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Anonymous 145740

Anyone else want to move to Japan here?

I've been really interested with the country ever since high school. I am not really a weeb, I watch anime but outside of that am pretty normal and don't have any Japan-specific interests.

I want to move to the Fukuoka area I think. The climate is nice and sunny, it doesn't rain as much as in the Tokyo area. And the city is considered very livable.

Japan is cheaper than California - see

I've seen many tiktok videos recently of Americans moving to Japan, I think immigration to Japan from Western countries is picking up as prices in the West increase. So I look forward to seeing you all there!

Anonymous 145782

Would be nice but I thought that to be able to stay in Japan you needed to be at least japanese descending or marry a japanese. I don't get how people who don't got any japanese ancestor neither is married to one can get there

Anonymous 145803

Honestly from what I've seen, Japanese culture is about as toxic as western culture. It definitely is a very westernized country, and maybe they have some resentment about that or something that's leading to their high suicide rates, low birth rates, overworked culture, etc. I remember reading from some expat on another imageboard that half the workplace dialogue is about how refreshing a cold beer is after work, sounds insufferable.

Personally I'm much more interested in southeast Asia like Vietnam, or China maybe. Assuming I'll ever find the guts to leave my hometown lol. Vietnam seems way more relaxed with a lot less xenophobia cuz apparently they're of the opinion that they won the Vietnam war. Which is pretty chill I guess.

Anonymous 145826

Japanese people don't need to be protected, this is pure weeb mentality.

It's just a place to live like anywhere else. Would you say "stay out of Idaho leave those poor people alone"? Of course not, it's just a place.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to live in Japan

Anonymous 145829

You say that as if there aren't good arguments against immigration. For example, immigration dilutes local culture. New people move in and don't make an effort to learn the way the locals prefer things. Americans may often view this as a good thing because of 'diversity' but people the world over has very strong opinions against immigration for a legitimate reasons.

Anonymous 145833

I want to move to Japan because I have a growing resentment for the U.S. and the kind of people here, but I do realize that Japan shares many of these issues, many of which are even intensified.

For one, the notorious work culture. I'm trying to become a software dev and from what I read that field is not seen very highly in Japan. The pay is very shitty, alot of companies will be even more bureaucratic - so will probably have to wear business formal (That kind of stiffness is just awful for software developers and there is no reason for it.), may be pressured to work horrible hours, then pressured to attend drinking parties (I don't even drink, so not sure how that one is going to work out.). Hopefully I can avoid some of these by just finding a Western company to work with, although it's unfortunate because I also hoped for a working environment I would be able to use Japanese more in.

Another issue will be the two-facedness. In the U.S., I do not like how fake almost everyone seems to be in an extroverted way and the pressure to be like that. But in Japan, I do not know how I will be socially intelligent enough to able to navigate the hell that is honne and tatemae, either.
I am sick of how stigmatized being quiet and distant where I live is, but in Japan I wouldn't be surprised if I started complaining about everyone else being like that with me too much because you will likely be practically alienated, as a foreigner.

So ultimately both may end up feeling like pretty bad choices to live. Other East Asian countries aren't much of an option since they all seem to have the exact same work/culture/social issues. Maybe I should just eventually go to South America or back to Europe, or something.

On the bright side, I can not wait to experience the kind of politeness and modesty Japanese culture has, since I am sick of narcissitic self-absorbed behavior that seems cancerous of American society (Being loud, never cleaning up after yourself, stepping over/pushing others, only talking about yourself and not even listening, being oversexual, etc.) I know Japanese people probably are just better at hiding assholery, but I don't care. I just want my space respected. Every third person in the U.S. at this point seems to have absolutely no regards for others. Not unless they're getting paid to do it, I guess.

Anonymous 145856

>My SO doesn't want to go back there for a reason and she has many stories, but just visiting may be nice.

Could you share some anon? Sexual harrassment related stuff or just poor treatment?

Anonymous 145857

To be entirely honest with you I don't give a singular fuck about acting in a way that "preserves the local culture".
Any attempt to preserve the previous culture of your society is actively harmful to society. It leads to cultural and technological stagnation similar to what Japan is experiencing right now, it leads to NIMBYism and a generally regressive mentality. In fact I think Japan's culture needs to change and immigration is a great way to do it.

I want to see a Japan that is competitive in tech and media. I want to see a Japan that has companies rivaling Silicon Valley giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google, a Japan that has directors like Kurosawa again. The Japanese culture that the people are trying to preserve has ALREADY died anon. Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, these companies are shells of what they once were because they tried to hard to preserve what they had rather than changing with the times.

The fact of the matter is that culture is fluid in every country in the world. People in Ireland don't live how they did 60 years ago. This is true for Japan, the USA, Nigeria, Nepal, and any other country as well. Culture changes over time. Change is the only constant.

So attempting to preserve culture is a lost cause, you can only try to be the best you can personally be, and live in a respectable way. In a way that your parents and your society would respect.

As long as I continue to act this way I have no problem with moving anywhere in the world.

