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Unpopular Opinions 3 Anonymous 15047

The other one is dead or has reached post limit.

Anonymous 15053

People that answer to your question about where to get a puppy with "don't shop, adopt!". Yeah fuck you. I don't want to fucking adopt one, if I want to buy a dog I'll buy one. Why don't they say the same shit to their friends that want to get pregnant? "Don't get pregnant, adopt!".

Anonymous 15054


People like you are the reason our society is so shitty

Spoiled brat.

Anonymous 15055

NTA but this is the unpopular opinion thread, what else do you expect? Fuck off.
Still on the topics of dogs, I like the idea of adopting and I would go for it if I could adopt a puppy. I think it's way harder to bond with grown dogs.

Anonymous 15061

I hate dogs. They're annoying, a lot of responsibility, and they smell gross.

Anonymous 15064


Seeing Luna's body makes me feel better about myself and not because I am thinner or more beautiful, or because I shower and am not a drug addict and scammer. But because seeing her feel relatively comfortable to show her stretch marks and sagging skin makes me feel better about my own.
Her body is pretty normal for someone who has lost a lot of weight. If only she exercised she'd look a lot nicer. Minus the grime and dirt I don't feel disgusted by her appearance by no means. She makes me feel thankful she posts pictures. Thank you tuna.

Anonymous 15077

I don't even think it's an unpopular opinion, just something people don't say very much because you sound like an asshole. Like jeez, I don't want a used puppy from some shelter, I want a new one.

Anonymous 15084

>used puppy
… yikes.

Anonymous 15109


>I don't want a used puppy from some shelter, I want a new one.
Low-key hoping the next person you like ends up saying something similar about you.

Anonymous 15133

What the fuck? How does that even remotely make sense? People who buy from pet stores want the animals as young as possible but that's not the same as being 'unused'.

Anonymous 15134

Girls this is an unpopular opinion thread, if we just shit on each for having differing opinions then no one will want to share. PS I'd rather a new puppy than a ''used'' one anyway. It's not like the ones you buy from the stores don't deserve a loving home just as much as an adopted one.

Anonymous 15140

Go back to eating your vegan meals, ya damn hippie.
I'm sorry but when you adopt a dog or hell, even a kid, you never know what the fuck you're getting. My friend "adopted" a pitbull and that dog was nice and loving for the first couple of years and then one day he just went fucking crazy and almost killed her. I've read stories of parents that adopted kids and these kids came with fucked up mental (and/or physical) issues that showed up after some time.

By buying a dog (from a nice place) you actually know where the dog is coming from, the parents, lineage etc etc. I don't like surprises , ESPECIALLY when I'm going to have that "surprise" living with me for the next 15 + years.

Anonymous 15141

>adopted pitbull
Yes, it was definitely the fact that it was adopted that caused this to happen.

Anonymous 15142

My aunt adopted a chihuahua. Couple of months later they found out it had some degenerative disease and they ended up paying around 10k trying to fix the dog (it ended up dying btw so thats 10k down the drain).

A friend adopted a poodle, and that dog has a million psychological issues, so my friend is always stressed out because of it.

I have a million stories like these. If you want to adopt and risk it then go ahead but don't try to put me down for having the means and wanting to adopt a purebreed because I think they are better/ safer.

Anonymous 15143

In total I have so far adopted 4 cats. All with unique, amazing personalities. They are not vicious, they do not have health problems. All of my friends' adopted pets so far have been perfectly healthy too.

So as you see, cherrypicking your/my experiences doesn't show a trend between adoption and "degeneracy".

But yeah, fuck pitbulls. Literally bred to murder.

Anonymous 15146


Why get a dog when you can get a cat smh

Anonymous 15148

I understand both sides of this argument (those who support adopting and those who support shopping) but if we only focus on adopting then what happens to all the other puppies? Do they not get loving homes either? I've both adopted and shopped and got really good pets overall - all pets had healthy, loving, unique personalities. Although one time I did not adopt a dog he did have health complications due to inbreeding which I believe is probably one of the downsides to shopping. Overall I'm pretty torn about this issue, but see positives to both.

Anonymous 15149

>People who buy from pet stores want the animals as young as possible but that's not the same as being 'unused'.
Well, one from a pet store presumably doesn't have a previous owner. Ones from shelters often (though not always) are pre-owned and a lot of the time they come with fleas and stuff.

Anonymous 15150

There are way less negatives to less shopping for pets. It lessens the demand for puppy mills and unethical breeders.

Pets are not the same thing as objects. Fleas are easily treatable with proper care in a reputable shelter.

>Side-eyeing people who perpetuate shitty stereotypes about pitbulls tho

Anonymous 15154

Abortion is murder in my opinion because life is about to develop and you end it on purpose; the sentience or not conflict doesn't matter much to me. If human life is about to/developing, and you end it, it is murder.

Still it shouldn't be criminalized since it can save women's lives and reduce even more suffering. It is only very VERY wrong when women get multiple abortions as if it was some type of contraceptive method. I've met girls like that IRL.

Anonymous 15155

I don't mean this to sound edgey, but I grew up in a christian home and even when I used to believe it was murder, I still didn't care. I'd rather have a life that can barely process pain gone than it be with drug addict parents or people who don't want it. Most kids who are adopted seem to not give a shit about their parents anyway, and most I've met seem to think that if their parents were deficient in one area it was because they didn't love them enough because they weren't born to them. I'm rambling and all the over the place and my points aren't even relevant at this point, but I guess all I'm trying to say is that I think even if it is murder that I don't care and I think that it's still in the best interest of the "child".

Anonymous 15166

I'm the one who posted first about adopting/buying dogs. I don't care what you (you, as in general ) do , if you want to adopt, that's fine. But what annoys me is when that person who adopts dogs comes to me and says shit like "why are you not adopting, shopping for dogs is murder blablabla". THAT is what I don't like.

Anonymous 15168

using your phone on the toilet is disgusting and unsanitary

Anonymous 15172

Coldplay is shit. SHIT.

Anonymous 15180

Rihanna has NO talent whatsoever. Same with Beyonce.

Anonymous 15187

FUCK everyone that thinks Remi Malek was a good choice as Freddie. He must have sucked a TON of hollywood penises to get that, and of course him being middle eastern helped.
He doesnt even look like Freddie, for fucks sake. Also bad actor. Fuck Hollywood. And dont even mention Sasha Baron Cohen cause I know all about that.

