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Men who have hit the wall Anonymous 211493

Let’s discuss men who aged like shit. What age do men start hitting the wall?

Anonymous 211534


I guess it still counts but I feel like it's kind of not fair to use child actors as an example since their lives are kinda horrible and fucked up. It's like it's not even aging, they just got broken.
Plus it's creepy to post a child as the attractive "before" picture, just saying. Even if you don't mean it that way… it looks that way.
If they're like 30 years old and on drugs they look like shit and half-dead but they might look totally different at 40 if they get it together (Macaulay Culkin was never cute imo but he's a good example of that)

Anonymous 211552

Blond men should NOT have facial hair, woof

Anonymous 211555


Anyway. Sorry for child actor sperg.
I genuinely think Steven Seagal was very attractive as a younger guy and he has very fortunate facial features but he let himself get enormously fat and it ruined him.

it's striking in the wrong way for sure

Anonymous 211560


Chin and hair line snatched

Anonymous 211569


Anonymous 211603


23 years old

Anonymous 211608

There's absolutely no reason for men to get fat and it makes me angry everytime. Testosterone burns fat way faster than estrogen and men always brag about being physically stronger/more capable than women. So why is it that they get so ugly and fat, so fast while demanding women who literally bring life into the world "snap back". Fuckin useless.

Anonymous 211674

Jesus I thought the right side of thread pic was Aileen Wuornos

Anonymous 211687


Men can age terribly and still be appreciated for the beauty they once had. Meanwhile attractive women are discarded at the moment they dare not to look perfect.

Anonymous 211694

she most definitely meant it in a creepy way if you look at the bunker thread. she says 18 but keeps posting pictures of him as a teenager. wtf.
>"there's no laws against it"
yeah. she's nuts.
i literally just posted on lc a few days ago about everytime i come on here some nonce reveals herself. ugh

Anonymous 211704


He was supposed to overdose at 35-something. Not become whatever he is now

Anonymous 211708

Horse face.

Anonymous 211714

how did his face get so wide? I don't think it's just the weight, do people's skulls change with age or something?

Anonymous 211719

that's a fucked up thing to say about someone, even a moid

Anonymous 211729

i'm assuming alcohol

Anonymous 211737

He was so hot in the video for Bite The Hand That Feeds

Anonymous 211738

He got attacked and glassed in the face which needed reconstructive surgery. His face always looked a little off after that

Anonymous 211742

Eh, perhaps, nona. I would have agreed with you wholeheartedly a year-two ago, but now I think it's inconsequential. He is, in the end, a moid, rich and nowhere close to dying. He'll be fine.

Anonymous 211756

> A woman who crashed a Hollywood party and slashed Leonardo DiCaprio's face with a broken beer bottle drew two years on prison after pleading no contest to the 2005 attack.
>The woman mistook DiCaprio for an ex-boyfriend
accidentally based

Anonymous 211759

This is the one that makes me saddest. He went from being gorgeous to looking like someone's weirdo uncle.

You surely have to be attractive in the first place to hit the wall. Tom Felton always just looked like a ferret or some kind of weird rodent to me.

Anonymous 211761

>You surely have to be attractive in the first place to hit the wall.
I liked him in harry potter when I was 12, don't judge me

Anonymous 211776


Anonymous 211779


This scrote was sooo good-looking in the 1993 version of Wide Sargasso Sea, why do they do this to themselves

Anonymous 211829

He legit looks mentally disabled in the 2020 comparison picture.

Anonymous 211854


Most moids age like milk

Anonymous 211858


Anonymous 211885

Aww not my man Eddie personally i would still do him I think he has a beautiful face.

Anonymous 211890

>how did his face get so wide?
I swear to god it's a thing where some men's heads get really fucking wide in their 40s.

Anonymous 211894


I don't know I mean his beauty was something to behold back then I genuinely want to look like how he looked in Detroit rock city and I would still do him like if I visited him at a con in Seattle I would try to suck his fat old druggie peen, I'd even supply him some bones pills

Anonymous 211914



Anonymous 211916


Like where did his bone structure go?

Anonymous 211919

Japanese usually age well, that must have been drugs, it's not possible

Anonymous 211924

SEE? I told you >>211890
Moids faces expand in their 40s. How?

Anonymous 211943


I mean maybe it’s the alcohol, he’s pretty much been almost an alcoholic since the 90s >>211924
Very true, his face got wide. Same thing happened to another Japanese rocker (pic related)

Anonymous 211948


He was kinda cute

Anonymous 212018


Anonymous 212087

just my personal opinion but he still looks good lmao

would crack a beer with him on our front porch and look at our beautiful children play in the yard

Anonymous 212091

tbh sometimes i have those same thoughts about my celebrity crushes because i don't want them to commit crimes in the future like other men in hollywood, i know it's going to happen eventually because that always happens even with the super nice ones so i want them to stay frozen in time before things gets worse. yes this sounds autistic but it helps me sleep at night. if my 3d husbando becomes an abuser i will kill him and then myself, i can't handle it.

Anonymous 212092

I think he has quite a bit of filler in his face and so do some of these other guys

Anonymous 212231

He threw prince harry into some dog bowls. Maybe he should have acted like his hairline and stepped back a lot before he blew up

Anonymous 212278


Most men start hitting the wall at 24, they don't even try not to. My exbf already looked exactly like a fucking monk like picrel at 25. And it seems like simply massaging your scalp can help with that but men won't do even that kek

Anonymous 212310


>most men start hitting the wall at 24
Considering that males lose their looks and their lives faster, I really have to wonder if human males are meant to live long. If so many males turn bald (an unattractive trait) before they even reach old age, it's almost like nature didn't design for males to stay as attractive, because (again) males aren't meant to last as long in life.

Anonymous 212320

it’s so funny he won’t date women over 25, I think it’s because on some level he knows that’s when HE stopped being hot.

