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Lolcow Bunker Thread 4- Cult Edition Anonymous 211808

Anonymous 211809

I’ve been in a cult that isn’t a cult, but was totally a cult. Pretty fun.

Anonymous 211810

I have willow and fig tree cuttings and I want to ask my coworker if she’d like them when they propagate but I’m scared she’ll think I’m weird

Anonymous 211811


I was just about to make a thread titled “micropenis sized edition” because…510 comments? And it’s already locked?


Anonymous 211812

NTA, I get what you guys are saying, but getting hit with "liking men in any way shape or form is wrong and immoral" every time someone posts a man they like is exhausting and not helping your case.

Anonymous 211813

does anyone here play shining nikki
i started playing bc i'm stressed as fuck. it's fun.

Anonymous 211814

OP needs to delete this shit thread and somebody more capable of making one should go ahead and do that

Anonymous 211815

Dicks look like snickers but they aren't tasty to bite on like a snicker.

Anonymous 211816

I use the orange theme so the thread pic is very interesting

Anonymous 211817

It's not weird, I'd have no idea how to care for them tho.

Anonymous 211818

Yeah thread limits are shorter here

Anonymous 211819

kek, I was watching for an complaint, I wanted to make it an opitical illusion, I'll delete if more people complain though

Anonymous 211820

Can women objectify other women like men objectify women? In the same way, just as harmful, etc? Just wondering. As a preteen growing up on the internet (who was insanely retarded) I would read about feminism and it made me deathly afraid of objectifying women so I always doubted my attraction to women. Being attracted to men seemed easier because there was nothing about them that caught my attention (even the sterotypically buff 10/10 men are boring to look at) unlike with women (their bodies and their attitudes caught my attention). I was a retarded kid so NOT wanting to touch or grab anything = healthy attraction and wanting to touch or see or grab a body part = unhealthy and bad attraction. I might be autistic. Also, I believe in feminism. It's just that I was too retarded as a child to use critical thinking.

Anonymous 211821

i'm the last one and i wasn't implying that liking men is wrong. you're free to do that matter of fact i've posted in attractive and unattractive male threads. i was just saying it's not in any way objectification

Anonymous 211824

I don't mind the invisible pic as much as the lack of thread summary

Anonymous 211825


same anon, like this is how it looks for me, I thought it was cool but i'm boring

Anonymous 211826

Oh you are right, I forget to link to other threads, I won't lie I don't take it as formally as I would lolcow

Anonymous 211827

I think the spoiler images on this site are much cooler than the LC ones. I like the pixel graphic.


Lmao are they serious

Anonymous 211828

extremely random but i must get this off my chest: i want to start my own womens LUG (linux user group) i'm tired of having no friends with the same supremely autistic interests and all the other womens *nix groups include troons and enbies
i used to play one of the nikki games i don't remember the title, after a while it hit that point where it's hard to progress without paying so i quit
did have fun making the most out of my freebie outfits

Anonymous 211830

It doesn't need to be anything crazy, just copy the summary from the last bunker thread and also link to that thread as well. The detailed thread summaries from the last set of bunkers was only since there was meta-drama

Anonymous 211832

I don't think that's weird to ask. It is a nice gesture.

I love that the title is "cult edition"

Anonymous 211833


Guy I ghosted two years ago sent me a message on Facebook and the prospector opening it gives me so much anxiety I want to puke. He didn't even do anything wrong, I'm just an avoidant fucker who has no idea how relationships work.

Anonymous 211834

Why god despite my best efforts in brushing the crumbs off my bedsheet there are always more

Anonymous 211835

It pisses me off because it's so misogynistic. LC has women from all over the world that have vastly different life experiences so no shit there's going to be variance in opinion. It's basically used to shut up other women. If anyone genuinely suspects a moid, then report and ignore.

Anonymous 211836

(From the last thread) It's because on lc there exists a population of rabid man-haters not that there isn't a good reason to hate men, but these anons take it to an extreme who see any mention of having a male partner or being attracted to men as 'pick-meism', which causes a lot of the less rabid anons to feel that in order to conform with the group they have to not only pretend that they feel no attraction to men but also pretend that they have an attraction to women so that they can feel validated as 'radfems'. Like yeah, lesbianism has formed an important sector in radical feminist ideology, but there are plenty of straight radfems at the same time
idk but I think a pear/hourglass figure looks sexy on a woman
>t. an adult woman

Anonymous 211837

LC girls aren't feminist and don't care about women, they just want to feel superior because they were either bullied or traumatized by moids.

Anonymous 211838

Yes women can objectify other women. I know a woman who told me she has high standards for womens looks but would be ok with dating a weird looking scrote if he’s charming

Anonymous 211839

Just block him. You don't need to open it. I guarantee he had nothing of value to say. Just remember you ghosted him for a reason.

Anonymous 211840

photo{0} (3)~2.png

shining nikki is pretty awesome. i was ftp until recently and i'm having a good time w/ it. you can do 3d poses now like picrel

Anonymous 211841

even here people don't report and ignore. they HAVE to give intruders attention. yeah yeah we hate scrotes and moids but the best way to shut it down is to not give it any attention. if you're itching to tell them to kill themselves you know the 4fags url

Anonymous 211842

Yes but it's not the same. When you participate in things like ballet, gymnastics, modelling, figure skating, dancing, pageants, etc. you will meet a lot of women working in the industry that will objectify women but it's not in the same terrifying sexualised way moids do. It's more about seeing women as bodies who have to be a certain way because their minds don't matter. Everything comes down to appearance, and you're worth shit if you don't tick certain boxes like being tall enough, short enough, skinny enough, etc.

Anonymous 211844

very pretty
i'm feeling withdrawls from a lack of new style savvy games so i may give it a try

Anonymous 211845

So I'm going to add something to the table nobody has stated yet.

Yes. Because women, especially young impressionable ones, can emulate the way men treat and perceive women. Women can become pornsick too and engage in misogynistic behaviour internalised because of the influence of men around them.

Anonymous 211847

What would that look like?

Anonymous 211848

this song from style savvy haunts me

Anonymous 211849

OMG I love this game so fucking much, I downloaded it years ago on a emulator and then brought the 2 NDS game but then my NDS got melted in nail polish remover

Anonymous 211851

Didn't have time to say this before the last thread closed but anon, find something else to do and quit. Blah blah everybody hates their job but this is the kind of psychological incompatibility with a very high pressure career that isn't sustainable and it isn't a question of if you flame out but when. Better to get out now while you have the energy to find something else to do with your life than later whe you suffer a complete nervous breakdown.

Anonymous 211852

there's no game like Style Savvy and it pisses me off. The best i can do is larp in the Sims 4 and own a wack ass clothing store. I really wish they'd make a new game but I don't even have a switch or NDS

Anonymous 211853

Just go on Twitter and look at any handmaiden who calls herself bisexual. Or speak to women in anime communities who spend most of their time watching anime that objectifies women. And talk to them about women and what they find attractive about women. They'll give you very similar answers to a moid.

Anonymous 211855

I'm still getting the hang of it, but anyone on server 3 can add me (id #3000973909, current name is Kaya). No one really chats on there afaik but now you can leave comments on ppl's pics if you want. It's nice to have a chill, creative game to play by myself.

Anonymous 211856


Anonymous 211857


I am 93,7% sure that I got the job, but they are making me go to a lot of bureaucratic hoops before they tell me if I got in or not… It's a bit tiresome but it'll be worthy it. Gotta be patient.

Anonymous 211859

seconding this. i emulated and even larped as a man as a teenager too. i was heavily into imageboards and not the female-only ones so that was the only way i knew to express attraction towards women

Anonymous 211860


kurt is the only 3d man i find attractive

Anonymous 211861


there's a game like it for switch supposedly (picrel) though it's only in japanese/korean/chinese

Anonymous 211862

Get better taste.

Anonymous 211863

Why is everyone in fandom spaces obsessed with giving their favorite characters autsim?

Anonymous 211864

Of course it is, I only speak half way american and I don't own a switch rn, just my luck

Anonymous 211865

Anonymous 211867

Also any anon who likes the youtuber Whang! He retweeted Keffals and also liked a weird tweet about
>Being friends with trans women doesn't mean anything
Or some shit, I think he's a chaser fyi. So fuck him and his videos

Anonymous 211868

Bc they have autism and relate to cartoons more than real people

Anonymous 211870

Why do I feel like I remember this game

Anonymous 211872

Fucking moid, get off our site with your shit


Fanon logic. Relates to character=character aksually must have a trait that I do. Same with people always transing characters or insisting their gay with no canon support.