Anonymous 15189

Beyonce is supposedly a total asshole in real life, even by Hollywood standards. I like reading stories about people interacting with her, it makes for such good junk reading.

Anonymous 15191

I agree, but I still use my phone on the toilet everyday. It's okay as long as I admit that I'm gross, right?

Anonymous 15197

>Maple syrup isn't that great, Canada

>Crystal cafe > Lolcow

>Non circumcised looks better

Anonymous 15199

It's cringy when people above the age of 23 who brag about how they are 'adulting' for a day. You've been an adult for five years now. Those things aren't some super hard and special task. Everyone your age is doing it.

Anonymous 15204

There's no real use trying to rehabilitate pedophiles, even if it's the kind where it focuses on the pedo "accepting" their sexuality and modifying their behavior. There's no use giving pedophiles resources to indulge themselves "safely" either. At the end of the day, you're still catering to their sick fetishes.

This is as a person who is friends with "ethical" pedophiles who don't molest or even watch/read lolicon/shota. I know this is ancedotal, but all of them have been guilty of other sex crimes and predatory behavior such as taking creep shots of grown women, taking advantage of drunk women, etc.

"But at least I don't fiddle with kids depsite being attracted to them!" - yeah, you're still a piece of shit.

Anonymous 15205

I don't think your opinion is unpopular at all unless you're from a really degenerate SJW place.

My unpopular opinion is that we should castrate all proven pedos and rapists.

Anonymous 15206

I don't think this is that unpopular.

My unpopular opinion is that I don't think there's anything wrong with things like drawn child porn or loli dolls (although of course you can't say such things in real life because people will give you the old stinkeye). I just don't like the precedent it sets that things like that should be illegal just because people don't like it, when it doesn't hurt anyone.

Anonymous 15208

I legitimately don't see anything wrong with living with your parents in your 20s as long as you've got a job/are looking for a job/are in school/are not a NEET. It's something people seem so embarrassed about but I don't think there should be much of a stigma behind that.

pads > tampons

I dislike the tradition of hosting weddings to celebrate a marriage. Even small, intimate ones can cost thousands of dollars. I don't think getting married should be accompanied with this event that seems like a waste of money and time to me.

The un-ironic use of the term alone makes me want to cringe.

I know. I guess this is another unpopular opinion in general but I really don't like her and her fans. She and Jay-Z are so calculated and fake. The story about them shutting down a hospital floor and forcing patients out for their own baby makes them seem like real assholes in my eyes: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/blue-beyonce-special-treatment-bed-stuy-dad-jay-z-turned-lenox-hill-private-club-article-1.1002985

Anonymous 15212

I agree with everything you listed.

Anonymous 15215

>pads > tampons
everyone always gives me so much shit for this but I have such a hard time using tampons. I wish I was more used to tampons though because I feel like they're less in the way but whatever

Anonymous 15217

I was the same, however I found using lubricant and the smallest absorbency possible with a plastic applicator made insertion more comfortable for me.

Anonymous 15232

>I legitimately don't see anything wrong with living with your parents in your 20s
I'll go one step further than 'nothing wrong', I would say it's a wise financial decision. People who move out young because they just want freedom and space away from their parents to party etc or just do it because it's expected and you're a loser if you don't are throwing their money away. It's a great way to caught in the cycle of always paying rent and never being able to save up for a deposit on a place.

I also really agree about weddings too. What an absurd waste of money, it's a scam women are brainwashed into thinking should be their life's dream.

Anonymous 15233

I quite like smog, it makes the world feel cozier.

Anonymous 15255

me too anon, I'm too small for tampons

Anonymous 15258

Keira Knightley is ugly as fuck

Anonymous 15290

Because it's slightly better than having a pool of your menses sitting in your underwear.

You need to use lighter absorbency if the tampon is still dry after regular changing times of several hours.

>Menstrual cups forever, or BC that gets rid of periods.

Anonymous 15296

NTA but some people just don't do well with tampons. Pads are pretty hygienic if changed several times a day. Whenever people complain they stink it is their own fault.

Too bad they aren't very eco friendly.

Anonymous 15298

That's fine, it's just sad when people turn to saying "wow how do you put that there," "DAE tampons on in the vag is uncomfy??"

Was offering the other side of "I don't like moving and then feeling that flow of fluids rushing out."

Anonymous 15317

I was watching a movie w/ Keira Knightley recently and tbh I think she's really pretty, but the longer I stared the more I noticed that her face does seem a bit… horseish I suppose? What do you not like about her looks anon?


From what I've experienced, it seems that using tampons is way more common than using pads. I just hate it when people always look down upon me for not using tampons. They tell me it's like a diaper (which I guess I understand) and think of me as being less mature because I don't use tampons. Also it's a pain to find pads when I run out in public because most girls I know carry tampons. I'm also terrified of toxic shock syndrome.

Anonymous 15318

being a woman is easier than being a man

Anonymous 15319

Ok. Why do you think so?

Anonymous 15320

because of how true it is

Anonymous 15321

K cool.

Anonymous 15322

Probably only in few countries

Anonymous 15324

Hideo Kojima is a pretentious hack

Anonymous 15325

For that exact same reason, she has a horseish face and is way too thin.

Anonymous 15326

Women are the master race

Anonymous 15327

Being alive is worse than being dead.

Anonymous 15328

Deodorant isn't necessary, most people shouldn't need to wear it unless they sweat a lot.

Anonymous 15330

Anonymous 15332

Wow, I couldn't disagree more. Are you Asian or something?

Anonymous 15333

I dont want to sound racist but you sound like an indian. Why? Cause they are the only ones oblivious enough that they dont realize they STINK LIKE A DEMON'S ASSHOLE.

Yes Im mad. I have to deal with some indian women that go to my gym and "run" (meaning they walk and talk loudly to each other) and stink like hell

Anonymous 15334

To be honest, I agree. I moved to an area that has been steadily growing with an Indian population over 15 years and I see a lot of them at my gym. I work out in the ladies only section which is a smaller room on the top floor. Without fail whenever there is a group of Indian women (the ones not clearly westernized) this room reeks and it literally stings your nostrils. This isn't fucking India, we have standards and it's absolutely ill-mannered and inconsiderate. They are perfectly capable of working out at home.