Anonymous 212444


Anonymous 212491


Anonymous 212513

even in the before pic varg's only redeeming physical quality was his hair. he has the face of every chubby autistic high school moid who corners you at lunch to mouthbreathe and drip mayo all over his hands while babbling about sonic the hedgehog

Anonymous 212523


Incels worshiped him

Anonymous 212524

What happened to his hair? Is it balding or something else?

Anonymous 212528

extremely true. Baldness is horrible.

Nevermind drug addiction is worse.

Anonymous 212534

Francisco Lachowsk…

Not yet there but hes hair is receeding. Do not date baldness havers the baldini gene must not pass onto the future of humanity.

It legit ruins 50%-40% of a moid's face.

Anonymous 212540


Do you think if he lost weight he could be redeemed some how?I mean he’s only 45

Anonymous 212542


Anonymous 212543

Anonymous 212554


He was so beautiful

Anonymous 212556

It’s hard to lose weight at that age, especially visceral stomach fat. I don’t think he can be saved. Drugs and alcohol abuse ruined him

Anonymous 212560

I'm sure he's personally said and done worse to women, he'll live.

Anonymous 212561


Anonymous 212595


I really thought fin wolfhard was going to grow up to be cuter than he is now

Anonymous 212599

His only choice now is to grow out his hair and start producing EDM.

Anonymous 212603


I think he has some good features he just needs to gain some weight. Too damn skinny.

Anonymous 212609

his nose as well is the problem if you look well. Jaw is alright, nose is at the dead center of his face ruining him.

I agree about the weight, and his style too he just gives me a bad vibe that he is one of those that trannies out, lets hope not what a way to sink himself even deeper in the oblivion if he does that.

Anonymous 212621

I Can(not) Fix Him

Anonymous 212624

wow he looks like timothee chalamet now?

Anonymous 212645


I think he was still cute a decade ago even though you could tell he was a scumbag

Anonymous 212647

looks like a neckbeard

Anonymous 212686

He looks like the kind of guy you just know you shouldn't be alone with.

Anonymous 212731

>he’s only 45
sorry anon but are you literally 70 years old

Anonymous 212744

I’m 31 but I don’t think all 45 year olds look run down and ragged. He will never be as cute as he was when he was young but he has good features to be a cute guy. One thing I can say is he isn’t balding.

Anonymous 212754

I’m not a man i just have a big jaw and thick brow ends that make me look super troony

Anonymous 212811


He was so much cuter in uni, womp womp womp

Anonymous 212908

Men get the primary baldness gene from their mothers, so good luck

Anonymous 213030

>good luck
why? it's simple, was nona's father bald or not? the answer to this question will determine whenever she should be allowed to reproduce or not
that man was MOLESTED, these memes really show where men's priorities are.

Anonymous 213037

I'm 25 and I'm noticing men my age just not looking good anymore. If I ever date again, it will be a man under 25.

Ngl, male peak is 19-23. It's funny how they say this exact same thing to women when women look good well into our 30s, and its men who start to wrinkle, lose their hair and get bloated at 25.

Anonymous 213047

What the fuck. What the fuck. I'm licherally seething, how do you fuck up so badly.

Anonymous 213378


sebastian stan, what a shame

Anonymous 213385

samefag but this is incredibly based. i feel the exact same way, i'm 25 and i could never date a man after he hits 30. my preference is guys younger than me and usually people are like "nooooooo b-but they're immature and broke!!!1!!11!" as if men ever mature kek

Anonymous 213395

eh he just needs to change his hairstyle

Anonymous 213400

never understood the hype around him, he was okay looking before and now he looks like a wrinkly egg. i watched fresh and was genuinely sickened by him. was so confused when i saw so many people thirsting after him/his character

Anonymous 213409

Some men peak in their 60s. Lemmy is one such case.

Anonymous 213434


This thing here? You must be a moid kek this is fucking disgusting, you couldn't pay me enough to touch this bewarted pig

Anonymous 213445


The hundreds of women he made love with beg to disagree with your rude statement

Anonymous 213453


Anonymous 213468

But you agree he peaked later?

Anonymous 213476

no. some men never have a peak

Anonymous 213525

But not Lemmy. His peak is hardly visible even in that picture.

Anonymous 213529

I'm at the age my parents are starting to panic and wanting me to find a man - and they keep suggesting men over 30. I'm actually disgusted bc if I were a 25 year old man, they would not be suggesting me women over 30. But no, I guess it's normal for women to date ancients now.

I will date 20 yo men with no shame, they're always immature and stupid but at least 20 year olds look good.

Anonymous 213557

What’s that big pimple on his cheek?

Anonymous 213562

Emergency cum sac

Anonymous 213821


Around their late twenties they start to get haggard

Anonymous 213874


Some random moid model

Anonymous 213919

My bf looks like pre wall …
He won’t end up looking like post wall right ??

Anonymous 213920

What’s his name!

Anonymous 213921

>my bf looks like pre wall
Does he put effort into keeping himself up or have balding family members?

Anonymous 213925

Max Beauchamp

Anonymous 213926


He still has a good body but he was so much prettier back then.

Anonymous 213927


Edward furlong was dating a 28 year old woman at 15 so it’s possible if you’re pretty scrotes a don’t care about age

Anonymous 213930


Idk what kind of freak this woman was to be dating a 15 year old at 28 but women don’t age like men so a pretty woman that old doesn’t look super old with a younger man

Anonymous 213931


I used to love him in my emo days

Anonymous 213933


Anonymous 213934

He moisturizes and takes care of his face and body (eats well, exercises everyday). Wears sunscreen at my insistence.
His dads hair is thinning but not by much at 61. His moms dad has a full head of grey hair at 92.

