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Radfem thread #2 Anonymous 181244

Old thread reached post limit. This thread is discussion of radical feminism, please generalized tranny hate and memes in the TERF meme thread.

Previous thread:

Anonymous 181256

How do you think we can counteract plastic surgery as a culture. Although I blame individuals for getting surgery because they gave in, I more strongly blame society for convincing them that they needed to undergo a dangerous surgery to not hate themselves.

Anonymous 181319

It's a difficult situation because there's a misogynistic component on both ends of the spectrum, at least when moids do it.
With the pro plastic side It's pretty obvious but on the anti side there's scrotes who feel "lied" to by women who even choose to get minor things done like slight rynoplasties. (Friend of mind experienced this exact thing)

The only thing that really comes to mind is to get people to condemn commodity and commodification on a wider level.
Make people more anti-consumerist. That would certainly at least do a number on "bimbo" culture for lack of a better term

Anonymous 181392

Makeup is temporary and a fashionability like clothing or hair styling.
Plastic surgery is permanent. There also are styles of makeup that are more socially condemned than others similarly to plastic surgery.

Anonymous 181430

>they literally kill less animals and fuck the planet up less than you
The meat that every vegan would have eaten if they were not one still gets produced, packaged, etc. The only difference is instead of getting bought it just gets thrown out. We throw out enough food to feed 2 entire Californias every year.
Supply is not strictly based off of demand it's about growth in scale as well so vegans effectively change nothing by just becoming vegans their own self. And all forms of large scale farming are bad for the environment anyway Thanks to things a lot of farmers do like liquefy manure to fertilize their fields.
It's no different than driving an EV in a 99% coal based power grid.

Anonymous 181507


Anonymous 181532

I'm critical of both, but I hold less disgust for make up. Taking the step of going under anesthesia and having an elective surgery seems so much more horrifying even though make up is so much more prominent in our culture.

>The meat that every vegan would have eaten if they were not one still gets produced, packaged, etc.

The basic laws of supply and demand refute this, let alone my experience in animal agriculture. When demand drops, there may be a two to four year lag because of how raising meat animals works, but we definitely reduce the number of animals raised if demand remains low. Otherwise prices drop and it becomes less profitable as you're raising more animals for less money. Crops are different, because the government pays you almost no matter what, but meat follows demand.

Anonymous 181854

I looked it up just to be completely sure and the only thing I was wrong about is that consumers are responsible for most of the meat waste in America.
However grocery stores and restaurants still throw away 4% of their inventory nationwide every year.
With a population of less than 1% vegan, that is a pretty damning confirmation that they do in fact throw out the meat vegans would have eaten.

Anonymous 181917

shoo shoo shoo you…

>Your entire post was premised on the idea that reducing demand for meat/dairy wouldn't impact the supply of meat/dairy.
That was not the premise of my original post. The premise of my original post is that current vegans leave no impact.
I am not so delusional to believe that if we got like 50% of the population to stop eating meat in this country it would lead to no decline in the industry but there are a lot of other factors, and also, vegans are sure as shit, never going to be effective enough at getting people to stop.
>Your newer post would be relevant only if meat waste increased as a result of lower demand to such an extent that the supply of meat was unaffected.
You mean the point I am not trying to prove that you just burdened me with out of nowhere? Sure.
>I thought b12 from meat and dairy was supposed to make you not retarded?
I had no such illusions about vegan diets promoting intelligence, so nothing about your post surprises me.

Anonymous 181932

>all these people defending makeup
makeup isn't good for you. it's bad for your skin, its got this nasty chemically smell I don't know how people stand it, it doesn't feel good on your face it's like this waxy/pastey awfulness, its bad in the summer or if you go to the gym when you sweat, its bad in humid environments, it's one more thing added on to make your morning longer, and last - but certainly not least - it's expensive
by all means you do you, but I can't stand it. yes I'm aware there are "better" versions of some makeup out there that answer some of my concerns, but no thank you. chuck that stuff you'll be happier for it.

Anonymous 181983

based, fuck makeup

Anonymous 182199


>People will lie to themselves to engage in immoral practices.

>Uh no, I belive supply & demand doesn't aply to meat :^)

Pretty funny how you just proved the point by trying to argue agaisn't it with your delusional logic.

Anonymous 182205


Why would you want to? Plastic surgery and body augmentations are the way of the future! Can you imagine a world where everyone is hot and for once we can just rely on our personalities to get a date?

Anonymous 182225


This assumes that one, that anyone is able to become hot through plastic surgery. Yet it's widely known and mocked when people get too much plastic surgery because they look uncanny. Two, being hot is an ever changing objective. What men consider hot today is not what they considered hot thirty years ago. So you would continuously keep having to get surgery to keep up with the trends. Three, it is unlikely that the price of plastic surgery would decrease enough that everyone is able to afford the multiple surgeries. Even cars, which are an absolute necessity for working people and which our entire culture are built around, are not affordable to everyone. So there will never be a time when every single person can afford plastic surgery. And four, when everyone is beautiful, no one will be. Beauty must be different from the average in order to be considered special.
>pic related: pictures of people with plastic surgery

Anonymous 182231

This makes no sense

Anonymous 182254

Body augmentations are only good in a world without capitalism. Already, some people who have fake eyes have had them turned off because the company that made their software went bankrupt and there are no more updates. So they're just consigned to being blind again.

Anonymous 182266

What's going on.jp…

They can. The reason that a lot of other women end up looking completely fucked up from PS is because they either get addicted to it or end up with botched surgery. Just google "korean before and after plastic surgery"

It's sort of like with other women make up. Pretty much every single girl wears it for a reason. It's because it makes us look better and more attractive in the eyes of guys (and other women.)
And I'm not talking your "Natural skin" I mean with zero make up. (I can spot it from a mile away!)
>Hot is subjective
Hot varies in degrees and from person to person, but there is a pretty universal standard which is to just not be ugly.
A world without capitalism and body augmentations do not mix.

Anonymous 182285

>I'm a feminist which is why I call women cunts

Anonymous 182297

You have the reading comprehension of a lesser simian.

Anonymous 182355

>A world without capitalism and body augmentations do not mix.
A prosthetic leg is a body augmentation, so they would still exist in a just world.

Anonymous 182359


That's most people online at this point.

Anonymous 182368


Anonymous 182379

Thanks for the thread op, whoever makes the next one could you copy paste the basics in the first one I think it'd be good to have for women who just stumbled across the thread and are being introduced to radical feminism.

Anonymous 182385

sobering reminder.…

Definitely noted. I figured if someone on was crystal cafe, they knew what rad feminism is, especially if they're posting in the radfem thread, but I see now I was mistaken. That's okay though, everyone is ignorant of something until they are taught.

Anonymous 182582


It saddens me that you're right.

Anonymous 182697

if i hear one more man say cunt and then insist it isn't a slur i'm gonna shit myself

Anonymous 182698

Slurs are a particular kind of obscenity, using swear words to describe genitals is not the same as using sluts.

Anonymous 182707

You should absolutely never tolerate being called a "cunt" by a moid but tbh this.

Anonymous 182720


"Ma'am, that's my emotional support slur!"

Anonymous 182732

just realized i accidentally said "sluts" lol

Anonymous 182733

The one word answer chad meme doesn't really work when it's a completely abstract position, you're literally just telling us you think your opinion is cool. It works with things that have some skin in the game like "Are you really just going to go out every weekend and run over homeless people with a Ford F150 even though they didn't do anything to you personally???" "Yes."

Anonymous 182734

If a moid calls me a bitch or a cunt what is the difference?
Is there some sliding scale of respect? Or is it a binary.

Anonymous 182770

>they literally kill less animals
nothing morally righteous about that
>and fuck the planet up less than you
it's not that simple

Anonymous 182771

not everyone finds absurdist humour funny, or notices it even necessarily
what some see is you(silly) = wrong, me(based) right

Anonymous 182784

Does anyone have statistics about the effectiveness of the Nordic Model vs. completely legalised prostitution? Does it actually help?

Anonymous 182798

If women have already explained in precise language why cunt is a slur and the man either refuses to look it up or ignores them, it is not my job to hold their hand and re-explain it countless times until he figures it out. I would just as succinctly dismiss the same man who threw a fit about not being allowed to use the term wetback or moon cricket.

Anonymous 182800

Although I personally recognize some words as worse than others based on how offended I would be if someone called me them, I would more label slurs as binary, either they are or they aren't.
I read an interesting essay on tracking the word for girl across different languages. In the six or seven languages noted, they had all had to change the polite word for girl to another term recently (within living memory), because the word for girl would be used as slang first for an adult woman, then as slang for a prostitute or female genitalia. The essay also noted that the author had found no examples of this happening to the word boy.

Anonymous 182804


Anonymous 182805

Does anyone have ideas on how to connect with radfems IRL?

Anonymous 182807

Aask on Ovrit? They seem to mean serious biz.

Anonymous 182808

Afaik they actually found decriminalisation and the Nordic model actually increased human trafficking to those countries

Anonymous 182811

I just don't think there is any good reason not to ban both sides of prostitution if you're going to ban it at all. Places like Sweden can be trusted not to needlessly harass prostitutes when enforcing these laws, but it's a tool they need to have handy. Sometimes arresting someone is a way to protect them, get them off the street and force them to receive help instead of hoping they just randomly come to their senses.

Anonymous 183199

Decriminalization and Nordic model are two opposite things though, do you mean to say that they both increase trafficking and harm?

Anonymous 183279

TERF thread deleted again, what the fuck is going on?

Anonymous 183286

I dunno, but I worry something's going on with the jannies.

Anonymous 183289

Most likely troon sabotage. I made a new one >>183288

Anonymous 183339

women astronauts.p…

Yeah, it's like the janitors are using the clean up as an excuse to get rid of the terf meme thread. But the terf thread is literally the most popular thread on this entire site, we're going to immediately notice when it goes missing.

Anonymous 183561

The one word answer Chad meme is never funny at all.

Anonymous 183573

If you've already explained to somehow how mean they are and they're still doing it, they're the one acting like the chad meme, not you. You're getting boned.

Anonymous 183574

I try to ignore it because it really pisses me off, removes the soul of this stuff. I got in this long argument with this one zoomer online when they told me that I was "out of the loop" (or some such cringe) and didn't know what 'based' meant because I was explaining how it is a fundamentally neutral term that could be defined as "self-assured; acts with disregard to the concerns of others" (and I gave examples) and they thought that they were so cool for knowing the supposed real truth that it just means "agree"

I guess what I'm really pissed about is people who have 30 seconds worth of knowledge thinking they know everything and refusing to ever concede to someone who obviously knows way more about a topic, but that's a little much to take on right now.

Anonymous 183576

How is them flying into a rage and typing paragraph after paragraph about how cunt is not a slur them being Chad? It didn't happen in this conversation in this thread, but I watched it happen on Tumblr and men just throw screaming fits over it. Men want to use slurs, and they will throw tantrums when you tell them that slurs are inappropriate.

Anonymous 183579

There's at least a case to be made, I just made it. Also, their walls of text are in support of a controversial opinion, you're just telling them not to be rude and then venting about it here when they continue. There is no chad element whatsoever.

Anonymous 183580

Also it needs to be acknowledged that they actually have a point, "cunt" legitimately has a different use in the UK and Australia. The literal meaning is the same but the context is different, and all of these things rely on context. I notice you're not raging about how people use "pussy" as an insult, even though it refers to the exact same thing. That's because American culture doesn't see it as a big deal so you don't either, and it's the same for Brits and "cunt". Also you're obvious not up in arms about penis-based obscenities.

Anonymous 183647


>I notice you're not raging about how people use "pussy" as an insult, even though it refers to the exact same thing.
It's because you know nothing about me. Pussy should not be used as an insult either. Even though it's from the word pusillanimous and not descended from the word for cat.

Anonymous 183648

>Also you're obvious not up in arms about penis-based obscenities.
Men can figure their own shit out. I fight for women's liberation, not men's feelings.

Anonymous 183652

>"cunt" legitimately has a different use in the UK and Australia
Yeah, in parts of the UK/Ireland/Australia/NZ "cunt" is thrown around pretty indiscriminately. I mean, it's basically used as a substitute word for "person".

>You're a good cunt.

Read: You're a good person

>She's a mad cunt.

Read: She's silly.

>He's a pure cunt.

Read: He's contemptible.

I do think people should be careful how they word things online, but it is quite funny to see yanks being really offended by it. "Fanny" was probably the more obscene word when I was growing up, maybe slightly worse than calling someone a "dick".

Anonymous 183708

I know you’re a tranny lol,

Anonymous 183712

>Fanny" was probably the more obscene word than dick
Doesn't that prove the slur point though? That the worst taboo words used to denigrate people are always related to women and female genitalia. That our very existence is considered impure and lesser and so is used as an insult?
Even if using that slur is part of someone's culture, it's still a sexist culture and should be fought against. Not letting women vote was part of most of the world's culture, does that mean you'll argue for that too?

Shut up Blaine. You will never be a woman and your mother is more woman than you could ever hope to be, even in your wildest dreams.

Anonymous 183739

It's pretty clear that you see it as much less of a big deal, because you get that the context is different. In America "pussy" is just sexist in terms of what it actually means and people are just using it interchangeably with "coward", whereas "cunt" can be used intentionally to be sexist. In the UK, neither is largely meant to be sexist.
It's just kind of silly to demand that four other countries with different dialects of your language change this substantial part of how they communicate just because it is upsetting in a purely American context. I completely get telling them not to when they're visiting here or something, but that doesn't seem to be the point.

I don't mean this literal 1:1 comparison at all but it can illustrate what I'm talking about: In Spanish when someone types "negro", they mean the color black. In American english, it is an insulting term for people of African descent. We would of course not tolerate a Spanish-speaking person random "switching languages" mid sentence or some shit just as an excuse to drop it as a totally-not-slur, but in their home country it legitimately has a different use and attempts by outsiders to prevent its use (indeed, there have been some) don't work at all, and are actually quite intolerant.

Anonymous 183741

Also, I'm not trying to be super pedantic here but this should be talked about: the basic use of "slur" is a literal slurring of words. "Nigger" is a slur because it is a sloppy pronunciation of "negro" (at a time when negro was not considered to be inherently offensive), and it became the disrespectful way to say negro. It's debatable whether referring to something by a different word that is pronounced correctly (i.e., cunt instead of woman). A pure slur for women would be like "wumbens" or some shit.

