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Lolcow.farm Bunker Thread #2 : Troons 41% edition Anonymous 156212

If you’re using CC because LC is temporarily down (probably due to server changes mentioned by the admin a few days ago), use this thread to shitpost, talk, or post updates about the website

Anonymous 156216

Get the fuck off our imageboard losers

Anonymous 156225

your imageboard is a fucking flop infested by moids and incels. it's slightly active since our website is down, seethe harder pickmes! the troonies will never love you!

Anonymous 156228

NTA but the Terf threads are our most regular generals and they're some of the most active threads here. We definitely don't love troons here.
Lolcow has more moids than CC, by the way.

Anonymous 156229

Then don't use it
You don't have to be using an imageboard 24/7 anon, you can do something else until lolcow comes back
If it doesn't come back, then you can make your own imageboard

Anonymous 156233


damn it. trannies really do ruin everything they touch. like a bizarro world midas.

Anonymous 156235


Anonymous 156236

For female autists who aren't into lolcows and don't like LCF

Anonymous 156237


Anonymous 156239

Anonymous 156243

Women don't magically become trannies just because they don't fit what you think is a woman anon
If you don't like CC then leave, I don't get the fuss

Anonymous 156244

Yea this site is dead

Anonymous 156246

I looked everywhere for information about what was going on with lolcow. Twitter, I tried looking for discord links and I find out from Kiwifarms to check here and I'm happy I did. I'm going to cry real tears If the site is gone. I'm assuming it's just the server update or something. I'm hoping to see my banner

Anonymous 156247


Anonymous 156249

Anonymous 156250

How about we stop shitting on miners already. Remember the KF refugees ? Let's not be like them. It's nice to be able to gather here while LC is down, don't litter all over the place.

I definitely think some nonas overestimate their scrote radars and there are actually more men posting (on the gossip boards especially) than we think. Passing as the other sex online isn't that hard, we got too used to retarded Twitter troons that you can clock right from the first word in their bio.

Anonymous 156252


Anonymous 156256

>oh boy more anons :D
>"Shit site tranny moids"

Anonymous 156259


shut the fuck up about moids and trannies and tranny moids the only XY life that matters is NAGITO KOMAEDA

Anonymous 156262

Fingers in

Anonymous 156265


Anonymous 156266

And now Lipstickalley is down, I feel like everything I use to pass the time is fucking up

Anonymous 156267

Every time

Anonymous 156268


ok assuming that Sans is a human skeleton his life matters too

Anonymous 156270

Did LSA have a thread on Keffals?
This all feels too coincidental.

Anonymous 156274

what? are they really going all in on all female-oriented internet communities?

Anonymous 156275

I think they're more so going for gossip sites because they don't want to be exposed

Anonymous 156276

bunker days 2: electric fuckaloo

Anonymous 156277

Lsa only talks about male Troon chasers (aka rappers/athletes) and hated famous Trans like Nikita or Ts Madison. All the terf bored that probably mention Keffals are hidden in private groups. Probably not related bit still annoyin

Anonymous 156280



Anonymous 156281


lying smh

Anonymous 156283

particularly the ones where tranny asses aren't kissed

Anonymous 156286

This was a good anime

Anonymous 156287

But it did have a thread on that teacher, in fact lsa does talk about TIMs and sometimes it trends but the site is basically advertised as a tea spilling gossip site for black women. Most the people watching threads are like IG girls, or youtubers.

Anonymous 156291

Does the weird troon come from lolcow

Anonymous 156297

Yes. I am sorry my sweet miners. I hope lc is online soon so we get off your backs, him included

Anonymous 156304


sick of troons just wanna shitpost I have fresh copypasta for the ladies

Anonymous 156307

the reason i don't buy that they're targeting female sites right now is that other communities and websites more notorious for GC views than lolcow and LSA are still up (i will not name them, because i know there are trannies here). i think and hope it's all just a coincidence

Anonymous 156308

disregard tranny, post pasta

Anonymous 156310


I-I'm doing it! I'm touching the grass!! Oh it's so soft and beautiful. I don't think I'll be back, n o n n i e s…goodbye!

Anonymous 156314

they constantly talk about needing to have that one British mummy forum shut down, kiwifarms was also a priority target because they're really good with digging up receipts and archiving them

Anonymous 156322

I miss LCF… I miss /w/…

Anonymous 156323


Anonymous 156324

I genuinely thought the british mummy forum was some archaelogist enthusiast forum discussing mummies or something before I got it

Anonymous 156325

lc owns this sorry ass website

Anonymous 156326


It seems the non-pedo looking Brazilian thread I made was deleted.

Anonymous 156332

is it confirmed to be a coordinated ddos? is that why lc is down?

Anonymous 156335

Why was this made when the other one isn’t even finished…

Anonymous 156337

No one knows atm it’s just speculation. It could be literally anything. Our admin was very uncommunicative and also the Troon goonz we’re talking about other sites to take down

Anonymous 156340

is it not? the limit on crystal cafe is 510 replies

Anonymous 156342

If it's related to any case, it has to be the chestplate teacher guy

Anonymous 156343

wait, why is lipstick alley down ?

Anonymous 156345

I am going with this 100% there was a threat to kiwi farms after he was posted and when he was posted to LOLCOR it was offline………. Hmmmmm

Anonymous 156347


Ouma cuter

Anonymous 156353

I wish i didnt leave now bc it was so shit

Anonymous 156354


thanks for letting us bunker here miners!
is this keffals doing or? what's the story nonas?

Anonymous 156357


They’re just as confusion and know nothing

Anonymous 156359

are there no mods or farmhands in the discord?

Anonymous 156360

Reminder to report and ignore the samfagging troon

Anonymous 156361

no offense but why do people still care about ukraine? i really dont care

Anonymous 156362

There are barely any mods or farmlands to begin with, I doubt any are on the discord.
Lolcow seems like it's been pretty abandoned by the people in charge of it.

Anonymous 156363



Anonymous 156365

weird, I always thought the discord was where the site staff would give updates if something happened
I guess we're just left in the dark, sucks

Anonymous 156367


Anonymous 156368


Ukrainian King. Slava Ukraini!

Anonymous 156369

idk about that because jannies/mods seem to ban left and right for anything

Anonymous 156370

Anonymous 156371

why is the admin so fucking bad at notifying people, if you’re too busy at least get someone reliable to make announcements for you. that website is so damn unorganized and got a bunch of newfag mods that are hellbent on banning anyone for anything

Anonymous 156372

queer hatsune miku…

because the performative activism circlejerk must be kept going lest their brains live through one second no mental masturbation

Anonymous 156374

I don’t think so, there’s only one mod in it atm. I think 2 others left when they said they were going to delete the whole server

Anonymous 156375

how come there's never any filenames here

Anonymous 156376

Anyone knows how many mods there are in lolcow?

Anonymous 156377

Samefag im talking about the discord. I don’t think any site farmhands or admins are in there

Anonymous 156378

Samefag meant to quote >>156371

Anonymous 156379

has the one mod in it said anything about what's going on?