Anonymous 145859

NTA but I knew someone who went to Japan on a business trip. Her male coworkers who had been to Japan before explained that she needed to not wear heels because the Japanese associate them with prostitutes and that she couldn't have a very active role in the meetings because the Japanese businessmen just wouldn't deal with a womam.

Anonymous 145870

Not really. Japan is a nice place to visit but the weather and horrible work culture would absolutely kill me. Two separate friends of mine moved there pursuing a career; one came back in a year, the other in bit less than two, both just exhausted from the amount of work.
But maybe if the hours are least bit humane, it's doable. The moids aren't much to write home about apparently.

Anonymous 145876

I am a huge fucking weeb who knows japanese and you could not pay me to live there.

Not only you are a foreigner, but also a women. You will always be an outsider and men will always have misogynistic expectations of you. The society in general will also be very controlling. From private schools checking the girl's underwear to companies expecting you to wear makeup.

Please also think about your future self and future children if you plan on having them. Being old in a foreign country is not easy, and your mixed children will always be discriminated against unless they look very japanese.

Anonymous 145877

I don't because I feel like I'd never belong or fit in.
I hate standing out.

Anonymous 145878

I don’t mind whoever the work culture seems way too strict and I guess Japanese culture in general. Not to mention the Japanese is reallyyyyyy hard. I’m brown so I think life there might be annoying as well because xenophobia is an issue but it’s also an issue everywhere ironically not that bad in western countries because it is heavily shamed.
I love the politeness and respectful aspect of Japanese culture, I’m tired of the brash and arrogant attitudes that’s popularized through western gen z

Anonymous 145879

If you plan on immigrating to a country you have to learn the language, yes English is becoming more and more popular but you can’t always rely on that. You’ll be making life unnecessarily harder on yourself.
You don’t have to switch religions or change up your diet if you don’t want to but that definitely won’t dilute a country’s culture. What’s diluting culture is the homogenization effect of Americanisation

Anonymous 146164

Japan has a huge incel problem and most of the men there are disgusting coomers. I don’t know if I could feel safe around moids who have been jacking off to rape porn since they were kids and have expectations of women being submissive rape holes who are sexually available 24/7, especially foreign women who are supposed to be more ‘easy’. I used to watch a foreign girls vlogs from Tokyo and in a few videos she ended up getting sexually harassed and even groped by random Japanese pervs because she wasn’t fully covered in public. I could probably easily knock out the average nip moid but I definitely wouldn’t feel safe in a place where sexual harassment and date rape is socially acceptable and mostly goes unpunished.

Anonymous 146165

This. Japan is a moids paradise which is why so many incels end up going there to get laid. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be as an ugly or average foreign woman there too. White women in Japan are mostly associated with being Eastern European prostitutes and hostesses who entire capital is their pretty faces and good bodies. If you’re unattractive the lookism there is probably insane since they’re expecting foreign women to be models and prostitutes and the body shaming is extreme in first world Asia. Maybe less so now because masks are worn in public. But still. I don’t want random drunk Japanese men grabbing my arm and asking how much.

Anonymous 146169


I can't because I'm from a piss poor country in eastern europe that I love too much to leave. Japan sounds nice though, best of luck to you and your move nona.

Anonymous 146170

Which country is that nona?

Anonymous 146200

I believe the incidence of rape / sexual crimes in Japan is far lower than it is in most Western countries

Anonymous 146201

They say it's because it's underreported

Anonymous 146202

Yes. Japanese police are notoriously terrible especially when it comes to sex crimes.

Anonymous 146431

crime rates of all kinds are still much lower than in the west
its true that it is intentionally swept under the rug but thats very much a thing in the west as well

there is a lot of bullshit that japanese are insane sex pests, super racist or that its hellish to actually live in japan because you have to write standard tax forms
its the regular 'anti popular thing' pushback from people seething over weebs who, in turn, worship japan like they can do no wrong

Anonymous 146476

>apparently they're of the opinion that they won the Vietnam war

They're not 'of the opinion' that they won, they pretty much did. Perhaps you could argue about the definitions of win/lose here, but it is generally regarded by most that the US failed here. South Vietnam (who the US backed) surrendered to the North.

Anonymous 146477

I think anyone that wants to move to a foreign country needs to consider what you offer to that country, and if living the typical lifestyle there is going to work for you. The US is certainly not easy to get into, but I think we are still much more open than other countries are. Lots of places expect you to have a meaningful job that will contribute to society, and expect you to know the language. Don't just go by short clips on TikTok of people who are showing you all the best parts of their life. Try finding more in depth videos from people who have moved there that talk about the negative aspects as well. There will still be culture shocks, but it'll be good to just do your research.