Basically, you might have a better time if you just talk about whether a word is offensive, than specifically trying to show that a word is a slur.

Anonymous 183745

Just because a lot of people do it doesn't mean it's okay. Jesus what are you all even doing in the radfem thread if you want to defend the vile shit men call women. Bitch is okay because it's used by gay men in a friendly way right?

Anonymous 183746

Literally, yes. Words don't have inherent meanings, it is all about context.

Anonymous 183748

>>at a time when negro was not considered to be inherently offensive

It's still not. It is literally the Spanish word for "black". There's even a cake called Negra and a Mexican sweet called "Negrito". Neither of which is meant to be racist. This is just the U.S. using it's own historical context of one word against to apply it to all of the rest of the world, because they think they are the center of the world.


This. Me and my friends called eachother niggerfaggots as an inside joke, back in high school. One of those people was even a black guy. And none of us were straight.

Anonymous 183749

what the fuck are you talking about nona?? words absolutely do have inherent meanings T-T
like, "book" only ever means book. it doesnt mean anything else. names are different, like "bitch" can be a dog or a woman, that stuff depends on context. but words as a whole do have natural meaning

Anonymous 183750

popular music.png

>the basic use of "slur" is a literal slurring of words.
Not to take the thread too off topic, but that is not how the word slur is used and you know it. Otherwise the entire Australian dialect is a slur and should be forbidden.
Literal coombrained mindrot.

Anonymous 183753

I literally made a post addressing that right above (and I also made the one you separately agreed with lol). But in America, when you are describing a person in the english language, it is considered offensive.
Lol even when desperately looking for some example that works to make your point, you failed. "Book" can mean "run" (i.e. "I'm about to book it to the library to grab a book"), as well as many other boring things such as 'a book of matches'. That's before getting into what it means in other languages, or what it might mean 50 years from now in english.

Anonymous 183754

It's always amazing how easily people will ignore any attempts to water down what you say before you say it and instead pretend you're saying something really extreme so they can pretend you're unreasonable
>I'm not trying to be super pedantic here
>It's debatable
>Basically, you might have a better time if you just talk about whether a word is offensive
Yeah I know that "slur" has a broad and narrow definition, but there's still a conversation to be had about where it should end. I think that bodily swear words are completely different from rude names for ethnic groups, and trying to use "slur" in that context undermines its value as a word, when others are available.
> Otherwise the entire Australian dialect is a slur and should be forbidden.
and this is just a silly statement from top to bottom

Anonymous 183767

>>Fanny" was probably the more obscene word than dick
>Doesn't that prove the slur point though?
No, a slur is "a derogatory or insulting term applied to particular group of people". "Cunt" is applied equally to both men and women where I live, and it isn't considered a sexist insult. I understand that elsewhere it's used as a slur, but not where I live.

>That the worst taboo words used to denigrate people are always related to women and female genitalia.

This is a different point altogether. Whether or not "cunt" is the most dirty word in the English language doesn't affect whether or not it's a slur.

>Not letting women vote was part of most of the world's culture, does that mean you'll argue for that too?

I don't think I'm arguing for anything, I'm just remarking that it's funny to me, as someone for whom that word has never really held the same weight.

> "Book" can mean "run" (i.e. "I'm about to book it to the library to grab a book"), as well as many other boring things such as 'a book of matches'.
This is a nice example. Another is "gay", which was in frequent usage yet had nothing to do with homosexuality prior to the 20th century. Not only does it have multiple meanings, its meanings have completely changed over time.

I think the important thing is the intent behind someone's words, rather than the particular words themselves. Every man in the world could stop using "cunt" (in the slur sense of the word) tomorrow and they'd just replace it with "twat" or "bitch" or "hole". The word is just a sound coming out of their mouths. The same sentiment would still exist in their heads.

Anonymous 183768

>Every man in the world could stop using "cunt" (in the slur sense of the word) tomorrow and they'd just replace it with "twat" or "bitch" or "hole". The word is just a sound coming out of their mouths
Exactly, or even just take a completely neutral or even positive term and make it derogatory. It's not even hard to turn words like "woman" into angry terms: "You fucking woman!", "You WOMAN!"

Pretty much all of this comes down to intent and perceived intent, the idea that words have magic power independent of their usage and reception is just a nerdy fantasy.

Anonymous 183811


Anonymous 183836

>I think that bodily swear words are completely different from rude names for ethnic groups

I think you think this because all our lives, we have been taught to put women second. So you think that slurs that offend ethnic groups are worse than slurs that offend women, because you don't consider the oppression that women face to be as real or as bad as ethnic oppression.

Anonymous 183838

>Cunt" is applied equally to both men and women where I live, and it isn't considered a sexist insult
While I would agree that cunt had less sexist connotations in parts of the world, it being used for men and women both doesn't mean it's not sexist. For example, in America, people will use nigger a general swear (such as shouting it when they stub their toe or a car part breaks), as well as call stealing white people it. Based on your logic, because it is not just used for black people, does this mean nigger is not racist? Because I do not think that it does. I think it remains a slur with racist origins, even when used on white people.

Anonymous 183975


Anonymous 183976

you can dislike some people who happen to be women without hating women as a whole and while still wanting the destruction of the patriarchy
being a feminist doesnt mean you love all women it means you want to dismantle the patriarchy and patriarchal ideals. pickmes are enforcing the patriarchy, that which feminists despise. so why is it wrong to call a pickme a cunt? just because she's a woman? women can be bad people too

Anonymous 183978


There, there. If you want, I'll call you niggerfaggot too.

Anonymous 183979

>so why is it wrong to call a pickme a cunt?
Because you are using an insult that deliberately denigrates the female sex. Calling them pickmes or handmaidens describes what they are, but calling them a cunt reinforces that female genitalia is an undesirable or shameful thing to be.

Anonymous 183984

Why is it that you can't step five feet in one fandom without rabid gendies festering there? Like in even the most "innocent" of fandoms like with Sanrio?

You'd be liking someone's posts about "Fluffy Kittens Daily" and then OP would make a post like "repost if you want to dismember terfs and rape them with glass"
Fandom would be at your throat if something you said sounded slightly "ableist against neurodivergents" or makes them "uncomfy because its their comfort media" but then spout the most vile shit imaginable about murdering/beating up women who believe things that don't validate them

Anonymous 183993

Anonymous 184060

This is a level of self hatred so deep there's probably no cure. I'm sorry you hate you period so much that you hate being a woman. I hate the pain and mess of my period too, but when I get a sinus infection I don't fantasize about chopping my nose off and go around calling people beaks as an insult.

Anonymous 184101

Exactly nona.

Anonymous 184193


Anonymous 184198


Anonymous 184201

>because it is not just used for black people, does this mean nigger is not racist? Because I do not think that it does. I think it remains a slur with racist origins, even when used on white people.
I'd agree with this. But "cunt" doesn't designate any particular type of person where I live. I could overhear someone saying "I hate those cunts" and genuinely have no clue whether or not they were referring to a group of males, a group of females, or a mixed sex group of people. That sentence is functionally equivalent to "I hate those dickheads". But the same probably wouldn't be true if I overheard someone saying "I hate those niggers" or "I hate those pakis".

Anonymous 184212

Once in a lifetime inspiration ✨️

Anonymous 184230

I wish I could save her from prison.

Anonymous 184237

I hope she won't go to prison

Anonymous 184296

most important asp…

>without prompting
Lol, what a cope by the male researchers.

Anonymous 184304


Yeah psych studies are crazy.
>When men are better at a certain task:
oh yes, neuroanatomical dissimilarities, women are inferior
>When women are better at a certain task
this can't be, this is an outlier, we need to do more statistics until we prove that men are superior.

Anonymous 184333

Now that incels are pretty much unavoidable on every mainstream social media platform, is anyone else just in a constant state of disbelief over their complaints? I wish my problems with dating and the opposite gender were as puerile as
>I would have to put in effort if I wanted to get laid
>some men I don't know have tattoos and dress in a way I don't like
>this 10/10 model moid is dating a young attractive woman with large breasts and not me

Anonymous 184376

My online circle does not include many incels so it's just the constant "Women are bad and inferior in every way" across every platform that I see. I do hear that entitlement to a girlfriend has gotten worse in the younger generations.
I feel bad for anyone under twenty five who's dating men. The boundaries that society say are acceptable have gotten out of control. Apparently men won't even hide their porn folders or masturbation habits and they won't even ask permission before trying something like choking in the bedroom. That's absolutely crazy to me and my friends. To put that in perspective from someone who is older, one time I was having sex with my boyfriend doggy style and he spit on my back. I was so furious that he would degrade me like that that I immediately turned around and slapped him. He was apologetic for weeks afterwards and never did anything in the bedroom without consent again. Of course he didn't argue or try to explain, he knew that he had treated me as an object instead of a lover.
Especially if you're young, I warn against one night stands. The average man is stronger than the average woman and can easily hurt you. So when you put yourself in such a vulnerable position as sex, you should trust him completely and know that he will always stop if you say stop or your body language is reluctant.

Anonymous 184422

Hold on, isn't she just another one of those animu waifus who look all controlling and domineering but in the end secretly want to be a submissive tradwife?
And try to """manipulate""" men by letting them stick their dick in her? At least that's the impression I get from her wiki page, correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous 184515

JK Rowling created a new single-sex shelter for women who are victims/at risk of sexual violence.
She's funding it completely herself, so it doesn't adhere to charity laws (ie it's really for women only).

Anonymous 186348


what the fuck is this? men need to be put down

Anonymous 186354

No. Denji wants to do sexual things with her but ultimately when he's given the chance he decides he would rather be her dog and let her take control of his life.

Anonymous 186364

I don't read the manga but in a recent episode she ordered and then sacrificed a bunch of (male) convicts to use her devil powers thing with 0 hesitation or remorse. That's pretty unusual, anime is like marvel shit where even the baddest of bad guys don't get killed, so it was pretty cool to see her kill bad men without giving a shit.

Anonymous 203311

Has anyone you ever knew gotten married as a child? My grandmothers got married at nineteen and seventeen, and a couple of girls in my class got married right out of high school, but I've not known anyone younger than that.

Anonymous 204329

Testicular torsion. Except the implication is that she's doing a spell to make it happen.

Anonymous 206731


Why are blatant misogynists so fond of calling themselves radfems? Is it worth having a bigger tent or should we tell conservatives to fuck off and fight troons on their own terms?

Anonymous 206733

they aren't on our side and we don't need to pretend they are. feminism is diluted enough without misogynists saying they would happily let a young woman die whose biggest crime is being outspoken.

Anonymous 207187

I am a woman, you dolt, being a woman doesn't automatically turn one into a brainless lefty spook.

Anonymous 207192

What state are you from? Also, most positions held by radfems, which is the thread you are in, are considered leftist. Being pro birth control and abortion, encouraging out of home careers (to prevent financial abuse), being in charge of our own finances, and being against child marriage. However, being anti prostitution and against most sex work is usually a right wing thing which is why most of us are politically homeless.

Anonymous 207193

Being in charge of finances and preventing financial abuse should be the rightoid opinion, right? And I don't think all leftoids proactively support prostitution and "sex work" right? Is that not a fringe opinion of younger leftoids? Or are you saying rightoids claim it more. Because I really hope prostitution doesn't get legalized even though OnlyFans is basically a loophole.

Anonymous 207194

I will clarify that I'm American, so I use left as liberal and right as conservative interchangeably.
A woman being in charge of her own finances is a left position, right prefers the man to either be in charge of all finances, or else the woman do the work of the book keeping but the man have the final say over all expenses.
Sex work has become a very leftist view. You'll see older leftist politicians who are against it, but they're the rarity. Nowadays, out of people I know in real life, all liberals under 45 believe that all forms of sex work should be completely legal.

Anonymous 207199

I am not American. Being pro abortion is not a left wing thing where I'm from, it's just a given. Greta, however, is a hack and I am allowed to say kt.

Anonymous 207209

Anonymous 207246


>be me
>go on twitch
>click on a random female streamer's livestream
>she's with an old man
>"this is my dad"
>oh ok, phew
>she starts talking about being in porn
>her dad starts talking about his cock

Anonymous 207257

Any father who is comfortable talking about their penis or porn habits around their children is an incest loving pedo and you can't convince me otherwise. It just feels like grooming your kid to erode the proper boundaries between father and child. Starts off getting you comfortable with sexually charged conversations to eventually lead into sexually charged actions. I bet you he watches his daughter's porn, she probably knows it too and copes by claiming he's "supporting her career".

Anonymous 207273

This is so wrong. So I would view this as a subset of incest, and as we see with the porn categories of incest being insanely popular, and House of Dragons making an entire series about incest, incest is becoming more normalized.
I'm starting to see push back against it. Many men on the HoD subreddit were complaining about how gross the constant incest is, as well as I'm seeing men on Twitter complaining about how incest as so overtaken porn that it's hard to avoid it when searching for videos. But now that there's some push back, how do we capitalize on that and push back further?

Anonymous 207320


We need new obscenity laws than ban depictions of crass sexualization and degrading of women, ban depictions of incest, ban depictions of troons and homosexuals, and ban depictions of moids committing acts of violence

Anonymous 207324

You sound like you live in a hyper sheltered fantasy land. Not that I don't disagree with some of it but that would never happen. Learning how to open a portal to heaven sounds easier than ripping porn and violence from coomers.

How can you exist without revealing how completely neurotic you are everywhere you go

Like how can you go outside without betraying your rage at everything

I'm similar in a way but you have to chose what's worth worrying about or you will go completely mad. What you're describing just sounds futile to me kek :v

Anonymous 207325

>We need new obscenity laws than ban depictions of crass sexualization
That's a lofty but admirable goal
>and degrading of women,
Hell yeah
>ban depictions of incest,
>ban depictions of troons
Like, any depictions at all? You can't even write a story about a cross dresser?
>and homosexuals,
Honey, this is crystal cafe. Half of us are autistic, and half of those are lesbians. We're not going to ban any media depictions of ourselves.
>and ban depictions of moids committing acts of violence
Are you just talking about pornography, or are you saying that depictions will be obscene enough to be forbidden under these laws?

