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Anonymous 222092

It's a bit sad how normalised junk food is… I understand that it's cheaper than healthier meals but I genuinely hate how much marketing and shady business there is behind it. Are you aware of the unironic Cola Cola/McDonald's propaganda that happened (or maybe still happens) in Brazil? or any other country? Heck even in the west it's here. I could share a documentary if you're interested, nonas. https://youtu.be/uEJwbGBrXfk
I find it disgusting how these fast food companies abuse developping countries with addicting junk food like this There's clearly a class issue too. I don't know, I feel like talking about this because I'm seriously annoyed and angry at how much junk food is around us and how evil the business can be. You could argue sugar is now literally present in everything and what we buy from the super market isn't good either but I still think it's worth mentioning how manipulative fast food industries are. (And yes I'm aware fast food and junk food are technically different).

Anonymous 222096

I agree with you 100%. It feels like it's cemented into culture.
It's insane just how much damage excessive amounts of sugar consumption do to us and no one seems to care. I've cut down my sugar intake intensely- I do not eat any store bought candy anymore, and any baked goods I eat, I make myself, halving the sugar amount and using coconut sugar. It makes me appreciate the sweets more, and I'm not eating nasty processed crap. And if I don't have time to bake that week, so be it. I drink this fancy Aztec drinking chocolate on rare occasions that is sweetened only with a bit of honey. The only processed sugar I "allow" myself to have is in my coffee, or for certain Asian dishes I cook.

At first it was really hard but now this level of sugar in my life feels perfect- store bought birthday cake tastes repulsive now.

Sugar in particular is absolutely an addiction, and it's honestly disgusting realizing that kids are/were raised on lucky charms cereal, Kid's Cuisines, go-gurt, etc. It's like prison food with as much sugar injected as possible. No wonder young people are so dysfunctional.

Anonymous 222102

I love that picture you posted , I love eating at all of those places, no need for me to read what you wrote to know that we’re both fans of real food (fast food).

Anonymous 222171

How do I stop eating so much of it? I legit can't go more than a few hours without eating it. Pretty much every meal I have has sugar in it. I feel like it's gotta be contributing to my anger issues.

Anonymous 222186

>lets just blame the industry because we have zero self control and mash on them for their hard work and generous business!

seems like everyone itt doesnt know what a portion size is.

>ohhh but even the burger buns are sugar made they might as well have been glazed donut buns!

ok so just dont eat unhealthy the next meal

>oh but the kids! what about the kids eating sugar bomb breakfast in milk and dranking corn syyzurp juice?

try making a toddler eat brocolli. well if you didnt you may as well raise dem gewd bwois on a farm fresh meal plan on a literal farm.

Anonymous 222187

You need to understand how these junk foods affect insulin levels. They sort of hack you into craving more than you actually need.

Anonymous 222188

Of course there's a level to self control, nona. But you can't ignore that ever since junk food and astronomical amounts of sugar levels have been added into daily people's lives you have a literal spike in obesity cases. It's not just food. Sedantary lifestyle is on the rise because it is more convenient now. Think of the types of jobs that are more common now. Working from home anyone? You can't motivated majority of people out of pure will either. Think of mental illness being on the literal rise too. Remove cars and make walkable cities for example and that would already help a ton. That's just an example (and I am aware it is not as easy as I make it sound like). But I am tired of people putting excessive amount of personal blame on people thinking it'll be enough to push them to become healthy when it's known that all it does is push them to continue unhealthy habits as a cope. Unironically protest the governement for not taking care of mental health and physical health. A lot of these could be greatly helped by laws. It's much more complicated than "just eat healthy bro". Some people have literally no notion of what is is to eat healthy too. There's an education problem to this as well. This whole issue is at the junction of mental health/dietary health/governement laws/city planning/education. There's so much. I'm pretty sure I haven't even scratched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this issue.

Anonymous 222196

I very much agree. Societal problems such as rising obesity, mental illness, and social isolation (all of which were exacerbated by pandemic lockdowns) need to be addressed on a societal level. They are social problems, after all, and only systemic change will prevent them from worsening. Targeting individuals is treating the symptom. It's time to address the underlying causes such as overreliance on technology and the rising prices of fresh produce as opposed to mass-manufactured, shelf-stable junk food.