Anonymous 211874


anyone here play harvest moon / story of seasons? i’m so excited for the wonderful life remake, i can’t wait to marry nami again

Anonymous 211875

Whang! currently follows Anna Slatz/Slatzism (the infamous gender critical journalist and small time lolcow)

Anonymous 211876

"he's just like me fr fr" or something like that
at least i'm sure that's how it started
also probably has something to do with the weird american thing to flaunt mental illnesses like yugioh cards

Anonymous 211877

I miss Shayna

Anonymous 211878

Cause it's fucking funny.

Anonymous 211880


tag yourself, I'm casual

Anonymous 211881

Yeah I noticed this people used to do with when Homestuck was huge. They'd headcanon literally every character as autistic. Probably because Hussie talks like an autist and all of his characters talk like him, in ways that are completely unnatural sounding and overly verbose.

I've seen it in other fandoms too for sure but Homestuck was definitely the one I saw it the most in.

Anonymous 211882

I think a lot of lc anons are not actually attracted to women which is why they say these things. If you're sexually attracted to women and you're asked to describe what you find attractive about them it shouldn't be a surprise that the answer is often going to be sexually-charged.

Anonymous 211883

He still seems like a coomer, maybe I'm looking too much into it.

Anonymous 211884

partial eclipse x care free new otp
it always fucking comes back to homestuck doesn't it, internet culture never fucking recovered

Anonymous 211886

I see, I figured that was the case. Why do people in fandom spaces make any male character gay and act pissy if you prefer the male character straight?

Anonymous 211887


It's something that started on 4chan with Osaka in Azumanga Daioh and Yui in K-ON as a joke and then spread outside of 4chan where it was taken seriously.

Anonymous 211888

I checked her Twitter for you and I can report that she's still a pedopandering degenerate

Anonymous 211891

He seems like just another mild Reddit scrote. He has funko pops energy but seems less retarded than the fat IPA beer enthusiast type of Redditor that has a barcade

Anonymous 211892


Partial eclipse for me, wanna match my 3D husbando in picrel

Anonymous 211893

Nah lol I don't think you get my point. Even if you were asked to ask a straight woman to describe what they like about men, they'd give you a completely different answer than if you were to ask a moid to describe his attraction.

You generally don't hear women saying shit like "I'd love him to be my little cumslut and I wouldn't stop riding him until he was screaming at me to stop." Women aren't socialised to talk like that, and when they do, it's generally very frowned upon. You could argue it comes from a place of women expecting to be more chaste, but I just would not feel comfortable talking about someone like that regardless, I think.

Anonymous 211895

i haven't played many main-line HM/SoS entries but i really liked Innocent Life, i liked the futuristic/tech elements that it had. i think i'll try wonderful life though! i need a new comfy farm sim to play

Anonymous 211896

Nah he really didn't do anything wrong, I just have this obnoxious habit of ghosting people instead of facing them as soon as something happens. He's a decent guy and we used to be friends but I definitely don't want to date him because I'm not physically attracted to him, I was fooled because we had a lot of interests in common and I thought it was good enough to make a relationship work (thankfully I started spending way too much time on LCF during the lockdowns, got rid of my remaining pickme traits and learnt I should never lower my standards).

Anonymous 211897

Because plenty of terminally online women are fujoshis.

Anonymous 211898

I love how Shaymin fucked up, had enough, talked a little shit but then her ass left. I hate admins who make you feel like you are on pins and needles and have to kiss their ass. Like a 19 year old woman is able to deal with criticism better then Josh is at times on kiwifarms. He throws fits, Shaymin threw a fit and threw in the bucket.
At least she's not like the real Shayna who holds onto things until she can't no more

Anonymous 211899

>threw in the bucket
like peas in a pond

Anonymous 211901

like chicken of the sea

Anonymous 211902

Not sure if you're >>211869 but I was agreeing with
>Attraction in general is not PC
since a lot of anons like to believe that women aren't allowed to talk about other women in a sexual manner
You don't usually hear straight women saying things like
>I'd love him to be my little cumslut
but they definitely do say things like
>I wouldn't stop riding him until he was screaming at me to stop
if the scrote in question is very attractive

Anonymous 211903

I remember him being involved with some Facebook group that had a super incel-ish name and was basically a place for scrotes and pickmes to post “lol women” memes. I forget what it was called and I don’t have Facebook anymore so I can’t look it up. Does anyone else remember this?

Anonymous 211904


I guess I'll go read a book. I hope lolcow comes back up soon.

Anonymous 211905

so like what the hell do you even need to be an admin on lolcow??? what is shaymins qualifications here

Anonymous 211906

>threw in the bucket
I say this expression a lot but you definitely mean
>threw in the towel
Like they do in boxing matches when the other boxer gives up

Anonymous 211907

ah, pls do! awl is so cozy and cute, i’m definitely biased because it’s a childhood game of mine, but this remake lets you marry either gender and they added a new bachelor. the town feels alive if that makes sense, everyone is doing something during the day.

Anonymous 211910

Being sexually attracted isn't necessarily objectivifying in itself. I also feel like straight women and fake bisexual women objectify women a lot more than lesbian because fake bisexual women don't see women as anything more than a sex object, straight women objectify women by nitpicking body parts (remember the dense anons screeching for days about how men only like big boobs?), Straight women insult each other by telling each other what men won't like about them, and then straight women encouraging other women to sexualize themselves or go through tons of beauty treatments and routines. It's bizarre to think about how straight women care more about women's bodies than lesbians do. They're usually the first one to bitch about how a woman is chubby, too skinny, too tall, boobs too small, etc. Lesbians typically don't talk about these things unless they're into fitness, and even then they don't nitpick things out of women's control like straight women do

Anonymous 211911

pleeaasseeeee style savvy is so good am obsessed with 3ds fashion forward love the makeup and hairstyling

Anonymous 211912

No, I'm >>211845

Also fair enough if you think so but I think that's incredibly weird and rapey to say and I don't think most women talk like that. It screams if male socialisation.

Anonymous 211913

i cant sleep because im stressed out about college. I want someone to comfort me

Anonymous 211917

I hated college too. You'll be fine nona.

Anonymous 211921

I don't think so. She's right. When I was younger, straight girls were constantly bitching about each other and comparing their looks. They cared so much about appealing to the male gaze for mediocre boys rather than having camaradarie with other girls.

It might be a bit different now as teens are definitely more progressive now but that was my experience going to high school in the 2000s.

Anonymous 211922

One of my personal cows seems to be doing better lately. He has grown as a person and is a little less cringe, but at least he still provides three hour long streams about his personal drama for me to watch kek

Anonymous 211923

>screams of male socialisation
I guess I can see where you're coming from, but
>incredibly weird and rapey
When women say these things they're not actually interested in raping a man or making him uncomfortable. It's more like an expression of how sexy they think the scrote is. I've heard many iterations of
>I wanna ride him like a pony/suck him dry/want him to clap my cheeks
from enough normie women that I don't see it as a necessarily weird thing to say for a straggot, but it's not something I would say out loud myself kek

Anonymous 211925

Thanks Bonnie's, good luck to you too! I totally should write down my measurements asap. I always forget to do that stuff for progress.
I can't even see the thread pic, for some reason it refuses to load.

Anonymous 211926

Yes, also I think wanting to touch or grab a random woman's 'body part' is 'bad' attraction and the definition of objectifying a person.

Anonymous 211928

"ride me like a pony" is not the same as "I won't stop riding him until he screams stop". I see men saying disgusting shit like "I'd pound her until she cries". You're comparing apples and oranges.

Anonymous 211929


A thread has passed and I still hate scrotes in particular at this moment.

Anonymous 211930

I don't think that's necessarily straight girls objectifying themselves, though. If you're talking about teenagers—well teenagers will look for anything to bitch about because they can't regulate their emotions well and are still developing their sense of empathy.

Anonymous 211931

For the endless shit lolcor's admins have gotten, they're all inherently better than null by virtue of the fact that they're running an anonymous community and not histrionic cluster Bs.

Anonymous 211932

News from the unde…

All this conversation reminds me that I was meaning to post Anka Wolbert in one of the attractive women/cute women/whatever the fuck threads, but it's such a drag to open the catalogue.