Anonymous 207327

Homosexual men deserve chemical castration

Anonymous 207328


I don't get out much recently, my siblings stopped talking to me for repeatedly calling my cousin's man-in-a-dress boyfriend a man and they were my primary social circle
Yes it should be illegal to talk about trannies in any circumstance outside of medical (exploring therapy or meds to make them normal). Trannies groom others by just making others aware of their existence and what their delusions entail. It's the only way to keep the next generation safe
I'm gay too but I dont flaunt it in front of kids. Stop grooming
I'm talking about all forms of violence. It drives me nuts that people will hand a 6 year old boy a Mario game that trains you to solve problems with violence and acts like it's not a problem

Anonymous 207405


Has anyone mentioned Laetita Ky? She's an African radfem that was dragged through the mud multiple times for being gendercritical. I love her and her artworks and how she actually stands her ground when accused of "transphobia" unlike many other 'feminist' handmaidens. The things people said about her after they found out she supported JKR and called said women instead of 'menstruators' and etc etc is fucking insane

Anonymous 207409

Her and Chimamanda have said a lot of straight forward things and I feel comfortable redirecting friends to either. I wish Chimamanda would write or speak more about this topic but I also understand why she doesn’t.

Anonymous 207418


>It drives me nuts that people will hand a 6 year old boy a Mario game that trains you to solve problems with violence and acts like it's not a problem

Anonymous 207438



NTA but this is the same show where people throw shoes and beat the shit out of eachother by the way. I don't think they're ones to be moralfagging about violence in video games.

Anonymous 207450

But children aren't meant to be watching the show

Anonymous 207454


Um, I don't think children are meant to be playing most "violent" video games either. That's why we have age-ratings. Although even those are often bullshit, because they still get exposed to some kind of form of shit like someone hitting someone, yelling, or etc. regardless. In that light, Memri TV is a whole news channel so kids are likely still getting exposed to it regardless. I don't want my fun to be taken away from video games only because a bunch of moral crusaders want to use it to ineffectively protect a sociopathic minority of children (Who would likely go on to try and shoot up a school whether they got exposed to said video games or not, anyway) This is a Karen-tier nothingburger.

Anonymous 207485

The ratings are so fucking trash it's unbelievable. Everything that isn't for babies gets a T rating and doesn't go to M unless it's much more bloody violent or pornified (but I've seen less violent and sexual games be put there vs T) so the moment the kid is 13 (if the parents follow the guidelines) they get exposed to everything. Zelda gets the same rating as more violent games like Uncharted because cartoon violence and shooting violence are treated the same unless there's swearing (sometimes) and a gorefest. Uncharted has shooting with blood, booze, and swearing. It's like how recent Pixar movies and fucking Michael Bay's transformers can both be pg13.
Any mildly "edgy" or "hood" game will end up having multiple big breasted women in bras and things so if your kid likes basketball they're going to see casual groupies. Your 13 year old kid can play Batman Arkham games with Batman explicitly not killing anyone (they're just "knocked out") but with dark themes, Zelda cartoon fantasy on par with Pixar, one of the Call of Duty games with all the shooting, Uncharted, Bayonetta which is essentially soft core porn, mindless zombie games, or Syberia a point and click mystery with mature themes but no real violent visuals. It's a mess. I think they should do away with the age rating and instead just list the mature parts of it, and include female nudity as a thing FFS. 13 year old boys don't need any help rotting their brains with porn.

Anonymous 207559

The problem arises from our modern society, people can not handle the availability of options etc. being able to look at thousands of people online completely fucked our perception of relationships. its not just between women and men its between people in general. people need to do such a minimum today and have soo many options, yet they often dont take any. creating a feeling of unhappiness without a clear problem that needs to be fixed, this creates radical feminism and is what promoted males to be so misbehaved, they had all the choices for such a long time free to take, now they dont, they cant handle it, they dont know what to do, so they use what they have, primal violence is just one example.

Anonymous 207581

whats so upsetting about the scientific reality of climate change to some people, i dont get it

Anonymous 207582

and like assuming it isnt real or whatever whats the problem in greener choices anyways, 'noo i dont want to breathe clean air' like ? what

Anonymous 207590

It's not climate change in itself, it's the fact that it's a ploy to sabotage western countries when we're the only ones who give a fuck about the environment anyway.

Anonymous 207604

This. I’m a huge environmentalist bleeding heart, and even I recognize this.

Anonymous 207623

Fr you guys have no idea of the environmental atrocities that are happening in the clandestine gold mining industry and Coral Reef destruction in my 3rd world country. And it's all being done by the government.

Anonymous 207658

But if that's the reason people are upset, why do those same men deny climate change? They won't say "Climate change is real but too much of the burden is placed on us." instead they say "Because snowballs exist, climate change is completely fake."

Anonymous 207727

People who actually know what they're talking about don't deny climate change, that's a strawman used to shut down criticisms of wealth redistribution efforts taken under the guise of rectifying climate change. The actual argument, among those who work in the field, isn't if climate change is real or not, it's if 50% or more of it is caused by human activity. Politicians have dumbed things down for the masses and cannot concede even the smallest bit, they gain nothing from telling the complicated and messy truth.

Anonymous 207845


If either of you cared you would be aware that first world countries contributed most to the environmental problems. It’s always the biggest problem with climate politics, why should emerging countries share the blame equally to the oh so developed and enlightened countries when they’re the ones responsible for this. Should emerging countries and low income countries just do nothing and not develop as developed countries continue to dump their toxic waste and trash in the poorer and politically weaker countries?

Anonymous 207935

Lmao single countries like China and India releasing outrageous amounts of CO2 only for it to be put in some faggy woke graph next to 28 European countries aggregated and a whole continent.

Anonymous 207965

Nona, you can look up the raw data of carbon output from volcanos now and from roughly the last century, as well as the raw data of carbon output by country. So yeah, don't believe everything you read on the internet and look up the facts yourself.

Anonymous 207966

>Should emerging countries and low income countries just do nothing and not develop as developed countries

Yes. Sorry you missed the boat, but the world literally cannot handle the amount of pollution that would be created by undeveloped nations taking the same route as industrialized nations.

Anonymous 207976

This, or at least shut up about it as long as you keep dumping literal shit, corpses and tons of chemicals and plastic into your rivers while westerners are terrorized into drinking from paper straws.

Anonymous 208029

did you actually read the graph or just look at the big and small shapes

Anonymous 208030

Congratulations you fail to understand why climate politics always comes to a gridlock!
Also you’re an idiot if you think people from emerging countries are threatening privileged westerners into using paper straws.

Anonymous 208031

>Also you’re an idiot if you think people from emerging countries
I don't. Someone is doing it, but it comes from within.

Anonymous 208033

I read it, which is why I understand what it means despite the misleading grouping and hilariously bad layout.

Anonymous 208040

This. The U.S. started wising the fuck up in the 70's with regards to pollution and recycling. Meanwhile China was opening up to the west, and has gone unregulated and unchallenged for decades. Don't even get me started on India and southeast Asia.

Anonymous 208043


Anonymous 208046

nah tbh the future is the nightmare of the incel, it will be a completely "looksmaxxing" (how incels say it) society like south korea, south korea is reflecting the future in many ways culturally.

Anonymous 208050

I wonder if a lot of women will just abandon the internet because it's not normal or healthy to constantly see the toxic thoughts of men from around the world. For example I used to spend a lot of time browsing youtube but I barely go on there now because I don't feel comfortable with redpill videos on there.

Anonymous 208051

>if you live in a poor nation just stay poor forever while us westerners can live a cush life lmao
Also, if you're already blaming developing nations as part of the global climate and environmental problems then you have no idea what you're talking about and why we got into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous 208052


I think we'll have something more of a Transmetropolitan world, with several beauty canons around and several subcultures. Of course, each will work on the basis that your body is imperfect and you should better it according to the latest fad, and it will be hellish.


new zealand decriminalised prostitution and it has done only good for the women involved. free std tests, condoms, contraceptive, police assistance where needed and obviously abortion is legal and easy to access too. they have to operate out of a registered house/brothel which also aids in their safety and less exploitation. you do not see them on the streets here or getting into random cars. I think it is unfortunate that moids in other countries ruin it for many women worldwide


this is the most weak statement i've ever heard in my life. its like saying oh i don't want to read books from the library because there are books about serial killers there….

youtube has algorithims, you can change it at your own will.

Anonymous 208240

What % of prostitutes in New Zealand is white New Zealander?

Anonymous 208258

It should be legalized entirely so that sex workers can become eligible for things like unemployment, maternity leave etc

I'm convinced that radfems who say that driving prostitution into an underground black market is good for sex workers are concern trolling and are really more just mad at the idea of coombrained moids getting to buy sex without penalty

Anonymous 208265

Fuck that noise. I don’t want you to encourage that shit. I want women to get empowered, not treated like a porn star. That’s no better the burka wearing home sitting women in the ms. Get a real job you loser

Anonymous 208267

I didn't say they have to stay poor forever, just that they can't take the planet destroying route that most industrialized nations have taken. Besides, the coal supply is not what it was 200 years ago, how would they take the same route when the supply no longer exists?

Anonymous 208269

Germany has legalized prostitution and they deny women food stamps and housing vouchers if the woman is unwilling to do sex work. If you think it would rapidly turn into that, you're wrong.

Anonymous 208273

Retarded, if you were to truly legalize it you need to enforce occupational safety rules like them wearing PPE like a medical professional (contact with bodily fluids), and no moid would tolerate that. Even then it's impossible to enforce those standards because prostituted women are literally being penetrated and even with condoms you can't fully prevent STDs.

Anonymous 208283

Or they can find another job that doesn't require selling consent to moids.

Anonymous 208366

There should really be more talk about no-experience or no degree jobs that first start off paying so-so wages, but you can advance in, like trades or security positions. I feel like women wouldn't be so pressured to become prostitutes if they knew that there were other options available besides work at mcdonalds and abrely afford rent or spend endless time and money she likely doesn't have getting a degree

Anonymous 208394

The library isn't constantly pushing those books on me, it's easy for me to avoid a section I don't like. The youtube algorithm is known to push certain types of videos regardless of your personal tastes. Similarly I don't mind using Reddit despite all the cancerous stuff on there because it's easy to go only to the subs I like, but I deleted Twitter because they kept "recommending" inflammatory tweets from people I didn't follow onto my timeline.

Anonymous 208396

I agree, and this is gonna be an unpopular opinion on here but imo I think as women that we have to get tougher. Men never tear each other down for stupid differences in opinion like we do, just shrug shit off and move on. I hate how every female only community inevitably spirals into infighting and pearl clutching mean girl antics, we have got to grow thicker skin and be more strategic in the way we approach things.

Anonymous 208410

Because men feel like they can beat us down either way, and run down everything in their path. They stand up for nothing sacred and theyre very frequently parasitic. A lot of women "pearlclutch" because theyre tired as fuck of this dynamic and the pickme scum who pander to said men. They ruin it for the rest of women. I feel like the pickme kind tends to infight about everything no matter what it is because they're accustomed to low tier social existence already.

Anonymous 208857


Anonymous 208870

They said the same thing about pornography, which is essentially a form of prostitution. It doesn't "empower" women. It legalises the commodification of women's bodies and puts them under the control of male owned companies, much like pornography. It is men who will make money off it while women are forced to endure physical and mental abuse from customers.

Anonymous 208871

Because China and India have more people each than the whole EU. Global warming is much more an economic than political issue. Its actually quite hilarious when people get angry at countries like India or China for making large (but still lesser) pollution than US/EU, because it implies that emissions output should be equal between countries. But I suppose countries like Luxembourg will be very glad to know that can pollute as much as the US.

Anonymous 209127

Oh that's good. I'm going to remember that every time I feel lazy.

Anonymous 209803


I just found out about r/sexpositivehomes. It's a bunch of people talking about how they watch porn with their kids and have sex in front of them, it's disturbing.

Anonymous 209825

Wtf. Having sex in front of children is actual sexual abuse, those kids should be taken from them.

Anonymous 209828

This is literally my motivation mantra every day, very based.

Anonymous 215351

watching a documentary called Four Wives-One Man. It's about a man, his four wives, and his mum, all living together in Iran.

First wife
>"I did not want him to have a second wife. He fell in love again and again, he beat me and I had to relent. He chose his cousin"
Second wife immediately after
>"I did not want to get married but my parents wanted it"
All the women multiple times throughout the documentary
>"he is so kind~"

Anonymous 215355

I'm still watching Four Wives-One Man and he's just beat one of them with a shepherd stick because she needs spackle, quite literally says "it feels like I'm going to die when I sit down" because he destroyed her tailbone, so she's asking for a love potion to give to him. I really do weep for women in these countries

Anonymous 215357

can't they do anything? Will their suffering just continue forever?

Anonymous 215362

Ayrt well it's almost over and the fourth wife has just told us that she has attempted to set herself on fire three times, and a little while before this a different wife said he beats her so badly the neighbours had to rescue her on several occasions. He also apparently hates all his kids which is surprisingly twist because he wants a fifth wife for the purpose if having more kids

Anonymous 215363

>the fourth wife has just told us that she has attempted to set herself on fire three times
at that point, if you're ready to check out of the world why not set him on fire too?

Anonymous 215364

I have no because there's four women vs one beer belly retard, I honest to God think they could murder him if they didn't resent eachother

Anonymous 215365

I apologise for flooding the thread a bit but the fifth wife is introduced at the very end and the screen fades to black as she says "love will give us a good life". I feel disgusted that I know she likely lived a life of abuse too

Anonymous 215367

isn't four is the limit for muslims

Anonymous 215369

I have no idea what the limit is but there's 5 by the end of it

Anonymous 215375

It's 4 vs 1 and they don't do anything? I have no sympathy for women who like being oppressed.

Anonymous 215378

I know it's insensitive and I feel awful saying this as someone who has never been through what they've been through but I can't help but think that women enduring beating and letting that violent man breed with them contributes for the patriarchy even if they don't intend to, that's just what keep the system alive. I understand that they're poor and that the entire society and the law system is against them but fighting back is surely better than a lifetime of beating and humiliation no matter the outcome of such rebellion.

