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What are some kinda unknown but great links you bookmarked? Anonymous 179588

All links, just not gross ones

Anonymous 179590


This is fun if you're on mobile.

Anonymous 179591

Oh, but warning: Flashing images (if you have epilepsy)

Anonymous 179594

this one is interesting to play around with, you can make some cool sounds

Anonymous 179598

Would love to hear your take on the phallic imagery

Anonymous 179599

Uhh I didn't know it was phallic. The pretty colors simply mesmerize me when you shake it because I'm low iq, retarded, and easily amused. I rate the experience 10/10 because the longer I stare at it, the more drool comes out of the corner of my mouth. I begin foaming and snotting and vomiting all at once

Anonymous 179601


cp bump. scroll safely

Anonymous 179603

Anonymous 179612

Anonymous 179613

Kitty :)

Anonymous 179622

cute cat

Anonymous 179623

Anonymous 179646


Taiko no Tatsujin is so fun. Strongly recommend if you love rhythm games

Anonymous 179696

Anonymous 179698

Sounds like you finally reached epic seizure level congrats on your high score

Anonymous 179726

Oh my god I have been waiting for this day. Might have to split this up into multiple posts though b/c otherwise I'd never post a thing lol.
old text files shared in computer groups in like the 70s
website with skulls/heads of various animals and people so you can practice drawing
a nice color pallette generator, useful for building websites, just insert a color and it will tel you what color pallete is good for your website to ensure readability.
A browsable, interactive museum of winamp skins powered by webamp, an in-browser recreation of winamp. You can upload music files for it to play by just dragging and dropping. Also you can download the skins, which is great for reamp(winamp for modern macs) if you have that.
Website that helps you find that word thats on the tip of your tongue!
An enormous list of awesome websites.
Website/forum for sharing free software for your computer. Extremely useful when looking for free alternitives to popular paid programs.
A website that you can post letters on, but it has a twist: If nobody posts on it for 24 hours, it will self destruct.
Some fuckin weird-ass thing I have no clue
Social media for geologists. Like inaturalist but for rocks.
Onion link, but heres how to do a bunch of illegal shit
Shitload of old gifs
Website that lets you properly pirate bandersnatch
List of websites related to old tech
Clock made up of photos that people take. Each new time is a new photo.
American-centric guide for eating invasive species.
3-d online game made up of ascII symbols. Really cool.
The sufferage cookbook!
Like google docs, but privacy focused.
Directory of Anime with lgbt themes.
fun lil game where you draw a stickman.
Archive of interviews of participants in ACT-UP, an AIDS advocacy movement.
A good place to get subtitles for your pirated tv shows and movies.
A fansite about eh boardgame clue/cluedo.
torrent search engine.
A printable flip book of photos of 9/11.
input what colors of paint you have and this website will tell you which bob ross episode/s you can follow along with.
shitload of freebies.
A directory of free, downloadable midis.
basically an enormous guide on how to never get doxxed.
list of ancient multiplayer games. If you wanna explore old abandoned 3-d multiplayer games, go here.
A modern-day recreation of myspace. It's awesome!
extremely sexy website
Will post more later today.

Anonymous 179732

Anonymous 179744

http://www.keenspot.com/ collection of free webcomics
http://musgle.com/ a frontend for google to facilitate music searches in open directories
https://www.llresearch.org/ an archive of psychic channeled media.

Anonymous 179751

It was updated in '22!!

Anonymous 179752

fucking amazing, thank you for sharing

Anonymous 179975


This site is weird af. Looks like a personal site but apparently it's fiction.


Anonymous 180753

Anonymous 180815

I also have this bookmarked. I suck at rhythm games but its still fun

Anonymous 182723

- https://www.gwern.net/index - psychology, statistics, technology
- https://middlepot.com/ - web design, blog, fashion, games
- https://kakashi.neocities.org/ - art, media, blog
- https://cabbagesorter.neocities.org/ - media, blog
- https://utsushimi.neocities.org/home.html - reviews, blog
- https://eldritchdata.neocities.org/CGFTPU/HowToDisappear.html - "how to disappear" guide
- https://hotlinewebring.club/ - webring

Anonymous 182763

How did you even come across this site?

