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Pinkpill Thread #12 Anonymous 147993

They Hated Her For She Spoke The Truth Edition.

Old thread >>140341

Anonymous 148003


Anonymous 148006

Lol sure thing virgin, that’s why youre alone on a female imageboard on a Saturday night fishing for replies.

Gotta love how these larping pedo roaches always scuttle back into the walls whenever anyone asks them for proof.

Anonymous 148026


The government should start putting castration chemicals in mens food

Anonymous 148085

Moids don’t actually like sex. They just like to masturbate with a warm screaming body.

Anonymous 148098


>wanting robot that looks indistinguishable from human
absolute fucking plebeians jfc

Anonymous 148561

>loser moids complain about how women are obsessed with celebrities and gossip
>every right wing loser moid Ive met spends hours a day gossiping about people on boards like /pol/ and simping for the latest right wing snake oil salesman (Milo, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate)

>Every leftie or apolitical loser moid I've met spends all day simping for the latest e-girl and binge watching youtubers and twitch streamers all day

Why can't moids into reason? Do they have any self awareness?

Anonymous 149095


You ever seen a radfem crossed with a pickme? That’s a weird combo. I feel like r9k is full of these women.

Anonymous 149096

i dont understand their mentality but they tend to cluster in these sorts of woman hating internet spaces. i feel like maybe they relate to these men who hate the other sex because they also hate the other sex. and they seem to think that if everyone just held up their end of the bargain things would be fine. theres also some self-flagellating going on.

Anonymous 149098

imo they're just very young and dumb girls who are purplepilled and havent yet realized the true depravity and dishonesty of the moid psyche. they are naive and arrogant enough to think they can play a rigged game and win. the truth is, marrying a scrote and entrusting him with you and your kids happiness and stability is a gyp for women and the only winning move is not to play.

Anonymous 149133


(I use shinigami eyes to see who's gc)
Not so long ago I was a TRA libfem
but I peaked partially bc of the TRA subreddits I'm in (are slash one night six) got so horny and I just saw it as a way for horny 14 yo boys to be coomers AND progressive ^_^ and partially bc I actually had an awful exp w a TiM friend who lowkey tried to groom me.

Anonymous 149134


One of the tags in the post, my libfem friends still spout shit like this. I want them to peak so bad.

Anonymous 149136

What is radfem about this? Just because of the anti-degeneracy part?
The plastic surgery bit makes me think this is a tranny actually.

Anonymous 149139

As if pride parades weren't all about sex and kinks anyway. They're certainly not trying to desexualise anything, their personality is based on sex.

Anonymous 149181

It's sunday and I fucking hate men

Anonymous 149204


sorry for the shitty cropping, but you get the idea. /r9k/ is a great blackpill

Anonymous 149205

gay pron

Anonymous 149206


seeing scrotes appropriating these cute anime drawings as reaction images with these posts is so vile and sad
skin scrotes alive

Anonymous 149207


>Today in Iran; This man is holding his 17 year old wife’s head after beheading her.
>A 17 hear old female escaped her husband to Turkey. Husband brought her back to Iran and today, he with the help of his brother, decapitated her. The murderer later on paraded the city with her head in his hand.
Married at 13, beheaded by her husband at 17.

Anonymous 149208


Anonymous 149209

Sorry, didn't mean to spoil this one. The image does not contain any gore, blurred or otherwise.

Anonymous 149210

yo didn't know the news got to the west, i'm from iraq and i remember seeing it everywhere on iraqi facebook when the incident happened, i think there was even a video where he dragged her head around the street
scrotes really are subhuman with no empathy, calling them animals would be rude to animals because some animals are actually capable of empathy

Anonymous 149211

these pieces of shit beat the meat to the most hideous stuff they chase at the internet and to bring that to their lives, but they still loves to create stupid fanfics like "boo hoo white wyman fuck dogs" but they still want to teach us lessons, they should shut the fuck up

Anonymous 149212

it's projection at its finest, they gotta blame their failure of a life full of degeneracy on others to not feel bad about their own selves

Anonymous 149220

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: women are nowhere near as bad as men, so in order to try and paint women as bad as they are scrotes resort to making things up.

Anonymous 149221

The worrying thing is a lot of normie men watch this content too. r9k isn’t the shutin neckbeard echo chamber it used to be. A lot of normie sex haver dudes hang out on there these days and they look and seem outwardly just like normal men.

Anonymous 149222

She was ranting about how modern men are garbage and how hard it is to find a trad husband who doesn’t watch porn or cheat.

Anonymous 149310

its monday and i fucking hate men

Anonymous 149328

ughhhh its moiday again…

Anonymous 149425


Anonymous 149435

>USA-based data
>click on "exclude obese"
>probability of man to meet standards immediately halves

If I don't click "exclude obese" I'm graded as down to earth, If I do I am an aspiring cat lady

Anonymous 149468

No there aren’t. Those are just fat MTF trannies skewing the numbers.

Anonymous 149470

> He'd constantly try and compare his gamer knowledge to me as if it was a competition and when i didn't know something or didn't care enough he'd justify it by me being female over simply not sharing the same taste in video games as him.
That’s what all moids do though. Very insecure and tend to regurgitate information as a substitute for genuine intelligence because they’re desperate to seem smart. Truly the midwits of the sexes.

Anonymous 149666


These men are so retarded.

Anonymous 149693

sexual selection a…

Anonymous 149695

white women.webm

Anonymous 149698

4chan explains wom…

Anonymous 149699

4chan explains wom…

Anonymous 149700

voting by gender a…

Anonymous 149701

the eternal female…

Anonymous 149702

Good thing nobody's zooming in to read all that cringe shit. Cope and go kys rapeape scrote

Anonymous 149708

Really? Lmao where are you right now then, retard?

Anonymous 149715

MALD lmfao I forgot about that one. But youre right, nona and ty for the laugh

Anonymous 149719


Despite being just 49% of the population….

Anonymous 149720

Why has this retarded spam not been dealt with already?

Anonymous 149721

shoots you in the face

Anonymous 149746

Men are literally retarded and rely on artificial niche carving to make themselves seem like more desirable mates, but because gaining value by improving themselves and making themselves more desirable goes against the retard sexes desire for lowest risk with highest reward, they try over inflating the value of shit not exclusive to them and trying to isolate everyone else able to do or interested in what they are interested in out. Men are the reason we have a greater number of idiots these days. They are anti evolution and destabilise society with their selfishness.

Anonymous 149750

Anyone else find it funny how moids are obsessed with fertility when it comes to women's bodies, big tits and big hips but are utterly disgusted with periods that unironically happen because a woman is fertile and is able to give birth?

Anonymous 149764


Anonymous 149772

Yass jannies give us nothing

Anonymous 149773


Moids who are disgusted by periods are too weak to breed.

Anonymous 149788


>also scrotes: murder a woman because she rejected him
>also scrotes: are willing to risk life in jail to have an orgasm through raping a child or woman
Truly the sane, logical sex! We should totally let these psychopathic beacons of rationality run our countries, militaries and governments and make all the major decisions!

Anonymous 149791

This is the whole reason I made my 'what makes moids repulsive thread" we should avoid the rotten ones at all costs. I don't care if it's dangerous I'm perfectly willing to risk my life to say no to evil fucks.

Anonymous 149792

Also you know the more "boring" you look to avoid male attention the less of it you get. It's really true.

Anonymous 149793

Scrotes will rape women wearing a head to toe binbag. They’re that animalistic.

Anonymous 149801

Yeah but… then why do od women always report being ignored for becoming homely ?

Anonymous 149808

>pls give compliments
<no, compliments from other men and ugly women don’t count
>pls give affection
<except if you don’t want to fuck immediately afterwards; in that case, don’t pester me with your touch

Anonymous 149822

The problem isn’t a woman’s ”high” standards, it’s a scrote’s standards which are so low that he’ll take anyone, and then he proceed to treat her like shit, and/or resent the shit out of her, if she’s ”inferior” to him. No love, no devotion, no loyalty. Just scorn and manipulation, control.

Anonymous 149848

They mean that they don’t live in India

Anonymous 149888

I don't think scrotes have low standards, they just take whatever they can get as a placeholder to use them for sex/domestic service and then try to ditch when they think they can upgrade to something better. Never become invested in a male, because they are not invested in you.

Anonymous 149982

Stacy take.

Anonymous 149987

friendly reminder that i still hate men

Anonymous 150021

Late but Dworkin unironically has some good takes about this in Right-Wing Women. More or less, women who degrade themselves in this way to curry male favor do so because they believe they will be in some way protected or provided for in return; they know that men are shithead degens (as evidenced in her post) but they mistakenly believe men can be reformed. Depressing all around.

Anonymous 150023


Correct. These types of women are chameleons who believe that by mirroring moids they may earn privileges and protection from those same moids. Sometimes these women are afforded attention and whiteknighting, but ultimately they are playing a rigged game and the same moids inevitably turn on these women whenever they show a semblance of dissent. Perfect example is Lauren Southern and the way her fanboys turned on her when she announced she was no longer right wing and married an ethnic man, and also regards herself as feminist simply because she believes women should have the right to vote.

Anonymous 150024

>the same moids inevitably turn on these women whenever they show a semblance of dissent
Also happens if the woman ages or becomes less sexually attractive. Bound to happen since primitive moidmonkey brains only care about looks and sexual availability.

Anonymous 150025

Exactly and this is what I hate most when men claim to have low standards. Men have low standards in that they’re degenerates who’ll cum in anything warm (whether it’s animals, innocent children or car exhausts) and will take on troons or unattractive third world women as their personal onaholes, dishwashers and maids. However when it comes to treating a woman with a modicum of respect love or empathy, that’s reserved solely for Stacy. And even then, they often treat her like shit too, once they’ve devalued her and knocked her off their goddess pedestal. All men have NPD.

Anonymous 150037


Why are scrotes so delusional, the average girl in the medieval and Victorian ages wasn’t even of menstruating age until 15-16 on average.

Anonymous 150041

Also appeal to nature fallacy and moidmonkeys literally admitting they’re primitive unevolved animalistic pedos that should be caged for the good of humanity.

Anonymous 150045

when people call em rapeapes its not a joke

Anonymous 150054

15-16 is still sick.

Anonymous 150064

I know it is, I’m simply pointing out the idea of men impregnating 9-13 year olds as they claim was normal in history is ridiculous as most girls in history didn’t even have their first period until they were 16. Girls back then hit puberty and got menarche even later back then, which means historically moids were literal kidfuckers.

Anonymous 150080

why do moids complain about women being stuff like "coldhearted hypergamous sluts" but will do anything to justify their own depravity as far as defending literal pedophilia

Anonymous 150084

Didn't know someone here was that old. What was it like for you living in mediaeval and Victorian times?

Anonymous 150095


You know why.

Anonymous 150112

It is true for Europe. You don't even need to go back that long.

Anonymous 150120

its probably a coping pedo scrote

Anonymous 150175


Just shut the fuck up, honestly.

Anonymous 150179


God stfu scrote. A group of scientists analyzed Roman boys and girls skeletons found in Britain from 2000 years ago, and found the girls would have had their periods between 15-17 years old.

Yes we know scrotes are unironic pedophiles and literal kidfuckers which is why some countries allowed marrying prepubescent 9-13 year olds who were still literally CHILDREN.

Even in US states like Delaware, the age of consent was 7 years old in the 1800s. We know you are kidfuckers who are attracted to prepubescent children, just go somewhere else and die.

Anonymous 150180


And in case anyone thinks I’m joking, most US states had an age of consent of 10 YEARS OLD barely a century ago, with Delaware at 7 years old.

The average girl of that time wasn’t of menstruating age until 15-16, which means scrotes were marrying and having sex with literal children who were 5-6 years away from even being able to conceive, let alone safely.

Anonymous 150195

I don't know why this debate is getting bogged down in periods. We know girls aren't fit to have children on account of their bones. Specifically that really important one regarding childbirth, the pelvic bone. If that's not finished developing it's self-evidently not the right time for a female human being to be procreating, if we're speaking solely biologically. The reason this takes the best part of two decades is because humans are supposed to spend that long just learning and learning and learning. All this information absorption is what makes us the apex predator of all Earth, and the only known species to have both visited a celestial body other than our native one and created rubber fists for sexual stimulation.