Anonymous 222261

yeah everyone loves fastfood in my country. new Mcdonalds opened couple days ago because demand was high. Fastfood tastes so good but it is not healthy at all, i try to avoid eating it. I wish people were informed about it and eat healthy instead

Anonymous 222262

I don't even remember last time i ate fastfood

Anonymous 222265


when they brought up brazil in that video, it reminded me when I lived in colombia, there were a bunch of fat people there, too, at least in the middle class cities. i then went to one of the supermarkets and found out that processed sugars and fried shit like chips were everywhere. in somewhere like the united states, you have the cheap shitty options and the expensive, but good for you options, but in colombia it was just cheap and shitty in those supermarkets

imo i think the best course of action is buy from farmer's markets that were outdoors, where you can buy a lot of vegetables and meat, but there seems to be a huge chunk of people flocking to those supermarkets too, and those food courts full of fast food. when i'd go to the mall, those courts were FULL of people. i just can't wrap my head around why people would just go and buy some coca-cola and kfc in a country where fresh fruit juice and meat with good beans is also widely available for the same, if not even cheaper prices. maybe it's because of the extensive advertising those fast food/fizzy drink companies have?

reminds me of this one documentary done in mexico where coca cola has gotten a huge following, to the point that a lot of people in this one city are dying of diabetes like nothing, and even the indigenous people swear by that shit. in the video, the lady even goes like "oh diabetes is caused by anger" and blesses a diabetic guy with a shot of coca-cola. it's really depressing.
https://youtu.be/hqnUohxXV0I here's the video of what I was talking about.

Anonymous 222284


nigga why did you reply to my post like 6 fucking times? i can tell it's you because you keep mispelling colombia lmao. but I never intended to mock any of these people at all, in fact, again, I think it's fucked up these companies target these people. if my wording was insulting in any way, well, apologies, that wasn't my intention.

anyways fast food sucks and I hope people get informed about how shitty their advertising can be. that crap happening in brazilian schools is scary, with how they do the subliminal advertising. the school festival one in particular is incredibly scummy. i know the kids want to do it to raise money for their school, but it'll also pretty much encourage them to keep drinking that crappy drink.

Anonymous 222285

>the subway boys are Jared Fogel at 2 different weights
Keked but cursed

Anonymous 222286


Here's what I did nona- I pretty much cut out sugar cold turkey from foods, but with my coffee I slowly decreased the amount of creamer I put in until I was actually using the serving size. Now of course it depends on what you drink/eat, but if you can find something that you add sugar to like a drink you can "frog in the boiling water" yourself into enjoying it with less and less.

Toss any sweets you have in the pantry in the trash. (and don't binge eat them all in one last hurrah, just toss them. they are literally garbage and sugar feeds cancer cells. just repeat that if you need to in your head when you feed tempted.)

Also, find a fruit that you love that is super sweet, or whatever is ripe at the store. Keep it up cut in the fridge or accessible, and when you are craving sugar, eat the fruit. Apples are great for this, so is pineapple, watermelon, other bigger fruits because you can cut them up once and eat them from the fridge for a couple of days afterwards.

Side note, I have found that since I cut so much sugar from my diet, fruit tastes like 1000% better so there's an incentive lol.

Once you train your tastebuds to not crave sugar so much, you'll be able to have the self control to introduce a few sweets back into your life, but you'll probably naturally start to only want lower sugar things.

Oh! And tip for any nona here, BUY CHINESE BLACKBERRY LEAVES. They are a zero calorie natural sweetened for teas. It's insane how sweet just one little dried leaf is. They have a lot of nutrients in them too- they taste a little like aspartame (zero calorie sweetener) so a warning, but if you just plop 1-2 leaves in the water with your hot tea they will make a big difference without being harmful.

Anonymous 222287


Fast Food is not so cheap in Brazil, i can tell you that.
Most part of people i go to school with treat going to Mc Donalds as a luxury that you do once in a while.

Anonymous 222289

Podrão > Mcdonald's

Anonymous 222309

The only fast food I will eat is KFC because it isn't really unhealthy compared to other fast food when you only eat deep fried chicken.

There is no need for fast food even as a convenient way to eat when we can have tuna and salad every day and have a nice feed on the regular with zero effort.

Not preaching but found keto so helpful with keeping weight off and general well being as well as fasting for days at a time and only eating once a day. Who wants to crave food all the time by eating carbs not to mention needing to use the toilet more than once a week!

Anonymous 222323

>Can i get uhhh two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7 with extra mayo plus szechuan sauze, two number 45s and make one of them super size, the other with cheese jalapeños and onion, and a large soda with a mcflurey, last ill have 3 sundaes sided with a bag of cookies. yes chocolate chip. yes that completes the order.

Anonymous 222335


My own personal ordering from McDonald's whenever I do go:
>ten piece chicken nugget meal
>BBQ sauce and honey mustard
>hot fries with sweet and sour sauce
>medium strawberry and banana smoothie
>apple pie
But I agree with OP. No one should be eating fast food every day, and that especially goes for families with children.

