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Boredom thread Anonymous 225633

Boredom thread

Anything and everything goes even scratching out your eyes

Here we cope in any way

Anonymous 225636

this is you op

Anonymous 225638


Positive: Buff megane cute boyfriend, guy, alpaca, toast, salad fever dream
Negative: Not a woman, not a girl, not female

Why won't waifu generator always give me the alpaca sidekick I deserve

Anonymous 225642

Explains a lot

Anonymous 225643

Also why does it keep giving me women??????????

Someone recommend me a better anime ai generator

Anonymous 225644

in negative, don't put "not a woman", just put "woman" "girl", etc…
By Adding the "not a" in the negative section, you're creating a double negative which is likely confusing the AI, and it's why you keep getting women in your results.

Anonymous 226310

Can someone tell me when the gore is gone from lolcow? I never seen what I saw a s I can't unsee it. I almost threw up and it made me cry what the fuck, Im bored and just want to read

Anonymous 226370


It sorta worked for me

Anonymous 226374

All of them look retarded.

Anonymous 226376

have you seen an alpaca? they all look retarded

Anonymous 226377


You're right

Anonymous 226381

More than half the things made in this ai look retarded. Until someone is able to order an image of cute megane boyfriend crushed Under a wave of Mt dew cans…..I won't change my mind. this app never gives me anything I ask it for. Half the time it cant even give me a male when i describe one. I should be able to make any kind of image. I cannot do that with waifu. Even if I put a descriptor in double parenthesis ((boyfriend)) I will still get a woman sometimes.

Anonymous 226385

I've never gotten a women, it's just the tagging system is retarded and you have to be careful with how you use it. You have to specifically look up danbooru tags and make sure you're using their specific tag words. For example, if you want two men you have to type "2boys" specifically.

Anonymous 226388

What generator?

Anonymous 226453

>cute megane boyfriend crushed Under a wave of Mt dew cans
Time for you to start saving money to commission something from Sachiko Kaneoya

Anonymous 226462

Kek but ai is meant to do this kind of thing no?

Anonymous 226541

It's the nemusoma waifu generator. I can never find it when I google it but here's the link
waifus. nemusona. com
Remove the spaces from it. I was worried about linking it directly.

Anonymous 229669




Anonymous 229671

Wait does kaneoya really do commissions?

Anonymous 229676

Everybody has a price. I bet she would charge obscene yens

Anonymous 229953

i had a lemon flavored fiber gummy and it was the most rancid shit i've ever tasted in my entire life. lemon flavored anything should be banned globally

Anonymous 229959

Lemon and cherry are the beat skittle combo.

Anonymous 230122


Anonymous 230124

Oh noez what is wrong with your son

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