Flippant comments aside, how is this even being debated?

Anonymous 150212

Where do you think the moid phrase ‘old enough to bleed old enough to breed’ comes from? We’re simply demonstrating most girls historically didn’t reach their period until their mid to late teens. So it deboonks the idea that wanting to rape and impregnate 12-13 year old girls is based on biology or history. Both modern and historical moids are just exposing themselves as pedos and kidfuckers.

Anonymous 150234

we are coldhearted monsters but also too sensitive and emotional, hypergamous sluts but if you wont "put out", then you're a frigid bitch

Anonymous 150242

Seems like a waste of effort to engage with violent paedophiles at all tbh.

Anonymous 150305

Defeatist attitude

Anonymous 150337

All men are potentially violent and pedophiles though.

Anonymous 150339

That's not fair. I just don't think you can facts and logic someone like that.

Anonymous 150344

I’ve seen moids whining about radfem takes on cc and crying about how mean we are towards men, and it’s hilarious to me.

Imagine spending your whole adult life talking about how women should be violently raped and enslaved and celebrating when women are raped and murdered.

Then in the next breath crying because some miners say they hate men or pointed out that scrotes commit 96% of violent crime.

Anonymous 150493

Seriously though, why are men unable to laugh at themselves?

Anonymous 150515

You can easily tell if a man was bullied in school by how self-deprecating they are. The bullied either develop thick skin and learn to laugh at themselves or develop incredible inferiority complexes. The bullies, and those who passively helped bullies, are hyper sensitive and can never accept any kind of criticism without immediately becoming defensive and aggressive.

Anonymous 150760

You can easily tell if a man was bullied in school because he’s a fucking psychopath lmao.

Meanwhile women who get bullied in school are usually kind, empathetic, meek, thoughtful…moids truly are a lowly subhuman race

Anonymous 150783


LMAO little moidmonkeys are so primitive and their brains are so fried, they literally can’t feel a semblance of happiness anymore, unless they’re getting blown by 10 different underage tiktok thots on a yacht with a mountain of cocaine beside them.

Poor little scrotes. So fundamentally broken and destined to be miserable, I’m sure their steady diet of hardcore porn since they were 9 has nothing to do with it.

Press S to spit, miserable moidmonkeys deserve to be unhappy!

Anonymous 150788


Anonymous 150897

>Tokyo Mew Mew New thread
>scrotes labelling Ichigo as a slut for liking two guys and having a third lust for her
>even though she keeps insisting she only truly has feelings for her #1 crush above anyone else
>tons of haremshit threads
>nobody ever calls the mc a fuckboy (kneejerk reaction from moids if you do)
>especially considering many times the mc can't even say he only likes one girl

The double standard is disgusting, and also I do not want self-serving scrotes dictating how shoujos should go. Was never intended for them, they're for us.

Anonymous 150899

S inshallah

Anonymous 150940

It's clearly not about anime/manga, it's about fandom sexism and double standards.

Anonymous 151268

Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power was a show I really liked when I was younger and I never knew any guys that liked it at all way back when because it was seen as a "girls' show", so that's why now with way more scrotes gawking over the fence acting like every piece of anime media needs to appeal to them vastly makes me want to throw up and tell them to fuck off.

I'm so thankful we have spaces like the cafe because ever since Madoka Magica the magical girl genre has been invaded by pedos and trannies, who act almost exactly like bronies but as weeaboos instead of furfags.

Again, the anime/manga itself I like, I'm just grossed out by males refusing to stay in their lane and making hypocritical, cold takes from the peanut gallery.

Anonymous 151272



And to think, they argue that religions like this are supposed to be "protective" of "traditional women".

Anonymous 151274


Anonymous 151275


Anonymous 151278

Lol im sorry hut traditional women are always going to be the butt end of a joke to me. I just cannot put up with the way they're fucking surprised this garbage happens anymore. I mean what did you freaking expect??

Anonymous 151282

Go back to the kitchen.

Anonymous 151286

just some troll moid who has been schizo-babble replying to every thread

Anonymous 151287

>>151286 ment for >>151280

Anonymous 151289

Tbf, the reddit OP obviously isn't living in a first world country where she does not have the freedom to break apart from such a pro-misogynist religion, but yeah I agree. Men cannot be trusted. Traditions have proven to be dated and unsafe. What he did was utterly vile and a break of her complete and utmost trust in him.

Another good reason why men who ask for "faithful" women not only don't deserve them, but deserve to be laughed in their face.

Anonymous 151431

She's saying the person who replied is schizo and that's why the reply is odd

Anonymous 151433


Anonymous 151457

Interesting how you started replying on both /meta/ and /b/ at the same time, dickcheese waste of air

Anonymous 151458

Dae hate /feels/ ? It's full of stupid pickme bitches. They're entertaining to argue with tho tbh. Watching them jump thru hoops to defend males is funny

Anonymous 151460

Go die in a war or get the funkytown treatment at some random cartel

Anonymous 151461

You first

Anonymous 151474

Anyone else blackpilled on moids but still want to have kids someday? I've been thinking of settling with a beta provider just so I'm not lonely. As long as I'm not in love with him, my feelings won't get hurt

Anonymous 151498

Nah I'm a different anon lmaooo the audacity of you to assume I'm a moid. Bye

Anonymous 151505

Have you thought about joining a lesbian commune and using a sperm donor?

Anonymous 151582

Just seconding the sperm donor thing. That's my plan. I don't know any moids who either make as much as me or who aren't mentally ill, so I think a kid's better off without a dad at all than one who abandons him

Anonymous 151584

I've found this as well. I've also known friends who've dated moids who actively shut down any attempt at political conversation. They get actively irritated if their girlfriend brings up abstract moral or political issues to talk about. They reward them if they just act cute or fuck them.

Men are shallow and love the shallow.

Anonymous 151589

Simone de Beauvoir also talks about this and about the psychology behind why perfectly rational adult women might ostensibly enjoy acting like a retarded 5 year old. She thinks it's a kind of narcissism (and men enjoy it because it flatters male vanity). The idea is that in acting like a dumb bitch you imagine this man (who typically will encourage this behaviour and only this behaviour) will start to love you and see you in a positive light and appreciate how beautiful and whatever you are.

In the end it's men encouraging women to act like retarded bimbos - some women chase the validation and the others end up divorced or on here.

Anonymous 151591

Oh and for context I've done this exact thing. My first boyfriend dumped me because he said I made him feel stupid. My second one is so loving and appreciative exclusively when I act like a dumb bitch. I have a fucking PhD and more scholarships/funding than him yet he's far more openly loving and excited when I do shit like cry because I spilled a bowl of soup or get scared by loud noises.

So basically your options are 1) die alone or be abandoned or 2) debase yourself.

Anonymous 151593

Nuke the middle east just fucking nuke all of it

Anonymous 151594

If I could flip a switch and al the filthmongers in the middle east died I'd be on that so fast

Anonymous 151604


But i'm iraqi :(((
yer free to kill our moids though

Anonymous 151669


I saw this on reddit and it pissed me off. I don't use dating apps but I HATE screenshots of guys desperately trying to be quirky and funny on Tinder/Bumble/etc.

Anonymous 151744

I'm not lesbian and I don't think it's healthy for children to grow up without father figures

Anonymous 151748

Saddam was the lesser of evils. At least he respected state law. ISIS are cringe sharia rapists.

Anonymous 151762

anyone else hates how men twist their disgusting traits as something nice and cool. like when they say "just dont be fat" to seem reasonable and open minded which just translates to men will fuck anything really. and they simultaneously also have weird social media fried brain standards but having sex is better than not having it and having a "gf" (slave) is better than not having one. no matter who that woman is. men are a joke and a bad one

Anonymous 151765

The very low risk interaction coupled with low match rates of lots of male users produces some very weird messages. That image is small fry lol.

Anonymous 151769

>I don't think it's healthy for a child to grow up without a person that has the highest chance of raping them.

Anonymous 151773



You probably didn't hear about all the shit he allowed his first son Uday to do i presume.
Google it at the danger of your own stomach contents.

Anonymous 151775

I don't mind like awkward quirkiness in general but this picture is so frustrating because it's pestering a woman passive-aggressively disguised as mere quirkiness. It's not openly aggressive enough to be called out and yet it's really no different than 'I messaged you fucking reply to me' x50

Anonymous 151776

This guy was one of the worst people put on earth, glad he never got to be the leader of Iraq

Anonymous 152049


Kill all moids.

Anonymous 152052

So he was the Hunter Biden of Iraq, basically.

Anonymous 152054

what kind of monster gets helped from another family and then wrecks it? imagine wanting to be picked so badly by a guy with no eyebrows or lips

Anonymous 152063

Yeah I wonder…

Anonymous 152064

Right, wtf? Kill all moids for sure, but this girl spitting in the face of the woman who helped her like that? Fucking monster indeed. For an ugly ass scrote too? I wish the headline would have been the opposite, "millionaire dumped by his wife after trying to get in the pants of newly heberged Ukrainian refugee, said refugee and ex-wife now in a relationship"

Also weird thing i've noticed over the years is that eastern european women are so cold and cruel, i can't remember ever encountering a warm eastern european woman, it's like the concept of sorority doesn't exist in their mind

Anonymous 152069

Eastern European men are super brutal, 1 in 4 Russians don’t have fathers and sexual abuse is rife in that part of the world, often with no legal repercussions. Slavic women are hardened because they see the worst of humanity from an early age.

Anonymous 152072

I mean, not to downplay it as i've never lived in a slavic country but i'm brown and scrotes of my ethnicity are the most repulsive you can find in my opinion, and sure like everywhere some women are mean in my country of origins but i've encountered many warm, empathetic women too.

Never a slavic one though, but it's a big generalization i'm sure there are nice ones, i just notice i've never met a single one and it's weird how cold they are.

Anonymous 152081

I’ve never viewed scrotes as the logical or rational gender. During football season in my country, the rate of domestic violence (as well as stabbings and fight related injuries among moids) skyrockets and usually at least a couple women are killed by their bfs or husbands during that time. And I don’t live in some shithole, I literally live in a first world majority white country. Literally over a fucking ball game. Moids are not human, and they are certainly not the rational sex they cope themselves into believing they are.

Anonymous 152091

is a millionaire even that big a deal now? like if you made a moderate amount of money and dumped it in the market you'd be a millionare by now at his age.
THANK YOU it's weird to me when people try monica lewinskying this shit and erasing the moral complicity of the hand maidens involved in upholding patriarchy and throwing women under the bus. yuck.
eastern europe is riddled with misogyny so I'd imagine eastern european women aren't mentally or emotionally stable enough to relate to others in a warm, trusting, or stable way. also I just realized >>152069 basically said this only after I just typed it
omg I'm brown too. desi girls are the only demographic that doesn't treat me like shit. I think it's because even though desi men are assholes desi women also don't really get rewarded by patriarchy unlike eastern european women so there's less of an incentive to uphold patriarchy. you don't need to avoid biting the hand that feeds you when you aren't getting fed shit anyway.

Anonymous 152094

Yes a millionaire is a big deal to people who some from Ukraine which has long been the poorest country in Europe.

Anonymous 152098

Come from*

Anonymous 152106

idk man - plenty of brown people come from even poorer countries and they don't do this import bride shit. they just get degrees in lucrative fields like CS or business, immigrate, and make bank without having to effectively be handmaiden prostitutes

Anonymous 152117

Slavic women get to rely on their looks more because they are idealized and fetishized by western men. Brown women have to graft harder.

Anonymous 152123

wait but in >>152054 I said it was nuts that she wanted to be picked so badly by this guy, then in >>152063 you implied that it's because he's a millionaire, then in >>152091 I implied being a millionaire wasn't that big a deal and my point still stands. is prostituting yourself and throwing other women under the bus so you get picked by that fugly moid really that much easier than just studying programming? like, maybe if you're low IQ, but not if you're at least of barely moderate intelligence. Like, you wouldn't have to desperately graft if you had any skills whatsoever of your own

Anonymous 152124

> is a millionaire even that big a deal
Y'all act as if you are millionaires yourself. And I am thirsty even for extra 300 euros to the point considering selling feet pics or else. At certain periods of life I lived on plain rice, sausage and apple a day because I had no money. I would marry an ugly dude 2 times older than me just not to experience it again.