Anonymous 215441

There are two very upsetting scenes in the documentary, the first being one of the wives offering her 9(ish) year old son a wife by buying the neighbour girl and the second being another one if the wives weeping as her toddler daughter is promised to a little boy who forcibly kisses her and (bizarrely at his age, he couldn't be older than 7) verbally objects to the idea of the little girl growing up to study while married to him. I believe the weeping wife is indicative of them being aware of how wrong things are, but to them this is the only way and it's quite literally hammered into them as children to accept this kind of gender based abuse/oppression. These women all genuinely love the fat abusive scrote and are very open about how upset they are when he brings home a new wife. It's all very strange how they never once fathom fighting back against him but actually threaten to murder other wives instead

Anonymous 215946

They've been taught from a young age to believe that they're going to hell if they don't love their husband and submit to him. That's abrahamic religions for you

Anonymous 215958

>promised to a little boy who forcibly kisses her and (bizarrely at his age, he couldn't be older than 7) verbally objects to the idea of the little girl growing up to study while married to him
nuke this whole country jfc

Anonymous 216361

If you ever feel depressed, just google your state along with "prostitution bust". It's so satisfying seeing these moids mugshots after the consequences of their actions catch up with them.

Anonymous 216435

evolution doesn't care about human rights. if submissiveness to moid abuse leads to more offspring surviving and reproducing, nature will select for it. it's hard to view women who let moids walk all over them as my intellectual equal but I do have a lot of sympathy for them. a lot of times the alternative is death, jail time, or other horrific punishments

t. knows a woman spending life in jail for killing her disgusting husband

Anonymous 216566

That did make me smile. 12 men were arrested last month, and 3 human trafficking victims were saved

Anonymous 216585

I've got to ask two questions, would you be okay with children bringing their prostitute mothers to career day in schools and even recommending it to children when they get old enough? And if you were a prostitute, would you let your parents watch you work or vice versa if they went into the business?

>I'm convinced that radfems who say that driving prostitution into an underground black market is good for sex workers are concern trolling and are really more just mad at the idea of coombrained moids getting to buy sex without penalty

I don't call every person with a different opinion than me a scrote but this is very male thinking.
>These women are very upset about a problem that affects women…It must be because they hate my male happiness

Anonymous 216586

Please watch this woman's videos and educate yourself on prostitution and the effects it has. It's been legal in Germany for a long time and it's been horrible for prostitutes.

Anonymous 216967

Lol no that bitch is a legit psycho specially if you read the manga

Anonymous 216981

Screenshot 2023-01…

>cover your entire body and/or hair for your entire life just so that you can be desired more by your husband
>men are gay because they're sick of seeing women everywhere
>women are innately modest and caring

Anonymous 217047

>nations that industrialised before everyone else produced lots of pollution in the long run
shocking, absolutely shocking.

Anonymous 217053

>looking good is entirely subjective
>now let me post examples of people that look objectively bad because of plastic surgery because of 'uncannyness'

Anonymous 217054

>global warming
warming compared to what, we are just coming out of a little ice age and during the medieval warm period temperatures were hotter than today, yet the world was fine

Anonymous 217303


Looking good is subjective. The only consistency you'll find is that humans like things to be symmetrical. But fads change constantly, and women who were considered great beauties of their time don't merit a second look later.

Anonymous 218864

Climate change deniers treat their ignorance like a religion. It's so bizarre, especially when they have kids. I truly think they can't comprehend the idea that their child, who they claim to love, is going to suffer because of their insistence on believing big oil's lies.

Anonymous 219444

>see comment on reddit from a woman who was married to a woman and sex-selected a female fetus
>she got in an argument with a man who pulled out the usual "society was created by men, ivf was created by men, you should be grateful for men and not choose to live with women" argument
so weird. men act like women popped into existence 100 years ago. we have been half of the population since time immemorial. imagine if women weren't allowed to use anything invented by men. that's before you even get into the fact that every breakthrough takes a village. in any case, plenty of men choose to live independently of social norms and strike out on their own terms, but i rarely see people say that a mountain man shouldn't have been allowed to use knives or pots they didn't craft with their own two hands.

Anonymous 219673

EU shares one currency and one visa regime. Their foreign policy is more or less uniform, and their total population is smaller than China and yet still they cause way more emissions than the Chinese. Take your western head out of your western ass.

Anonymous 219694

Agreed. You just know that anon is some kboo or weeb too.

Anonymous 233148


Anonymous 233156

Patriarchy** patriarchy has poisoned and ruined everything from the beginning to intentionally ruin our minds and make us insecure and easy to manipulate into giving up sex. You do realize this right ?? Not all of human society. If we women had settled our mind and never listened to moid garbage again they'd give up, and we'd settle into comfortable indifference and never have to think of them again. But notice how a lot of them cling to the hate/ brainwashing/ dminishment of women and women's minds like their existence, sex life, depends on it. They need us more than we need them and we should never forget.

Anonymous 233160

"the patriarchy" sounds like such a conspiracy when its just the result of male nature and collective moid psyoping. most of it is unintentional, because scrotes are selfish, unthinking, soulless creatures

Anonymous 233174

does the concept of the EU being 27 different countries not go through your thick commie head?

Anonymous 233176

If small countries can't pollute as much as big countries, then let people in big countries freeze in winter and have their salary murdered by climate taxes and leave us the fuck alone.

Anonymous 233186

No they're just usually raised that way, and socialized that way, to have entitlements, and just want to protect the clusterfuck of entitlements they are born into or built for themselves.

The ones that arent raised to be entitled shits aren't like that. Ive met them.

Anonymous 233187

It can be both nature and nurture.

Anonymous 233577


Saw a tweet that said something like taking aesthetic pics of radfem books to trick libfems into reading them and it made me lol

Anonymous 233699

NTA but the EU doesn't have as much population as China, and Europe is also barely bigger than China, not by a lot. It doesn't matter how many small countries it's divided into. Are you just baiting?

Anonymous 235351

How is prostitution even allowed still. I am so enraged at the thought of it. There needs to be a mass shaming and social ostracization of men who consume this shit. Pure evil. Maybe being hated by half of the population is the only way to make these animals refrain from sexually abusing vulnerable women.

Anonymous 235372

I hate American politics. I'm not right wing or liberal, but I'd support more liberal stuff if they just dropped the trans shit. Wanting fair pay and healthcare shouldn't come with the assumption that you support child mutilation. Why the fuck is that the hill they want to die on and support so adamantly? Wtf.

Anonymous 235429


Anonymous 235432


Anonymous 235450

This is a weird take. Men are viewed as threatening far more than women are. Cherrypicking mythological characters doesn't change that.

Anonymous 235456

>Anger is more socially acceptable for men.
This is not true at all though.

Anonymous 235473

NTA but wdym by this? I always see boys and men get away with anger because they don't even consider it an emotion (because of the "muh logical gender" bs). Whereas women would be labelled as a Karen the instant she voices out a complaint. I see people be more sympathetic to male public freakouts and meltdowns over the internet compared to the female ones. Women used to be diagnosed with hysteria for simply standing up for themselves or getting rightfully angry. Men have never been reprimanded for anger as much as women have. The whole "boys will be boys" sentence too. It's just a fact that women are socialised to accept hardships and not voice out complaints compared to boys that get a pass more often. Unless I am wrong (but I doubt it) please explain what you meant. I understand that people recognize that male anger is more destructive than a woman's therefore men are seen as more dangerous (I'd argue it's mainly women that notice that). But even in this case, this danger/anger is seen as normal for them because it's seen as natural. Women are expect to constantly be caring and putting other's needs above their own which is also seen as natural. We're supposed to be everyone's mother and we are deemed ungrateful and annoying if we voice out a complaint. Hope my post wasn't too chaotic lol.

Anonymous 235476

Maybe not in your eyes and in the eyes of women who understand male rage, but for normies and for men, angry women are usually talked down on or seen as like, defective, or bitchy. I wonder if it's psychological, as an angry man is terrifying and you can't really do anything except brace yourself and wait until he calms down. Or evacuate the area. Men know they could still just punch an angry woman to death, so they don't care. And then some women are pickme's who hate other women and will side with men on anything, so they hate 'Karens' and women who get mad instead of just suffering in silence.

Anonymous 235484


lel the genesis story was the biggest cope in human history. Has anybody read the gnostic version of the genesis story? I would argue it is a more feminist version and the church attempted to bury it for centuries.

I think, as women, we also need psychological liberation which can be found through embracing a set of woman-positive myths/religions/philosophies. many religions alive today are anti-woman (if not openly, then against the archetype of woman as flesh and earth). When raised religious, women hate their own archetypal being, with no real viable alternative mythology to turn to if they become feminists. (Some pagan religions may have been more woman-positive, but they have been pretty much wiped. Although I admire the current revival of paganism through things like Wicca and new age, I find these newer mythologies are very commercialized or only applicable to certain ethnic groups. I also think the surge of these new religions is due to western people's need for a woman-positive alt to abrahamic religions) Just becoming an atheist is also not a fully viable alternative because the anti-woman mythology remains ingrained both in the individual and the culture at large. Though it is probably the best we have atm.

sorry for sperging lol but I do think it would be an interesting experiment to create and/or popularize woman-positive mythologies and philosophies to see what psychological impact it would have on the society and individual. basically a pro-woman psyop. any book recs for this? I started thinking of this idea after reading The Fear of the Feminine (really great read!).

Just like they revived 'Trad' through online aesthetics and memes, woman-positive ideals could be spread as well as a counter to the current trad/woke meme culture as both are anti-woman. It would probably have to be a coordinated effort, but we can meme our way into the culture.

I agree completely. When a woman is expressing anger i think the thought in mens' heads is like seeing a chihuahua barking - harmless, but sooooo annoying, why won't she just shut up already and stop annoying me with her shrill voice. whereas when they see another man being angry, they see an equal (if not in intelligence then in strength) so they take what he says more seriously.

BUT, throughout history the angry female figure that has terrified them most has been that of the sorceress/witch: The woman who can defeat man through her craft and proximity to the earth, the woman not under the brainwash of the patriarchy. I think this figure may be very useful to us.

Anonymous 235486


>these newer mythologies are very commercialized
Tbf, they feel more like a way to commodify spirituality than a proper attempt to revive female myths.
>woman-positive ideals could be spread
One could argue that the pacification of society (less and less violence, less and less tolerance of violence) is a woman 'psyop': we entered the public sphere and influenced it. It's slow, but it spreads.

Anonymous 235488

> way to commodify spirituality than a proper attempt to revive female myths.
Yes! that is mostly what I meant. Though there have been a few genuine attempts (eg Dianic Wicca) but tbh i am just scratching the surface idk much yet.

> One could argue that the pacification of society (less and less violence, less and less tolerance of violence) is a woman 'psyop': we entered the public sphere and influenced it. It's slow, but it spreads.

Good point: society itself has been created to protect property (and by extension women as property). Though this has been a process not controlled by us until the feminist movement. Since women are 50% of the population, it is inevitable that we influence the culture, but I don't think it has been a coordinated effort until the suffragettes. I'm thinking we can make a very intentional and planned out modern revival using memetics and mythology (like a jungian psychological operation) to create a viable cultural- rather than just political- alternative to patriarchy.

I should probably read about the history of feminism before spouting all this though lol.

Anonymous 235489

>until the suffragettes
Heh I'd say political power is overrated, economics matter more. Once we got proper salaries, we were valued by society and women started being heard.
>I should probably read about the history of feminism before spouting all this though lol.
No matter what you know or don't, please don't stop talking about it. A citizen isn't required to have perfect knowledge but a critical mind. Without debate, what's the point of a critical mind?
>I'm thinking we can make a very intentional and planned out modern revival using memetics and mythology
The spread of psychology is the spearhead of this process imo. That and the elevated number of celibate mothers. Celibate or not, women raise the majority of people, so they have the means to influence ideology.

Anonymous 235498


> women raise the majority of people, so they have the means to influence ideology.
Reproduction is one of our powers. This would require we psychologically influence our children to be pro-woman. Probably the best way to go about it, but slow, and it has not worked so far. If it were really that easy, we would be farther along than we really are. The biggest issue imo is the psychological development of male children. i'm going to get a bit freudian: after a baby is born it feels psychologically like an extension of its mother. It is not capable of walking or finding food on its own like other animals, so human babies really are like an extension of their mothers for some time after birth. Eventually, the baby realizes that it is a distinct individual separate from its mother. Now what happens next depends on the sex of the baby, and I believe is the root source of misogyny in males: For a girl, she will realize that her mother is a separate individual BUT is similar to her, so she will be psychologically primed to see sameness in others. A boy however, will realize that his mother is not him AND is physically different from him. This will lead him to look for differences in others and leads to a subconscious need for interpersonal conflict. He may also feel a sense of betrayal and jealousy that he is not also a woman. This separation from womanhood is necessary in a male's psychological development, and I think it manifests itself culturally in religions/philosophies where the goal is to separate onesself from the material (asceticism - neglecting the flesh to focus on the soul. "I am not flesh. I am not of the Earth. My soul is simply inhabiting flesh." destroying the earth for profit. transhumanism etc)

Another aspect of this is that when a man cannot psychologically develop as a man (fully separate himself from his mother and womanhood) he would want to regress. either through the oedipus complex or the more modern incarnation of transgenderism (Chris Chan is the prime example of both lol but consider that these issues effect "failed" men). both of these happen when a man cannot or does not want to fully "grow up male".

I don't think the freudian analysis of female psychology is terribly accurate (he was a misogynist after all), but something about his theories on men seems to ring true. He may have been speaking from experience. And I feel like this is the barrier preventing the erasure of misogyny through positive motherhood alone. Something would have to be done to influence males to not hate women. In the meantime, we really should be empowering daughters, but with the revival of traditionalism in gen z I feel like a lot of work is being undone.

Anonymous 235501

What both baffles and leave me reluctant about paganism is that modern pagans have this very freestyle set of morals/ethics (with the exception of some greek/egyptian neopagans because of neoplatonic authors).
Yeah, pagan religions have no canon and this is what have sprouted many different interpretations of the same deities/cosmological aspects (ex: Heliopolis, Hermopolis and Memphis having their differences in myths of creation), but it's weird to see both the tumblrina saying that Loki protects trans kids uwu and the schizo neonazi saying that Thor will smite gays.
I do think it can be a genuine faith, and to be honest one of few religions women can have great authority, but the majority of them simply seem like the weird kids that enjoyed Percy Jackson a little too much.

Anonymous 235502

Is learning Arabic to try to talk to muslim women online a bad idea? How many of them are allowed to have non-restricted acces to the internet? The current situation with middle eastern women fills me with rage and sadness but I have no idea how to help and I feel like shit

Anonymous 235512

>I have no idea how to help
You have no idea because it's far from you, geographically and culturally speaking. Why don't you work with what is going on near you, where you know the people and the culture?
This is the colonial mind speaking: why would you think you could help there if you can't deal with here?