Anonymous 213935

You should be good then

Anonymous 213938

Hope so. He didn’t wear sunscreen when he was a kid and teen and he went to summer camp every year and spent his time canoeing and backpacking and hiking aka outdoors 24/7 for 3-4 months straight.

Anonymous 213952


Ugly men can lust for young attractive women why can’t I?

Anonymous 213980


Man was beautiful

Anonymous 213996

This picture is a rude statement.

Anonymous 214039

This is the RHCP singer right? He raped a teenager so it's what he deserves tbh

Anonymous 214118


I don’t have an ugly man to post but I do have some moid cope + projection! There’s just something about the fact that this scrote seemingly and purposely distorts the truth that makes me laugh absurdly. I don’t know a single moid online and offline that isn’t suicidal or depressed because tfw no gf and because they have nothing to offer even though they’re well into their 20s and 30s. Men hit the wall way before women do with their baldness and leathery nasty skin, and the older they get the more sickly their sperm is. “Roasties hitting the wall” and claiming older women turn to suicide because they have no husband or kids is 150% projection because not only are moids more suicidal online and offline they truly prove their inherent nature as the disposable sex by seething so hard about women finding purpose elsewhere in their 30s meanwhile moids know they are only here to get picked (as the true pickmes of the species) but the vast majority aren’t being picked because they’re ugly and worthless

Anonymous 214119


You're out of your mind

Anonymous 214125

one of the best posts on this site

Anonymous 214126

Ironically younger moids care less about age than older ones. I'm in my late 20s and early 20s guys I go out with treat me like a goddess and want to date, while bitter mid 30s moids call me a grandma. Lmao.

Anonymous 214137

I also love how theyre essentially stating they dont find women over 30 and possibly a bit under even, attractive.
we all know that isn't true and that women age better than men and scrotes are horny desperate retards, but let's pretend for a moment for the sake of discussion that men indeed only like early 20s women.
why would you even marry a scrote then? to grow old next to someone whose love and attraction has an expiration date? to be humiliated by his constant wandering eye and possible cheating, to age even less gracefully than they claim because of the stress of the manbaby, the household and children?
any sane woman in this fanfiction would rather nurture other relationships and life goals, like money, family, hobbies who dont betray you as opposed to a shallow unloyal scrote. but i guess moids cant fathom that as being more desirable to a normal human being since the only thing that makes them happy is sex no matter how it is obtained lol they're the actual whores

Anonymous 214140

well, he is fine now

Anonymous 214144

Most moids don't have a "wall" because "wall" assumes that the person is no longer attractive after getting older, but most moids have never been or will be naturally attractive at any point in their lives lol

Anonymous 214147

Anonymous 214157

Men fuck fruits and veggies and they expect me to believe they wouldn’t fuck a 30 year old?

Anonymous 214158

i feel attracted to maybe one man out of 1000, or less. i thought i was weird but this is apparently very common for women and even incels know this thats why they elaborated that something theory about the 5% of men getting the 80% of women or something along those lines and i must say its one of the few things i agree with incels about lol

Anonymous 214160


Same!! I’m 27 and my bf is 20 and he’s honestly amazing (and not balding). His cute high zoomer energy warms my cold millennial heart. Highly recommend anons to give dating younger men a try.

Anonymous 214165

Yesterday I was chatting with a scrote from a videogame and he mentioned he was fucking 5’4” and too le depressed to pass basic community college courses and wanted something to give him purpose, he said he would honestly go die in a war just to feel worth something and I audibly laughed. This is the reality of scrotes with shitty genes and scrotes who are too retarded to figure out how to navigate life when it’s on easy mode for them

Anonymous 214173

why do they always act like its the end of the world if they dont have a girlfriend lmao

Anonymous 214175

We need to send men overseas to fight in shadow wars, seriously

Anonymous 214185


They’re desperate for female attention

Anonymous 214190

Same, when I look around all I see is ugly men. It might be 5 out of 1000 for me.


The boobs on the left are genuinely better looking imo

Anonymous 214197

only by obtaining divine pussy can they achieve Śūnyatā

Anonymous 214209

He has hit the wall but still looks better than any other scrote ITT

Anonymous 214213


I think another issue with scrotes is they try to dress the same they did post wall and don’t understand changing up their look would make them look better. Ville valor dresses the same as he did in 2003.

Anonymous 214223

Samefag scrotes seems to get stuck in the fashion that they wore “in their prime”

Anonymous 214232

Men literally were created just to cum and die, if they don't cum they lose their marbles and start questioning existence itself

Anonymous 214305

Oh yeah they were fucking him because he looks so good not cause they were like starstruck or anything… he literally has an ape body

Anonymous 214318

considering the gap between the number moids that get born and moids that pass on their genes, clearly a ton of them were created to just die without cumming. they don't know what to do with themselves, they were never meat to stick around this long

Anonymous 214326


The norwood and collagen reaper doesn't discriminate

Anonymous 214331


Anonymous 214334


Anonymous 214336

Haven’t there been surveys or studies that show older single women are actually the happiest subgroup of people and they live longer without moids around? And that the inverse is true for moids, they live longer when they manage to trap a woman to be a servant for them.

Anonymous 214340

Looks like his hair migrated

Anonymous 214362


Anonymous 214367


Anonymous 214374

Marriage is a complete sham.

The ultimate sham of all though, is how ugly most men are.

Tell me why I'm suppose to care or put effort into my appearance when I'm surrounded by ugly af men. I'm serious someone really needs to explain this to me.

Because there is nothing motivating about men where I'm from.

Anonymous 214407

You could be motivated by the fear of becoming as repulsive as them (unlikely).

Anonymous 214411

Nta but I’m motivated to not be a drunk and eat decent so I don’t look like the one day. Scrotes motivate me more than women.

Anonymous 214443

Poor Finn has probably seen some things growing up in Pedowood

Anonymous 214476

lmao is this one real?