Anonymous 15335

I think pedophiles have no place in society and are impossible to rehabilitate. I believe regardless of whether they have offended all discovered pedophiles should be executed in case there is a genetic component to this sickness. I believe they should not only be killed but killed in spectacularly brutal fashion to discourage on the fence degenerates and those who become pedophiles out of bitterness towards women. Of course there must be evidence beforehand.

Anonymous 15339

I don't know any indians who smell bad.
But people in general who talk about how they don't need deodorant or to shower daily usually also smell bad. They are just so used to smelling bad that they don't notice.

Anonymous 15340

I only wear deodorant when I know that I will practice some kind of sport, otherwise I really don't need it, and no, I don't smell bad. I've asked my mother, best friend and siblings to sniff me several times and they agree I don't really need it.

I think the reason might be genetic because of my siblings is the same way, but I really don't know.

And were not Asian, also if you think Asian people don't smell you are in for a surprise.

Anonymous 15341

>I've asked my mother, best friend and siblings to sniff me several times and they agree I don't really need it.

Maybe they were being nice because they're afraid of you.

Anonymous 15342

You assume that I smell and that I'm scary/rude? You assume a lot of things based on a short post, anon.

Anonymous 15344

I was just making a joke, Anon. I'm sure you family and friends were perfectly happy to sniff you.

Anonymous 15361


Doesn't seem unpopular to me anon! It makes me happy to know that when pedophiles are convicted and sent to jail, a lot of the time other inmates will murder them - esp. if they're a lifer anyway.

Anonymous 15362


>I just don't like the precedent it sets that things like that should be illegal just because people don't like it, when it doesn't hurt anyone.

I think it IS hurting everyone if it involves pedophilia. I don't care if it's fictional or drawn, it's disgusting and pedos use it to groom real life children. People can develop a fetish for that shit and harm irl kids because of it. I think it's harmful. There's real life repercussions to that stuff, it doesn't exist in a vacuum.

Anonymous 15364

I've only recently discovered the loli anime shit but holy crap, guys who defend it and say they aren't attracted to the fact they look like children are delusional. It's just a coincidence that places infested with loli have pedos too, then? "I just like the body shape" it's the body of a child. "That's like saying video games make people murder" that's a false equivalence. "It's just a cartoon" true, but we live in a society that takes ramifications into account.

Anonymous 15370

I don't even understand how people could ever see a child as more than cute or adorable. There is nothing sexual about them. People who want to fuck children are tantamount to people who want to fuck goats or car mufflers in that I don't understand the appeal but it's no contest that pedophiles are the worst.

Anonymous 15374

>to believe they were attracted to the art style and totally had nothing to do with the child

This reminds me of yuzumori san, I started reading it on dynasty reader because the artstyle is gorgeous but I couldn't stomach to proceed, and it wasn't even sexual. No artstyle is beautiful enough to make sane people read anything loli.

Anonymous 15376

Well not only that be they were claiming to be sexually attracted to the art style which made no sense

Anonymous 15387


>sexually attracted to the art style which made no sense

What? Links.

Anonymous 15393

lol at the last part, wtf. but i can't say i am surprised. some weebs have no limits.

Anonymous 15416

there's nothing wrong with liking loli. it's fictional.

if you're going to claim people that consume loli media are blooming pedophiles who're going to go and abuse a child then you may as well say everyone that enjoys violent video games are murderers in the making (or they have y'know, sociopath tendencies), or people that love things like game of thrones will fuck their siblings some day. or women that read yuri and shojo ai are actually lesbians/attracted to women.

also, most healthy minded people are able to distinguish between fiction and reality. some enjoyable things that work in fiction would appall you if they happened irl. like, most people i've met enjoy pokemon and the concept of it for example, but would obviously get wigged out if ~reality~ were brought into it and that child was wandering the states alone with a dog or something.

Anonymous 15420

I don't believe everyone who likes it is going to be/is already a pedo, but all the men I know who admitted to feeling attraction to kids were "normal" but were into lolicon. So I think it is sort of a red flag.

Anonymous 15421

No one said that anon, but someone being sexually arroused to depictions of naked children should definitely be seen as warning signs

With video games, theres tons of reasons why someome may play a video game, the social aspect? Bandwagon? The story? Where as with loli, its soley for sexual arousal, no story, no social aspect, just a naked anime child for people to get off too, most none-pedo people are sickened by sexualization of children as well

Yes there are people who can distinguish reality vs fantasy but do you have any idea how many actual rapes happened because of fantasy? Not a good excusw

Anonymous 15422

>pretending people who feel the need to get off to sexualized children are healthy minded
Most everyone I've ever met into were literal pedophiles

Anonymous 15440

This has to be a troll, either way out your seatbelts on for the derailing.

Anonymous 15445

>There's real life repercussions to that stuff, it doesn't exist in a vacuum.
What are you basing this on?

Anonymous 15448

can someone just make a debate thread or something

Anonymous 15453

Has been attempted, >>10133

Anonymous 15865


I think we should have given the robot containment thread a chance. It would make the board faster and the staff could get rid of the thread if things got really bad. An imageboard is about fun too and that could have been really funny if moderated. I won't go talk to robots in private as suggested because the point is seeing them talk to us in a thread. Sucks.

Anonymous 15868


I mean, in the few hours the thread was up some robots already started shitting up the board, if they could contain themselves and act like adults i wouldn't mind it existing for the keks (but still i wouldn't want it), otherwise having it right now with the board speed and small staff is just asking for cancer.

IMO If any miners want to talk to robots they should just go to /r9k/ and establish conversation there on designated threads since their board is big, fast and it's already a steaming pile of shit.

/pol/ and /r9k/ were containment boards at first and look what they eventually did to 4chan, i don't want the same to happen to crystal cafe.

Anonymous 15870

They have threads like that on lolcow, you can talk to them there. I personally don't want that brought here.

Anonymous 15905

The """"Chad"""" type is very unattractive, especially because if his personality. I don't think this is that unpopular here, just checking.

Anonymous 15958

I think the same thing.

