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Terfposting #23 - normal canadian teacher edition Anonymous 159378


Prev thread: >>150098

Anonymous 159386

Is pic rel actually real? I keep seeing it posted but no source

Anonymous 159397

Anonymous 159413

If I was one of the teachers at that school I would start identifying as a men and wear a huge plastic dick and balls under leggings. See how fast they shut it down.

Anonymous 159417

How in christ is this acceptable?? dont they have dress codes??? Normal women can't dress like this so why can he??!!

Anonymous 159421

It does seem like a Jessica Yaniv-like situation. I think once this hits the mainstream most people will realize how absurd it is

Anonymous 159426

because its empowering and valid and totally not a caricature of a real woman based in fetish/voyeuristic opportunism to wear in front of children at school

Vive le Québec libre 159430


This would not be tolerated in QUÉBEC.
They need to leave the Angloids behind as soon as possible.

Anonymous 159432

why was >>159247 permabanned here for posting a picture of threadpic guy? It makes me really uneasy to post here, do the mods defend trannies or am I missing something?

Anonymous 159437

His true and honest self is having pendulous low hanging double X breasts with sharp knife nipples protruding at child's eye-level

Anonymous 159443

Kek tbh

Anonymous 159446

why are trannies mentally ill?

Anonymous 159459

Didn't mention sag, troon.

Anonymous 159485

I'm that anon and I still don't know why. Someone said it mightve been because the gif I posted was ugly? I got it off of the lolcow mtf thread though, it was just a stick figure joke animation some farmer made of the rubber chestplate being cut by the table saw in the classroom

Anonymous 159492

ok but imagine being so mentally insecure to think you can become a woman by chemically castrating yourself and chopping off your dick.
wait i guess you don't have to imagine, you can just look in the mirror.

Anonymous 159503

That's the same tranny who thinks saying "My tits are bigger than yours" is how women argue online lmao

Anonymous 159526

What kind of tranny strawman schizobabble is this

Anonymous 159533

its amazing how trannies post shit like this and then wonder why we don't think of them as real women

Anonymous 159535


>Hey, are you tired of real boobs, cluttering up your chest, where they rest, and they actually look normal? And you live with them? Get on down to “Real Fake Boobs”! That’s us. Pretend that you're a hentai drawing with ’em. See? Watch, check this out! Looks fake and ridiculous. Looks fetishistic. Not natural, not respectful. None of ’em look real! FakeBoobs.com is our website, so check it out for a lot of really great deals on fake boooooooobs!

Anonymous 159543


Anonymous 159545

they look like testicles that have 2 mosquitoes ever dedicated on biting the same place

Anonymous 159559

You and I both fuck men, the difference is I fuck straight men ;)

Anonymous 159561


Men are barnacles until the grave.

Anonymous 159563

anyone notice how its always tranny discourse about "donating wombs" (which will never happen btw) but no one ever talks about donating ballsacks and dicks? its like trannies feel so entitled to our bodies they feel that its inevitable women will give up their vital organs for them

Anonymous 159572


Anonymous 159575

What really ragebaits me about this image is the fucking nose outside of the mask. Peak retard move, but then again it takes a retard to think wearing silicone tits over your small intestines looks good. Especially because of how scrawny the rest of his body is, those thin, blatantly male arms and shoulders.

Anonymous 159579

If trannies had any sense they wouldn’t be trannies

Anonymous 159582

this person is a predator and belongs in prison. I'm surprised the police isn't involved, check his computer.

Anonymous 159586

LOL! obliterated

Anonymous 159593

again convinced this person is an op of some kind..

probably looking for a payout.
or he needs to be involuntarily committed for a period until he can calm the fuck down

Anonymous 159600

titty teacher is that you?

Anonymous 159602

That's why I was saying it reminds me of Jessica Yaniv. Once this gets big enough you'll start to see trans people disavow it

Anonymous 159604

But how did nobody just walk up to him like they would harrass any other female about what they wear!? Teachers have strict dress codes they have to work around the youth. The school administration must be completely wacko

Anonymous 159611

They already are. Trannys instantly abandon their own when they get caught. Everyone other tranny is valid though, just not this specific one, dont ask for an explanation just accept the tranny madness

Anonymous 159614


Youd lose your job for being bigoted

Anonymous 159624

If I was a student at the school I wouldn't be able to help myself I'd steal his fake boobs somehow and nail them to some freeway overpass

Anonymous 159644


I hate trannies my god

Anonymous 159661

Amazing how they switch from "muh doxing" to "we will illegally acquire your information and expose you".

Anonymous 159664

no fr what goes thru the mind of a person like this? i genuinely cannot fathom every wearing this in public, at a job, let alone as a teacher in a school setting.
like wtf? what is this mentality?

Anonymous 159667


Freedom of speech is dying. Also the ability to call out insanity that you witness with your own eyes is already dead. Sick and tired of this stupid world. Especially titty teacher, what kind of world are we living in where you can't so much as criticize a man who decides to wear a breastplate to a job that not only requires you to be around children, but also woodshop machinery?
I know right

Anonymous 159668

Their goal is raping kids. They will do anything to achieve it.

Anonymous 159677

He probably can't even fuck men, unless we're counting himself.

Anonymous 159687

Wrong, the word is simply “women”. Men aren’t even fake women, they’re just men.

Anonymous 159691

Doesn't KF users use fake emails?

Anonymous 159693

That's why I always say we can't be meek. We shouldn't give a fuck about playing fair and being nice, because they don't. It's total fucking war they want, they shall have it.
We should be 10x more ruthless than the Kiwiscrotes, since it's our rights and dignity they are after.

Anonymous 159696

You're instructed to, yes

Anonymous 159742

kek the jawline on "Erin" you could cut a fucking diamond on it.

Anonymous 159762

there's no way he wears them all day. i don't know how much all that rubber weighs but its gotta hurt his back after a few hours. bet you could steal them on his lunch break.

Anonymous 159767

Nah he probably just rests them against the top of the table and uses them as a plate for eating

Anonymous 159769

but how? when it can cost us our careers to speak out? it really is like, another form of men oppressing us.
i'm so jealous of women who are unafraid to post their names/face on social media and rightfully post terf content

Anonymous 159791

meanwhile actual women get dresscoded all the time in the workplace. its amazing how men get away with everything

Anonymous 159832

I think they will do things like they did with satoryuga, nona. They forwarded her information to a Korean MRA group and the moids beaten and assaulted her, her eye got badly injured. And all she did was block a troon on tumblr

Anonymous 159870

Yeah, it will be extremely hard at the start, but at some point we have to lose the fear and start doubling down when they try to "cancel" us. JK Rowling is a huge inspiration.

Anonymous 159897


Scrotes really have made being a disgusting pervert into a protected class, haven't they?

Anonymous 159940

They will strip your career anyways just to get a kick out of seeing you miserable.

Anonymous 159942

who tf uses their professional or main personal emails for their KF account? that's like tranny levels of stupid
his low af eyebrows are also somehow exactly at eye level
the thing is as long as they don't get institutional support then they don't really matter - it's not clear why institutions bother listening to them when they demand to cancel literally everything. kathleen stock, for instance, was never cancelled by her university despite constant protests from troons - she just chose to retire (which was disappointing). similarly rebecca tuvel is still an employed philosopher and her paper is still published in hypatia despite all the drama. institutional backbone isn't totally unheard of. admin people just need to stop giving into populism

Anonymous 159943

I'm aware this is a heated take, but they succeeded in that already with the approval of poopdick homos as a "prideful", normalized lifestyle. The slippery slope is real, and after trans "rights" it'll be "pedo rights" or however they'll sugarcoat it. Men are gross.

Anonymous 159961

who gives a shit if men want to fuck each other in the ass, cease with your constant fagsperging you autist

Anonymous 159980


We don’t have the celebrity gossip thread here but this is apparently Dwayne Wade’s child that has recently transitioned

Anonymous 159991

I would like to be more accepting of homosexuality, but so many gay people come out after trauma and child sexual abuse.

Anonymous 160002

This is fantastic.

Anonymous 160006

Scrotes just happen to abuse lots of people. So many women have experienced CSA, yet only a tiny portion of women is a lesbian. If it was actually caused by CSA, then way more women would be a lesbian.

Anonymous 160012

looks like ecco2k lol

Anonymous 160014

Yeah, I've been in support groups for abuse victims because a lot of people close to me have gon through sexual assault and most of the people in there are straight. I know more lesbians who were never abused in their life than ones who were.

Anonymous 160018

My dad just told me a story earlier today about two gays he worked with when he was 14 who invited him over their flat and gave him weed and then told him to bring a friend next time

Anonymous 160038

Your dad sounds cringe

Anonymous 160047

Time to start instructing class with my XL bad dragon packer in my underwear. B) And why yes, it IS for educational purposes! My students can see the anatomy of the otherkin animal I spiritually identify as. Check your privilege, humans, and get ratio'd by futa (cis woman w/ strap-on) simps and furries.

Anonymous 160050

"No bad tactics only bad targets". What's more is that 99% of the dox on KF was pulled from sources that are open the public (often shared by the doxee themself) and not obtained through underhanded hacky means.

Members are told to use burner emails to register and , but let's be real, out of thousands of users there are bound to be some who didn't. iirc, the 2019 leaks showed that some people signed up with emails that had their full name.

Anonymous 160074

It's not even certain that the keffals troon was doxed or swatted. I wouldn't put past these psychos to have faked the whole thing.

Anonymous 160096

If you're white or at least not asian or black it's just because it's harder to recognize the subtle differences in a different race than your own

Anonymous 160097


>this could just be a really attractive prettyboy but instead he asks you to use she/her pronouns and pretend you're equals
I hate this timeline so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 160105

Males are not females.

Anonymous 160115

Not too bright are you

Anonymous 160130

>being this embarrassed after getting caught making a stupid mistake

Anonymous 160144

Is this autism?

Anonymous 160157

The difference between the kind of people whose publicly searchable information is shared on Kiwifarms, and the people that get mobbed and doxxed on Twitter, is that the former are "poor minorities" (read: usually sex pests hiding behind SJW politics) and the latter "deserved it" (in their worldview, because they're usually the kind of people like the former camp)

I was in the camp that "Keffals is a bad person (and a man, lmao) but didn't deserve to be swatted because no one does)", until I saw the reciepts about him grooming underage boys on Discord, giving hormones to kids, and bragging about raping straight men by deception, I really don't give a shit anymore.