Anonymous 156380

different imageboard software

Anonymous 156381

images (35).jpeg

im gonna squart across the room

Anonymous 156383

so no one can see that i name my files cummies(3)

Anonymous 156384

Oooo good idea

Anonymous 156385

I think I’m the only woman in this thread and I’m talking to a bunch of scrotes. Raise ur hand if you feel like this too

Anonymous 156386

No, she’s been on DND. The only channel in there that is usable is a bunker and it’s pretty much the same as the bunker threads here, except less autism / activity

Anonymous 156389

i feel like this but i think its because idk any other autistic woman like me irl so my brain think they don't exist.

Anonymous 156390

I'm sorry hunny :/
I warned you

Anonymous 156391

yeah i feel like theres a lot of trannies here unfortunately

Anonymous 156392

images (29).jpeg

im a lady

Anonymous 156393

So you’re correct that crystal cafe has trannies

Anonymous 156394

There was no moid stink here yesterday soooo lol

Anonymous 156395

A big handful of incels sites were down earlier too

Anonymous 156396

undefined - Imgur …

for the dilaters in the thread

Anonymous 156397

"swo yuorw coweghct thawt cwrghtstal cwfaeh hwash traghneews" thats how you sound with all that cock and balls in your mouth

Anonymous 156398

Kikomi my beloved.

Anonymous 156400

Did you know that moids are born with a cum button up their ass? God put it there for a reason, and a moid who doesn't get their prostate abused on the regular is spitting on gods face and his perfect creation. Shove things up moids asses 2023

Anonymous 156401

My theory is that the trannies and gay men (what’s the difference) who used to lurk and troll on lolcow came here

Anonymous 156402

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 156404

It's true, not pegging moids goes against God's will!

Anonymous 156405

You’re talking to the troon

Anonymous 156406

Not sure how anon is going to do that when you want to chop your balls off for a gaping bleeding wound because men fly too close to sun and think they can be everything.

Anonymous 156407

they dont deserve to cum we should cut out their prostate instead

Anonymous 156408

we exist but we're scattered across the world so it's less likely to know each other irl. plus a lot of us mask so well you wouldn't immediately tell

Anonymous 156410


Sorry tried to scribble a persons name better lol but same from the lc discord not much known or going on

Anonymous 156411

You idiot, the easiest way to make a moid your slave is to blast his ass into a bitch

Anonymous 156412

a troon wrote this

Anonymous 156413

Hope this creepy freak gets jumped by some unhinged parents.

Anonymous 156414

>Already, thanks to videos recorded by students, the school has been receiving comments on the matter.

>“There will the protesters and the anti-protesters,” said Shuttleworth. “I do know there have been phone calls made to the school that haven’t been the most pleasant in nature.”

Did they ever stop to think why the students were recording in the first place? obviously it made them feel uncomfortable and was not right.

Anonymous 156415

this sucks, nothing to do now but wait it out I guess

Anonymous 156416

make them eunuchs, their self esteem will be destroyed once they cant swing their dicks around and you can use their husk to do your bidding

Anonymous 156417

I have a tinfoil, there’s just no fucking way that even the whitest most liberal Canadians would allow that in their schools. Sure there are stinky experimental tranime teenagers who are in every modern first world schools but all of the teachers they choose are old and have some common sense. This has to be a CIA agent, there is just no fucking way

Anonymous 156418

What was that artist girl who was obsessed with them and that dude from D:BH

Anonymous 156419

troon radar failed this time but you'll get them next time nona

Anonymous 156420

develv, and they were two sisters sharing the account

Anonymous 156421

oops tagged your deleted post
thanks for the info discord nons

Anonymous 156422

Yeh! I’ll get more screenshots If asked again or if there’s anything new but we’re all in the same boat pretty much.

Anonymous 156423

That's so fucked imagine sharing a fetish account with your sister

Anonymous 156424

That's just trannies anon…

Anonymous 156425



Anonymous 156426

they also grew up in the hari krishna cult and hated women in favour of eunuchs and were quasi-fakebois

Anonymous 156429

well eunuchs do not necessarily claim to be women

Anonymous 156430

wait that's a cult??? there was a lady in my city who'd sing hare krishna over and over every single day she could without fail on a microphone in the centre, she became pretty popular too I had no idea it was a cult

Anonymous 156431


Also for anyone asking to get into the discord. Still active and not deleted but it can’t take anymore people

Anonymous 156432

no i hate them still, they're nothing but wallets and footrests

Anonymous 156433


the good ending, he finally turned into the dog

Anonymous 156434

Based and fujopilled.

Anonymous 156435

why is the discord being deleted? they never gave a reason what happened??

Anonymous 156436

Either do non-binary trans and some were born with penises. My point remains.

Anonymous 156437

that's a different dogboy!

Anonymous 156438

well some eunuchs still acknowledge(d) that they're just castrated men and nothing else

Anonymous 156439

It wasn’t deleted, it’s still active but it was in the peak of the Keffals v Kiwis thing

Anonymous 156440

I uh um, but, using them as footrests is what a majority wants? I think you got duped by the loud Kefflas.

Anonymous 156441

Wtf why the fuck are they going to delete the discord??? Am I tripping or does that seem overkill?

Anonymous 156442

That's what I just said lmao

Anonymous 156443

Who's this Keffals person and what did he(?) do

Anonymous 156444

non-binary troons insist they are not men though

Anonymous 156445

He make tranny look bad by doing fart porn then piss off Josh by not doing free fart porn for him.

Anonymous 156446

Pls … read my post… it wasn’t deleted yet. It was planned to be deleted on Aug 31st but it hasn’t been yet. It’s still active just no invites

Anonymous 156447

I really hope lc is back by monday.

Anonymous 156448

Well if your definition of man is be mean to women and thinking with your dick then yes they're not men lol

Anonymous 156449

They need to stop acting like cowards and finally boot out the shit loads of men they allowed in the discord to begin with. They implemented voice verification FINALLY but I think there should be a voice and face verification at this point if they are so high strung. If it’s 18+ require ID verification. I’ve been banned from the discord because they are ageist towards younger women kek but seriously, what an overreaction just put up bigger defenses before you do the last resort which is deleting the entire server.

Anonymous 156450

Samefag no one who runs the site is in there it’s all just non a s (and male lurkers unfortunately)

Anonymous 156452

I thought admin was in that discord server. I swear I've seen screencaps of things said by admin in that discord float around

Anonymous 156453

I don’t remember her name unless she went by admin. I don’t think she’s in there anymore

Anonymous 156454

semi related, but I was wondering–remember how they used to castrate men so that they could sing high notes? does tranny-chemical castration produce the same effect? if so, trannies should start singing like castrati so we finally know what they sounded like, since there's no extant recordings and apparently it sounded different than female singers.

Anonymous 156456


trannies are ugly and disgusting but i still want normal sexy men as furniture. i want to force Daigo Dojima on all fours and sit my big ass on his back for as many hours as possible. putting the CHAIR in Sixth Chairman of the (now defunct) Tojo Clan.

Anonymous 156457

No fucking way, lipstickalley is down too. I think there is something going on because it’s too much of a coincidence.

Anonymous 156458

does Kim Petras count?