The women that defend Chads (ie the kind of guy that will pump you and dump you, or even start an abusive relationship with you) are the kind of women that wil say "you can't control the type of man you fall in love with!!" or "what!? I'm supposed to have a crystal ball to know when a guy is shitty!?"

Fortunately that kind of woman (that will typically also fail for the same kind of guy over and over again), is scarce and, IMO most of the time, they also are sufferers of "some degree" of BPD

Anonymous 15960

I've never known any Chad-like behaviour outside of being 15 years old, and I've never known any women who specifically go for that kind of thing. The whole thing just seems bizarre (or more likely, the people who take it seriously are teenagers themselves)

Anonymous 15968

There seem to be different definitions of what makes one a Chad but if you mean fit and confident/arrogant men who do casual sex, then yep, I also find them unattractive. I have nothing in common with them and their vibe turns me off. Frankly speaking, I'm kind of prejudiced against all men who work out too much.

Anonymous 15976

Agreed. I think personality plays a huge role w/ the ~Chad~ stereotype and however swole you are lol, not a big fan of super buff guys either and I can't stand being around guys like that. After hopelessly lusting after guys I found visually attractive I think I'm starting to prioritize personality… not that personality never played a big role, it's just even more important now.

Anonymous 15977

>the kind of guy that will pump you and dump you
not all guys into casual sex are abusive and girls who are into casual sex should not have to accept abuse

Anonymous 16021

I'm a that anon and that is why I said "or even" in the sentence

Anonymous 16041

Late to post but anon, most loli artists take reference from, or trace actual CP. Which isn't as hard for them to get as you think it is.
Not only that, but many women starve themselves to have flat bodies to appeal to these men. And the fact that junior under 15 idols exist makes me sick to my stomach. Loli is shelved right next to that.
With these points in mind, especially when one involves possession of child pornography, you cannot say that loli is doing no harm.

Anonymous 16147

Anal is disgusting and if you do anal you are a dirty skank

Anonymous 16152

The only thing that can stop the japanese from drawing loli is yet another nuke I know it sounds edgy as all fuck, but its true…

Anonymous 16154

>most loli artists take reference from, or trace actual CP. Which isn't as hard for them to get as you think it is.

Nta and I'm one of the people itt who thinks it is bad, but is that true? I know it's possible, definitely, but is there any evidence of mangakas saying they use it?
If you have basic knowledge of the human body, drawing kids isn't that hard.

Anonymous 16157



Anonymous 16158

There have been no good MCU movies.

Anonymous 16165

Some belly fat can be cute in women. It looks better than abs.

Anonymous 16168


It's time to stop

Anonymous 16170


Anonymous 16171


Anonymous 16175


This is faster and safer!

Anonymous 16180


just a little more now..

Anonymous 16188

Most necessities of life are all but guaranteed for you. Almost all homeless people are men, yet most shelters and government safety nets are for women. Most suicides are men, yet again all the public support is for women. A lot of women problems don't seem as severe from the perspective of "at least I'm not starving and freezing to death on the streets and nobody will help me", or nothings making you want to kill yourself.

I'll probably get hate for saying that, but it's an unpopular opinion thread so w/e.

Anonymous 16193

Well, if most homeless are men it would make sense that most people in the shelters are men.
And this guy only talks about his experience in California. Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if it's a lot easier being homeless in a place that's warm year-round and full of rich liberals than most other places. I live in an area with brutal winters and the idea of being homeless then sounds pretty terrifying.
There's the other things I said to. Suicide and whatnot. Have you ever at least wondered why they do it like 4 times more often?

And jeez what's the point of an unpopular opinion thread if everyone bites the head off of anyone who expresses an ACTUAL unpopular opinion? Especially when it was someone else who asked for the explanation to begin with. Should the thread actually be called "mildly different yet still completely non-controversial" opinions?

Anonymous 16196

Ever think maybe what would make life hard and even hopeless is people like you who dismiss, or even act actively scornful towards them at their lowest most vulnerable state could be what makes them kill themselves?

What if your father or brother or boyfriend/husband killed themselves? Would you say "well he was obviously just a child rapist anyways so he deserved to die"?
Wait hold on let me guess, your father sexually abused you, you have no brothers, and you're a lesbian, so you can conveniently avoid having to answer that question. Well what if it happened to a friend. Would you go up to them as they grieve the loss of their male loved one and explain how he was scum and deserved to die?

Anonymous 16201

NAYRT, but 6 months ago I discovred a friend of mine is a child rapist. Needless to say, he's not a friend anymore and I wish he would die.

When you're selfish enough to harm others for your pleasure, you deserve whatever bad happens to you imo.

Anonymous 16215

>What if your father or brother or boyfriend/husband killed themselves? Would you say "well he was obviously just a child rapist anyways so he deserved to die"?

Nice strawman dipshit, mentioning the fact that men kill themselves over shit like molesting children and getting caught doesn't mean "literally everyone who kill themselves is a child rapist" you're a big boy, you can read without strawmanning

>Would you go up to them as they grieve the loss of their male loved one and explain how he was scum and deserved to die?

If he killed themselves over getting caught molesting a child, yes. Or if he was a dumbass who killed themselves over bitcoin, or if their gf of 2 months cheat on them, etc etc, whether you admit or not, its no secret men will kill themselves over dumb shit, cry about it all you want, im not gonna baby and coddle men because they kill themselves more when its known a lot of male suicides are due to the fact its over dumb shit

Anonymous 16216

>If he killed themselves over getting caught molesting a child, yes. Or if he was a dumbass who killed themselves over bitcoin, or if their gf of 2 months cheat on them, etc etc, whether you admit or not, its no secret men will kill themselves over dumb shit, cry about it all you want, im not gonna baby and coddle men because they kill themselves more when its known a lot of male suicides are due to the fact its over dumb shit
You have no basis for this. Especially when women attempt suicide more, but are successful less due to nonlethal means compared to lethal means (example: pills vs. jumping off a tall building). You're just discarding the difference with vague excuses and not approaching it at all. You say you're just mentioning a 'fact' but it's not a fact or facts, facts are precise and correspond to an overall logical form. It's baseless dismissal because you don't want to think about it.