Anonymous 152126

A lot of women would choose marrying a man with money over finding a job, yes. In general humans will take the path of least resistance.

Anonymous 152128

> really that much easier than just studying programming
That's some priviliged first-world shit I am looking at. Some people work shitty job 8 hours a day to pay rent and buy food they cook themselves. If they leave their shitty jobs they will die on streets.

Anonymous 152133


What’s the best way to make moids deeply uncomfortable

Anonymous 152135

I'm a NEET who lives off of investment income.
but it's not the path of least resistance - you really think letting that ugly face cum in you and dealing with the insecurity of possibly ending up like his first wife is least resistance? pretty much every woman who works is a woman who decided that working as just less of a hassle than pandering to dangerous old men and they outnumber women who do this shit
are you not aware of the meme of indian programmers? this is such a eurocentric view. tons of broke af immigrants climb their way out of poverty by studying shit like this - people make fun of indian programmers because it's such a stereotype but it exists precisely because they come from abject poverty and don't end up homewrecking random western couples to get out of it

Anonymous 152217


idk about uncomfortable but whenever i act slightly startled and just a little disgusted but overall neutral around moids after something they said or did they instantly feel a deep sense of shame and try to make it up by justifying themselves, saying sorry and acting more mature.
the key is in not being too obvious with your reaction or they will get the satisfaction of thinking they got your attention and got to you someway, and if there is one thing men hate is completely losing their chances with a woman by making her unimpressed. if you reject them because of any other reason (they scare you, they hurt you, etc.) the power balance is restored in their favor in their minds and they won't care much or will even feel a control high off it.

Anonymous 152242

ugh I wish I wasn't so autistic so I could imagine the face you make. I'd like to do this too

Anonymous 152244

I love posting in /feels/. it's filled with people in that transitionary period where they hate men and can't talk about anything other than trauma caused by them. Give it a few more months and they'll be full blown separatists.

Anonymous 152246

Yeah it honestly kind of pisses me off, because in 2022 surely you would have heard from other people the extent to which muslim men are insanely misogynistic. I mean, do you really tell yourself a religion that requires you to shave your pubes and cover the rest of you up isn't misogynistic? At that point, it's honestly your fault. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,
She did say she wore a niqab 'by choice' despite most people around her not doing so. She really leaned into the oppression on this one.

I completely agree with the "faithful" thing and I think the sort of "traditional" woman who's just faithful is someone I do feel bad for. Unlike Islam, the media doesn't really warn you about how fucked up men can be - instead it sells you lies about the depth and extent of emotional commitment they can provide you, so I can see why many women would want to believe men feel the same way as women and accordingly contribute all they can emotionally to a relationship.

It's very sad.

Anonymous 152301

>a religion that requires you to shave your pubes
wait what

Anonymous 152309

yeah Islam requires women to remove all their body hair. it's nuts.


It's funny too because armpit and pube hair exist to wick sweat and debris away from the skin. Without them, you're more likely to get fungal infections and UTIs. Most muslims live in hot countries, so it seems like they'd need hair more than anyone. It's actively less hygienic

Anonymous 152323

Don’t men have to shave all their body hair as well though? I have a Muslim friend and she told me all her brothers had to shave their balls.

Anonymous 152717


I wonder if moids really ‘stumble upon’ CP or are actually just searching for it…

Anonymous 152719


>nerdy guys are bette-

Anonymous 152735

How tf do you just stumble upon that shit when browsing the internet

Anonymous 152741

Yeah, that’s super sus. The only time I accidentally saw CP was on 4chan when it was a gif disguised as another gif. I seriously doubt all those old male boomers are on 4chan…

Anonymous 152748

No. You are not getting it. Balding moids = evil no exceptions.

Why do you think moids bald? genetics? no. Stop being stupid its space their body has to take up to fit the devil horns in. Bald people are evil.

Anonymous 152752

Also too much testosterone, which we know is the devils hormone.

Anonymous 152769

It's been spammed here within the last two months. I don't really know how they gathered that data though, I don't remember filling in any nation wide questionaire.

Anonymous 152782

Boomer moids browse cc?

Anonymous 152813

I was referring to the article where moids say they ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon CP.

Anonymous 152839

99% chance this is also referring to loli/shota, and the confused replies here are a great example of why there should be a clear distinction between drawings and CP

Anonymous 152843

No, I seriously doubt that, normies don’t frequent boards that post that stuff or search for terms that would bring it up. Drawn CP is even harder to stumble across unless you’re a weeb in the first place, in which chance you don’t even count shota or loli as ‘real’ CP.

Anonymous 152845

If you browse Twitter in art spheres you are guaranteed to encounter a loli/shota artist at some point, and Brits are pretty frequent whiners about it since it's illegal in their country. That's to me the most likely cause of the inflated numbers.

That said, actual CP and stuff is all over average social media just barely below the surface and easily found if you do a basic amount of exploration of non-curated content. Most people are only shielded by it due to social medias insular design.

Anonymous 152848

Ok expert pedo.

Anonymous 152890

I once saw a CP image (not some lolishit, a real picture of a little girl) on Reddit. It was randomly posted to the old Cringetopia subreddit and deleted just a few minutes after I reported. Maybe some troon gayops to get the subreddit taken down, maybe a bot (I didn't click the profile obviously). Point is, it does happen.

Anonymous 152894

The survey was done in 2013. I seriously doubt most normies used reddit back then.

Anonymous 152896

wait how do you explore non-curated content (other than doing stupid shit like googling 'CP' or something)? i want to escape social media's insular design but im not keen on stumbling on cp or animal abuse or some shit. is there anything of value in non curated content?

Anonymous 152898

I’ve used the internet for almost 2 decades and never saw CP except on anonymous imageboards. So consider that.

Anonymous 152908

be fat
out compete them
talk over them

Anonymous 152912


Moids really do seethe over fatness tbh. Like it actually ruins their day and they get homicidally angry towards women who are fat. Pretty funny.

Anonymous 152917

Also stinkmaxx and digustingmaxx. Eat the most greasy Middle Eastern food you can and then fart in front of them in line. Not cute toots but vomit inducing silent deadly assassin farts. Wear unflattering ugly clothing, the kind of stuff men hate. Either put more eye bag and purplish makeup on to make yourself look uglier or cake it on and go full instahoe but really badly. Don’t brush your teeth in the morning then go stand close to them and talk to them while wafting your morning breath towards them. If you’re going to have sex with a moid, don’t wash your vagina or butt for at least 3 days before he comes round, then demand oral and make him lick you, then refuse to have sex or give him oral afterwards.

Anonymous 152923

show interest in their money

Anonymous 152924

This is a good one

Anonymous 152925

Constantly mention good looking male celebrities and models around them and talk about how rich and good looking they are, bonus points if they’re younger and better looking than the moid.

Anonymous 152926

Also, fart during sex.

Anonymous 152963


be taller than them. one of my coworkers said he was [my height] but I am visibly taller than him, so I calmly pointed out that he wasn't that height. cue moid meltdown, insisting that I must be lying, as if women have a reason to lie about their height kek.

Anonymous 152965

What am I doing with my life?

Anonymous 152970

criticize their work (has to be a good criticism)

proceed to watch them absolutely lose their shit in front of all their colleagues

Anonymous 152971

If they sexually harass you at work, bring it up at the next work meeting in front of all your coworkers. Make sure to point out how uncomfortable you felt without overplaying your hand or getting histrionic. You aren't supposed to do it this way, you are supposed to talk with HR person privately. But you can always pretend like you didnt know that.

Anonymous 152996

Swap being fat with being buff an you're set

Anonymous 152997

men don't care about fit women and sometimes sexualize them. fat women piss them off more than anything

Anonymous 152998

why do I constantly do this?
I KNOW. surprisingly for all their bitching online most actually don't seem to notice if you don't touch your body hair (and I'm Indian so I have a lot of it). women spend so much time meticulously policing every detail of their body for moids (I mean uh "f-for themselves" of course) without realizing the sheer extent to which they don't pay attention to anything outside themselves.
>tfw everything except the lack of toothbrushing is what I already do
can't tell if I should be proud or ashamed

Anonymous 153005

Fat women are also sexualized, and so are underweight women. But I wouldn't put my health at risk just to turn moids off, and even then it's not guaranteed you won't stumble onto a fat fetishist/feeder at least once in your life.

Anonymous 153007

Time to fatmaxx

Anonymous 153008

Can confirm I think being JUST a bit overweight like 140-150 guarantees you a pleasant life of peace.

Anonymous 153015

you can't honestly tell me that fat women are sexualized the same degree as skinny or fit women. this just sounds like 'i don't actually want to be ugly but ill just get super fit to trigger men haha yeah' cope. also what moids count as fat isn't actually unhealthy (studies have shown their ideal bmi is 18-19, so just be like 22-25 or something. >>153008 has the right idea)
based and hot chip pilled

Anonymous 153018


Reminder men are 6x more likely to abandon their wife if she gets sick or is diagnosed with cancer, but almost all of them will happily stick around and get cucked by Stacy.
Reminder men love cucking and are obsessed with it because it increases their feelings of sexual competition.

Moids are innate status seekers who desire trophies, and will happily let Stacy cheat on him as long as he gives her social status or makes him look desirable by proxy.

Anonymous 153019

There’s a very small subset of men who fetishize obese women, but it’s really really small.

The vast majority of men seethe at fat women just for existing. A woman daring to take up a lot of physical space and live pleasurably and indulgently triggers men to no end. They want women tiny, small, taking up barely any space, feeble, diminutive and apologetic, starving and hungry and self sacrificing at all times. Fat women piss men off intensely because they are the opposite of this.

Anonymous 153020

yep. dr suess cheated on his wife who had cancer. before she passed she wrote a heart wrenching apology letter to HIM.

Anonymous 153027


Fat scrotes are utterly repulsive, and I too would fancy myself (physically) repulsive if I were too fat. In a day where so many go without and so many are so loud, I don't want men being odorous, obnoxious, unpleasant to the eye and lazy.

Anonymous 153028


The worst part is… He wasn't even a real doctor

Anonymous 153029

Women should be allowed to be fat, but men shouldn’t.

Anonymous 153032

a true monster

Anonymous 153034

Honestly though, someone making up a fake title for themselves that makes them appear grander than they actually are irl is a pretty good hallmark of narcissism. Narcs often invent an alter ego or persona for themselves. And it makes sense a narcissistic asshole like Theodor Seuss Geisel would larp as someone esteemed, like a doctor, even if it was a silly or jokey title for himself.

Anonymous 153035


Nah, being fat is morally wrong in the same way that being addicted to smoking or alcohol is. Yes, you're doing because of trauma, but you have a responsibility to yourself and the social contract.

Anonymous 153037

I’m not even fat, but fat women rock because they live however they want to live and a side effect of that is they upset moids, which is doubly based.

Imagine living to appease others, yikes, kys.

Anonymous 153038

doesn't affect others negatively unlesss it's extreme so who cares

Anonymous 153040

Pfft being 140-70 doesn't hurt anyone but the moid plague. OK maybe yourself. It's actually rely hard to put on a lot of weight though you know? If it wasn't for drugs. It's only easy if drugs are involved. I don't think normal people are easily conditioned to eat enough

Anonymous 153042


Aww, thank you. As a chubby woman, these last years I've started to feel more and more proud of my appearance and my weight. My partner is also a chubby dude who's helped me a lot to stop feeling guilty and ashamed just because some people decide to hate on others due to stupid things like appearances. Health risks obviously are bad, but come on. Drinking, smoking, having unprotected sex and many other things are JUST as harmful as being overweight, but no no, fat people = bad.

I consider being fat/chubby as a filter of sorts, where I can weed out the shitty people who judge based on appearances or toxic stigmas, and find people who understand that everyone's dealing with different issues, and if someone's gonna get mad at my appearance, then so be it. Dang.

Anonymous 153044

what is a queen.pn…

>Imagine living to appease others, yikes, kys.
Wouldn't killing myself appease you though? Lol, you can't even stay morally consistent.

I come from a culture that really values contributing towards the community so drinking, smoking, and over eating are all frowned upon because it affects your health, which affects your ability to contribute and work. The weird thing is that there are arguments within the community that we should turn a blind eye towards obesity because obese people are really good for socialized healthcare. They work until they are at the end of their working life (50 to 60) and then they die really quickly of strokes or heart attacks. So they contribute to the fund through taxes their whole life but don't pull from it for a really long time like a person who lives to 80-90 would. I disagree with that because it feels wrong to encourage someone to die faster so that there is more money in the pot.

