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Sons or Daughters Anonymous 216037

Which would you prefer?
I could see pros and cons for both.

Anonymous 216038

This question runs into John Rawls' "Veil of Ignorance." Rawls' solution to the Veil of Ignorance is that one should attempt to aim for the highest minimum, rather than the highest maximum or even median. Under both options the question becomes "what is the worst that could happen."

The worst possible daughter seems infinitely better than the worst possible son.

Anonymous 216039

That's an awfully negative way of thinking… Would your answer be the same if you were looking at averages or best possible outcomes?

Anonymous 216043

Daughters, but that's primarily because my only experience with boys is my own son who was, sadly, born without any survival instinct. He causes me moments of sheer terror almost daily as he immediately gives into monkey instincts to climb tall things, go as fast as is physically possible and is fascinated by anything flammable.

Anonymous 216044

I'd prefer a daughter, but it seems like in general sons are a bit lower maintenance, can do chores, and offer security in their older years. But it also seems like if your son was violent, it would be really scary. Just thinking about a 16 year old who is a foot taller than me, yelling at me that I can't legally kick out of my house freaks me out.

Anonymous 216050

The happiest men seem far happier than the happiest women, the most financially or sexually successful likewise.

However the median male seems distinctly inferior to the median daughter. This is reflected even in a simple, lazy examination of college admissions rates.

Anonymous 216052

Having a football captain, good grade, obedient son seems like a much different experience than 350lb neckbeard reddit user. How do you even prevent the ladder? Is it just fate?

Anonymous 216053

>Having a football captain, good grade, obedient son
I'm sorry nona but you're going to need to pick 2 out of those 3 at most. If he's smart and strong he's going to raise hell.

Anonymous 216055

Whenever I'd interact with boys going to private schools, they seemed to fit into those categories. Maybe having all three requires having lots of money.

Anonymous 216057

I would be very happy with either option. I am not picky, but I really do want a son. I keep having dreams where I am very old, on a porch and there is a little boy in my lap with dark features and curly hair like the prettiest doll. It makes me want to cry when I wake up. I know that sounds idealistic and actually having children is different from your dreams, but I want it so bad :(
But I would equally love a girl. I would like to teach her how to care for animals and ride horses etc. She would be so cute.

Anonymous 216075

It's inherently immoral to bring male life into the world.

Anonymous 216077

Daughters, part of why I don't think I'm anywhere near mature enough for kids is that I genuinely just… don't want a son. I imagine myself as a parent quite often but it's always this vision of having a girl and replicating the dynamic I had with my own mom

Anonymous 216082


>d there is a little boy in my lap with dark features and curly hair like the prettiest doll.
I noticed that men treat children as part of their "legacy" while women think of them as cute little accessories, both are bad imo. Do you never think that you're bringing an entire person with consciousness into the world?

Anonymous 216098

If I ever get pregnant I’ll be having either a daughter or an abortion

Anonymous 216108

>can do chores
I'd choose a daughter. I have a job where a lot of customers come in with kids. The daughters are always so kind to their mothers and help out, even if they are three years old they will still try to help their mommies bag their groceries. The sons are hit or miss, they either stand there holding a Fortnite gift card their mom buys for them or they lie in the basket of the shopping cart despite being old enough to walk and talk. Only one boy seemed polite and he was wearing a school uniform and did not complain when his mom asked him to go get some cream cheese. Usually older (teenage) boys will help their mothers, but anything younger than that and they usually just stand there and watch their mom do everything. Though sometimes a daughter will be filming tiktoks instead of helping, but this is much more rare. Easy solution is to not let your child have a tiktok (the girls are like 10)

Anonymous 216116

This but ideally I should not reproduce because I would be an abusive mother.

Anonymous 216219

It's right there in my reply duh.
>I know that sounds idealistic and actually having children is different from your dreams
The entire question of whether you prefer a girl or a boy is pretty objectifying to begin with. You should be ready to support your child regardless. When you ask "do you never think you're bringing a bringing an entire person with consciousness into the world?" The answer is no because I'm not shooting out kids on the reg.I was just talking about my unconscious thoughts, dreams I couldn't even control, but it's not reality. I'm actually putting off children until way later on in my life as well so I can plan properly because I know it's another human life. But it's pretty easy to assume things of comments from anonymous people.