"pretend you're equals" means pretending a TIM is the same as a woman, did you misunderstand the post?

Anonymous 160158

Equal means "the same as" and men are not biologically the same as women. There will be even more chaos denying the reality of biological differences in the sexes.

Troons especially want you to drink the ""equality"" meme troonshine you're sipping because they will do everything they can to pretend that transitioning is "harmless", while lying and poorly covering up how they physiologically cannot morph their Y chromosome into an X and become exactly like us, all while trying to shirk the duties of a man while also trying to skirt the unpleasantries of being a real woman.

Women are strong and we still dtay resilient, endure, and prosper even in shit times like this. Never forget that.

Anonymous 160163

Dont exist because gender doesnt exist.

Anonymous 160165

I think every troon deserves every bad thing that happens to them.

Anonymous 160173

A majority of "nonbinary" people are just fujos and yurifags that want to be the opposite sex but know they don't pass. Misogynists have also made me aware that generally enbies also seem to mostly be women that want to just not identify as women, likely because they have low self-esteem but are also sickened by the idea of being desired by straight men. (Which is fair, men can be pretty gross, but this is not a good way to handle that issue.)

Anonymous 160175

Youre a schizophrenic pedophile tranny and will never be seen as a woman and more importantly will never belong with us or anyone. You are not like us, we do not think, behave or live the same life. You are a man and always will be. Stop posting.

Anonymous 160176

If you start larping as ulqi instead of just posting him i s2g
Also to answer the question, non-binary is just the new name for adrogynous, except not many non-binaries try to be andreogynous. If they did they would
>saddle the burden of both gender
As in gender roles and not sex. Most hatred for androgyny comes from homophobic intentions. I know you're the troon but I thought this would be a good explanation for anyone coming across it.
>inb4 how is it homophobic
"Crossdressing" and/or GNC people are seen as gay first and foremost especially the TIMs that die, who are usually black prostitutes and well I don't think I have to explain why they were seen as gay kek

Anonymous 160190

Their view is "lol it's just a roastie. I'm still gonna treat her like a woman anyways and jack off lol" or "lol failed MtF tranny".
My view is to get a feel for their personal views before I judge them as self-misogynistic/self-misandristic or not.

Anonymous 160217

Just get the fuck out of here. This is a female-only board. What makes you think you're allowed here? You've been banned several times, you ugly pedophile faggot. Why do you insist on inserting your hideous self in a place where you KNOW you're unwanted?
I hope you get murdered by a homophobe.

Anonymous 160222

The crazy thing is that they can't do anything to you that isn't online. Worst case scenario a retard appears on your doorstep and you can call the police

Anonymous 160229

If a pedo scrote in a wig appeared at my doorstep I'd be calling forensic cleanup.

Anonymous 160232

Disliking a group that are by definition living a lie and crossing social boundaries and are also clearly backed by very rich people who do not even have their patients' (trannies) best interests in mind

Anonymous 160242


Anonymous 160252

Keffals was definitely doxed by KF and other parties. Initial dox was the result of classic Internet sleuthing, his boyfriend having poor opsec and hardcore weaponized autism (see the "dox'd by reflection in his eyes" arc). Vile, a group that is unaffiliated with KF, later posted Keffals and his family's full dox on a special dox dumping site that I won't name here because I'm not sure if it is against the rules, lol.

The "swattings with extra steps"/search warrant did happen but there is no evidence that points to the culprit being someone from KF. Keffals is stupid but I don't think he is so stupid as to send that fake terrorism threat email himself.

Anonymous 160254


Anonymous 160256

14k likes for some shit that may happen.

Anonymous 160259

the one good thing about trannies is that they remove themselves from the gene pool and their suicide rate is very high :)

Anonymous 160265

This is not your troon hugbox at lolcow. It is very much allowed and common to wish for troons to die here.

Anonymous 160270

rich people want to feel oppressed so badly. they are just so bored and coddled.

imagine a starving child in africa telling people they want to transition and take hormone blockers. tbh, i think the medical industry would actually provide that first b4 anyone thinks to provide education for girls

Anonymous 160275

All the more reason to have my corpse dumped directly into a crematorium, no autopsy, no embalming, no service.

Anonymous 160281

gay men are disgusting and even more degenerate than straight men, by pure fact that they will have multiple orgies and sexual partners in a week and see no issue with it. monkeypox spread showed us that again.

it's too bad they found a cure for aids, but nature will find a way to weed them out again.

Anonymous 160288


aids didn't just affect men

Anonymous 160292


pretty hefty margins there tho

Anonymous 160297

no i completely agree. women are absolutely essential for keeping men in check.

Anonymous 160298

The world is more than the US.

Anonymous 160302

either way, i don't care if faggots dies of aids and i never will.

Anonymous 160307

don't you care that it's the leading cause of death among women between the age of 15 and 49?

Anonymous 160311

this, its just that gay moids have no women involved to tell them "no" and they let their dicks carry them away unmitigated. Moids are moids are moids, straight moids just have more motivation to behave since getting pussy relies on it. And even then, they fail, so.

Anonymous 160319


Anonymous 160321

Not sure if this is appropriate to ask here but.
Why are there barely any terfs or gc on tiktok. It’s a Chinese app so it’s not like they actually care. Why huddle in obscurity or problematic websites like kf?

Anonymous 160324

Sometimes I feel so bad for the leafs, you have to deal with this and can't say anything because it will be TrAnSPhoBiC and they will hunt you down and leave you jobless and threaten your family, etc…
But then I remember they actually fought for this and my compassion is gone. They made the bed and lay down on it, fuckers.

Anonymous 160326

what? it isn't though, not even close
heart disease and cancer is the leading cause of death with injuries (like from road accidents) and suicides up there too
they get harassed and doxxed and threatened by insane tiktok troons and then twitter troons start brigading them too, I've witnessed it happen before

Anonymous 160327

>it's too bad they found a cure for aids, but nature will find a way to weed them out again.
No, why are you upset that one of the leading causes of death for women between 15 and 49 would be treatable? It doesn't just affect gay scrotes. The world is more than the US.

Anonymous 160329

because it's full of the craziest trannies and handmaidens who will dox you and ruin your life for showing your face?

Anonymous 160331



Anonymous 160332


Anonymous 160334

it's not one of the leading causes of death for women between 15 and 49, I couldn't find any sources confirming that (to be fair I only did a few google searches)

Anonymous 160337


the source was literally included in the pic

Anonymous 160341

my bad I'm retarded and didn't scroll up enough to see that was posted

Anonymous 160345


oh my god

Anonymous 160352

but your moving the goalposts. my intent was always about faggots.

Anonymous 160357

wtf even is dilating? nevermind i don't even want to know

Anonymous 160363

Yeah and I'm trying to tell you, from the beginning, that aids doesn't just affect gay scrotes, it affects a fuck ton of women. The world isn't just the US. So it's a good thing that it's treatable and it's not worth screwing over hundreds of thousands of women and girls, just to dunk on gay scrotes. What do you think bi men in your nice America infographic do? They sleep with women too. Guess what happens with those women? Is it really worth it? Without treatment, a woman can even pass it on in pregnancy. Do women really need to suffer for degenerate scrote mistakes?

Anonymous 160364

TIM "vagina" surgery is just an inside-out penis. They need to stick a dilator (something actual women sometimes use for conditions like vaginismus) inside the reverse penis, so it will still have depth on the inside.

Anonymous 160365


is this book any good?

Anonymous 160369

ok but just to be clear, ur getting mad about something i'm not talking about at all.

Anonymous 160374

>it's too bad they found a cure for aids
Wtf else do you expect when you post shit like this?

Anonymous 160390

This. I'm black and black MTFs stick out like a sore thumb to me kek and I've heard asian people aren't easily fooled by asian MTFs either, so I think it's just racial blindness at work if you think races that aren't your own have an easier time passing.

Anonymous 160391

Unspoken rules, like it isn't okay to leer at children

Anonymous 160395

The author is a Republican, so it comes from a conservative perspective, not a feminist one. It's an okay introduction to the topic for boomers. Helen Joyce's book is much better.

Anonymous 160400


Anonymous 160406

jfc. this shit has to be so fucking expensive and you know they’re not paying a fucking dime. while women are dying of breast and cervical cancers or breaking their own backs to cover for their sick kid or husband's expenses. FUCK I hate these gross entitled men so much.

Anonymous 160440

i just check my university library for both books and both are checked out smh

Anonymous 160443

Imagine dying and they take turn your skin to turn into a festering stink ditch on a psychotic man. Surely you'd have to give consent to this before death, right?

Anonymous 160461


what are some other books we should read? I just finished Right Wing Women and I’m in the middle of Pornography: Men Possessing Women by Andrea Dworkin. I’m also reading Who Cooked the Last Supper by Rosalind Miles, and I’ll probably start Helen Joyce’s book next.

this is what happens when you donate your body to some vague “science” - male doctors use you to practice plastic surgery, or to harvest your uterus (to advance “reproductive science” aka to figure out how to remove us from the equation), or apparently to create skin for some nasty troon’s festering crotch wound. women are used up by men even after our deaths.

Anonymous 160475



Anonymous 160479

I just downloaded both off Libgen, but I wish I bought Helen Joyce's book. I think it's fine to read books by people with different opinions, but even if I support its right to exist, I didn't want to pay for Irreversible Damage since Abigail Shrier is a typical Republican.

Anonymous 160485

>Abigail Shrier
whats her education bg?

Anonymous 160489


Oh, you mean WOMEN?! Women are less than inviting when a man in a dress or a woman in denial tried to invade their space? (Frankly, I don't see trans men being rejected from women's spaces either.)

Anonymous 160508


Her website says she was at these colleges, and she's an independent journalist, but one of the papers who wrote for was the Federalist and other conservative outlets. So this isn't really coming from a feminist perspective, it's more of just educating people on the right wing side about the issue, when I read the book one of the positive reviews are from Ben Shapiro.

There's 3 or 4 different books about the trans issue, and each are basically for different side of the political spectrum. Irreversible Damage is for the conservative side, The End of Gender by Debra Soh is for the liberal/centrist side, and Trans by Helen Joyce and the new book by Janice Raymond (I haven't read it yet, sorry lmao) is for the feminist side.

