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Anonymous 149385

Have you ever pretended to be a man online?

Anonymous 149388

Only when I was little on baby MMOs to get girlfriends lmao
But in general, I keep my identity hidden online since I'm more comfortable that way and I dont really go to social media to make friends (I only say I'm over 18yo, not even a fake name). If I end up befriending someone and I'm sure she's a woman, I usually tell her my actual age, sex and stuff tho

Anonymous 149389

not really but when i use my native language i avoid using tenses that expose my gender

Anonymous 149434

Yeah, I always do it in hobby/interest related communities. I don't go out of my way to craft a male persona to roleplay as though, usually I just use neutral usernames and profile pictures. If I have to use gendered words like fanboy/fangirl I use the male version for myself. I also use male forms of words for myself in other languages.


Anonymous 149436

yeah most of the time russian (technically not native idk why i worded it that way), but also just slavic languages in general

Anonymous 149439

yes i have larped on incel discords alot alot alot alot alot

Anonymous 149443

what do you get out of that?

Anonymous 149444

Femcel incel solidarity

Anonymous 149445

No way on earth this isn't a moid I simply refuse to believe women can be this retarded

Anonymous 149458

I mean I can understand just being curious and wanting to lurk, I've lurked all kinds of weird places online.

Anonymous 149460

Only once or twice if i'm remembering right. I didn't feel all that bad about it but it was really boring and if I continued I think I would've got caught.

Anonymous 149490

Anonymous 149493

I don't pretend to be a man per say but I definitely don't reveal my sex that often online. Which if I had to guess, is probably to same for a a lot of cc users here.

Anonymous 149495

I would usually raid their servers and get their discord banned

Anonymous 149510


Yeah, I've pretended to be a man online on a forum where gender mattered a lot despite the members pretending it didn't. But I worded my posts in such a way that they could be read as coming from a butch lesbian woman and never used phrases like "as a guy…".

Anonymous 149513

> never used phrases like "as a guy…".
If you pretend to me a moid it's best to use phrases like "Women do.." "women want.." "All women.." etc.

Anonymous 149520

I see girls on r9k pretending to be moids all the time, they’re so bad at it though which is cute and make it horribly obvious they’re not male

Anonymous 149528


I have an androgynous nickname, I used to camouflaged as male in art communities I joined so I can post lewd/art with no harassment and reveal I'm a woman when the coast is clear (protip: it never is ). Stopped community hopping in general now that I have a comfy girlboss friend server.

Anonymous 149572

Yes. On 4chan i argue a lot about women while making scrotes think i'm a man so that they listen to me. If you tell them outright you're a woman they just go full monkey and can't listen anymore because their brain is focused on being as misogynistic as possible while still keeping your attention, but when i say i'm a man and tell them they'll die alone if they don't start treating women like the human beings they are for instance, they listen and feel like shit, they probably think i'm a confident Chad because i definitely see the inferiority complex right away.

I really go at it, i insult and mock them and i love doing that, it makes them feel defective. Funny how it works, if i were to say the exact same things but as a woman they wouldn't feel defective, but say you're a man and suddenly they do. Pieces of shit, i hope they feel humiliated.

Anonymous 149603

i dont believe you, but i dont know what boards you go on. arguing about anything on there, even if you are being civil doesn't change anything. in fact the more civil you are the more likely you will just have moids stop responding or get even more retard. maybe it's just in your head that you think you are having some effect, sorry.

Anonymous 149604

No, I keep my sex ambiguous and am usually just branded as male

Anonymous 149605

yeah idk what boards you use but in my experience it probably helps to mention you're a woman because they go simp mode and attempt to be more civil than they ever would be.

i don't think you're doing anything either. they already know they're wrong. they already understand they're worthless and undesirable. it's just a series of copes and venting.

Anonymous 149610

I'm not being civil at all, i don't know where you read that.

And i don't expect to make a change, as if the basement dwellers of 4chan could change with just a few posts. I just want to trigger negative emotions and the cognitive dissonance of it all, and sometimes the more reasonable moids actually team up with me to further shame the other scrotes, classical moids infighting.

And yes, their persona often cracks if you go at it, actually. It happened on many different boards since i browse many, but mostly /v/ and /tv/, its the ones where i have the most vivid memories of it happening, whatever you want to believe is up to you i'm not telling you to have faith in me i'm not starting a cult here, i was just answering OP.

Anonymous 149619

I just never mention that I'm a woman but I also don't actively pretend to be a man. In many online communities people will just assume that you are male if you don't mention your gender. Some people were really surprised when they found out I'm a woman because of their weird ideas about how women behave. After finding out some people have been really rude, others have acted overly nice but many people also treat you the same.
The online communities I used were focused on gaming or art and weren't all that hateful towards women in general so my experience might be different from the other anons.

Anonymous 149630

Do any of you enjoy being in male-dominated online spaces? It seems like hell tbh, the moid side of the internet is full of nothing but retardedness and evil faggotry. I know theyre everywhere, but why go out of your way to be in spaces where theyre the majority? Even their humor is beyond retarded, a preteen scrote will make and share the same memes as a middle aged one. I know some of you say you do it to "research incel behavior" or whatever but there's really nothing that complicated or worth studying about it: they're evil misogynistic retards like every man, the only difference is this is heightened by the lack of pussy they get so they're more obsessed with women than you're average moid.

Anonymous 149634

>the more reasonable moids
How do you know they're really moids? Maybe they're like you, larping as the opposite gender.

Anonymous 150074

Anonymous 150930

interesting, I'm not on there much so I haven't noticed this but I have no doubt it happens. what type of threads do you see it in? I remember /v/ had a LOT of women and girls pretending to be male in 2009 or so back when I was active there.

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