Anonymous 156459


missing the absolutely retarded shitposter nonas, know ily

Anonymous 156460

its funny how youth male castration went from totally amoral and child abuse to an acceptable practice

Anonymous 156461


Samefag went over the member list and it actually looks like they cleaned out the males / a lot of people left. No admin afaik. If she was they would have tried getting her attention in the bunker chat anyway. Also here’s this

Anonymous 156463

Not happening, men only submit to other men

Anonymous 156464

Daigo Dojima sure has submitted to other men a lot throughout the series.

Anonymous 156469

images (12).jpeg

Anonymous 156472



Anonymous 156473

I find it funny that lolcow and now LSA are down but for once kiwifarms is semi stable. Kek. Both say it's not cloudflare. What of both forgot to pay a bill or something? Kek

Anonymous 156474


I just know a threesome would them would be the wildest shit.

Anonymous 156475

Make another

Anonymous 156476

Tinfoil admin is admin for both lsa and LCF and was too busy posting on lsa and forgot to pay the bill

Anonymous 156477


have you guys seen this type of meme going around where men put a microscope on 1% of history and ignore the 99% test of it where men were mostly the ones in power? massive amounts of cope and deflection for how much their sex has ruined this planet

Anonymous 156478

i love you Kikomi plz be my transwife. i will validate you the most

Anonymous 156479

If it goes long enough the eventual development will be increased independence of Europe from Russia and increased reliance on China from Russia, shifting the balance in favor of China and driving Russia further into ruin. On a more immediate basis, if the war is still going on in winter major energy problems may rise in Europe, leading to price inflation, and perhaps on the long term on a rise of nuclear power
In other terms if the war in Ukraine keeps going on it may lead to much more important changes than covid did

Anonymous 156480

what browser do yall use? i'm getting sick of google chrome/google in general

Anonymous 156481

Read SCUM manifesto

Anonymous 156482

It honestly should be a federal offense to only have veterinarians open during the weekdays and only one emergency clinic in the middle of the city with no at-home services.

Anonymous 156483

Mozilla Firefox!

Anonymous 156484

Can the frenchtards fuck off?

Anonymous 156489

who is that thot in your pic

Anonymous 156490

That’s a good possibility, that’s probably why the admin has barely been present because LSA a lot more active and gets more traffic than lolcow. I honestly would love if we had the admin from there in my personal opinion, I can’t take much of the autist-chans who are too deep into the 4chan brain rot running these kinds of websites.

Anonymous 156491


Anonymous 156492

comfy majima.jpg

joining in the husbandoposts with a comfy wintertime majima

Anonymous 156493

why is lc still down wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 156494

Let the peakening begin

Anonymous 156495

Daigo Dojima on the left and Yoshitaka Mine on the right from the Like a Dragon (formerly known as Yakuza until September 14th, 2022) series of video games which you can now get in its entirety on Steam.

Anonymous 156496

I don't know if I'm misremembering but I swear I tried to get on lolcow earlier today and got a Cloudflare error message

Anonymous 156497

why is his arm broken

Anonymous 156498

Leave this place and don't come back.

Anonymous 156500

Is this the troon? The Bl*ine posts and the husbandofags are indiscernible from eachother sometimes.

Anonymous 156501


when will i be free from this pain

Anonymous 156502

Husbandofags are embarrassing

Anonymous 156503

also do not forget to pre-order Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe edition for only 69.99€ on Steam.

Anonymous 156504


The Son from Hotline Miami 2

Anonymous 156505

Im tired of this place

Anonymous 156506

wow talk about a fan art glow up kek

Anonymous 156507

The troon blart likes to post mostly “waifus” and pics of male characters he wants to avatarfag as. I don’t think he likes yakuza or GK men lol

Anonymous 156509

My husbando. Sorry, I meant to post another pic kek. ##it's bishie fanart of The Son from Hotline Miami##

Anonymous 156510

Think you misspelled based

Anonymous 156512

Their admin is a shit poster though, I love it, but that site has bad moderation.

Anonymous 156513

>no spoilers

Anonymous 156514


He do be kinda cute tho

Anonymous 156517


Anonymous 156518

you can still do it but with regular tags [ spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] (no spaces) (ye i know it sucks compared to lolcow)

Anonymous 156519

Kek true, I love the occasional incognito anon who makes that thread giving underground tabloid “gossip” about celebrities every once in awhile

Anonymous 156520


Anonymous 156521

I hope Majima is in Like a Dragon 8. I wish we got a bare booty… I mean full tattoo scene.

Anonymous 156524

same, he is the reason I started playing the games kek

Anonymous 156525


I’ve been watching this show. He’s so cute, my sister said she’d make me a little doll of him for Christmas

Anonymous 156527

Who drew Unabashed Hermaphrodite lol

Anonymous 156530

images (14).jpeg

m-m-miner senpais blushes baka uwu

Anonymous 156534

She belongs with 2x!!!!

Anonymous 156535

same but not just him, but the majority of the male cast. i'm probably a yellow fever coomer but i don't even care anymore

Anonymous 156537

All of these cartoon men look the same, and half of what you said is gibberish to me. It's so weird when different board lurkers are forced into one area like a school during a fire drill, we need lolcow back so we can all go back to our separate corners.

Anonymous 156539

That’s exactly what you look like, with your stank BO beard ass.

Anonymous 156541


Oh he kind of has his cure points in his own way, his ugly angry seething/lip chewing spite upthread is my favorite. But I can't say more without completely sperging out.

Oh nice, thanks!

Anonymous 156543

*cute points

Anonymous 156544

you should kill yourself right now !

Anonymous 156545


Anonymous 156546

images (13).jpeg

excuse me elsie is a proud terf

Anonymous 156547

He’s kinda fine…

Anonymous 156548

Why was the pic deleted kek

Anonymous 156549

cry moar faggie

Anonymous 156552

wtf is going on in this thread?

Anonymous 156554

images (16).jpeg

for you nona

Anonymous 156556


Nothing. Ignore that repulsive thing and focus on keeping your HOPE up.

Anonymous 156558


what about DESPAIR

Anonymous 156559

It's the troon posting and replying to himself, if you find yourself confused while reading posts it's probably him. Just ignore it and he'll get bored, hit his meth pipe and go somewhere else for attention.

Anonymous 156560


It's really starting to feel like we're all stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of plague rats.

Anonymous 156562


Post the last thing you bought, here’s mine:

Anonymous 156563

This is adorable

Anonymous 156564


Anonymous 156565

someone just made fun of him and the first thing u do is whining. CRY MOARRR TRANNY

Anonymous 156568

I don’t know why but I hate this drawing

Anonymous 156569


Helo me find hom

Anonymous 156573

why are moids so obsessed with ugly ass waifus with busted anatomy? nigga we see who and what you are it’s like you’re typing with your dick, fuck off

Anonymous 156574


Uso uso uso uso uso

Anonymous 156575

schizo tranny having an hrt meltdown and samefagging, report and ignore
well there's lots of other yakuza posters in the husbando threads so at least you are not alone in your love for buff japanese mafia men

Anonymous 156576

You know shes right that's why you went quiet.

