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Cooking thread. Anonymous 221505

Who here really loves cooking? What recipes do you want to try next? What are your favorite secret ingredients? Favorite dishes to make? Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?

Anonymous 221508

>Who here really loves cooking?
I do.
>What recipes do you want to try next?
I havent tried making a Shepherd's pie yet.
>What are your favorite secret ingredients?
Chopped garlic, onion powder, paprika, chili powder and butter
>Favorite dishes to make
Meatloaf, fried chicken, pot roast, spaghetti with bolognese and omurice. Theres a few more but I dont want to keep listing stuff.
Usually during worknights I cook simpler dishes.
>Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?
America, I like pork beans and rice with collard greens and cornbread. Grits with a runny egg is good too.

Anonymous 221631

>Who here really loves cooking?
I love cooking, but I hate washing dishes, kek.
>What recipes do you want to try next?
>What are your favorite secret ingredients?
Not really a secret but I like to add a lot of salt and spice to things. Really like ancho guajillo.
>Favorite dishes to make? Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?
My favorite dishes to make are kinds of pizza with lots of different crusts. I've gotten particularly good with bread making. Also, locally, people here make a lot of pumpkin dishes in autumn. I think they're quite good, but pumpkin itself is a little flavorless, so it needs some spices.

Anonymous 221632

Gonna be making different kinds of eggs in culinary school tomorrow. Huuuge crush on the guy teaching us, I hope I make a Spanish omelette so good he kisses me or some shit kek

Anonymous 221653

Have you ever cooked with Pasilla de Oaxaca chiles?

Anonymous 221676

Shepherd's pie is really good, make sure to run a fork over the potato on top and sorta scrape along it before you put it into the oven. That way it comes out all golden and crispy.

You can also use any leftover mashed potatoes to make potato cakes the next day. Add some flour and egg to the mashed potatoe, mix together and add to a pan with butter to make potatoe cakes.

Anonymous 221769

Mmmm shepherds pie is my favourite comfy quick meal. I love putting shredded cheese on top because I’m a glutton. Pablo crumbs also work too if you want extra crisp.

I love cooking and doing the dishes. I love being in the kitchen. It’s my happy place where I can escape and stress cook, clean or bake kek. I bought myself cute aprons with hearts and lace. I’m slowly making money to replace my ugly old donated dishes with cute mix and match floral china thrifted from stores or bought online. I just wanna live inside a Pinterest kitchen because it’s the one place where I feel competent.

I hate working nonas. I just wanna be a housewife.

Anonymous 221770

PANKO crumbs not Pablo crumbs >>221769

Sometimes if I have a busy workweek I like to meal prep my breakfasts. The egg muffin tray hack is good for losing weight. But since I like muffins, I usually make banana muffins, blueberry muffins, pumpkin muffins, apple oatmeal muffins, etc. with whole grain flour or oat flour for extra fibre. I replace the sugar with maple syrup.

My bf is allergic to gluten and eggs so I make really good vegan desserts. The way we eat (and the way I cook) is very healthy and I’ve lost a lot of weight by cutting gluten out of my diet (but never eggs — I always make two versions of our meals so one is egg free and the other is with protein rich eggs)

Anonymous 221775


>Who here really loves cooking?
I love cooking and farmers markets and grocery stores are my fav places to be in the world. I love to go to the library and go to the cookbooks and photograph the recipes so that I can make them later. I have a small digital recipe hoard in my phone of different recipes I’ve taken from the library.
>What recipes do you want to try next?
I want to try cooking more Szechuan cuisine and I’d also love to try Georgian cuisine
>What are your favorite secret ingredients?
I’m not sure what really qualifies as a secret ingredient but I find vinegar to be a very underrated ingredient. I also really love food with fenugreek leaves and Szechuan pepper corn.
>Favorite dishes to make?
Shakshuka, mapo tofu, French onion soup, just simple toast with seasoned avocado mash and sardines
>Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?
The local stuff here is a lot of Asian and Californian stuff and I unironically really love avocado toast, I just think a lot of people are bad at seasoning it and that I’d prefer to make it myself.

Anonymous 221807

Who here really loves cooking?
It's probably my favorite hobby. Soothing and so easy to impress people with it and make them happy

What recipes do you want to try next? Trini doubles and I was gifted a rotisserie so I want to try making gyros from scratch.

