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Anonymous 180488

They don't make moids like this anymore, RETVRN…

Anonymous 180522

and im glad they dont

Anonymous 180528

>they don't make men who can't be trusted within 300ft of a school zone.
Sad to report they still do actually.

Anonymous 180541


Anonymous 180547

Who is this? He's cute

Anonymous 180549

Modern men are not allowed to be attractive. They are forced by the evil shadow government to either look like beerbelly redneck, or balding badly shaven beard soyjack

Anonymous 180559

Basshunter, swedish electronic music maker known for hits like "Dota", "Anne Botten" and "When you're gone."

Anonymous 180563

There are tons of attractive ones. A ton just also chose to look that way.

Anonymous 180567

Had and have a huge crush on him. Went to his concert once and got a picture hugging him. Super nice guy.

Anonymous 180571

>There are tons of attractive ones

Anonymous 180594


Anonymous 180626

Around here

Anonymous 180654

he looks like an emo John Lennon

Anonymous 180657

In the Picrel the hair looks ridiculous on him. He needs to do something else with it but he could still be cute.

Anonymous 180677

closet lesbians in denial, the thread

Anonymous 180687


Scrote in denial. Though I hate the picrel, trust me we most of you hyper masculine gangbanger looking scrotes aren't attractive at all either. Trolllolol

Anonymous 180743

If you're a woman who likes dick you can't be a lesbian, no matter how feminine the men is

Anonymous 180763

Liking males who aren't deformed hairy apes and having standards is actually being a lesbian "in denial". We learn something new everyday on cc.

Anonymous 180834



Anonymous 181624


Guyliner ftw

Anonymous 181839

Oml when did he wear eyeliner

Anonymous 181860



Anonymous 181861

Screenshot 2022-11…

oh my mikey

Anonymous 181875

He looks like Jesse pinkman's actor but with make up or is it actually him

Anonymous 181926

I love him so much he’s adorable
Question: have any of you guys ever met a qt like this with such a beautiful face and boyishly cute charms?

Anonymous 181928


Anonymous 181934


Anonymous 182880


tfw no campy beautiful adorkable mall goth comic nerd bf
I think he is a one of a kind moid. Winning the female gaze award. Though I am sure he is a sex pervert, idk, a vibe

Anonymous 186396

Wow Gen Z males really got dumbed down in fashion, haven't they?

Anonymous 228030

I associate this look with grooming teenage girls now.

Anonymous 228043

This look used to irk me even back when it was fashionable, it's the kind of thing that maybe wouldn't look absolutely terrible on a 13 yo, but on a grown man like in the op, it either looks retarded or creepy.

Anonymous 237831

shit taste
annoying lesbcel

Anonymous 237864


>emo boy thread
>No Bill kaulitz

Anonymous 238017

looks like a tranny

Anonymous 238251


I posted him in a different cute emo guy thread, and everyone said he looked like a tranny, then my post got removed. This is what they took from us..

Anonymous 238293


just another day in the life of a Bill fan, stay strong nona

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