Anonymous 211933

How is wanting to touch someone hot bad? If I see a hot woman I might fantasize about her even if she's a stranger, is that evil then? Or I'll fantasize about how she'd react if I touched her. Lust isn't evil.

Anonymous 211934

KEK she really thought 'ride me like a pony' was sexy and added it to the list hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous 211937

That's why I added loose quotes around 'bad'- I don't agree it's bad necessarily. I do it myself. Everyone does it, but it is objectification. It's kind of shady.

Anonymous 211938


Anonymous 211939

None of the shit on her list sounds sexy imo, but it's also super tame compared to the way men describe how they'd have sex with women. That's my point.

Anonymous 211940


Anonymous 211941

Alright, well I'll concede here. I don't spend time in coomer circles so I have not seen nor heard much of women saying how badly they want to rape men and vice versa, but I don't doubt that it happens.
I didn't say that it was sexy, you absolute fucking mongoloid. It was used as an example of the sexual shit I've heard actual straight women say toward men they find sexy

Anonymous 211942

even though lipstick alley admin posts threads, she doesn't interact (or he they say it's a white man sometimes).null acts like a fucking baby and everyone kisses his ass, it sucks.

Anonymous 211944


only the real can relate

Anonymous 211945

It's not shady though, it's normal and everyone does it. I think you only think of it as shady because these thoughts make MEN do bad things.

Anonymous 211946

>they say it's a white man sometimes
Lol, why?

Anonymous 211947

>has a whole section dedicated to regularly updating his users in what he's doing and is honest about the state of KF for better or for worse
>somehow kept kiwifarms up despite the Keffals incident and being labelled a terrorist by actual newspapers

>can't work lolcow
>refused to communicate
>shayfag (learning disability)
>falls for Elaine's gayops

Anonymous 211950


I'm just a farmer
I'm looking for a N0nni3
Someone who knows how to ride
Without even falling off
Gotta be compatible
Takes me to my limits
Girl when I break you off
I promise that you won't want to get off

If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it
If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it

Anonymous 211951

Y'all talking about men way more than usual today, are you guys okay?

Anonymous 211952

Yeah because lots of men can't keep it in their pants. They're visual creatures. Most women are perfectly fine keeping their weird fantasies to the realm of like, fan fiction and fujoshi porn.

Anonymous 211953


so fricken true

Anonymous 211954

Because a lot of anons are either young, sheltered, or autistic (or sometimes called 'asexual') which is why they have a hard time rationalizing sexual attraction between adults. It becomes pretty obvious after responding to them for a bit, and pretty annoying too.

Anonymous 211955

We know Shaymin had issues and she could'nt fix those issues so she fucking left. I respect that more then going back and forth. Fuck null

Anonymous 211956

You've clearly never been in the MTF thread.

Anonymous 211957

>Removes innocent bystanders who are faildoxed.

>Lies out her ass constantly.

Anonymous 211958

Anonymous 211959


>shayfag (learning disability)

Anonymous 211960

they say that a white man brought the site from their oldmin, lol. It was a whole thing. They also say a poster is Perez Hilton and he comes and drops "Tea" every holiday, but most of it is bullshit. I saw someone tell an font that the admin is a white man. LSA is kinda gross though, it's the only site I can think of that has a THREAD dedicated to Childern looks. I just use it for bullshit gossip

Anonymous 211961

Ah. Goes along with the "I'm into women but don't want to fuck them or kiss them just hug???" stuff.

Anonymous 211962

he would'nt have remove faildoxes if his site didn't have dox, Shaymin just quite and acted retarded. She's ALSO 19, not a 30 year old man screaming about wanting a tradwife but can't keep the dickchoppers off his back and let his mom handle a troon who came to his house

Anonymous 211963

>bans farmers for criticising her or asking if the lc is dead

Anonymous 211964

Im on my period and all I want to do is get a super thick towel and put it on my bed and just lay there no pants only shirt and socks winnie the Pooh style

Anonymous 211965

This shaymin vs Null thing is retarded, they both suck in their own way.

Anonymous 211966

When did she even say that she's 19

Anonymous 211967

Yeah but it's funny to compare

Anonymous 211968

She's not 19 in this current year, she was when she first became admin a few years back. I can't recall where it was mentioned but I believe she said it herself.

Anonymous 211969

>Defended Lolicon as free speech until he had the big brained idea at his big age, "Oh wait people into this shit are actually pedos"
Shaymin hasn't even been around long enough to do anything but think, "What a silly idiot over her head, wish her the best", she doesn't have nothing on null

Anonymous 211970

Ok, in this case, how many Shaymins do you think Null weights?

Anonymous 211971

Anonymous 211972

I'd fall for elaine's gayops too, i think she is a beautiful woman

Anonymous 211973


Tag yourself

Anonymous 211974

I think the shadiness lies on the level of self control. It's also objectifying people, which to me is more morally wrong than anywhere near right. It depends on how often you do it, and to whom, and ultimately why.

Anonymous 211975

Don't rub your clam on crazy.

Anonymous 211976

Nobody says this

Anonymous 211977

this game enrages me like no other i can't pass the second stage and i get stuck inbetween customers and they get mad at me and leave

Anonymous 211978

Is it really true that when men get horny (which happens easily and often) they can’t concentrate on anything else until they orgasm? I had a guy tell me this recently and it is so far removed from my experience of sexual arousal that I almost find it hard to believe. At that point it sounds like a borderline disability, I almost feel sorry for them.

Anonymous 211979

Null said he was 230lbs at one point and Elain is an anachan. If we assume she's still bone rattling then maybe 2 and a half

Anonymous 211980

>sustained entirely by praise and attention
>fosters a culture of brown-nosing and hierarchy
>subjects the forum to deep thoughts that amount to mundane shit like 'my life is empty i need to find a wife' and 'extremists are ruining the forum'
>took on lolcor as it was about to collapse
>didn't expect anything in return for running it
>kept the site running despite (warranted) criticism paranoids her entire reign (admittedly poorly)
>reported the pedospammer to the FBI
>understood that she was way over her head much too late but admitted it and out in effort to find a new admin

Anonymous 211981

nta they should

Anonymous 211982

I never expected anyone to say what nonney said either.

Anonymous 211983

this shit is a lot more complicated then you think, finding the colors, the retarded patterns, the aliens, lolita girl, finding the special characters who give you special words. Then you have to "restart" every time you complete a challenge, I still don't think i got everything in this game despite playing it for two years

Anonymous 211984

Oldmin glowing again.

Anonymous 211985

As a woman IDC if another woman thinks about fingering me or whatever. I want other women to find me attractive. I'd love for a woman to stare at my ass or something. Genuinely speaking, as a same-sex attracted woman. Moids are a different story.

Anonymous 211988

Idk i'm a woman but i'm like this and my bf isn't at all (neither of us are trans obviously). Don't their balls start to ache if they get horny and don't cum or something (which i do think counts as disability lol)?

Anonymous 211989

I feel pretty but in a nice, daily way, like a girl next door who is kinda charming and sunny

Anonymous 211990

post moar

Anonymous 211991

no they just have poor impulse control and want to get laid so they tell you this so you give in

Anonymous 211992

Their balls turn green and rock hard i heard, it's very painful. good

Anonymous 211993

>quite literally is obese
>goes to extreme lengths to keep KF up
>has basically given up any possible way foward in life because his dedication to keeping a space open to criticise troons is worth everything in a world were doing so means you are doxxed, publically labelled a nazi, and lose your job/are kicked out of college

>shayfag (learning disability)
>left disgusting illegal spams up for hours
>reported Blaine to the FBI
>almost killed lolcow twice, possibly a third time

Anonymous 211994

I too have heard this.

Anonymous 211995

What the fuck is this urban myth? Why is it called blueballs if they turn green?>?

Anonymous 211996

wait my pussy hurts if i get too horny is that not normal?

Anonymous 211997

my god maybe some of us just prefer gossiping and shitposting on a site that isn't run by a prediabetic attention-whoring scrote and populated by losers who feel compelled to let everyone know how much better they are than the subject of the thread.

Anonymous 211998


Would you? i would a million times, super mutants are all female btw

Anonymous 211999

Now this is very accurate.

Anonymous 212000

Me when Brendan Fraser

Anonymous 212001

Im a starving child starving to death and this is the very last thing i have ever read. Gootbye.