Anonymous 214477

tinfoil: these are not the same person I don't believe it. alex jones is running his own little psyop with this gag.

Anonymous 214501


I just saw some clips from Star Trek: The Original Series for the first time since I was a little kid, and holy shit I remember William Shatner was Captain Kirk, but I didn't remember how handsome he was when he was young compared to now. Tragic

Anonymous 214502

That moid had to stop doing steroids to be hot so he stops norwooding he lost a lot of muscle mass as a result. But that is fine moids should legit prioritize hair. Musculature is attractive of course but not if you are The Hulk, there is such a thing as too much but moids want to impress moids it's gay.

Anonymous 214551

>I’m 27 and my bf is 20

Anonymous 214574


I REFUSE to believe

Anonymous 214591

Idk, I think he's still pretty cute.

Anonymous 214776

Damn we solved baldness. Just rub your scalp.

Anonymous 214872

Of course it's not a perfect cure, but it helps a lot, male pattern baldness is caused by tightening scalp skin. I'd say "I thought you moids were supposed to know about this stuff" but as I said on my post, you don't even try.

Anonymous 214895

> And it seems like simply massaging your scalp can help with that
If it was this easy don't you think we'd have scalp massage clinics on every street corner? There is a huge market for every other kind of alleged baldness cure, and yet I've never heard of that.

Anonymous 214896

I'll be the first to open a massage clinic specialized in baldness prevention

Anonymous 214897

not the (s) you replied tom but scalp massage and rosemary oil really works. I saved my hairline from PCOS, recommended it to my brother and he literally won't believe me and is now bald lol. The original anon speaks the truth! Massage really can reverse hair loss or thinning it just takes months of commited scalp oiling and massage. Scrotes would rather just scalp themselves in turkey and replace their scalp with a cadaver's scalp. Scrotes are really this lazy and uneducated!

Anonymous 214933

Everything you say kinda implies men don't wash their hair like, at all

Anonymous 215037

The study appears to suggest it works on thinking hair, but I don't see where it is suggesting this would help with bald areas.

Anonymous 215063

I think he's hot. Especially for almost 60 years old.

Anonymous 215083

Welcome to moids. They either don't wash at all or or treat their hair like a dirty dish to have soap applied to until all the oil is removed

The research is relatively new, but I wouldn't be surprised if it failed to turn a profit even though it works because >>214897 le rational sex thinks massaging doesn't sound effective, it sounds like effeminate woo, therefore it must not work. With the exception of reactionary moids of course, reactionaries love "effeminate" crunchiness, probably why that youtube channel always read to me as vaguely reactionary

Baldness starts with thinning hair, hair loss happens because of damaged follicles

Anonymous 215236

If you think men screech about women finding purpose outside of them post wall you should look at how they react pre wall. Its a sight to behold.

Anonymous 215241


I was a big GOT fan ever since I was really young and maintained the biggest crush on isaac h wright throughout the show. Wtf has he become now. He used to be so cute. How did he un-age

Anonymous 215267

he was an ugly child too

Anonymous 215289

either you're being provocative on purpose or just blind. objectively he /was/ beautiful lmao

Anonymous 215291

He just needs to work out a little bit and ditch the hipster outfit

Anonymous 215292


Anonymous 215293

NTA but those eyebrows and farquad cut are hideous

Anonymous 215380


ditch the glasses isaac

Anonymous 215382


Anonymous 215383

Still would fuck him

Anonymous 215385


Anonymous 215444

When he was young he was nyc and Paris hot but now he’s Utah and Michigan hot

Anonymous 215658

bong genetics be like…..

Anonymous 215674


Young men are insufferable. They tend to be more immature than us women. You must have the patience of a saint or you're just really lucky to have found a young man that isn't childish.

Zac Efron is looking like milk nowadays.

Anonymous 215677

I kinda dislike that edward furlong is being posted in this thread a lot considering his background.
when he was 13 he was appointed a tutor on the set of his movies, she was like 27 at the time.
apparently they started a relationship but she maintains that they didn’t have sex until he was 16 (but that was still illegal even at that time in that state).
he claims he even emancipated himself just to be with her. he fell into drugs & alcohol & more.
definitely groomed.
so I think it’s kinda shitty to compare him considering that he has a legit reason for looking poorly.

Anonymous 215965

I was going to say that he has started looking like Willen Dofoe, but frankly Dafoe looks less weird.

Anonymous 216067

Anonymous 216068

He started looking repulsive so quick, but I can't fully gasp why. Did he have any weird surgeries?

Anonymous 216073

Bottom right looks like Rick Astley

Anonymous 216213

Is this actually true though? Last I looked men were consistently more likely to cheat on their spouse than women, and while women were cheating significantly more than they used to, its getting closer to 50/50 not one more than the other.

Anonymous 216234


late 90s

Anonymous 216235


versus now. the helmetfishing/robolarping did them wonders tbh.

Anonymous 216963

>Men are continuously surprised, shocked and offended that as they get old and ugly their wives start looking at less ugly options.
I wish it was not societally acceptable for men to not take care of themselves. I have a friend who's married and her husband has started to constantly play video games and no longer run everyday as he used to, and now he has a double chin developing as well as a beer gut. Meanwhile, she's going to the gym on a consistent schedule and tries her best to get him to eat healthier meals than take out fast food secretly after work. Not to mention she's voiced the fact that he's been having mood changes and has been unreasonably mean at times, which is obviously due to the lack of exercise and other unhealthy habits. It's surprising that this is all happening even with the fact that they haven't even had kids.

Anonymous 216988

I am mostly convinced that Stinkle is actually older than that but lying about his age to market himself similarly to how Fuentes did.

