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Anonymous 152413

Can someone please explain what the point of this is and why youtube still allows it?

Is it some kind of fetish porn for animal abusers?

Anonymous 152416

Its allowed because its a source of ad revenue.

Its not used as animal abuse porn, usually anorexics and bulimics watch this shit to scare away their appetite. Bonus points if the one eating is fat.

Anonymous 152422

That doesn’t make any sense though. The Asian women eating all this shit are usually skinny so I’d imagine it would make anorexics feel worse about themselves, knowing that these women can binge eat all the want and still not get fat. Also I’m not talking about regular mukbangs, I’m talking about the ones where they eat and abuse live animals or insects.

Anonymous 152427

fertilized eggs with chicken fetuses, eggs fermented in child pee, cooking with gutter oil, eating dogs and insects are all unironically normal cuisine in china/for people exposed to chinese influence
its just normal life for millions of people

Anonymous 152431

That's a Korean woman in OP's screencap.

Anonymous 152433

indeed, extreme chinese influence, as I stated in the post

Anonymous 152436

how the fuck is this woman not dead from some kind of food poisoning or parasite eating all this shit raw?

Anonymous 152437

>usually skinny so I’d imagine it would make anorexics feel worse about themselves, knowing that these women can binge eat all the want and still not get fat.
not even. we know it's the only meal she's eating all week cuz we do the same lulz. and ed sufferers love watching these vids for the vicarious eating.

Anonymous 152438

No, it’s not normal life.
Aside from chicken fetuses (don’t google it if you’re squeamish), all of them are considered rarities or food scandals in Asia thanks to their shit food regulations.

She’s probably faking it like other mukbangers. They pretend they’re eating the food but actually spit it out and cut the footage in such a way that makes you think they finished all the food they showed you.

Anonymous 152443

I watched bits of the newest video, with the sound off It looks like complete crap I wouldn't watch in my leisure time for any reason at all, but I don't know why it should be banned?

I don't think it's raw, also a lot the food vanishes between cuts.

Anonymous 152444

>but I don't know why it should be banned?
It shouldn't, but everyone knows youtube bans everything left and right for being slightly disturbing. Youtubers censor words even remotely related to sex, violence, etc. So why is this still allowed

Anonymous 152450

I guess because she's eating seafood, not threatening to blow up the government.

Anonymous 152452

Why wouldn't they allow it? Everyone is outraged at mukbangers eating cats or dogs, but ultimately there is nothing separating a cat from a cow or a pig beyond subjective cultural attitudes. Either all meat eaters are animal abusers (that octopus she is eating almost certainly had a better life than your average factory farmed cow or chicken), or you accept that selective outrage at certain animal products is pointless and stop being hypocritical.
The appropriate thing to criticise here is food waste, because as >>152438 pointed out these videos are usually faked, especially with such excessive amounts of food. If you look at how much is wasted in the food industry itself though, even the worst mukbang Youtubers pale in comparison. They are just a drop in the bucket, but of course social media woketards lack the mental capacity to be outraged at things they can't directly observe and retweet for online clout.

There likely is a sexual aspect to these videos for a lot of moids, but that probably has less to do with animal abuse and more to do with them being hypersexual degenerates who get horny at the mere sight of a woman. Female ASMR Youtubers are much more popular than male ones because plenty of moids do get off on those videos, no matter how vehemently the ASMR community may deny that.

Anonymous 152477

"oh my god the past is so uncivilized"
Just like what people now say about the past.

Anonymous 152480

It should be banned. It’s vile and primitive.

Anonymous 152482

Kek, dumdum

Eating mud is also ‘normal’ for millions of people that doesn’t mean it should be normalized

Anonymous 152500

Seafood is full of mercury, explains why these ‘people’ are so mentally ill and psychotic.

Anonymous 152501

Fermented in child pee? Prove it D:

Anonymous 152502

Who eats mud?

Anonymous 152503

Haitians and some Africans like the Sudanese during famines.

Eating mud actually makes better sense than eating sea bugs because it’s full of minerals and at least it doesn’t needlessly harm other living creatures.

Anonymous 152504


They actually give them to pregnant women as a kind of supplement.

Anonymous 152505

>chicken fetuses
At least they’re fetuses and not actually capable of feeling pain
>eggs soaked in childrens pee
That’s only one very shitty region of China and it was done for supposed medicinal benefits, most other Chinese find it disgusting
>gutter oil
Again something illegal and that most Chinese find disgusting, there have been riots over school canteens serving this where the students destroyed the whole kitchen and dining area when they found out
>dogs and insects
Again only common among peasants where there was no other food.