Anonymous 212002

Sometimes my clit throbs and hurts a little when I'm really feeling it.

Anonymous 212003

Those scrotes take their shitposting site so serious.
Their dicks turn blue and soft, their balls turn hard and green, thats why it's called Blue Balls

Anonymous 212004

Honestly true, all super mutants would have to be female by default, due to the circumstances of their creation.

Anonymous 212005

We have a winner

Anonymous 212006

Your pussy can reject itself when this happens, be careful nonie

Anonymous 212007

Mine does a little bit that but I don't think it's as extreme as the blueballs sensation which looks like they're having a brief but intense period cramp, although it could just be men being men and playing up their pain

Anonymous 212009

I'd let a super mutant, super my mutant if you get what i mean

Anonymous 212010

It's called engorgement

Anonymous 212011

i mean like your entire pussy aches. i will study this further on the Internet.

Anonymous 212013

Nta but wtf can you give me more information about that?

Anonymous 212014

This had me rolling. I could just imagine a dude with like hairy Grinch balls.

Anonymous 212015

this isn't true. I saw a super mutant's vagina and I also saw the ONE male super mutant's dick and it was huge and curved pointing to the gods

Anonymous 212016


Whoa anon are you me?

Anonymous 212017

>"Blue Balls"
>proper noun
What… I thought it was just blueballs I thought it was slang because their balls turn blue from lack of oxygen because it's all being used to keep the cum in.

Anonymous 212019

none of you have read the Fallout Guides? They retconned super mutants for fallout 4 and further fucked them over in fallout 76. They have genitals just 98% have vaginas and there's one male super mutant, and his dick is as long as his leg

Anonymous 212020

I want to watch anime but I'm having a hard time finding something that looks good so I think I will just watch Adventure Time

Anonymous 212021

kill yourself tranny

Anonymous 212023

well cum is also yellow inside the ball sack so it looks green when it hardens

Anonymous 212024

Kekkkk I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking of Genuwine during all the pony talk

Anonymous 212026

I wouldn't even doubt this.

Anonymous 212027

okay im lying about Super Mutants I was telling you details from my smut fan fiction, im sorry

Anonymous 212028


hi gu ys

Anonymous 212029

Anonymous 212030


Anonymous 212031


Is it stupid to get pregnant out of spite if you're bored with life and have run out of things to do? I'm >30, married, and make well over 100k for context

Anonymous 212032

These hats are all so ugly, wtf.

Anonymous 212033

Samefag, speaking of anime, when did the titles start getting so long? They'll be like "Getting reincarnated after traveling through space for 100 years with my vampire dragon girlfriend".

Anonymous 212034

Yes. Kids aren't there to be your entertainment, get a hobby.

Anonymous 212035


i like to imagine its charlie simpson from Busted

Anonymous 212036

Uh yeah. Get a hobby. Take a class in something. Learn a new skill. There's endless things to do other than getting knocked up. I don't know. Don't bring someone into this world just because you're bored and spiteful.

Anonymous 212038

you can't spite anyone by making the next 18 years of your life a living nightmare

Anonymous 212039

>out of spite
what do you mean by this

Anonymous 212040

It's the same two hats.

Anonymous 212041

their cum tastes like apple jolly ranchers

Anonymous 212042

BPD-chan, please isolate yourself from society.

Anonymous 212043

Yes. You're talking about a real human and it would be incredibly selfish to do that. Have kids because you truly want them, not out of spite and because you can't be assed to find more to do despite being a grown woman with full autonomy. The fact that you even asked just shows you already know it's wrong.

Anonymous 212044

no offense but the fact that you even have to ask this means you should not be raising a child

Anonymous 212045

Out of spite for who/what? What do you mean "run out of things to do"? You've learned every language? You've been to every country? You've learned every skill? Mastered every hobby? I mean, if yes to all then I suppose you could try raising a child, but to do so out of spite is not a very good reason IMO. You might end up resenting the child, which would be no way to live for either of you.

Anonymous 212046

same. it literally hurts to walk it gets so stiff and… inflated ? like i've got a boner or something. not my clit area my WHOLE vagina. never heard anything like it though i admit i'm very sheltered so i haven't read up on that. i thought it gets looser the hornier you get to allow for penetration(?) but it doesn't seem like it is for me. not a masturbator so i haven't tried and i'm afraid to because like you said it hurts. it happens SO fast for me too

Anonymous 212047

Guys idk what to do please help. I have tuna steak which I bought but it smells gross and feels slimy. However the density, colour and flavour are fine. I'm sensitive to scent anyway so I'm not sure. I feel bad wasting food especially if it's from dead animals. I don't know what to do :( do I throw it out??

Anonymous 212048

Please do not procreate.

Anonymous 212049

>openly expressed that women having their right to speak up against troons and potential predators being taken from us is a dangerous thing that needs to be stopped
>criticised that Asian rapist Keffals was besties with despite them having millions to use against null in a defamation lawsuit
>participated in a charity stream that raised thousands for a childrens hospital
>fought with Keffals and kept calling it a grifting pedophile piece of shit even when accused of collabing on a bomb threat in the Ukraine, kept its thread up to keep proof of it being a filthy groomer open for anyone to see
>will tell you straight faced that his user base is retarded and that kiwifarms is in a perpetual state of being held together with duct tape and a prayer

>shayfag (short bus connoisseur)
>Can't talk to farmers about anything ever, never honest or transparent
>Blaine slayer, hope he rots in prison

Anonymous 212050

>implying reporting you disgusting tranny is a bad thing
If only you'd stay on kf then.

Anonymous 212051

When was blaine reported? I missed a step..

clit -→ engorged
vagina -→ looser

Anonymous 212052

Yeah don't. I stopped watching anime because it's all super degen moid pandering shit nowadays, with very little shoujo content/content aimed at girls. I couldn't watch a single new show without a woman getting groped as a gag, I swear.

I know to some extent it always has been like that, but it's gotten so homogenized recently.

Anonymous 212053

N0nnies in a meta thread talked about a Shaymin reporting him so I assume it was talked about in the discord

Anonymous 212056

It's weird how people praise Null for fucking up his life for his site, while judging Shaymin for just being slightly retarded, leaving when she could'nt handle it and having a life outside of it.

Anonymous 212058

The vagina gets relaxed not loose

Anonymous 212059

you've never masturbated? gorl are you like 15? also masturbating is the only thing that helps the pain/pressure

Anonymous 212060


but it's textured like this

Anonymous 212062

People call Josh a dickhead all the time but you have to give credit where credit is due. Shaymin ended a prolific pedophile and that's a huge achievement that the admin of onionfarms couldn't accomplish for years, there's one less predator out there because she took that step and that's something that n0nnies will always remember about her. Null is massively retarded, nobody is denying that, but we can't just deny that the fact je manages to do what he does despite also being technologically challenged isn't praise worthy

Anonymous 212063

Please help

Anonymous 212065

I wish that were true but he's unfortunately still shitting up both lolcow and these threads.

Anonymous 212066

I have hobbies
>Out of spite for who/what?
I'm not exactly sure tbh
What is a valid reason to have kids, though? I'm objectively in a great position to have them and my window is closing as I get older (not in the tradshit sense but a severe injury makes pregnancy increasingly risky for me as I get older). What is a good reason to have a child?

Anonymous 212067

I'm sorry, I don't care. Sounds gross

Anonymous 212068

how do you know it tastes good? did you eat some even though it's slimy??

Anonymous 212069

how long have you had it and how were you storing it?

Anonymous 212071


Took some Cbd and awaiting the effects so I can sleep zzzz

Anonymous 212074

why are u so obsessed with lc ur weird

Anonymous 212077

no you just have no life weirdo, lc lives rent free in ur head

Anonymous 212078

I tried some to check the taste. >>212069
I have had it for two days and it is good until the 19th. I stored it in the fridge. I'm pretty sure they freeze the fish and then let thaw in the store.

Anonymous 212079



Anonymous 212080

Don’t engage with lolcor’s resident eunuch

Anonymous 212082


sorry i won’t anymore

Anonymous 212086

I would say just don't eat smelly meat, but you could try rinsing it with lemon juice to see if it improves the smell at all and then decide. Sometimes chicken smells a little weird but it can be rinsed off with an acid like lemon/vinegar and be okay. But with meat, a bad smell usually means don't eat that.