Anonymous 160526

images - 2022-09-1…

I hate that scrote so much. Like, how can anyone take that shit seriously??? This should have peaked the world by now. And to think that cute girl who mimicked him got doxxed. Clown world

also does cc have a cute mascote like elsie? I want some crossover art kek

Anonymous 160529

Oh yeah right, moids desperate need for us to validate their desire to..play with tampons

Let's make tampons trans inclusive so they can stick them up the bloody noses they gett goin n women's restrooms

Anonymous 160530

Their mascot is Cece the lizard!

Anonymous 160532

Fucking what? Barbie pouch?
Fuck Tampax for letting this scrote represent women.

Anonymous 160544

this nasty scrote really spoke at Forbes Power Woman event the other day. hopefully his makeup is carcinogenic

Anonymous 160547


We have an actual board mascot, too. I just don't think posters really latched onto it like they did cece and the miner femjak.

Anonymous 160549


Anonymous 160550

>haha I'm so cute I'm just a 30+ y/o gay male pretending to be a 13 year-old loli just learning about puberty ^_^ haha I bet tampon go ouchie hurty when it pushes into cunny teehee
How do I delete someone else's video.

Anonymous 160553

they got spammed on twitter for it with #mahsaamini in the replies, an actual woman who was murdered recently. Nobody actually cared for him or his interview with Forbes. But big companies like Forbes are so weak and scared over troons its pathetic

Anonymous 160556

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 160569

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 160573

Awn. She's cute, I like her. She has potential

Anonymous 160580

she's a little freaky, i think because she reminds me of that low poly horror video game guy who chases you around in a school idk his name

Anonymous 160619

Troons literally use this argument (especially your statement regarding black women). Idk I think it's race-blindness. Plus this person looks younger and carefully posed. Lets see them candidly next to other girls and women. Even still there will be men and boys who pass, it's really not the point of the criticism. I also don't think it's down to race. (Also tbh I'm just sick of black women being masculinized. Still can't escape that narrative even when you think you're amongst likeminded women.)

Anonymous 160657

>homosexual men are the most degenerate type of men
Doubt. I think your problem is you're viewing them as a subset of men, when they're just acting like men. I think men are arrogant, more likely to take risks, and have a much higher sex drive than women. All of these were factors leading to AIDS epidemic.
>how many strange men they could give “gay cancer” to in a night
Sociopaths happen. They seem to happen more frequently in men, but they still happen. I don't think being gay makes a man more likely to be sociopathic. Though I am open to changing my view if you have any studies showing they are.
>the government failed them
The government absolutely failed them. There were actions that the government deliberately didn't take that could have lessened the impact of AIDS. It was a group that was hated that seemed to suddenly be dying out. Homophobia used to be even stronger.

Anonymous 160684


Yeah, I prefer the lizard.

Anonymous 160696

I think you think that words means something else than what it does. Race blindness is when members of one race find it hard to identify and distinguish between members of another race. This is pretty well established.

Anonymous 160711

Yeah, that's all I meant when I wrote that.

Anonymous 160716


Didn't realize Ms. Choksondik trooned out too

Anonymous 160734

Retarded and racist kek

Anonymous 160741

is there a non-twitter summary of this event anywhere, this is the first I'm hearing of it

Anonymous 160770

tldr lesbian women in UK, leeds I think, organized a male-free lesbian march, impotent tranny moids got mad they weren't allowed and showed up to the march en masse harassing the lesbian women and threatening them and I think even trying to attack a few, then police didn't do anything about the failedmale trannies except make the lesbian march move somewhere else
referring to the second picture and the lesbianstrength mention, idk what the letwomenspeak is

Anonymous 160808

it is

Anonymous 160809

Just found out Ethel Cain is a tranny?? Wtf

Anonymous 160810

trannies are objectively mentally ill though.

Anonymous 160811

it's bait, just ignore it.

Anonymous 160817

whyd you spoil

Anonymous 160818


i mean idk how you could have missed it

Anonymous 160825

listening to this tranny rn by the way, his voice doesn't pass at all. he straight up sounds like a man. still a pretty voice though ngl

Anonymous 160850

huh?? we cant call trannies mentally ill anymore? idgi. transgenderism is rooted innately in mental illness. mentally ill people are much more susceptible to transgenderism than anyone else

Anonymous 160852

you are responding to a schizophrenic child porn spamming tranny, report and ignore any pro-tranny anti-woman posts in this thread

Anonymous 160853

oh my b

Anonymous 160860

no worries, to any other confused anons do the same thing - report and ignore tranny seetheposts itt and across the site

Anonymous 160901


> used to go to school w this tranny, he got in trouble for running a discord server w girls nudes
> troons out and everyone says he passes, starts an OF
> FAS looking faggot

Anonymous 160983

I think it's some tranny samefagging, he gets mad at he word "schizo" too

Anonymous 161038

Psychology and psychiatry are different fields.

Anonymous 161063

What peaked you? For me it was "genital preference" discourse

Anonymous 161108


Gocks and troons getting hard over "Submissive and Breedable" femboys with them

Anonymous 161130

next time I renew my driver's license i'm opting out of being an organ donor because i refuse to become part of a stinkditch

Anonymous 161131

images (8).png

Genital preference as well and seeing how fetishistics trannies were. Hate reading radfem blogs helped me reached. The day I peaked, I tweeted something like "men have no place in feminism, it's for women only" and a tranny and a handmaid replied me like UHHH ACTUALLY TRANS MEN ARE WELCOME AND SO ARE ENBIES. I was visiting my bf who was in another state for uni and I ranted for around 3 hours, while we walked from our hotel to a shopping mall. I had a lot bottled up! Back in 2017! My bf is a bit popular on his niche on twitter and introduced me to some radfems he had befriended! Now I have some rad/gc friends but I still keep a low profile with my opinions, a lot of my friends are queerios still.

Anonymous 161134

alloderm is VERY expensive.

Anonymous 161210

For me it was when the Canadian trannies got the women's only rape shelter defunded and then kept vandalizing it. I always was of the opinion that transwomen are still of course men but I'll be polite because mental illness is a bitch. It wasn't until that whole thing happened that I realized they really truly hate women and just want to hurt us as much as they can

Anonymous 161244

6'0 tranny in forever21 larping as a teen girl lingered in the changing area

Anonymous 161264

I just never really liked trannies all that much. For the longest time, I bought into the idea of gender dysphoria and I remember even learning about how there are "male" and "female" brains in a sociology class (I was forced to take it for a humanities requirement). I felt sorry for them. However, I noticed how self-obsessed they were even prior to peaking which turned me off from them. I think it's noticing this constant narcissistic self-obsession that trannies tend to exhibit is what slowly peaked me. That combined with how illogical the gender movement really was.

Anonymous 161320

idk really, i was super indifferent to trannies etc. for a long time bc i felt like it didn't affect me and i had never met one irl despite living in a major metropolitan city.
i think actually a conversation i had w/ my irl friend last year about the shit she had to deal w/ at uni in her program made me really shocked, and maybe that led me to understanding things more–combined with browsing lc more.

Anonymous 161325

>how there are "male" and "female" brains in a sociology class
humanities "academics" stop butchering biology challenge

Anonymous 161328

I think it's because most African American women don't wear their hair natural. This allows black TiMs to pass better than white ones since black woman are already making themselves look unnatural.

Anonymous 161331

>linebacker shoulders and neanderthal face
Why do they all lack self-awareness?

Anonymous 161332

i think this is why troons are so against people reading terf stuff at all. because they know plenty of people are easily peakable and it's easier to try keeping them in the dark about what terfs have to say

Anonymous 161336

I'm watching through this moid's videos and am kind of sickened all of the weird up close shots of his gynecomastia and him undressing while pretending to be a teenage girl or some pastiche of a white trash woman.

Anonymous 161337

Honestly it was just browsing radfem blogs on tumblr and reading the arguments made by radfems vs those made by libfems and TRAs. Anyone with functional critical thinking skills can see the arguments in favor of gender ideology are totally nonsensical.

Anonymous 161344

Right? It's so disgusting and autogynephiliac. The whole thing seems like an amateur recording of a lanky dude with a sissification fetish, from the poses, clothes, the awkward movements, panty-shots, but everyone is eating it up as "art". Women can't make a sultry video without being called whores.

Anonymous 161347

can you guys rec a video to watch of this creep that really gives the whole vibe? i'm not trawling through all of his vids (and likely terrible music)

Anonymous 161354

I was fresh out of high school and naïve back then and now it pisses me off that concept was being taught. This was from a "prestigious" university by the way. I really fucking hate academia.

Anonymous 161357


from his ig

Anonymous 161358

look at thos fucking hands lmfaoooooo

Anonymous 161359


Anonymous 161360

This is probably his most egregious one.

Anonymous 161364

THIS is what taylor swift says is great? this is such derivative trash. it couldn't be more obvious this is a sad lana rip off

Anonymous 161366


Anonymous 161368

The difference is that HSTS troons aren't a direct threat to women. They don't have sexual fantasies about raping lesbians, they're gay moids that want to look like women to attract other moids.

Anonymous 161369

nothing says sexy like those orthotic geriatric heels and pantyhose. honestly lana should sue this dude for blatantly ripping off literally everything about her

Anonymous 161372

that was fake, don’t worry

Anonymous 161374

all of the male sexologists who hype up HSTSes and downplay how gross they are are highkey chasers, blanchard included. that said, like another anon said, they aren't as much of a risk to women, but their agenda is the same mostly, so it is still harming us

Anonymous 161376

That and the fact MtFs often act just like men, especially with constantly wanting to colonialize womens' spaces, or the incels in dresses that want to bully lesbians into dating them.
They can't just stop at being "trans people." In the next years there's probably going to be massive amounts of male abusers that'll leverage other peoples' blind support of trannies in order to get away with f'ed up shit. Before all of this, I was ambivalent and felt 0 disgust and even would have called someone by their preferred pronouns.

Anonymous 161377

idk once we have an eastern world order, who knows what will happen

Anonymous 161388

Russia is literally a terrorist state that invades other countries, genocides civilians and threatens the world with nuclear disaster and famine. Russia is vile.