Anonymous 216221

I mean like carrying stuff and mowing the lawn type stuff. I usually only see grown moids and boys doing stuff like that. I'd like a house with a yard oe day, but I'm not pushing a lawnmower around all day or shoveling snow.


If your first born is a son, you could use him to beat up moids trying to get with your daughters.


I hear contact sports (Wrestling, Football, other marital arts) and a physically imposing… father help to sons to control their strength. Its like when kittens and puppies fight each other. They learn boundaries.

Anonymous 216241

Not sure if I would bring a girl to this world

Anonymous 216258

I always imagined myself having a girl but I guess I wouldn’t mind a boy.

My family is riddled with mental problems, addiction stuff and autism anyway so the kid is gonna have some issues either way.

Anonymous 216262

daughters by far. i wouldn't want to deal with male puberty as i obviously have no connection to that experience and i think i'd be awkward with it. i know my daughter would be a complete nightmare like me during puberty though but maybe i'd be able to handle it better than my own mother kek

Anonymous 216299

Daughters. There's no way in hell I'm producing more scrotes to fuck up the world.

Anonymous 216323

daughter by a fucking mile i'm throwing myself down a flight of stairs in hopes of a miscarriage if the fetus is male

Anonymous 216337


there used to be a safe, legal option

Anonymous 216339

Maybe the right answer is both. Get to experience both. Maybe I'm being idealistic but it does have a nice ring to it in my head. Going to my son's sporting events. Playing with my daughter. Getting to watch them both become well developed adults. huuuuuhhhhhh…

Anonymous 216340

But then you have to put equal hard effort so both of them will grow up to be good people. I'm an older sister and I'm a failure loser with no experience and I hate the world while my younger brother is a successful, good normie with gf and social life.

Anonymous 216342

I'm sorry to hear that and you probably aren't a failure. I think the ideal way to raise both sons and daughters with with a good maternal and paternal figure. With either sex they both pay important roles in development. Fathers teach restraint, self control, and discipline, while Mothers keep their children happy, creative, thoughtful, and a whole lot more. I think its just tough for kids in a single Mother or father environment. Moids can't really do a mothers role and a mother can't really do a father's role.

Anonymous 216343

I wouldn't say my parents were bad parental figures but they were always kind of absent because of work, so that's the con of having multiple kids unless idk you're rich and have time for your kids.

Anonymous 216344

Despite paychecks getting lower (compared to inflation) work hours have gotten much longer have the decades.

Anonymous 216564

How do you know when you've found the right partner to have children with?

Anonymous 216578

see how they react around kids

Anonymous 216785

But which reaction is good? should they be really into kids? uninterested?

Anonymous 216826

What kind of reaction should they have? There is generally little reason to interact with other peoples kids. I imagine most men, and probably most women, have a negligible interest in random children.

Anonymous 216896

Not necessarily. I grew up with a guy who runs his own construction company.

In school he was an over achiever in practically every subject and was captain of the swimming team.
He's always been strong, kind and good natured. His family, like mine, was lower middle class so it wasn't money. It was his parents. They've always been extremely good people and they have a way of making you feel welcome and accepted. They were the kind of neighbours who would mow your lawn because they were already doing theirs. Invite the family over for Barbeques in the summer and if they were going to do something fun, come over and ask if you wanted to join them.

I have all kinds of fun memories with him, and he had a crush on me from middle school all the way to the end of high school. Then I went off to university and he went to an accelerated trade school even though he had a ticket to whatever college he wanted to apply for. His parents were behind the decision 100% because they were confident he knew what he wanted.

10 years later and he's running a residential construction business and I'm posting about him on a Nonas Knitting and Cross-Stitching BBS.

Anonymous 216911

You can play with your daughter and attend her sporting events. I don't blame you for wanting both though.
Are you sad you never got with him? Did he age well? It seems like private schools may be the way to go with moidlets. Is it because the teachers are stricter and are allowed to discipline kids?

Anonymous 216927


Ideally a daughter AND a son.
I'm an only child and I'm 100% convinced my life would have been better if I had a sibling.

Anonymous 216938


Anonymous 216990

>Which would you prefer?

Anonymous 217001


Here's your son, nona

Anonymous 217008

Daughters are the only option. Anything else is an abortion.

Anonymous 217058

And why would I do any of that?