None of the things you listed are deemed normal for most Chinese people or Asians.

Anonymous 152548

At least most animals in the west are slaughtered in the most humane and painless way available. In Muslim countries they slit its throat open while it’s fully conscious and on these Asian mukbangs she’s literally tearing pieces off their still moving bodies or boiling them alive in hot water or oil.

Anonymous 152677

gutter oil was invented in taiwan

Anonymous 152678

Reminds me of that webm of a Chinese woman trimming some hedges, coming across a birds nest and just plucking the baby bird out and biting it in half. Makes sense that covid and whatever the next pandemic will be comes from a land of such backwards people.

Anonymous 152679

Dairy is only water intensive if you consider rain falling on open prairie “water consumption”

Anonymous 152685

Seizing after being shot is normal, most humans seize after being shot in the head like that too, it’s the brain dying and oxygen deprivation affecting the tissue.

Anonymous 152686

Shooting is a way more humane way than boiling something alive, tearing its limbs off while it’s still conscious or slitting it’s throat. Which way would you rather die, being boiled or being shot in the head?

Anonymous 152691


I support veganism from a moral standpoint.

With that said, your last claim makes no sense. People aren't homeless because of a lack of land. There are more empty homes than homeless people in the US. It's merely a matter of land/wealth distribution.

Anonymous 152692


Ie, people own the land you are referring to. They would still want to make profit on that land, rather than giving it to the homeless out of the good of their heart.

Anonymous 152693

What makes you think shooting a cow in the head will kill it instantly? You watch too many movies.

Anonymous 152694

Do you think by killing every cow the praries they graze on and feed stock that now rots uneaten will have consumed less water to grow?

Anonymous 152695

Many homeless people are annoying drug addicts with serious mental health problems who shit up and make a mess wherever they go. Many of them were kicked out of their homes or previous tenancies for antisocial behavior. Sure there are some homeless people who are just down on their luck, people with no family, or families who can’t afford rent etc, but a lot of homeless people will just trash anywhere they are given to live. Giving them housing is part of the solution but not all. The government needs to focus more on getting these people mental health treatment and curing their drug addictions.

Anonymous 152696

Not that Nona but I have slaughtered my own cow before. Shooting it in the head killed it instantly.

Anonymous 152698

Did your bf fuck it afterwards of just your dog?

Anonymous 152706

Why are vegans so weird

Anonymous 152707

Do you really think animals or people just drop dead and stay completely still after being shot in the head like in movies? Their bodies usually wriggle around and seize (in fact that happens during any kind of sudden death for most humans, if you’ve ever seen someone have a heart attack they usually go into a seizure) because the lack of oxygen and blood flow causes spasming in the muscles. That doesn’t mean they aren’t dead, it’s their brains shutting down and still transmitting some electrical signals, which takes on average like 15 mins to stop for a human. They’ve found that pig brains still show activity up to four hours after their heart stops beating.

Anonymous 152708

they need everyone to be as miserable as them

Anonymous 152715

What small farmer uses a bolt gun? We use a regular gun, the same type you hunt with. Also, what >>152707 said. Bodies continue to move long after they are dead. On that cow its tongue twitched for like an hour and it had long since been separated from the body.

I didn't have a boyfriend, I wouldn't for another five years. I had some dogs though. Good dogs, I miss them.

Usually I defend vegans because they truly believe there is a mass genocide going on every moment of every day and they want to stop it, but that one is weird.

Anonymous 152718

Vegans are objectively correct about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, but individual consumer choices make no difference whatsoever against megacorps that emit more greenhouse gasses in a millisecond than you will in your entire lifetime.
This whole idea of stopping climate change by being a responsible consumer is really just corpo greenwashing. Plant-based fastfood will do jack shit for the planet. Being vegan is a respectable choice, but ultimately meaningless.

Anonymous 152720


Anonymous 152721


Anonymous 152722


Anonymous 152723


Anonymous 152725


Anonymous 152726


Anonymous 152742


Why not post a link instead of 50 screenshots? Something to hide about the origin of those claims?

>Most emissions related to the livestock industry are in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), and ammonia (NH3)
>The livestock industry is responsible for 68% of enterogenic nitrous oxide emissions; this gas remains in the atmosphere for up to 150 years and has a 296-fold greater potential for global warming and deterioration of the ozone layer than carbon dioxide.
>Livestock emit almost 64% of total ammonia emissions, contributing significantly to acid rain and to acidification of ecosystems.
>Livestock are also a highly significant source of methane emissions, contributing 35–40% of methane emissions worldwide. Methane has a 23-fold greater potential for global warming than carbon dioxide. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shown that in the last 15 years methane emissions from pigs increased by 37% and emissions from cattle increased by 50%

>Livestock takes up nearly 80% of global agricultural land, yet produces less than 20% of the world’s supply of calories

>In the hypothetical scenario in which the entire world adopted a vegan diet the researchers estimate that our total agricultural land use would shrink from 4.1 billion hectares to 1 billion hectares. A reduction of 75%. That’s equal to an area the size of North America and Brazil combined.