Anonymous 153048

yep - this is spot on. the mental gymnastics women go through to justify remaining diminutive and in the background are truly something else

Anonymous 153049

are you a part of a small community?

Anonymous 153052

>being fat is morally wrong
Thank you for telling us you don't know what morals are.

Anonymous 153054

>you can't honestly tell me that fat women are sexualized the same degree as skinny or fit women.
I didn't say that
It doesn't make them seethe really, if you ever saw what they say about fat women or how fat women are usually treated it's less like seething and more like bullying.
You're better off ditching make up, shaving and having long hair than you are becoming fat. Plus you can take up space working out too, you know that? Like you don't have to starve yourself AND work out at the same time (it would be useless anyway)

Anonymous 153055

Forgot to mention about the bmi part, I'm talking about actually being overweight (so bmi over 25 or so) or obese. Like is it really worth it to be of an unhealthy weight just to spite men? If you think so, I don't think you're winning here, because there are other ways to make men pay less attention to you

Anonymous 153057

Morals: of, relating to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical:

Anonymous 153061

Nobody is telling you to get fat kek, god damn people get so angry at fat women for existing, as long as you aren’t deathfat you’re gonna live to at least 60 anyway, who wants to live part that age?

Anonymous 153062

Past that age*

Anonymous 153065

Where am I being angry? And if you don't want to live long,w ell, I'm sorry your life is like that, but I stopped being passively suicidal after the age of 16

Anonymous 153072

>as long as you aren’t deathfat you’re gonna live to at least 60 anyway, who wants to live past that age?
Are you sixteen? I know that being past 40 seems like an ancient being to you now, but you're going to find that life doesn't stop when men start ignoring you.

Anonymous 153073

Name one person over 60 who is happy to be alive

Anonymous 153075

>umm im sorry sweetie brrrrrrr
Oh fuck off patronizing twat

Anonymous 153077

You sound like a slave to be honest.

Anonymous 153079


Anonymous 153080

eyebrow elephant k…

Now you're just arguing because you're mad. I'm not going to bother engaging in this.

Anonymous 153081

Have a piece of bread and calm down.

Anonymous 153082

How so?

Anonymous 153085

Caring about ‘contributing’ to the community through labor, keeping your body healthy just so you can work and be exploited for longer by capitalism and retire when you’re 75. Literal serf mentality.

Anonymous 153088

Oh yeah, I definitely care about my community and my health and I hope that after I'm gone the effects I have had on people's lives ripple on through time to make the world a better place. But hey, if you want to eat yourself to death while screaming you're owning the man, you're free to do so. Like I said, many consider your early death a boon to socialized health care but I think its better to preserve health for better family bonds and continuation of knowledge. Serfs and slaves are different things btw.

Anonymous 153097

My dad

Anonymous 153100


Hit a nerve, dear?

Anonymous 153101


Wagies ragie and handmaidens seething as per usual.

God I love being a lazy NEET.

Anonymous 153134

This is true. This is because women are seen as status objects and not people, and because being fat is currently not seen as positive (insta thots with big asses is not fat, like actual fat middle and lumpy parts) men seethe about their being less status objects for them to acquire. This is also why men do not consider ugly women as women when they seethe about women living life on easy mode. This is also why scrotes will fuck fat women, as some are attracted to them, but will keep it secret or refuse to date or meet them in public because it affects their status. Scrotes are ultimately homoromantic and looking to gain status in a made up hierarchy to impress other men. They all don't realise they are romantically gay which is why they try to emulate things other men say women want (because it gives them status in artificially scrote constructed hierarchy) and seethe at men who have what women say they want because it shows the false reality they have tried to construct does not exist and shows how they blatantly basterdise nature nature.

Anonymous 153135

Tldr: fat women = low value in made up male hierarchy, more fat women = less status objects for men to collect = moids being low on moid-respect totem pole = chimp rage because confronting retard XY totem pole upholds all their false ideals.

Anonymous 153164

you can tell women have been cucked to hell and back when it comes to their weight when 'you can piss men off by being fat' turns into 'yOurE FORCING me to DIE young by being FAT how DARE you also men really hate HOT SEXY FIT women so thats what im gonna do #praxis'

Anonymous 153282

Crazy when you say ‘fat women are allowed to exist’ everyone chimps out.

Anonymous 153285


The only women I see chimping out in this thread are the fat women. You're not stunning and brave, you just ate more food while doing less exercise than a normal woman. We can talk about how male beauty expectations are bullshit all day long, but the fact remains that you are as purposely crippling yourself by being fat as an anorexic is by being weak. Being fit is the only true way to empower yourself from physical male domination. Anyways, I'm going back to the main topic of pinkpill so here's a picture of a man being degenerate.

Anonymous 153290

Didn’t read, stay malding.

Anonymous 153292

> Being fit is the only true way to empower yourself from physical male domination.

actually the only way to empower yourself from male domination is to get rich and educated. the most powerful people in this society aren't people like joe rogan, they're old, fat, rich men

you'll be able to milk her for infinite rants because you've hit a sore spot. on some level she knows getting fit "for herself" is as big of a cope as wearing makeup "for herself"

Anonymous 153294

Yeah, I don’t get this shit about ‘I’m going to change the world because I keep doing squats and my wisdom will live on, I work hard because I’m a good little wagie and keep my body looking fuckable for men for myself OKAY!!!’ Top kek, get over yourself ya dumb delulu narcissistic betch.

Anonymous 153300


Men are allowed to be fat by society because they already control everything. In an equal or matriarchal society, we will be just as respected as they are now when we are fat, but until then, we must live realistically.

When you see a retard smearing shit on the walls, and you think, gross, a retard, is that you seething? Or is that you acknowledging that the retard's behavior is disgusting? You can think whatever allows you to sleep at night. Likely with a cpap machine.
But if women are only getting fit for male attention, why do men get fit? Is that also only for male attention? That seems unlikely considering only 2-10% of men are homosexual. Perhaps being physically healthy and proud of your accomplishment and self discipline is its own reward.
Either way, it is impossible for me to not be outnumbered in this discussion because only 32% of american women are not overweight or obese and you have the advantage in both numbers and sheer mass.

Anonymous 153326

>do men lift for male attention
Unironically yes.
Everyone knows fitfags are the biggest homos on the planet.

And Jesus Christ, there’s nuance to being overweight, not everyone who is overweight is 600lbs, drop the high horse black and white thinking bullshit and stop trying to control other peoples bodies, you’re probably a moid or a bulimic troon anyway, no woman would get this angry over women saying they want to eat whatever they want, only men get triggered by women being self-indulgent.

Anonymous 153328

Doesnt matter how fit you are, you’re still gonna die anyway.

Anonymous 153341

But it's a nice nice idea to stay a little overweight 140-160 or something, to avoid the most common negative male attention. Its also kind of satisfying to throw it in their face when they wanna throw a fit over it lol. I don't want to be a cumbrain magnet.

Anonymous 153343

Are they really though ? Men get made fun of for being fat a lot.

Anonymous 153345

damn i fucking hate men

Anonymous 153346

I mean not as much as women, no, they'll try to play it off like they're men and they don't care, but I think they do. I've seen them bullied for it. Which is why we should continue to pester them about baLancing out the appearance double standard. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous 153348


I agree, it’s normal for women to carry a little extra weight especially after childbirth and such, plus scientists are also coming out with more and more anti ageing technologies all the time so BMI will probably be quite irrelevant to longevity soon. Even now, unless you’re extremely obese, the association with BMI and life expectancy isn’t very significant. People who are overweight have a similar life expectancy to those who are thin/healthy.

Anonymous 153349


Anonymous 153350


Anonymous 153360

>If you’re going to have sex with a moid, don’t wash your vagina or butt for at least 3 days before he comes round, then demand oral and make him lick you, then refuse to have sex or give him oral afterwards.

Anonymous 153373

>Either way, it is impossible for me to not be outnumbered in this discussion because only 32% of american women are not overweight or obese and you have the advantage in both numbers and sheer mass.
Interesting how you only seem to be angry at fat women and not fat men. This post smells mighty scrotey.

Anonymous 153377

It’s seething when you keep coming back after hours to chimpout about women saying to disgust a man become fat so they will be repulsed by you and leave you alone/be triggered by the fact that you are allowed to exist, yes.

Anonymous 153380

It’s obviously a butthurt moid, don’t reply to it nona.

Anonymous 153384

They always do. Muh health, but only ever screech at the ones scrote-controlled society says should be pretty and exist for scrotes as ornaments. If this is the same dumbass who got band off lc, during their rants on how fat people are immoral subhumans, they also seethe about the jews in academia: https://lolcow.farm/m/res/186862.html#q198208 Probably male.

Anonymous 153386

Also, nobody ITT suggested intentionally gaining weight simply to revulse moids, they simply pointed out that being overweight repulses most men. We aren’t talking about being obese either, most men will happily shame women who are only 10-20lbs overweight and call them ugly or fat. Look at how Kate Upton got torn to shreds by moids when she walked that catwalk in a bikini, despite just being a bit chunky. And look how many moids fetishize stick thin women with obvious EDs. It was never about health to begin with, the majority of moids find a woman who eats 300 calories a day and has an ED hotter than a woman who is 15lbs overweight.

Men really do get so angry at women not living in a constant state of self denial and self sacrifice, or women who don’t exist solely to appease moid’s personal aesthetic tastes, it’s actually scary.

Anonymous 153388


I remember when Titanic came out, tons of media outlets and film articles came out calling Kate Winslet a fatass and making jokes about her weight. Moids really cannot treat a woman with dignity unless she’s a sticc. And even then, they still poke fun at womens eating disorders all the time. Scrotes truly are just apes.

Anonymous 153389

>scrotes called Kate Winslet fat
XY is a mental disorder.

Anonymous 153390

It’s probably the condescending moidposter, he’s back after being banned lol.

Anonymous 153394

Based. I think moids also underestimate how hard a lot of women work at their bodies just to stay slim, they think it’s effortless or something.

Gwen Stefani isn’t a sticc, she’s definitely on the slightly slimmer side of healthy. But I read an interview with her where she said she has been on a diet since she was about 10 years old and barely ever gets to eat what she wants, which is pretty sad.

The Kardashians were always on the thicker side too but they all diet like crazy and pretty much only ever seemed to eat salads and go the gym constantly too. But moids think they just lounge around all day eating donuts.

Anonymous 153407

Genuinely s, how do I stop hating men so much? My hatred of them is bordering on unhinged and I know it’s not healthy but I can’t help but despise them. I feel a genuine rage and sometimes it’s almost reverse Elliot Rodgers-ish. How can I destress from them

Anonymous 153409

It’s normal to hate the gender that commits 96% of violent crime (it’s probably even higher than that, since trannies skew the already tiny female crime statistics)

Whoever you allow to occupy your thoughts becomes your master. Start thinking less in terms of moids and male oppression, and start thinking more in terms of how to help and uplift women and what you can do to help.

Anonymous 153421

That makes since. It’s just that every time I see something misogynistic it makes me straight up murderous

Anonymous 153422

i think gwenyth paltrow had an interview like that too where she goes into crazy detail about her diet and work out.

Anonymous 153427

Yep, I’m not surprised. These women make it look so effortless but the truth is most of them have borderline anorexia or orthorexia and have been dieting for literally decades. Not even to look skelly, but just to stay slim. For most women who weren’t born with naturally lanky ectomorphic or petite genes, it’s a lifelong battle to stay thin, especially after having kids.

Anonymous 153430


Also it’s no secret Gwynnie is absolutely obsessed with health food, dieting, tries almost every new anti fat and beauty/healthcare treatment/supplement/regimen/trend ever known to man, works out obsessively and has millions of dollars to spend on these things. But she still has a little tummy, has cellulite, some sagginess to her body etc. Which of course it normal. But it just shows even if you have all the money in the world to throw at these health and beauty fads and exercise constantly and eat clean all the time, you still can’t fight the natural way a woman’s body is designed.