Anonymous 212088

I’ve been seeing thirst edits of this guy and idk it is doing a little somethin for me

Anonymous 212089

I'm not a fan of babies, but children are fine. The idea of raising a kid who's curious about the world and helping them learn and grow seems kind of nice.

Anonymous 212090

Apparently not good enough hobbies, since you seriously consider having kids because you're bored.

Anonymous 212094


how I feel rn spending all me money on dumb shit

Anonymous 212095

>Me- Are you hungry? You look a bit hungry.
>Him- No
>Me- Lots of people get hungry
>Him- Thats your body, hungry comes from your body
>Me- Get off me
>Him- But your body, it must be healthy!
>Her- Whats that? A tasty snack! You don't wanna go eat a snack like that!
>Him- Greedy to eat all that! You'll end up with your teeth all grey!
>Her- You need to know what's right from wrong
You see, the body is like a special house
With blood, hair, and organs in the different rooms,Oh look, there's Mr. Bladder in the basement, haha

a real conversation I just had, I hate the people in my life

Anonymous 212096

if it aint green, mean and in fallout I don't want it, try again

Anonymous 212098

same every single time I spend money on microtransactions

Anonymous 212099

pls i don’t really like this avatar thing the pic just makes me laugh

Anonymous 212100

Your greatest efforts have only managed to slow the decay and the rot. Death is hungry and fast approaching. Accept death into your heart and then life is a sin.

Anonymous 212102

What's your favorite Fallout game

Anonymous 212103

Someone's having a schizo moment.

Anonymous 212104

knowing I’m going to die just makes me want to live out of spite lol

Anonymous 212105

Can someone post a picture of Blaine so I can laugh at it? Thanks

Anonymous 212106

me all the time

Anonymous 212107

fallout new vegas

Anonymous 212108

that makes 0 sense, cringe

Anonymous 212109


I need to stop

Anonymous 212110

i edited him to be fat but I don’t have the pics on my phone anymore also idk he’s not that important or funny looking enough to laugh at, he’s so boring and lame

Anonymous 212111

is this Walter jr?

Anonymous 212112

I miss /ot/ but I really like the banners on this site and also I dont feel existential guilt for using it. I may stay in the mines even if the farm reopens.

Anonymous 212113

I've been here stop being cringe.(tranny)

Anonymous 212114

Sounds like it's fine. Eat it. Raw fish is a little slimy and it has a fishy smell.-

Anonymous 212115

Im >>212095 and I may be cringe but I didn't write
>>212100 thats some other retard

Anonymous 212116

oh and I was just writing Don't Hug Me I'm Scared lyrics

Anonymous 212117


Anonymous 212118

For sure, cc is way better than the non-cow boards on lc

Anonymous 212119

Are you esl?

Anonymous 212120


Anonymous 212122

There are clowns floating down the river, anon.
The clowns are dead and the river is putrid.

Anonymous 212123

Anonymous 212124


I've experienced many once-in-a-lifetime events, reached the peak of my biggest hobbies unless I want to devote most of my time and money to them, and I hit the ceiling in my career unless I want to go into management or consulting. What else is there to do, and what's a good reason to get pregnant?

Anonymous 212125

Are you?

Anonymous 212126


I found this for you

Anonymous 212127

So i just make a joke, using Don't hug me im scared lyrics and now im being asked if im ESL?

Anonymous 212128


Anonymous 212129


Anonymous 212131

there are no good reasons. you will only lower your quality of life if you do it.

Anonymous 212132


Anonymous 212133

Listened to the brand new Red Scare out of sheer boredom cause I’ve never listened to a whole episode, I’m only 10 minutes in and Lenny is fucking screaming like he’s being wronged. I just know the horse this man bet on lost the derby.

Anonymous 212134

There is no end to the clowns or the river.

Anonymous 212135

Then learn something new. Hell watch movies or TV or read books even. There's so much stuff to do I refuse to believe you're already bored of life at 30. You need to broaden your horizons.

Anonymous 212136

Anon I didn’t understand your reference and was just wondering because your post was confusing and worded in kind of an odd way sorry It wasn’t meant to be rude

Anonymous 212138

natalists are fucking unhinged

Anonymous 212139

i still cant wrap my mind around the fact that her infant son's name is lenny and her geriatric husband's name is eli, not the other way around

Anonymous 212140

oh i see, sorry lol

Anonymous 212141


Anonymous 212142

Apparently her babies whole name is Leonid. So fancy

Anonymous 212143

Top kek this is so cute

Anonymous 212144

everyone has their teeth go grey just eat yeast and it'd go away.

Anonymous 212145

he’s got his BREAKFAST !!!!

Anonymous 212146

kek I was trying to find something cute to say but I can't too cute, abou to play sims 4 s be right bakc later

Anonymous 212147

Oh my gosh…
I have a boyfriend and I've already been dreaming about walt jr I don't want to worsen it but I do think about him a lot

Anonymous 212148

who the fuck is walt jr? The dude from breaking bad

Anonymous 212149

The drama of having something to look after is part of the appeal. My life is much too comfortable and I'm too old to have fun skirting the law.
All I do aside from browsing lolcor and a couple other hobbies is read and learn.

Anonymous 212151


> I have a boyfriend and I've already been dreaming about walt jr
GIRL ain’t nothing wrong with thinking of Walt Jr while having a bf!!!!!

Anonymous 212152

I'm a monsterfucker and the Avatar aliens are hideous as fuck, I'd rather have sex with a real man than see porn if those fuckers.

Anonymous 212153


I need lolcor’s unconventional attractions thread back right now right now right now right now right now right now right now

Anonymous 212154

You sound like you'd give your kid heritable mental illness tbh

Anonymous 212156

The world is massively overpopulated and 1st world nations will be drastic food shortages in the near future, you're oblivious

Anonymous 212157

The Breaking Bad's autistic son

Anonymous 212158

>Source: my schizophrenia

Anonymous 212159

They will kill the third world before the first. Africa will be the first to go

Anonymous 212160

it’s bait

Anonymous 212161

whats thea.PNG

there's this real ugly prince or something, that people said was really hot. He's like blonde or something, I was looking for him and say this dude on the list of most handsome princes. Does he have a disablity

Anonymous 212162

In my dream we were sitting across from each other at the dinner table during my birthday. My family was there, the family of my friend (in the dream our birthday was on the same day) and his family (Walt, Skyler etc). We were catching glimpses at each other and he smiled in the cute way he always does… At the end of the meal when it had become nighttime and the stars were shining beautifully through the windows, he grabbed my hand. We walked through the mansion where the party was held and I felt very flustered but happy to know he felt the same way about me. We explored the venue together and as we walked on the stairs for instance, chatting and smiling to each other, we passed Hank who chuckled and later commented to the others on our young love. I was feeling many butterflies in my stomach and couldn't believe what was happening. His skin was soft and warm. He smelled so amazing. We went to a bedroom and I was nervous, but it was just comfortable and we were just having fun exploring everything. His stutter was so endearing and he had such clever commentary. Most of all he was so sweet to me and surprisingly romantic and charming.

Anonymous 212163

It's already in the process of happening. If you really think it's bait I shudder at your ignorance while envying it.

Anonymous 212164

oh what happened to the real guy? Is it a good documentary I always wanted to watch it

Anonymous 212165


for Walt jr nony

Anonymous 212166

>Source: my schizophrenia

Anonymous 212167

Ew who is this???

Anonymous 212169

Ask any fucking climate scientist or farmer about the current state of the topsoil. It is dire.

Anonymous 212170

Probably, but I can also afford to send the hypothetical kid to private school to become a SWE or investment banker or whatever.
Having one (1) child or two children brought up in ideal conditions, sans however I'd ruin them, doesn't seem like it'd have much of an impact.

Anonymous 212171


i repeat what I said. I don’t like Walt ur but I get it

Anonymous 212172

It makes an immense difference, think of the lifetime of products they sign up to buy. The best think a single individual can do for the planet and their fellow man is not reproducing.

Anonymous 212173


Thank you… I saw some more of this manga version, so cute…

Anonymous 212174

Source that first world nations will experience "drastic food shortages" in the "near future" that isn't just your intuition?

