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Anonymous 15804

I'm pregnant and super excited :3 who else /babby/ here?

Anonymous 15805

are you permanganate?

Anonymous 15806

Can o get pregante?

Anonymous 15808


I'd love to be pregnant but I'm too broke to think of making babies right now.

have a happy pregnancy and a happy baby, anon-chan

Anonymous 15809


Fisrt step for begom pomegranate: it need to do way instain mother

Thank you anon, I hope your situation improves and you can babbie some day.

Anonymous 15813

>just went off bc due to the weight gain, im trying to get on myo-insitol
>work and university
>havent even moved out my parents house yet
>been with bf for several years but he cant drive and doesnt have time for school yet to advance his career
>young, Im not even 20 yet (I'm above 18 mods dont come for me)
>fantasize about happy home life with husband and kids to raise even though it would probably never be possible


Anonymous 15817


You're still young, you have plenty of time to figure things out. I didn't even think I would be where I am now ten years ago.

Anonymous 15825

Anon, some women manage to have children even if they have endo or pcos. Wishing you the best.

Anonymous 15849

Congrats anon! Hope all goes well.

I do plan on having kids someday but I am in noooo way ready rn… can't wait to be in the right stable position to have kids tho.

Anonymous 15851

Im not pregnant atm but I have kids. AMA

Also congratulations!!!

Anonymous 15852

How many? How old?

What is your favorite thing about being a parent?

Anonymous 126448

I have a child! my only thing I will say is to not seek validation from others when it comes to raising YOUR child because next thing you know you are putting unrealistic expectations on yourself AND your child. safety guidelines are strict but if it's not within your 100% power to follow all of them all the time but you are still being safe, who cares.

for instance for safe sleep you aren't supposed to let your baby sleep in their swing. who the fuck asked. yes stay aware WHY and work prevent their airway from closing but don't sweat it. you will both be miserable if you care so much about following some guideline that doesn't matter. trust your instincts, unless you do heavy drugs or are severely mentally handicapped (i mean DUMB not just depressed, all moms are depressed) you know whats best for your baby.

Anonymous 126454

what the fuck inspired this rant on safety

Anonymous 126464

It's crazy to think OP's baby must be 2-3 years old now. I wonder how they are doing.

Anonymous 133292

because i used to go on reddit all the time and it's literally a circle jerk for the current safety thing ny nhs or whoever, and i internalized it and it made me feel like shit. i'd ask questions about my kids sleep and i'd get shit on for not keeping her in my bedroom (with a monitor) and letting her sleep in a swing (thats what they are for). that mixed with my post-partum depression messed me up.

Anonymous 133300

bost babby update OP

Anonymous 133313

Kids are the best. I've got 3. It changes you. I'd say in general when I was single, my emotional scale went from like 1 to 10. Then I got married and my emotional scale went from like 1 to 20. Then I had kids and the emotional scale is like negative infinity to infinity now. The levels of joy and suffering I've endured and how that's changed me are hard to even describe. It's like, a key part of the human experience. You've not lived if you don't have kids, imo.

Anonymous 133314

>You've not lived if you don't have kids, imo.
Stupid take. If anything not having kids allows you to "live" more because your time, energy and money isn't monopolized by your kids for decade(s) of your life.

Anonymous 133363

Change is not always good though.

Anonymous 133543

>You've not lived until you've had kids
Oh sweetie. I love my child, she is the light of my life, but she is pure drudgery interspersed with moments of shining happiness. Once I got my pussy ate while in a highrise while watching the full moon rise over the Eiffel tower. That was living, this is just an experience that I'm sharing with most other women.

Anonymous 133544

You're not supposed to let them sleep in swings now? What are you supposed to do as they drift off, wake them back up? That's a recipe for disaster. God I hate the ever rising standards for mothers.

Anonymous 133553

sex and money will not be by your side when you are sick or dying

Anonymous 133554

>immediately thinks of sex
scrote detected

Anonymous 133555

Honestly, having friends and family watch you die is one of the biggest memes ever. I watched them die, it was awkward as fuck. I’d rather just die alone than have some weepy faggot staring at me and telling me to hold on or some shit.

Anonymous 133556

>immediately thinks of sex
>>133543 was the one who mentioned sex first

Anonymous 133558

There's a lot of people who make a killing off of selling parents stupid overpriced shit. Just keep that in mind when you go looking for stuff for the baby.

Anonymous 133560

Her child is 3 years old

Anonymous 133571

Money will though. You think your kids are gonna be the ones caring for you at the nursing home they'll inevitably shove you in?

Anonymous 133582

i did not take thi…

Caring for me in my old age and being by my side as I die is not my daughter's obligation. I did not bring her into this world to be my servant. She is her own person and I hope she is by my side in my old age, but she is her own person and she will have her own life. We all die alone. Besides . . . if my option was to die being watched by my crying loved ones as I slip away, or to die in that magical room while the moon shines through the window, I'm going to chose to be happy.

Anonymous 133583

neither will be your children
Also its better to be rich and childless than poor and having kids.

Anonymous 133589

WTF I didn't even look at the age of the post. Shit

Anonymous 133599

Neither do kids if they end up hating you, die or are otherwise incapable of taking care of you. My grandparents have 4 kids, 3 of them aren't able to take care of them for a variety of reasons and the 4th can only come by twice a week because that's all the time they have left after making a living and other resonsibilities. They're in a carehome on their own dime from the money they made selling their property. You're really stupid if you think kids are your insurance to being taken care of in old age.

Anonymous 133601

Cope. There's a reason fewer women have kids the more women gain the option to not have them: Birthing a kid and parenting is not actually that universally great or desireable.

