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We need to bring back eunuchs as a sex class. Anonymous 162986

Hear me out.

Having their balls lopped off is men's most basal fear. Moreso than even death itself.

The death penalty is an easy out.

Watch violent crime plummet once castration is introduced. He's a rapist? He's a murderer? Chop off his balls.

We castrate aggressive, destructive animals.

Why not men?

It's the ultimate form of control.

Anonymous 162987

there are way more eunuchs than should exist. some people call them trans-women.

Anonymous 163079

Most transwomen dont cut their dicks off

Anonymous 163132

eunuchs were extremely bitter and destructive to those around them

Anonymous 163327

I don't think castrating them would stop it. It's something encoded in the Y chromosome. There is no reforming them. However nature is taking care of the problem as the Y chromosome is currently on its way out.

Anonymous 163546

If you think tims have annoying voices, wait until you hear a eunnich…

And it's not just the balls, but the whole penis. They had to keep it to be whole in heaven. Sex offenders should be denied this of course.

Anonymous 163550


Anonymous 163595

They already did that. The newest edition of the wpath standards of care lists eunuch as a valid sexual identity.

Anonymous 163627

kys tranny ywnbaw

Anonymous 163629

eunuchs dont cut their dick off either, they could still rape you dumbass

Anonymous 163631

We already have that. They are called trannies, and they are even worse than regular scrotes.

Anonymous 163657

This something is called normalcy, they are all viceous, souless animals without shred of mercy.
The only difference that some bold enough to be actively evil and others don't.

Anonymous 163686

X chromosome is also pretty nasty stuff, we need to get rid of sexuality completely and utterly. And prefferably shed our biochemical nature and be replaced by electronic AI but I am not sure if its really possible, computers are almost commically energy inefficient and fragile when compared to brains.

Anonymous 163687

lol no

Anonymous 163725

>if i did he would drown.

Why kill when you can make the little moid’s sufering legendary even in hell?

Anonymous 163754


"Don't act in any way. Two more weeks"

Anonymous 164210

It will just be violent men castrating other men, and then you end up with even more violent men in control than now.

Anonymous 164212

True, men would love to jump on a practice where they can willingly castrate each other, considering it wouldn't be the first time men have done this

Anonymous 164221

Why not do similar thing to you?
Its not like you don't deserve it

Anonymous 164228

Proof? Why? I need sources

Anonymous 164238

Are you extremely autistic or psychopatic?

Anonymous 164252



Anonymous 164256

A typo.

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