Anonymous 182777

ice worm.jpg

Anonymous 182806

http://cachemonet.com/ old gif/animations
http://salmonofcapistrano.com/ Salmon of Capistrano
It's just as fun with a mouse.
>A printable flip book of photos of 9/11.

Anonymous 184008

good thread :)

- https://www.photopea.com/ free browser-based photoshop alternative
- https://justdeleteme.xyz/ direct links to delete accounts
- https://inteltechniques.com/data/workbook.pdf what it takes to disappear (personal data removal checklist)
- https://www.whonix.org/wiki/DoNot non-technical tips on staying anonymous
- https://myfridgefood.com/ tells you what recipes you can try with stuff in your fridge
- http://radio.garden/?r=1 google earth but takes you to the radio station of wherever you zoom in
- https://www.my90stv.com/ simulates 90s tv with youtube videos
- http://www.users.totalise.co.uk/~leiafee/ramblings/realistic_injuries.htm writing realistic injuries
- https://ryujinx.org/download/ switch emulator
- https://moo.neocities.org/ random thing
- https://gifcities.org/ old gifs
- https://glitter-graphics.com/ more gifs and pictures
- https://sadgrl.online/ links to a bunch of webrings
- http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ preservation site for old flash games and animations
- https://kleki.com/ in-browser drawing program
- https://www.sputnikmusic.com/ music reviews
- https://thiscatdoesnotexist.com/ thispersondoesnotexist except it generates cat pictures
- https://komaeda.neocities.org/ i dont even know what this is
- https://www.refseek.com/ search engine for things you can use as references

and i also have a bunch of language-learning crap that's free and doesn't require sign up bc i'm a big language nerd, idk if this is interesting to anyone else though lol

- https://ancient-greek.net/ ancient greek
- https://www.russianlessons.net/ russian
- http://alittlehebrew.com/read/#1.0 hebrew (just teaches you how to read the alphabet)
- https://ukrainianlanguage.uk/read/unit01/page1-1.htm ukrainian alphabet and basic vocabulary lessons
- https://ukrainiangrammar.com/ ukrainian grammar
- https://lemko.org/pdf/Let%27s_Speak_Lemko_Rusyn.pdf carpatho-rusyn lemko
- https://www.lem.fm/ lemko radio station
- https://omniglot.com/writing/gagauz.htm moldovan gagauz alphabet
- https://www.pdfdrive.com/gagauzlar-e48262254.html gagauz grammar (written in turkish but you can infer a bit of it)
- https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-saami-languages-an-introduction-e178175047.html saami language (overview of all dialects)
- https://archive.org/details/malteseenglishen00falz maltese-english dictionary
- https://www.digitaldialects.com/Karelian/Phrases.htm karelian vocabulary children's games
- https://navajorenaissance.org/ navajo
- https://tusaalanga.ca/lessons inuktitut
- https://www.deepl.com/translator google translate alternative (has fewer language options but is more accurate, imo)
- https://forvo.com/ if you want to hear a native speaker say something in pretty much any language

Anonymous 184024

>https://sadgrl.online/ links to a bunch of webrings
Nice find

Anonymous 184025

Too bad most people associated with sadgrl and yesterweb are commie trannies

Anonymous 184026

I honestly don't care: the site is pretty and responsive, it's good inspo.

Anonymous 184027

Is sadgrl a TIM?

Anonymous 184029

oops i’m the one who posted the link and i didn’t know it was a troon, i haven’t fully clicked through the site, i just bookmarked it because it’s a well-made, nostalgic layout and it has links to some cool stuff. sorry for accidental troonpost, it sucks bc a lot of old web type aesthetics and places like neocities have been taken over by them

Anonymous 184030

I didn't mean that the site shouldn't be posted here, just warning anons in case they want to join those communities or something, they're very unwelcome towards anyone slightly gender critical/radfem leaning. Fun fact is that crystal.cafe used to be a part of the yesterweb webring but it got removed the moment they found some troon hating posts kek
I'm pretty sure she's a woman, her discord tends to proudly display trans flags so I think she'd be doing it too if she was one, and searching through it she never once participated in a tranny discussion
Don't worry nonie, her site is definitely nice looking and something a lot of people come across when looking for the old-web style sites/revival movements.

Anonymous 184046

>just warning anons in case they want to join those communities or something
Ah, got you. Thanks.