Anonymous 153458

Why can't men just admit that they are all secretly gay that value their opinion about themselves more than they'll ever care about a woman have to say?
Like, just fuck each other and leave us alone.

Anonymous 153465

Because even though all men are homos, they know other men are absolutely useless outside of casual fucking.

That’s why it’s not uncommon for gay men to have beards, female cohabitors/bffs or long term marriages with women. Even 100% gay men are always obsessed with famous women, because moid lives are so dull and meaningless and shallow and empty without women. They know men are absolutely useless outside of being dildos with a pulse.

If you’re looking for emotional support, kindness, tenderness, loyalty, monogamy, actual love, caregiving, nurturing, morality, family etc you need a woman. Moids are incapable of that.

That’s why the gay male community is rife with pedophilia, hookups, AIDS, groomers, hard drug abuse, sexual abuse, casual sex, degenerate sex acts and weird sex bars full of illegal shit, insanely massive body counts and cheating/open relationships, because that’s all moids care about.

When you remove women as gatekeepers of the sexual market, it quickly degenerates into a disgusting and dangerous free for all.

Anonymous 153466

Correct. Men are completely unable to contribute anything towards a relationship besides a cumshot. That’s why they rely on women to be their domestic slaves and caretakers, even when they’re faggots.

Anonymous 153477

Tell any moid stick fetishizer they're not real men. Its true, low T men who live complacent and easy lives like little tiny sticks. REAL men like thick women because his survival mechanisms kick in and tell him to find a wife who can survive the cold winters with low food, who stores fat easily. You know, how most women naturally are.

Anonymous 153481

You're still thinking in terms of what appeals to ("real") men and what not.

Anonymous 153483

Check yourself into a mental hospital with a learning focus on buddhism

Not to say I can't relate. Ive totally been there. I legitimately did the above step and it saved my life. There is a huge stigma on going to a mental hospital as a last resort when it should be no more controversial than going on vacation. Shits good for you (if you find a good mental hospital ofc)

Anonymous 153491

seconding. it’s him 100% roflmao.

Anonymous 153493

am pretty sure most of the seething moids are physically cabable of fucking a fat woman tho (called ”porking”), but they’d also fuck dead granmas and car exhausts.
it unironically doesn’t matter if they get it up to X, because it doesn’t mean they’d even show basic dignity to X in any way.
in other words, sexual attention from moids is worthless at best (no effort to give pleasure in return, unless you’re a 11/10 gigastacy whose pussy naturally smells and tastes like strawberry tart, if even then), and dangerous at worst (r*pe).

Anonymous 153512

ask a man to describe his ideal type without physical characteristics. they'll end up describing one of their friends.

Anonymous 153514

Because scrotes don't see relationships and sex as bonding, they see it as domination and enforcing their will onto others/gaining status depending on the situation, and admitting that instead a man can be used by other men as objects fucks up their retard artificial hierarchy and makes them feel anxious about their lack of reproductive value.
Nta, but a mental hospital is unnecessary. Hating moids is natural considering how they have treated women throughout history and even now. Instead anon should focus on doing what she can for women and to undermine scrotes. Don't dwell on what you cannot change, and think of them like animals, dangerous killers but not on the same level as sentience and therefore consideration. Therapy can't change anons understanding because it is based in reality, at best it can be used to cope that we are forced to pretend men are not selfish, retarded, and responsible for 90% of violent crime. Often times therapy is used to put people in line who do not obey or accept the narrative fed to us by the media, such as the lie of mens superiority when they are destructive animals.
Remember everyone reading; Dick is abundant and of low value. A man is not a prize.

Anonymous 153521


Jeezuz Krist, don't you know you can be healthy and go to the gym and stay healthy even if your weight goes from 110 to 130 in a year?
We are not talking 200 pounders powerlifting girls either
In any case if they workout CONSISTENTLY their health is most likely assured to be on point, cellulite doesn't matter, and don't look at bodybuilding or modeling catwalk bodies for reference

Anonymous 153634


>being accused of being a man or a troon

I have been accused of that in multiple threads. Is that your only attack? I love how you're projecting though. You're furious that I'm not accepting the party line of HAES and so you have to seethe multiple paragraphs about it.

Fat men are disgusting, but hatred of men is the baseline, especially in this thread that you're derailing, so it's like being disgusted by a fat cockroach. Even so, I never differentiated between the sexes, but fat women started getting triggered in this thread and made the entire thing about themselves and so that's where the conversation lead.

I've never been on lolcow so that's not me. I stayed away because I heard they don't remove the CP.

Anonymous 153676

>The only time I accidentally saw CP was on 4chan when it was a gif disguised as another gif.
I am not squeamish, I tolerate gore and worse, but I will always be traumatized by a .gif from 4chan of a man diarrhea pooping and peeing over his tied son.

I often wonder, what is of the life of these victims? Did they ever escaped abuse? Do they remember? Are they traumatized? Makes one grateful to have grown in a normal household. I read something once along the lines of 1 in 20 moids are pedophiles, that is a 5% chance to be born in those situations.

Anonymous 153689

So you admit you have multiple posts that are on the scrotish side kek?

Anonymous 153691

Post hand and prove you aren’t male or fuck off with your “nooo, you can’t purposefully make yourself physically unattractive to men. Fucking subhuman fatties reee.” Considering you admit to posting multiple things which make anons think you are a scrote, you are one until a hand post proving otherwise. Go seethe about fatties and jews somewhere else triggered fit/ggot.

Anonymous 153692

Do you identify as a women? You don’t blend in.

Anonymous 153693

As in are you a man pretending to be a women. Only men seethe this hard about overweight women as anons have mentioned. Scrotes thing women who do not exist to serve them shouldn’t be considered human. You’ve chimped out for 3 days kek.

Anonymous 153694

NTA but I personally dont think fat people of either sex are human

Anonymous 153695

Men are all gay, I truly believe so as anons have said. They pursue the respect of other men and do nothing to discourage the mistreatment of women by other men because it threatens their placement in the retard hierarchy they have constructed to try and circumvent evolution and progress of the human species. Even when trying to attract women they seethe about men women are attracted to and instead cope that the best way to attract women is to do something which appeals to other men, such as their belief that a chad alpha type man is the ideal male and therefore ideal partner (it is only to men because only men give a shit about being alpha and other gay shit) and not a polite, kind, and physically appealing man (no matter the kind like pretty boy types or ones who do not fit the chad stereotype). Also, as we can see demonstrated in this thread, gaining weight really does trigger them, so keep that in mind anon who asked how to upset scrotes. How dare you not exist to appeal to the retard XYs coom.

Anonymous 153700

wait surely you find this strange, right?
> hope that after I'm gone the effects I have had on people's lives ripple on through time to make the world a better place

Okay firstly you should be going vegan if that's the case (people who contribute to big agriculture are ultimately drains on the planet and it and all animals on it and even other humans would've been better off without them).
> Like I said, many consider your early death a boon to socialized health care

this is such a strange, slavish thing to say. what other people consider you has no bearing on whether you have value. many consider you to have no value simply in virtue of being a woman - does that mean you have no value?

> think its better to preserve health for better family bonds and continuation of knowledge

do you really think the only value people have is in virtue of their family bonds and "knowledge"? you don't think there's any intrinsic value to life or anything? who hurt you?

Anonymous 153701

this is actually one (the only) reason I'm cool with trannies. if only they weren't so fucking bad at attempting to even pass, maybe they could take on the moid problem for us

Anonymous 153702

yeah literally the only men I know who do lift are short guys trying to overcompensate or poor/dumb guys trying to overcompensate. it's kind of sad. fitness women strike me the same way except usually they have nothing to overcompensate for, they're just as insecure as these lesser moids solely in virtue of their status as women

Anonymous 153703

it really is intense chimping out. like, I can't tell if like >>153380 says it's a butthurt moid or a woman who's internalized misogyny so badly that any threats to her fragile worldview sends her into a spiral. I mean think about it, say you do internalize these nonsense standards, waste all your time and money trying to realize them, and then some nona shows up and is like 'lol that was all pointless' - of course you'd be pissed. you just spent your life slaving away in pursuit of a nonsense goal made up by scrotes. it'd be embarrassing and demoralizing, so I suppose that's why she's clinging so hard to lifting's legitimacy.

Anonymous 153704

they actually even get offended at women who patently aren't overweight. the ideal bmi for moids is 18-19. your bmi can go up to 25 and remain healthy.

Anonymous 153705

I think a lot of scrotes are latently homosexual and so don't like feminine features. Kate Winslet, especially in the titanic, has extremely soft, feminine features. They probably see a woman without high and prominent cheekbones and a square jaw and think 'fat' even though those are distinctively masculine traits.

Anonymous 153706

hating men is rational if they do things that warrant hatred, which they do. I used to hate non-vegans in a similar way and I know how stressful it can get because you're constantly surrounded by insanely immoral people and can do nothing about it.

one thing that helped was cutting them out and cultivating a network of exclusively vegan friends. doing the same with women would be even easier (I've managed to do both because no moid is vegan because they don't have moral sensibilities). you can continue hating moids but if you mostly interact with women all day your day to day experiences with others won't be fraught with bitterness

Anonymous 153707

actually even women with ectomorphic genes would likely end up fat if they didn't diet. ectomorphs have low muscle mass which makes it harder to remain thin. lanky ectomorph men stay skinny because of their height and because all men have more baseline muscle mass regardless of whether they work out.

Anonymous 153708

> because moid lives are so dull and meaningless and shallow and empty without women

they really are. sometimes I wonder if the avoidant kinds who live largely independent of women or partners are even sentient at all. any sentient person would probably kill themselves if they lived such drab and meaningless lives, wouldn't they? it'd be sad if I wasn't half certain that the reason they can tolerate this is because they lack emotion or thought

Anonymous 153709

I totally get her thought process too. It goes "okay okay this 'moids don't matter' stuff all nice and all but lets be real we know it's cope but it's okay since the arbiters of who has value and who doesn't still really think fat chicks have value because evolution and stuff". Her responses pisses me off way less than the fitness cope guy/girl, because I think on some level she realizes at least that the moid beauty standards imposed on women make no sense to pursue whatsoever. Reminding her (and ourselves) every time we get into the pattern of thought that goes 'what would a moid think of this?' that we're getting sucked back into patriarchy is the only way to break the maladaptive ways of thinking that have been inculcated in us having grown up in effectively a moid-worship cult.

Anonymous 153710

not really there's always art, sports, theatre, instruments, movies, cooking, working, singing, teaching and many other things that are rich for the soul

Anonymous 153712

And yet, do they do anything of that? Most of them instead just lay on the sofa watching football as much……. Not the anon you replied to, but 95% of them really are devoid of any emotion.

Anonymous 153716

shut the fuck up.
you americans invaded the middle east for oil. FUCKING OIL. YOU came in here with your little soldiers and killed and tortured OUR men and raped OUR women and girls. YOU send millions of dollars worth of guns and other equipment to make sure that the saudi dictator stays. He kills and imprisons OUR women simply for wanting basic human rights and anyone that tries to stand up is killed by YOUR soldiers with YOUR guns. YOU set that misogynist poison in our men and boys' minds. YOU plant your disgusting pedophile spies in our governments so that rapists and murderers get off easy. YOU set those terrorist groups and YOU set those """muslim""" extremists loose on us. YOU steal knowledge and resources from us.
>nuke the middleeast
so we're all just supposed to burn to death because of your mistakes huh? we're supposed to get nuked because you couldn't keep your oil hungry blood thirsty med in check huh? of course you would think so you selfish bitch. billions of people die, get raped, and suffer because of YOU. just fucking kill yourselves already

Anonymous 153718

>you don't think there's any intrinsic value to life or anything?
Of course not. No one could survive and remain sane if they truly believed all life had intrinsic value. I kill millions of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa each day. How could I exist knowing I commit genocide? Therefore, some lives must have more value than others. I usually organize it based on how much pain they can feel and then based on how much self awareness they have with a rarity modifier to account for the increased value of endangered animals.

You claim to value every single life, how do you not kill yourself knowing you are a mass murderer merely by breathing and eating?

Anonymous 153739

>"I don't like men"
>"You should be put in a mental hospital!"
Isn't this just repeating the female hysteria myth? Wtf is a psych ward supposed to do

Anonymous 153740

Friendly reminder the US kept funding Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East against Arab socialists and secularists for decades, including SA and Hamas </3

Anonymous 153748


He’s being literally picrel, except Chernobyl was less of a disaster than the existence of scrotes.