Anonymous 133613

I just went through a long and terrifying surprise pregnancy. The chance of conception was so low that I was told it was practically impossible, the chances of miscarriage were high and there were about a dozen emergency hospital trips over false alarms. Right at the end she stumbled at the finish line by being caught in the umbilical cord, but it turns out everything went completely fine. Her daddy is ecstatic because she's huge and has his eyes, while I'm just happy she's about as healthy as you can get.

Overall Rating: 1/10 - Too scary, would not recommend unless you're a normal person and not a freak like me.

Anonymous 133615

At least it ended successfully

Anonymous 135345

Are you rich?

Anonymous 135375

Yes. Childless and rich. Shit is so much better than I had ever dreamed as a child. There are way more things that money can buy than you can imagine.

Anonymous 135436

Children are massively expensive. It's easy enough to save and invest money when you don't have some crying thing constantly leeching your time and funds.

Anonymous 135438

I have a pretty penny myself,but money alone has never brought me happiness. there's only so many times you can wake up alone before you realize that a fancy car and house or whatever doesn't mean shit when there's no one to share it with

Anonymous 135459

You can't rely either on money nor on people for happiness really.

Anonymous 135460

There are moments of loneliness, but having other people around won't get rid of that feeling. First it's 'I don't want to be alone.' Next it's 'I just wish someone understood me." Eventually you'll cycle back into wanting to be alone. If you're in a relationship, it's easy enough to leave it, but if you have a child, that isn't the case, although some mothers do abandon their children when they realize it isn't at all how they thought it would be.
True, but having money and having kids are very different. One can only benefit you, even if it doesn't necessarily bring you happiness, and the other can ruin your life.

Anonymous 135462

I agree, and even if ti wont ruin your life, theres no guarantee your kids life wont be ruined by you, or something/someone else.

Anonymous 135476

I hate the idea of being surrounded by family when I die. Imagine knowing they came specifically because you're going to die and are now just waiting in uncomfortable hospital chairs until you finally die and they can go home. Plus you're probably not going to be in great condition. Do you really want a bunch of people seeing that? I can understand having your partner because the bond is more intimate, plus you chose them to live your life with. But I'd rather put on chill tunes than have kids or worse grandkids staring at me. You know they are waiting until they can put your last breaths on tiktok.

Anonymous 135478


Anonymous 135534

Weird and sad takes in this thread. "Peak of human experience" doesn't mean "maximizing pleasure". Raising kids is hard as hell, but so so fulfilling. If you just want to maximize pleasure, heroin and meth will do 1000x more for you than being rich or having sex on the Eifel tower or whatever stupid nonsense everyone else is talking about.

Anonymous 135536

What is fulfilling about it?

Anonymous 135539

The closest thing I can liken becoming a parent to is puberty. It's a transformative process, at least, for most parents it is. Your priorities, the way you look at and interact with the world totally shift. You have a massive responsibility now, and by millions of years of evolution or God's divine Providence, the only thing you really, actually care about now is your kids. It's like, the threshold of suffering and joy goes from like 0 to 10 before having kids, then after that, the limits are removed and it's infinite. You will sacrifice anything for them, gladly, not in like a conscious, logical way, but a deep, animalistic way. Their minor success beats my greatest achievements. Think about how people with kids always want to yammer about them in seemingly mundane ways. Think about how they tell you to be extra careful about animals if they're with their offspring. It's hard to exactly describe. Imagine explaining dating, romantic love, and sexual attraction to a 10yr old. Like, you kinda can, but they can't really "get" it until they've experienced it. That's what's it's like trying to explain being a parent to a non-parent. So when I hear someone say "ugh I saw this kid crying on an airplane it was so annoying I never want kids" I think the same thing about that as a 10yr old saying "ugh you put your mouths together and swap spit that's so disgusting I'm never doing that".

Anonymous 135552

Absolutely nothing. Wipe out your peace and sanity. Start saving for retirement at 65 because you're idiotically still paying for 2-3 kids college education.

Sure okay maybe in the old days it was more doable.

Nowadays its financial gravedigging for lonely suckers

Anonymous 135553

All they're waiting for is the payout on your life insurance policy lol

Anonymous 135554

And to answer the question no fucking way. I would rather regret having no kids, than regret having the nightmare spawn and destroying my finances

Anonymous 135557

Why is it that whenever a woman anounces her happiness with being pregnant/having children, there are always a dozen of spinsters coming out of the woodworks to sing the joys of being childfree? I get it, you made a different life decision and you're happy with it. Why shit on someone else's parade?
I don't have children either, for clarity.

Anonymous 135562

Because the world is overpopulated imo, and its a massive waste of resources. I've seen so many people I know falling in line to have a kid, without giving it a second thought, because their friends all did and they're "falling behind"

If I didn't know the difference I'd say you're a facebook slob.
Its to the point I don't even believe they really want it, they want it because someone else has it.

Haha yes I WILL rain on your parade whether you think its fair or not. Somebody, ANYBODY has to.
If this was 50 years ago I'd say oh that's great! But now you just look like a fucking idiot to me. Reproduce in these times? How far is your head up your ass? Its selfish and so simpleminded to me. You HAVE to be simpleminded or ignorant or both to want to breed in 2022.

I mean way to prove to me you're the ultimate simpleton cow, paying attention to absolutely nothing going on around you. Your arm could be on fire and you wouldn't know the difference. It takes supreme supreme denial. I have a niece and I feel nothing but shock at where she is headed. What is she even going to do when she's my age? That is not going to be a life. NOBODY is going to care about her when she's and adult, they're going to say suck it up! No matter what the world is like

Fucking deluded cows, and your selfish breeding. "I can't have a baby that isn't mine waah!"