Anonymous 184150

I found a working sshchan: [email protected]

Anonymous 190059

Sorry if this is a really dumb question but what is an SSH chan? In a search I only really found the program that seems to run them so not really info about what it is. From them name I'm guessing it's a self hosted chan board people can ssh into and talk but I've never come across this before

Anonymous 191934

So she wants a return to the old internet without the old internet

Anonymous 191956

anyone remember mouchette.org?

Anonymous 191993

Pretty much, all these oldweb nostalgiafags would shit themselves if we actually went back to the freedom of expression that old web had.
It's especially funny when they're too young to even remember it but still reminisce about emos and similar web culture as if those emos wouldn't call them slurs or something kek

Anonymous 192008

for some reason the moment i try to open the program again there's nothing there, like the program itself is fine but there's not games or animations or anything. i can browse the different categories but no content. and when i looked into my files i found a ton of games i didnt download or even click on, or ones i did click on but didnt download i also had installed.
i completely removed and uninstalled omfg im getting tired of this word and reinstalled it multiple times but it still does the same thing. nothing similar anywhere i looked so i have no idea how to fix it so i just gave up. sigh. i just wanted to play old sue games

Anonymous 192091

I wish we could go back to old internet rules. More people need to be called retarded and gay. PC culture for weirdos far too comfortable. Bring back kink shaming

Anonymous 193926


GIS map of different ecoystems in the US Northeast/Mid-atlantic region

could still use some work(the blanket classifacation of salt marshes is dumb but understandable)

Anonymous 194259

Anonymous 195238

That would also mean much more misogynist scrotes and being called a bitch constantly too

Anonymous 195246

top kek that's still happening tho, it's just that now we can't call those people retarded and gay or other current nono words anymore like we could back in 2008. i was also thinking the same thing as >>192091, i miss bullying people online.

Anonymous 195250

Then just start doing it, I call people retarded and gay and no one gives a fuck. Sometimes you just can't wait for other people to do what you want to do for you

Anonymous 195278

kek i do, but the problem is you can't do this anymore on sites that used to be okay with calling people retarded or gay and that's what sucks about 2022 net culture. i often forget how wild the internet used to be because it's getting buried under all the monotony and capitalistic gay shit. i miss when you could cuss someone out on a big platform like twitter and call them all kinds of names, and nobody gave a damn because people were not up their ass like they are today. you try that shit now and you'll get permabanned and fired from your job after some turbo autist with rainbows in their profile doxxes you, your dead grandma, and your dog because uwu muh feelings got hurt. that's what all us decrepit old fags miss.

Anonymous 195297

>turbo autist with rainbows in their profile
No offense and I'm sure you're self aware but the call is kinda coming from inside the house, at least if you're a feminist. I don't think it's really radfem praxis to be calling people retarded and gay, it's more like edgy lolcow humor, but unfortunately it makes people like that look like hypocrites. Lolcow "radfems" will gloss over racism and homophobia as long as it's not misogynist, whereas radfems like Andrea Dworkin were just as committed to anti-racism as they were anti-sexism. So most feminists outside of the edgy female 4chan divester crowd are usually focused on those issues as well, so yes it would piss them off if you called someone a racial slur, or called someone a faggot or gay as an insult etc. otherwise you just want to have your cake and eat it too.

Anonymous 195301

Exactly. There's so many people on social media that need to be reminded they're retarded but now the autistic LGBT+ community will dox you until you're fired from your job and homeless because the retard you called out is a non-binary bugself who's also literally an autistic minor (an annoying 17 year old)

Anonymous 195306

Lolcow oldfags aren't feminists, we just hate trannies and men. Lolcow is not a radfem website it was designed to make fun of awkward and weird weebs/camgirls.

Anonymous 195308

Also reminder that this all started on tumblr which was brought over from the feminist livejournal crowd. I'm not saying they weren't libfems but it was pretty much a mix of libfems and radfems. Something of course went terribly wrong in your opinion, but I don't think troonism is the only thing that did

Anonymous 195309

I know, but there are definitely some that claim to be radical feminists too

Anonymous 195337

Unpopular opinion but if you bully people, you deserve whatever consequences happen to you (yes even losing your job).