What are your favorite secret ingredients?
Dried shiitake mushrooms, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, gelatin (in soups when I don't have homemade stock)

Favorite dishes to make?
Chili, Indian curries, gumbo, sushi

Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?
California/al pastor tacos

Anonymous 221949


Cooking tip of the day: try cooking rice in rice milk to maximize fluffyness and riceyness

Anonymous 221977

I found a cool technique for doner kebab rotisserie the other day! It isn't halal but you can probably replace the bacon with beef trimmings from the butcher. You can get pretty much anything like that from the butcher if you ask.


Anonymous 221998

Okay late reply, but no I've never cooked with Pasilla de Oaxaca chiles. I love peppers and spicy things, so I might give it a chance. Do you make anything specific with them?

Anonymous 222003

That's whats up daaaamn

Anonymous 222026

No they're just notoriously loved chillis and I want to know how to get them

Anonymous 222028

There's a Mexican store near me that has a lot of peppers, so you can get a lot of stuff like that there. That's where I most reliably find anchos and stuff, though my Walmart had them too. I live in America,but by the Candian border, and even up here we have a lot of Hispanic stuff. Might just be my area tho.

Anonymous 222237

I'm the OP who was going to make rotisserie doner kebabs and thank you! I'm hopefully going to try it this weekend.

I use dried pasilla de Oaxaca chilies to make mole negro. If you've never made mole, you rehydrate the dried chili peppers in boiling water and then blend them as the base for your sauce.

Anonymous 222238

Forgot to mention that you should toast your chilies in the oven or in a pan on the stove before rehydrating them.

Anonymous 224153

this thread made me realize I really love cooking but if I ever had a cooking job, it would have to be low stakes like at a college dorm. When I cook, it tends to be really good or really bad.

Anonymous 224248

NTA but microwave method still left me with mochi too soft to roll into anything. I had it on its own, it was good, but the whole point is wrapping stuff with it

Anonymous 224492

Finally found the best solution to my mochi problems in this video. I've looked around a lot. For anyone who wanted to know.

Anonymous 231752


I screwed up my tomato sauce by putting too much sugar into it.
Now it tastes awful, I suck

Anonymous 233150


I enjoy cooking, but my tastes are so peasant tier that I never share.

I like things like peanuts, chickpeas, lentils, olives, and kale.

I'm American, but my stereotypical dish I like is a simply boiled peanut. The taste of a peanut boiled for several hours with paprika is, to me, the single greatest meal. The only thing that gets close is salmon or trout that's been grilled.

If I had a secret ingredient, it would be that I put anchovy fillets in the oil when I start to cook.

Anonymous 233151


I'm horrible at baking but I making my evil little treats

Anonymous 233154


That is a really great secret ingredient though, 5 stars

I love slipping anchovies into things with an evil laugh and then whatever sauce I'm making tastes supreme.

Anonymous 233172

I'm imagining you excitedly waiting for one single peanut to boil kek

Anonymous 233482

I make avocado toast at home but I want to try it at a restaurant to see how its supposed to be but then it'll be $12+ and the price scares me away.

sometimes I wish I worked in an office. I like trying out baking recipes but I have no use for 2 dozen cookies. I guess I can just make less…

Anonymous 233533

I love cooking. It's how I show my love, and I'm happy when other people like eating what I made. I want to try baking. I'm poor asf so I plan on making some simple bread first. Ever since I watched a couple of seasons of The Great British Bake Off, I've wanted to try baking

Anonymous 233550

It is really nice, and the flavor blends in so nicely that it's not fishy at all. Most dishes that start with oil, I'll throw in an anchovy or two.

Lol. Sometimes, it feels you can only get one peanut off season, but it's coming up on the time when stalls will start popping up on the side of roads and raw peanuts will be stores again.