It looks like lemmings going over a cliff to me and intentionally breeding to make the ride more ghastly and revolting

Anonymous 135564

Even ignoring the fact that "the world is overpopulated" is an outdated argument only hippies and IQlets use in 2022, if it were true you'd be wasting your energy on this forum, since the people contributing the most to overpopulation wouldn't have daily access to the internet, much less writing on an anonymous imageboard dedicated to women.
And even ignoring that, there's simply nothing you can do. People will continue having kids and they won't ask your permission for it.

Anonymous 135569

In virtually every country in the world childbirth is plummeting. Did you really just learn this ? You need me to wake you up to this fact?

Most AVERAGE people in my country make far less than they used to, far too little to raise children and stay within their means.. plus childcare costs as much as rent if you're where I'm from. And yet even in places like france, and norway.. Where childcare is accessible and cheap, the birthrate is shriveling.

Hippies you say, well explain that to china and india, the two countries you used to be able to truly rely on for breeding

Anonymous 135571

>>Even ignoring the fact that "the world is overpopulated" is an outdated argument only hippies and IQlets use in 2022

Well I can tell your testicles desperately hope to god its outdated. My lord who will have your pure anime aryan babbies! D8

Anonymous 135573

You sound like you have some brain damage. Do you really think anyone who doesn't voluntarily sterilize themselves has to be a white supremacist moid? I am a woman and I already said I don't have children.
If it's plummeting, why are you so triggered with one random anon on CC having a baby? Shouldn't you be happy and enjoying your childfree life?
Yes, go tell Asia and Africa to stop having babies then. Being an autist on CC won't help your cause one bit.

Anonymous 135578

Is it a girl or an abortion?

Anonymous 135582

This is such a sad take. You've been brainwashed into thinking that your only purpose is reproduction and that everyone who did not is a failure. I mean, if you really wanted to be a good person and make a difference, why didn't you volunteer to save orphans your whole life? Why instead did you selfishly reproduce your own genetics instead of saving children who are already here? It sounds like you've made an irreversible choice and now have to retcon your thinking in order to align with the choices you've made.
Also, maximizing happiness though heroin and meth thing isn't true. They're addicting, but they're also meh if you have a happy life. Meth makes you feel like if you try, you can accomplish anything. While heroin just makes every stress and problem you've ever had melt away. They don't create happiness per se, they only facilitate it. That's why happy and fulfilled people don't get addicted to them. Even if you got addicted to them, you have maybe ten years of se before you die and it's filled with stress and unhappiness. It's much better to maximize your time by being childless and eating out with friends, going to historic and exotic places, and getting your pussy eaten while in Paris.

Anonymous 135583

You sound super jealous, lol. "Spinsters," what are you, a sixty year old man who hates the fact that women can work outside the home?

Anonymous 135585

>Even ignoring the fact that "the world is overpopulated" is an outdated argument
Lol, you've fallen for the elites' propaganda. The only way we can reproduce freely is if you never eat meat, live in densities that are proven to cause mental illnesses, rape the earth for all her resources, and destroy most of earth's biodiversity.
If you don't want to cause the earth's sixth great extinction event and want to ever eat meat again, we need a one child cap. Inb4, oh, the economy, you'll ruin the economy by depopulating that fast! One, we deserve it. We've been wracking up the equivalent of earth credit card debt for a while now and at some point we have to pay it. Better now than when the interest rates will kill even more people, and two, how quickly do you think climate change is going to destroy the economy?

Anonymous 135610

i honestly have no idea. it's genuinely bizarre to me to see how aggressive some women get when someone says how happy they are to have children. i get that it's not for everyone, but that doesn't mean they have to tear someone else down for it, you know?

Anonymous 135618

Jealous of what? For the third time, I don't have children myself. It's much easier to not have children than to have children, if I want to be childfree all I have to do is to keep not getting pregnant lol. Sounds like you're projecting your jealousy on me.

Anonymous 135619

Most of the developed world is already self-inflicting a one-child-or-less cap. Again, you're wasting your energy here. Go bark at the Africans having 9 children.

Anonymous 135627

Lol it's honestly hard to believe it is something one genuinely enjoys. When I see parents I see tired people. I can kind of understand. You go from having a free life to being domestic wet nurse with a destroyed metabolism/ freedom/ body. A lot of women see that and they are reviled it feels like being force-fed an ideal that motherhood benefits you. It can genuinely disgust people. I guess what I'm trying to say is, should you be surprised? Seems like a natural reaction to me.

Anonymous 135629

Telling women that pregnancy will destroy their bodies is such a feminist statement. Yas kween, keep that permanent loli spinster body.

Anonymous 135631

>Telling women that pregnancy will destroy their bodies is such a feminist statement
Nta but I know you're being sarcastic here but this actually is feminist. It wasn't until the last 15 years or so that the negative effects of pregnancy began to be widely spoken about by women, via the internet.

Telling women that there is a chance that their genitals will tear, that they can lose their hair, get huge stretchmarks, damage their teeth, get diabetes, ruin their pelvic floor, die, and a million other possible side effects of pregnancy and birth will never be a bad thing as it allows women to make an informed choice about whether having a child is right for them.

Women in the past were sheltered to keep them as ignorant breeding vessels. The first way of feminism focused on freeing women from the home.

I might also add that not everything a woman does has to be feminist and feminism shouldn't be used go-to defense against anything another woman says.

Anonymous 135632

nta but why do you immediately think about tits hips and ass, and also bash on another body type in the process lol.
pregnancy can indeed destroy a body in many ways that have nothing to do with aesthetics, perineal tearing being one of them.