Anonymous 16217

>goes on rampage over "FAXXX" because I said men kill themselves over dumb shit all the time
Its a fact men kill themselves over dumb shit, its like maybe 1 in every 20 male suicides he did it over actual hardships, but most kill themselves over stupid shit, sorry no one is gonna coddle and baby you onision

Anonymous 16218

Some shelters don't want to take homeless men because a huge chunk of them are going to rape and beat the shit outta kids and women if given a chance.

Anonymous 16219

somehow you convinced yourself with cherrypicked posts from your echo-chamber that men are these spergy neets who suicide because they're coddled too often
>inb4 not all men
>no, no, maybe 1 in 20 males…
uh huh, now that sounds like a real fact!

Anonymous 16220

What even are you on about? Just accept the fact many men kill themselves over stupid shit

Anonymous 16221

>stupid shit
relative values
>many men
a large quantity not a large proportion, most people kill themselves because they struggle with mental illnesses, abuse or substance abuse, sometimes but pretty uncommon because of a nihilistic worldview

Anonymous 16225

Also I'm not the robot, I'm a fellow miner but I just wanted to say that you have formed some image of "men" as some inbred of the incel stereotype which browses imageboards and retarded pajeets from man-hating threads on lc. Men irl aren't "coddled", they are held just as accountable for their deeds as women (maybe less than us because nobody expects a woman to do evil).

Also can you fucking stop giving (You)s to the robot if you want him out so badly? He's one of the main centers of discussion in this board, just ignore him and he'll be out

Anonymous 16226

As if the world even needs any depressed loser "men" anyways. What use were they to anyone? It's better for everyone if they kill themselves.

Anonymous 16228

Yea, unlike them the depressed loser "women" have that "quality" that makes them human beings, see?
It's hard to have empathy towards the opposite gender, I know it too. "If you cannot love something just get over it."-said some wise german dude in fancier words than mine. Both for your own good and for the sake of sparing us to see 2 autists having the same argument over and over again.

Anonymous 16229

Sometimes it's too obvious when a guy pretends to be a man-hating girl.

Anonymous 16231


Anonymous 16239

That doesn't mean they're oppressed, I'm never gonna feel bad for spoilt white boys who kill themselves when stacy rejected them

Never accused you of being a bot, dunno where you live but men here are coddled and babies, they get away with everything possible, I've even seen women get punished for crimes of men, men aren't poor little suffers and women have all the female privilege, not everyone lives in misandry wonderland like you supposedly live

Anonymous 20502

>aside from the notion that women wear makeup specifically to catch male attention, men aren't wrong about makeup

>some of the twilight movies are actually decent

>meat eaters are 10000000x more insufferable than vegans when their morals are breached. Vegans, at the worst, won't stop bringing up veganism and stage cringey protests in restaurants; while meat eaters send dismembered animal body parts and death threats because some guy they didn't know existed until yesterday killed some lion they didn't know existed until yesterday. Seriously, fuck off.

Anonymous 20503

>implying bringing another h*man into this forsaken world isn't just as shitty as funding puppy mills

Anonymous 20504

>In total I have so far adopted 4 cats.
oh no no no no no

Anonymous 20505

>I can’t stand people who talk ghetto, it literally disgusts me.
>I wouldn’t be able to marry someone who has depression or some sort of anxiety disorder. Maybe it makes me a bad person but I just can’t be their handle the stress of having to deal with them when they are having an episode. I had a friend who had both and went she was going through one of her lows, I could barely stand being around her. All her self pity and “woe is me, I’m worthless and life sucks” rant made me want to slap her out of it and tell her to shut up. But I would always just listen and reassure her. I think it’s mostly because it was the same rant everytime, according to her, she was always worthless, she had no value, her life was a pile of shit, she’s too stupid to do well in school etc. And everytime I had to say the same things to reassure her. Honestly at one point I was so emotionally drained, I couldn’t take it anymore.

Anonymous 20506

Trannies are mentally deranged and instead of seeking out a cure for their fucked up mental state we choose to let ill people mutilate themselves and wonder why they kill themselves after they realize their "operation" didn't make them happy. Homosexuality is roughly 50/50 in men and women but there's vastly more MtF trannies than FtM. Something ain't right. It's also idiotic that retards think trannies should be allowed to compete in women's sports when their male physiology clearly gives them a significant advantage.

Anonymous 20507

I agree, if anything they should put transwomen and transmen in their own category.

Anonymous 20509


Agree with you. As soon as someone tells us he mutilates his body, like cutting themselves, we scream that they need to see a therapist. But if someone says that they need different genitals, and want to undergo surgery, even so they never will be the real sex they want to be. We applause them.
Since when is this okay?
Especially for teenager. If I would have been born some years later, i could have been "diagnosed" with this and i would have loved it because i was afraid of how my body changes in puberty and i always wanted to be a boy. (surprise it is quite common to feel that in puberty)


To shower every day is not necessary and bad for your skin.
>Of course if you do sport and have sweated a lot, you should shower after that.

I don't mind bouncing and/or big breasts in video games, if it is not too exaggerated.

no one want to play as ugly humans, stop trying to put that in games.

People can't handle that there can be more opinions without one being more 'right then the other'
Most stuff is not black and withe it is mostly gray.

Feelings are no Facts. Just because it makes someone feel uncomfortable doesn't make it less true and we should not ignore it.

Anonymous 20510

is 'ghetto' an accent or slang to you? that's really unspecific.

Anonymous 20511

My unpopular opinion is that at this point posting about trannies on here or LC is beating a dead horse. The first thread about trannies on LC with the Caitlyn Jenner OP pic is like what, 3-4 years old now? What discussion point hasn't been exhausted yet? How do you people post the exact same shit over and over ad infinitum and not grow tired of it? It genuinelly puzzles me.

Before anyone accuse me of being a tranny or tranny apologist I earnestly participated the first couple of those threads. But the subsequent thread were nothing except stale.

Anonymous 20512

>no one want to play as ugly humans, stop trying to put that in games
Not even those 'muh realism" fags? No way!

Anonymous 20513

Laptops are killing the computing industry.
You literally can not get a decent PC where I am if you don't assemble it yourself.
When you do assemble it yourself, you have to deal with absurd markups on graphics cards and other parts which basically make it hardly worth it.
Phones do just as well as facebook machines nowadays. What's the big deal?

Anonymous 20517


>reee why don't consumer electronics companies who are trying to appeal first and foremost to the mass market make minecraft machines for me?