Anonymous 217059

Boymoms are some of the most embarrassing pick-mes out there.
>as long as they're not black
Wait, what? Why?

Anonymous 217060

Knowing North Van his Mom is probably a chinese mainlander. At best Korean

Mainlanders are really uneducated and unrefined, to say the least, regardless of how much money they have

Anonymous 217065

>north van
You're telling me that's a person and not a brand of camping accessories for living in a van?

Anonymous 217079

Yup that’s what I was thinking. I’m asian and asian moms and grandmas are super racist against blacks (They lump brown guys with blacks too btw). Been told the same thing to not to date black or brown guys.

Anonymous 217083

>but it seems like in general sons are a bit lower maintenance
I would have to disagree.
A young boy's rowdy and energetic behavior can earn them getting into a whole heap of trouble, even before they've begun schooling.

Anonymous 217095


This moid is literally handed everything. I doubt he even respects his pickme mother

Anonymous 217135

Don't let your hate for men blind you to the reality of the sex ratio and its consequences on dating and general intersex relations.
In China there are 30-40 million more men than women due to sex selective abortion in previous decades. On one hand this allows for chinese women to demand more from men due to shortage (and so the chinese government tries to shame them, telling they are old at 27), but on the other, it causes loser men to "lie flat".
If the situation is reversed, and there are more women than men, then all men will benefit from it one way of another.

Anonymous 217322

Reading /r9k? makes me not want to have kids. Like, what if it turns out male? It's ironic, hearing moids sperg 24/7 about how women should be having kids makes me not want to have them.

Anonymous 217337

women who pamper their sons are the biggest gender betrayers around

Anonymous 217353

daughters, i'm confident in my ability to educate a son to be a good person but im pretty sure there is an unavoidable biological component to male retardation that i cant do anything about

Anonymous 217356

they're not lying flat they're kidnapping women from other countries and being violent retards.

Anonymous 217358

I'd rather have a boy because I want mental peace. I was sexually assaulted as a kid and the fear of that happening to my daughter would not let me sleep at night. There are way, way too many pedos in the world. And even if she escapes child abuse, I still have to worry about her finding a moid who will abuse her as an adult.
With a boy you just have to teach them not to be the abuser. As teens they become very anti-gay and are more likely to fend off a male abuser. Women pedos pretty much don't exist so the chances of him running into one are much lower.
I don't want a boy but I need a boy.

Anonymous 217360

>Mainlanders are really uneducated and unrefined
They're some of the best educated immigrants to the US actually.

It's funny because Taiwan and Hong Kong are vastly more "traditional" than the mainland, in all of the shitty, misogynistic ways that entails. And I'm not even going to discuss SEA Chinese and the fact things like husbands with de facto concubines is accepted.

I'm glad the CPC destroyed these elements of traditional Chinese culture. Tbh they didn't go far enough.

Anonymous 217361

>With a boy you just have to teach them not to be the abuser.
you can't do such a thing

Anonymous 217370

Sure you can. Don't feed him too much protein when he's young so he stays small for his age and doesn't learn aggression. If he tries to be aggressive at all at school he'll fail miserably and learn quickly that it doesn't work. Don't sign him up for any sports. Keep him away from video games and the internet. Just books, music, arts and craft, and light outdoor play. He won't be able to abuse anyone.

Anonymous 217374

Even if that worked, the whole point of having a son is to propagate your genes, which such a creature could not do. Neurotic manlets are not sons, functionally they are at best a kind of neutered animal.

Anonymous 217379

Nona, please don't have kids until you resolve your trauma. It's not healthy to keep your child malnourished, or to control your kid in such a way that you prevent them from doing harmless activities like sports. I also want to say from personal experience as someone who was neglected in childhood, underfed, and weak, I still acted out physically even as feeble kid, and was overall really hard to manage.

Anonymous 217381

I’ve only ever wanted daughters. I don’t like most boys names. Plus I believe in gender abolition and I feel like in some ways it’s more acceptable to have a GNC daughter than a GNC son- they’re more likely to be harshly bullied as kids and troon out I feel. idk I feel like I’d cave to pressures to raise my son to be tough and masculine to avoid him being bullied than I would be for a daughter if she didn’t want to be feminine. like I was a tomboy and it was fine and chill but the boys I knew who liked feminine things were called fags. does that make sense. I just feel like in a way it’s easier to raise a girl these days.