Anonymous 135634

>think about tits hips and ass
Take your meds nona.
Hopefully, women who choose to have kids are adults and not cognitively impaired children. It's extremely infantilizing and paternalistic to assume women get pregnant on a whim without knowing what pregnancy and child-reading entails.
I'm all for informed choices, but there's a time and place to do that, and it's not below of a post of a woman celebrating having a child.
>not everything a woman does has to be feminist
When you're on a high-horse shitting on women for exercising their bodily autonomy yes, yes it does have to.

Anonymous 135635

>It's extremely infantilizing and paternalistic to assume women get pregnant on a whim without knowing what pregnancy and child-reading entails.
45% of pregnancies are unplanned

Anonymous 135637

The pregnancy being unplanned doesn't mean the woman getting pregnant doesn't know what pregnancy entails. Let me get this straight, you think that roughly half the women who get pregnant are retards who have no idea what they're getting themselves into? That's the hill you'll die on?

Anonymous 135640

No, I think it's a bigger number than that. I don't believe most women having children are aware of the factors that I mentioned:

>Telling women that there is a chance that their genitals will tear, that they can lose their hair, get huge stretchmarks, damage their teeth, get diabetes, ruin their pelvic floor, die, and a million other possible side effects of pregnancy

Anonymous 135641

Then we're coming from two completely different places. Unlike you, I don't assume other women are bumbling retards. I agree that bumbling retards shouldn't have children. Maybe that's why you won't.

Anonymous 135643

You think most women are uninformed on pregnancy? Well you definitely think they're retards!
Classic, do you also perhaps think that not wanting women to participate in bdsm/kink shit because it's abusive means you think women are retarded?

Anonymous 135648

You knew your gentials would tear open, you'd get ugly stretch marks, fuck up your teeth and hair, ruin your pelvic floor and risk death but still had a crotch goblin? Sounds like you are the real r*tard here… unless of course you didn't know those things and are proving my point that these things aren't well known?

Anonymous 135652

And considering the amount of women that like to larp the dark ages and have "natural" painkiller free births and then think they deserve to be praised for it, well some women are just r-tards. No man would go through something traumatic like that without painkillers. Women are brainwashed by the patriarchy into not having their pain taken seriously, making them believe that childbirth without medication is good. If that's not a bumbling r-tard then I don't know what is.

Anonymous 135653

BDSM has nothing to do with this conversation.

I do not have children, like I said multiple times ITT, and I'm close to 30. I am quite happy with my life, unlike you. You're clearly bitter and deeply unhappy. I have never felt the need to attack a woman who is happy with her kids for her life choices.

Anonymous 135654

>I am quite happy with my life, unlike you. You're clearly bitter and deeply unhappy.
Why would I be bitter my gentials aren't torn open?

>I have never felt the need to attack a woman who is happy with her kids for her life choices.

Just childfree women then?
>I agree that bumbling retards shouldn't have children. Maybe that's why you won't. >>135641

Anonymous 135655

No one is attacking childfree women. The point, as it's stated in my original post, is that this was a thread about someone being happy for being pregnant, and it was hijacked by a handful of bitter party poopers.
>my gentials aren't torn open
A normal pregnancy does not ruin anyone's genitals forever, unless there are complications. Either way, I do not think of other people's genitals very often. You do sound incredibly bitter, and there is no way someone who cares this much about someone else's life choices is happy with themselves. Tschuss.

Anonymous 135656


It is actually very common for women to rip when having children. Being honest about this is very important. Your body will go through huge changes. That’s what it takes to bring a new life into this world. Let childish people make fun of things like that. Just know anyone reading this making this decision isn’t easy.

Anonymous 135657

things heating up in the pregnancy fandom

Anonymous 135658

>No one is attacking childfree women.
You literally just did though.

>A normal pregnancy does not ruin anyone's genitals forever, unless there are complications.

Except it does:
>In up to half of all women who give birth vaginally, there are permanent changes to the pelvic floor due to over-stretching or tearing (avulsion).

>You do sound incredibly bitter, and there is no way someone who cares this much about someone else's life choices is happy with themselves.

I'm not bitter, I just wish more women knew about these things as it's not spoken about enough. Even you, who claims only r*tards don't know about pregnancy facts, doesn't understand how common tearing is.



Anonymous 135660

>Injuries to the pelvic floor
>Muscle damage: the 'pelvic floor' is a group of muscles inside the pelvis that helps hold the uterus, bladder and bowel in place. In up to half of all women who give birth vaginally, there are permanent changes to the pelvic floor due to over-stretching or tearing (avulsion).
>Pelvic organ prolapse: if the pelvic muscles are damaged or weakened, the organs inside the pelvis can drop down towards the vagina, causing bladder and bowel problems.

Pretty sure it's ruined.

Anonymous 135663

>>Hopefully, women who choose to have kids are adults and not cognitively impaired children. It's extremely infantilizing and paternalistic to assume women get pregnant on a whim without knowing what pregnancy and child-reading entails.

Someone's clearly never been to high school or college long enough to see those bloated nightmares HF

Anonymous 135666

Forget the destroying of the body I wanna know how 18+ years of childrearing / financial slavery are positive changes to a person's life too!!

Anonymous 135670

Most based anon on all of CC.

Anonymous 135671

A monk isn't negatively affecting anyone by sitting on a mountain all day. He can also realize that the lifestyle doesn't suit him and leave. The point is that once you have a kid, you can't just undo it. It's a decision which will have a large impact on you for the rest of your life, not to mention the child itself. And if it turns out you hate being a mom, or you hate your kid, you're going to fuck up your life and theirs, which happens to many people because it turns out that having kids is not that fulfilling to most women.