Anonymous 156578

hold up what? what was ur username

Anonymous 156580


we sure are

Anonymous 156581

this figure is so cute omg

Anonymous 156583

It’s the troon samefagging because he gets mad when no one pays attention to him

Anonymous 156584


unironically this, as well as The Art of Metal Gear books

Anonymous 156585

ignore him, that's schizo pedo tranny talking about himself as if he's multiple people

Anonymous 156586



Anonymous 156587


he is. play hotline miami 1 & 2 sometime, it's fun and the plot is.. something else

Anonymous 156589

You are so incredibly based

Anonymous 156590

What's your favorite SCP a why?

Anonymous 156591

kek do you actually wear that outside or just hang it in your room to display?

Anonymous 156593


I think this calls for a gangsta shadow

Anonymous 156594

Thank you. I love long black hair and light eyes on 2d males

Anonymous 156596

only hang it up in my room for now.
thank you. my parents think i'm dumb but i don't care i work hard for the money so i deserve it

Anonymous 156597

Well nows a good time as any for a break, I'm making a mocha

Anonymous 156598

The toilet one that eats poop

Anonymous 156601

His tactic is that he calls other posters who are clearly making fun of him for the ugly fucktard he is Blaine (himself/tranny name), that’s his samefagging method to confuse and derail threads. He’s too narcissistic to ever talk shit about himself just to samefag, he literally admitted he thinks his horse looking face is infinitely better than a “cis” woman’s. He’s just as insufferable and unlikeable as Keffals yet trannoids lack deep self-reflection and humility, his behavior will never stop until it finally learns to off himself.

Anonymous 156602

legit forgot about crystal cafe until rn. so any updates on lc?

Anonymous 156603


enjoy nona

Anonymous 156604


Anonymous 156607


Right? I wanna get the pink version eventually as well

Anonymous 156608


seriously i'm out of the loop. i don't get it, so i'm just ignoring it

Anonymous 156609

does your room look like >>156517 but with shadow merch instead

Anonymous 156610


Anonymous 156611

what is she from? or is it a original character

Anonymous 156612

i love him so much it's unreal (no furry)

Anonymous 156613

Is he your emo king?
Fun fact about shadow btw: the creator of him buys doujins of him being shipped with sonic and Maria

Anonymous 156614

Shadow emo bisexual king confirmed

Anonymous 156615

>>can't acces kiwifarms
>>LSA is broken
>>LCF appears to be kill
I want my gossip fix goddammit

Anonymous 156616


>Sure hon

You’re in plain sight. No1currs about you, you don’t even qualify to have a thread made about you in lolcow/kiwifarms because you are not and will never be a woman, not ever, not even when this planet implodes your own departed skeleton would be able to be put back together and it would form the bone density and structure of a man. You won’t even be Keffals and be able to steal 100k from people. You’re nothing. Fuck off already

Anonymous 156617

We stan

Anonymous 156618

nta I think its a original character from Hiro Suzuhira

Anonymous 156619


Kids have got to stop advertising their ages online. I just saw a Mercari page run by a 12 year old girl and I was so shocked she would disclose her age at the very top of her profile, I just had to send her a message telling her to remove it. Anyone buying from her would have her full name, address, AND know she's only 12… It's just horrific. I used to do the same thing online when I was 9-11 (sometimes pretending to be a couple years older, as high as 13, as if that made a difference!) so I understand it, and kids literally cannot think about consequences but I'm just!! So!!!! I wish we lived in a world where children, especially female children, could be safe and free and there was no need to worry. Until then I'll go into protective adult mode and express my concerns in the hood that at least one little child will be more protective of her information.

Anonymous 156620


Anonymous 156621

Your based post reminded me of this video

Anonymous 156622

no it's just an average bedroom but with some vidya consoomer shit sprinkled in such as the Metal Gear artbooks, the Shadow necklace and a cacodemon plush in my bed. I also have Barbie bed sheets but they're very old but still great fabric quality compared to more recent stuff so we kept them.

Anonymous 156623


caved in & spent 11k whole yens on her, but it was worth every single one
im not even a fan of nendoroids (too chibi for me) or miku (luka better) but this one was made for me and me only, one of my best purchases

Anonymous 156624

thankfully i had a mom who watched a lot of crime shows when i was a kid and she scared me about stranger danger online. i never revealed my true age/name/gender online until my 20s

which may have also been to my detriment bc i ended up with this disgusting male-oriented perception of the internet, simply bc it was so more difficult to find communities for girls back then w/o them being infested with pedophiles

Anonymous 156625

Oh I love that figure and the full sized one so much… I wish I had more cash to spend it’s adorable

Anonymous 156626

>11k whole yens
It's great the yen is still tanking though, everything still at like a 30% discount

Anonymous 156627

back in the day when i was 8 i claimed to be 18 to make my first e-mail address. when i was 12 years old and went on omegle (text only ofc) i said i was 16 and people told me i was very smart and cool for my age. this was back in the day when omegle was still a novelty and it wasn't only spambots and lonely pervs on there.

Anonymous 156628

a classic

Anonymous 156629

yeah the full sized one is pretty much my dream figure now, but I'm not able to spent +$400 at once honestly, i wish you could pay a bit each month… taking a loan for miku hatsune….

Anonymous 156630


Original character, if you look up ‘chronicle girl cover figure’ she should come right up!
She’s by the same artist who did that goth anime girl who was everywhere in the 2000s.

Anonymous 156631

sounds pretty cool honestly

Anonymous 156632

I'm sure you are very smart and cool nona but people only give you that compliment if they're trying to flirt/groom you

Anonymous 156633

I’d fall into debt for miku

Anonymous 156635

I often think of what a Kikomi cosplay would look like kek

Anonymous 156636

can you post webms on this site?

Anonymous 156637

this is often the case but i did also find many decent people because it was like 2010 and more normal people went there at least for the novelty

Anonymous 156638

kikomi 1.png

tutorial in the very first strip!

Anonymous 156639



Anonymous 156640

I have a friend who looks very similar to the first panel maybe I should suggest this for Halloween..

Anonymous 156641


Anonymous 156643

There's a thread over in media for webms so you're good.

Anonymous 156644

They dont charge me until next year, I hope the yen doesnt rise then… right now she is $90 (counting with eu taxes)

Anonymous 156649

Oh noni, I see you're a woman of culture as well.

Anonymous 156650

When you're sitting in the restroom and someone barrels in to the stall next to you moaning and groaning and then you hear the plops coming… yeah that's your sign to get the fuck out of there.

Anonymous 156651



Anonymous 156654

Me? I get all my news from the happy kelli YouTube channel

Anonymous 156655

idk doesn't seem like THAT much… definitely not cheap but not absurdly expensive either

Anonymous 156657

>luka better

Anonymous 156658


Anonymous 156661

I miss the bad art thread

Anonymous 156664

Gumi is the cutest one of all though

Anonymous 156665

YALL SHUT UP! You're wasting posts and we are a guest here, we need to abide by their rules, they're getting annoyed lol

Anonymous 156668

I joined a forum when I was 13/14 years old and an admin took my msn adress and tried to add me "because he wanted to know what I looked like". The first thing these 20+ moids asked me for under my introduction post was either a picture of myself or of my feet. This was at the time when pedo "jokes" were everywhere and claiming to be a loli/shota rapist was a trend. Hell. After that I started pretending to be male pretty much everywhere.