Anonymous 217389


Seriously this. When my two cousins were both kids, my aunt would always defend her son's rowdy behavior with, "well he's a boy, boys will be boys, they're like that because they just are". That boy would bully his sister, steal her money, and hog her school supplies. It pains me a little to watch mothers get into a dream-like state when they speak about their sons and defend their actions but when it's time to talk about daughters? They're either like "oh she's fine", or making a melodramatic deal about how having a daughter is "torture". When mothers get overprotective of their son's sex life and start treating any girlfriend like shit for not being copies of their mothers or what the mothers personally find attractive, it strikes me as borderline incestuous. It gives me the creeps, just like with those fathers who would threaten to hurt or even kill any boyfriend of their daughters that aren't a practical clone of themselves.

Anonymous 217465

reminds me of that youtube couple where a korean mother disowns her son after he brings a black woman home

Anonymous 217466

imagine being a boymom.

Anonymous 217629

Are you kidding me? Is this image real? I had no idea Vancouver was so beautiful.

Anonymous 217640


I don't know. I understand financially supporting your daughter or son when things get REALLY rough, but the fact that this mom bought her son a whole ass house in Vancouver while she also cooks him meals every weekend….that's the sad part about boy moms. They love their sons too much, and they coddle them which shields them from personal responsibility. Naturally, when the son grows up and lacks the sense of responsibility due to the coddling, the boy mom is forced to keep taking care of him as now the son really doesn't know how to take care of himself. Boy moms wouldn't have to keep pampering their sons like oversized infants if they didn't keep doing so in the first place. Even the fact that this mom cooks for her son every week gives me the impression that she secretly doesn't really trust him to cook for himself.

Anonymous 217649

Private schools don't have to kow-tow to state testing so the good ones have more leg room to teach the kids things they actually care about which naturally leads to better behavior since they aren't locking the moids up force feeding them the steps to mitosis

Anonymous 217663

Rich people have less time for their kids.
Rich people are rich in money, but not rich in time.
Rich people work long hours and are away on business trips.
My dad is a doctor and I would never see him because he'd be asleep as soon as he gets home.

Anonymous 217664

Be actually rich.

Anonymous 217667

My parents aren't rich and they have just as little time. Guess you have to be lucky in this age to have present parents.

Anonymous 217676

There still is if you don't live in a shithole country

Anonymous 217679


>women would be disadvantaged if males became the minority

might be the most braindead opinion I've ever read on the internet

less moids means less misogyny, fewer rapists, and fewer males to practice class solidarity

Anonymous 217683

>In China

Anonymous 217685

Sort your issues out before even thinking of having children, let alone sons. We don't need more moids with mommy issues in the world.

Anonymous 217692

Boymoms and pitbull mommies give off the same energy tbh.

Anonymous 217693

They are both so overprotective of their children or dogs to the point of using mental gymnastics to convince themselves that their "angels" never do anything wrong. I don't get it. Do these moms and dog owners see their children and dogs as complete copies of themselves, which makes them more likely to defend any bad thing they do? But why project yourself onto your kids and animals? I don't get it.

Anonymous 217723

i want daughters only
i cant imagine loving a scrote regardless of his age
also moids regularly rape and kill their mothers (look it up its a real thing)
also with a scrotelet you need to make sure there is a strong father figure that hes taught to be masculine but not violent that he doesnt watch andrew tate or pron make sure he actually goes to school instead of drinking with his buddies… just too much shit to worry about

Anonymous 217730


>scrotes regularly rape and kill their own mothers
Fucking hell, imagine having a mini moid that grows up and sexualizes you. I really have no anger or judgement to any woman that doesn't want a son.

Anonymous 217815

daughters hands down. I'd rather not get murder suicided by my kid (and as much as we like to be gender blind we all know murder suicides are committed by men like 99% of the time). Apparently if you have sex slightly before you ovulate instead of during ovulation you'll be more likely to get a daughter since X-sperm survive longer in inhospitable environments but move slower while Y-sperm move fast but die easily. even at the sperm level women are just better.
I like this

Anonymous 217912


Based on how they always act, teenage moids are one of God's greatest mistakes. They like to sexually assault girls, they treat their moms like shit, and they love to bully teachers who are just trying to do their job. I unapologetically hate teenage moids and I don't shed a single tear when I hear of them dying from something stupid like their own tiktok challenges or dares. I don't care if I'm mean, I hate male teenagers.