Anonymous 135684


I can't wait to /babby/ with my husband. He's so adorable and lovely, I can't wait to make a small human who looks like him and myself.

Anonymous 135693

There is when you're doing it to fill a void and get fb points. Trust me I know plenty of shills making it their business. Overpopulation is a cancer, it is the opposite of a Selfless thing to do.

Anonymous 135694

Overpopulation isn’t a real problem in first world nations. Very outdated

Anonymous 135695

It isn’t a problem in developing nations either. The real problem is their exploitation of cheap labor and rich resources. There hasn’t been a unpreventable famine in the last 100 years.

Anonymous 135696

It's been a myth that's gone around for a few decades now. Still choose to never have children though. Specifically because the government wants us to have more children to make more good little debt slaves for this hell hole of a country

Anonymous 135698

So wholesome!! I feel the same but Im scared and not ready yet

Anonymous 135699

It's a delusional fantasy that population has no effect on the environment AND the rent itself.

The human population only hit 2 billion in 1900. Think about it took 69k years for the population to reach that number only in 1900. Now we're approaching 8 billion in only 120 years while the environment is in catastrophic collapse and that means nothing to you?? Like I said deep ridiculous denial. Or somebody's white power birther trying to steer the conversation away from the truth.

Anonymous 135708

A majority of environmental damage/climate change is thanks to a smaller percentage of the world . Again as other anon said, overpopulation is a myth. You can thank cooperations unchecked greed for the damage it has caused to the world. As countries continue to industrialize the number of children they have will also drop. Populations don’t exponentially grow forever and we will likely stabilize at around 11 billion people. If anything more people = more research and solutions for humanity to continue to survive in the future. No, that doesn’t mean Anyone’s advocating for people to have more children. Obviously you likely live in a country that is starting to see a population decline so it only makes sense that you choose not to have children as many others. The world will continue to turn.

Anonymous 135724

I find it interesting that people who are vehemently anti-natalist usually care quite a bit about the environment. Why? Isn't caring about the future of the planet just as arbitrary as caring about your children, or the future of your family? I don't plan on having children, but the hypocrisy and moral righteousness just annoys me. I don't understand who people think they are to tell others what they should value, when they themselves are driven by what essentially boils down to "blue is better than red".

Anonymous 135728

>I find it interesting that people who are vehemently anti-natalist usually care quite a bit about the environment.
No, you're just strawmanning. A lot of antinatalists only care about destroying the environment so no one else can inhabit it.

Anonymous 135730

Whose position am I strawmanning? I used the word "usually", do you disagree that environmental anti-natalism is a thing? You say "a lot" of anti-natalists care about destroying about the environment, does that mean there are also some who don't care about destroying the environment? Do you think there are some who care about protecting the environment? Do you think maybe those are the people I was referring to? Do you think maybe I was referring to the poster who said that the environment was in "catastrophic collapse" due to overpopulation? God, you people will argue about anything.

Anonymous 135732

People who are concerned with overpopulation aren't antinatalists – their ultimate goal is to reduce population growth such that the continued existence of humanity is more sustainable. You're applying labels to the wrong group of people. Antinatalists ideologically disagree with creating life, not under conditions, but because they see the act itself as wrong.

Anonymous 135733


If people who are concerned about “overpopulation” care about reducing population growth; it’s already happening in every first world country. The US for example has already reached a point to where it’s population will not be able to replace itself without immigration. I don’t see exactly what you’re arguing for? The economy will take a hit and shrink from this type of decline . Thus leading to less money for research in solving climate change. Not to mention how many more problems would arise by having less manpower to keep this world running as it is. We are all in this together, you can’t just shrink the population rapidly to solve problems. It would cause so much suffering.

Anonymous 135741

As if even just keeping the population as it is today won't cause a lot of suffering.

It doesn't matter, growth, stabilization or decline; unless we discover a new planet to live on within decades we're fucked beyond help either way.

Anonymous 135742

Well if it's not 100% it doesn't matter right?

Anonymous 135743

>unless we discover a new planet to live on within decades we're fucked beyond help either way.
How well do you know about climate change and how irreversible it is? Unless you meant something else, like nuclear war.

Anonymous 135753

>>Thus leading to less money for research in solving climate change. Not to mention how many more problems would arise by having less manpower to keep this world running as it is.

Money for research!? The ideas are there already there, You know full well nobodies willing to ENACT them because change hemorrhages oil and utility profits. I can't believe I actually have to spoonfeed to you electric cars can't be sold in dealerships for the same reason.

"Manpower to keep things running" Jesus christ like you don't know they just want wage slaves to work for nothing, say nothing, invent nothing and shell out more money for shitty products designed to be thrown away.

The population decline will never be enough to have any meaningful environmental impact the way it is. Especially since everyone, from every corner of the planet, wants to live and consume like an American. So please explain to me why we need 8 billion people to find solutions for anything? 2 billion people in 1900 gave us technological revolutions we haven't come close to since. The 50s and the digital revolution were the same. All people do now is piggyback and rehash ideas produced decades ago. REAL research isn't incentivized anymore no matter how many people you have, because its a financial risk, and the only people who approve of funding for it, want to make big enough piles of money.

>>I don’t see exactly what you’re arguing for?

Manage resources HONESTLY like a NONSCROTE before adding more people!