Anonymous 161392


I think you are talking about the US there.

Anonymous 161398

The Russian Ministry of Culture literally put a stamp of approval on shows with cross dressing balls and capable women saying they have the soul of a man. They care more about being misogynistic than avoiding spreading troon propaganda about their own former monarchs. I don't think even other countries have gone as far as retconning female monarchs as men?

Anonymous 161403

Not a moid. I want a good looking Russian e-boy TERF bf now.


Having a hard time accepting the Eurasian truth?

Anonymous 161404

Not one that uses Tiktok though, that's gay.

Anonymous 161406

Gee I wonder why

Anonymous 161423

>male radical feminist
impossible. just say gender critical

Anonymous 161448

>Country is hostile to trannies
>Country is also hostile to women

It's all so tiresome

Anonymous 161454

>were any of you "trans women are women too!!" before??
I have never genuinely believed in the deranged shit TRAs nowadays believe, like how a man can be born with a literal woman's brain, or how you can literally turn your body into the opposite sex.

I used to think that we had to be nice to trannies because they're not harming anyone by choosing that lifestyle, and before trans ideology became more well-known I saw trannies from my country as extremely rare cases but didn't really put a lot of thought into how exactly they decided to be women, maybe I simply believed "they just wish they were born women so bad that they're willing to get surgery to change their sex, nothing wrong with that", since they were such rare exceptions I didn't think that mentality was dangerous.

I never thought that trans women are literally women, but the closest thing to that I ever believed was that male and female brains were a thing, and that troons are born with brains that are more like that of the opposite sex than their own sex.

But I never fully accepted TIMs as women. I always knew something was off about that belief, I knew there was a difference between a male who wants to be a woman, and an actual woman. When my ex told me he was a troon I lost a lot of attraction for him, because I like men, not women or men who pretend to be women. I felt really guilty about my feelings of disgust when he told me this and when he showed me the pics where he crossdressed, and like I was being intolerant, but now I realize that I was right and there was nothing wrong with finding it off-putting, because it's just a fetish for them (he sent me random porn drawings once and that disgusted me to no end despite me having pornsickness at the time) and they're delusional. God knows what would've happened if I had tried to be supportive and stayed with him only to not hurt his feelings, putting his delusions before my own comfort and happiness.

Anonymous 161466

her book is good, but she humors troons by using their correct pronouns. doublethink by janice raymond is also a good one

Anonymous 161467

Oh that makes sense. It also explains why they use kpop fancams

Anonymous 161474

Exactly. Do you automatically become a nazi if you read about ww2? No, so if someone immerses themself in TERF content, if their beliefs were truly that strong they wouldn't peak. But trannies know that the TERF logic actually far surpasses the tranny logic, ehich is why they try to eradicate TERFs from the internet because they know they wouldn't be able to brainwash/groom children if TERFs were allowed to freely express their own opinion without being doxxed to hell and back.

Anonymous 161478

Isn't it cause men in Africa with AIDS keep raping women and children?

Anonymous 161480

Probably, it's on the rise in Eastern Europe too though. Maybe because of sex trafficking?

Anonymous 161481

I remember reading about how these men believe that raping a virgin will cure them of aids.

Anonymous 161482

the hands never fail to give them away

Anonymous 161488

I'm not a tranny. I don't care what moids do to other moids. AGPs are the bigger threat because their sexual interest is women. HSTS aren't asking to put in women's prisons so they can rape the inmates, they aren't trying to get inside women's bathrooms so they can molest little girls, they aren't forcing lesbians to take dick and they aren't sending death threats to TERFs on social media. An AGP is a perverted male pedophile in a dress and a HSTS is a gay scrote in a dress, it's obvious which is the more dangerous to women. Pointing that out doesn't make me a man because it's basic common sense.

Anonymous 161489


Anonymous 161491

Yeah, really. I'm not going to tell women fed up with men to take a bat for them but the vasy majority of them are self-hating gay men, they're mostly hurting themselves. Except for the ones who try to trick straight men, but that's also technically men's problem to sort out with themselves.

Anonymous 161493

HSTS troons still push the gender agenda like "wrong body" and "gendered brains" bullshit, groom kids, are pedos (like many gays) and want invade our female spaces. They also reinforce misogyny by making themselves look like pornified caricatures of women and supporting the porn industry and prostitution.
They are just as harmful as AGPs. The only way they'd be acceptable would be if they became something like Thai ladyboys and accepted that they are some degenerate mutilated type of moid and lived in a parallel society. But western troons will never accept that.

Anonymous 161496

None of you ever tricked a straight man into anything. That's a troon and faggot (same thing) fantasy. All men who'd ever do anything sexual with you are faggots, whether or not they admit it doesn't matter.

Anonymous 161500

tranny itt

Anonymous 161502

And I agree. I never said that HSTS were acceptable, I said that what differentiates HSTS and AGP troons is the threat level to women.

Anonymous 161504

then why do you cape for trannies so hard kek

Anonymous 161508

more like you have no side you can stay on because neither one likes you

Anonymous 161512

Stop responding to the tranny. He wants attention because it's the only thing stopping him from joining the 41% and your giving it to him.

Anonymous 161518

Be like his father and ignore him

Anonymous 161521


your ex gf didnt even abort her child kek

Anonymous 161523

No it's me Jessica

Anonymous 161525

you'd know by now

Anonymous 161529

when my now ex-bf came out as one tbh. would never have peaked if I hadn't had a direct relationship with one. literally all the "cruel memes" that I thought were exaggerations were true, like a checklist, once I went back and thought about different things he said/did.

Anonymous 161533

What sent me down the rabbit hole at first was a guy coming out as an enbie. I just couldn't accept his reasonings they were very sexist, it's ironic because I knew other enbies. I was still going through this back and forth as I was trying to find more stories that made enbies seem sane and not overly regressive narcissists but the genital preference is what cemented it. What a lot of TIFs/themlets were describing was just far too relatable and I couldn't believe they were selling it as a separate gender I would do anything to go to unpeak I hate feeling like such an outcast.

>were any of you "trans women are women too!!" before??

I guess yeah even if it did create the obvious cognitive dissonance, but at least I'm free from that now. I was much more firmly in the transmed camp where imo things make a lot more sense from that pov but when I started looking a bit more into what gender dysphoria is according to the people that have it all I could think of was "who literally cars? Just wear a dress/cut your hair short, you're describing a societal problem not a personal one"

Anonymous 161544

For me it was seeing transbians. It’s easy to see a twink in a wig as a woman because a lot of them make an effort to pass (although that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own weird issues). It was seeing transbians gaslighting lesbians with stuff like “you are transphobic if you won’t date me!!!” It occurred to me that these are still men. They have male brains. Even the twinks in wigs and makeup have male brains. And I can’t even call them out for at least growing up with male privilege because they will attack people who say that. “I didn’t grow up with male privilege because I’m actually trans!!”

Anonymous 161551

Riley the want to be rapist. He peaked so many

Anonymous 161555


Same. I was sadly a handmaiden for so long until the EXTREMELY BASIC IDEA that lesbians don't do dick was challenged. The male behavior jumped out and was suddenly unignorable.

Anonymous 161556

Yeah the Middle East doesn’t have a problem with trannies at all. Go away with your bait. Homophobia is part of this shit.

Anonymous 161557

Story time!

Anonymous 161559

>It’s easy to see a twink in a wig as a woman
BIG doubt

Anonymous 161561

AYRT let me be autistic and face-blind in peace. But really I was thinking about some of those trans beauty YouTubers that peaked five years ago and used a lot of filters and surgeries.

Anonymous 161572

It's called curb stomping, idiot

Anonymous 161592

Old troons forget that they trooned out and then get upset that their dick is gone, so he will get what he deserves in the end.

Anonymous 161650


Retarded raiders burrying this thread with your subpar anti-troon memes. Make yourselves useful and at least post them here.
Scrotes can't do one darned thing right.

Anonymous 161681

tranny big.png

Imagine seeing your own son be groomed/forced to transition by his pedophilic tranny father.

Anonymous 161686

posted on tumblr when i was 15 that trans women & cis women's experiences are inherently different & that trans women don't belong in every cis woman issue because so much of female oppression has been based on our bodies. i thought this was a common sense take but i got blasted for it. still handmaidened because i didn't want to be prejudiced. i didnt believe male & female brains were that different so on that basis figured gender is a flux concept & that the transphobes were just a bunch of bigots.
i have since found out the hard way that male & female brains are very, very, very different. men are inherently violent & even the 'good' ones spend their lives controlling that urge. they have weaker theory of mind. it's not because they're being socialized. many men grow up living perfect lives, all nurture does is embolden them. doesn't make them all inherently evil. it just means a man can never ever be a woman or see things as a woman does. & any woman who thinks she can see things as a man does is lying to herself, usually to escape the constraints of being perceived as a woman. & the realization that the trans agenda that claimed to reject gender roles was instead enforcing them more strongly than anyone, that if you were a girl who liked 'boy' things they would try to convince you that you're not a girl at all. if you like 'boy' and 'girl' things both, then you must be nonbinary. if you don't feel like society's definition of a 'girl' or a 'boy' then you must be nothing. like what? how can no one see how fucking retarded this is?? i always bring up 'facial feminization surgery' when i try to peak my friends because it's just straight up plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes masqueraded as 'gender affirming care.'

Anonymous 161700

Jfc. I'm glad his poor wife dipped out, though. Hopefully she can save the kid.

Anonymous 161701

The only thing that makes me happy about trannies is knowing that deep down they hate themselves more than any of us ever could.

Anonymous 161704

Oh, so it is troons raiding us. Makes sense.
YWNBAW and you're all too ugly for this world. Please correct nature's mistake and kysves, thanks.

Anonymous 161707


>Joke on you I love myself, only those that love themselves can joke about themselves, plus I know I look better than most of you as I'll actually post pics of myself and as much as you cope I don't need photoshop

Anonymous 161709


I am a certified hottie according to you scrotes, I get more orbiters than I can deal with with absolute minimal effort.
Now go 41%.

Anonymous 161711


>Says your bait reddit account? Sorry I actually get laid so I dont care about proving myself more than I have, if you're not so scared to be proven wrong why not post face and delete in 5 mins? Cause you fat and hairier than I am, I can smell the moid from here.