Anonymous 218187

Women will become disadvantaged because a skewed sex ratio will favor men in dating/courtship. Meaning the "bar for men" will become even lower.

Anonymous 218335

Russia and other slavic countries to lesser extent have the opposite problem of China. This trend will get more unbalanced in the future thanks to the current war going on and Russian government throwing more young men into the war meatgrinder. I dont know about you, but Russia does not seem to me like exceptionally feminist country, even compared to its neighbors on West.

Anonymous 218433

Ngl I'd do the same if I had a son. Minus the racist part.

Anonymous 218863

I'd want an older boy and a younger girl. I feel like older brothers usually take a bit more care of their sisters if that makes sense, plus I could put most responsibility on my son so he won't grow up to be awful. Just a thought, one of my friends in middle school had an older brother who was pretty protective of her. I always thought it was really sweet, I think it gives them a sense of responsibility.

Anonymous 218870

Ime older brothers bully and harass their younger sisters

Anonymous 219296

I want a gay son. He will sexually harass girls less

Anonymous 219404

I'd like to have a good amount of both

Anonymous 219423

So he can rape a little boy instead of a girl?

Anonymous 219431

that's not the issue, the problem with gay boys is that homosexuality isn't a cure for misogyny, sure they might be too grossed out to rape a woman but they aren't above the reproductive exploitation and the general degradation of women through other means.

Anonymous 222053

Why do asians hate brown and black people? They never colonized them

Anonymous 222054

By that logic india and China is a dating paradise

Anonymous 225563


Anonymous 225657


Anonymous 225665

Wanting to birth a son over wanting to birth a daughter is like wanting to parent a rabid chimpanzee over an actual human infant. A mental illness. Am I dehumanizing men because I don't like them? Fuck yeah.

Anonymous 226141

I've noticed that my supposedly feminist sister still spoils her son more than her daughter.

Anonymous 226145


It's that boymom brain. I don't know why, but it's like having a son always kills the common sense and rationality of any woman no matter how intelligent she was before the pregnancy. Pampering their sons with too much free labor and money when they should know how to cook/clean and work by now, always making excuses for inexcusable behavior like saying he was a "good boy" when he commits a crime, acting hyper-territorial of her son about his love/sex life as if SHE's his fucking girlfriend even though she's the mother, and more things that I'm sure I missed. I don't know why moms always get like this when they have a son, but they always just do. Maybe they put too much value on their son because they're emotionally desperate enough to view him as like a second husband. Maybe this is what people mean by "emotional incest".

Anonymous 226593

There are a couple of things that I noticed from what I've seen of MILF MANOR.
First - the emotional incest is mutual. From the very first episode, the moms are mateguarding their sons, and the sons are mateguarding their moms. You start out wondering if the boys are just that way be>>216052
cause the fathers were out of the picture given the nature of that show, or if it's scripted like the rest of reality tv, but uhm. There are husbands and wives who are less mutually jealous than these sonsbands and milfs.
Second - these sons are in the top whatever percentage of male specimens, physically, and probably socially. These are the males >>216052 was talking about with
>football captain, good grade, obedient son
so - this is how football captain goodgrade obedient sons are made.
Boymoms must be like that quote about sausage factories, "if you like sausage you don't want to see how it's made."

Anonymous 229876

why do women pamper their sons?
like, straight up spoil them? why?

Anonymous 229893

Anonymous 230278

congratulations, you gave birth to a normal ass boy. please don't be a retard and let him do his thing. eventually he will learn to stop doing the things that get him hurt, and learn how to be a person, as all small children do.

Anonymous 231232


The rich tame them with sex

Anonymous 234683

You see the same thing with lots of animals. Orca mothers will stop giving birth after they have a son and will care for it until she dies. While it might have to do with males being a larger and being useful in tackling larger prey, the main reason is that males are better at spreading the mother's genes than a daughter. If the mother raises the biggest and fittest son, the son will sire children in all of the surrounding pods. Maybe there is something similar with human mothers and daughters.