Anonymous 222353

I mean.. what do you expect to do about it, though? You're not gonna ban industries of a country you don't belong to and have never lived in. Do you expect Brazilians to voluntarily give up eating fast food because some random who on cc is upset about it? Brazilians aren't ignorant either and it's pretty obvious that fast food isn't good for you. This thread seems like a weird attempt at social engineering and manipulating public perception to push an agenda instead of a genuine dialogue about fast food and its implications.

Anonymous 222396


Meanwhile, I'm sad over the lack of fast food chains in my country. We do have McDonalds and Burger King, in big cities even Pizza Hut, Subway and a few other things but that's basically it. If I wanted to eat pizza in my small town, I'd only have the choice between a proper Italian restaurant or some shady looking hole in the wall.

If I lived in the US, I'd east fast food every day and become so fat. I mean, not only do you have chains for burgers, pizzas and sandwiches but also for waffles, breakfast foods and sweets? That's amazing.

Anonymous 222417

NTA but there's like five different places to eat in my town, so I'm forced to be creative in the kitchen. Seems like every place I go to does burgers and I'm sick of it tbh.

Anonymous 222419


Anonymous 222427

Thankfully my parents never allowed McDonald's or any other place to put the zap on my head when I was a child. The only fast food we'd often have was the Wendy's at the end of our street when my mom was in no mood to cook or go somewhere. That was maybe twice a month. I had it more frequently in high school because those were always the places my friends wanted to go, but even then I didn't get a something every time.

Anonymous 222434

maybe it's just me but sometimes i can crave fast food but the moment i do eventually go out and eat some i'm almost always dissapointed… it's just kinda weird.

Anonymous 223971

Alright dumb question time:
Eating fruit everyday, that sugar isn't bad right?

Anonymous 223992

No, it's complex sugar. In the form of juice, it can give you more than that is healthy/natural, but eating fruit is fine. You'll probably end up with the runs before the sugar content would become an issue.

The complex sugars in fruits take more work to digest, therefore /kind of/ end up rendering it to a net zero situation (not exactly, but it's definitely way better than simple sugars like in syrups and cane sugar) Not to mention the fiber in the fruits also provides you with nutrients (not really present in juice either)

Anonymous 224046

Hate all fast food (except ->). Chick Fil A is good though

Anonymous 224095

I hate most fast food here in the US. I hate all the chain restaurants too. I just mostly cook at home. I only eat fast food if I have to or if on a strange occasion im craving it.

Chick fil a do be good.

Anonymous 224493

I've been thinking about this post a lot because I live in Japan and eat fast food 1-2 times a week on the weekend. But the non-wester fast food options aren't that bad healthwise. Here are my two staples:

Gyudon: (sukiya, matsyua, yoshinoya) beef boiled with onions, soy sauce, and mirin served with rice. You can get toppings but the "worst" is just cheese. The sides are miso soup, salad, or pickled veggies. They also serve softserv but the serving is quite small.

Sugskiya: non-fried ramen noodles in a fish-based soup. Again, there are toppings but they're all things like veggies or a soft-boiled egg.

Sure they both have a lot of sodium, but overall seem way more nutritionally sound than US fast food. Even kfc here uses domestic chicken.

Anonymous 224494

My brain broke while typing, Sugakiya is the place that has soft serv,

Anonymous 224496

I heard about how food quality is overall much better in Japan than in the west because people tend to eat fresh and shop for food the same day they eat it in little Kombini stores. Where I live the food you buy is supposed to stay for around a week in the fridge so it isn't fresh anymore, we don't have tiny stores to quickly go into and then back home for tonight's meal and the food is full of chemicals to help preserve it for a week. Buying a tiny amount of food for the same day isn't practical because my city planning has priviledged big store chains where you drive every week and buy a bunch of food in bulk.
Do correct me if what I heard about the "fresh food" culture in Japan is wrong though. I also heard that fast food chains like McDonals are appanrelty more healthy there.

Anonymous 224525

It's not cheaper at all

Anonymous 224526

no it's not. 'the west' is not uniform. the food with the highest quality standards in the world can be found in certain european countries.

Anonymous 224531

depends on where you live, some areas have junk food cheaper than healthier alternatives

Anonymous 225051

I've never been allowed to eat fast food since I grew up in a strict muslim family, I doesn't seem appealing to me now especially thinking about the lack of hygiene (at least where I live). Sometimes I wonder if I missed out …

Anonymous 225052

>sometimes I wonder if I missed out
You didn't really miss out.

Anonymous 225193

Loud stinky farts

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