Anonymous 217388


RIP tho

Anonymous 217873


For all this balding shit, going back to the basics, not to side with scrotes I also recall women are most often fatter than men too, then again I read this on 4chan.
Then again being just thin myself I don't give a shit, and just look up for any partners that are healthy like me.

Anonymous 217886


This moid is only 23 and it's already norwood III.

Anonymous 217909

There are 3 classes of obesity.
Men are more often obese overall, but they're all centered on class 1 obesity. Women more often suffer from class 2 or class 3 obesity, which is almost certainly because women have a much larger number of sex-specific medical conditions that can lead to a runaway effect in obesity.

Anonymous 218124

Anonymous 218125


Devon. Bostick.

Anonymous 218130

this one hurts, i had a crush on him on diary of a wimpy kid back then with the youthful glow and the racoon eyeliner

Anonymous 218191

I think it's genetic. My dad is in his 50s and still has plenty of hair on his head. Not even that bald spot they get at the top, just the corners of the forehead have retracted. On the other hand a childhood friend of mine started balding at 20 and at 26 right now he has lost most of his hair.

Anonymous 218193


>when you realize the balding gene could have been bred out of the human gene pool if women just raised their damn standards

Anonymous 218196

Nona, the gay gene(s) haven't been removed from the species. Neither have the type 1 diabetes gene (kills carrier children) nor the various blood clotting disorders.
>but rare disorders
The gay is not rare. Type 1 diabetes is still underdiagnosed and probably has waaaay more late onset cases than current medical figures. Nobody ever died of bald the way men with prolapsed or torn tissues used to die of gay before antibiotics, and tissue tearing still makes them more likely to die of blood and fluid transmissible diseases.

Anonymous 218198

is it weird id rather fuck a gay male rather than a bald one

Anonymous 218199

Anonymous 218202

Would you fuck a male that got a hair transplant?

Anonymous 218208

>shit penis

Anonymous 218209

>bald head

Anonymous 224446


can't believe that this thing a role model for moids now

Anonymous 224447


EW, what in God's fucking name happened to him?!

Anonymous 224456


Camera flashes
Cover of magazines !!

Designer sunglasses
Living the dream as a teen !!

Anonymous 224457

holy shit Sam Hyde was genuinely very handsome what the fuck happened? Eating shit food and not showering? His hair is so greasy now, that man needs a diet but I don't think he cares.

Anonymous 224476

he bogged himself

Anonymous 224513

He deliberately became ugly as a funny joke.

Anonymous 224514

wtf is this balding pattern

Anonymous 224516

yeah from shit food probably the man is obese

Anonymous 224517


Skeet Ulrich. Man, he looked better when he was staring as a serial killer..

Anonymous 224519

imma fucking say it and this triggers most scrotes out there but your shitty ass beard likely makes you look dirty, smell and ugly especially if you are hot and have a nice jaw naturally. They always do this shit, they are fucking idiots they just want to impress other men.

Anonymous 224533

The worst hit the wall in their 20s. However the best hit it in their 80s.

I don't really envy men in this regard, most of them age like shit.

Anonymous 224535

baldness is death

Anonymous 224538

Left is way hotter but the right is about as hot as men get past ~27

Anonymous 224540

this is so fucking true. They choose to age themselves because they genuinely believe men look best older and it often ruins any youthful beauty they might have left

Anonymous 224542

all im saying is if a moid has a nice jaw he should be beardless or keep it very short. I understand why fat fucks grow their beards to hide their double chins but anyone else? they should never do it. At most a beard should just contour the jaw.

Anonymous 224645


>Browsin /fit/
>See a new thread about women hitting the wall
>NPCs posting their programmed responses like always
>Post some of the pictures from this thread and talk about balding + ED in a condescending way
>Thread instantly gets deleted by mod

LOL scortes gonna scrote, gonna keep doing this

Anonymous 224653


>>Browsin /fit/

Anonymous 224697

I'm glad males always get shit like Covid, monkeypox, etc. It's like mother nature's natural balance of such hideous wastes of space. The fact that they always go bald before they hit 30 is evidence that they're not biologically designed to last long. Maybe their suicidal tendencies is their own instinct to have the trash take itself out. Like, just die you fugly dogs. No woman will miss 90% of you anyway.
Keep bullying them.

Anonymous 224712

>>212645 I have no idea who this is but I thought it was either Corey or Chumlee from Pawn Stars tv show lmaooo

Anonymous 224713

went from 22 year old skater to 40 year old skater, I don't see this as an L but I use to sleep with dealers like this x

Anonymous 224714


this is my contribution, i used to fawn over Bam Margera but sadly he has succumb to age

Anonymous 224715

no bc who is this. i need him inside me

Anonymous 224721

Wow he actually looks even better.
But this is rare for me kek

Anonymous 224813

>nose is at the dead center of his face ruining him
Nona, why is this so funny?

Anonymous 224956


I'm so sorry nonas, but I'm here with a depressing update. He's already there.

Anonymous 225067


is this shit real, he started lifting heavy as soon as he started balding. He was right that is more about the face but now he is coping in the same way every baldcel copes, its only downhill from there. Poor guy. He failed his own mantra.

Anonymous 225069

Based, keep making the moids feel self conscious.

Anonymous 225076

ntayrt but I've been on /fit/ since it was created. Like all boards there are women there just usually incognito.

Anonymous 226085

A lot of these cases are directly due to alcohol abuse

Anonymous 226088


>alcohol abuse
All these moids pissing their looks down the drain because of their mindless overindulgence of immediate satisfaction. Alcohol, porn, cigarettes, sex. It's like moids aren't designed to be independent. They always need someone else stepping in and telling them not to do blatantly retarded things that'll cut their lifespan short.

Anonymous 226095

I don't really agree with the independence part. I think the world is hard for people and alcohol abuse is an easy vice to fall into. It's glamorized in the media and easy to access.