Anonymous 235541

yes. there are "trad" middle eastern women in my neighborhood so i got to know them personally. they would pity you as much as you pity them. they don't need your help, they've got an entire tribe backing them up.

Anonymous 235687

I think the best thing that can be done rn would be to set a good example wherever you live that would inspire women worldwide. learning arabic may help you understand the culture and open opportunities to you, but youll probably find the issue to be much more difficult than just convincing women to abandon their misogynist cultural ideals. I just don't think youre fully thinking it through. Don't let that stop you from learning arabic though, if it is something you want to do.

Yes since it is a new cultural invention (or revival) it is going to be heavily fragmented and unstable. From what I have read, the very nature of paganism is meant to be more freeform as well. To those of us used to rigid religions and moral codes it can be a bit baffling.

When Christianity was first beginning, I imagine the atmosphere was very similar: a bunch of separate and conflicting small cults filled with society's undesirables. The typical roman may have seen them the same way we see larping cringe neopagans. But who got the last laugh? and how did the change in religion influence women?(not to say that the ancient romans were not also misogynists, but it cannot be compared to the dark ages)

Christianity was crafted to spread like a virus as an evangelizing religion, but was just flexible enough to absorb pagan figures into itself. We could probably co-opt the "return to monkey" and pro-kazinsky sentiment people have now by providing a pro-earth and pro-woman religious alternative and of course piggyback feminism off of it.

Anonymous 235755


This pedophile scat fetishist moid is raiding here like he did asherahs garden. This is the same scrote I suspect of also spamming CP on other image boards.

Anonymous 235765

Even if you are intersex you're either a man or a woman though. It's all a matter of if the Y chromosome got activated or not.

Anonymous 235867

If you have another explanation for a GC stance on intersex people I'm interested to read on that.

Anonymous 235872

youre just a centerist or a "im not like the other transgals" tim

Anonymous 235873

Because I am not, most of them are disgusting. Btw, ‘identifying’ as a certain sex is retarded af. Sex is objective. It’s not as black and white in some cases but still based on reality and facts. You also can’t identify as a certain gender because gender is not a costume you can put on or off, like it’s a choice.

Anonymous 235876

How and why do you know that?

Anonymous 236979


Remember rape isn't about sex or attractiveness

Anonymous 236983

The biggest thing for me is that you know aside from SA, aside from massive discrimination at work, these revolting fucks are ugly as hell usually. And I have to look at them. Everywhere I go I am supposed to care about feminine performance while everywhere I go men look like ball sacks?

I am just not attracted to 95% of them because they're so God damn ugly. It makes the world an apocalyptic hellscape to me. It's bad enough so many of them are porn addicted, incel creeping

But they're ugly as sin. And I have to look at ugly men everywhere while the women look amazing.

Like hth did we get here ??

I'll just look at fantasy my whole life and say fuck relationships with apes.

Anonymous 237054

Leave, troon, males are not allowed here.

Anonymous 237142

The worst pink pill is that rape is almost always about sex and that the rape that was described in your image was about sex. The necrophile Ed Gein was "safe" around attractive and healthy young women but had to be kept separate from nursing staff over the age of 60, not because he had more power over older women but because they more closely resembled his sexual fantasy. If rape was about seeking power or building social or psychological power over someone else or even just torturing somoene then many, many, many more women would commit it and almost all women would fantasize about committing it as an emotional response to the reality of patriarchal oppression. And if rape was about maintaining existing power and control then, again, many more women would commit it, particularly in the workplace. Nurses and teachers are both infamous bullies including committing infamous cases of physical violence against each other (even illegal druggings) but even in that environment we never see senior nurses maintain their dominance over less powerful, younger nurses through sexual violence. Women who poison each other do not rape each other and once you have hit the point of attempted homicide it is no longer a matter of ingrained morality or empathy.

Anonymous 237157

>You see, male sexuality has become wildly dysfunctional after the advent and normalization of pornography and sexualized media
>Which is why instead of doing something about that, all women should be required to wear full body trash bags before going outside
I'd say I wish I knew what the fuck this guy was talking about, but then I remind myself he literally believes that seeing women is what makes men homosexual.

Anonymous 237214


I was going to post this in the tranny hate/TERF memes, but I feel like this warrants legitimate attention for its normalization of violence against (obviously) women.


Sorry if it's been posted before, but it's literally a video game about invading women's spaces and killing them.

Anonymous 237218

It has been posted before but it was a long time ago. I wouldn't mind seeing discussion about this again.
Steam won't take this down. Sex with Hitler is still up. One thing you can do without buying the game, however, is tag the game as "Villain Protagonist" and report the "Female Protagonist" tag. If enough people do that, the tags will be changed. It's not much, but the developer is extremely mentally ill, so I think it would affect him (if he sees it).

Anonymous 237439

So apparently there is this new trend with porn, where people split screen various girls from TikTok and elsewhere in with hardcore pornography, and I'm wondering how this is not illegal? Posting porn of someone without their consent is revenge porn and is a crime, i dont know what the legality of deepfakes is, but this is literally using a video of you and editing in with porn and putting on porn sites and twitter etc. It seems like it should be very illegal but I haven't heard anyone else bring this up.

Anonymous 237509

Lmao exactly

Anonymous 237514

what about women with y chromosomes? not trannies, born with vaginas and naturally going into puberty

Anonymous 237534

"neo mommy resurgence blah blah cringe"
>literally women building muslces and hitting the gym
>bases this on 1 video of a women pretending to be weak for views
youre retarded lol. i regret to inform you were not 4tards this 10iq psyoping doesnt work on female imageboards

Anonymous 237649

Wasn't there this eastern european neonazi-made game with mass murder and shit? That was banned in a day or so. As it should have been. Why is this one not banned? I think it is because they're "just" women, so "it's ok" according to Steam. gag

Anonymous 237660

Are you talking about Hatred? That was back in 2015, and Valve eventually apologized and allowed it.
And Valve doesn't really care anymore, they will let nearly anything on the platform now. I don't think it's malicious like that, just pure corporate apathy.

Anonymous 245016

Is it antiwomen if in a scifi story the issue of menstruation is solved via genetic engineering and women under certain age just never experienced it (in case you weren’t aware most mammals don’t menstruate)?

Anonymous 245046

I would say so. Menstruation is part of what makes us female, so to take that away would make us 'less' female. Menstruation is also part of what makes us human. We are fertile year-round unlike other mammals, who have fertility cycles. This is part of what led us to develop civilization In the way we have, I think.
Though certainly people could disagree with this. Many women really do hate their menstrual cycles, but I think this is mainly due to patriarchal forces.

Anonymous 245062

>women really do hate their menstrual cycles, but I think this is mainly due to patriarchal forces
Not sure how hating to deal with blood, cramping, changing pads/tampons/cups/etc is due to the patriarchy. Go back to whatever tradwife/"divine feminine" hellhole you crawled out of.

Anonymous 245067

I suppose the upside of CCC users swarming this site is that a few will get radicalized.

Anonymous 245069

we already are radfems, sis

Anonymous 245070

all users already hate moids and troons

Anonymous 245079

Im not trad retard quit pidgeonholing just because I have a different opinion and don't hate my body. Hating an intrinsically female part of yourself and treating it like a disease to be cured is internalized misogyny. We hate it because it is inconvenient in a patriarchal society that expects us to be like men.

Anonymous 245092

No offense but I think women who say shit like this have easy periods. I don't like being crippled by terrible pain and feeling sick every month.

Anonymous 245094

I guess mine are not literally debilitating. Once I stopped being ashamed of my body and my menstruation a lot of the pain went away. Not all of it, but it became a lot more bearable. I kept track of physical symptoms, read books about the hormones involved, and read some pro-period books. It helped a lot and I can use my body's natural periodicity in my life. I'm sure youve already tried experimenting with different things to make menstruation easier, and I dont want to minimize your experience. But it is not accurate to say that menstruation is a curse, thats a lie invented by a female-hating patriarchy. For many women, the shame associated with menstruation is a major catalyst for pain when it doesnt need to be.

Anonymous 245097

There are women who hate their periods because of the pain it causes them and there are also women who hate it due to societal shame. Both can exist.

Anonymous 245115

>hating mild inconveniences (or crippling pain in some cases) is misogyny
What's next? Hating hunger is skinnyphobia?

Anonymous 245118

nothing wrong with disliking pain, but in reference to the original question:
>Is it antiwomen if in a scifi story the issue of menstruation is solved via genetic engineering
It is my opinion that it would be anti-woman to eradicate an intrinsic part of our female selves, treating it like a disease to be cured. In the same way that it is anti-woman for TIFs to destroy femaleness from their bodies. Femaleness is not a curse nor something to be cured. When not shamed into hating our bodies by patriarchal cultures, some women find their periods fulfilling.
You are well within your rights to disagree with me, and it is not my intention to minimize your pain. I am just sharing my opinion to a harmless question and presenting an alternative to believing that your body is a cursed for a week every month.

Anonymous 245152

Physical existence is a curse tbh. I agree that targeting specifically things about the female experience to "fix" has a weird vibe, but I don't think we have to celebrate unpleasant parts of existence just because. Would it be anti female to make giving birth less destructive to a woman's body, for example?

Anonymous 245154

I mean the fact that people accept that pain just has to be associated with their periods as an immutable fact of life itself evidences a kind of internalized misogyny (maybe "misogyny" is too strong but it's a feature of patriarchy, I mean).

Why aren't more medical resources devoted to studying women's reproductive issues, so we can determine why some women experience cramping and others don't? Why are our already limited medical resources being distributed across people who "identify" as women rather than people affected by medical issues specific to the female sex?

I dropped out of a really good STEM grad school because of insomnia induced by menstrual issues - but I've never had irregular periods, cramping, or mood changes. I wish research had gone into our reproductive issues so I wouldn't have had to.
no silly being moderately kind to fat people is skinnyphobia get with the program

Anonymous 245155

I'm so out of the loop and I've been too embarrassed to ask this until now but what's CCC (I know that's what the bunker threads are about)

Anonymous 245157

Well at this point we are nearing transhumanist discussion instead of feminist. Pain is an aspect of the human condition, but even so I would prefer to be human than not. A transhumanist would disagree with me and say that pain is inherently evil and must be eradicated.
>Would it be anti female to make giving birth less destructive to a woman's body, for example?
I'm not very experienced on birth, but I did take a class in college about motherhood and feminism. I saw a documentary about doulas and some doctors and mothers that are opting out of the medicalized birthing complex and instead doing it their own way with a midwife or doula. From what I remember of the the documentary, lots of these women said childbirth hurt much less than their hospital births. There was even a nurse explaining how the drugs given to pregnant women are meant to make the birthing more efficient (for profit) rather than for the woman's health.
Well, not to sperg too much, ill get back on the topic. It is my belief that these female functions (menstruation & birth) are not as painful as society wants us to believe. The pain is partially caused by patriarchal systems. So reducing the pain associated with these experiences is not anti-woman, eliminating them completely is anti-woman.
>the fact that people accept that pain just has to be associated with their periods as an immutable fact of life itself evidences a kind of internalized misogyny
what she said ^ lol

Anonymous 245158

>but even so I would prefer to be human than not
opinion discarded (actual retard)

Anonymous 245159

I think emotional pain is vital to existence but physical pain beyond it's necessary functions (like keeping you safe from danger or alerting something is wrong) don't really need to exist. I don't think excessive psychical pain makes life more meaningful or human, it just makes it shittier

Anonymous 245160

Why are transhumanists so self-hating and dismissive of people that don't hate being human. your philosophy is dangerously tranny adjacent
I agree with you. excessive pain beyond what is necessary is also anti-human, but to get rid of it altogether is hedonistic and anti-human. This is subjective, so I understand if my opinion is a bit of an outlier.

Anonymous 245165

It's an image board for kpop

Anonymous 245169

>female functions (menstruation & birth) are not as painful as society wants us to believe. The pain is partially caused by patriarchal systems.
You are legitimately retarded. As someone whose period is so painful I go into shock unless I take prescription meds: go fuck yourself. My mom used to tell me this exact shit while I was slowly blacking out. I'll take le evil transhumanism over "feeling like a woman" any day, thank you.
But you're probably a troll, so all of the above was meaningless.

Anonymous 245170

Im sorry about your pain, but that sounds like a severe medical issue that doesnt apply to most women who are simply inconvenienced or caused moderate pain by their period.
I'll gladly concede that there are women like you that face intense pain from their period who need medical help. For the average woman who has no gynecological health issues, becoming more in tune with her period can be incredibly fulfilling.
Just because your period is very painful and you don't like it, doesnt mean that other women should feel like theirs is a curse. There are alternatives to that old patriarchal lie that our bodies are cursed. If you would prefer to idealize a transhumanist sci fi future where women are not women, go ahead, I for one understand other women can have opinions different from mine. If physical existence is enough to make you seethe then maybe you have deeper problems than just your period.

Anonymous 245175

Yes hospitals handle births really poorly. So poorly in China that preemptive c-sections are very common. Some other things are cutting or clamping the umbilical cord and not giving the baby to the mother straight away.

And the problem is the medical establishment is such that they always think they're right and know best even when killing people or using practices that actual evidence contradicts.

Anonymous 245176

I wish I could find that documentary again because I was actually mind blown when I saw it. Actually I think I found it: the business of being born. I linked a clip about the pitocin. Some points I remember:
-In order to increase profit from each pregnant patient, they give contraction-increasing drugs, which require anesthesia, which require more contraction drugs, which stresses the baby, which leads to c-section. in short, $$$$$$$
-Historically, midwives were persecuted in the middle ages as witches, then men prevented women from practicing medicine, men did not bother to study female anatomy to the same level as their own, and this cascade of ignoring and excluding women from their own medical issues leads to systems that are very painful and unhealthy for us.

Anonymous 245177

>In order to increase profit from each pregnant patient, they give contraction-increasing drugs, which require anesthesia, which require more contraction drugs, which stresses the baby, which leads to c-section. in short, $$$$$$$

They straight up up-sold me on getting knockout gas for my wisdom tooth removal when I 100% didn't need it. I'm not surprised they'd do this at all.

Anonymous 245214

>periods are fulfilling
is this masochism?

Anonymous 245228

a period is just a period. what fulfillment do you exactly get from it?