You say all this about the disaster of not replacing population but your words don't reflect reality. The government has been gridlocked on gun policy, debt policy, and environmental policy for decades now, all because a few shills keep it that way. Prices go up and wages stay the same. Violence and unrest escalate. Nobody can even agree on how to challenge zoning laws so communities can build housing for all that "necessary" population growth!! Do you even hear yourself??

What you're trying to mindlessly regurgitate doesn't reflect the stagnancy and shittyness of the real world. The real gridlocks implicated in real life.

All the man wants is more hungry blind consumer apes to buy up his planned obsolescence, cheap garbage…$600 phones you're incentivized throw away and replace the next year. Now think of ALL the things designed that way, designed to be throw away and consumed with fury. Its environmental terrorism, doomed to catch up with people because they refuse to pay attention.

Meanwhile the ocean is careening into a dead zone, massive die-offs at the bottom of the food chain are sending the natural world towards rapid collapse.

How do you interpret any of this as reasonable stability unless your a scrotum-brained parasite shill, aping around for more babies and sex ??

Solve your real world problems, stop acting like a fucking parasite, before taking massive demented leaps in the dark. You don't even have a real plan, you just shit words everywhere you go. It just sounds like more denial, more of this egomaniacal will to reproduce at any cost, even if it costs the sanity and wellbeing of your own offspring!

I will never stop dumping on FB slobs, they're a joke. Trying so desperately hard to believe and sell this crap.. It starts to sound like nothing but schizo logic more and more every year :l

Anonymous 135757

I couldn't agree more, anon

Anonymous 135836

>I don’t see exactly what you’re arguing for?
You were talking about the wrong group of people. I'm not an environmentalist and I don't care about overpopulation. The economy as it is is unsustainable though. It's going to decline from the problems associated with rapid growth. All this would change is which generation has to deal with those problems. Popping out more people means more economic growth now, and more consumption and destruction for later generations to deal with. Reducing the population only causes suffering which would otherwise be inevitable. The root of the suffering is creating those people in the first place to experience it. Creating more people would only create more suffering, if that's truly what you're concerned with, but you likely don't care about suffering. In all likelihood, you're impassioned because you have loved ones and you want to protect what you see as a good life for them. Please understand that this is not the same as doing what is best for all people as a whole, and you'll understand why we will never agree with you.

Anonymous 135843

There is no more rapid growth in population. Why exactly are you stating lies?

Anonymous 135883

Current world birth rate: 2.4 births per woman. Google is free.
Because you are spreading misinformation and flawed logic, which I generally dislike.

Anonymous 135899

That’s being inflated for developing countries retard. Unless you are advocating for something far more sinister?

Anonymous 136011

well of course it requires a lot of effort, but it can still be very fulfilling for some people, and simply looking at the costs of being a parent and not at any of the rewards is always going to give you a skewed view of the thing. I guess i expected most people to have a more well-rounded view of having children. and again, i get why some people wouldn't want to have any, but i still don't understand why they have to rub it in everyone else's faces and disparage people who are parents and enjoy it like itt.

Anonymous 136033


is birth really as painful as I keep hearing it is?

Anonymous 136241

I was in labor for almost two days and that was exhausting and excruciating but the actual pushing part was not as bad as I expected. I was lead to believe that it’s basically the worst pain a human can experience! I have had a few major operations though prior to this including brain surgery. I am now fearless in a way like if thats as bad as it can get- come what may. I’m less afraid of pain in general but also death.

Anonymous 137115

this. i hate having to say "you can do whatever but this is my life! this is just what works for me!" before i talk about kids with some people. like jesus we get it girl boss. kids aren't for you.

Anonymous 137116

even if it was all of statistics could be made up to push some agenda and we will never really know. so better off not worrying about it. i agree

Anonymous 137120

why is it that you always have to pick sides over being happy about people having kids or uppity about not having any of your own

i don't have any kids and i probably never will but i am still happy for my brother and sister who both have kids. i'm happy for people and couples i meet who have kids, i'm not salty or anything, why would i be?

Anonymous 137121

Well all you have to do is not say "You've not lived if you don't have kids, imo" and it doesn't come up. It's really funny how not taking shots at other people's lifestyle keeps them from getting defensive, isn't it?

Anonymous 137123

>as seen in this thread
I literally quoted a post in the thread that happened before people started extolling the child free life, though.

Anonymous 137177

All I'm saying is the first post talking about how great it is to be child free was in direct response to that very post. If you don't want discussion to take another turn don't invite it by subtly insulting people. I'm not mad myself, I'm just not so dense and desperate to make myself a victim that I can't see simple cause and effect.

Anonymous 137185

Children suck go home.

Anonymous 137377

>Well all you have to do is not say "You've not lived if you don't have kids, imo"
i think that was meant to be hyperbole.

Anonymous 137378


antenatalist be like

Anonymous 137433

Children are fine but I'm not even crying about the posts that dogpiled.


It's hard to admit you weren't actually paying attention to the thread like you claimed. Don't worry, I understand.

>It's like a key part of the human experience
I kinda doubt that but even if we take that into account. How dumb do you have to be to think that wouldn't get people annoyed when women who don't have their own kids are either really upset about missing out on one of the unique experiences that moids will NEVER be able to claim as theirs or get hounded by moids for it? I don't even know why it upsets you so much considering the OP is like 3 years old.

Anonymous 137441


Anonymous 138844

Children are beautiful. I have a daughter who is autistic. She really brings out a different side to me. Patience and explanation is key. Be patient to yourself as well. Having a kid is a lot of learning and thats okay. God speed!