Anonymous 156669

So cute!!!!!thank you cc

Anonymous 156670

Anonymous 156671

WOw this is awesome good job

Anonymous 156673

Just remembered yesterday an anon asked for horror book recommendations and another anon listed a bunch of books most or all written by women. Come back soon /m/.

Anonymous 156674

fair enough

Anonymous 156676

There’s a book thread here!

Anonymous 156680


Leche leche leche leche leche

Anonymous 156683

For users of both, how would you say board culture between LCF and CC compare?

Anonymous 156686

I miss lolcow pre creepshow exposure

Anonymous 156687

On LC you can be as retarded as you want. There is a lot of autism, but it's fast-paced and there's also a lot of gossiping anons so it's a really interesting mix of bitchy and autistic.
CC is for the mild-mannered autist. You can't really shitpost like you can shitpost on LC.
I prefer LC. I need to bark and snarl and sperg. It feels rude to do that on CC.

Anonymous 156689

Same lol. I want to be retarded with my n0nn1es

Anonymous 156690


Anonymous 156691

I want to be a rabid mangey chihuahua mix.

Anonymous 156693

i want to be a pampered white chihuahua in a blinged out pink purse

Anonymous 156695


I screenshotted some of the list for myself nona, hope this is useful

Anonymous 156696

Same . Lolcow is where I can completely sperg out at the end of a long day and not feel bad about it. I like being a rabid mangey dog.

Anonymous 156699

I just feel like very little cows on lc are interesting (discord psychos don’t count that’s terminally online illness) but I love being autistic with my nonners on multiple boards, /m/ the most chill

Anonymous 156701

Sorry you're not cool enough (or maybe too male?) for the farms but that's a personal problem

Anonymous 156703

he's literally there circled

Anonymous 156705

It’s the troon. He’s just inserting himself as usual. You being up a topic and he will be like >YEAH SO LIKE ANYWAYS ME ME ME ME
Aka someone so unlikable in real life and explains why he doesn’t have any friends or family that loves or cares for him. Narcissism

Anonymous 156707

bald cap if she doesn't shave it

Anonymous 156710

Oh nice, thanks!

Anonymous 156711

i want a varre nendoroid

Anonymous 156715

God already did that first and they're called Humans

Anonymous 156716

It's the troon, see >>155823
Please jist ignore and report him.

Anonymous 156717



Anonymous 156719

Honestly I just like threads with good atmosphere, it's barely about the cows themselves. Like the Sarah Spaceman thread has been dead for over a year I think, but she's my favourite cow just because of the way anons would make fun of her.

Anonymous 156723

looks like a neovagina. people actually eat that?

Anonymous 156724

ayrt I loced reading about TooPoor even though her threads were such a shitshow because there were a lot of vendetta posters/ people from her circle posting about her and her or course always putting LC on blast lmao her and pepper ann

Anonymous 156725


Anonymous 156727

Kek it was so funny because this was one of the food craving threads. Everyone was so disgusted. It’s haggis from the file name

Anonymous 156730

Thank you for letting me know! And for linking the list of his common lingo as well

Anonymous 156732

fucking saved

Anonymous 156737

Samefag and Nemu of course was such a horror cow. I wonder if that who said she would get discord receipts ever found them

Anonymous 156740


New lolcow board-tan approaches

Anonymous 156742

I miss Nemu. She was so unbelievably disgusting, I binged all her threads not long before she disappeared and I often wonder what she's doing. Probably still eating her own shit and basking in the scent of her own unwashed ass.

Anonymous 156743

Oh Nemu… I hope one day I'll be able to forget her fetish for the radiation machine glitch that instantly killed patients in cancer treatment but it seems today is not that day.

Anonymous 156744

YOUR MIND (you are a genius)

Anonymous 156745

It's /pt/tan! She's so skinny and her eyes are so sunken, because her board is milkless and dead!

Anonymous 156747

The amalgamation of cece and Elsie. What would her name be? CC bunker tan?

Anonymous 156749

my fellow /m/ stacies rise up, I hope the scrote in the genshin thread kills himself while the site is down since he can't live without sperging at women anyway

Anonymous 156750

rip lolcow.farm.

Anonymous 156751

I can't wait for lc to come back up and seeing all the cc lc bunker screenshots in the lolcows own caps thread.

Anonymous 156755

Lolcow must be leftwing because she refuses to work!

Anonymous 156756

KEK ayrt not a genshinnon but agh I love m for the book and manga Recs and bad art threads. I miss the chill plane dudes on the couch so bad.

Anonymous 156758

And of course I got into Golden Kamuy. I love that series so much.

Anonymous 156761

of course it's fucking SCOTTISH. Probably the Demoman's favourite food that isn't alcoholic, the wanker.

Anonymous 156765

Love you

Anonymous 156767

Basically fuck the students and their learning environment. Hexs not even being a good teacher, how the hell can he wear his wig without tying it up? Or the jewelry or the safety glasses?

Anonymous 156772

I’m going to send a mean email to shaydmin >:c

Anonymous 156774

what the fuckc is this hunter biden movie ? lmfaoooo
how was this made

Anonymous 156780


What is the best animal and why is it cats?

Anonymous 156782

Genuine question how do you guys miss posting there, that place gives me a constant physical sick feeling every time I lurk there. What is this called? Anxiety?

Anonymous 156785

You're genuinely autistic, which is why you probably belong here. Lolcow is for the girls who scammed their psychologist into giving them an ADHD diagnosis so they can use adderall.

Anonymous 156788

I found lolcow because game grumps drama. It started with the reddit and then I was googling Suzys name. I thought she was very cute and was confused so many s found her ugly and fat. I kept going back for more information and ended up staying a bit. I found out about Shayna when I'd constantly scroll past her threads. I think her thread was the first I commented. I remember the first time I got interested in her was whatever thread had her with the lipstick smeared all over her face. When she was wearing that neon tube top, cowboy hat and was out with fupa. The other day I tried to remember how I discovered kiwifarms and I can't.i know people don't care but I thought I'd share

Anonymous 156797

Lolcow is largely pretty normie, CC is for the actual autists

Anonymous 156801

Lolcow is a cluster b honeypot, everyone that actively posts there daily is insane.

Anonymous 156803

I love the genuine autists on lolcow. The genuine autists here are the type to go "ACKCHYUALLY" like chill out my sister in tards this is just a silly chat board.

Anonymous 156809

Not everywhere online has to be shitpost haven, most places are already.

Anonymous 156811

Yeah and that's why this place is slow as all fuck. You're welcome for the most traffic this graveyard has gotten in months by the way!

Anonymous 156812

I miss the Suzy threads so much. I use to read those all the time when I went to my ex bf’s friends get togethers. I think I found lolcow from Venus angelic. I use to love the berry tsukasa threads. I’d also go to the onion threads when he had that Billie girl living with him. Now I read up on himeahri that bitch is funny and just occasionally post in /ot/

Anonymous 156814


This, most people on cc are girls who mostly come from other boards and are accostumed to the culture and tired of moids. People that go on lolcow are bpdfags, people from pull/kiwifarms and twittertards who found it from Creepshow Art or something.