Anonymous 20519

Because there's always new people coming. The current users talking in the tranny thread on lolcow may be newer than you on the website, so that's the first time they're having that type of discussion. I see your point and I can relate to some extent, but still.

Anonymous 20522

Based on what I've seen I really don't think that's the case. They have a dedicated general for this shit now and if one has used imageboards for long enough they'd know that it's usually a symptom of always the same handful of posters running what amounts to little more than an online chat room. I want to roll my eyes at how pathetic all of this is but the extent of their obsession is genuinely unsettling to me.

Anonymous 20524

I guess I mean both because some people try to sound ghetto when they don’t actually sound like irl.

Anonymous 20547

I hate how the majority of popular music is low-IQ nigger music now.

Anonymous 20554

Sorry to burst your bubble but I actually am new here, I found out about crystal palace last week after someone shitposted it on /fit/ and called it a female ghetto.

Felt right at home.

Anonymous 20556

welcome anon

Anonymous 20557

my roommate used to do this and she was the type who just really looked up to Kim & Kanye and thought that rap was cool because 'i'm 50% native so i'm just as oppressed as black people even though i pass for 100% white, never lived on a reservation or in poverty, and have an art school degree and an office job'.

on the other hand, i feel like it's important not to leap to conclusions that they're adopting ghetto mannerisms or whatever purely to sound 'cool' unless you actually know the person and their history. for the longest time i thought someone like eminem was just a poser who had adopted street culture to sell records and seem tough until i realized that no, that was what he grew up around. literally tupac had less experience in the hood than that dude. someone like bhad bhabie, on the other hand….ouch.

Anonymous 20567

>I found out about crystal palace last week after someone shitposted it on /fit/ and called it a female ghetto.
Same, those meatheads are ruthless with their open bobs and vagene protocol.

Anonymous 20568

male homosexuality is disgusting and is not normal at all

Anonymous 20570

is female homosexuality more acceptable or something?

Anonymous 20571

yes, to me at least
altho overly butch lesbians are nearly as disgusting as male homosexuals

Anonymous 20575

what's the difference? if it's a moral objection to homosexuality then why is it okay when women do it? if it's an aesthetic objection, would you be fine with it if both of the men fit masculine stereotypes and couldn't be distinguished from heterosexual males?

Anonymous 20578

Not her but yes

Anonymous 20600

You didn't burst any bubble. I suspected as much, but held back on accusing you. If you're new to here (and LC) why the fuck are you speaking for these boards?

Anonymous 20601

I'm not? You're attributing multiple posts to the wrong people. I'm >>20506 and >>20554. I never claimed to speak for the board.

Anonymous 20602

Ok then lurk more.

Anonymous 20604

Ntayrt but take a chill pill

Anonymous 20605

This may start a shitstorm but I think the moral outrage over pedophiles is largely learned behaviour. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not defending them and some of the shit I've read things about pedophiles are godawful shit that makes me nauseous. But I've also seem videos of people getting their face skinned off with box cutters and kids getting brutally tortured to death on top of their father's bodies and no one online reacts to these videos (which I honestly deem to be way worse than most pedophilia cases) with nearly as much anger as I've seen directed towards pedophiles, and I can't help but wonder why that's the case.

Anonymous 20606

>you need to lurk more

Anonymous 20608

If you're the same poster as >>20600 then yeah. Stop cussing and sit down. Nobody cares if they're new or not as long as they follow the rules.

Anonymous 20609

If you can't stand swearing you probably shouldn't be on an imageboard.

Anonymous 20610

And >>20608

>Nobody cares if they're new or not as long as they follow the rules.

What is this in response to? I don't give crap who's new or not but the fact that they think shitting on trannies is something that belongs in the unpopular opinions thread is a pretty big indicator that they need to lurk more. Is this advice unwarranted? I don't think so. I don't get why you feel the need to defend this stranger when I'm not even attacking them.

Anonymous 20611

They probably felt like it belonged in 'unpopular opinions' because they feel like if they voiced this opinion irl among their social circle, they'd get called transphobic and be torn to shreds.
'unpopular' is subjective based on where you live and what kind of people that you interact with.

it's not saying 'fuck' that's an issue, it's you complaining about newbies when they're not doing anything wrong as per >>20600
we were all new once. deal with it.

Anonymous 20613

>we were all new once. deal with it.
I literally just said being new in and of itself isn't an issue. Are you retarded?

Anonymous 20616

please point out the post in which you literally said that it wasn't being new which was the issue. or do you not understand what 'literally' means?

Anonymous 20617

>think that shitting on trannies is something that belongs in the unpopular opinions thread
It is in this imageboard, though. Unless things changed radically in these past 3 months I've been away, cc is tranny central and shitting on them (shitting as in not saying "yes m'am, you are a beautiful biological woman better than us cis cunts, please allow me to cunnilingus your big clit") invariably leads to general screeching accusations of being "omg you're so CRAZY for OBSESSING about it, transwomen are women and you're the ONLY one who cares about this".

There's a reason why people call cc users handmaidens.

I'm none of the anons you're arguing with, this is my first post itt, btw

Anonymous 20618

>cc is tranny central and shitting on them (shitting as in not saying "yes m'am, you are a beautiful biological woman better than us cis cunts, please allow me to cunnilingus your big clit") invariably leads to general screeching accusations of being "omg you're so CRAZY for OBSESSING about it, transwomen are women and you're the ONLY one who cares about this".
You're tripping.

Anonymous 20619

i've never seen or heard of any of this before (and i've been on cc for the better part of a year) so i'd like you to provide caps or links to what you're referring to before you make these kind of grandiose claims.
were you not in any of the previous unpopular opinion threads? because we've had significant kerfluffles about transwomen before now and you sound like you haven't read any of them.

Anonymous 20620

>cc is tranny central

Fuck off back to r9k please.

Anonymous 20622

You must be new here kek

Anonymous 20623

I saw some of it in that unpopular opinion thread that had bart simpson with guns to his head as OP pic (and eventually someone posted same OP img with "being a tranny in 2018") but from what I remember of the radfem thread the people here were pretty tranny inclusive.

I do admit I tried my best to avoid the subject after one of the first threads posted here (OP pic was a tranny in a black dress with a red background I believe) asking "what do you think about transwomen?" and me and a couple other anons got shitpiled for being against it and the thread got flooded with tranny support and "you're being paranoid", "nobody cares, everyone accepts tw", and such.