Anonymous 212175


can someone please post that weird artsy Shayna edit that the moid spamming her thread posted? his edits had me in tears, im looking for the demonic ones that resembled the scream pls

Anonymous 212178

what are you gonna do about it

Anonymous 212179


You literally just said what else is there to do. Kids are their own being, requiring all your money, all your attention even when it's inconvenient, you have to have a healthy support system and mental health and you have to take responsibility for your children for the rest of their life. You can't just decide to throw them away when you get bored of them, or when you're too exhausted of being a mother. Nevermind you will have to teach them to survive in the future world when - judging by your post- you yourself don't even know what to do with your life in your 30s. You can also not expect any reward if you're shit at any of the above. Raising kids right is very complicated and not something to just do because you're lacking exciting goals.

Anonymous 212180

download (5).png

Maybe you're here for the giggle
Maybe you're into the puzzle
Maybe you're blowing the bubble
Maybe you're all in a muddle

Anonymous 212181

Reminder, once again that the blue avatar men canonically have microdicks

Anonymous 212182

nta but i saw a rerun and was just thinking the other day how fucking cute he is, damn even his stutter in the show is cute to me i hate it

Anonymous 212183

Read scientific articles about topsoil erosion, read charts/graphs that detail food output, put 2 and 2 together and you might start getting a picture of how close it is to all falling apart. I'm not spoonfeeding some random.

Anonymous 212184

Nta but absolutely not kek. Anyone who's ever worked in a place that's mostly women knows this. Women who work in female dominated areas complain ALL THE TIME about how other, usually straight, female co workers will insult their butt and boob size. Literally the in baby thread on lolcow an anon said she couldn't breastfeed around her MIL because her MIL was obsessed with boob sizes of other women and would watch TV just to discuss boob sizes of women on TV. Straight women are extremely obsessed with other women's body parts and how they look, lesbians don't give a shit and don't act like have a flat ass or chest is a life sentence. The worse thing a lesbian has ever told me about my body is that I wasn't muscley in my arms when she was training me. Straight women on the other hand will absolutely tear me apart, even before I had kids and my body was that stereotypically attractive fit hourglass straight women always had the most to say

Anonymous 212186

Not have kids and learn to live a minimalist lifestyle while advocating for permaculture

Anonymous 212187


I bet s don't even dress their sims like this

Anonymous 212188

>that's not your intuition
You forgot to read that part, retard.

Anonymous 212189

wtf im so disappointed

Anonymous 212190

I want a combo of Walt jr and Dick Grayson my two top fictional crushes, it would be absolute perfection

Anonymous 212191

As soon as I start studying, I get sleepy.

Anonymous 212192


anyway for us social shut-in, no friend having s to talk? i kinda want a group chat for us so we could exchange and maybe help another??

Anonymous 212193

Yeah because drawing conclusions based on the relevant evidence isn't what climate scientists do every day, you must be underage or lukewarm IQ

Anonymous 212194

So you can reference don't hug me I'm scared, but referencing shadowstone park gets you deleted and banned, I guess cc jannies have strong youtube opinions

Anonymous 212195


Anonymous 212196

Still waiting on those sources.

Anonymous 212197


Anonymous 212198


CMV: no woman needs a real life partner when pitbull senpai exists

Anonymous 212199

You drawing your own conclusions is not the same as scientists drawing their conclusions in their field.

Anonymous 212200

>if I am a bad mother I can just put them to therapy, money will fix it hihi
Please don't have kids.

Anonymous 212201

Retarded doomerism directly correlates peoples own doomerism towards themselves. They’re just wallowing in their own self misery and usually get frantic over climate crisis and shit

Anonymous 212202

Maybe you should stop replying to your own posts, retard

Anonymous 212203


pitbull senpai please notice me

Anonymous 212204

Which word is being censored is it the n word

Anonymous 212205


Shout out to my Kuster Beaton nonas.

Anonymous 212206


such a lucky woman right here

Anonymous 212207

I literally didn't

Anonymous 212208

I wish posting winsbghbn wasdnhyebgbjx

Anonymous 212210


what are nonas eating? Im eating egg

Anonymous 212211


the only man for me

Anonymous 212212

i menat to say I wish posting images was easier on image boards

Anonymous 212213

It's already happening. One of the reasons for inflation and food becoming more expensive is that Russia does not export fertilizer to the west any more. Without artificial fertilizer there will less crops because the soil is so degraded. It's not at a point where it's irreversible yet but vegans think that leaving a cow to shit in field is animal cruelty, while dumping more fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides into the earth is less damaging to the environment than a cow farting.

Anonymous 212214

This is the tragedy of the commons- I'm not going to not get pregnant because there are limited resources.
>Kids are their own being, requiring all your money, all your attention even when it's inconvenient, you have to have a healthy support system and mental health and you have to take responsibility for your children for the rest of their life.
What's a good reason to have kids?
>you yourself don't even know what to do with your life in your 30s.
No, the problem is that I can already coast with >150k base comp and my hobbies are dirt cheap. I already have too much figured out.

Anonymous 212215

Goddamn liar

Anonymous 212216

there something about you gurrrlll

He looks like how spongebob irl would look.

Anonymous 212217

Anonymous 212218

If I can be honest the problem is I struggle so much with attraction toward my boyfriend. I love his soul but I've been battling for months now with not finding him physically attractive and it makes me wander over to others. I've blamed myself a lot for this and yes, it is largely due to my mindset, but I can't fix that overnight unfortunately. He knows his btw, it doesn't help anything, it just makes him insecure and then I have to lie to make him feel better. He's not even fucking ugly he just has an unfortunate situation that needs to be fixed but it's a long process. I'm sticking with him through it but man is it challenging

Anonymous 212219

I shouldn't take this bait, but how could you possibly know either way

Anonymous 212220

is he getting fat

Anonymous 212221

You're telling me that drastic food shortages are happening rn in the west? Drastic food shortages? You mean I, right now, am suffering in the middle of a drastic food shortage?

Anonymous 212222


kpop visual member material

Anonymous 212223


this jacket was such a good look 10/10 to the costume designers

Anonymous 212224

Lol what food shortage

Anonymous 212225

What do you want me to show you, a big chart that says FOOD WILL GO DOWN? You're essentially asking me to do a multidisciplinary metastudy with statistical analysis just so some retard who won't be able to understand it can be like lol schizo doomer

Anonymous 212226

A n0nnie made me so mad on lolcow that I split into two different personalities. Lolcow literally gave me DID thanks shaymin

Anonymous 212227

What a pointy head.

Anonymous 212228

westerners are so stupid they blame people around them which just allows them to be controlled and abused since they're too busy from fighting their equal than they are with rising up against the man.

we aren't facing a food shortage because of overpopulation we're facing a food "shortage" because stupid ass resturants make XXL meals to throw away most of it, richies stock up at costco and they refuse to allow normies to become farmers if not make the process more difficult as well as refuse to pay transporters living wages or liviable conditions. we dont have a housing shortage we have a greedy landlord excess and no laws to regulate how many properties one can own and how much they can charge. Airbnb and landlords are literally seething because they put themselves in debt buying tons of homes to rent out and cry about how no one can afford to rent them.90% of the "issues" are due to lack of regulation and greedy motherfuckers and no one cares because they think karen and her 8 kids caused this

Anonymous 212229

NTA what anon is saying is true, I study earth and agricultural sciences
Here are some articles, sorry I don't have a tl;dr I'm feeling kind of lazy

Anonymous 212230

he's so cute sajhudhuhadu

Anonymous 212232

i see blaine mentioned everywhere who is that

Anonymous 212234

Lol schizo doomer

Anonymous 212235

It's not drastic yet, this is the beginning.

Anonymous 212236

hehe u are precious nony

Anonymous 212238

The one going on RIGHT NOW in MANY countries, causing prices to sharply increase even in the most 1st world countries?

Anonymous 212239

tl;dr he's the tranny

Anonymous 212240



>Shayna Clifford


Anonymous 212241

Samefag but both articles are related and say that places like Africa will be first hit by food shortages due to climate change and soil erosion, but global warming is going to impact temperate regions as well in due time

Anonymous 212242

why are you two acting like reporting blaine to the fbi was a bad thing kek, very based of shaymin tbh

Anonymous 212243

I would ask you to cite some credible sources for your claim and a youtube video won't cut it. I'm drawing my own conclusions is not cutting it either.

Anonymous 212244

i have this jacket. am i cute?

Anonymous 212245

it's something he needs long term therapy for

Anonymous 212246

Burgerland prices are hiked, but that's because of inflation

Anonymous 212247

Food prices are going up because we speculate on commodities. It’s literally fake.

