trying ms paint, how are you guys so good at this??

Anonymous 224727

Beeaautiful :)

Anonymous 224790

>tfw when the Russian guy starts mumbling about yokes and reaches into his bag

Anonymous 224797


This is me, about to post in the weed thread. Drawn at work with a house. Can't wait to get home and use my graphics tablet (and smoke weed lol)!

Can someone tell me why it is so hard to find a "normal" looking white skin tone? Also the real life "skin tone" pencils look like they are for piglets.

Anonymous 224844

this is adorable nona

Anonymous 224849

God I wish I was smoking weed

Anonymous 224852

Screen Shot 2023-0…

was bored

Anonymous 224867

>Can someone tell me why it is so hard to find a "normal" looking white skin tone? Also the real life "skin tone" pencils look like they are for piglets.
Because you don't understand blending and mixing different tones to create a desireable result.

Anonymous 224873

can we be friends lol

Anonymous 224929


Me doing what I do best: computing!

Anonymous 224934

You're literally my husbando but female

Anonymous 224937

cc uhhhhhhhh whate…

miss posting in this thread

Anonymous 224944


How can you stand /x/ with the amount of schizolarpers??
Remaking mine since everyone is replying to this thread again >>147126

Anonymous 224967

>>224873 i currently am delirious from a mystery illness I caught at the concert where I bought the mcr shirt I was wearing. we will find eachother one day either spiritually or physically. one day my love
>>224934 who nona now I’m curious

Anonymous 224970


Anonymous 224989


omg guys…im in the library and this website isn't banned…feeling like a bit of anarchy right now teehee

Anonymous 224993

Post art

Anonymous 224998


Wow…you guys are good. Here is my goofy creation. In my room browsin the web.

Anonymous 233961


Anonymous 234258

how i look right n…

Anonymous 234430


Anonymous 234436

Is your leg weakness caused by epilepsy?

Anonymous 234454

ive broken them a few too many times from falling down stairs and hard impacts on falling. but its motor impairment from surgeries and stuff

Anonymous 234465

Damn, I'm lucky that I never even had a fracture, let alone a broken bone.

Anonymous 234471


I cannot draw and i must scream

Anonymous 234475

looks like another smooch candidate

Anonymous 234593

Big glasses are based. I hate seeing frames in my field of vision.

Anonymous 234598

flattering self po…

wild stuff

Anonymous 234607

take a shower nord girl.

Anonymous 234691


Anonymous 234692


drew this with a trackpad so the text is messy

Anonymous 234717

gotta be slavic i swear

Anonymous 234718


anons who can draw with a mouse teach me your ways

Anonymous 234723

Sometimes it's easier to use your finger with a phone app
Try with that

Anonymous 234728


I really like drawing myself

Anonymous 234730

why do you dress like a moid?

Anonymous 234732

Screenshot 2023-05…

I'm gnc

Anonymous 234733

yhats me.png

cheating and drawing the outfit i wore last time i went out instead of the one i am actually wearing now (moomin pyjama top and tartan pj bottoms with soup stains on them)
you look so cool!!

Anonymous 234734

why do you think like a retard?

Anonymous 234735

how are you gonna say that to me when you look like a Tim Burton character? I aspire to reach the level of victorian unhinged mortician energy that this drawing produces

Anonymous 234738

>Moids are pathetic and subhuman
Fills me with joy knowing they will al die alone.

Anonymous 234750

Epic and based all black wearers

Anonymous 234751

I can't smoke but id buy a newport
wear hoodies
i learned mouse drawing mainly from just tracing, then moved on from there by using the drawings as references, and now just sorta can do them. but i recommend getting something with a touch screen like a phone or ipad.
is it vain to want to doodle ourselves more?
also i think you dont have to be gnc to wear comfy clothes.
what on earth is a velvet shrug? not even my mom has a casual shrug

Anonymous 234754

image (18).png

Hate how much i look like the nerd emoji.

Anonymous 234766

how could you tell?

Anonymous 234782

looks ai generated

Anonymous 234784

it was a moid poster

Anonymous 234801

Are you short? You look really adorable.

Anonymous 234810

I guess i'm considered short, though i don't think too much about it. I'm 1,56cm.

Anonymous 234821

Screenshot 2023-05…

my favorite thing do do is rot

Anonymous 234825

Nona you look very cool, I want to put you on my pocket

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