I don't agree that porn is necessarily bad in of itself either.

Anonymous 226096

ok scrote apologist…

Anonymous 226104

Your points about alcohol and independence contradict each other.
One of the biggest lies we are told is that males are biologically predisposed to be "independent." Nothing could be further from the truth. Men require association with stable, small bands of other men more than anyone is willing to admit. This includes women who are willing to admit the general inferiority of the male species, for example the "how to raise boy" thread involves half the users talking about how to isolate him from the influence of male peers as though that would have a positive outcome. It is impossible to describe the depth of scrote dependence to anyone who hasn't witnessed it destroy a family member. The ease with which scrotes fall into alcohol and the near-impossibility of pulling themselves out without such a supportive small male band such as AA demonstrates their lack of genuine independence.
The earliest formulation of "the black pill" that I ever saw was "there is no individual solution to systemic problems." This is now instead described by "blackpilled" scrotes as "women like good looking men and you need to lift weights and lie about your salary or height to attract one," or "society might collapse so lift weights and buy guns for yourself so you can have happy funtime adventures as an individual despite systemic problems increasing." Because they're cowards, and because the "independence" and "individualism" of the scrote amounts to taking the support of an entire social system and environment for granted out of typical scrote entitlement. The miniscule dose of reality offered by that older version of the blackpill that said adopting a lifestyle will not inherently make that lifestyle supportable e.g. "learn to code" has been fled from, wholesale, a full retreat that in utter moral cowardice is announced as personal victory.

Anonymous 226162

>the right one
Imagine this is the face he makes while cumming lmao.

Anonymous 226198

This is one of the reasons why I love CC. These intense, philosophical, and psychological takes stimulate the neurons in my brain. It's like you nonas can explain everything.

Anonymous 226999


Anonymous 227072

He looks like Sam from Supernatural now lol.

Anonymous 227552


Anonymous 227564

>balding gene is passed from the mother to her sons
More like marked women need to stay celibate.(balding scrote)

Anonymous 227570

it can be passed by the father as well, also if women didn't reproduce with balding scrotes they wouldn't have had daughters with them and therefore it would have died out

Anonymous 227587

Hemophilia was never eradicated despite killing all male carriers in childhood for almost all of human history.

Anonymous 227611

Some things skip a generation

Anonymous 227647

That isn't even true it can be passed from either parent. Cope. Maybe you wouldn't be balding it you went outside, exercised, and ate a normal diet.

Anonymous 227664

I heard that men who are balding carry the retard gene is this true? Or is it a specific balding type? There are some surprisingly young men with 40 year old man balding patterns and I wouldn't be surprised if they carried the retard gene. How can you be in your early 20's and have the hair of a 50 year old man?

Anonymous 227665

I love it when the nonas here discuss biology. It's always fun and good to learn something, and in such a cool way. If balding men do carry some kind of balding gene, that is hilariously sad and only more of a reason to avoid balding scrotes. Not like they're very attractive anyway.

Anonymous 227675

Balding might, but hemophilia absolutely cannot, yet the share of hemophilia in the population only started to decline in the 19th century when women started having illegal abortions based on eugenic studies of ancestry. Those abortions were not gender specific because there was no way to know the sex of the child before ultrasounds. Once sex-selective abortions for hemophilia carriers became normal, the share of hemophilia in the population stabilized again…

Anonymous 227680

No, they carry the retard gene I've heard, like they are more likely to be retarded or have retarded children

Anonymous 227694

almost every balding scrote I met was rather dense, so I'm inclined to believe you have a point

Anonymous 227727

Norwood Reaper Dua…

Anonymous 227754

are either of these men supposed to be attractive?

Anonymous 227755

He is hideous in all the pics but tbh I kinda like the drug addict version better because while he will always be hideous at least when he was an addict he kinda looked interesting

Anonymous 227756

Never seen him before so I have no context of what he looked like before but tbh he isn't that bad.

Anonymous 227761

Late as fuck, but are you serious? The man is 92 years old and he seems to be in remarkably good health for his age, certainly not "tragic". How is someone who is almost a century old supposed to look like? I'm all for shitting on scrotes for looking busted at 24, but have some sense of scale.

Anonymous 227801

no way this is real lol this is AI generated loool

Anonymous 227835

>yet the share of hemophilia in the population only started to decline in the 19th century when women started having illegal abortions based on eugenic studies of ancestry.
i cant find anything about this online do you have a source for it? im curious

Anonymous 227839

Hitler had brown eyes,lol.

Anonymous 227840

I thought it was official that he had blue eyes

Anonymous 227844

Hmm it turns out his eyes were blue and the whole brown eyed thing was propaganda.

Anonymous 227845

He was never cute lol. Idk why anyone ever thought he was cute, and some still do. He looks like a frog or some shit.

Anonymous 227846

I lol'd when I saw this.
He was never cute also he is like 13 there
is that the aerosmith guy?
Who is he, he is so cute young
another one that made me lol.
I kinda like both equally.

Anonymous 227851

1. John Travolta
2. The Malfoy actor
3. idk
4.Edward Furlong from The Terminator 2
5. Justin Bieber
6. Prince William of the Brit corrupt Royal Family that had friendships with Epstein
7. Khristian "Varg" Virkenes

Anonymous 228177

gtfo scrote

Anonymous 228178

based, keep it up

Anonymous 228200


Anonymous 228300

chandler riggs

Anonymous 228312

Oh my god good looking still, are you nuts

Anonymous 228331

We know you got to /fit/ to lurk at /cbt/ threads, dont you lie to me

Anonymous 228383

They typically don't post their faces, just bodies, so it's like Schrodinger's baldspot

Anonymous 229148


It's kind of funny but for me Henry Cavill is just the reverse of hitting the wall - despite having norwood 3 balding and almost 40 years he looks SOOOO much better than he used in his twenties which is ridiculous

Anonymous 229182

Most of these are bad examples. They could be fixed by working out and not drinking alcohol; or they are literally old men.