Anonymous 234685

I think it's similar, in fact I would say it's worse in humans because while the orcas neglect their daughters in comparsion, many human societies decide that they don't want to deal with them at all and practice female infanticide

Anonymous 234688

But the countries you see that in, China, India, and the Middle East, are all super messed up demographically. I don't want to be one of those people who constantly say "china will collapse in the next 5 years", but having a massively skewed female to male population that are all tiktok addicts can't be good.

Anonymous 234689

oh no they'll go from a billion to a couple hundred million that's basically like going extinct

Anonymous 234693

I think they are all in for a rough time. India's and China's greatest asset is their large labor force. As they westernize no one will want to work labor. By the time the governments feel the need to force people to do those jobs like they used to, it will be largely replaced by automation and the lack of new mothers will destroy their large labor force. China keeps itself an economic power by economically taking over third world countries, opposed to the USSR's military's take overs of eastern Europe. But like the USSR, sapping other weaker countries of their labor force and resources only goes so far. The middle east doesn't have the same labor force, but people are becoming less reliant on middle eastern oil, so they are in a similar position. People like to claim Muslims have a high replacement rate, but all those rich oil states need to import loads of immigrants to maintain their work forces so maybe not that much…

tldr: less daughters -> less mothers -> country goes to shit

Anonymous 234700

>tldr: less daughters -> less mothers -> country goes to shit
I would be a lot more comfortable with this chain of logic if your evidence for it weren't China, a country which has seen an unprecedented wave of prosperity and development and unimaginable uplift in standard of living within the past half century.

Anonymous 234701

Until preteen years, I think sons and daughters are probably equally as difficult. Not to say they don't have their own unique issues, but 90% of the issues with them stems from them being small high energy humans that you need to protect, teach, and feed. After that it all depends on how well they were raised. If both the mom and dad do their respective disciplining, the teen years and beyond are much easier than its made out to be. I always remember, my mom and dad would make my brothers do all the heavy lifting for them. Whenever there was lawn work, stuff that needed to be carried, or so on, they'd dump the work on them. If you are a terrible parent, than you should worry about getting your nose broken by your son because you didn't make him mac'n'cheese. If you can't discipline your kids, you probably shouldn't have kids anyways.

I'd be happy with either sons or daughters, and I think it would be fun to have both if I could find someone able to support kids with me.

Anonymous 234702

I agree, its more complicated then I made out to be, but at this point China is walking down the same path as the USSR. I'm not going to write a 4 thousand page essay about it, but China's current state is no sustainable for a ton of different reasons. Also the standard of living hasn't increased that much for the vast majority of Chinese citizens. Like India, most people in China live in slums. If 100 million people in china are now almost living at first world standards (extremely generous) that still leaves 900 million to 1.2 billion people living in third world conditions. With a literal incel generation coming up, I don't think it will continue improving much…

Anonymous 235017

I remember reading in the news once of a young man who killed a girls parents either because she asked him to or because he wanted to kidnap her.
It wasn't clear why from the article, only that the parents were killed.
The strangest and most unlikely of outcomes can happen, and murder is one of those.
Having a daughter may make your family more of a target.
You cannot escape death, you might as well live life without fear of it.

Anonymous 235018

What kind of logic is this

Anonymous 235029

Literally for what reason would I ever prefer a son

Anonymous 235125

>I imagine most men have a negligible interest in random children.
Unfortunately that's not the case.

Anonymous 237607

I love my daughter and I'm glad I had a girl
The only thing I worry about is that she doesn't really have the option to end a fight physically againt a boy

Anonymous 237688

son. living as a woman sucks major ass and id want my hypothetical kid to be happy and carefree. simple as

Anonymous 237693

Guns can be a great gender equalizer, yet are a poor substitute for a loyal, protective moid (with a gun)

Anonymous 238005

>With a literal incel generation coming up, I don't think it will continue improving much…
This does not seem correct to me? My knowledge is very limited as a monolingual American who has not studied the matter any more closely than what appears in mainstream news sources, but based on those sources this is what I see.
The one-child policy only weighed heavily on the demographics of China's millennial and Gen-X generation's gender ratios, in the second place the Communist Party's morality laws surrounding sex work have largely fallen into non-enforcement, and in the third place the rate of marriage amongst Chinese women by the age of 30 is the highest in the world (even against other countries with similarly skewed gender ratios). China's rate of adult male virginity is really quite low for the generation coming up. The "literal incel generations" of China, GenX and millennials, were the generations that built and maintained China's wave of development, westerrnization and prosperity, as well.
So far as I can tell, "incel bad" is completely true, but "incel worse than other men" is completely false and unsubstantiated. The total number of homicides associated with incels for the past two decades is 60, worldwide, and the total number of homicides in Sacramento in the year 2022 alone was 54, including multiple mass shootings (the largest of which was on April 3rd of 2022 killing 6 people - the largest incel-related mass shooting recorded killed 7 people including the perpetrator). The claim that incels are unusually harmful is most heavily and most frequently stated by incels themselves, and should be treated with extreme skepticism as a manipulation tactic.