Anonymous 156817

I like that it's slow

Anonymous 156818

Crows are smart and vengeful, never cross them.

Anonymous 156819

If you even can shit up the places I frequent, as much like the infamous autistic blue hedgehog says, "you're too slow!"

Anonymous 156824

I love how creepshow art shit exposed a lot of people to lolcow but very few people talking about lolcow barely knew what it is. I think I watched one person call it a terf board. Everyone was just like, "it's a gossip site mainly about youtubers" or some shit. My favorite was a sweet youtuber doing a disclaimer like, "Sidenote, the admin probably doesn't know that Creep show arts sister is non binary so probably misgendered her by mistake ". It still blows my mind the hours of content that situation brought to youtube

Anonymous 156825

I'm starting to think there are more miners complaining about farmers than posting on the regular threads.

Anonymous 156828

Ryuji hair down gr…

>buff japanese mafia men
The Ryuji erasure I SWEAR TO GOD

Anonymous 156829

Because we mock the troons.

Anonymous 156830

Almost everywhere on the internet is fast paced and I'm tired of it. I need my lil slow sites.
I think people who need social media (imageboards included in that) to be fast and active at all times are adhd tbh

Anonymous 156831

You tiny miner brains are missing the nuance. There are different groups of anons on lolcow. The cowfags and radfems are some of the most vocal groups.

Anonymous 156833

I think one of them is the samefagging moid that shits up this board sometimes.

Anonymous 156834

Because we talk about troons. If we didn't it'd have no worse rep then gurugossiper, lipstick ally, or some other place. People don't care if we pick at Shaynas crusty lips but if we call a her a him, then we are just as bad as 4chan or kiwifarms to outsider.

Anonymous 156836

you are far more likely to find the posters closer to actual radical feminism on the non-cow boards

Anonymous 156837

Anonymous 156839

The users on GuruGossip just constantly preface their posts like "I'm not being antifeminist or shaming her but" and cape for troons and themlets. I used to use it for their Booktuber threads but they're all libfem retards.

Anonymous 156841

There are a lot of radfem / terf threads and resources but lolcow is just a mixed bag of autism. We had our own pink pill threads in /ot/ until adminsama hid them in our hidden board because of moids

Anonymous 156842

Like there's 10's of websites where you can shit on actual women but even within those websites only one i can think of, allows you to talk critically about Trans that's a well know site, and that's lipstick alley

Anonymous 156846

I stopped lurking there when I saw people flip flop about dragging that make up artists that came out as a trans. They used to say he looked like a drag queen all the damn time

Anonymous 156847

Samefag when lolcor comes back we should have pink pill threads allowed again. Every thread on /ot/ talks about mandate anyway

Anonymous 156850

As in threads by people who liked booktubers or by people who wanted to talk about how shit they are.

Anonymous 156852

*man hate

Anonymous 156853

Samefag, this was meant to be a question

Anonymous 156857

because as much as trannies like to pretend otherwise, it's mainly middle class white Americans who shill them, the average black (or non-white or non-western) woman wants nothing to do with them

Anonymous 156858

Kek I remember the exact shitshow you're talking about. They were fine with talking about how he looked like a hulk when they thought he was a woman but the minute he came out they screamed twansphobia.

I only lurked in the shit-talking ones. I think they had threads to praise the "good ones" but I'm pretty sure they'd make hate threads for them if they liked a J.K Rowling or accidentally misgendered a nonbinary side character who appeared on one page of a book or something.

Anonymous 156860

I'm sorry ryujiposter, buff japanese *and occasional korean and chinese mafia men kek

Anonymous 156865


For merch, this kek
I want the Algernon plushies as well but I can't possibly justify the pricetag + shipping given it's just a 17cm plush, but I really want it. Someday…

Anonymous 156866

Ahhh wtf is going on? Anybody said anything?

Anonymous 156867

Wasting that much money on colored plastic and paper is cringe but I do gotta admit it looks kinda cool. Good taste, too.

Anonymous 156872

Nope. All we have to go off is that admin once said we would get an update, but there wasn't an announcement before this recent shut down so it probably isn't that

Anonymous 156879

ryuji makes money …

Thank you for your inclusive correction. Ryuji and I appreciate it.

Anonymous 156883


A man conceived a moment's answer to the dream
Staying the flowers daily, sensing all the themes
As a foundation left to create the spiral aim
A movement regained and regarded both the same
All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you

Changed only for a sight of sound, the space agreed
Between the picture of time behind the face of need
Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid
Emotions revealed as the ocean maid
All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you

Coins and crosses never know their fruitless worth
Cords are broken, locked inside the mother earth
They won't hide, oh, they won't tell you
Watching the world, watching all of the world
Watching us go by

And you and I climb over the sea to the valley
And you and I reached out for reasons to call

Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid
Emotions revealed as the ocean maid
As a movement regained and regarded both the same
All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you

Sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time
Insane teacher be there reminded of the rhyme
There'll be no mutant enemy we shall certify
Political ends, as sad remains, will die
Reach out as forward tastes begin to enter you

I listened hard but could not see
Life tempo change out and inside me
The preacher trained in all to lose his name
The teacher travels, asking to be shown the same
In the end we'll agree, we'll accept, we'll immortalize
That the truth of man maturing in his eyes
All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you

Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid
As a moment regained and regarded both the same
Emotion revealed as the ocean maid
A clearer future, morning, evening, nights with you

And you and I climb, crossing the shapes of the morning
And you and I reach over the sun for the river
And you and I climb, clearer towards the movement
And you and I called over valleys of endless seas

Anonymous 156885

You have 4chan trannys admitting to posting here on the daily.

Anonymous 156890

i miss laughing at trannies together

Anonymous 156891

Its the same one that posts on LC

Anonymous 156892

Anonymous 156895

So do you

Anonymous 156896

Yeah, and everyone always clock them and they end up getting banned. There's a lot of trannies and males on Lolcow too, whats your point?

Anonymous 156897

So the common problem is trannies

Anonymous 156901

Common denominator

Anonymous 156903

Twitterfag spotted

Anonymous 156910


Can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss the shayna thread

Anonymous 156912

Monsters inc hug gif

Anonymous 156914

I miss her thread too but… You just have pics of her to spare???

Anonymous 156917

I'm not ashamed to admit there's some cows faces I see at least once a day, shayna is one of them, by choice or not by choice (scrolling past her thread)

Anonymous 156924


KEKKK I miss Kathy's thread. I, too, have pictures of her on my phone. She genuinely cracks me up. She's got such a devious goblin face lmfao.

Anonymous 156928

lol who cares about /v/

Anonymous 156931

I'm having Jilly withdrawls, myself.

Anonymous 156934

She, Lillie Jean, And Stefanys mom posted dmca/defamation complaints to Google against lolcow.

Anonymous 156939

Can’t believe Kathy isn’t gloating about getting lc taken down

Anonymous 156942

I personally think Kathy could be almost cute if she wasn't the way she is which landed her a lolcow thread in the first place. I like goblins.