Anonymous 153749

Just existing comfortably and being happy. I didn't think this before, but after reading so many ramblings of scrotes online, I think if scrotes see a random woman or group of female friends having a good time somewhere, it makes them seethe hard and literally ruins their day.

Anonymous 153761

It’s a moid I’ve seen around here a bunch of times. He gets into really pissy debates all the time and shits up threads for hours sometimes, has a very condescending way of talking to other posters. I think he has some kind of personality disorder tbh, just ignore him because I constantly see him baiting for replies.

Anonymous 153762

I can’t remember who said it but there’s a quote by a feminist about how men can only really love, admire and respect other men and that they compartmentalize women for breeding and sex duties only.

What confirms this in my mind is how common men having affairs with young boys and having male sex slaves used to be, across many cultures, even when they were straight and married to women. Also the fact that tranny porn is so popular now. Is wanting to fuck a man in a skirt not extremely gay? Also the fact that incels and moids in general obsess over male models and Chad 24/7 and talk about ‘mirin’ and ‘no homo’ all the time.

I remember a few years ago watching a documentary about Elvis and seeing lots of old footage, and he had sooooo many male hangers-on and sycophants around him. The moids around were constantly kissing his ass and laughing at everything he said and would stare at him all the time in adoration. You can see it when he’s performing with his band too. It’s pure gushing fanboy mode in the moids eyes, they really look at him like they’re in love with him. So weird.

Anonymous 153764

>I am not squeamish, I tolerate gore and worse, but I will always be traumatized by a .gif from 4chan of a man diarrhea pooping and peeing over his tied son.
Do you ever wonder if moids are actually even human, and if they aren’t just some kind of horrible demonic entities sent to plague the earth as a kind of sick cosmic joke?

I mean, why else would these creatures exist or commit 96% of war, rape, murder, terrorism and other violent crime? ‘Human’ males are supposedly apex predators at the top of the food chain, just like sharks, crocodiles, whatever (in fact moids kill way more of these animals AND other humans each year than vice versa, so moids are even more brutal and violent than these primitive animals) We do not assign empathy or feeling to these things, we know apex predators are ruthless hunters who only want to consume, reproduce and destroy, and that we should avoid them if we want to keep out of danger. Should we even class males as human? I honestly wonder this more and more the older I get.

Anonymous 153765

Yeah, you’re right. I’ve actually seen moids post about how angry they feel when they see women laughing and having fun. It seriously sends them into a fit of rage. There was some incel who stabbed people on a train in Japan and when they caught him he said he wanted to hurt ‘happy or smiling women’. When the Finnish prime minister was filmed dancing at a club and smiling, men got ridiculously triggered by it and tried to make her lose her job. The best revenge is always happiness and being comfortable in yourself. There’s nothing men hate more than a happy woman with high self esteem, who doesn’t care about them or their validation.

Anonymous 153767

Ohnonono sisters I just remembered something super cringe. When I first started dating my ex, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t gay, so I asked if he ever watched gay or tranny porn, he denied it at first but I kept jokingly pressing him, he was always terrible at lying and admitted that he watched tranny porn ‘a few times when he was younger’. I was so grossed out by this and started making fun of him and he got mad, I asked him if he thought that’s normal for a ‘straight’ man and he replied ‘every man is intrigued by the tranny.’ LMAO. EW. Men literally show their asses every time.

Needless to say, we broke up shortly after that. Best decision of my life, what a fag he was.

Anonymous 153782

The personality disorder is called being born male kek. All men are autistic and have NPD, the fact that majority of troons and criminals are men support this fact.

Anonymous 153787

If it’s the same contrarian twat who is always baiting for replies in /feels/ then yeah I think he has some kind of major manipulative personality disorder.

I remember him arguing about nuclear weapons with someone for literally hours (like 7 or something? then he mass reported the other persons posts and they were deleted, other nonas in that thread actually noticed and called out the jannies for banning a woman instead of the obvious male poster)

He was also bragging about how he wouldn’t be banned because he had special privileges or something, basically implying he was a janny here, and also bragged about how most of his posts are convincingly female enough and full of troon hate that he can attempt to blend here. Creepy. You can definitely tell from his haughty patronizing way of addressing other posters that he is male. He also screeches ‘REPLYING TO MOIDS IS AGAINST THE RULES’ if you accuse him of being the scrote he is.

Anonymous 153791

i just exposed him lol

Anonymous 153792

He’s faking it.

Anonymous 153797


Honestly have no idea how exactly it works myself, but to be fair people can watch porn that you think would otherwise be incompatible with their orientation. My ex-girlfriend had admitted she preferred gay porn to lesbian porn and I came to find out later that this is actually pretty common with lesbians. Not entirely surprised though since 90% of lesbian porn is made by moids for moids - like by having straight women with talon nails that have sex with eachother like no actual lesbian would. It'd be easier to just find some androgynous twink porn at that point and just imagine it's two women instead or something. It helps to have strong imagination and it's not necessarily indicate of your IRL preferences.

Anonymous 153798

Eachother isn’t a word.

Anonymous 153799

Nobody is impressed by you repeatedly replying this to every post you see use the word eachother, it makes us cringe and continue to use the word out of spite

Anonymous 153800

People who say eachother are always retarded.

Anonymous 153801

if he’s a janny, he deleted those posts himself, right? because admin doesn’t seem to be active anymore.

Anonymous 153802

i dislike men very much

Anonymous 153815

feet fetish is worse than pedophilia according to the last one (right side)

Anonymous 153816

it truly does…. i've seen so many men seethe and say they want to kill women just because they see one smiling and laughing or with her bf. they have the ultimate main character syndrome: if they aren't the happy one, nobody can. women should not have sex if its not with them. the mere fact that they aren't the only man on earth with a harem of beautiful women and that they have to be a decent human being and compete with other men is a hard pill to swallow for them.

Anonymous 153817


Grammar nazis are retarded.

Anonymous 153820

ew this is disgusting - did you ever have sex with him? poor you. what were the red flags that tipped you off that he might be gay and prompted you to probe his porn tastes?

Anonymous 153821

okay but literally nobody says "eachother" - pointing out straight up illiteracy isn't really being a grammar nazi

Anonymous 153831

i can bet compared between eachother my iq is higher than yours

Anonymous 153833

I assume all men are gay until proven otherwise.

Anonymous 153834

I’m not sure. I think jannies are active now because some CP got deleted yesterday. But they certainly weren’t active like 1-2 months ago, when gore and CP would stay up for days at a time, and it was bad.

Anonymous 153838

clearly people say it all the time because you find someone to correct literally all the time, dumbass

Anonymous 153840

It’s the same person.

Anonymous 153850

yeah i remember that one. stopped coming for a while tbh.

Anonymous 153896


Yes. Women have called me a scrote when I refused to say that shaving your armpits and legs is a radical feminist action. It's not, and it never will be.

Okay, though I don't think it will help, my fingers are very lanky and I'm not willing to post breasts, face, or vulva.
Also, I don't know why you're hung up on being physically attractive to men, you can look through this entire exchange, I never mentioned men or wanting to look good for them. I stand by my statement that being fat is unhealthy and leads to a shorter lifespan.

Anonymous 153902

No offense, but that hand does not look female.

Anonymous 153904

Anonymous 153906


>longer ring finger than index finger
>associated with male sex and prenatal testosterone in numerous studies

Anonymous 153908

Yeah, I figured you'd say that. /r9k/ told me I had tranny hands when I posted there years ago too. As well as being hairless, the size of it is pretty small for a man's hand though. That's a regular post it note.
Honestly though, even if I posted full body, I think you gyns would still claim that I'm not a women because you wish to discredit me. You could post your hands though.

Anonymous 153909

wtf my index finger is longer than my ring finger. does this mean I'm hyper feminine and desirable? why do men still treat me like shit then?

Anonymous 153910


Anonymous 153912

I think it just corresponds to the sex hormones you were exposed to in the womb? Because I looked up female hands on google and there's a bunch where women's hands have longer ring fingers than index fingers, but I'm not finding the opposite to be very common in men.

Anonymous 153917


People with longer ring fingers have higher testosterone levels. However this isn’t a very good thing for women, it leads to increased aggression, autism and promiscuity. Also, it says only 3% or so of bio women women will actually have a longer index finger, so it’s very rare. More likely a troon tbh.

Anonymous 153920

Lmao, this bullshit reads like Japanese blood type astrology.

t. long ring finger masterrace

Anonymous 153922

Cope tranny, now everyone knows how to spot you even better.

Anonymous 153923

Also only incels say cringe things like master race.

Anonymous 153925


I'm not >>153896, and I'm not a moid/troon either. My long ring finger just makes me autistic, I can't help it. Jannies can check my post history to confirm.

Anonymous 153930

I'm thinking those charts are like astrology because I just went and compared my hands to my sister's and her fingers are the same way so I think it's just genetic? Even if they're true, 3% of women is still 105 million women.

Anonymous 153984

thats an ugly man hand also groom your disgusting tranny fingernails jesus christ

Anonymous 153986

why do trannies always have the most disgusting unkempt nails. you can literally see dirt and shit under them and the troon thinks he’s fooling anyone with that knobbly wrist and arm hair LMAO

Anonymous 153990

jesus christ im gonna puke, that dirty simian moid hand

Anonymous 153999

Dios mio.

Anonymous 154005

I know right?? I’m messy af, and even I can keep them white, I just wash my hands regularly. can’t even begin to imagine what sort of filthy faggot it takes to turn them into dirt shovels, just saying.

Anonymous 154007

I’m also messy and have natural long nails. I can still keep my nails clean and well kept with minimal effort. Trannies are horribly self neglectful, it goes with their depression and dysphoria and general moid-iness, men are innately filthy creatures. Troons don’t know how to keep their body or environment clean, which is why they always smell bad and have dildos crusted in shit, moldy plates and cum stained sheets in their rooms, as well as gross scuffed nails ofc.

Anonymous 154013

Same. I also do a lot of labor that involves getting my hands dirty and sometimes my hands and nails get dirty even under gloves. It's possible to clean your nails even after a long day of doing dirty manual labor though, just need some water and soap.

Anonymous 154015

I hate trannies so much it’s unreal.

Anonymous 154072

>> 154013
precisely. basic cleanliness and basic hygiene are exotic concepts to scrotum-havers for some reason. they can’t even do the bare minimum to achieve them. it’s why the web is full of horror stories about rotting axwounds and dick cheese.

Anonymous 154073

Anonymous 154103

yeah there's a certain archetype of athletic promiscuous woman that I always found very offputting too. they tend to be loud and garish and perceptibly mentally unstable

Anonymous 154104

Kek reminds me of this ukranian girl who would ask how many dicks I can fit inside my vagina, I don't think she was a lesbian though. Also I'm a virgin and I would never put a dick inside me. She also gave me a nickname that was her favorite type of pizza. I wonder if she's okay…………..

Anonymous 154124

>I’ve often disliked and felt uncomfortable around many lesbians, autistic women
>Hates lesbians and autistic girls
>Comes to crystal Cafe
Are you retarded?

Anonymous 154125

Damn, I have riled up the libfem fatties. Anyways, being fat is still unhealthy and purposely weakening your body to own the scrotes is not a pinkpill win.

Anonymous 154130

The writing is enough to clock you as male. You could have left your hand out of it.

Anonymous 154132

Nta but I have way worse handwriting
Doesn't make me a male tho

Anonymous 154133


Anonymous 154165

is it possible to find a bf who doesnt watch porn?

Anonymous 154172

Fuck off Blaine

Anonymous 154174

it's called a husbando

Anonymous 154178

It's not about it being bad. My handwriting is shit, too.

It's that he wrote in cursive to attempt to hide his printing. This isn't the handwriting of someone who writes like this all of the time. It's very stiff (pen is being gripped tightly, most likely being held straight up), has no personality (trying too hard to follow every single handwriting rule correctly), and you can tell was written out slowly (shaking end of the "l" in crystal and the bottom of the "f" in cafe, as well as the mismatched angles on the crossings of the t's). Additionally, the counters (holes in letters/numbers) are much smaller and less round than typical female handwriting. Especially the 2s with the weight put on top VS at the bottom for the loop.