Anonymous 238467

This actually makes sense . I’ve heard similar on how fathers sort of mate guard their daughters till they get married.
This kinda makes sense for opposite gendar parents to do this.
We are merely maximizing our reproductive lines

Anonymous 238468

I don't want ruin my body by having children and I want to adopt.
I always used day I wanted a son, even though I didn't mind the idea of having a daughter. I was fed the lie that boys would be easier and more fun to raise. Or it could be internalized misogyny and the societal norm of over valuing boy children. Now that I am older, the idea of a girl is more appealing because I now think I know how to raise a girl now and I would have fun with them. Either way I would try to raise them to be academic inclined, which is something I never got. Just so when they decide on their future, hopefully it would be easier for them.
The only real issues I would have is when my child gets older and if they are a promiscuous person. Just a more clash then anything. I hate hearing my friends sex stories and I fucking hate it to hear it from my kid. I would make sure that I tell them about sex but you can't control what your child does.
If I have a girl I hope she's a lesbian and if it's a boy that he's gay.

Anonymous 238469

>Mate guarding
That's just stupid moids trying to control womens because they think of them as property and not people. That's not something that should be praised.

Anonymous 238490


to a small extent this is true, so like sisters will often do the same for their brother's potential wives, it goes far beyond that though when it comes to fathers and daughters, especially in america where they'll literally pull a firearm on you

Anonymous 238494

Sounds like incest

Anonymous 238501

yeah this sounds like weird inbreeding when dads or brothers do this (and this also seems like a distinctly white thing - I've never heard of eastern families doing this, though they'll often shame you for dating someone beneath you which seems less incesty to me).

In any case, you certainly don't want a boyfriend who shows no jealousy because that strongly implies he's just not that into you or might even be gay.

Anonymous 238547

That tangent at the end throws me for a loop.

Anonymous 238557

If I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to another human being's future, it's not going to be a moid.

Anonymous 250268

ive got two daughters and cant imagine a life with a son. I love being girly with them.

Anonymous 250272

Why not both?

Anonymous 251334

That seems like the best outcome to me. It would be interesting to experience having both. That is if I could ever find a moid worth having children with…

Anonymous 267108


Sons because it is easier. Not going to lie.

I know they will moid out and I will find the "crusty socks" or hear they've done something stupid, I'll try to curb their moidism as much as possible, but finding out your daughter has been sexually abused or is pregnant is a different ballpark along with the general stress I'll have to help them cope with. Despite all feminism has achieved we are not equal, a well trained moid is more likely to succeed in life. Also the world will be a terrible place in the future, like 30 years ahead with climate change and the AI takeover.

Anonymous 267121

Moid filth post
Pretending you dont know it's men that trail behind in college education and homeownership
Your psyop is incredibly shitty
That you imagine raising rebelious moided out kids is easier is insanity

Anonymous 267124


As a child, I always wanted a daughter over a son. I’m close to my mother and my mother was very close to my grandmother (took care of her at the end of her life while my uncle only contributed financially) so I had always wanted to continue that relationship with my own daughter. Also boys could turn out to be a shitty incel no matter how good of a mother you are. At a certain age it’s really up to male influence with sons (and if you don’t give him an acceptable father figure he’ll go out and find one that’s probably shittier than whatever’s at home)
It wasn’t that I never wanted sons, but I knew I definitely wanted a daughter while I could live without a son…
As I get older though I wonder if I could raise a daughter in the current environment. The chances of her getting groomed or molested seems so high given the stories you hear. I never wanted to be one of those overprotective modesty obsessed mothers either because it just makes the girls sneaky or socially stunted. It’s not that it can’t happen to a boy but an Andrew Tate fan son is better than a sex trafficked daughter imo. Also men can do better in a patriarchal society with less as long as they are willing to work. Even if they drop out of school they work on an oil rig or join the military without getting raped on the job. For uneducated and otherwise untalented women the only options are housewife (not secure and risk of abuse), minimum wage work (not much money and maybe harassment), and SW (not secure, probably not much money, and harassment).