Anonymous 212248

anon i can help, let me open up endnote, word, stata, arcgis and i'll get back to you in a year, bye!

Anonymous 212249

Anonymous 212250

Jake effran is that you?

Anonymous 212251

It's never just one factor for any issue. Bad crops are assuredly pushing up prices to some extent

Anonymous 212252

You really don't know anything else to do with your money? It just sounds like you severely lack future vision, that includes the real, full consequences of having a child.

Anonymous 212254

Thoughts on highlights?
i thought they would look cute on me but after looking at some styles i think they are/would look ugly

Anonymous 212255

he’s a nobody male tranny that constantly wants to be some internet person even though he’s again a nobody. He just likes bothering women on lc because it gets his dick hard

Anonymous 212257

>helped Chris with finances
>teamed up with 2 other faggots to protect Chris from people who were trying to take advantage of him for money
>actually reprimanded and cut Chris off when Chris took money from his mums account when he was not supposed to, not once defending what Chris did and rightfully called Chris out for rape

>shayfag (learning disability)

Anonymous 212258

Shaymin got schizophrenia don't worry.

Anonymous 212259

I'm having fun reading the food conversation. something interesting I learned while touching grass when lolcow is down:
record amounts of food were wasted or gleaned by nonprofits this holiday season in the united states because food companies over estimated how much consumers were able to spend on their holiday meals. literal tons of food. people couldn't afford to buy it and it all went to the dump/gleaners.
interesting and concerning.

Anonymous 212260

He has good features his frame is just unfortunate currently it needs therapy and the results will be slow and mixed with his bad sense of fashion and his hair and then some things he does that I find icky it's…ugh… But I love him, so… Patience is key…

Anonymous 212261

Dumpster diving is based

Anonymous 212262

talk more about Walt jr i want to hear more

Anonymous 212263

Who was she talking about? Shit is hard to follow with like a third of the posts getting deleted

Anonymous 212264

My own first world country. Leave your basement for once.

Anonymous 212265

Kek if there was a very real food shortage lard ass americans wouldnt be getting 20 lb dishes of pasta and cheesecake factory and throwing half of it in the trash. No one living in an area short on food would even allow this to happen, nevermind even having so many restaurants operate the way they are, Westerners are either very very stupid with no survival skills or the food shortage is a scam because the twinkie factory workers quit because they didnt feel like making slave wages for 80 hours weekly for 9 an hour

Anonymous 212266

Global warming isn't real. We are at the start of a solar minimum and the temperature will cool. CO2 is what plants need to breathe and is not toxic to the environment. We are reaching a perfect scenario for global cooling. The ice caps melting cools the rest of the earth as the previously frozen cold water spreads from the arctic closer to the equator, in a solar minimum sun spots are reduced and less of the sun's energy reaches the earth, all we need is a major volcanic eruption and we will see an ice age. The incoming solar minimum is another factor in food shortages as less crops will grow because they are not able to efficiently photosynthesise with less light from the sun.

Anonymous 212267

uuuh-uh-uu-u-u-u-u f-f- d-d-d-ad? a-aa-a-af-af-a

Anonymous 212269

>implying the waste constantly created doesn't affect elsewhere in a country/town
Food doesn't just come out of thin air.

Anonymous 212270


I only had one dream until now and I'm trying to suppress my thoughts about him because it's basically cheating but I can definitely tell his neck is soft and smells so good like a specific brand of laundry detergent and the body odour that accompanies the phase of life he's in… I actually think he'd be a good kisser too, but it's just my intuition saying so. I also think he'd be a great listener

Anonymous 212271

hes a good boy that eats his veggie bacon :-)

Anonymous 212272

Walter jr be like
>eats cereal

Anonymous 212273

St-st-stop making ffff-fffun of his voice!

Anonymous 212274

>c-c-c-c-runch mmm-m-m-m-m-unch g-g-g-g-uulupulu-p

Anonymous 212275

Anonymous 212276

nony imma smack u! It’s not cheating, enjoy your autistic breakfast moid

Anonymous 212277

things are too fucking expensive, I'm gonna become a freegan

Anonymous 212279

dump his crippled ass

Anonymous 212280


smells like ball sweat in here

Anonymous 212281


Don't forget!
>he's a pedo
>he spams child porn
>he's the moid who spams "THE BLACK PROBLEM" shit
>he lives in Wisconsin

Anonymous 212282

see I thought she meant Walt jr

Anonymous 212283

When I get nervous I stutter too so I think we might be able to bond over this and we'd maybe laugh softly over it and then divert our gazes and then look back at one another

Anonymous 212284

I mean, I could use it to buy a bigger house and travel more. What else is there aside from short-term spending like restaurants and clothes? I assumed that being good at saving money was helpful for having a kid.

Anonymous 212285

It's a good thing Shaymin didn't get involved in a woman's life. Why would she? The site is for talking about people, not talking to them and badly trying to fix their lives. Get out of here with your retarded null comparision. Kiwifarms is his life. Shaymin has a life/a job and their situations aren't even the same. She is just some young woman running a site.
Not some fat racist woman hating scrote who dedicated/dedicates a large chunk of his life to his gossip site staying up

Anonymous 212286


In my mind, I live here with some chickens and ducks. I have a willow tree and fig tree. I also have a pond and creek. I sew, play an old piano, grow food and give most of it away. I have a red truck that only makes left turns so I mostly walk. I have many nieces and nephews who I teach things that I know.

Anonymous 212287


who is this?

Anonymous 212288

my dad used to say this (literally lol)

he moved to a specific spot in alabama that he calculated wouldn't be devastated by yellowstone erupting. he died a couple years ago so he never saw it but he was thinking about it a lot.

Anonymous 212290

Anonymous 212291

Walt jr is hot id suck his dick

Anonymous 212292

this is so lovely. I want this for you.

Anonymous 212294

get a dog or some pet or something for that nurturing feeling lol. even better, get some help.

Anonymous 212295



Anonymous 212296

You could do something humanitarian. Maybe even start a project for a cause you're passionate about.

Anonymous 212297

considering that there was porn spam a few minutes ago, it's likely

Anonymous 212298


Anonymous 212299

I'm glad your dad could (hopefully) rest easy knowing that he wouldn't get suffocated by ash or whatever, I'm sorry for your loss.

Anonymous 212300

I'm really envious of anybody who doesn't realize how badly the planet is screwed. It goes way beyond global warming. And I will not inflict that knowledge on others because nobody who can do shit about it is reading this imageboard and it will just ruin your brain

Anonymous 212301

if it's not real then why doesn't it snow where i live anymore hmmm?

Anonymous 212302

got damn the jannies are good here; I had to see some of the dumbass porn due to timing but it wasn’t even up for a minute; astounding. Scrotes are so pathetic.

Anonymous 212303

lol schizo doomer

Anonymous 212304

He wishes he were Walt jr

Anonymous 212305

s especially Euro s I am drunk and late to the party I'm sorry but last night I could access lolcor just fine and now I get the cloudflare shit no matter what I try, proxy won't work and I also tried on mobile data, does farmcow work for you and even if it doesn't what was the Firefox add-on to reverse it just so I can try it out later? I tried googling but my ESL ass failed. Sorry if this is not the thread, please point me the right way in that case but I'm desperate. I was without any lolcor for weeks until last night and I'm fucking devastated to feel this all over again. I'm an ex-NEET just barely in recovery I'm genuinely suffering

Anonymous 212306

This. The juxtaposition between horny anons unleashing all of their degeneracy on /g/ and the weird anons who will reee 'moid moid moid moid' anytime someone posts anything sexual regarding women is jarring.

Anonymous 212307

Oh it absolutely does. I was a waitress when I was in college and worked at a bougie restaurant and could barely afford a coke. there was so many times where I would want to eat what customers didn't finish just and when I spoke about my thoughts other people "ew'd" me because they didn't understand why I would eat anything after only being able to eat once a day if I was lucky, by the end of the year my chest bones poked through my chest.. It's not fair people are being forced to ration food WWII style because in a real food shortage it would be prohibited to waste that much food and poor people would rush to trash cants if restaurants wouldn't give out food that went bad/ was uneaten. The food shortage is just an excuse to take away yet another thing from the poor and middle class so the rich can have their stupid 200 dollar per dish restaurants and doomsday bunker stocks

Anonymous 212308

what happened to the terf thread??