Anonymous 245233

I wouldn't class it that way.
A period has never been just a period. We have been shamed and oppressed for them for ages. That sentiment continues today, but in a much more subtle way. It was incredibly fulfilling to view my period through a non patriarchal lens. As not a curse, not a monthly disease. It would be different for every woman what her period could do for her. For me, I am more introspective around my period, so it is a good time to do psychological hygiene, learn something new, read a book, or create artwork. During the follicular phase, I can be a bit more extroverted. Understanding my body's natural periodicity has been helpful to me due to certain personal reasons. More than this, it was great to not hate my body for a week every month by simply reshaping my thought process about my period. I understand if that isn't the case for everybody, but it is a nice alternative that more women could consider.

Anonymous 245234

I get that periods have been shamed but it's still just a biological process. It's nothing to be ashamed of but it's not that deep either

Anonymous 245235

>More than this, it was great to not hate my body for a week every month by simply reshaping my thought process about my period
See, wouldn't it be great to be able to skip "reshaping your thought process" and adapting?
It is very close to a disease though, because it makes people feel ill and puts them at a disadvantge. Have you ever tried going medieval, using rags and stuff? Wasting time washing them, waddling around trying not to leak blood, checking if you stink? That's what menstruation is without the cushion of the modern technology, even if it's painless. I'm very happy I was born in the 21st century. Periods suck. I hope girls in the future will get to skip them altogether.

Anonymous 245236

NTA but understanding your period is still a big deal, because of the hormonal shifts that the menstrual cycle causes. Not only that, but I've read women use their menstrual cycle tracking as a form of birth control, since you can only get pregnant during the 6-ish day fertility window during and leading up to ovulation. This can only be predicted if you bleed, since you need to know how long your menstrual cycle lasts, and if it's regular. I think that anon talking about how it's an inherent part of womanhood has some good points, if you ignore her lowkey preaching her divine womanhood sacrifices or whatever. Pain should still be mitigated or, ideally, abolished, but tampering with the menstrual cycle as to remove bleeding completely is equivalent to fighting female biology, and by extent femaleness itself.

Anonymous 245237

Women recover better from traumatic brain injury than men because of progesterone. Their verbal fluency also is better than men's and improves further at certain points in their cycle. While menstruation itself might not be that amazing, its consequences (e.g. the rise of estrogen and progesterone at other points in your cycle) are chad af.

Anonymous 245238

She's obviously a masochist if she wants pain, blood, rape (mammalian sexual reproduction implies rape) to occur.

Anonymous 245239

NTA but this is such absurdly moidy logic. what the fuck does "implies rape" even mean? it's not like having period causally gives rise to rape, nor does it justify rape, so wtf does "implies" mean here??

Anonymous 245282

That is a perfectly respectable and healthy view to have. Im just a bit of a bleeding heart artist so everything means more to me than it really should lol.
>wouldn't it be great to be able to skip "reshaping your thought process" and adapting?
You mean embracing a sci fi future where we can all transition away from being female? Why did you bother to ask for other people's opinions on weather it's
>antiwomen if in a scifi story the issue of menstruation is solved via genetic engineering
if you were just going to seethe at anyody who disagreed? I know it is a bit mind blowing, but I would prefer being a woman to the alternative because I dont see being female as something that needs to be fixed. In fact, i dare to see my femaleness as a positive aspect.
>It is very close to a disease
This is what patriarchal structures led you to believe. that you are a failed, inferior, broken man that bleeds every month to compensate for the sin of being female. That your body is a failed male body. This is the heart of misogyny. It's clear you dont want to change your mind about this even though it would make you feel much better about your own body.
What these nonas said lol ^. There are positive rather than just neutral aspects to being female that we have been raised to ignore or shun. men feel proud of their manhood, so why shouldnt we feel proud of our womanhood?
you are strawmanning. I want femaleness to continue existing. you are saying femaleness = pain, blood, and rape. You are drowning in internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 245303


Anonymous 245314

>You mean embracing a sci fi future where we can all transition away from being female?
You mean stopping periods = transitioning away from being female? Wtf?
It's clear your identity hinges on "feeling like a woman", but that's not my experience. I don't "feel like a woman" (or a man, for that matter). I just feel like myself.

Anonymous 245316


Has anybody else seen the Italian groping ruling? It's absolute hell world insanity. Pic related

Anonymous 245317

>You mean stopping periods = transitioning away from being female? Wtf?
I believe our biology makes us female. In the same way that a tif uses medical interventions to unsuccessfully mask and try to get away from her female biology, getting rid of your female anatomy is anti-woman. Not a crazy concept. If some theoretical sci fi society changes our female anatomy to be more like that of a man, it is anti-woman. You asked for opinions, so idk what you were expecting?
>It's clear your identity hinges on "feeling like a woman"
I don't have a feminine "identity" and I don't "feel like a woman". I just am physically a woman. I have female anatomy and female anatomical functions that I am not ashamed of and even dare to have pride in. how radical. That's all. I don't understand what is so difficult to understand about that on a feminist thread.

At this point I feel like youre just trolling. I have explained myself while youve just called me a masochist (claimed that I am pro rape?) and not actually interacted meaningfully with the ideas ive presented. let's quit shitting up the thread with this one-sided discussion lol

Anonymous 245318

What's your opinion on birth control that stops menstruation?
Shockingly, there's more than one person replying to your posts.

Anonymous 245324

I don't really have an opinion on BC. I feel like its a personal/medical decision that is too unique to the individual to really generalize on. I guess if the sole motivation was to prevent menstruation out of shame, then I would say its a bad idea, but I doubt that's common. I was on it for a few months when I was 19 but it made me feel terrible so I stopped. I'm pretty much celibate anyway so it doesnt matter much.
>there's more than one person replying to your posts.
There's somebody (or few people idk) with really similar typing styles that are just strawmanning and not not really interacting with my points.

Anonymous 245336

Retarded take.

Anonymous 245354

Has is made you transition? Do you feel you have transitioned back into femaleness?

Anonymous 245355

Do you also want to "solve" shitting and pissing? Or is your hatred for physiological functions restricted to female-specific ones?

Anonymous 245358

I mean I wouldn't mind not having to shit and piss yeah?

Anonymous 245378

Well, that particular physiological function is painful, causes stuff like PMS, and you can't control it. If you piss or shit uncontrollably, if it makes you anxious and unfocused, hurts a lot, and prevents you from lifting heavy things, you should probably see a doctor.
I'm honestly surprised there are women who defend menstruation. For most people it's an unfortunate biological fact we have to deal with. Nobody actually wants that experience.

Anonymous 245401

She is trying to argue from a transhumanist standpoint, not a feminist one. That's why this discussion goes nowhere lol.

Anonymous 245882

wait so when pissing and shitting is uncomfortable you hold the medical system responsible for making them feel better, but you don't expect the same for menstrual issues?

Anonymous 245902

Just curious, is dick a slur? Where I'm from way down unda, we say cunt all of the time.

Anonymous 245905

Why is Europe so fucking insane when it comes to prosecuting shit?

Anonymous 245907

That's really not surprising for Italy, it's always been one of the most regressive countries in the EU. Italy is stewing in corruption, my god look at Naples. The mob owns everything and runs everything. They don't even try to hide it.

Anonymous 247478


Show this to white moids to make them seeth and possibly turn them against porn (it's fake, but they don't have to know that).

Anonymous 247489

i dont think thats going to turn them against porn i think theyll be into it…

Anonymous 247491

I don't think so. I think progressives would say "haha love is love!" and secretly seethe and conservatives would recoil in disgust and call you names.

If you really want men to give up porn you need to stop producing it and stop making it widely available. Ironically only shitholes like North Korea have the power to stop men seeking out porn.

Anonymous 247493

Ask that the majority of voter base (women, if you did guess)

Anonymous 247494

They'll claim they hate it then go jack off to it in private then seethe again when the post-nut clarity hits because moids love to point with one hand and jack off with the other. In fact a lot of them do enjoy that kind of stuff because they see black people as subhuman and non-black women having sex with black men as particularly degraded, even more so than with men of their race. It's not unlike beastiality to them really. Black moids don't care either, as long as they get laid it's a win to them anyway. Scrotes of all races are deranged.

Anonymous 247542


i didn't know where to post this, but is blogspot/blogger full of pedos? i wanted to maybe use it but the searches …

Anonymous 247543


Anonymous 247545


Anonymous 247610

Thanks for convincing me to never start one of those mommy vlogs

Anonymous 247757

weird, i dont get those results

Anonymous 253555

There's no easy way to put this… blogger is a Google product, the suggestions will be customised based on the user's past search profile… nona, do you share that computer with anyone?

Anonymous 253593


weirdly i do get these along with “bath” “diaper” and other creepy shit. and its on my phone which only i use. ive never touched blogspot since high school

Anonymous 253598

I'm in the healthcare field and I have never seen a decent ltc facility. If you love your parents, for the love of God, don't put them in these shitholes. Sadly, this does not surprise me

Anonymous 253809


Anonymous 257125


No, and this was on my phone.

Me too, everything seems normal on my computer.

Anonymous 257176

this is so horrifying

Anonymous 257182


>hava nagila, hava nagila

>hava nagila ve-nis'mecha

Anonymous 257184

I just saw a video on twitter with lots of shares of Ukranian women that have been killed in front line trenches. Should women be infantry?

Anonymous 257186

Women can't be infantry, tankmen, artillerists etc, because all the equipment is built around moid strength. We can still be pilots, medics, drone operators etc. But majority of both men and women are fine with us not participating and so am I. You'd have to be a psycho or an idiot to want to participate in the hell that is modern warfare.

Anonymous 257190

I don’t think there is anything physical that stops women being ordinary infantry with rifles. I think that’s what these women were. This is why misogynist states like Russia can win wars though. They will have men willing to fight for the status quo while Ukrainian men just want to flee like the women.

Anonymous 257290

nta but search algorithm has some to do with searches but also a lot of the time it's based on what other people are searching in your city

Anonymous 257291

I don't get these results. it's mostly fashion and productivity blogs for me.

Anonymous 257292


>I don’t think there is anything physical that stops women being ordinary infantry with rifles
Are you serious? Most modern rifles issued in the military around the world weight around 3-5kg, which you not only have to "hold" (that's the easy part anyone can do) but you also have to aim, move around, run and even fucking climb with them. On top of that there is your armor, which is another 20kg in which you have to do everything described above, and then your support gear which will be another 15-30kg on your back. Now you might say "fuck the gear", although you will literally have no supplies, you still have to move a lot with extra ~25kg on your body. That's the standard in the military at least. If you decide to go full guerilla then you just need to worry about the weight of your rifle (which again, moving around and aiming with 3-5kg for a prolonged period of time is no easy fit even for moids) but then you're essentially completely unprotected. Here you can read about the risks female infantry go through when carrying such heavy gear

But yeah, essentially this >>257186 anon is right. These roles rely a lot on what the average moid can do somewhat effortlessly in the physical sense so women really struggle in actual combat in these roles. I still believe that the military could research and make gear and weapons that are suitable for women but in reality it's not worth the effort and resources given how it's not that necessary for women to actually fight in the military.

Anonymous 257295


>You'd have to be a psycho or an idiot to want to participate in the hell that is modern warfare.
True enough for offensive war, but in a defensive situation I rather not flee and witness my homeland be turn into rubble while doing nothing. The good thing is that I don't care what happens to my body once I'm gone, I won't be able to witness it. Just do like the fem Kurd fighters and try to carry a 'nade on you, or just shoot your brains out like most soldiers do in desperate situations. I guess that's really the downside of being a female soldier, not being able to have that low chance of making it as a PoW.

Anonymous 257297


Anonymous 257315

>transgender is way above big tits

Anonymous 257323


The fact that this troon doesn't understand and will never be able to connect with the experiences of women as a class of people is peak scrote behavior. Nobody ever says that the experiences of individual women from different backgrounds are exactly the same. Women as a class have shared experiences and characteristics that males can't grasp, as evidenced by this troon's post.

Anonymous 257326

Anonymous 257329

>all the equipment is built around moid strength.
That sounds a little ridiculous. If the equipment could be just as effective if made lighter and more wieldy then moids would become more effective soldiers, consistently. Rifles have only gotten shorter for the past century despite barrel length improving accuracy and penetration as a law of physics because the rounds and sights etc. have been made accurate enough penetrative enough and being easier for males to wield has made the soldier more effective to compensate. If grenades can be made light and easy enough for women to carry and throw effectively then males would be able to carry more of them and use them in more situations. Body armor needs to be thick enough and hefty enough to be a physical barrier against weapons which were themselves designed to kill lightly armored targets, if that could be done with negligible weight then it would be done already.

Anonymous 257514


Anonymous 259083


Daily reminder libfems are not feminists

Context: A female singer (i cant remember her name) wore Marilyn Monroes orange dress. She was then heavily objectified and burned the dress as a result. This was in the 60s.

Honestly stuff like this pisses me off so much. Libfems actively encourage women to objectify themselves or go "its not about the skirt, its about the choice!" when we should be defying the male gaze and pretending womens "choice" to sexualize themselves isnt heavily influenced by patriarchy. They always say "not to blame thr victim" until someone destroys some overglorified bimbos """historical""" dress, then theyre crying and falling all over themselves to blame the victim for ruining something you could say symbolizes everything that feminism stands AGAINST. On top of that they lack the critical thinking skills to recognise that at that time a dress that was maybe 10 yrs old was not fucking historical, but just use that as ammo to blame the poor girl.
These people are so braindead.

Anonymous 259091

i hate this stupid troon i've argued with him on tumblr before. he doesn't deserve to have sorawo kamikoshi as a pfp.

Anonymous 259121

Negative Legend youtuber is on hormones but that doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
I mean being obsessed with feminine media (esp children media) usually is a sign

Anonymous 259225

You might be onto something. Some of the most aggressive macho scrotes I've met also happen to be huge momma's boys. They are completely subservient to their mamas and would bark on all fours if they told them to. If only their respect could extend to anyone that isn't their mother.

Anonymous 259226

>You'd have to be a psycho or an idiot to want to participate in the hell that is modern warfare.

In other words, a moid. These troglodytes actually feel nostalgic and yearn for war. Their games and documentaries are all about killing each other.

Anonymous 259227

Porn watchers will always find new ways to dissapoint

Anonymous 259311

You are so based.

>hurr durr save tha dress!1!1

Fuck that dress.

Anonymous 260255

I was scrolling through old posts and…
>>cybernetic eyes turned off because of software
What the fuck?? I looked into it since it sounded scifi and fake

Fuck this planet. I hate the medical industry so fucking much.