Anonymous 161720


>sending a pic of myself
>to a moid
>for free
lmao you can't afford it, not even to use to cut your wrists to as you ugly cry of gender dysphoria, troon

Anonymous 161729

go back to kiwifarms

Anonymous 161757

troons are not women, and they would have killed themselves either way.

Anonymous 161763

Whomst, humour me.

Anonymous 161764

why are some soyjaks so kawaii

Anonymous 161772

Do not reply to him at all

Anonymous 161775

>be me
>be carpet muncher
>wanted gf
>be desperate and woke
>hit on many of them
>they all made 100 % vocally clear that they saw potential for a serious relationship, but instead
>you ended up being used for sex, every time, and once they got that, their interest vanished overnight
like… this some str8 ppl bullshit. not cool.

Anonymous 161777

Holy shit he's repulsive

Anonymous 161779

She was in a severely abusive relationship with a groomer old moid, and she said repeatedly she'd kill herself if he left. He did, she killed herself.
How does that have anything to do with KiwiFarms?

Anonymous 161782

For me it was when the creepiest guys I knew IRL ended up trooning out (yep, more than one). There were a few guys I knew who were adjacent to my group I used to go dancing with at the goth clubs back in college, and one of them was especially creepy and lecherous towards all of the girls and weirded us all out. We all talked about how something felt "off" about this guy, and I found out later that he hit and choked a girl he was dating and claims he doesn't remember. And, of fucking course, he ended up trooning out a year ago. I already knew there was something mentally off about this dude and it just affirmed that yes, it's always the mentally ill, violent moids who are drawn to being trans.

Anonymous 161783

hope so, but i’m 29. been living the muncher lifestyle since 14. they say kkhv is red flag in my age, so nah. would rather immerse myself in piles of yuri mango, and cuddle with my cat.
i want to believe…

Anonymous 161784

Believe in the me that believes in the you

Anonymous 161785

thx, anon. will try.

Anonymous 161798

Not even that. Bodies donated to science are literally sold online to whatever pervert freak wants to keep your skull on their desk. There are websites totally unregulated where you can buy body parts, all kinds. Best thing that can realistically happen to your body when you "donate it to science" is some med student uses it for practice

Anonymous 161801

Seeing transbians at a pride parade I accidentally stumbled upon in my early teens. For a decade I felt like I was the only one who was upset about this stuff. It definitely took longer for me to admit to myself that I'm a lesbian, because I just didn't want to be associated with that shit. That was my introduction to the concept of lgbt in general.

Anonymous 161805

this seems like a safety hazard. prolly why the kids filmed it

Anonymous 161806

Screen Shot 2022-0…

or they put them in "body museums". i seriously dont understand how this shit is legal

Anonymous 161808

holy shit if you search that title on reddit theres like a million troons posting about how they're jealous of women…wtf

Anonymous 161811

I've mentioned it on here before though obv I don't expect anyone to remember but I guess I will try to make it fast
>showed me his "ideal body" and literally used a porn star for it. I know women and girls will have ideal bodies too and share/save inspo but I've personally never seen anyone point to a naked photo of a specific porn star as one. it was a relatively normal looking porn star (not one with cartoonish fake tits) but still.
>more than once tried to convince me I was a lesbian, esp while they were still testing the waters as a they/them. in particular mentioned me liking men with long hair and who acted in more "effeminate" ways (aka: men who were less macho and didn't have stereotypical doofus fratboy type masculinity). to the point where I had to be very gruff and tell him to cut it out
>mentioned someone called him a bitch as a joke and he liked it because gender euphoria
>addicted to porn and had creepy af fetishes
>didn't talk about this much to me explicitly but did elude to possibly being bisexual and possibly liking men more than he wanted to admit. for now still seems to be a creepy transbian type but def mixed with AGP type
>even tried to 'egg' me and convince me maybe I was trans too. I had mentioned feeling dysphoric literally ONCE in high school, and then because one day I said I got my period and I felt bleh he immediately went 0 to 100 asking if I was okay. but he was like, asking in a really strange way like this was super serious and I was like huh why are you acting this way, and he brought up my 'dysphoria' from almost a decade ago saying he was just worried. cue me being like "uhhhhhh no, that was a really long time ago. periods often can make someone feel a little crummy, I don't feel dysphoric about this at all, just the usual way someone might hate getting their period, wtf"

at the time I brushed a lot of this off though I remember the lesbian thing and the dysphoria thing really pissed me off and was evidence to me about him not respecting my boundaries fully or at least trying to find ways to push them, which definitely fell in line with his creepy dark fetishes (rape/"CNC", boundary pushing). I look back and I only wish I pulled away sooner, but I am thankful I left the relationship keeping my virginity tbh. I'm not a puritan but that is definitely someone I would've had regrets losing it to, because he was a fucking weirdo. I think I just lacked the life experience, the self esteem, and hadn't unlocked full usage of my brain yet lol. one day it hit me that all this was bullshit and maybe about a month after peaking I was like yeah I can't do this anymore.

Anonymous 161812

its wild bc the mentality is so typically male. only men think shit like that.

Anonymous 161813

If you can forget how creepy it is and how much of a danger they clearly are, it does make one feel good to realize all you have to do to be recognized as a female is wake up in the morning and show up in the world as you are. No voice coaching, no walk/gait practice, no surgery, no extra hormones, no cartoonish fashion or makeup.

Anonymous 161815

feeling better about myself when compared to a tranny is kind of setting a low bar lmfao

Anonymous 161823

tranny teacher update

Anonymous 161826

Screen Shot 2022-0…

canada is beyond saving

Anonymous 161827

Imagine going to jail in Canada for misgendering a troon and then having to share a cell with one.

Anonymous 161834

They are students in the school, of course they can't talk freely about the teacher. Troons are a protected demographic, even blatantly fetishistic ones exposing their underage students to their fetish.

Anonymous 161837

Yet another case for an independent Québec. It is always the Angloid parts of Canada, never the good (French) ones.

Anonymous 161839

I don't know about the RoC but right now troons can change their sex and name on their IDs for FREE. Imagine if QS (can't believe I used to vote for them) becomes the official oppsition in October.

Anonymous 161843

men will lobby for a woman's right to do porn as an 18 y/o high schooler but will prevent her from access to abortion/contraception

Anonymous 161844

esp since those kids are thinking about their future apps to college/careers. ridiculous to interview them on the topic as though its honest reporting

Anonymous 161846


he made it to fox news lmao

Anonymous 161851

>teacher enlists kids in his sexual fantasies
>she should live her true self
>well the kids dont seem to mind based on the two we interviewed
Tuckler Carson based now, what a life we live in

Anonymous 161854


apparently he talked about hentai too in the segment. clown world

Anonymous 161860

I rather kill myself than meet that man, but at least he fucking called the troon a "he", the fucking least anyone could do which is far too much for cucknada

Anonymous 161863

I know cuz he's going to fuck you instead

Anonymous 161879

they have a certain charm to them

Anonymous 161883

Kek when he showed up I recoiled in disgust, he looks so basement-dwelling. His argument also sucked but I guess kudos to him for leading a one man army

Anonymous 161884

>There are websites totally unregulated where you can buy body parts, all kinds.
Source on this?

Anonymous 161886

You don't pass.

Anonymous 161889

Any recommendations for debunking that theory? I know there are at least a few studies people throw around to support it.

Anonymous 161897

I think anon was asking for resources

Anonymous 161903

There's a new(2019!) book on it called The Gendered Brain by Gina Rippon.
Here's two articles on it: https://neurosciencenews.com/male-female-brain-debunked-18276/

Anonymous 161908

Yes! There are many, but this isna good overview: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00677-x

Anonymous 161909

Laughing my ass off at the troon being mad at us pointing out gendered brains are pseudoscientific bullshit. I love it, this never fails to trigger them. They always think they are female brained, I've even heard some claim to be intersex in the brain.

Anonymous 161912

CT scans cannot identify brain sex, retard.

Anonymous 161913


He has no reply, so he turns to ad hoc attacks.

Anonymous 161932

its a clown world by fact of hentai being discussed at all on msm

Anonymous 161934

Projection, denied.

Anonymous 161935

Screen Shot 2022-0…

the trannies are finally forced to confront the pervert teacher, and ofc, they defend him. disgusting pedos–all of them. they'll do anything to justify their pedophilia.

Anonymous 161936

Yeah Tucker needs a jumping but not for that one, that said he did say attack all teachers sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no sympathy

Anonymous 161937

teachers who spread misinformation about transgenderism and openly talk about sex/sexuality with children should be put on a watchlist and imprisoned.

Anonymous 161938

You probably should

Anonymous 161939

you are mentally ill

Anonymous 161944

when all this passes theyll be blacklisted. praying for this.

Anonymous 161950

A lot of terfy women are not white

Anonymous 161953

hedonism is taking over and society is collapsing. i will take refuge in the past.

Anonymous 161957

IDK with global warming/famine/drought/floods etc. I'm thinking the earth is our best bet at bringing the west back to reality.

Anonymous 161959

ain't it funny how after fighting for women's rights in the 20th century, trannies immediately hijack our progress and find a way to put men back on top
kinda crazy

Anonymous 161964

well, rights to education for one.

Anonymous 161973

there are girls TODAY who can’t go to primary school because they have no rights

Anonymous 161979

trannies will never be able to understand women and you certainly aren’t allies. you are imposing yourself in a space which you have deluded yourself to be yours when in fact, you are just another face of misogyny in the long history of men oppressing women. it’s all so tiresome

Anonymous 161981

if you didn’t go to school and immediately went to work, for instance, you’d be illiterate and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

Anonymous 161988

Why do u>>161981
keep responding to the moid ?

Anonymous 162008

Holy fuck then get off the computer and go tend to your 20 babies you had no choice in having!! Why the hell are you even online?? Shouldn't you be chained to a stove somewhere instead of writing about your burdensome "right to vote" ??

Women like you are deluded filth, who never learned how to say no to men so you came with all these excuses for why being a fascist shitbag accomplishes anything. It has nothing to do with trannies just you're degraded "freedom" to stay at home and play house like you just transitioned, like you just got your female skin fucking yesterday.

You're just trashmeat on a hook for men, and you succumb to your helplessness brainwashing. playing stupid, for your "man". I don't even believe you think these things, you're just cultmeat that never escaped the farm or trailer park.