Anonymous 154202


No, usually they're at McDonald's.

Lol. Keep going. So far I've learned that autistic and lesbian women aren't women, only men own desks, and women have to have cutesy bubble handwriting or they aren't women. Next you'll note that yellow post-its are illegal for women to buy and only men are capable of knowing the date.

Anonymous 154212

Do scrotoids think saying libfem makes them blend in the same way they think saying scrote makes them blend in? Men are retarded and can be clocked by attitude alone. As we've seen with the tranny hand poster infesting this thread, getting fat disgusts and actually very much does trigger them kek. White scrotoid be coping about "in muh country we have morals and fatties aren't moral", when they're some typical whitey westerner scrote who is probably from a country in the top fat % of the world. Told you only men seethe this hard about women being fat, trannies also seethe about fat women because they think women = sex object for men, and fat = less sext, so fat women = less women, and therefore men should be considered women. Tranny is clocked across every thread just through retard coombrained degenerate opinion alone kek.

Anonymous 154214

The one who made the thread seething about lesbians also seethes about libfems, so it's likely the tranny trying to blend in while acting like a typical tranny chimping out because gay women refuse to fuck a man pretending to be a woman. Troons are incels.

Anonymous 154218

is this satire
I literally have the second - "male" skin

Anonymous 154224

This looks like the same hand as the legendary lc ghoul-handposter but without the nails. They are apparently an ana-chan.

Anonymous 154253

Any women who do not conform will be eliminated. Sorry nona, you're a man now according to this entire thread.

Anonymous 154255

>you could always leave a vocaroo or something proving you’re female, but at this point i dont think it matters since everyone will assume you are still trans anyway.
You are completely correct. If I could do it over, I would have posted my cellulite but a quick google search says that 1% of men have cellulite so it's likely they would still claim I'm a tranny.
>baiting for replies now
Absolutely. At this point it's like when a group of people spread the rumor that I was a whore in high school and I wasn't offended, mostly confused because I was still a virgin. The entire world could get together and call me a man, but it wouldn't change the material reality of my body. So it's very amusing for them to come up with reason after reason of how I'm secretly a male and I'm excited to hear more.
It does concern me that so many of these replies rely so heavily on stereotypes though. I thought cc was above that and more diverse. For lurkers, it doesn't matter if you're tall, lesbian, autistic, mouthy, have long fingers, large pores, or press too hard when you write, if you have XX chromosomes and no manifestation of SRY gene, you're still a woman.

Anonymous 154256

Post your vocaroo. I want to laugh at the vocal fry you put on and then how you still defend it.

Anonymous 154258

omg I have the first god why aren't men lusting after me my digit ratio is hella feminine too. my index finger is longer than my ring finger.

Anonymous 154259

Wait okay I think because this thread spun out of control I lost track of who's posted what. Are you the person who was complaining about fat people and extolling getting fit ~~*for herself*~~?? It's entirely possible people are just trolling you at this point because you always reply and they're trolling you because your take on fatness/fitness was so braindead, if that was you

Anonymous 154285

this was me 2 years ago
see you soon

Anonymous 154288


I have swaggering big vulva energy and self esteem. It will take more than that to get me to sit down and shut up like you think all women should.

Anonymous 154300

I'm not going to accuse you of being a moid, but I think you are wrong about the "wanting to be fit" thing. Being "fit" means very different things for men and women. The ideal woman in today's society has been a frail, extremely lean woman, often with a bf% that doesn't allow menstruation. Even Victoria Secret models, who were naturally very lean, had to starve, dehydrate and over-exercise before their walks. Men are only asked to not be obese.

Women don't get obsessed with diets, exercise and ridiculous pseudoscientific fads for "health".

Anonymous 154360

>dat hand
>you guys always call my posts scrote-like
>women can’t wilfully make themselves less sexually appealing to men
>if I use libfem you guys will totes think I’m one of you right?
>pretends to be some flavour of radfem by posting in pinkpill thread and using the word libfem
>chimps out for days about women saying get fat to trigger and repulse men
Scrote detected.

Stop samefagging dumbass. No one believes you’re a woman.
>Muh women can disagree!
Yeah, but they don’t disagree about womens humanity or about anons saying to disgust men get fat. Only men chimp for days about women trying to escape them. Remember anons, the one who said if you want to disgust men get fat is 100% on the money because our resident troon has been chimping for days.
>muh you guys always call me male
You are, if everything you post is scroteish, and you use the word libfem to try and pretend to be radfem or any other non-libfem type in the pink pill thread while chimping out about women trying to trigger or distance themselves from scrotes, you 100% are one, women don’t seethe this hard about women choosing to make themselves less appealing to scrotes. This also means you post scrote shit all the time. Moids think they blend in by using words like and female imageboard slang while chimping out at women who point out male degeneracy and think using the slang is enough to pass. This is why you never pass, women aren’t preoccupied with ensuring womens subservience to the inferior coomer degenerates.
Yeah, it’s the tranny who has been spamming the site recently. He is currently also spamming lolcow to chimp about fatties and is getting clocked their too and has had post history revealed and multiple bans while ban evading kek. Men identify as blending in the same way they identify as women without either being true. They literally had the exact same poster and conversation with said poster chimping out about fat women because they were still considered women kek.

Anonymous 154367

literally no. even the "good" moids I talk to watch it and masturbate frequently despite claiming to respect women. actually sickening. brains filled with coom.

Anonymous 154373

I see more people talk about porn and its harms recently, but its always about men and their balls and how they won't work as well rather than the actual human trafficking involved, and the young minds being exposed to this disgusting content.

Not to mention the popularity of pseudo-/actual incest as a genre? Scrotes will genuinely fuck anything, they disgust me.

Anonymous 154378

They don't talk about the human trafficking and industry abuse part and the way scrotes treat the women because that would mean recognising they indulge in something harmful to society and others, they would have to accept they are bad people for continuing to indulge in it and refusing to give it up because it gives them a few moment of pleasure. They are only willing to acknowledge the part which they can use to pretend they are a victim, while seething when people recognise they are a victim of their own actions because they choose to consume porn. They want people to ignore their inhumane behaviour and baby them no matter what they do because society coddles men and they are used to it and chimpout and again try to destroy society further by pointing out their destruction or trying to prevent their hedonism.

Anonymous 154385

He's being shitting up both sites kek. Posted nudes on lc to 'prove' they were a woman. What women posts nudes to prove they are a real woman? A man.

Anonymous 154386

Samefag the whole thread is wild.

Anonymous 154388

Samefag again, he's also posting about how abortion is murder and women are whores: https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/1294155.html#q1340113

Anonymous 154411

AI image generating tech is being hyped on Scrotechan.
It’s surprisingly realistic this time. I can generate quality mango with the correct keywords, no visual glitches or anomalies whatsoever.
It’s called ”stable diffusion”.
If only someone were to generate some cute anime guys, just to annoy the anons…

Anonymous 154701

anyone feel like race politics and critical race theory are just being used against women at this point?

i got sexually assaulted the other day and one of the guys there said "think about how much harder life is for women of color". i shit you not. and we're seeing a trend of old white women being harassed for the karen meme and people saying it's ok because she's "probably a conservative". the idea that oppression points are something that add up depending on how many buzzwords you can add to your personality has been a disaster. every woman is a victim of misogyny on the regular and now you can't talk about it unless someone says you're oppressed enough.

Anonymous 154705


>Being "fit" means very different things for men and women.
Isn't this just your own personal bias though? The meaning of words change, but no one is looking at a Victorian arsenic poisoned waif and saying she's so fit merely because she is skinny. Fit must include health by its very definition. And I've heard models referred to as skinny and beautiful, but fit is not a word that is used for them. But we might just run in completely different circles as I do not use any social media but cc and tumblr.


But I thought being fat was owning men nona? That only men care about women being fat?
>mfw she's so mad about being fat that she disregards her own integrity in an effort to insult me

Anonymous 154796

>he finished spamming CP somewhere else

Anonymous 154845

You're responding to the same tranny announcing when he wakes up to read replies, just so you know

Anonymous 154855

You spammed the same shit all over LC before getting all your posts deleted and banned for the millionth time, usually with some cringe anime pic. Just because it's CC doesn't mean we're newfags, kys

Anonymous 154856

Uh huh, that's why old people who eat well and exercise die so young compared to people who never exercise and eat no fruits or vegetables.

Anonymous 154857

>cis woman
You can just say woman. It's the only kind that exists.

Anonymous 154859


>I'm a cis woman
>spends whole thread seething about women not looking a certain way and samefagging

Anonymous 154871

You're the same scrote who was trying to get women to videocall with him on Discord, self-announcing whenever he arrived and posted schizo shit about women with AVPD being worse than rapists. No one is convinced you care about our health or life expectancy, dilate

Anonymous 154872


Women dont have to cope with a look, they just have what it takes to be a woman phsyically and trannies forever seething. trannies are a mental illness they are obsessed with roleplaying that they reduce everything to an outward look because they dont have on the inside what it takes and they never will.

Anonymous 154876

That was your own hand you posted, and you're still trying to defend yourself with the "muh life expectancy" shit. Is your brain so rotted that you think accusing us of being you will make it true? Your bone structure will always be male, clockable and your nails are fucking gross.

Anonymous 154880

Are you illiterate? I'm literally making fun of the tranny who posted his hands and is now claiming he's a "cis woman"

Anonymous 154886

There's no such thing as an "anon" posting his tranny hand, because males don't belong here. Notice how even when you're actually going schizo mode and thinking you can "no u" your way out of getting laughed at after selfposting, you still try to force yourself into women's spaces.

Anonymous 154887

You are not intersex, also certain intersex disorders only appear in men kek.

Anonymous 154890

>Males aren't allowed here, therefore I'm not male!
>Muh logic gender
Kek, scrotes are retarded.

Anonymous 154893

They'll pour hours and weeks into screeching at women online for not looking like their porno fantasies because they know they have to get hundreds of surgical operations to just barely "pass", and they'll still ultimately be recognized as male by both their rancid personalities and their appearances. It just makes me all the more glad I was born female and not a defective Y chromosoid.
Also, lol at the tranny accusing you of samefagging, then samefagging even harder himself after realizing he exposed himself.

Anonymous 154895

You're responding to the troon. Claiming "no u are actually blaine" is part of his tactics.

Anonymous 154897

Literally, complete with one of many shitty gifs and scrotechan images he always uses because no one's biting his new "I'm not the tranny, you are the tranny" tactic.

Anonymous 154924

The weird thing is him or them going on about intersex disorders now, guess that's going to be their excuse for failing to pass.

Anonymous 154925

Does anyone else tell scrotes you don't date them any more because of troons? Men hold most positions of power, which is why troon shit has been allowed, because either scrotes coom to it or their friends do being pornsick degenerates, are gay and trying to use it as a way to pretend to not be gay to avoid losing status in retard male heirarchy, hate women and want to use it to strip womens protections and rights, or see it makes money and are willing to destroy society to profit. The only way shit will change is if it affects the retard class, so I make sure to tell scrotes the reason women hate them and don't date them is because of their retard coomer friends wearing women costumes so maybe some social pressure will be introduced through their own retard internal chimp politics.

Anonymous 154965

>The only way shit will change is if it affects the retard class, so I make sure to tell scrotes the reason women hate them and don't date them is because of their retard coomer friends wearing women costumes so maybe some social pressure will be introduced through their own retard internal chimp politics.
Based. If the tranny shit is messing up their chances with women, they'll be much less tolerant of it.

Anonymous 154970

Him replying three times to the same post with nonsensical shit after getting called out on outing himself is still sending me.

Anonymous 155020

its impossible for trannies not to reveal themselves when they interact with anyone even if its only text, eventually you can tell moids just type differently, they have different tastes, even drawing styles, everything.

Anonymous 155024

Yeah. He's been trying to call everyone else himself and accusing them of being "bots" for saying he'll never pass. He says/posts the same shit in different threads and sites every time, it's like he gets off on the attention

Anonymous 155277


Anonymous 155280

What in the fuck!?!