So a daughter has more pros for me but a son has less cons I guess? A only daughter will always be better than an only son imo but a woman will have a harder time than a man and I don’t want my children to suffer.

Anonymous 267128

amish baby.jpg

>men that trail behind in college education and homeownership
Because they play video games all day. That's what I meant by "well trained moid", just don't let them go down that route. A household rule could be no phones or tech until 6pm and everyone does their chores and homework, kind of like the Amish.


Better rebellious[sic] than traumatized. I'd rather deal with a son with a broken nose than a daughter who has been raped/molested. It is inconvenience versus utter heartbreak.

I will take whatever I get, but that's why I'd prefer a son all things considered.

Anonymous 267129

>Tate fan son is better than a sex trafficked daughter imo
I'd be more worried about a Tatefan incel son because the latter is unlikely unless you live in Venezuela or something. If you have a son, you should educate him, let him know there are a lot of grifters like Tate out there and the best way to understand women is to actually talk to them.

It is a balance, your children must know enough about the world to know how to deal with it when they are inevitably exposed to it, but they must be kept safe.

Anonymous 267130

>I'd rather deal with a son with a broken nose than a daughter who has been raped/molested
What if it's your son who is a rapist and molester? there's an equal chance of that too if you give birth to a male.

Anonymous 267131

These pictures scream the romanticization of "traditional" living in a way that doesn't line up with your concerns.

Anonymous 267142

>there's an equal chance of that too if you give birth to a male.
No it isn't. Most sex crimes (most crimes in general actually) are committed by repeated serial offenders.
You can't take 99 innocent people, one person who has committed the same crime a hundred times, and say "on average each of these people has committed one crime, therefore they should all be treated as criminals".

Anonymous 268252

After spending some time with autistic children, I think having a daughter would be much easier. I found the spoiled princess more enjoyable to spend time with, I guess because she was loud and annoying in a way which I found endearing whereas the spoiled prince was just a brat. Although I will say that this was a pretty specific situation. For one thing, we have a very specific kind of sperginess in the family, and two, he is extremely spoiled by my female family members. 'Do his homework for him while he lies on the sofa under a blanket because he whined loud enough' kind of spoiled, which I don't think lends itself to moid psychology even if he is only 9.

Anonymous 268259

I always have this feeling that I'll have a son. and just like the other anon said, if I could find a moid who's worth having a kid with.

Anonymous 268301


Reminder: never have sons.

Anonymous 271298

For survival in the hell world.. Idk both but it's…

Anonymous 271561

I don’t think I could raise a son. I keep having nightmares that I have a son and he grows up to be a rapist.

Anonymous 271562

Why would you admit that you are such horrible person that you would raise a rapist?

Anonymous 271564

What? I wouldn’t raise him to be a rapist, It’s just in men’s nature.

Anonymous 271632

Nah, that's just cope for you being a bad mother. You already know deep in your heart that you're a fucking subhuman.

Anonymous 271633

So many kids raised by sweet mothers turn out to be monsters, don't kid yourself. Nature always wins over nurture.

Anonymous 271634

That's also bullshit you know it, a child needs two parents. Not one. A child raised by only one parent male or female child, male or female parent, will always turn out wrong. It is impossible for one parent to properly raise a child. And if those mothers were sweet, and kind, and good people that you propose they are the scrote who knocked them up would still be in their life.

Anonymous 271635

Or they would have gotten an abortion like a responsible adult.

Anonymous 271637

Who tf said anything about single parents? This happens to married parents too. People have free will and terrible personalities can absolutely come from nothing. Some people are just fucked from birth.

Anonymous 271657

It's probably a scrote. They have to shoehorn their hate for single mothers into everything. They also can't take responsibility for their actions and blame women for their faults.

Anonymous 271661

I’ll give you advice.
You need sons. Plural. SONS WITH AN S.
1 male son is the same as a daughter except destructive. You need at least 2 sons to fully benefit from the male race. 2 sons or more and you will be eternally protected from whatever bullshit life throws at you. Daughters offer no protection.

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