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Romance Anonymous 162873

How do you enjoy romance media without wanting to kill yourself?

I don't get it. Other people sit down, consume it, then seem to be happy when it's done. I just feel lonely. No other style of media makes me feel so depressed and alone.

Anonymous 162875

Because it's WAY better than dealing with male toxicity and dating. I've had boyfriends. Never again, not for me.

Anonymous 162886

Also idk if I would call it romance media. I just love entertainment in general, all of it, romance is part of it. But I write too. It's better than any concievable thing. Absolutey nothing else compares. Besides love is just a chemical reaction in your brain, it's a temporary trickster and a conartist. Enjoying your life, travel and money is forever.

Anonymous 162887

I would get like that reading yuri manga about high school girls when I was still in high school. Hurts to see others living the dream but like >>162886 said it's still entertainment, engaging stories with nice art are fun so that outweighed tfw no gf for me. I don't self insert that much.

Anonymous 162895

IDK either, honestly. I can't hack it.

Anonymous 162903

I get obsessed with a certain pairing and it takes over my brain. I use it as an escape, I live voraciously through the stories I consume. I focus on those instead of my stressful life.

But I also try to think about what I like about those characters and try to incorporate those attributes into my life to improve my relationships. Probably cringe but it helps.

Anonymous 162905

Watch gay romance. Then I don't self insert because there is no girl.

Anonymous 162907

It usually makes me feel lonely too. I prefer slasher movies cause all the sex havers die in them.

Anonymous 162924

Anonymous 162927

i like romance films a lot but mostly when they're sad or rather subtle or abstract about it. since getting into a relationship romcoms have been much more enjoyable, when i was single i'd avoid happy romance media like the plague

Anonymous 162929

Same. I can only consume gay romance media because it's so far removed from me that I can enjoy it without feeling jealous of the female lead.
Yuri is fine for the same reason, I'm not attracted to girls so I can simply enjoy the story

Anonymous 162967

>I would get like that reading yuri manga about high school girls when I was still in high school
it’s even worse these days, because by now, the both girls in those mangos would lifemog the shit out of me due to having more experience than i, twice as old and still a kissless virgin, so i just avoid anything lesbian.

Anonymous 162970

I’ve never felt sad or jealous over a romance storyline but I get insanely sad and wistful over movies about friendship groups because I never had one.

Anonymous 162971

To be fair those mangos are written for female Japanese audiences who usually have little to no romantic experience themselves. Tons of Japanese women are celibate and adult virgins, hell even a lot of female mangakas are femcels themselves. That’s literally why they write romance fiction, to cope with loneliness and the lack of real romance in their lives.

Anonymous 162972


Ngl it does make me feel a little better about myself knowing 1 in 4 Japanese women are virgins. Especially since they’re probably most fetishized women in the world. If even cute Japanese women can’t get laid or are choosing to go volcel, it reassures me somewhat and makes me feel less alone.

From what I’ve seen a lot of them use either going to host bars, becoming fujoshis or start getting heavily into Korean and Japanese boybands to substitute having a boyfriend. For them, the fantasy of a man is more pleasant than the reality.

Anonymous 163003

It's like this for me honesty,you wanna know what it really is? I have never in my life, not met a guy who sits there and expects you to do everything domestic. Even when they do help its like they have to be told, or its not near the amount i do. Ive seen it my whole life.

At some point I just called it quits. I have terminal disinterest in that and even less interest in raising kids in that kind of hell.

There is just no discussion about it. What am I missing? What good could I possibly get out of that kind of relationship???? I know there are men who aren't like that but they're rarer than anything, and im not gona pull my hair out over it. It's not worth stressing over, when I enjoy life enough this way and have so much on my life bucket list. I don't have time to sort out men and their bs. It is really unpleasant to even think about dating. Their personalities are so shit, so often, it's like… do I really want to torture myself looking for one guy every girl is gonna want? Forget it, we all lose when we have to date them with what most of them are like

Anonymous 163054

Same. No medja can make me sadder than the typical moe friendship group anime.

Anonymous 163119

Same. I honestly don’t see any upsides to sharing my bed and home with a moid. What would I get out of it? Money? I have enough of that. Company? Since when do moids make good company or care about anything we say lmao. I need my lawn mowed or plumbing fixed? I can call up a professional moid to do that for me for a little bit of money, and the bonus is he won’t expect sex in exchange for it. What do women get nowadays? Men are no longer providers, protectors. They’re manbabies who want a woman who acts like an underage bangmaid and fussy mommygf st the same time.

All I can see is a deal where a man gets a free domestic slave and hole to stick his dick in, and what do I get from the moid? Sweet fuck all. Men have nothing to bring to the table anymore.

Anonymous 163354

Romance media just makes me cringe. I don't mind romances in media, but the romance genre repulses me.

Anonymous 163652

I get both from it.
on the one hand I get really happy about cute couples doing cute things,
on the other hand I get lonely from hapiness I shall never achieve

Anonymous 163653

best move is to pursue moids who have lived on their own in their own flat/house for extended periods of time

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