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Sons or Daughters Anonymous 216037

Which would you prefer?
I could see pros and cons for both.

Anonymous 216038

This question runs into John Rawls' "Veil of Ignorance." Rawls' solution to the Veil of Ignorance is that one should attempt to aim for the highest minimum, rather than the highest maximum or even median. Under both options the question becomes "what is the worst that could happen."

The worst possible daughter seems infinitely better than the worst possible son.

Anonymous 216039

That's an awfully negative way of thinking… Would your answer be the same if you were looking at averages or best possible outcomes?

Anonymous 216043

Daughters, but that's primarily because my only experience with boys is my own son who was, sadly, born without any survival instinct. He causes me moments of sheer terror almost daily as he immediately gives into monkey instincts to climb tall things, go as fast as is physically possible and is fascinated by anything flammable.

Anonymous 216044

I'd prefer a daughter, but it seems like in general sons are a bit lower maintenance, can do chores, and offer security in their older years. But it also seems like if your son was violent, it would be really scary. Just thinking about a 16 year old who is a foot taller than me, yelling at me that I can't legally kick out of my house freaks me out.

Anonymous 216050

The happiest men seem far happier than the happiest women, the most financially or sexually successful likewise.

However the median male seems distinctly inferior to the median daughter. This is reflected even in a simple, lazy examination of college admissions rates.

Anonymous 216052

Having a football captain, good grade, obedient son seems like a much different experience than 350lb neckbeard reddit user. How do you even prevent the ladder? Is it just fate?

Anonymous 216053

>Having a football captain, good grade, obedient son
I'm sorry nona but you're going to need to pick 2 out of those 3 at most. If he's smart and strong he's going to raise hell.

Anonymous 216055

Whenever I'd interact with boys going to private schools, they seemed to fit into those categories. Maybe having all three requires having lots of money.

Anonymous 216057

I would be very happy with either option. I am not picky, but I really do want a son. I keep having dreams where I am very old, on a porch and there is a little boy in my lap with dark features and curly hair like the prettiest doll. It makes me want to cry when I wake up. I know that sounds idealistic and actually having children is different from your dreams, but I want it so bad :(
But I would equally love a girl. I would like to teach her how to care for animals and ride horses etc. She would be so cute.

Anonymous 216075

It's inherently immoral to bring male life into the world.

Anonymous 216077

Daughters, part of why I don't think I'm anywhere near mature enough for kids is that I genuinely just… don't want a son. I imagine myself as a parent quite often but it's always this vision of having a girl and replicating the dynamic I had with my own mom

Anonymous 216082


>d there is a little boy in my lap with dark features and curly hair like the prettiest doll.
I noticed that men treat children as part of their "legacy" while women think of them as cute little accessories, both are bad imo. Do you never think that you're bringing an entire person with consciousness into the world?

Anonymous 216098

If I ever get pregnant I’ll be having either a daughter or an abortion

Anonymous 216108

>can do chores
I'd choose a daughter. I have a job where a lot of customers come in with kids. The daughters are always so kind to their mothers and help out, even if they are three years old they will still try to help their mommies bag their groceries. The sons are hit or miss, they either stand there holding a Fortnite gift card their mom buys for them or they lie in the basket of the shopping cart despite being old enough to walk and talk. Only one boy seemed polite and he was wearing a school uniform and did not complain when his mom asked him to go get some cream cheese. Usually older (teenage) boys will help their mothers, but anything younger than that and they usually just stand there and watch their mom do everything. Though sometimes a daughter will be filming tiktoks instead of helping, but this is much more rare. Easy solution is to not let your child have a tiktok (the girls are like 10)

Anonymous 216116

This but ideally I should not reproduce because I would be an abusive mother.

Anonymous 216182

1 son, 2 daughters or so is my plan. Extra affectionate towards the son obviously. It would be nice for a change of phase.

lmao that pic both smoking and the kid just trying to cover the smell.

Anonymous 216195

I would prefer mostly daughters but wouldn't mind having a son. I'd like my firstborn at least to be female.

