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Anonymous 224292

If you had an anime butler, would you have him with or without a jacket?

Anonymous 224296

He can wear whatever he wants

Anonymous 224299

>wearing clothes
No. He will be naked, except for a shock collar around his neck, and white briefs.

Anonymous 224322

But the butler outfit is like two-thirds of the appeal of having a butler

Anonymous 224324

Anonymous 224333

tomoaki maeda typed this post

Anonymous 224334


Anonymous 224344


Why can't he have multiple outfits for seasons? Mostly, I prefer butlers without a tailcoat, but Vishnal makes a strong case for the coat.

Anonymous 224428


Why around his neck? I think it would be more effective around his balls.

Anonymous 224429

With jacket, but without his jacket his arms are revealed, none of that longsleeve with a vest shit, he will just be wearing the vest and his arms better be sexy.
And this when I am ovulating

Anonymous 224430

Clorica is the superior butler

Anonymous 224451

You replied to the wrong post, nona

Anonymous 225496



Anonymous 225720

With a short-length jacket like in OPs pic except also studded with crystals Takarazuka style.

Anonymous 225722

doing him a disservice. butlers thrive in structured environments

Anonymous 225734

Anonymous 268664


I would have him naked on all fours with just the tie and waistcoat

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