Anonymous 195354

but men and trannies aren't people

Anonymous 195384

no i understand where you're coming from anon and i agree with a lot of the points you made, but i don't engage with radfems online and most of my bitching is just because i miss a specific era of the internet. it isn't that deep for me, i just miss being an asshole and having fun on the internet and not having to worry about people getting butthurt over every little thing.

some people ask for it though. if someone is going to be an insufferable little bitch, which most people online now are, i don't see why i can't tell them to go touch grass or to stfu when they start spewing their retarded opinions and trying to police how people think. if you're that thin skinned that someone telling you off when you yourself are being an ass to others is both annoying and entitled. some people need to be reminded that the world doesn't revolve around them and that no1curr because it's the honest truth, sorry…

Anonymous 199573

Spaz is short for spastic and is making fun of conditions that cause involuntary muscle movements do to disabilities cognitive or physical. It’s the same thing as calling someone a clumsy retard and was primarily used in parts of the UK to attack people with cerebral palsy. If normies stopped attacking people and making slurs up, when they get told the last one isn’t okay. We wouldn’t be here.

Anonymous 199626

You have that disgusting mob/collectivist mentality. I hope a tranny cancels you

Anonymous 199629



Anonymous 199632

What color is it right now? http://whatcolorisit.sumbioun.com/
Difference is there is no anonymity anymore. And the pretend anonymity (like the one on cc) will be retroactively lifted in a few years. That's why there is much less bullying now. The future senators/presidents/whatever know there will be some retroactive witch hunt now that everything is archived (it wasn't the case in the early 00s: php/dynamic forums and their content have vanished).
We already have retroactive "cancelling" here and there, we will get the same with anonymous websites and their posters, once des-anonymization will have become acceptable.
In short: behave like you would in the street. That's the Internet.

Anonymous 199638

Anonymous 199738

>it isn't that deep for me, i just miss being an asshole and having fun on the internet and not having to worry about people getting butthurt over every little thing
so true anon, everything is so serious now. everything has to be in line with an agenda it's so suffocating and tiring.

Anonymous 199851

Anonymous 200044

Where I'm from it's used pretty mildly to laugh at yourself or a friend, for bring some kinda wacky or random. It's up there with wiener and nerdgasm kinda weak

Anonymous 200694


Anonymous 200797

Screenshot 2022-12…

look out people's windows all over the world

Anonymous 200827

This is cool but a little dangerous

Anonymous 201624

Sin título.png

Just found a site that emulates a browsable Wii shop channel, it's pretty neat. I just wish it had the theme song playing too


Anonymous 208551

Anonymous 209671


RIP Taiko Web

Anonymous 209691


interesting if you're into space/scifi

Anonymous 209697

list of the known or alleged operations of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

Anonymous 215437


collection of stock photos of incredibly buff japanese men (called machos) doing random things. my favorite is the halloween series, a harrowing tale of a macho and a pumpkin headed demon fighting, becoming best friends, and then murdering each other over gourds. great to scroll if you're depressed

Anonymous 215487

have the yakuza fans found and exploited this yet

Anonymous 215496

such a cute game, thank you for sharing!

Anonymous 215515

I played this game all the time in highschool with my friends. I can't believe I found it here, thank you nona.

Anonymous 216380

You have /fit/ dysphoria nona

Anonymous 219386

Anonymous 219630

https://abw.blue/ interesting alternate history browser game

Anonymous 219631

I have done horrible things in this game.

Anonymous 219633

andrea dworkin supported the settler colonial occupation of palestine and claimed that arab women involved in resisting their disposession from their homeland were just raped into doing so (racist bullshit).

I agree with many of her posisitions but we need to stop heralding her as some sort of radfem goddess/ideological leader. shes dead anyhow

Anonymous 219639

you're just jealous

Anonymous 219640

>otherwise you just want to have your cake and eat it too
You mean, being a woman who believes women are human and deserve human rights like everyone else and at the same time having opinions of my own and not resigning myself to being an ideological weapon if I also want human rights? You bet I will have my cake AND eat it too.