Anonymous 216204

>How do you even prevent the ladder?
Instill good habits into them at an early age. Provide them an appreciation (not infatuation) with food and proper nutrition. Allow them exercise every day and opportunities to go outside (as simple as registering them for a sport). Let them have opportunities to interact with peers. Be strict, but not overbearing, with electronics, especially as they become older.
This needn't be said but this isn't 100% foolproof; you can only nurture someone for so long before nature takes its turn. But I will say from experience that encouraging good habits in young children will provide them with the tools necessary for a fulfilling life in adulthood

Anonymous 216219

It's right there in my reply duh.
>I know that sounds idealistic and actually having children is different from your dreams
The entire question of whether you prefer a girl or a boy is pretty objectifying to begin with. You should be ready to support your child regardless. When you ask "do you never think you're bringing a bringing an entire person with consciousness into the world?" The answer is no because I'm not shooting out kids on the reg.I was just talking about my unconscious thoughts, dreams I couldn't even control, but it's not reality. I'm actually putting off children until way later on in my life as well so I can plan properly because I know it's another human life. But it's pretty easy to assume things of comments from anonymous people.

Anonymous 216221

I mean like carrying stuff and mowing the lawn type stuff. I usually only see grown moids and boys doing stuff like that. I'd like a house with a yard oe day, but I'm not pushing a lawnmower around all day or shoveling snow.

If your first born is a son, you could use him to beat up moids trying to get with your daughters.

I hear contact sports (Wrestling, Football, other marital arts) and a physically imposing… father help to sons to control their strength. Its like when kittens and puppies fight each other. They learn boundaries.

Anonymous 216241

Not sure if I would bring a girl to this world

Anonymous 216258

I always imagined myself having a girl but I guess I wouldn’t mind a boy.

My family is riddled with mental problems, addiction stuff and autism anyway so the kid is gonna have some issues either way.

Anonymous 216262

daughters by far. i wouldn't want to deal with male puberty as i obviously have no connection to that experience and i think i'd be awkward with it. i know my daughter would be a complete nightmare like me during puberty though but maybe i'd be able to handle it better than my own mother kek

Anonymous 216299

Daughters. There's no way in hell I'm producing more scrotes to fuck up the world.

Anonymous 216323

daughter by a fucking mile i'm throwing myself down a flight of stairs in hopes of a miscarriage if the fetus is male

Anonymous 216337


there used to be a safe, legal option

Anonymous 216339

Maybe the right answer is both. Get to experience both. Maybe I'm being idealistic but it does have a nice ring to it in my head. Going to my son's sporting events. Playing with my daughter. Getting to watch them both become well developed adults. huuuuuhhhhhh…

Anonymous 216340

But then you have to put equal hard effort so both of them will grow up to be good people. I'm an older sister and I'm a failure loser with no experience and I hate the world while my younger brother is a successful, good normie with gf and social life.

Anonymous 216342

I'm sorry to hear that and you probably aren't a failure. I think the ideal way to raise both sons and daughters with with a good maternal and paternal figure. With either sex they both pay important roles in development. Fathers teach restraint, self control, and discipline, while Mothers keep their children happy, creative, thoughtful, and a whole lot more. I think its just tough for kids in a single Mother or father environment. Moids can't really do a mothers role and a mother can't really do a father's role.

Anonymous 216343

I wouldn't say my parents were bad parental figures but they were always kind of absent because of work, so that's the con of having multiple kids unless idk you're rich and have time for your kids.

Anonymous 216344

Despite paychecks getting lower (compared to inflation) work hours have gotten much longer have the decades.

Anonymous 216564

How do you know when you've found the right partner to have children with?

Anonymous 216578

see how they react around kids

Anonymous 216785

But which reaction is good? should they be really into kids? uninterested?

Anonymous 216792

You could also just ask. Just because someone likes being around children, doesn't mean that they want children. The question of raising a family is a pretty serious topic on its own that warrants a 'sit-down' conversation.

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