Anonymous 233667


I love cooking.
>what recipes next
I want to practice patisserie again. I haven't made puff pastry in ages and I was never really satisfied with the results.
>secret ingredients
I'm Polish and I've always put 2-3 whole balls of allspice for every bayleaf in most things I cook. I've never seen this in a recipe. It's also important to get good flour. Where I live, there is only 'plain' flour which sort of sucks, though I can get cake and pastry flour from the Polish shop. Also herbes de Provence and a dash of soy or worcestershire sauce in everything.
>favourite dishes
I enjoy making stews. English-style calls for a lot of carrots and has these 'dumplings' which are nothing like actual dumplings but are really tasty and some good ale. Simple and absolutely heavenly. Chef Jean-Pierre has a nice recipe where he combines a stew with onion soup.
If you're new to baking, try out this recipe for scones. Easy and quick while being tasty. I aim for them being as tall as two fingers are wide and if you don't have a cutter, you can try a glass. They should be flat on the sides though. A glass may may not be sharp enough, dunno. They go well with jam and clotted cream but since they're not very sweet, I'm sure you could have them with just about anything. Butter and ham like a croissant seems like it would go well with warm scones.

Anonymous 233668

Oh right yes. If you have a fan oven, you can cook them at 180. I bake most things at 180.

Anonymous 234495

I've been getting into sourdough and got a really old starter to work with. Made some sourdough waffles with the discard from feeding my starter and everyone who ate them (5 ppl) said they were the best they'd had. Sourdough makes everything better recommend if you wanna get into baking

Anonymous 234522

Next time you make this try sourdough grilled cheese with cheddar and Muenster cheese

Anonymous 235472

That does look super easy! I might try it.

Do you have any easy polish recipes? I love those potato dumplings kopytka and bigos

Anonymous 236816

Making puff pastry is SO fun I just wish I could get good at it. My butter gets too melty and the flakey layers aren't layers like they should be. Honestly refrigerating the butter didn't work as well as yous hoped. I wish someone here would post puff pastry layering secrets.

Anonymous 238189


Any recs for delicious meals that are super simple and quick to make, and hopefully not too pricey? With the groceries being based on Europe. I don't know what the deal is with fresh fruits and veggies in the US, nor do I have access to your 783 different ramen brands, sorry.

I'll be wagecucking the summer, probably doing lots of overtime, and eating out is kinda expensive here :^( I want to shrink the time I spend on daily chores as much as possible, so anything would help.

Anonymous 238198

Dutch babies! You can whip them up super fast and make them savoury or sweet. If making sweet I throw frozen berries and some maple syrup or whipped cream on top

Anonymous 238372

Meat and cheese sandwich, soup, then Nutella on toast.

Anonymous 246190

I put some macaroni in the campbells tomato soup and added extra water.

Anonymous 246244


Make a BIG thing of taco filing using bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, grilled chicken. Keep some salsa and tortillas on hand from the store. Then you have the filling made already in a large tupperwear and you can microwave and spoon it into tortillas whenever you want. I recommend you season with salt, pepper, chilli powder, chopped garlic and chipotles in adobo.

You can also make your own salsa at home and keep it in the fridge in a jar. If you can find green tomatoes for your salsa I highly recommend.

If you can't find chipotles in a adobo just order a few cans online. You can keep them in the fridge a smallish tupperware for a long time after opening, because it's basically a preserve made with vinegar and salt. You don't need much, just one chipotle, chopped into bits and mixed in your filling. One goes a long way. Adobo was originally created to preserve meat.

Anonymous 256309

Favorite Secret ingredients:
Chopped Green Onion
Sesame Seeds
Peanut Oil
Freshly Grounded Parmesan

Anonymous 256450

pumpkin soup good

Anonymous 256456


I think Russian cuisine is highly underrated. I've been cooking traditional Russian food lately.

Anonymous 256478

>Who here really loves cooking
I do. It’s really relaxing.
>What recipes do you want to try next?
I’ve recently just started getting comfortable with breading and deep-frying foods. I really want to make like some solid chicken tenders or something
>What are your favorite secret ingredients?
Onion powder+garlic powder, cumin, paprika, baharat/allspice, citric acid. Every kind of food group I make has it’s own secret ingredients
>Favorite dishes to make?
Kebabs and arayes (meat/grain stuffed pita bread). They just bring back comfy memories from my childhood. I also cook a lot of Mexican food for my partner
>Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?
Originally from MENA so stuff like shawarma, stuffed grape leaves, tabbouli, are what I grew up with. Currently in USA and Mexican food is the reigning local cuisine, which I love asada tacos and flan.

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