Anonymous 219647

Going thru my bookmarks for anything interesting or useful
>how to grow tasty potatoes as well as pick what variety of potatoes you want to grow
>Play in browser retro games
good selection of early sims games and fun sandboxes. I would recommend sim city and jurrasic park park builder, as well as other GBA games, they have a LOT.
>Rare retro games (not free)

Anonymous 219814

I bookmark individual sites that are entertaining, so must of my stuff is a single post on a forum or a random blog with funny comments. Still got some good stuff though

Jeff Boss's (conspiracy theorist) website. unfortunately only exists on archive, but is fun to read through.

Google forums, that link is to a specific post. the forums are populated by old people/children, trolls, foreigners, and one guy who seems to answer every question posted.

List of alien species

Friends of Minerals Forums. Lots of cool pictures of crystals and geology.

Blog about art

Two sites, both about fashion history. The first one focuses more on the historical aspect of things and has a lot of cool pictures, the second is more about analyzing the costuming in period media (which makes it a great source for finding period shows/movies to watch).

I love old websites of professors. imo they're far more useful than advertorial articles and the like, which are totally unnavigable, bloated, and "modernized." Old professor sites typically have simple write ups and materials. What I love the most though, are the ones with personality, where the professors truly just used their site to talk about what they love.

This site, by the late Bill Watson, is by far the best one I have ever found and is really touching. RIP

Anonymous 220566


i like to look at old personal websites. Please please share your fave old ass personal websites if you have any

>some old personal websites belonging to 90s UK goths


>wayback link but this one belonged to one of the radio DJs from a public access show called Rawtime and its sweet


>a very thorough website about tamagotchis and other Japanese virtual pet toys


>This woman's homepage linking out to a lot of other sites she made. My fave is Tamagotchi Planet but Accessing Data is kind of a hoot


>Not vintage, but a very nicely written and still-updated blog about lolita fashion history


Other stuff

>kidpix in your browser


>neat quiet message board where the post disappears after a day


>styledolls, many of which are really fucking funny

picrel is the girl reading this

Anonymous 220658

Not as interesting, but I found a BL(?) one shot Asano Inio made

Anonymous 220665

I love this message board! I visit every once in a while and it's always comfy

Anonymous 220780

Okay? And people say retard and faggot all the time on here. Spaz is pretty tame.

Anonymous 220801

those tamagotchi sites are great
asano's works are actually tolerable when there's a small page count

Anonymous 220885

Old Web search engine
Search engine for uncommon results, good to get out of google rabbit hole, and find more academic things

Anonymous 220887

archive of the KRLA beat rock magazines of the 1960's


Anonymous 220892

I don't really look at it but I saved it to share. I think a gay guy made this blog and it has a lot of small penis shaming which I don't care about because I don't like looking at penises. The commentary is funny sometimes but mostly vulgar.

Anonymous 221453


make a wig for a fancy georgian lady

Anonymous 222105

Cool website about ancient megaliths and stuff


Anonymous 247523

Anonymous 247608

did i just get a virus :(

Anonymous 247680

did you? The website just has a lot of flashing images and stuff, if that's what you mean.

Anonymous 249388

the cursor on this page: https://tetrageddon.com/EULA.html
is really cute

Anonymous 250591

does anyone know any good websites where I could download/torrent vns?

Anonymous 250595

you could try https://fitgirl-repacks.site it has a decent amount of vns. theres also https://igg-games.com and https://hisgames.org but you should use virustotal.com for these last two

Anonymous 251149

Anonymous 251164

Thank you! Hisgames seems to have a lot of stuff

Anonymous 253180

in-depth phone reviews and specifications

chinese dictionary

if you want a summary of the TOS of a website, app, etc

Anonymous 253232

For anyone interested in trivia about numbers

>if you bully people, you deserve whatever consequences happen to you (yes even losing your job).

Saying mean things to retards on the internet isn't bullying.

Anonymous 253233

I would agree, but if you're stupid enough to tie it back to your real name I think a company has the right to fire you for unprofessionalism

Anonymous 253234

Why don't you go back to lolcow? You'd fit in better there.

Anonymous 253242

hory sheet.png

Jesus, all I did was give women's voting rights a little nudge.

Anonymous 253260

Anonymous 253388

we did it.png

Since I keep posting, here's some more. Play with planets:

If you just wanna draw and zone out for a while.

This one's been sitting in my bookmarks forever so it seems right to share it.

Second run was even better.

Anonymous 253398


you can do anything at zombo com

Anonymous 253587

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