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Anonymous 18341

What are you, tall or short? Or is it tol and smol?

Anonymous 18343

Are you male?

Anonymous 18350

The current cutoff for manlets. Remember: even girls are now this tall.

Anonymous 18352

I'm pretty short. Wished I was a bit taller tbh, but I won't complain.

Anonymous 18356

>wished I was a bit taller
Wish you were a baller?

Anonymous 18357


Anonymous 18359


Anonymous 18360

I'm 5'1" but do not consider myself short and would love to be shorter

Anonymous 18371

i wish i had a girl who looked good i would call her

Anonymous 18372

Just tall enough not to be made fun for being a midget

Anonymous 18375

It's a joke, anon.

Anonymous 18383

Sorry, short people jokes hurt my feefees. I'll (wo)man up.

Anonymous 18394

I'm 5'2" but I want to be taller

Anonymous 18401

I'm 5'5". I like it, medium height, and most men are taller than me which is good because manlets are gross.

Anonymous 18402

I suffer as a teutonic amazon

Anonymous 85390

Tall. 185cm.

Anonymous 85413

5'9 and i enjoy being lankey
standing next to guys who claim to be 5'9 is so fun

Anonymous 85418

>tall and lanky
God I wish I was like that. I’m solidly average height for a woman and am only taller than quite smol men. It’s sad

Anonymous 85423


same here i want to be like 145 if i could i would break my legs and shorten them even if it meant i would never be able to walk again my worst nightmare is to be tall because it cant be reversed just the thought of it makes me want to kill myself unironically

Anonymous 85433


Online I've been called a womanlet but here (USA) I'm usually as tall as anyone else in the room and I find I'm taller than most women I come across.

Anonymous 85434

short. 157cm/5'2

Anonymous 85435


I'm 5'7.5" or something like that. Being tall is the only thing I have going for me. I'm skinny and weird, so lankletdom is the way for me. I think I would look really disproportionate if I were any taller and I'd be the typical weird girl type if I were short. So this is perfect for me!

Anonymous 85509

I'm either 5'7 or 5'8, so I'm taller than a lot of girls but shorter than men who aren't turbo manlets.

Anonymous 85576

Dont think you're womanlet anywhere in the world except with those african tribes wehre the women are 5'11.

Anonymous 105229

I'm 5'0 and it's pretty much exactly where I want to be, but I keep meeting people who think it's awful. In particular my parents say stuff like "you're so beautiful! all you need is to be a bit taller hehe" and I think it's really mean, it's not like I can still grow anyway. Based on my parents' height I should be 5'4 like my sister but I'm just not.

Anonymous 105237

I'm 180cms and my boyfriend is 190cms tall. I don't suffer, because I live in Germany where at least the young people all seem to be very tall on average. I never felt like the weird tall girl like I maybe would have in other countries.

Anonymous 105248

somewhere around 5'8" inches, give or take an inch.
I talk to people online and they tell me I'm tall (was even sort of flirting with this guy online and he said "I bet I could pick you up" to find I was 3 inches taller and 10 pounds heavier lol) but around my area this is kind of average for a grown woman, compares to others I'm only 2 or 3 inches taller usually if they aren't already my height, which most are.
I'm in the US and I think how people mature differs from region to region here because of diet and the prominent genes/ethnicity. We usually look older when we are younger and get taller. I looked at the national average for height and nearly everyone I know is above that.

Anonymous 105256

I'm jealous. I'm 175cm and 180cm is my ideal height. Tall without being too tall. I don't like being this average lol, tall height looks so beautiful and cool on women.

Anonymous 105265

Average male height is literally 5'5" inches, 5'9" in the USA. 6'2" is incredibly tall, I sincerely hope you're just trying to trigger lurking incels and don't actually think this retarded crap.

Anonymous 105270

Why wouldn't they? What is your reasoning behind this? I prefer tall guys but being tall gives a man an ego and makes him think he can control anyone. Obsessing about height is over rated, just get a healthy partner instead of setting these arbitrary standards that probably won't even apply in reality once you meet the right person.

Anonymous 105275

I rate this post 2/10.

Anonymous 105278

You have to be 18 to post here

Anonymous 105281


T-Tiny men…

Anonymous 105293

Im 5'4 pretty average

Anonymous 105299

I'm 172 cm, last time I checked. So like 5'7", or 5'8". I feel pretty tall, especially around other girls, though I guess I do wear heels quite a lot, (not big ones) so that bumps me up to around 5'9"ish? People I talk to online say it isn't tall, so i guess I'm just surrounded by manlets and womanlets, lol. I have a pretty lean looking frame and thats nice, as i do generally like leaner body types. But I'd rather be petite and small, bc that's cuter, and looks better in stuff like Lolita fashion.

Something cute on someone who's tall can feel a little out of place. Like Jojo Siwa or something. Also, the few guys I've crushed on were generally shorter anyway oof. So I don't know if the types of people I like would like me back, especially since some guys get buttmad about being short. I mean, some look weird, (mostly when they pack on lots of muscle) but not all.

Sorry, kinda derailed there. ^^'But I guess I would say I'm medium, or toll.

Anonymous 105304

Hi. I'm from Germany. I have to say that the young people here are very tall. 6'2 is definetely not "incredibly tall". It's still a good height, but not rare to find among the guys here.

Anonymous 108547

Those and the Netherlands

Anonymous 108724

5'0. I hate it because I can't reach anything without a ladder and it makes me feel weak. My bf is 6'0 and he has to bend down to kiss me, even when I stand on my toes. I'm a grown woman whose feet don't touch the ground in most chairs. I find those things a little, idk, humiliating? Plus I can never be an astronaut because you have to be 5'2. Gross.

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