Anonymous 162012

it's probably a scrote

Anonymous 162014

Pfft no they're not. Trannies can't enslave women and they can't do anything. They can only pretend to be women, skulking around trying to inspire your own rage. They don't really instil rage in me though. I just think teens are misguided and give into peer pressure these days.

Women aren't really losing anything, we're better off than we've ever been. Also I never see trannies in bathrooms anyway? Trannies are like 1% of the population tbf. And there's such an easy solution to dealing with the arm swinging ape, stop getting married. Stop letting men have control over your life. If you date controlling sleazebag apes it's on you.

Anonymous 162015

The only one crying is most likely you, have fun being chained to a stove shitting kids because "you have no control" over the matter

Anonymous 162016

Unless you're in the states where they banned abortion but then again that inspired a progressive wave over there as far as I know

Anonymous 162021

What dark impulse possibly possessed you to make that the OP image?

Anonymous 162025


I know that @them isn't going to talk about lesbian terfs unless it's to shame them but I really hate how it seems like queer or lgbt+ platforms amplify the voices of nutjobs instead of the majority of the women invested in the GC ideology

Anonymous 162027

I don't give a crap, stop making me take notice of your weird obsession.

Anonymous 162028

The LGBT movement is a men's sexual rights movement. It has nothing to do with lesbians or women, they only used us when we were useful for them.

Anonymous 162029

No, that is the point, troon. These images of your disgusting kind will keep peaking new terfs every day, die mad about it.

Anonymous 162030

You're the one reduced to sperging like a fascist on here, not me. I mean how screwed does your head have to be, to think losing voting rights is in your best interest?

Did they beat you within an inch of your life and force it through your feeding tube??

I will never live with that kind of terror, "Men have won, you think you can win what will you do when they scream and swing their arms around" Jesus christ.

I will never have to worry about this kind of thing, nor do I obsess over tranny world domination.

Anonymous 162032

ok so ur telling me to not worry itll happen either way so just take it as it is. cool i guess

Anonymous 162036

It's weird because the LGBT movement and feminism were like two peas in a pod during the 2010s but now the LGBT movement is so hostile towards feminism. I understand that some might cringe from tumblr feminism especially as they've grown up but it feels like the pendulum swung back too hard

Anonymous 162040

I would have no hesitation shooting someone threatening me with rape in fact I'd eagerly await it and enjoy killing a rapist.

Hell I would approach the threatening situation in public, if I saw it. I'd put a bullet in his leg or shoulder.. no if he was really creepy I'd put the bullet in his head so he couldn't come back. :v oh my god you don't understand how much I fantasize about doing it.

Anonymous 162041

Nazi larpers trying to push for women to be weak cattle are cringe af, especially when you consider that not even nazis defended that. The Allied block in WW2 used images of German women as manly and unfeminine as propaganda, because they were encouraged to work, be educated and physically active. Lesbians were also allowed to love together and even raise children.
You long for a fantasy 1950s America that was completely fabricated so that American moids could insert themselves in the job market post-war when it was being led by women just fine lol

Anonymous 162042

Live together*

Anonymous 162046

It's not that weird. Unfortunately, women are capable of empathy and kindness and therefore we're more susceptible to being played into supporting ideologies that go against our own best interests. Third wave feminism should be tossed in the bin.

Anonymous 162047

Not live like we did 100 years ago for one. Right to property, a job, income, a bank account, credit cards? Are you really this fucking retarded? Do you have any idea how women used to live until they got the right to vote? Dumb little trailer trash nazi, good God.

>you live with that terror all your life

Stop assuming we all live like you chained to our shitty choice in men hun

Anonymous 162048

Nta but it's because corporations try and take over whatever popular movement that can fuck up the system they have created to destroy it. Same thing happened to occupy wallstreet, same thing happens to womens rights being made about mens coom which big pharma profits from.

Anonymous 162050

That is true, but it is not what happened in this case. Corporations didn't take over feminism, it was more like gender ideologists captured corporations and institutions through middle-management.

Anonymous 162051

Yeah I forget to mention how easy it would be to get away with it too. I live in Texas soooo. I could easily shoot an aggressor an have no sympathy for the fucker, and I'd be within my right to do so lol.

Anonymous 162053

Cool that you're rejoicing in the rape of thousands of innocent German girls just because you don't like the regime they lived in, but that's not even related to what I said at all.

Anonymous 162055

I don't even think it's being played, more like forced popularity contests. Too many people become x eg. activists because it is popular to be so at the time without actually believing what they're saying, which is why you'll have people from 10 years ago who used to ree about da ebil feminazis screeching about troons rights. It's become popular to believe in certain ideologies, while the people claiming to believe don't actually believe, they just want the credit of believing, while those who really did, like people like JK Rowling, say 'what the fuck are you talking about, these two ideas conflict', and since the movement has mainly been populated by retards looking for popularity rather than people who actually believe in the cause they claim to support, the actual activist types are demonised and shunned and movements destroyed. Usually this is all caused by corporations looking to take out movements which conflict with their bottom dollar, such as trying to turn feminism into 'yas queen eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man' thing rather than 'women shouldn't wear makeup like men do, why does society not critisize mens apperance and expect them to be trophies that spend' because for the non-makeup ideal to become popular would bleed the makeup industry dry. Stuff like that is why it happens. The people dare not try to upset the elite. The elite were once kings, now they are corporations who rig elections for tax benefits.

Anonymous 162056

Yeah because self defense is such an unrealistic fantasy, women should never even bother to learn how to do. Could you sound anymore enraged and frustrated at women? Come out with it and blatantly admit it already.

Anonymous 162057

You just know he is shitting his pants with the thought of women losing the meekness and pounding metal on the moids who think they can do whatever they want with us.

Anonymous 162059

But it's not even just "popularity", there are groups like Stonewall and Mermaids which actively patrol companies and institutions for troon-friendly policies, and when they don't follow them they are actively punished.
The same thing for individial people who refuse to play along, they are forced to do so or they have to face consequences (harassment, death threats, being expelled from workplace/university, etc). There is a very dedicated idealogue group which has forced the situation to be like this, and used feminism against us deliberately.

Anonymous 162062



Anonymous 162063

I am the woman here, not him. No woman would ever say that mass rape is "the price of folly", that is a thoroughly male opinion and implies exactly what you said.

Anonymous 162065

Postmodernism was already a part of second wave feminism, especially the polilez subsection. It wasn't the third wave which introduced identifying as a sexuality you're actually not for political reasons and making up shit, because the reality doesn't jive with your politics. It's important that we acknowledge the mistakes of the second wave, so we don't make them again and just end up in the same shit again. The first wave was also heavily flawed, because there were many women who actually wanted to continue fighting for more, but you rarely ever hear about them. Many suffragettes claimed to want the vote to better be able to serve God and their husband and unironically just wanted to quit after that. Which also happened again with the second wave. After some rights were gained, many just gave up and stopped pushing.

Anonymous 162066

I think there is an element of corp involvement because gender shit happened because of twitter and porn. Every politician has twitter, but so does every dumb terminally online person and even just regular normy. With the increase of gay acceptance, they pushed for better acceptance of non conformity, then men don't conform because their gay pushed for it because most men are porn addicts now and have increasingly deranged fetishes including cross dressing as a humiliation fetish or voyeurism fetish, these people have twitter and used it to roleplay there fantasies since IRL them being a sexy cat girl would just disturb people, so they pushed for acceptance online and twitter and porn companies accepted and helped it (because most mods are porn addict incels, and twitter benefits from people using their site like terminally online people so they make money, same with porn sites, and then big pharma can make bank from the surgeries to further chase this fetish), all the politicians and people saw this, the twitter mods helped sensor disagreement, and the politicians went okay, people want this, so I'll give it to you if you vote for me. Trouble is most politicians are retards who did not grow up with the internet, and don't understand the opinion of twitter users are not real life, but instead the opinion of mostly English speaking users who are the type to use the internet enough to want an account and who's opinions are moderated by a retard scrote (more probably pornsick and an incel than the average scrote) view point, not an unfiltered census of their constitutes beliefs. The rumours about most tech scrotes being prison gay are true.

Anonymous 162068

Good luck flexing on my gun.

Anonymous 162070

The same idiot you're defending also wrote this >>162060. Do you still think he is a woman? I bet you feel stupid now, commie.

Anonymous 162076

Men are terrified of women who enjoy and dgaf about the violence that comes with self defense.

It's the reason they're constantly policing their aggression, afraid it could get out of control. It's the reason pinkwashing exists at all. :l

Anonymous 162077

To add, this is all aided by the fact it's mostly scrotes in power who don't really get affected if troons degeneracy is brought in as much. Elite scrotes want kids to assault and they are already adults, they don't have to fear physical retaliation from saying no to tifs, it helps them cope about their place in their made up male heirarchy when they want to be gay but not face losing status amoong other scrotes aka the whole no homo thing, and they don't have to worry about being fucked over. They just say okay whatever, with the majority male backlash being about 'ree that's degen homo or not masculine muh god king males', while the majority womens backlash is based on it not being fair or actively discriminatory and demeaning to women. It always makes me chuckle when scrotes go 'you did this', when most nay sayers are female, most protestors against it are female (terfs), and most people protesting in favour of it and pushing it are male (troons, antifa, scrote mods sensoring things, male politicians not caring or being pro with only the few saying no to it out of need to keep up their retard hierarchy). It's all in an effort to pretend male pornsickness degeneracy is not real and needs to be dealt with before it completely destroys society. It's all about protecting the coom.

Anonymous 162080

This is because gay rights orgs need a new thing to justify giving them money after gay marriage was legalised. While they could pivot for fighting for more abstract gay rights or gay rights in other countries, the lay person from the country they are trying to get money from will never see the effect of this liberation, so they do not care and are less willing to donate. Obsolete org needs a new grift that people will actually pay for.

Anonymous 162082

Lol institutionalized… Men impose violence predominantly on each other. You realize this right? When they're in close relationships, is when they kill a spouse, but most aggression is moid on moid aggression.

Which logically means aggressive moids are mostly wiping out the worst of their kind rofl. You have to be aggressive to partake in that at all. To want to go to war, participate in gang warfare, etc. It's always been that way since the beginning of time too.