>The amount of water consumed by private residences is approximately 5% of total consumption, while the amount of water consumed by animal agriculture is approximately 55%
>Production of animal food products is the greatest agricultural cause of water pollution. The trend of increasing consumption of animal products has a negative impact on ecosystems and on water sources, in particular in developing countries.
>The water pollution is caused by animal excreta, antibiotics and hormones, fertilizers and pesticides used in forage production, and rainfall runoff from pasture.

>Beef production is responsible for 41% of deforestation; palm oil and soybeans account for another 18%; and logging for paper and wood across the tropics, another 13%.
(The soybeans mentioned here are mostly animal feed and not the kind intended for human consumption. Human consumption accounts for only a tiny fraction of all soy grown worldwide.)

>Livestock production is the single largest driver of habitat loss, and both livestock and feedstock production are increasing in developing tropical countries where the majority of biological diversity resides.
>Livestock production is also a leading cause of climate change, soil loss, water and nutrient pollution, and decreases of apex predators and wild herbivores, compounding pressures on ecosystems and biodiversity.

Anonymous 152745


Anonymous 152746

Don’t care, still not going vegan.

Anonymous 152747

>scientist points out beef herds and dairy farms have significantly shrunk since the 70s
>global warming shill claims cattle emissions are rising
How does that work?

Anonymous 152751

>global warming shill
Lmao. Moids are not allowed to post here by the way.

Anonymous 152753

I’m not a moid, and most vegans are trannies.

Anonymous 152754


"Comrade, if they begin to become suspicious and realize you are a moid, refer to trannies."

Anonymous 152755

>trusting the same hippies that campaigned for Germany’s nuclear power plants to be shut down and helped lead us to an energy and cost of living crisis

Anonymous 152756

I fart way more when I eat plants and vegetables, I must eat meat to lower my emissions and save the planet, sorry x

Anonymous 152763

Die "Hippies", die gerade der Rüstungsindustrie in den Arsch kriechen und milliardenfach Steuergelder in den neusten NATO-Stellvertreterkrieg pumpen? Grün ist bei denen nur der Name. (Aber ja, der Atomausstieg war maximal bescheuert. Hat nur nicht wirklich etwas mit den Auswirkungen der Tierindustrie auf die Umwelt zu tun.)

False, most moids (and especially troons) are incapable of setting back their ego for a higher purpose such as environmentalism.

Anonymous 152764

>ignores a country full of 600 million male vegans
Only moids and troons are self righteous and dogmatic enough to force veganism into others.

Anonymous 152766

Only a troon would consider the mere presentation of data an act of force or oppression.

Anonymous 152767

Your data was deboonked, sir.

Anonymous 152770


Der doublemensch

Anonymous 152771


Medikamente, jetzt.

Anonymous 152772

Your diet of pulses and beans seems to have given you botulism that has affected your brain, you’re emitting more greenhouse gases than ever, AND you’re imagining trannies where there aren’t any. Meds, mein liebechen. Auf wiedersehen.

Anonymous 152776

Beats a diet of bathtub estrogen and Doritos. Gute Nacht, im Traum darfst du dann vielleicht auch mal eine richtige Frau sein.

Anonymous 152783

This autism is why you lost WW2

Anonymous 152785

download (2).png

Faker, nobody says liebchen* anymore

Anonymous 152788

>most vegans are trannies
No they aren't. Vegans and vegetarians are overwhelmingly women. Troon are men, and men don't care about the suffering of others.

Anonymous 152792

>he doesn’t know about the veganposter

Anonymous 152799


Anonymous 153669

>That’s only one very shitty region of China and it was done for supposed medicinal benefits
Right? I dare anyone ITT to look at old medical textbooks from their culture and not find a few stomach-turning curatives. Throughout history humans have used various disgusting medicinal remedies because we were just throwing shit (sometimes, literally, shit) at a wall to see what stuck. Chinese medicine is a holdover from another time but it's not like using human urine is unique amongst the Chinse. Hell, it's trendy right now for otherwise educated and wealthy white primal types in my culture to use urine therapy – drinking their own piss, bathing it it, aging it in jars…

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