Anonymous 156943

I wanna see more Trisha paytas family saga even though it’s not milky

Anonymous 156947

Oh my god imagine if Laur is responsible for lolcows take down? Fucking kek, she'll never shut up about it

Anonymous 156949

Kathy has made me laugh so much, that ig post in which she insinuated that people called her a faggot and that horrible tea party photoshoot, good times.

Anonymous 156950

Samefag but holy shit I just now noticed the fucking choker, holy shit that is BAD. Her devilish grin distracted me from the rest of the image this whole time.
I saw that. I feel kinda bad about Stefany, she's just so genuinely autistic to me. Like she's just such a childish liar. But then I remember her repeat behavior of animal neglect and then I feel conflicted.

Anonymous 156954

Miners seem so thin skinned and fragile and honestly a little stupid. I'm glad they have somewhere to cry and commiserate away from us meanie farmers kek. Even the banners here are so unoriginal and devoid of personality. It's like they just searched "cute tumblr gifs" on Google and then picked at random. Do you gyns have inside jokes? History? Anything interesting to offer at all except being a layover while we all wait for the actual forums to come back online? Even your mascot is ugly.

Anonymous 156955

Sounds like a good excuse to go outside and touch grass or engage in a healthier easy to spend your time

Anonymous 156958

Feel free to leave if you don't like it here

Anonymous 156959

This whole post made me laugh kek. Leave the miners alone pls

Anonymous 156960

lolcow is to cc what americans are to the rest of the world

Anonymous 156962

*way to spend your time

Anonymous 156963

Does it look like we're crying in here Schizo chan? This is called friendly chatting, sorry you don't have anyone to do that with but this is what it looks like in case you ever get to experience it one day.

Anonymous 156964

KEK I had the urge to type something like this out but refrained. I'm glad you did though fellow farmer.

Anonymous 156967

Similar vibes to a moid pretending being into pretentious media or games makes him superior.

Anonymous 156968


It was a necessary purchase

Anonymous 156969

I don't get why anons who don't like it here are here.
Lolcow will be back eventually, in the meantime why not do something offline?

Anonymous 156970

Anonymous 156971

You guys shit up the mood almost worse than a scrote, is that really something to be boastful about?

Anonymous 156973

That's subjective and you know it anonita.

Anonymous 156976

This screams wannabe mean girl. I don't think the problem is miners kek I think some of us are just really weird and severely mentally ill which annoys normal people with normal feelings who want to have fun kek go back to whatever coquette shit hole you crawled out of, miserable faggot

Anonymous 156977


I wish Syd was here

Anonymous 156978

we literally cannot. if we were not terminally online we would not even be aware of either LC or CC

Anonymous 156979

I think cece is cute also fuck trannies

Anonymous 156980

What's she done? Not familiar with this cow.

Anonymous 156982

I honestly prefer CC's banners than any of lolcow's porny banners, any day. A lot of them are really nice
Cute cats with flowers >> Shayna's gross tongue or PT deep throating a corndog

Anonymous 156983

Because they're bored and this is the only way they know to spend their time

Anonymous 156987

I believe in you, I know you have it in you anon.

Anonymous 156988

We had a TON of cute and nice banners in the meta banner thread that we wanted added. Fingers crossed the downtime is just maintenance so we can see our cute banners instead of the lame porny ones

Anonymous 156992

The entire UI here is nicer, but of what use is that without my degenerate husbando threads?

Anonymous 156994

Absolutely coping. We have porn banners, fuck all moderation, two shit admins in a row, and an anorexia infestation. How is that better than CC? Loads of farmers have said they would go to CC over lolcow if CC was more active. The one good thing about lolcow is how many people use it. Too bad a majority of it are annoying larpers (you)

Anonymous 156996


the catty shit I constantly see among other women is exhausting. Like. LC and CC usually agree about shit that the rest of the world finds controversial. Why chaos?

no wonder why men can't stop making fun of women. One whiff of blood and it's all "not like the other girls" in infinite different varieties of ways in order to cling onto bits of status/worth and climb to the top of the shit pile.

also it's a given probably around half of the drama posting is from trannies or larpers. plenty of evidence of men admitting to wanting to start trouble among women. not that women don't do this shit, but it certainly is easy-mode to get the ball rolling.

Anonymous 156997

Not even an Arthurfag but it’s sad not to see the posterboy.

Anonymous 156998

I agree they're much nicer looking. I don't like the gross ones on LCF and I literally cover the screen when the cockroach kiki Hannibal one is up, but at least I can appreciate them as defining moments on the boards

Anonymous 157000

Jonny Craig's cray-cray baby mama, she's a riot

Anonymous 157002

I hate the jump scare one too

Anonymous 157003

Yeah I agree, CC's banners are way better, and they have a nice calm vibe to them.

Anonymous 157007

its kind of fun not having to sage and being able to use emoticons :) :)

Anonymous 157009

I hope when lc comes back admin could just get more mods and purge the site of the wannabe mean girls and trannies and moids stirring shit. I know a gossip site attracts shitty types of people but still.

Anonymous 157010

question for the uninitiated–what is a pity-free lolcow to follow? I like the super goofy ones and tend to hate or feel uncomfortable around the IG/tiktok/beauty types. I liked early Chris Chan shit before he turned out to be an abomination.

Anonymous 157012


There is a life to be had offline, anons


Anonymous 157014

what does larper mean in this context? genuinely asking

Anonymous 157015

Crushing_on_spongebob on Instagram. I have a soft spot for her kek she seems sweet but is like a non harmful Chris chan

Anonymous 157016

Sam Hyde

Anonymous 157019

emogi is also against rule 2 of the crystal cafe, sorry nonette

Anonymous 157020

Anonymous 157021


Anonymous 157023

I think that means emoji as in those iphone/android ones and not text emoticons like :)

Anonymous 157026

She's acting like a cyberbully in a shit Y2K era movie kek nobody talks like that unless they're one of those little Twitter faggots who think they're Regina George. It's incredibly cringe

Anonymous 157027

I'm going to write some fanfic about my husbando. Bonk me if I come back nonas.

Anonymous 157029

>crushing on spongebob
Cringe. Squidward is the real Bikini Bottom sex bomb.

Anonymous 157031

Crystal cafers you guys should make a doodle room. I wanna see your guys renditions of
Cece in a mining outfit

Anonymous 157032

In 2024 the trannies set their sites on all transphobia, everywhere, anywhere, online. They have tried numerous times to knock Lolcow down, but this time it's SERIOUS TROUBLE. Elsie and her farmhands struggle to keep their heads above water, and just as it looks like things will be taking a turn for the worse, Cece and her humble miners swoop in to save the day. The result is a combined board, LolCafe. Two boards, seemingly at odds, now enmeshed. What will become of these communities? Will they mingle nicely and creative a harmonious tranny hating hub for women to shoot the shit with one another? Or will it crumble under the weight and splinter off into many short-lived sites and discord groups? Only time will tell.

Anonymous 157033

in this context men pretending to be women for purposes of stirring the pot. there's also probably a smattering of women that want drama.
thanks for the recs, anons!

Anonymous 157035

You are so cute. I love you.

Anonymous 157036

Another groundbreaking novel brought to you by J.K. Rowling!

Anonymous 157037

does LolCafe have milk?