Both are crackheads, and were probably molested as kids.

He's in his 70s IIRC.

Legit wall example.

Right isn't his natural hair color, he just needs to work out and get hair implants.

He just needs to work out.

Needs to work out, also in his 60s.

Needs to work out.

In his 50s.

In his 60s.

Anonymous 229203

Older men appreciator here

Woah, he looks way better now imo. Maybe because he's like underage or close to being underage on the right pic but I would unironically pick left over right any day
He would be cute if he wasn't a murderer and a sperg
Left looks underage, right would be better if not for the middle finger
Another one where left looks underage and the right like a cute older man
Bottom is cute either way but the left looks a bit like a fuckboy and the right looks like a comfy guy
Still cute
Right is more elegant imo
Another example where left looks like a handsome fuckboy and right as a comfy older man
Left looks underage and right as an average dude
He looks like less of a fuckboy now and more of a comfy older guy as well

Anonymous 229221

most of these are just ugly men who got uglier. why are all celebrity men SO UGLY?

Anonymous 229225

I feel like for such a long time the standard for moid attractiveness was to have this hairstyle >>224956 and that was it, tho this one guy in particular is good looking, I still have a fight or flight reaction to it.

Anonymous 229229

You are either fucked in the head or trolling, none of the guys looked underaged and their post wall images are vile.
>left looks like an average dude
Yeah an average incel

Anonymous 230458


Anonymous 230467

I mean, this dude didn't just hit the wall for no reason. He was in a weird pedo relationship with an older woman who was clearly manipulating him and then he had some heavy addiction problems. Regardless of sex, stress and addictions will age the fuck out of you. Would be better to make the comparison with someone who didn't have major issues.

Anonymous 230769

leo looks like a fucking basketball

Anonymous 230973

Men go bald. Women not as much. I’m almost 35 and it’s very hard to find guys my age who don’t have a ruinous hairline. If they have all their hair and are even moderately attractive they are assholes.

I would say most men hit the wall at 25. Men with greys also can’t dye them or they look weird like inky hair. Men also look creepy with Botox. Women can get Botox and still look good.

Anonymous 230975

He is so gross. It’s funny how feminists are always blamed for women no longer being “trad” and low birth rates yet old Hollywood scums who chase after teenagers are never blamed. Men like Leo encourage men to not marry and to play the field until they are pushing 50. In the 1950s and 1960s, men married younger to a woman within their own age range. They typically didn’t chase adolescents.

I have been married twice with no kids. Sadly, once when I was 22 very briefly. Then I made the mistake of getting into a rebound relationship a few years later. I finally have my freedom again after realizing there are worst things than being alone.

I still look fairly young for my age and am still hopeful, I can one day find real love but it just seems so hard as so many men are brainwashed by “red pill.”

Anonymous 230981


I know a few guys who got better at 40 too. However these men are rare. Most men peak in early 20s and get uglier.

I also think Monica Bellucci looked best in her late 30s and early 40s.

Anonymous 230994

I hope he's abducted and used as a test subject for alien experiments and never finds his way back to this sweet earth :l

Anonymous 231408

Because their testosterone decreases and makes burning fat harder, and they dont want to bother putting enough effort into it. They put equal effort into not being fat as they did when young, which was not that much in the first place, just eat large amounts of anything because their testosterone filled bodies will burn it like nothing and then never change their lifestyle even if their body starts requiring less calories to run and more exercise to keep fit.

Anonymous 231411

No it would not. In the past people had kids in their 20s or earlier, quite long before bald gened moids get their baldness. You already had families of 3 kids before he started actually balding, not just little bit of hair from the corners falling off. You would need today society to last 500 years for it to possibly happen, not to mention there still being plenty of women carriers of bald gene that just had consecutive generations of nothing but girls, so the bald gene never got out.

Anonymous 231412

How do you explain moids who start balding in high school (like 40% of moids now) or moids who are balding in their 20's (like 80%)

Anonymous 231427

>start balding in high school (like 40% of moids now) or moids who are balding in their 20's (like 80%)
Where are you even pulling these numbers from? I never saw a single balding kid in highschool and I've seen like 3 bald/balding 20-somethings total at my uni.

Anonymous 231453

i have

Anonymous 231497

Unhealthy lifestyle choices.
Yes, genetics do play a role but lifestyle choices are just as important. If you treat your body like shit you will end up with a bad hairline. Look at who is balding. It's most of the time men that take drugs, take steroids, smoke and/or eat like shit. 90% of men who are balding before the age of 60 only have themself to blame.

Anonymous 231498

You're lucky then

Anonymous 231519

My mother's side of the family go bald early so I've consulted a dermatologist and I can say this is plain wrong. Genetics are the reason the overwhelming majority of people go bald and the only way of intentionally inducing balding on yourself is by doing some gorilla glue girl-tier shit.
It's the same reason TIFs go bald, they carry the genes, so when they take testosterone it triggers the genetic process.
Some other girl in the lolcow thread who's in a situation similar to mine said it herself, it's fine if you find bald people ugly, because the majority of people do, just don't make shit up and assume they did/didn't do something to deserve it.

Anonymous 232095

A woman I know has married a literal goblin. She's beautiful. I thought he was old, looked him up. Nope, they are both 30. She looks like an angel, he's a balding potato on two legs. Why would someone like her fuck someone like him? Inb4 muh personality: I like plenty of people platonically who are also ugly as sin and them being physically unappealing to me is a deal breaker. There has to be some attraction. She just has an ugly bastard fetish, right? Right? padme meme

Anonymous 232201

Idk how moids can say they never hit a wall when literally bald when they get older. Most older men don't take good care of themselves either. They get complacent, fat, don't use sunscreen while they're young and develop more sexual paraphilias as they get older. I never encountered an older man irl who I was attracted to and thought was mature. If I see an older attractive moid, it's because I see them on tv or a movie lmao. Other young women feel the same. To all you ugly delusional old moids lurking, we all talk about how gross, creepy, ugly, and pathetic yall are lmao

Anonymous 232204

The only one I can really agree with is Varg but he was equally as handsome in his youth. Both Vargs are hot just in a different way.