Anonymous 261745

Radfem spaces are full of degeneracy(but not the one male lovers claim they are full of) but rather for example most of the big radfems accs are degenerates like the planetofjah who got a meeting with JKR but didn't go cause she was having threesome with an ugly disgusting moid and other big rf acc radfemblack is somehow involved in her circle too

Anonymous 261777

/ little bump to hide shitty threads /
return 0;

Anonymous 261814


every single man that commits a violent or sexual crime against a woman or child should be culled from the population. curious what this would do to tip the scales and heal this fucked up planet. sick of seeing molesters in the news.

Anonymous 261853

You are projecting your complexes onto others. You see a person in a loving and functional relationship and desperately stick to any excuse to call it dysfunctional. To the point where you obsessively search through their post history just to prove your own argument for yourself.
Think about a moid giving you flowers or other gifts, think about him taking you out to a place YOU like or going down on you and not getting any favors back. I mean, even something as simple as acts of apology and conciliation. All of those are, at their core, acts of submission, and they are perfectly healthy. Yet they completely fly over your radar in favor of reassuring your psychotic worldview where everything you feel conflicted about is either an extension of slavery or rape.
And you have the gall to complain about people not abiding this toxic deeply unhappy worldview?

Anonymous 261856

>Doing bondage with a moid you date for a few months and swallowing his cum is not love.
You propose a worldview in which being merely born as a woman has been tantamount to being enslaved throughout entire human history. A view that hates your very own biology. A view that denies love as a concept. And then you call others abusive for not assigning to it?

You imply that you know better how women should feel about the things they do with their moids and yet you're also the one labeling others as tyrants.

You are a deeply mentally ill, unhappy, and abusive person. Seek help.

Anonymous 261861

There is nothing to misunderstand about you. You are very clearly out of touch with your sexuality and full of hate. You hate half of the population for being born with wrong genitals and then you hate a good chunk of the rest for daring not the hate the sooner. That's why people dislike you. That's why they try to help you. Other than ignoring you, there is really no other way for any normal person to react to you.
And you are not "thinking critically" by wallowing in retarded chauvinistic modes of thinking where you are a perpetual victim of everything around you. Pick any radical movement, no matter how despicable or tame, and you'll see hurt and maladjusted people like you doing the very same type of mental gymnastics, just projected onto different groups.

Anonymous 261864

How is a woman having sex even remotely as shocking as murder? It's sad how out of touch some of you are.

Anonymous 261867

You desperately need some modal verbs in your life. Not all moids would want to jizz on your face and not all women would find it degrading. At no fucking point is it actually anywhere near murder and you making such insane conflations is yet another testament to how much you need help.
It is valid to be scared of men, but to a reasonable amount. It's an argument in favor of being picky, not shutting yourself completely away from this major aspect of life while growing increasingly resentful to the world around you.

Anonymous 261869

>You are a deeply mentally ill, unhappy, and abusive person.
i mean i don't agree with her either but people need to stop diagnosing each other with personality disorders and mental illness and Abusive Unlovable Person Disease
if you can't actually dispute someones ideas and you have to whine like a wounded animal instead, stop

Anonymous 261870

>You are a deeply mentally ill, unhappy, and abusive person.
i mean i don't agree with her either but people need to stop diagnosing each other with personality disorders and mental illness and Abusive Unlovable Person Disease
if you can't actually dispute someones ideas and you have to whine like a wounded animal instead, stop

Anonymous 261871

Dispute what? The psychotic nietzscheanic idea that all relationships between women and men are rape and that women who dare to enjoy their lives doing things that you perceive as haram are actually lying to themselves and trying to gaslight you while enduring rape?

This is the core of the issue here. The entire premise is so pathetic and devoid of any semblance of empathy that there is nothing to argue with. That nona isn't fighting for a better world either, she's completely blackpilled on it. Spreading it among impressionable people is absolutely a form of abuse.
The reason "normies" don't want to talk to her or perceive her rhetoric as a cry for help is because they aren't masochists willing to tolerate someone who made vitriolic intolerance towards anyone with a different outlook into an entire dialectic to see the world through.

Anonymous 261883

>calling women who don't wanna date men and see it as a slavery crazy
There is nothing wrong with not wanting to date men.
Seeing a relationship with a moid as slavery is crazy, especially if you project these beliefs onto other women like that nona does.
If you see a woman in a happy relationship and start convincing her (or yourself) that she's rationalizing her slavery, or that she is gaslighting you by claiming that she's content with her life, then, yes, you insane.

>using some normie language like "some women like it" it's personal preference don't judge!1!1!1

You can latch onto how "normie" or "cringe" or w.e. it sounds as much as you want. It won't stop being true and your psychotic generalizations and projections won't stop being just that either.

>suggesting that women need to be ok with being penetrated by moids to become fully well adjusted

A person who is so aggressively averse to sex is maladjusted by definition. Still, there is nothing inherently wrong with it for as long as you understand that you are the one who is weird, learn to live with it, and stop projecting your preferences onto others the way that nona does.

>ignoring that heterosexual relationships are patriarchal

It doesn't matter if your relationship is patriarchic or matriarchic in nature, as long as it's healthy.
If you think everything has to abide by this insane tug-of-war between men and women, where letting the outgroup be in charge of anything is a losing condition, then you are insane and dangerous to whoever is vulnerable and impressionable enough to actually believe your garbage rhetoric.

>being ignorant about mental health while most if not all people have mental health issue and yet getting fucked by their ugly nigels didn't fix it

Mental illness is a spectrum. Most people manage to handle their insecurities without devolving into psychos ready to stalk women for the sin of telling that they enjoy dating their moid.

People like this are dangerous to society, and they have done more to discredit feminism than any moid-driven propaganda ever did.

Anonymous 261884

Better to be "maladjusted" than be a cringe normie
>Muh society
Who gives a fuck, this is clown world (((society))) so it doesn't matter

Anonymous 261885


>t. Anon who got banned from lc after spamming

Anonymous 261944

>Women weren't enslaved
Not being allowed to get an education, work for themselves, defend their rigths and only seen as baby makers seems like enslavement but whatever

>Not all men are misogynistic

We live in a patriarcal sociaty and men benefit from it, in this system everyone has a little misogyny programmen into them but men have no reason to actually be critical and reconise the flaws in the system. This results in most men being misogynistic. If you deny this reality you're severly retarded

>I'm starting to think you're too underage to browse this website

im starting to think youre a lost libfem who havnt found out men sell tapes of kidnapped and tortured women to other men to masturbate to, the nona you responded to is rigthfully angry at the complete lack on emphaty men have for us

Anonymous 261949

>Not being allowed to get an education, work for themselves, defend their rigths and only seen as baby makers seems like enslavement but whatever
You are talking about a very specific and relatively short point in history where things like education, contraception, and housekeeping appliances became widely available, but women were denied this new available freedom because virtually every culture on the planet was built around pre-scientific societies where a quarter of children didn't survive till 5, starvation was a real risk for most of the population, skilled labor was inherited, there was no birth control, STDs were uncurable, and so on.

And even then it wasn't slavery because slaves actually existed (they still do) and some women were slaves too and they had a very distinct status compared to the rest of women. If merely having limited rights is enough to call something slavery, one can easily argue that almost the entire population was enslaved by the monarchs who actually owned the land.

"Slavery" has been bastardized by rads beyond any recognition the same way racists and trannies call everything a "genocide".

>We live in a patriarcal sociaty and men benefit from it

Women live longer, women get more access to healthcare, women are not legally obliged to go and die at war, women are overrepresented in higher education, women get lesser sentences for same crimes, women make less money, but get to spend the money they don't make. Of course, none of it matters to you because you're the dictionary example of a victim complex chauvinist with tunnel vision aimed exclusively at things which don't benefit you or people you perceive as your group. This doesn't mean that we don't have stuff to fix. Sex trafficking is still rampant, too many men are still raised to be sociopaths for whom "getting pussy" is the primary life goal. and so on.
The problems most modern women experience these days have to do with psychological trauma rooted in real and perceived societal expectations, as opposed to actual oppression. You not following your dream STEM career because STEM fields have too many scrotes is not an oppression. You experiencing body dysmorphia because of magazines, movies, instagram, porn, etc is not a real oppression. You feeling like anyone is trying to force you to date men because heterosexuality is and will always be the most common form of sexuality is not an oppression. Your mom pestering you about your choice not to have kids is not an oppression. Ironically, even the mental health institutions tasked with dealing with those issues are clearly more suited to serving women because therapy is proven to not work as well on moids.

Anonymous 261957

>women are overrepresented in higher education
Well, it's not women's fault that men are dumber

Anonymous 261958


My honest reaction to that information.

Anonymous 261960

Men lack emotional intelligence and introspection but compensate by obsessing over the outside world.

Anonymous 261961

Totally not because women were unable to get education in ye good old times where most inventions happened

Anonymous 261965


Youre honestly just a scrote larping as a woman no way youre this retarded

Anonymous 261966

I'm a woman who used to believe in all that garbage and managed to outgrow it. I know exactly how your bullshit reasoning works, how destructive it is, and where it truly comes from. And I hate people like you almost as much as I hate incels because spreading misery and hate among those who need help, all while behaving like a strawman boogeyman caricature of your movement, is the only thing the likes of you are good at.

Anonymous 261968

Nta but can you elaborate?

Anonymous 261970

I was a depressed and insecure teen. Got groomed by mentally ill people into radfem and it took me half a decade of pure fucking blackpill misery (and some psychedelics) to finally reclaim some empathy towards those outside of my immediate ideological circle.

Anonymous 261971

Damn stop projecting your retardation onto others cock sucker nobody cares about your fake concerns wtf if you feel like this then you were never a radfem/blackpilled at all, you're just some dumb handmaided. You ignored the entire point, the full picture and nitpicked it too hell while doing the retarded psychoanalysis shit where you paint the other person as a freak. You heteroids are not the vicitms, you are ignorant

Anonymous 261972

Quit moralfagging. And I known people like you and what they hide sometimes behind their masks. They can nag you and claim you hate yourself and are a bad person then talk about how they hate themselves or are into fucked shit when they think you can't see them saying it lol I had bizzare discoveries like this about people with your mentality so how we know you aren't fake pfff

Anonymous 261973

Yet again: no arguments. Only vitriol, personal attacks, and denial of contradicting experience.

Anonymous 261974

(neither ayrt) Was your problem really with radical feminism or was it dogmatic ideologues who can't have a reasoned conversation or entertain other perspectives? "Reclaim some empathy towards those outside my immediate ideological circle"… isn't mutually exclusive. If as a radical feminist you were hateful, why in getting over that throw out the baby with the bathwater?

Anonymous 261975

I guess that's the end of this thread then. Radfems: 0, Handmaidens: 1. Everyone pack up and go home. We defeated feminism

Anonymous 261976

idk man

Anonymous 261977

reading back on these messages is funny as fuck

Anonymous 261978

There is no radicalism without dogmatism in my opinion. I believe that a lot of radfem desire for drastic changes in society comes from toxic misconceptions displayed by nonas above. Of course, there's also an argument to be made about what changes can be considered "radical", but that's another topic. I'm fine being just a feminist.

Anonymous 262054


Tbh I don't like the Barbie movie either but this is ironic

Anonymous 262107

Just handmaiden things, telling a teenage girl she will never have the body of a instagram model no matter how much she tries while also thinking men can absolutely be women. lol

Anonymous 262140


i realize that this is an unpopular opinion here but i'm with the superficial people on this one. being fat is a reduction in quality of life only a fool would accept. being active and healthy is so much better then being fat i can not help but question anyone's judgement who chooses to be unhealthy. i've never known a fat person who doesn't have tons of health problems. maybe they like doctors a little bit too much and are waaaaay to comfortable in trusting them to keep them alive. i prefer the opinion of people who take good care of themselves.

being ugly is a similar situation. the current propaganda is that there is nothing an ugly person could have done because it all comes down to a genetic roll of the dice. i call bullshit and roll my eyes.

the superficial men who believe this don't understand the cornucopia of relations implied in what they discredit women for, but they aren't wrong.

is it still ok to discredit women who fake smile all day to people they 'secretly' hate and then scream into pillows at night? oh my bad of course i should have known you suffer from "resting bitch face" omg my eyes hurt from rolling

how about not being able to dance? that's also something i discredit.

Anonymous 262143

For the record, I'm conventionally attractive, but:

>chooses to be unhealthy.

I don’t think it's a choice; most people would choose health. I think they just lack support in that area of their life. Being fit does feel much more pleasant than eating sugar, yes, but fat people have gut issues that makes it very hard for them to lose weight.

>being ugly is controllable

If you value health, you'll avoid plastic surgery.

>resting bitch face

Not the same as being ugly

>not being able to dance

Unimportant, I think it's worse if you're not able to sing or whistle

Anonymous 262145

>I don’t think it's a choice
you don't get to choose what you eat? that sounds horrible. i feel for you but also don't expect me to take you all that seriously then. as an adult you do get to choose what you eat and you should make sure to choose with care because the effects of that choice matter quite a lot.

>avoid plastic surgery

plastic surgery is silly, if you are in love with yourself then that love manifests itself as beauty outwardly. it shines through like a light. people can grow to be beautiful naturally, even late in life. theoretically… irl what most traps them in being ugly is the job they were silly enough to accept. if you are narrow minded think of it as something the spirit realm has to offer to a person.

>Not the same as being ugly

how is it different?

>not being able to dance, Unimportant

there is something wonderful hidden in the practice of using your body to express. it is the antidote to shame, it is empowering, it is healthy both physically and mentally. how do you even like being alive without dancing? you probably just don't.

Anonymous 262172

images (27).jpeg

im back to respond to this retard

>You are talking about a very specific and relatively short point in history where yap yap

What are you ever talking about here? Relatively short point in history? The fact that men hoard all the political power for themselves and dont let women have any kind of ruling power is a known, common fact. For example in old Turkish tribes the rigth to rule was given by god and inherited by men to men (same thing with a basically every civilisations we were taught about). Most religions that were made up (6th century BCE-5th century CE) always talk about how retarded women are and how they need to shut up.
Islam thinks women deserve to get beaten up by their husbands, christianity straight up tells women to shut up and sit down, buddism thought women would go get tortured in hell for just the crime of having periods and they had to repend for it. Around the 400s burying your female babies alive was common practice by arabs. Women for the most of history have been seen as secondary class citizens the first democratic voting (7 BCE) didnt even allow women to cast their votes.
Your attempt at pseudo-intellectualism was cancerous to read, the way you had to completely ignore most of human history to pretend that women were only denied their personhood in a "relatively short time" was extremely cringe. Even women who werent slaves were sold and bought as brides. The nona you responded to before me was talking about this fact and making a metaphor between how women being teated like objects are similar to how slaves were treated, if you are so retarded you cant understand this simple comparison i dont know what to say to you.