Anonymous 162083

Nta but a good point is that even if you can get fucked up in a gun fight anyway, men are less likely to try and go after you since their is an increased risk that they could get shot. If it became common belief that all women carried guns and knew how to use them, the number of attempted attacks would likely decrease due to the increased risk in the attackers eyes therefore making the attack less worth it to try.

Anonymous 162084

Do you still live in Bangladesh or something ? It's starting to show scrote lol

Anonymous 162086

Yeah, it would quickly get corrupt that way.

Anonymous 162087

>men kill other men
Yes, but not the aggressive ones? Scrotes target people they think they can beat in a fight. There's nothing that forces them to only kill the bad men? Scrotes indeed are the most violent retards of humans.

Anonymous 162090

Still if you're going to war, or involved in gang warfare, which accounts for most of scrote death, you have to be aggressive enough to get involved at all. Most gangs target other gang members for example. Yeah they kill civilians but most of the time violent moids fight other violent moids. In most cases, why would someone nonviolent get involved at all, if they don't instigate and stay out of the way?

Anonymous 162091

> t.Male.
Scrote countries are corrupt already anyway, so even if it was theoretically, it was still be less retarded, have less paedophilia and crime overall, and most importantly, less violence against women. This just sounds like a coping male trying to justify why women shouldn't hold power when we are proven to be less retarded and outcompete them in academics and humanity and therefore less prone to corruption. Like the African all-female anti-poaching team they made because the male teams were proven to be more corrupt and men coped for days kek.

Anonymous 162093

Accept scrotes kill random non-aggressive people all the time? Even gang scrotes in drive by shootings? Random kids get shot and spouses get killed by retard aggressive scrotes all the time, with gang violence being eliminated from statistics (since most gangs are majority male), women are more killed than men (I think even including gang violence women are killed more than men because gangs don't exist everywhere).

Anonymous 162102

Crossdressing was real popular in the Nazi Germany lmao.

Anonymous 162105


It's a verified statistic that men kill other men more than they kill women. Gangs don't target civilians as much as they target other gang members, it's pretty standard and commonly accepted.

Even if you go down to Mexico you're likely to be pretty safe as long as you stay out of their way and don't instigate or steal from them. They kill their rival gang members. Narcs and people who fail to pay their dues can get killed too, but they aren't center stage, fighting over territory.

Drive by shootings target rivals members or narcs. Innocents killed by them are usually hit by stray bullets.

Anonymous 162106

>>all genders
>is jediromantic thalassosexual demienbie-bicyclekin larping as nazi larping as woman

Anonymous 162108

> men are muh true violence victims
> women don’t arm yourselves
> all women country with guns when
> n-no, you can’t do that!

Anonymous 162109

Men want women to feel bad they shoot themselves in the foot for playing retard hierarchy games kek. Police your own retards.

Anonymous 162112

I'm not the one you were arguing with before. I support arming women, but it's true that handmaidens always ruin everything for us. We have to stigmatize handmaiden-ness to discourage it completely.

Anonymous 162113

>control your moid so that he gets rid of the hulking troon
>implying this moid wouldn’t hump the hulk behind the dumpster in exchange of its life
All Men Are Faggots

Anonymous 162114

Accept this is just a whole sale lie you just repeat and accept people to accept? Gang moids routinely harm less aggressive people, such as through human trafficking and extorting businesses. In Australia a 9 year old was recently killed in a drive by gangland shooting because they had the wrong house. Face it, scrotes are violent retards who plague the earth.

Anonymous 162115

This. Muh good scrotes useful society don’t exist, just those with varying levels of violence and varying targets.

Anonymous 162121

Anonymous 162127



Anonymous 162129


Searching for birth control opinions and experiences and of course reddit recommends troon things to me. I'm so tired. What does this have to do with birth control? (Which I'm starting to think is absolute BS and still needs better options for women)

Anonymous 162157

this was good lol

Anonymous 162162

>they prefer them to actual women

I mean, do they? I know they prefer troons over gay people and encourage gay men to transition rather than just be gay. Obviously they're huge misogynists over there but the driving factor for troon support seems more about homophobia.

Anonymous 162170

Can't believe i'm only now discovering this based as fuck man. Thank you for sharing nona, i thought all faggots were doomed but it turns out we have some fine men with us.

Anonymous 162194

Iran pays for the dick-chopping surgery. They also kill gays and women who don't wear the hijab "properly".

Anonymous 162225

I get that, but I just don't see how paying for the surgery because they're homophobes equals their love for troons is motivated by misogyny, unless there's record of them saying something like troons being better than women.

Anonymous 162226

i cannot understand why this arouses moids

Anonymous 162230

off topic but i just looked into this and the source of the bodies is NOT a matter of public record and a congressional inquiry was not able to rule out the possiblity of their being chinese political prisoners.

Anonymous 162231

what the fuck what

Anonymous 162241

this info just got me sidetracked into the world of chinese organ harvesting of falun gong followers. i didn't even know either of these things were happening–it's never talked about anywhere.

Anonymous 162243

yeah, same. i don't want to derail the thread but its seems like a deep rabbit hole.

Anonymous 162254


Anonymous 162255

lol they prey on loneliness and inadequacy (baked into their usage loop) and then posture about moralism

Anonymous 162257

This could actually be a pretty cool random thread topic. It really is an interesting rabbit hole that I've enjoyed quite a bit

Anonymous 162269

Why don't trans people just get with trans people, problem solved

Anonymous 162290

because exposure to pornography at an early age has fucked most of them up mentally, so they end-up in a weird sort of fetishistic death spiral where their tastes get stranger and more unnatural and their sexual appetites become a bigger and bigger part of their lives. Eventually they get to the point where they can no longer distinguish between their sexual fantasies and real life, at which point they become troons or something similar.

Anonymous 162294

Haven't you hear of t4t ("trans for trans")? Basically, straight people trying to be different because they know nobody else will accept them.

Anonymous 162295

im a cryptoterf & a couple of my oldest childhood friends have come out as nonbinary, one male one female. i got the she/they to admit while drunk that she enjoyed her femininity, didn't experience dysphoria at all just dysmorphia, & never felt masculine, she just liked the label. on the other hand the he/they has a history of csa and he's bisexual so a bit more understandable unfortunately why he would want to go this route, but he is just such a moid. he's also an extreme leftist who genuinely defends the soviet union, & also crustpunk, so i think he's doing it to fit into that crowd. his online/irl personalities are very different. he frequently undermines the she/they's 'nonbinary' status, kek.
my best friend on the other hand has terf views, she keeps them under lock like i do, but we both get juiced up talking about it, we even nearly mobbed up on the he/they when he came out to us because we started bringing up all of our 'questions' and the questions were peakworthy. she's still holding out from going full terf but she's the only person i can discuss these things freely with and she gives me hope. but it's difficult watching people i've always cared about get sucked in. i hope the pendulum swings soon and this shit is just a blip in human history that future generations can point back and laugh at. but i'm honestly worried. i tend to fall into thinking we're at the beginning of the end of human civilization with climate change approaching and this will be our legacy.

Anonymous 162298

A bit of a blogpost I guess.

It's maddening how obvious some people are influenced by social media to adopt these identities. I have a friend that can at best be described as the queen of kawaii there isn't an ounce of masculinity in her imo. She experimented with a lesbian before and hated it but years later after getting into tiktok she's now genderfluid and pansexual ???? She's not the first enby friend that I felt comfortable questioning and she gave me a lot of answers that didn't really align with her personality or make sense. "I wish I grew up in an environment where I could experiment with gender" but gender to her is just clothes, she grew up in a social bubble with overly progressive parents that wouldn't have ostracized her for being a bit masc. Since day 1 she has always been like a cutesy fangirl idk if she hung out on tumblr or not. Ever since she joined tiktok I noticed that she follows many drag queens or a lot of queer accounts on instagram I usually get recommended reels and posts that she interacted with so I'm not stalking her or anything like that.
I explained to her my views on gender without putting a label on it, she said that she respects my opinion and we still talk stuff I'm grateful she isn't aggressive.
I've been looking for tiktok videos or instagram reels that I could send her and I'm really torn over how there is practically…nothing. I remember this one butch woman I watched but I can't find her at all she probably got deleted and now tiktok is just showing me more and more gendie videos.
> i tend to fall into thinking we're at the beginning of the end of human civilization
I've been going back and forth on this. Well not the end of human civilisation but more so that gendie stuff is here to stay because who is going to peak the normies? KF and LC? lol Both websites foster a culture of not interacting with the cows or their communities. I swear I've seen more republican talking points on normie social media that lesbian terf talking points.

At most I've seen normies recommending the documentary from that Walsh guy because no very few terfs have tried to reach out to people or make content that is palatable to normies. What did all the media studies students become gendies?

Anonymous 162301

It's not that they love troons, but they see women as inferior men, or would-be men who "lack" something. Therefore, men that they see as "broken" or defective, like homosexuals, can be reformed by claiming to be women. Their acceptance of troons is rooted in misogyny in this way.
This is also the same line of thinking in many ancient misogynistic societies that had "third genders" and so on.

Anonymous 162316


Does anyone have that transbian comic? The one with the woman introducing a troon to another; they both get very angry at her because they both were expecting an actual woman. I cannot remember the artist.

Anonymous 162329


Anonymous 162378

The primary conduit and mouthpiece of the movement, because modern males suffer from self-misandry due to how shitty they are to themselves and each other. Men fetishize the hell out of lesbians and cope hard on the fact that in practice it's cuckoldry stronger than any racebait bullshit.
The main reason why LGBT feels so misogynistic. Homosexuals are the most hateful and extreme misogynists, even if they aren't as violent as straight misogynist men.
Is probably the only remotely stable group because it's solely about both men and women experimenting with what makes them happiest.
Don't have to explain why this is the worst letter for misogyny. AGPs taking their kink too far. Gays that want to hook straighter men. Men that fetishize lesbians so hard they wish they weren't born male, but don't realize most women don't feel sexually attracted to themselves.

Anonymous 162407


New pic of Mr. Hannah. Honestly shocked he's not wearing a g string.