Anonymous 138919

I have PCOS and I'm really worried about my fertility and age. I've been putting off getting treatment because I haven't had health insurance since I hit 26 and could no longer be covered under my parents' plan. I just got married and my husband and I want to have children, but he wants to wait a year so we can have enough money and enjoy married life just the two of us, but by that time I'll be 31 (and he 36) and I'll only have a few years to potentially have kids if I even can. We both agreed that we'd still be happy together without kids for the rest of our lives if I end up being completely infertile, but the prospect of that leaves a constant feeling of dread in the back of my mind, like I'm failing as a woman and a wife. All I can really do now is schedule an appointment with my new OBGYN once our joint insurance is filed and hope they have good news for me.

Anonymous 139300

At least 30% of pregnancies are accidents. Are you saying that 30% of women are infants who can't make rational choices? Or is that other poster right, and women are not given adequate information on the side effects of sex because keeping women ignorant is a direct goal of the patriarchy?

Anonymous 139301

I didn't have pain killers because I was worried about the possible side effects of the epidural and I'd heard that doing a drug free birth was better for the babies brain. I figured that since I was taking responsibility for creating this little one, then I should give her the best start possible. I think men couldn't do birth without pain killers just because they're weak.

Anonymous 139304

Personally, it was painful, but at the height of it, it was no worse than the worst of my endo cramps. I think the exhausting part is just that it went on for so long. But to balance that, my aunt gave birth after being in labor for less than four hours and the first two and a half she thought were just Braxton Hicks because they weren't that strong. While my sister was so bad she honestly thought she was going to die and was sobbing instructions for what to tell her babies as they wheeled her into the operating room.
While you're going through it, you are also able to soothe yourself because you know all the pain is for a purpose. That you're getting a baby and that you're bringing life into the world. Plus, the chemicals your body releases during it make you forget a lot. I remember being in pain, but I don't remember the pain, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 139324

I think it is highly unlikely that 30% of women are not given enough information about what gets you pregnant, in developed countries at least. Many cases are due to contraceptive failure. Accidents don't mean unwanted. Those women might not have planned to have children at that specific time but could have been planning to have them later. That would also explain the lax use of the contraceptive ("if I get pregnant I get pregnant" seems to be the motto of many women in stable relationships who are not actively trying to get pregnant).

Anonymous 139328

That is ridiculously stupid. Nagging yourself about not having kids or you're a "failure" that is so insulting and vile

Anonymous 139599


I married young and I'm currently in the process of planning for a child now. My husband and I are still debating if we're going to adopt or conceive our first child, but my husband is leaning towards conceiving our first child because that's something important to him, but we'll be adopting a child once the opportunity comes. We're moving into a house soon, which I'm very excited for.

Although something I'm worried about is the body changes that come with pregnancy, but I'm trying to overcome that. My entire life, I've held importance to a good body but since I'm certain I'll be dedicating utmost importance to my children, I won't care anymore. My husband will still love me even if my body changes in ways that aren't conventionally attractive and it'll be worth it in the end for my child.

Anonymous 139669

That's a healthy attitude to have anon. I would recommend working out and eating right if you haven't started already. The pregnancy and birth will go so much easier on you if you are in shape (not just skinny) and are eating a diet low in sugars but adequate in fats and proteins.

Anonymous 139700

Just be careful letting your husband around the adopted child especially if it's a girl. Most adopted kids are molested by their step fathers.

Anonymous 139702

Anonymous 139722

All men are pedos until proven otherwise.
>oh my husband is a good man he would never do it
Yeah that's what the wives of convicted child molestors and rapists also said at one point. Don't underestimate the depths men are willing to sink to just to coom.

Anonymous 139790

>because that's something important to him
yeah very convenient since it's not him who will be pregnant
well it is indeed a main priority of a male human specie to seed the semen to have at least one dna heir

Anonymous 139794

Starting to think I'll never have a child, and it makes me feel completely defeated. I don't see a point in working or doing anything in the future if it's just for myself.

Anonymous 139987

god you are selfish and vain anon, if your refuse to foster kids or adopt because "muh genez"

Anonymous 140000

An adopted or fostered kid is not my own kid, regardless of how noble or humane the action is.

Anonymous 140009

Selfish twat the world is overpopulated

Anonymous 140010

My body, my choice. My country is not overpopulated, in fact, we are facing a dramatic population decline. Go tell people in Africa to stop having babies or sterilize yourself if you're so worried about overpopulation. Leave my uterus from a small European country alone.

Anonymous 140015

And that’s a good thing.
Typical selfish breeder response. You’re going to make the world worse for everyone, especially the children, and if they don’t like it they can just kill themselves so you don’t have to be bothered by the consequences of your actions.

Anonymous 140016

If you hate your mother so much for forcing you be alive please just kill yourself.

Anonymous 140018

Is that what you’re planning to say to your daughter? I can already tell you’ll make a great mother. I don’t see how your children could possibly hate you.

Anonymous 140019

Struck a nerve I see. Just kill yourself already you genetic dud.

Anonymous 140021

Gross, don't project on me, I'm not your mummy.

Anonymous 140026

First post itt but what the fuck is this about "breeders" and "inceldom"? I swear a lot of posters here have terminal 4chan scrotoid brain (or are males, which should be obvious).

Anonymous 140027

"Breeder" is more of a Reddit thing to be fair (as was "incel" before they were kicked out of there and flooded 4chan).

Anonymous 140028

probably b& off 4chun as well

Anonymous 140030

I'm not the one that destroyed my body and metabolism by being breeding stock scrote.

Anonymous 140031

Or I could just not breed like a pig, like MANY are opting to do now. What are you going to do for your children40 years from now when the earth is even more of a hellhole? It's disgusting that you don't think that far that's my bottom line.