>Women live longer

This means nothing because theres a ton of factors to consider. For example men tend to be taller on average and some studies have shown taller peoole to suffer from heart problems more because getting blood to your brain when youre 175 cm is harder than if you were 160 cm and it tires ones heart more. Men also naturally lose their Y chromosome on most of their cells as they age which makes them more susceptible to cancer and some viruses. Men also have their balls outside of their body which is a huge weakness. Male anotomy is flawed (a little bit more than woomen). Men also die in wars yes, but there are millions of female babies who get killed rigth after their birth and dont get to have their own birth (nor death) certificate which is skewing the results (in 132 villiages in india no female children have been born for 3 months)

>Women are overrepresented in higher education

Its so obvious youre a dumb moid whos spitting random meninist takes that I'm surprised that mods havnt bannes you yet. How can women be "overrepesented"? No one in higher education is manipulating data so more women end up in colleges compared to men (if you read the thread you'd see that the opposite has happen in tokyo). Women are getting their place in colleges as a result of putting in more effort than men and that is their rigthful achievement, trying to be like "wow when women are given the rigth to get educated, they get educated so patriarchy must not exist" is an incredibly retarded take to have because there are millions of women all over the world who still cant get an education. I'm from turkey and our old neighbour and my ex-babysitter (shes around 26 now) literally couldn't go to highschool because her family didnt let her go. My grandmother couldn't finish elementary school she had to figth her family's demands so she could send her own daughters to school. Women make up a bigger percentage of college goers in turkey despite the fact that in other categories (elementary and middle school education which is mandatory by law) women have a very sigthly lesser percentage, which means that some girls are being denied their rigth to education by their families but despite this women manage to get into higher education more. There are a lot of stories of old ladies taking the college enterance exam and fulfilling their dreams after years like picrel. Even if we overlook extreme cases like women in Afghanistan who are getting all of their rigths taken away from them by the taliban not getting to go to school is the reality of many women in real life so women "being overrepresented in higher education" is completely because we worked and earned our places here.

>women get lesser sentences for same crimes

This is the direct result of the patriarchy. Men are taught to be psychotic animal> They commit more crime>Most prosecutors become jaded to male criminals and start to see them as guilty as a result of most crime being commited by men>When a women commits a crime they subconsciously see them as helpless females who couldnt hurt a soul>Lesser sentence. This is a way in which stereotypes the patriarchy has created result in an unfavorable situation for men. It may be bad, but it is mens fault.

>women make less money, but get to spend the money they don't make

The woman whos working in a job and being withhold the promotions her male coworkers already got and the women who are living a traditional or a sugar baby lifestyle where they live off of their partners money are not the same group of people. Not to mention there are a lot of women who have been sold into an arranged marriage (you can't even guess how much this happens still) and have to choice but to live off of their husband.

>You not following your dream STEM career because STEM fields have too many scrotes is not an oppression.

What about the women who actually persue STEM careers and get treated like they know nothing by men who know less then them? Entire STEM categories such as microbiology get stretyoped as being easier just because women prefer it more despite the fact that microbiologists are one of the jobs that work on curing cancer.

>You experiencing body dysmorphia because of magazines, movies, instagram, porn, etc is not a real oppression

Young girls experiencing body dysmorphia itself may not be opression but the extent on which women are objectified in the media is opression. An entire group of people are being sexualised and taugth to be seen less than human and this is the reason men commit 99% of rapes and women are 10 times more lilely to be the victim of such act. Sex crimes men commit are also more violent in general. I have never seen a woman who was into snuffing or torture rape but there are countless men who talk about how much they enjoy and masturbate to material of these things being done to women. You cannot enjoy the suffering of someone you see as human, the objectification of women in every single type of media has real life consequences that result in men subconsciously or consciously seeing women as less than them.

>therapy is proven to not work as well on moids.

Moids are also less likely to change therapists if they feel their therapist isn't helping and less likely too seek out therapy in general. Not to mention all the disorders that got their symptoms from male patients. A lot of things get under diagnosed on women because not enough research was done on women to see them. this is slowly changing in developed places but in 2nd world countries its still a problem.

My closing thoughts are that you're very obviously a moid whos larping as an ex-radfem because you repeat the most basic male-rigth actists talking points without knowing any radefem ideology or responses to those points. I was once in the situation you claim to be, when i was young i was an edgy "i hate men every men want to kill and rape women we have to kill all of them" type of teenager because i was angry at the general way society was working and i was being subjected extremely mgysogistic ideas on the internet from all the incel-ly spaces i was in. After a while i learned the nuances of these subjects and as i made male online friends i understood that not only hating all men is extremely damaging to ones mental health its also illogical, we can see the problems in modern society while also recognising that men are sometimes the victims of those same problems. If you were ever a "female radfem" you'd know all these things because its pretty much common knowlage that a lot of young radfems start out hating men a lot in a one dimensional way before maturing out of it. You however, are a retarded moid that doesnt know any of that and every word you typed with your own hands has proved this repeatedly.
(thanks to all the nonas who read all of this, since english isnt my first language there migth be some grammatical problems, please overlook them)

Anonymous 262293

quality fucking post

Anonymous 262294


Has the taylor swift ai revenge porn scandal made any impact in your social group? anyone getting peaked on the scrote question or at least how serious awful our porn sick society is?

Anonymous 262295

Jewn was always been adamantly pro porn until she met her tradcath husband. Radfems have been pointing out all the horrible abuse happening to real women in porn and june wrote them off as fun hating hags and encouraged her army of autists to attack them.
Seriously, what is this mental illness that causes this woman to change her entire personality based on who she's fucking? Can't be bpd

Anonymous 262301

Legally, can anything be done? They aren't selling the porn so I don't think it can. Even if a law were passed I don't think it would stop anyone. These A.I.s can run on a single PC so it's not like there's some database somewhere that cam be shutdown. It's grim.

Anonymous 262302

Legally absolutely something can be done, extend the laws around CP to all pornography. The mechanisms are already in place. Obviously they aren’t going to do that though but technically they can. The law always takes a while to catch up, but revenge porn is illegal now.

Anonymous 262303


I would reference her to a psychiatrist and then stop speaking to them because they're unstable child.

Anonymous 262308

Revenge porn is illegal in a lot of places now, so I don't see how this is any different. It's potentially life ruining and the people who create it need to be held accountable

Anonymous 262310

Because it's not revenge porn as far as law is concerned. There has to be a new law that specifically addresses people who create and distribute realistic AI images.

Anonymous 262313


Retarded leftist moids

Anonymous 262321

Like I say these programs can be run on individual PCs. Even if they outlawed this stuff on pain of death tomorrow, they'd never be able track every A.I. "artist" down.

Anonymous 262322

Also, there are tons of issues you have to cover in the potential legislation. Should it only cover AI "art"? How do you define it? If you think it should be extended to all forms of art, then it's a clear violation of freedom of expression. Not being allowed to depict virtual representations of existing people in compromising or libelous situations suddenly means that you can't use art to ridicule politicians and billionaires either. It's all a big mess.

Anonymous 262341

Same way they can’t track down every single individual who has viewed CP at some point. It doesn’t mean nothing can be done.

Anonymous 262512

parody and satire have a clear purpose, and it has to be more than "female billionaire bad" or "wimmin suck amirite?" what even is the joke in these "parodies" haha, women are holes! i would love to see these chauvinists explain themselves and these jokes in court. boomers were the retards misclassifying pornography as self-expression when it is really just a commodity that should be regulated, and i think that idea is going to be seen in a new light in the future of law.

i think taylor has a case under obscenity law and defamation of her character. if peter thiel can pay to destroy gawker in court for actually reporting, i think taylor has the money and influence to take a stand against the ai porn parodies, which exist only to degrade women. if someone tried to do this to male billionaires they would probably get pushed out a window or a cup of polonium tea, so we are never going to see peter thiel, martine rothblatt, and jennifer pritzker having a poop orgy on top of a dune axolotl tank because the men making this shit know not to even dare try it. the scrote in question is a muslim immigrant UoT grad, and this cohort of yappers needs a rude awakening, i hope she rains down fury upon them and the notoriety this particular scrote receives makes him unemployable.



it seems like they are perfectly capable of finding and punishing the people making it

Anonymous 262559


>celebrity mentions an issue
>the issue becomes more well known
>this is somehow a problem for people who care about the issue
"Well I hated A.I. porn BEFORE it was cool."

Anonymous 262592

All the moid hate of Taylor Swift is making me start to like her
>she's successful and that's bad
Bet you they wouldn't be saying this if a male celebrity spoke out about this

Anonymous 262593

>being allowed to depict virtual representations of existing people in compromising or libelous situations suddenly means that you can't use art to ridicule politicians and billionaires either. It's all a big mess

This is already illegal. I can't draw a picture of someone being murdered and post it online without legal reproduction because that's considered a threat.

I can't legally base a character in a game or movie on a real person without getting that person's permission. Google "personality rights".

AI porn is potentially life ruining, why shouldn't there be legal reproductions? It's sexual harassment

Anonymous 262601

>This is already illegal. I can't draw a picture of someone being murdered and post it online without legal reproduction because that's considered a threat.
This isn't true unless you use said image as a threat.

>I can't legally base a character in a game or movie on a real person without getting that person's permission. Google "personality rights".

It only applies to commercial use of your likeness which is not what's happening with Swift.

>AI porn is potentially life ruining, why shouldn't there be legal reproductions? It's sexual harassment

I agree, I'm just saying that you can't solve all issues with blanket bans and it's more complex than just producing a law saying "don't do this".

Anonymous 262616

NTA but we're not all american, in my country it absolutely is illegal and we'll take our cues from US and Britain on the AI porn issue so many countries are watching on to see how it will play out

Anonymous 262634

Taylor Swift is American

Anonymous 262675

It's got little to do with her marrying a tradfag. The pro-porn side of things is losing ground among everybody except the types of "communist" manchildren who watch Hasan. If you want to grift any group other than that, you have to be at least hyper critical of porn.

Anonymous 262676

>Legally, can anything be done?
Not likely unfortunately.The closest we can get would be a policy all the mainstream social media platforms need to implement for a large variety of reasons that go beyond fake revenge porn which would be a no-compromise ban on all AI generated content.
Bots have been the biggest destroyer of the internet by far for a long time and telling people they can't use them on their platform would only make things better. There would be no downsides for anybody except people who deserve downsides.

Anonymous 262769


I for sure did not see this coming but men are now using A.I. to put women's clothes BACK on.

Anonymous 262772

This is meant as a joke. No scrote is going to be repeatedly clothing OF women. The same is not true of the scrotes pornifying clothed women.

Anonymous 262773

>implying this is an actual woman
That's an AI woman, not people.

Anonymous 262776

that would be a funny troll like that black or chinese guy

Anonymous 262783

The reason why I like radfem spaces is cause it assures that I will see relatively safe content on my timeline, I recently went on normie social media space full of the average young person and had to see people trolling this girl who got famous on tiktok, she likes to say that sucking dick is degrading and became a meme due to this and few other things,literally first post on her account was a reference to people making fun of her cause of it(someone sent her some thing for making ice cream and ice cream is what ppl call this act in my country). Lol fuck this brainrot and people in my country use the most gross words to describe this act that sends shivers down my spine like wtf is there any other language in which sounds more revolting and trashy? People still think I'm overreacting lord this is why I left these spaces, sexual content immediately appeared in front of my eyes and this fucking tiktok girl meanwhile I wasn't even on tiktok. Lmao how did I manage withstand this content for so many years of my life. People are giving me psychosis

Anonymous 263139

Threadpic reminds me of this song that was released recently, Off With Her Tits by Allie X.
These lyrics hit hard:
>Then I called the doctor
>Said "Miss what can you do?"
>She told me she'd cut them off
>I said "Sign me up for June" (Yah)
>I went to the teller
>Took out 10K in cash
>She said "Bitch are you joking?
>I wish I had that rack"
It's an unspoken truth that a desire for 'top surgery' often stems from 1.) being sexualized at a young age and 2.) feeling 'fat', or at the very least not elegant and lithe. I like that the song addresses both.

Anonymous 265503

Moids are struggeling internally with their desire to control female sexuality, women are only a proxy in this game.

Anonymous 265520

What? Why can't they separate sfw AI from nsfw AI?

Anonymous 265523

Is Rand Paul the only American who still cares about freedom?

Anonymous 265525

Rand Paul is controlled opposition. He still put on the hat and went to the wall like every other candidate.

Anonymous 265526


Anonymous 265533

I'm telling you he doesn't care about freedom if he is sending billions of taxpayer dollars to a foreign country. How is that schizo? You're schizo to deny the truth.

Anonymous 274347

That movie is pure dog shit on every level, it's a literal corporate branded hollywood production with the most superficial and safe takes on everything it talks about and any woman who seriously likes this or thinks it's some kind of achievement for womankind needs to sit down and read some actual feminist literature.

Anonymous 274445

the men doing this are tradcaths wanting a tradwife to control and keep in the kitchen and pop out as many babies as possible to raise as christians.

Anonymous 274449


Anonymous 274464

>posted by the ai creator himself
I'd bet 10 bucks the whole reason why he created it in the first place is to harass women way out of his league to get any kind of attention from them. The male brain truly is defect.

Anonymous 274782

I just want to speak one thing, and then I'm gone. Feminism is in it's twilight years, at least in Europe. The current political and societal reactions to the refugee crisis is increasingly turning the continent to right-wing reactionary. I saw a post recently where a woman from UK told her experience about the harrassment from nafri men. The male commenters essentially told her to btfo, and that the left-wing policies and feminism are allowing it to happen. Best case scenario, the far-right wins, and then they will enact backward policies. Worst case, muslims win, and women go back to being second class citizens. This isn't a threat or a warning, it's just how I see things are going to be.

Anonymous 274858

Feminism always had a cyclical momentum, and the portion of women who falls for the tradlarp nowadays will be useful allies in the following years after the spell breaks. Also I think the Muslim threat is way overrated, Muslim countries are experiencing a decline in fertility rates and those who live in the west mostly have one or two kids on average.

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