Japan in particular you will face a lot of discrimination if you are unable to speak fluent/conversational Japanese. You can't move to Japan with the hopes of being an anime artist or whatever either, you need like, actual viable job offers. Of the westerners I know who have moved there they tend to have some sort of corporate job. Some are working with teaching programs but those are notoriously competitive and you don't really choose where you get sent to live, if you go that route you need to remember you might get sent to some bumfuck rural area that's a long train ride away from the fun cities. If you just want to check the place out for a couple years then teaching might be a fun option, it does seem like those who have done it had a nice time there as long as they don't hate the town they were placed in, and some of the teaching programs understand you aren't fluent but will expect you to get to know the language better as you live there.

Anonymous 146494

my understanding is that even correcting for under-reporting, the rate of sex crimes in Japan would be lower than it is in the west.

Even if the actual amount of sex crimes was like 4x more than what was reported.

The fact of the matter is the amount of crime in Japan is REALLY fucking low

Anonymous 146499

I believe that crimes like murder and robbery are rarer in Japan, but definitely not rape and child molestation. If anything it’s normalized there especially if it happens on private property or within a family. Johnny Kitagawa (Johnnys entertainment, biggest male talent agency in Japan) was accused of rape by multiple young boys and men but never received any punishment or trial, was protected by the media and was buried as a national hero.

Anonymous 146500

Violent crime maybe, sex crimes no. Japanese men are the biggest perverts in the world and CP is legal to possess there. It’s normal for adult men to bathe naked with small children. 90% of their porn is rape themed. They have to have female only stores, cafes and train cars to avoid sexual assaults and harassment. It’s not just a modern thing either, although it’s gradually becoming worse due to their incel epidemic. Nip mens behavior during the war betrays the fact they were all rapey coomers. I’ve seen and heard multiple accounts from foreign women about how gropey and rapey the men are. Yes you are way less likely to get stabbed or mugged there, but if you’re a woman it’s still dangerous. I don’t trust them at all and feel sorry for Japanese women.

Anonymous 146524

>I've been really interested with the country ever since high school. I am not really a weeb, I watch anime but outside of that am pretty normal and don't have any Japan-specific interests.
Still sounds like you are a weeb to be honest. Which, just to be clear, is fine. Just don't fetishise Japan like that, beause otherwise you are in for a rude awakening. If your life sucks in the US (or wherever you might be), it will suck even more in a foreign country with a language and culture you do not understand. Anime and social media are not even remotely reflective of reality and nothing any sane person should base major life choices on.

Actual immigration to Japan is notoriously hard. You can spend a few years playing the exotic white pet for some corporation or rich kid school, but to actually stay there indefinitely you either need a Japanese husband or a highly in-demand job (at which point living costs in America would cease to be a problem for you anyways).
Every Japanese man you will meet is either going to be a misogynistic incel or a corporate drone with crippling depression.
Every fellow Westerner you will meet is either going to be a degenerate sexpat with yellow fever or a naive weeb bound to crawl back home in shame after realising that Japan is not a giant anime theme park.
Most Japanese people are extremely xenophobic and will never accept you as one of them, even if you speak fluent Japanese and manage to assimilate flawlessly.
…plus everything else already mentioned in this thread. Don't be naive, OP.

Anonymous 146536




5671 cases of sex crimes in Japan in 2021
126430 cases of rape ALONE in the USA in 2020

accounting for population:
Japan has ~45 cases per million
USA has ~383 cases per million

Even if the true amount of sex crimes in Japan were 8x the reported amount, they would still be less than the reported amount of rape alone in the USA. Keep in mind that under-reporting of rape and sex crimes in the USA is likely quite high as well.

The fact of the matter is that Japan is far far safer than the USA as a country. There's no reason to be any more afraid of Japanese men than there is for American men.

This is true for just about any other western country as well. Japan is likely far safer in terms of sex crimes than most countries in the world.

Anonymous 146539

This person defending Japan so much is getting really weird.

Anonymous 146540

>nooo just believe my baseless conjectures about evil asian men
ok sis whatever
stay racist then

Anonymous 146545

Anonymous 146561

I like Asian men. I’m actually married to one. I don’t however like or trust Japanese men. This isn’t a race thing. Even in Asia they are renowned as rapey perverts.

Anonymous 146562

What if I don’t trust American or Japanese men?

Anonymous 146563

You shouldn’t trust any men, period.
Japan just has more lax laws against these things which is a shame.

Anonymous 146565

'Lax laws' have an effect on their society. Being born in a country where women are always blamed for sexual assault, where child porn, child prostitution and violent fetish torture pornography are not only seen as legal but socially acceptable will affect your views and level of derangement. It's not a coincidence some of the most degenerate and disgusting porn of all time comes from Japan. And it's not like it's made for 4 or 5 sickos either, there's a high demand for it. Its not a coincidence they have some of the most horrific true crime cases either (Junko Furuta) despite being a well off first world country and supposedly one of the safests in the world

Anonymous 146587

I've known a lot of people who have gone to Japan and I always hear the same thing: I was invisible.
Japanese are especially xenophobic even among East Asians. The only ones moreso may be Chinese. They will ignore you, shun you, and treat you like you don't exist.

Anonymous 146589

>I know a moid who did exactly that
Is he the person in this video?

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