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anyone /linux/ here Anonymous 20549

hey guys, i seem to have trouble finding fellow femails within the general linux community so i thought i'd go here!!! say down below:
1. what distro you use
2. how long you've been using linux
3. why you use linux
and anything else you'd like to add!
(picrel is my distro)

Anonymous 20551

I'm not a Linux main but I have a machine running Arch. Before Arch, I used Mandrake, so… yeah, a while.
Linux simply doesn't have all the crap common in mainstream OSes and staying in terminal as I do has a good effect on my productivity, I find.

Anonymous 20573

I use slackware, been using linux for the past 14 years. I just hate windows so much.

Anonymous 20635

I use only Ubuntu and Kali atm, i have a question actually!

Are you excited for the eventuality of more games on steam being available for Linux distros? Do you think you’d like to eventually be entirely Linux based with your systems? I like to try and learn how to job related activities on every “type of” OS atm, weirdly I struggle the most with apples OS’ but I think that’s me being retarded more than anything.

Oh and obligatory
>install gentoo

Anonymous 20691


I've heard a lot of negative things about archfags. Are they true?

Anonymous 20693

Most everyone at my LUG org uses Arch. And they jokingly banter folks who use something else. They'll quickly recommend Mint for newbies though. I've trawled around a few distros, feel comfortable with Manjaro and Mint.

Honestly most distros end up being the same and the only thing that really changes is your own personal value of time spent fixing useless shit. Arch is more bleeding edge so it tends to have better hardware support, and naturally, break more often.

tbh linux is a fucking meme but I'll take it any day over Windows 10.

Anonymous 20696

I run Linux on one of my home systems, I think it's lubuntu. We learned Ubuntu at school.

Anonymous 20952


I've been using Linux for 2-3 years now. My friend recommended it to me because I had an old computer. I used Ubuntu and Mint on it for a while and loved it. I have a newer computer now, but I still use Linux (Manjaro) and I enjoy it, especially because Windows takes 6+ minutes to boot for some reason.

When linux breaks, it's always my fault for not knowing what I was doing. Even if I break something, I fix it and learn something new. There are always communities full of Linux users who have knowledge of computers that are willing to help eachother out. That is the main reason I stay on Linux, even if I don't get to play many games or run everything Windows can run.

When Windows breaks or malfunctions there's really not much to do. All I can do is restart and reinstall some things and hope it works, or reinstall Windows entirely. The community is not very helpful either. I also prefer customizability of Linux over Windows. The most I can do in Windows is change my wallpaper or accent colors. I don't install anything I don't need on Linux, and 10-20% of my CPU isn't being eaten for nothing (sppsvc.exe). I haven't used Windows in months and hopefully I will not have to do, ever.

Is there anyone who went back to Windows after Linux? Why did you do it?

Anonymous 20957

>When Windows breaks or malfunctions
That hasn't happened to me in the last 5 years.

Anonymous 20958

>Is there anyone who went back to Windows after Linux?
>Why did you do it?
Because most software for my field of study is made for Windows. It's always nice knowing nearly everything will run on my computer. Like a lot of companies I have interviewed with use their own software for conference calls that are .exe.

Anonymous 20960

This. If you're not a programmer and actually need to get work done, I just don't see any alternative to windows.

Anonymous 20982

Arch is absolutely fine for a desktop OS. You can get it set up relatively quickly, and it works pretty solidly from then on. I've been using it since about 2008.

That meme comes from the days when people were first discovering Arch, and then some guys decided to hipster it and go against what everyone was into/take advantage of the opportunity to troll so many people at once. I'm surprised people still post those pics tbh

Anonymous 21234


Screenfetch thread ?
Debian stable used on this tower after Ubuntu 16 turned to 18
5-6 years seriously before needed my games
The learning curve is harsh but if you stick with it, you can gain an amazing hobby

Anonymous 21242

I was using a kanji website for a mnemonics and for 川 (stream), the second highest rated story was:
>UNIX has three STREAMS: stdout, stderr, and stdin
Why are linux users and weebs so synonymous?

Anonymous 21453

finally im not the only girl who uses linux
i got sucked into /g/ and their paranoia as a teen lurking and installed ubuntu but hated how buggy it was and moved onto antergos and then vanilla arch
havent moved from arch since
im not a super huge programmer but i do like networking and maintaining servers as a hobby, its pretty fun
planning on getting a 2 in 1 laptop too so i can install arch on that and have the ultimate cute desktop on the go

Anonymous 21462

Please tell me you didn't just post your real name.

Anonymous 21464

fuck i always forget to censor that whenever i post my screenfetch
mods please delete that so i can upload a censored one ;_;

Anonymous Moderator 21465

Done! Feel free to post a censored one now.

Anonymous 21501

Screenshot from 20…

ok here we go sorry from before

Anonymous 21508

linux 1337 h4x0r masterrace

Anonymous 21512


Personally i believe it has to do with the amount of time involved with your pc used to watch anime, might as well customize your stuff and its cute
Ubuntu buggy how so ?
/g/ for better or worse allows a first taste of the /tech/ life
Would you work a tech or network job ?
Fish is a great light weight shell i stick to bash out of minimal package count
bash commands too tbh
Gnomes harsh on the memory ever thought about kde ?
I also tried a antergos install recently I liked the openbox de option on install
And three monitors fancy and looks cute
This is a mirror practically i have on one of the laptops

Anonymous 21538


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