>implying robots aren't all either dickgirl lovers or dickgirl themselves

The tranny central title is from lc, fam.

Anonymous 20624

Someone has to ask this so I will: are you a tranny?

Anonymous 20625

I'm in the middle of berating the users here for not being gender critical and you think there's any chance I am one? Really?
>me and a couple other anons got shitpiled for being against it

Anonymous 20626

it's a joke, it's the obligatory are you a tranny question

Anonymous 20628

The Bart Simpson thread was actually the one I was thinking about. I didn't see much if any support for accepting transwomen in there.

Anonymous 20629

>what's the difference?

dunno, I just feel it htat way. Maybe two women engaging in love are aesthethicaly pleaseing while two men are not

>would you be fine with it if both of the men fit masculine stereotypes and couldn't be distinguished from heterosexual males?

no, still disguting

Anonymous 20636

Wow I thought I was the only who felt the same way about male gays. I don't hate them and I think they should be together if they want to, but thinking about two men doing sex things makes me feel physically disgusted.

Anonymous 20688

>please point out the post in which you literally said that it wasn't being new which was the issue
Ok retard

From: >>20610
>I don't give crap who's new or not

Anonymous 20689

What about 2D?

Anonymous 20990

I wish this board wasn't full of NEETs and weebs.

Anonymous 20991

weebs are the most powerful race on earth. get used to it, sister.

Anonymous 20994

Honestly fuck weebs. Some anime is cool but if you're the sort of loser who plays those crappy Japanese mobile games you constantly tweet about then just kill yourself honestly

Anonymous 20995

You sound butthurt af. Did a weaboo break your heart? Ignored you for their 2d husbando/waifu?

Anonymous 20996

You know I'm referring to actual, literal weebs who "ironically" post their ahegao faces on twitter, want to move to Japan and get married to a local and blow all of their disposable income on fate mobile garbage right? Why are you defending such people?

Anonymous 20997

i wish this board wasn't full of normalfags

Anonymous 20998

This isn't female /r9k/.

Anonymous 20999

I wish this board was full of the kind of people that can hear a trance remix of an Osu song and think, "ah, yes, oranges".
Alas, for it is not to be.

Anonymous 21000

She’s kinda right though, weebs are cringey AF, it’s fine to be into anime/manga and be interested in Japanese culture but weebs just take it to a whole other level.

Anonymous 21005

there aren't any weebs here though. saying this as someone that frequently lurks those j-culture type threads on media.
you really do sound ass pained that people like japanese stuff

Anonymous 21008

And you sound asspained that people don't care about your oppas, onii chans and shitty dramas. Take it to lolcow with the rest of the female equivalents to r9k.

Anonymous 21009


Come on, onee-chan~
Just elax, smile and be kawaii like the rest of us!

Anonymous 21010

Why is this type of response so prevalent here and on LC? It's such a stupid argument and not even made in jest.

Weebs are hated because they're basically furfags except that their presence and obnonxious behavior is either officially sanctioned or perceived to be so by themselves. It's not a stretch to draw parallels between smug anime girl.jpg and fursonas; and cringey weeaboo ERP lingo with the OwO crap that furfags use.

It would be ridiculous to claim that everyone who has ever called furfags out for their annoying bullshit is simply bitter over being rejected by a furfag once. No one is or was secretly in love with a weeb. Get over yourself.

>there aren't any weebs here
Drop that defensive tone and someone might believe you.

Anonymous 21011

I blame irony culture. It gave them something to hide behind. Same with costhots, although the overlap between the two is great.

Anonymous 21017


animu girls have got you two #triggered. how sad.

Anonymous 21024

I hate irony culture and the fact that the people who use it often tend to think they're super intelligent. It's basically a smokescreen. I can see some dumb teenagers using it, but it gets ridiculous when these people are still like that we'll into their 20s.

I feel like the overly sarcastic, cynical, "self-aware" humor sort of brought this attitude on or was a precursor to it.

Anonymous 21027

I haven't seen anyone like that here, just people who like anime.

Anonymous 21033

images (51).jpeg

>expecting an imageboard to be free from weebs and neets

I'm not a weeb but I like anime reaction pictures. I don't see anything bad with the neets on the board. If anything they lost a lot and keep the chan more active.

Anonymous 21034


Anonymous 21082


>talk about cringey weeaboo behavior
>weebs instantly flood the thread with said cringey behavior
You can't make this shit up

Anonymous 21132

there's 1 cringe post here and i'm sure they were just fucking with you. cry harder

Anonymous 21187

Here's my unpopular opinion, I hate passive aggressive retorts like this and It manages to drive my skin up more than an aggressive response does. It's like larping as a high school bully.

Anonymous 21190

>one line

god you and your kind are so annoying

Anonymous 21202

judging by the replies to this post i can confirm these people have been hurt by a weeb boy before

Anonymous 21206

weeb boys are trash
all boys are trash
but i can confirm as a former unabashed high school weeb that i dreamed about having a cute fellow-weeb-bf to sperg out with so it's probably not an uncommon experience. unfortunately the % of weeb boys who are cute, don't have trash taste, and also don't live up their own asses is in the single digits.

Anonymous 21208

I have never been the slightest attracted to a weeb bruh

Anonymous 21209

>makes two separate posts to make it look like multiple people care about the topic, calls someone a 'retard' for giving them the benefit of the doubt as to there actually being two people in the thread that would be upset about this

here, for a change, is a popular opinion: people who use the word 'retard' to insult others are assholes. come up with something that doesn't make you sound like a fourth-grade bully.

Anonymous 21230

I say retard on imageboards and with my 2 friends who are also channers, but I wouldn't say it to other people. Does that bother you too or just when said irl?

Anonymous 21231


All countries that allow abortion should also allow euthanasia and assisted suicide. No exceptions.

If you're going to allow the death of a person who didn't even born yet, might as well allow death to those who don't wanna be alive anymore.

Anonymous 21232

I wish.