Anonymous 157038

Anonymous 157040

is lc back up yet???

Anonymous 157041

can we actually make a drawing room? i liked the drawing rooms from the bunker threads the best they were so chaotic and fun.
the ones that we have on lc now are so sterile and annoying. everything has to have a goddam theme

Anonymous 157042

Aw I kind of like having a theme

Anonymous 157043

But that's based, why would I want to bonk you?

Anonymous 157044


It's not fragility, it's just a lack of interest/enjoyment in conflict. It doesn't hurt me, it just bores me.

Anonymous 157045

I wanted to but I'm one of those unique husbando posters so I'm waiting it out

Anonymous 157046

Fucking pussies. They’ll be singing a different tune when so shit goes sideways. FETISHISM IS NOT GENDER EXPRESSION. Sorry I had to reply to that shit and haven’t caught up but I’m mad.

Anonymous 157048

There are themes but you don't necessarily have to follow them. Also those were the best and most chaotic because everyone in the bunker could see the invitation posts to draw, and so many more people than usual joined, before that incident I didn't even know there was a doodle board.

Anonymous 157049

It's always low tier screaming, nothing intellectually challenging. They run up, pull their pants down, shit everywhere, call you a man and scream that they won.

Anonymous 157054

No, if she comes back HERE we bonk her. Because we probably all should be doing something else right now.

Anonymous 157055

Yeah I should be sleeping, but I don't want to miss anything good

Anonymous 157057

That's about the extent of it, yup. Embarrassing. I'm gonna try to disengage now. Have fun, gals.

Anonymous 157059

Ugly threadpics too. Every other thread is a wojack. Why?

Anonymous 157060

nta and it's 3:41AM here, i literally am the worst

Anonymous 157061

Hopefully this will make a lot of normal people realize that to allow all forms of "gender expression" is to allow blatant degenerate perverts like him to proudly and freely display their fetish in inappropriate contexts such as school, and more people than ever start to protest against tranny-protecting laws

Anonymous 157063


Fluff Cat says "night night, nonners"

Anonymous 157064

Original wojak = feels guy meme
Soyjak = obnoxious moid shit
Sorry that you're not aware of the difference, newfag

Anonymous 157065

every time i eat hot cheetos i regret it. i dont know why i keep torturing myself. i cant eat em like i used to at age 12

Anonymous 157067

Making a mistake doesn't mean you're the worst! It's not too late to sleep a bit before morning, so I hope you'll log off soon. Try to go to bed earlier tonight so you can get a full eight hours rest. I believe in you s

Anonymous 157068

Like it matters.

Anonymous 157069

Omg this is so pure <3 Goodnight fluff cat and Nona <3

Anonymous 157070

Why are you mansplaining ugly memes to me

Anonymous 157072

Oh wait are you talking about the other CC mascot, the miner? If so even more retarded

Anonymous 157073

literally who knows this

Anonymous 157077

How the fuck did Boudicca start any shit? Is it really starting a war, when you're merely resisting being occupied and you're kinda pissed off your daughters were raped?

Anonymous 157078

You talk like a farmer pretending to be a miner.

Anonymous 157079

so fluffy and soft, i bet her purr would lull me to sleep

Anonymous 157081

Anyone who isn't a Twitter newfag and has actually used imageboards other than lolcow in the last 8 years (which is probably a large portion of the CC userbase)

Anonymous 157082

you = moid

Anonymous 157084

Hot cheetos at 12, wait aren't those really new? Are you still in your teens? Speaking of which what's the average age of the miners and farmers here I'm always curious, I'll start I'm almost 27. Please don't let me be the oldest one here

Anonymous 157087

So are you a channer or a twitterfag or what?

Anonymous 157092

<(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)>

Anonymous 157093

A schizo pedo tranny spamming spergout for dinner AGAIN, grandma?

Anonymous 157094

it's the schizo pedo tranny freak, report and ignore

Anonymous 157095

Actually I have BPD and autism and schizophrenia and bipolar and DID and ADHD and anorexia and bulimia and BDD and mad cow disease and shaken baby syndrome. AMA

Anonymous 157096

I want a dating sim with all the board-tans

Anonymous 157098

lolcow has its own lolita wojak variations that were originally from /cgl/, you see them every time nonas share nostalgic /cgl/ pics

Anonymous 157117

Anonymous 157617

i’m freaking IN LOVE with pony town

Anonymous 158113

Hopefully people start posting cows on YouTube. Too big to fail. I was just here for the celebrity thread, girl talk, and lolita cows. Could care less about troons, they need to get over themselves and stop cancelling people for telling the truth about the rare child predators moids among them.

I used to like KF for the A&H board RIP. Got a lot of great memes in the pics that made you laugh thread

Anonymous 158381


I just wanna saw i hope lc comes back. I really enjoyed the /g/ threads and found wholesome interactions sometimes. The diet thread was so supportive.
If it doesnt return, thats ok too, but I wish all the sweet s the best. Thanks miners for the shared space!

Anonymous 158495


good riddance.
maybe I'm a little biased because a moid who raped me when I was a minor created a vendetta thread on me where my family was doxxed and mods wouldn't do shit about it.
I still have more of a softspot for some lolcow nonas more than kiwifarms userbase though.

Anonymous 159126


HOLY SHIT NEMU. i read her thread on kiwi (when i used that shit site) years ago and i realized that years before THAT i had a random encounter with her on tumblr. when i was like 14 i had a bunch of similarly aged friends in a fnaf group (no bully we were kids) and one of our members pointed out this grown ass bitch was posting her degen fetishes in the tags of childrens shows (her creepy crocker shit in the fairly odd parents tag was mostly what we were upset about because that show's fandom is like 99% actual kids) and we spammed her with anon hate and memes until she hid a bunch of her shit. she came back after this but so we weren't the ones that brought her down or anything kek. i just hadn't ever shared this encounter with anybody and wanted to talk about it, i think it's funny that even though it came from a place of autism (teenagers hanging out and talking about fnaf) it ended up doing a bit of good (degen hiding her fetishes from minors better).

Anonymous 159297


Artist salt thread you will be missed

Anonymous 159380

this guy is either having a severe mental breakdown,
like a total freakout/needs to be involuntarily committed until he can relax, or he's doing it for another purpose.

I'm guessing either to get fired and break bad or to make a point about bathroom laws.

Anonymous 159403


Anonymous 159496

This the cute though the artstyle reminds me of this batshit fujo I used to follow on Twitter. I’m sorry. Or if you are the fujo in question fuck you.

Anonymous 159900

Why are there so many anime fags in here? All this talk of husbandos and posting poorly drawn 2d men and your shitty overly expensive consoomerism dolls is super cringe. Also anime is inherently pedophilic and attracts autists. Are farmers considered normies cause we're attracted to actual human beings? Kek

Anonymous 159933


I’ll take shitty anime husbandos over him

Anonymous 160109

Lol, my thoughts exactly nona.
I am so sick of the husbando threads that infested /g/ that contained nothing but thirst over generic anime husbando #357347. But then again, the 3DPD moid sperging threads were equally as obnoxious. So idk, the men this and men that of both boards gets tiring quickly.

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