Anonymous 162411

where are the violent bigoted lowlife men when you actually need them.. wait they're turning into trannies

Anonymous 162413

sane B KEK. QT is mostly unstable bis who will fuck anything and hate 'monosexuals' aka normal people

Anonymous 162417

how does that wig not get scorching hot

Anonymous 162423

Everyone must recognise him by now. I'm genuinely surprised he doesn't top off the giant anime boobs with one of those micro bikinis they draw those poor anime girls in

Anonymous 162459

Honestly would improve his appearance. It just looks like he has a monstrous beer gut rn. Male!!!

Anonymous 162510

>tranny teacher goes to public pool with children and parents present
how blatant can one man's perversion be?

Anonymous 162521

Nice scrote sandals. Very womanly.

Anonymous 162527

What too much yaoi does to a bih

Anonymous 162540

the bulge. the stares. kek.
this has got to be performance art or a psyop or something. like it has to be.

Anonymous 162576

In times like these I miss the kiwis. If we were in normal times, chestplate sensei would have been doxxed by now and have a thread full of people watching every step and maybe even a student would join in. I guess the super weaponized autism was what caused its downfall tho. Between this and Yaniv, I can't not have South Park's "Blame Canada" playing on repeat inside my head whenever I think of state of troonism there. How did things got so bad?

Anonymous 162579

He loves the stares. This HAS to be either an exhibitionist or humiliation fetish for him. Or SEVERE autism where he has no idea how he comes across to normal people.

Anonymous 162580

My money is on both

Anonymous 162597

absolutely based, keep on keeping on Mr. Hannah. This is probably the most hilarious thing I have witnessed in a while and probably did more damage to trannies than chris chan and cosmo did during their entire lifetime

Anonymous 162598

ok why are you doxxing yourself

Anonymous 162609


Anonymous 162611

Isn’t this a common way male sex offenders use to get into womens prisons?

Anonymous 162612

Imagine your own daughter being murdered by these vile creatures and still having to see them as human beings because "muh gender identity." I am so sorry to the little girl and the mom, nobody deserves to be subjected to a tranny's rage.

Anonymous 162624

More likely he knows he’d get murdered in a male prison if they found out why he was there.

Anonymous 162626

200 (1).gif

I want to complete with more South Park references, so forgive my autism. There's one episode where Mr. Garrison (the teacher that troons out for a while) tries to get fired by doing absurd gay things on class (so he could sue the school for firing him for being gay) it goes to the point of picrel where he spanks his boyfriend in front of class in fetish gear and other shit. This is an episode from 2002, 20 years ago. And society really got to this point lol maybe that's mr hannah plan?

Anonymous 162675

It’s highly possible. Some of those wrongful sacking payouts are like millions of dollars.

Anonymous 162795


"done the internal work" lol

Anonymous 162796


Why do incels and poltards like to make memes from little girls POV specifically so much? Are they cryptotroons?

Anonymous 162797

>I don’t want them to rape us, rob us, exterminate us or replace us in our own countries
Native Americans just entered the chat.

Anonymous 162798

Pretty much the entire non European world just entered the chat lol.

Anonymous 162800

>except Asia

Anonymous 162802


Anonymous 162805



Anonymous 162806


>you are responsible for bad things your ancestors did

Anonymous 162810

Never said they were schizo.

Anonymous 162812

Lol Mongolia is probably the least colonized country by Europeans, the soviets managed to gain power there for like 3 years. Most European colonisation happened to SEA countries like Vietnam and the Philippines.

Anonymous 162813


Anonymous 162815

I honestly don’t like gay moids at all but gay men are definitely nowhere near as misogynistic as straight men. Yeah gay men can definitely be gross and distasteful sometimes and mock us by trying to act like us. But in order to develop a genuine hatred for a gender you usually have to be attracted to them. That’s precisely why incels are so angry, because they are attracted to women but they also hate us.

Anonymous 162818

I can tell you are the tranny because you have the worst memes.

Anonymous 162820

That isn't true at all. Gay men can be extremely misogynistic. They're the demographic that came up with drag shows, for one.

Anonymous 162826

>AGP, gay, lesbian fetishising males
what about tifs, though?

Anonymous 162830

Everyone forgets about them because they’re harmless self-hating women trying to be gay men.

Anonymous 162831

Drag is womanface. It’s an exaggerated, vulgar parody of females done by their oppressors, men.

Anonymous 162838

most trannies nowadays just take hrt and shrink their pps tho

Anonymous 162840


he's definitely just trying to get fired in order to get discrimination lawsuit money, either that or doing it for attention? probably both.

a lot of tifs are just autistic girls and women who are led to believe that being uncomfortable with femininity (makeup, shaving, tight/uncomfortable clothes) means that you're not a woman. fandom spaces like reddit and formerly tumblr have a lot of young autists on them, and it's no coincidence that those also have lots of lgbts

Anonymous 162842

I hate the way moid trannies try to hijack femininity and groom tomboyish or lesbian girls into transitioning and chopping their tits off just because they don’t like pink or dresses.

Femininity is about being born female and having your formative childhood experiences as a girl, it’s not about makeup high heels or lingerie.

But unfortunately moids have reduced femininity and masculinity to a costume with their superficial moid peabrains, and if you happen to be a man or woman who doesn’t like that designated costume, predatory moids groom them into crossing to the other gender’s costume instead.

Anonymous 162843

This. Sadly the troons getting bottom surgery tend to be the ones with the most genuine and severe dysphoria. The AGP troons are the ones who don’t get bottom surgery and continue raping women and little girls/boys and generally being sexual predators.

Anonymous 162845

Not all the time, ex. yaniv

Anonymous 162846

Isn't this not true?

I don't have the stats for it on hand but I recall Blanchard theorizing that it is the AGP who is more likely to go through SRS, because they need it to validate their identity more than the feminine HSTS, who in turn is more likely to retain his penis.

Anonymous 162849

I don’t think so, anecdotally speaking. The troons who do porn and fetishize themselves almost always seem to keep their wieners. Also, the troons with an attraction to women and children usually keep their dicks because they need something to rape them with.

Anonymous 162852

i don't remember seeing anything about him getting bottom surgery. once in court he claimed to be intersex but that was probably a lie.

Anonymous 162862

yaniv has previously posted pics on twitter of his festering shitwound, he @ed a doctor to ask if it was infected and included a nasty pic. obv will not repost but if you google it, it comes up

Anonymous 162880

Um Nona, don't you know it's LIFE SAVING gender realignment surgery? These men are literally dying from having TOO MUCH PENIS and NOT ENOUGH VAGINA.

Anonymous 162897

Another thing that triggers them is that even though women's shoes run pretty big, men still have bigger feet.

Teacherhon didn't even try to get feminine looking shoes, and was clearly more focused on parading his tit vest. :/ This isn't about wishing he was female, it's about wanting to put kink material in public and getting it normalized. It's especially disgusting that he wants to do this in front of minors.

Anonymous 162898

Autism highly likely. Woodwork tends to be rednecks that wouldn't put up with this shit and autists who enjoy the textures.

Anonymous 162900

Why are they so allergic to shaving?

Anonymous 162902

Have you ever met a carpenter lol?

Anonymous 162923

I feel like thats a common thing.
girl/young woman gets abused, and feels subsequently uncomfortable with being perceived as attractive to men, so she then tries to get rid of that factor.
doesn't even need to have been abused, entering puberty and suddenly being lusted after is offputting enough on its own already.
but still, I don't think that accounts for all tifs.
is the globo homo tomboy conversion device meme is accurate? or what is the reason
sure, theyre harmless(theyre just women, big surprise) but why do they try to be men?
eh, I wouldn't say the threshhold for femininty is that low. just being born female does not make one feminine, behaviour might.
a man can be feminine, too, for example.(not referring to tims, just regular men)

Anonymous 162933

>tfw i cant control people's thoughts :(

Anonymous 162952

>emotionally damage from males
>emotional damage from females

Anonymous 162992


As a libfem I stayed in reddit "feminist" spaces. One of which is a meme subreddit. They're p much just spicy straight moids fantasizing about an impossible girl with dicks, little to no difference with non TRA moids imo.
Also remembered a close online male friend that trooned and started showing me his transition goals which were japanese girls (he's white)

Anonymous 162997

As a tomboy I will say I think it's more than just exhibiting masculine behaviors. I was abused by my mother pretty heavily as a kid, and that lead to my tomboy status. But the thing is being a women with that abuse and a tomboy leads to a lot of confusion. Because Ive never had a good strong identity and I have the low emotional/social intelligence you often see in moids I could see how someone with that kind of situation would find transgenderism attractive. They hate femininity because their mother was abusive but that leaves them apart from their peers when they need it the most.

Anonymous 184548

I fucking hate trannies.

Anonymous 184560

Oh God it's those nipples again

Anonymous 184920

This. They silence the opinions of outsiders because "OMG words are so violent you literally KILL trans-this or that"
That's how you get 14 year old girls comparing terfs to nazis - Because they're so deeply brainwashed by woke pedophiles to think its literally the same thing u guyz

Anonymous 184925

No offense but the kind of terfs that post here don't exactly help make it any better. nobody comes here and discusses real horrifying problems transactivists impose on women. They just troll or get trolled. Cc mods are fucking useless and moids know this.

We don't have to ingratiate ourselves to trannies, no but 80% of cc terfs sounds like stupid pol apes. They just pedal aimless scatterbrained hatred. Talking about stopping 15 yo mastectomies, should be CAKE. They don't even allow teens that young to get tattoos!!! Discussing whether women have their own abuse shelter should not require tons of energy either. Who the fuck nails a rat to a womens shelter and calls it fucking activism??

These are practically braindead issues, but the scrote parasites shit everything up and make these terf threads a laughing stock.

Hell maybe we need to have a discussion about it in meta?? Maybe nuanced tranny discussion that ACTUALLY EVOLVES should be straight up enforced ??

Is it any wonder zoomers push back the way they do??? The moid anons here sound like mentally deficient shitstains with zero self awareness.

This board reads like pol sewage a good 80% of the time. Nobody questions it. And really makes it worse for all of us that actually hate toxic Trans activism

Anonymous 184930

There is a more recent terf thread >>183368

Be suspicious of people digging up old threads, they want to hide recent threads and hit the bump limit on old ones to suppress terf discussion.

Anonymous 184931

You have to show your face and Tiktok will ban and dox enbies for saying male privilege exists, let alone a woman telling the truth.

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