Anonymous 232216

told a moid he was ugly and he was just like yeah i know

Anonymous 232218

>I never encountered an older man irl who I was attracted to and thought was mature. If I see an older attractive moid, it's because I see them on tv or a movie lmao.
This. Older men can be so handsome in a special way but its only about 0.01% of them. The rest are saggy, balding, fat and hideous. But for some reason all men think that they are the special ones who will age like wine and look fantastic when they are the 99.99% who look saggy and disgusting.
>But look at this old celebrity!! This means I will improve with age too rite guise??!?!

Anonymous 232351

someone made a thread on /tv/. so much salt

Anonymous 232456

The only moid in this thread who isn’t disgusting in the before pics is Francisco Lachowski, and even he hit the wall at 24.

Anonymous 232505

Varg looks… fine, for a man that's on his 50s and spent 21 years on prison.

Anonymous 232817

He looks awful
Bald and raisin faced
plus a beard (which is always should be frowned upon)

Anonymous 232818

Is this trolling or just someone who has given up

Anonymous 233164

imo testosterone is the reason they hit the wall so fast, plus earlier than that, since it destroys their bodies. age 27 is just the result of years of being consecutively hit in the face with a truck

Anonymous 233169

>imo testosterone is the reason they hit the wall so fast
you're right, castrati even live longer

Anonymous 233180

I have, saddest was a really hot guy at 17

Anonymous 233549

why are there so many varg defenders here

Anonymous 233768


>told a moid he was ugly and he was just like yeah i know

Anonymous 233770


Men know deep down that they're ugly and busted (with the exception of some homo supremacists) their argument is that men shouldn't be judged based on their looks like they do to women but rather based on their merit. Obviously that's bullshit but that's the bleak world they want to create.

Anonymous 233979

Much like birds, it's the male humans who should be judged primarily on looks, not the females.

Anonymous 233986

Screen Shot 2023-0…


Anonymous 234010

Birds have no choice but cater to their females, human males can just bypass your consent that's why they're so ugly

Anonymous 234160


Anonymous 234187

>eyes are made for looking
Exactly, and it should be a crime to make me look at ugly males

Anonymous 245161


Anonymous 245163

seethe more

Anonymous 245164

> redtext

Anonymous 245166

I just know it's sitting there like lawn clippings and that if you even brush the top of his head it's all gonna fall off

Anonymous 245173

We need a name for this movent, we need to codify the bird rule into law.

In most cases I don't want to be in a relationship. Save for if the guy is really really hot. But even then, I don't even know if the brain portion is working right or if we're really compatible.

Please codify the bird into law, thanks nonas

Anonymous 246391


Anonymous 246405

has anyone else encountered moids who blame their baldingness on having bleached their hair before? such an absurd cope.
like wow what are the odds you happened to totally burn off your scalp follicles but only on the exact spot that makes it look indistinguishable from male pattern baldness…

Anonymous 247407

noooo he was so weird and hot!!!

Anonymous 247424

Some of the men on here have severe post druggie look.

Anonymous 247456

Anonymous 247467

This guy is a FUCKING Loon

Anonymous 247508

I'm early 20s and only ever get approached by 35+ males
I don't even find 25 year old men attractive, they look haggard. It's 19-22 for me

Anonymous 247509

Old men are also easier to get and more
willing to commit. Men in their early 20s know they're the most attractive and at their peak so they're massive fuckboys. I honestly dont know how hot a woman has to be to be able to marry a pretty young guy (ideal scenario) but I'm certain the bar is pretty damn high.

Anonymous 247511

Who cares they're full of misogyny and going to dump domestic shit on you, and laze around while you do everything.

Marriage is a scam. I'll die with fantasy when I'm that old. That's fine for me. I don't want to be chained to someone who secretly wants a bangmaid. Especially not when I'm old. Holy hell old age is for peace away from scrotes.

Anonymous 247526

I'd date neither of them but one is definitely painfully hard to look at and the other isn't

Anonymous 247780

>Men in their early 20s know they're the most attractive and at their peak so they're massive fuck boys
It's hilarious because ugly old bald men literally apply the same logic to women. Projection at its finest. They know they're hideous and unloveable so they try to groom young women into settling for them

Anonymous 247876


For me it's Chris. Even in his own show Bam was dwarfed by his uncle Vito. His only gimmick really is being an unlikeable brat

Anonymous 248239

Hot to get a retard (but not walled) bf like him?

Anonymous 248241

There's no such thing as a "retard gene". You pretend to hate scrotes but then give credence to eugenicist scrote ideas of HBD and other nonsense.

Anonymous 248536

>Macaulay Culkin
yup, that's meth for ya

Anonymous 248842

Twink Death.

Anonymous 249033


Twink death spares no one

Anonymous 250040

I came up with eugenics. It was my idea. Zero scrotes involved.

Anonymous 250057

I don't even realize I am homophobic until I start to see words like "twink" and "femboy"

Anonymous 250059

Men go bald because of misogyny ultimately. The treatment is available, it's called Finasteride and only has less than 5% side effect chance. But they think they will turn into giant pussies by suppressing DHT production (which is different from test), and go bald

Anonymous 250174


Anonymous 250380

what the fuck no way theyre the same person

Anonymous 250384

Jesus fuck I hate facial hair

Anonymous 252363

hello /fit/

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