Anonymous 21233

I wouldn't say it to anyone irl, although I get that imageboards have a sense of humor that kind of relies on being socially unacceptable irl. My mom was a special ed teacher for twenty years, but that didn't stop me from using the term around friends in a casual way like, '[my cat] thinks that dogs are just retarded cats' etc. But then I said one of those jokes in front of a close friend at one point and I saw the look on her face. It turns out that her younger brother actually was mentally retarded and she'd spent all of their childhood together defending him from bullies and hating the people who made fun of him for being mentally deficient. I don't think she ever saw me in quite the same way after that, so now I just try to avoid using it totally. There are cleverer ways to call someone else stupid if I wanted to insult them.

Anonymous 21245

Jesus christ you're so annoying. If seeing the word 'retard' on a fucking imageboard of all places triggers you so much, you're the one who needs to leave. Anyways, you were already proven wrong and a faggot so you should just fuck off either way.

Anonymous 21246


Anonymous 21247

you sound like you're the one who's triggered.
like i said originally, take a chill pill. or just go see a therapist because tbh you sound like you need one, getting this flustered over a post on an image board isn't justifiable.

Anonymous 21248

Did you know that your posts are extremely noticeable around here? I don't have an issue with throwing insults on an imageboard, but holy shit all you seem to do is start your posts with "faggot," and "retard," and then some angry rant.

Anonymous 21249

If someone called me a retard on an imageboard I'd just swallow it and move on. Maybe you should try that too. Are you actually upset at the usage of the word retard or is this just a pathetic attempt at damage control after >>20688? Either way, you're an embarrassment.

Stop samefagging.

Anonymous 21250

It sucks that imageboards only come in "comfy" (read: dead) or "toxic" varieties.

Anonymous 21252

If this is what you deem as toxic then reddit would be more your speed.

Anonymous 21253

I'm not upset. You're the one who keeps on going with this 'u pathetic fucking embarrassment retard faggot' stuff like it's doing anything other than making you look like someone who can't control their temper.
btw here's a protip for you:
when you double-post, people can't automatically tell that it's the same person posting unless you state that in the post. so when you call someone 'retarded' for assuming that a separate post is made by a separate person, you sound like you're
grasping at straws.
on that note, >>21248 isn't me. your style of posting is just that noticeable.

Anonymous 21254

it's really only that one or two toxic people like to come in and shit up comfy imageboards to stir the pot + because they think it's edgy or hilarious to get a reaction out of people. kind of like how younger siblings will annoy tf out of their older brother/sister just because they want attention from them. see: phd-chan and retard-chan.

Anonymous 21255

I didn't say anything about what I find this board atmosphere. It didn't have anything to do with the passive aggressive "retard" discussion.

It's ironic because those people are always saying "it's an imageboard!!!! deal with it!" when they are not conforming to board culture.

Anonymous 21256

No samefagging here, this was my first comment ITT actually. I just saw the interracial dating thread before this one, where you screech retard and faggot at the phd anon and some others. Like >>21253 said, you're just that much of a meme. Maybe that should be a hint to cool your tits a little.

Anonymous 21257

Do you know what thread you're in?

Anonymous 21258

I think some part of it comes from the fact that we get described as '/r9k/ but with women' all the time when we're crossposted to 4chan. so people come here thinking that the board culture is just as vitriolic as /r9k/'s (tangentially, old /cgl/ or lolcow) and that the way to fit in is to behave like they would on those boards. They don't bother to lurk and become better acquainted with what the standards are here, they assume that every chan is the same.

Anonymous 21259

posting unpopular opinions =/= stirring the pot
i consider baiting and mudslinging to be stirring the pot, but asking questions about or presenting an opposing viewpoint re: anon's unpopular opinion seems like it's on-topic itt.

Anonymous 21260

>phd anon
What are you talking about? I'm 99% sure I didn't make whatever post you're alluding to. I don't even think I've even posted in the interracial thread. Try harder.

Since it's not you, the other poster made a dumbass claim and was immediately proven wrong, and in simply owning up to their mistake and moving on they latched onto my use of the word retard and then had the gall to call me childish and immature. Damn right I'm a little pissed off. To that person: I'm sorry, but you really are kind of retarded if you can't even read what I wrote two posts above before asking me where I said something. You can't start arguments and subsequently require to be handheld and spoonfed every second along the way and expect not to be made fun of. lmao

Anonymous 21261

How is >>20688 stirring the pot? They're the one who can't let go of the being rightfully called a retard. You adamantly defending them is very suspicious.

Anonymous 21264

retard-chan, I didn't say anything about the anon you're fighting with, but the way your posts come across definitely falls into the baiting and mudslinging category.

Anonymous 21265

Read >>21260. I've a right to be pissed off with the way she was posting. I've been civil in all other discussions where posters weren't mentally disabled.


>she says, in the same post in which she accuse me of mudslinging

Anonymous 21266

i call you retard-chan because it's a phrase which you seem overly fond of using. so it seems like an appropriate moniker. if it bothers you, maybe you should stop relying on it so much.

Anonymous 21267

I'm just pointing out the irony. Are you the one who's triggered by the word 'retard'?

Anonymous 21268

i'm just annoyed that you can't let go of your little tiff and apparently have decided to derail this whole thread over whether or not it's acceptable to use the word 'retard' to insult someone. you seem to think it's a pretty good comeback, though. or would you prefer triggered-chan? that also seems applicable to the way you deal with conflict. please let me know your thoughts xoxo

Anonymous 21269

lol what? I was ready to stop talking to you after I gave you what you asked for. It's YOU who's butthurt after being proven an idiot and found a way to keep the argument going.

Anonymous 21271

>baiting and mudslinging
way to prove my point.
it must be nice to live in a delusion like, 'everyone who disagrees with me is the same person', but I can't imagine that makes it easy to function irl. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous 21272

This has to be a troll right? I even asked if you were her, and now I'm "baiting and mudslinging" for assuming you are because you didn't even deny it? You're insufferable.

I know being proven wrong is embarrassing and all but you need to get over it and stop embarrassing yourself even further by acting like an ass.

Anonymous 21273


Anonymous 21274

yeah I'm done. That one's going be my final post regarding this bs.

Anonymous 21275

Baiting for assuming that I'm the person you were talking about earlier. Mudslinging for calling someone butthurt and an idiot for disagreeing with you. My god, you can't even leave it at this post, you had to follow up with two more to demonstrate how 'done' with this argument you are. Grow up, girl.

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