Anonymous 140032

>40 years from now when the earth is even more of a hellhole

Don't know about that, with all the natural selection that has been happening recently I think things might even get better in less than a decade

Anonymous 140033

Why if I'm not suicidal? Having a child blows up your carbon/ environmental footprint and keeps multiplying and multiplying even after you due. Choosing not to continue that tradition has a pretty massive impact by itself

Anonymous 140034

The collapse of the environment would kill all of you off, and it would be more gory because you'd bring children into the decline and upheaval.

Anonymous 140036


In non-East Asian societies, selection is now dysgenic. Higher crime, lower IQ, less educated men and women produce more children. More and more children are now being born out of wedlock and into single parent homes because absentee fathers have the most children. These children in turn inherit their parents behaviour and are also less educated and more violent.

Anonymous 140037

Well it's up to you if you want to live in squalor and consume GMOs, thankfully I have been gifted with a brian

Anonymous 140038

Their lifespans are generally not very long though

Anonymous 140039

They have higher rates of obesity, death from violence and so on. But this only reduces the lifespan by half a decade or so. This is when 99% of their childbearing has been done. No one in the Western world will say it, but society is getting dumber. For example, more and more schools are dropping test requirements, allowing retakes and dropping deadlines. The SATs are now so easy that top colleges have largely disregarded them.

Anonymous 140040

Why does your body and metabolism even matter? Why are you being selfish by eating and breathing when we have too many people in the world already? The environmeny is DYING and people are SUFFERING and here you are bragging about having a "metabolism" when the decent thing to do would be to exist as an inanimate object and serve as soil fertilizer.

Anonymous 140041

The irony of calling another woman a pickme when you dedicate most of your life to men and their spawn.

Anonymous 140042

Ok pickme

Anonymous 140043

Why should you exist over a hypothetical child of mine? On what grounds are you qualified to make that choice? Because you're already alive? So, your mom gets to have sex and produce offspring and thereby take away my chance to do the same? I can already tell from your posts that you are dumb, so I think my offspring has more right to live than you. What now? Will you kill yourself or will we have to fight it out? Or perhaps I'll havr children anyway and you'll have to watch and seethe. Which one will it be?

Anonymous 140044

This. Trump told me is going to collapse in two weeks. I warned you Nonas!

Anonymous 140047

Thankfully I feel I don't have to lift a finger becuase people are now protesting for the right to kill off their progeny among other things, people who would probably tell me not to have children lmao

Anonymous 140048

The one who suffers as a result will be your child, not us. We're calling you a selfish idiot because you're not thinking about your own hypothetical child. Not like you care about that, since you can only comprehend chasing every whim no matter who it harms.

Anonymous 140050

Anon, for the last time, no one here is your mommy. Call her and sort your shit out, stop projecting.

Anonymous 140051

? People can do that in most developed countries, people are protesting right now in burgerland because they just lost that right.
I don't care if you have children, but I know you probably couldn't even if you wanted to.

Anonymous 140052

>life is suffering sop dont have kids
>no i wont end my life im enjoying mine

Anonymous 140053

The world is dying. No amount of deflection will give your future children clean air to breathe or water to drink when they're sweltering in their designated coops.

Anonymous 140054

Well, I'm white and my looks are better than average, I'm educated and have qualifications, not poor, all in all I think my chances of having are highly probable lol

Anonymous 140055


Anonymous 140056

Yeah and they stand even less of a chance with a depressive parent lmao

Anonymous 140058

Ok then save the planet and kill yourself or shut up. Youre not intelligent

Anonymous 140060

then please go have children so you will save the world from reading the stuff you post on the net

Anonymous 140061


Anonymous 140062

i know nona idk how we will survive without reading those flawless takes… but its a price im willing to pay if she will propagate her perfect genes and save humanity <3

Anonymous 140063



Anonymous 140064

Lol seethe

Anonymous 140065

Isn't it time for you to go change a nappy? Careful not to get shit all over yourself.

Anonymous 140066

18 to post

Anonymous 140068

I agree with the eugenicists here.
The ecosystem is suffering and only the most beautiful, educates and rich individuals should be allowed to have children. Anyone else is simply making everyone suffer.

Anonymous 140070

Wtf is this shit

Anonymous 140077

Disparaging word for people who have children by the anti-natalist movement. Another schizo hole not worth diving down.

Anonymous 140080

Sounds like something trannies would say
>hurr durr im a woman not a breeder

Anonymous 140082

Almost all antinatalists are trannies, so astute observation

Anonymous 140095

How does a thing like slaving over burdensome finance destroying poopy babies drive so many loons into such deep through denial the world is too fucked for more life? Only one explanation : blueball tormented scrotes

Anonymous 140096

It's not. It was word long before trans stuff ever became popular, let alone start infiltrating every women space on the internet.

Lol, no. Anti-natalists are like vegetarians, the vast majority are women. If anything, trans identifying males are always screeching that it's eugenics that they're sterilized when they cut off their cock and balls.

Anonymous 140107

Actually vegan men out number women in the majority because there are a lot of rastafari communities full of vegan men that are likely not even calculated

Anonymous 140129

Stick to Reddit with this repulsive, evil shit.

Anonymous 140135

Call your mommy anon, make peace with her.

Anonymous 140138

You're either 14 or just really dumb

Anonymous 140231

That's not why SATs are being dropped by top colleges. It's because some groups are underrepresented in admissions because they can't score high enough on the SAT to get in. For top colleges, you can find median test scores and gpa for the students they admit, if you got in with horrible stats it's due to your skin color.

Anonymous 140236

also they're run as businesses so everything else declines especially standards

Anonymous 140265

>some groups
just say blacks

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