Anonymous 155457


>all of the ones where the age dropped from 1920 to 2007

Anonymous 155502

This face makes it more fucking gross and disturbing. Men are filth, I don't care how fucking nice they are sometimes, it makes up for nothing no matter how nice they are

Anonymous 156240

Note as someone from Louisiana this is only half the story. Here the age of consent is 17. But for a long time we had no minimum age for marriage with parental consent. And spousal statutory rape is rarely pursued. So you could fuck an 8 year old if you can convince their parents to let you marry them and avoid pregnancy. Or at least avoid it becoming public.
That changed in like 2019 now the minimum is 16 and they cannot marry if the age gap is more than 3 years. And it was a fight to get passed.

Anonymous 156284

In cases you’re a minor the adult you’re married to becomes your legal guardian. Meaning doctors, permission slips, that’s all them. It’s fucked

Anonymous 156399

Petite hands look bad in photos, especially if you have tiny wrists, but in person they would compliment your dainty pianist fingers kek. I know because mine are exactly the same, don't feel bad about it.

Anonymous 157306

Bet he's from one of the sundown towns over there. The ones where they're all fucking their first cousins.

Anonymous 157321

How is the wrist so much bigger than the palm?

Anonymous 160498


I'm not ashamed of shaming misogynistic coomers and neither should you.

Anonymous 160519

I do not think this is correct. Because if this was true, we would see lower rates of hatred towards fat women the more attractive a man is. Yet it seems the ugliest and most attractive men are the most hateful towards fat women.

Anonymous 160567

it wasnt an epic enough own to self post like this, tbh

Anonymous 160577


This is what it's replying to.

Anonymous 160839

this man wants to fuck a plant that can only say its own name, he owned himself

Anonymous 160880

this is just male shit, why should I care that men were put in their natural place and serving women? why should I care that more men are dying in warfare? they're only out there to kill maim and rape


this shit too
this isn't "pinkpilling" someone just reused their misogyny caps in the pinkpill thread lmao

Anonymous 161548

This is true but I think it's more impactful to avoid hanging out in places rapey scrotes inhabit, if you can (e.g. poor neighhbourhoods, clubs, house parties with more moids than women etc.)

Anonymous 161787

Speaking from experience, it is. Dressing down just means scrotes are slower to act, not that they won't act at all. You need to be able to be yourself without the kind of bullshit men like selling. Sticking to or creating female-dominated spaces can be more liberating and relaxing.

Anonymous 161791

And said plant-looking mon is only popular because of porn. We all know scrotes based their entire lives around sex so of course when a woman asks for actual effort on his part suddenly it's "exhausting" and a reason to hate women. That's why they (porn addicted bi males) prefer non-existent porn cartoons and males who dress up as women, because said males are also obsessed with sex and won't ask for anything more than that (yet they have the audacity to call women the degenerate ones and blame us for their porn addiction). Males have the brain of a chimp.

Anonymous 161802


Can men exist as independent beings without filtering their lives through women? I see so many memes with this imaginary woman format. Why not just make your funny lifting meme without it.

Anonymous 161803

The irony of them having to include an imaginary woman >who's obsessed with men and what they think< in every meme, showing that they actually are the ones who think about us all the time (which is no surprise at all, but somehow they think they're fooling us). Men are pathetic and it's already one thing, but the most insufferable thing about them is their lack of self-reflection. If at least they could admit how pathetic they are we could bully them openly and they would laugh and the world would be just a little bit better.

Makes me think of the famous quote
>You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.

Anonymous 161822

I just saw one of the MDE guys post this recently.. it was bic lol. Moids are often viewing themselves thru the lense of pseudo-external validity because they are mostly incompetent beings

Anonymous 161895

Dailymail comments are surprisingly pinkpilled in my experience.

Anonymous 162189

Men are obsessed with the imaginary ladders in their heads. You could give a man a mega mansion, every model of sports car to exist, every videogame to exist, a harem of perpetually young supermodels and none of it would make him truly happy. You could give him all of that and he would STILL be miserable if he knew his neighbor had more. Nothing makes them happier than the thought that their place on the imaginary ladder is higher than someone else, and nothing gives them more despair than the reverse. Nothing.

Anonymous 162190


Look at their "literally me" memes from Taxi Driver, Blade Runner and so on. Especially MSTOW obsess more over women than the average moid

Anonymous 162198

I feel like that's why and how so many get hung up on the idea of violating girls and women. Spycams and other nonconsensual stuff will explode in the next years and not just because of it becoming more readily available, but because the idea of getting something from a woman or girl that would reject them is infinitely more enticing than a woman saying "YES!" happily. Tangentially, it's also why a lot get psycho about women having standards of any kind no matter how rational they are. Has little to do with standards, everything to do with men obsessed with control and power getting BTFO'd at yet another reminder of reality.

Anonymous 162370

This, but the "more" doesn't even have to be a literal more as long as it evokes jealousy. That's the real reason why the bugatti color meme became a thing; it's the same fucking car either way, but to insist one color is superior over another is just more of this testosterone competition cringe.

Anonymous 162440

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Stuff like this helps me sleep at night. Loneliness is their punishment - I wish this guy's pick-me wife would grow a spine and stop providing for him. I wonder if he'd still be miserable without his cash cow.

Anonymous 162479


yes, postmodernism and race theory (most identitarianism is like this tbh) was pushed by feds to undermine leftist and feminist activism and academic research in the USA. It's also why gender theory is a thing– it completely atomizes everyone, imposes a new linguistic system on everyone, and therefore allows men to undermine the legal consequences of hurting women who up until now were at least a (somewhat) protected class via rape prosecution.
Most men are NOT happy with equality between the sexes, remember that. They may go along with us in the office and in bars and in relationships but if the law changed tomorrow and entitled them to hurt us and belittle us openly, they'd jump at the opportunity to play out their warlord fantasies.

Anonymous 162543

>that quote
this book is amazing. thanks for introducing it nona

Anonymous 162834


Anonymous 162983

It’s because deep down men are pickmes by nature. They were designed to compete with other men to get picked by women as a suitable mate. This is where all their rage stems from. Even with physical strength and violence they still cannot change their nature—everything they do is meant to be able to get picked as a mate by the female. Even if they are “MGTOW” (which is such bullshit because they’re still obsessed with women and trying to fuck women aka get picked kek) and claim they’re so over women they’re still hopelessly fucking bound to us even though literally all of us could live better lives without them. Their strength is good for labor and depends on their genes their semen is good for producing favorable children. No wonder they are so fucking unhinged, I would be too if I was the disposable sex by God’s design.

Anonymous 163011

Damn i fucking hate men

Anonymous 163020

They are so darned stupid. Literally can't form one coherent thought.

Anonymous 163022

I think about this one a lot lately, why you should never think #nam and never be alone with one ever, there are no good men except dead ones.

Anonymous 163024

Yeah, when your sex is psyopped into worshipping moids since day fucking one you’re going to have some that can’t escape the brainwashing. Why is your sex so focused on raping children though?

Anonymous 163027

Weird strawman breh

Anonymous 163028

One in 50 children report being raped by their biological fathers (unreported is likely far higher) and it’s 1 in 5 for stepfathers so clearly a lot. Moids can’t even be trusted around their kids.

Anonymous 163029

>what are crime statistics, personal anecdotes, recorded history
You are projecting your own perverted sense of the world, as usual. You think because women are disgusted at something that means we must secretly be aroused by it. When that is the most male-way of thinking there it

Anonymous 163030

Despite being just 49% of the population you commit 96% of the crime….

Anonymous 163031

It’s honestly more like men commit 99.9% of violent crime tbh. The number for women is only inflated due to violent criminal men becoming trannies to escape male prison.

Anonymous 163033

we got a live one ladies

Anonymous 163037

Don't know which cesspit you're coming from, either an incel forum or 4chan, but it's funny how you don't say that when it's about black people. You love that statistic when it's about being a racist piece of shit, but when we make that statistic clearer by stating that it's more about gender than it is about race, suddenly the statistic isn't worth anything. It's only worth it when you can be racist with it.

Kill yourself, subhuman scrote.

Anonymous 163041


>only 1 in 16 men are rapists!
Okay. Here’s a bowl of M&Ms. Only 1 in every 16 are poisoned. Go on. Eat some.

Anonymous 163042

Exactly. It’s not a race problem. It’s a moid problem. Men across all races commit an extremely higher amount of crime than their female racial counterparts. The Y chromosome is a demonic trait.

Anonymous 163044

>30-35% of men would rape if they could get away with it
That’s only the ones who were honest about it. I’d honestly bet the real statistic is closer to 98% of men would rape if they could get away with it. All men have fantasized about grabbing a woman, pinning her down and raping her. It’s just instinctual in moidmonkeys.

You only have to look at their behavior during warfare to know it becomes a rape free for all whenever men are involved and that men will take any opportunity to rape women that they can get.

Anonymous 163047

White men in the US are 4x more likely to rape a child than Asian men in the US, even when populations are adjusted for ^_^

Anonymous 163050

>XY thinks his opinion matters

Anonymous 163056

Then i just have to copy what you said: Black people committing most crime doesn't mean most black people commit crimes. It is literally what you said about men. So which is it?

Are men defective creatures (rhetorical, we already know the answer is yes), or are they not which would also mean that there's no problem with black people contrary to what you say? Make it make sense, little monkey.

Anonymous 163065


Can everyone here stop arguing with the scrote? He shouldnt even be here to begin with. Just report and ignore this Y chromotard. Arguing moids is a waste of time.

Anonymous 163073

You will never be a woman

Anonymous 163088

I was not the anon you were arguing with?


I don't dispute black moids being more violent. However white moids pretending like they are better for it is autistic as fuck. White moids now express their misogyny and violent monkey urges in more covert ways, since they gave more capitol to lose if/when they're exposed. White men aren't any less prone to violence. We see how white men act when they think they can get away with anything. Raping entire continents worth of women, for starters.


Because, while every man wants to rape and enslave women, they don't want other men to have the right to rape and enslave women. I think most moids are aware that complete lawlessness is a losing situation for them since they'll never out-alpha all of their competition.
Moid morality is entirely centered around the self. It doesn't actually work in practice. They have to come to a compromise.


Funny how the immorality is entirely contingent on the crimes of the male. Why are women in love with criminals shamed than the criminals themselves? Seems like men know that they're uncontrollable monkeys and expect humanity and restraint only from women.



Who says I have sex with violent criminals?
Most moids are soulless, autistic, ugly narcissists. The outwardly violent ones usually just have less impulse control than your average "nice guy".

I won't have sex with violent apes or cowardly apes who jerk off to their misogynistic infographs and scab up cc. Probably only 10% of men are worthy of having offspring, and even that's too generous imo.



No retard, I'm saying that men like you aren't any better than these violent apes, you're just too afraid to commit crimes against women because you don't want to lose social capital. As soon as rape becomes legal (like you were already fantasizing) you'd hurt women. Just like the vast majority of other men when given the opportunity.

Anonymous 163197

>why isn’t rape legal
Because men view their wives and daughters as their property. Men love rape, but they don’t like the idea of it being legal. Because then it means other moids can rape their wives and daughters. Men only made laws against rape because to them it’s the same as private property laws. It’s not about empathy for women. They just don’t want other moids touching their ‘property’.

Anonymous 163201


People forget than less than 3% of rapes ever lead to an actual jail term, and white men are considerably more likely to escape conviction than black men. A racial bias in the system is the only reason white men are underrepresented in rapist statistics tbh. White men are simply much more likely to avoid jailtime.



"If all people want free stuff why is stealing illegal?"

Anonymous 163208


Reminder rapist and psychopath moids are not punished unless they belong to a certain demographic.

They escape jail time, and go on to become Hollywood actors, judges or the President of the United States.



You hate women, want rape legalized, and call me a "foid". Moid autism and lack of theory of mind makes them think they're "one of the good ones" because they aren't out in the street raping like wild chimps.

Femdomming anime men is the only option. Now keep seething and not getting laid autist.


"I hate foids I wanna rape women REEE"
"please mommy have sex with me please"
Moid neuroticism, the result of being born incomplete beings entirely dependent on women. Parasites with no honor.

Anonymous 163226



Anonymous 163233




kys tranny. You'll never be as cute as a woman or an anime man.

Anonymous 163237

>the worst picture of link, dare i say lonk, ive ever seen
What did you mean by this



Sorry I don't want to fuck female children like the average transbian.
What the trans community has done to Link is a war crime.

Anonymous 163663

>tranny pic

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