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Gore Anonymous 17241

Do you look at gore sometimes? Did you use to? Why? What kind of gore?

I feel like I do it when I feel depressed, maybe to tell myself we're just sacks of flesh. Maybe because some pictures are horrifying and will make me reconsider necking myself. Not really sure why I do it.

Anonymous 17243

When was your first? I remember /b/ and /pol/ being my regular sources.

Anonymous 17244

I've watched some before. Mostly out of curiosity. Once you've seen a man stand on a landmine and live, after blowing his face off and medics working to keep him alive while he tries to paw at his face to tell what has happened and the medics not letting him since he'd probably freak out once the realization started to over take the shock or people being being beaten and burned alive in Africa for witchcraft the curiosity tends to die fairly quickly and makes you realize what a vocation being an emergency service person is.

If you watch those things too much you'll think the world is far darker than it is. Life is certainly dark, for some more than others. Life is beautiful though. I marvel at all the small things. Like the fact I'm on a machine that can instantly pull up any information I could possibly want and any kind of entertainment also.

Anonymous 17245

No, it's just unpleasant. I don't mind the gore, but the idea of people dying and stuff is very unpleasant to me, also "gore" often means someone hurting people on purpose and I don't even like boxing because of all the brain trauma. I could watch a life saving surgery all day tbh, but people dying or getting mutilated is just horrid.

Anonymous 17249

I think one of my siblings showed me some pictures trying to freak me out! I didn't really go on 4chan when I was younger so I missed the golden years, I guess.

Anonymous 17251


I see medical gore at work every day. Used to look at it as a little kid on 4chan because I was curious and kind of thrilled by doing something bad, now I use my strong stomach to help people. If you're fascinated by it maybe you should go into the medical field.

Anonymous 17252

Online gore really desensitized me too, and /b/ had a big part in that in my teen years

for some reason irl gore bothers me about the same amount it always did, but pictures online have no effect

Anonymous 17254

I guess it's the same for everyone. Don't know much about looking at them while you're depressed, though.

Anonymous 17256

I used to and tbh still am fascinated by the visual of gore but the IRL smells are so fucking haggard that it’s changed slightly the way I feel when I see it. I’m deffo more repulsed now, organs fucking stink, large amounts of blood stinks, bleurgh, bleuuUuugh.

Anonymous 17266

Become a nurse.

Anonymous 17267

When I was quite a bit younger sure, I had a tumblr that was "Kawaii/Gore" a few times since I keept getting deleted but I think Im different now.

Its not my thing anymore, Feels bad man.

Anonymous 17289

Manhera? I never liked that style. It's still pretty popular

Anonymous 17292

When I was in a bad place and severely empty. But the real me is repulsed.

I like surgeries and stuff but not people suffering or corpse/death.

Anonymous 17333

I remember one anon on the farm posted about how her boyfriend liked looking at gore, and how she thought of breaking up with him when she found out about it.

That was really strange to me. It really isn't THAT bad to be interested in this sort of things; most people are in some way or another. Just look at the number of people slowing down when they pass a car crash on the highway.

Anyway, I do sometimes. Close-ups are a bit too much but I like videos of car accidents and explosions. It's just interesting, not stuff you get to see IRL.

Anonymous 17339

I'm OP. It's interesting to know some people watch gore too. Like I said before, I don't really ~like~ it, I just look at it when I'm down so I won't think about blowing my brain because of how horrible and mangled people can look and I wouldn't want my family to see me like that.
Corpses are okay unless they're children and babies. I can't watch people die though, that makes my stomach turn. Videos are also a no no. There are some infamous classics out there like the icepick video, or the Russian guys pleading not to be killed and I'll never watch them.

Anonymous 17348

That's not really a lot of gore, then. Don't see why you should feel ashamed.

Anonymous 17396

Oh I wasn't ashamed, just curious. Thank you, anon!

Anonymous 17397

It really is selfless to think of how others would feel about their loss of you, rather than thinking about the loss of everyone you will have ending your own life, anon. I hope someone can come to reciprocate your empathy.

Anonymous 17540

Thank you, anon. You are sweet.

Anonymous 17562

I couldn't hope to be sweeter than you. Please, don't think about leaving this world.

Anonymous 17669

On a scale of 1 to http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2018/01/graphic-video-viagras-behead-father-and.html how bad is the gore that you watch?

Anonymous 17671

>Do you look at gore sometimes?
I've been obsessed with it for a year, but I've tried to taper it off the last couple months. I get paranoid I'll get in a fit of obsession over it.
I like seeing interesting situations. I find it fascinating to see how bodies look deflated and lifeless. I always like to try to imagine what they person was like, how they looked animated, how were their families affected, what were their final thoughts before dying or going through a certain situation, what were the bystanders thinking, etc. It distracts me and acts as an outlet for buried emotions, I think.
What kind of gore?
Suicide pictures and videos are my favorite because it calms me and makes me feel okay with the fact I'm suicidal (which is also why I'm trying to stay away from it right now). I like fast-acting poisoning suicides and jumpers, or any method of suicide I'm considering. I think maybe it vicariously soothes me, too. I like live killings, those are almost always interesting, as well as the professionally produced terrorist organization videos. I love medical deformities and conditions as well, though I'm not sure if that's considered gore or not.

I know I'm talking about this plainly now, but the reality is that I'm incredibly embarrassed of this. I'd never admit it in real life. I find shameful and stupid of me.

Anonymous 17701

giphy (1).gif

Because you smell the disgusting blood and hear(/feel?) the pain a person goes through? If it's a lifeless body, it can give you a haunting feeling when being near it and make you wonder where their soul is.

Anonymous 17703

OP here. I'd never watch this, just the description makes my stomach turn.

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