Anonymous 212309

Oh right, n o n n i e s seems to be censored. Sorry for newfagging I've been here for less than a month.

Anonymous 212311


god damn it lolcor is down again? i thought it was just my shitty wifi this morning

Anonymous 212312

The biggest retardation about the global climate change is that people in the West are psyopped into thinking that they’re making a difference by not having kids or going vegan or whatever, like China or Indonesia doesn’t output your lifetime carbon footprint in an hour

Anonymous 212315

holy shit i am laughing so hard thinking how a moid looking this brolic and neanderthalish really thought he would make a somewhat convincing woman?!?!?! KEK

Anonymous 212317

literally the gif …

Anonymous 212318


I want Stefany to get obsessed with another random and obscure character. The Jade from Victorious LARP where she claimed to be related to Elizabeth Gillies was hilarious.

Anonymous 212319

It gets worse in some pics

Anonymous 212321

this is not a good justification to coom and consoom

Anonymous 212322

>thinking clearly
Choose one

Anonymous 212323

getting nervous now when I see the top of a gif with a girl in it
cc jannies are much faster than lc ones

Anonymous 212324

can someone unleash some cock and ball torture (CBT) gifs on the moid so he goes away thx i hate scrotes

Anonymous 212326

its because this site is populated by more trannies and therefore the jannies have more time to be on here kek

Anonymous 212327

i still hope she gets addicted to sims 4 and says she's a sim and claim to be an expert in simlish

Anonymous 212329

Cooming and consooming is stupid for various reasons, but having one or two kids is a small drop in the ocean when it comes to climate change.

Anonymous 212330

Yeah this. I'm one of the schizo doomers and I def don't go off on people for having kids or whatever because individual consumer choices are irrelevant. Just enjoy life you only get one shot at it

Anonymous 212331

They just recruited more people to help

Anonymous 212334

nta but it is for me. I'm tired of corporations trying to take joys out of our short life trying to convince us it's for the better when in reality those corporations and other countries do much worse than big american families. I only judge people who have multiple kids and consoom outside of their means claiming its what they need to do or deserve or whatever. we should be rioting against the factories producing tons of pollution and shit to pay people pennies an hour and making plastic that will go in the trash, not normies for doing things they enjoy

Anonymous 212336

What do you mean? It's just slow. If you look at the post history before today it would get at max one post per hour. It's way slower than the MTF thread on lolcow.

Anonymous 212337

I don't think I'm helping by not reproducing, I just can't bare the thought of my children having to live in an unaffordable world with no biodiversity

Anonymous 212338

he was kinda crazy and lived a very isolated life. he was a rapist (women in his past and my mother) and had pedo tendencies (cyclically repeating trauma not really getting off on it if that makes sense) so don't feel too bad. we were estranged.

Anonymous 212339

They want you to give up, n0na.

Anonymous 212341


When will my husbando come back from the war

Anonymous 212342

I'm mad your dad could (hopefully not) rest easy knowing that he wouldn't but should've gotten suffocated by ash or whatever, I'm happy for your gain.

Anonymous 212343

farmcow is down too with the same cloudfare error

Anonymous 212344

>not fat as far as we know

Anonymous 212345

Is his personality 'blue'

Anonymous 212347

Which they and on what?

Anonymous 212349


TIL Bush Jr called his doctor scrote

Anonymous 212350

LMAO thank you

Anonymous 212351

pretty sure shaymin's hand was fat

Anonymous 212353

Great taste. Kaito a cute.

Anonymous 212354


Anonymous 212355

she never showed her hand

Anonymous 212356

Which one posted her hand?

Anonymous 212357

Sims 4 LARP predictions
>says she's played the games since early childhood despite never mentioning it ever
>claims she's all but fluent in simlish
>makes tiktoks where she's speaking 'simlish', includes translation
>simmer anons reveal that there is a simlish to english guide and what she actually said was just made up gibberish that means nothing in the sims games
>becomes fixated on a random townie no one gives a shit about
>ten trillion cosplay tiktoks of her cosplaying some unimportant Goth family member (Cecilia Goth, Lolita Goth, Lady Ravendancer Goth,
Bratty Goth, etc)

Anonymous 212359

The one before shaymin, with the cut marks.

Anonymous 212360

Anonymous 212361


The Y chromosome is quite conspicuous in this one

Anonymous 212362

Mehhh, I'm still not convinced they aren't the same person anyway

Anonymous 212364

Thank you so much for the reply, fuck that's sad, I posted like twice on lolcow before the site went down again. The silver lining is I read a good amount of actual books during this time but like, I don't have friends and I miss the social connection no matter how anonymous and this board unfortunately is going too slow for me so

Anonymous 212365

I know n o n n i e. Stefany would make up random noises and be like "I'm reciting a Sylvia Plath poem!! In simlish!!"

Anonymous 212368

romania-anon has been streaming more too… she was crying on the last stream i hope she's ok
we need lolcor

Anonymous 212369

She's always crying/stifling tears

Anonymous 212370

I like her wall art

Anonymous 212371

Does Lady Ravendancer even have a canon appearance? I thought it was just a name drop.

Anonymous 212372

I don't think so, I think she's just mentioned in the description of a sims 3 store item (iirc). Stefany is autistic enough to create some fantastical lore, though.

Anonymous 212373

tinfoil: bush iw secretly a farmer disguised as a decaying pedophile

Anonymous 212374

Me too

Anonymous 212375


why is online selling so hard, just buy my shit pls

Anonymous 212376


>I never was control of my life
>people say my eyes remind them of the green plumbob (contacts in)
>will claim to look like Yuki behr/larp as her
>Looks like Maaike Haas and will block people who says she looks like her
>"Theres nothing wrong with that Townie (Maaike) but I just don't look like her"


Based Dubyah. He’s not the Nigel we deserved but the one we needed
>inb4 muh 9/11
As someone who indirectly profited off of it, I think it was pretty based of him aswell

Anonymous 212378

Shit, Yuki Behr has the bright blue hair… Cassandra from Tangled: Before Ever After LARP anyone…

Anonymous 212379

You dont need to type sage into email field there's a check instead

Anonymous 212380

I ate too much rice and my stummy hurt

Anonymous 212382

I feel like I know you…

Anonymous 212383


Anonymous 212385

I wonder what Shay's been up to.

Anonymous 212386

Any updates?

Anonymous 212387


It’s usually either people projecting or people lovingly calling their favorite characters stupid.

Anonymous 212388


Anonymous 212389

This is just sad. I feel second-hand dehydration just reading this.

Anonymous 212390

You didnt have to post this.

Anonymous 212391

>sissy debtpig loser
This man belongs in a trade, not doing degenerate shit like this on twitter. Moids are the most useless they've ever been in recent history.

Anonymous 212394

everyday is the exact same with her. I feel like I’ve seen this tweet a million times even though she posted it today

Anonymous 212395

That guy wanted to cop a feel kek

Anonymous 212396

Doubt it

Anonymous 212399

Lol right after I made that post I actually started watching Dr. Stone instead of Adventure Time. I like it so far. I agree that a lot of anime is coomer-y, but I honestly don't think it's too hard to avoid animes that have a ton of fan-service and over-sexualized characters. It is very disappointing when you start a new one and it ends up just being mostly pandering though.

Anonymous 212400


oh shit.. I love Odoban it's the best cleaning agent I use it all over my bathroom and it's amazing for soap scum and toilets and everything else BUT I just saw you're supposed to dilute it? in water? lmao I've been using the full concentration!!! I'm probably so poisoned, I've been using it gloveless for years

Anonymous 212401


Anonymous 212402


kek okay here it is again for my Keatanons

Anonymous 212403


I’m shayggling so hard right now

Anonymous 212404

Anonymous 212405


Why so expensive

Anonymous 212406

He could be in a trade AND a degenerate. The pervs live among us nona

Anonymous 212407

does anyone have a rough idea on how long this admin transfer is supposed to take?
I just got home from a long ass day at work and just wanted to laugh at some cows. it's just not as fun laughing by myself.

Anonymous 212408

Wish I was that guy slapping his ass. Bet it felt toned as fuck. Like a rock.

Anonymous 212409

Please anon, it's not funny. I've been asking for like 2 weeks and no one wants to tell me. It's like some joke that everyone but me is in on.

Anonymous 212410

The shaytorium was a thread in /ot/ meant for shay shit posting but was locked after one post or so.

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