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A world without males Anonymous 22715

Let's pretend men don't exist and we could reproduce on our own!

How would things be like?

Do you think the world would be less violent? Less capitalist? Are any things you think that would be worse? What would be better?

Anonymous 22716

Hmm, hard to say. There would probably be less violent and sexual crimes.
A lot of women world leaders do pretty good, Merkel for example. But there are some bad ones, too, like the Myanmar leader.
A lot of modern technology was made by men, but one could argue that women have been discouraged from academic pursuits because of the patriarchy. I know that may sound overtly SJW, but it's worth entertaining I think.

Not really sure what kind of conclusion to draw.
Regardless, I like duality in my life currently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 22717


I know I say I hate men a lot and I still do, but the world would be really boring without men. How about a world without ugly men, or a world where all men are enslaved instead?

Anonymous 22718

How would we enslave them though?

Anonymous 22719

Instead of men there would be butch lesbians and nothing would change

Anonymous 22721

Screen Shot 2018-0…

We would have to keep the male population low for it to be viable. A good way to reduce the male population while keeping the female population high is having a mandatory male draft and inciting war. However, the change of power would need to occur relatively quickly, as within a few generations, the ratio of men to women would steadily return to 1:1. I won't get into how to start a war as it is something that would naturally occur without our intervention. The main point is taking advantage of such a situation, so let's assume for now that a war has begun. How do the women in the warring territory gain power? The majority of change would need to occur silently. We would need the passage of laws supporting women over men while there were significantly less male voters.

Anonymous 22723

I would think the world would be much more peaceful. Much less crime. However we would probably advance more slowly due to being less competitive. With too much peace things become stagnant.
I dislike men and avoid them for the most part, but at the very least I can appreciate them for the things they've made.

Anonymous 22726

it would be a cool world some r9k bloke would probably get off to being his fetish

Anonymous 22728

If all men suddenly disappeared the first thing that would happen would be billions of women following them into death as all the infrastructure of modern society falls apart with no men to maintain it.
After that I think the few surviving women would form primitive tribes. The centers of these tribes would be women who know how to hunt and forage and otherwise survive on their own. These capable women would basically become the new men, leading and taking care of other women. Only, I'm not sure women would want that role. Men were happy to be a tribe leader and take care of a bunch of women because it meant he'd get to have sex with all of them. But on I don't really see that same motivation working for your average woman.
If the tribes do manage to survive, assuming they managed to form at all, things would probably then be pretty boring for the rest of time as the women don't really build or create new things, just survive day today. Until some global eco shift or huge scale natural disaster rendered the Earth inhospitable for humans and killed off the last of them.

Anonymous 22737


I don't understand this hate for men.
A world without them would have a fast ending for the most of us.
The survivors would die out because we need men.

Wanting man entslaved or their numbers forcefully hold down is terrible and makes women who want that not better than the redpill guys.
I met as many bad men as i met bad women.

Anonymous 22738

“Less Capitalist”
Hoo, boy.
“Less violent”.
It would be worse. Girls bully girls relentlessly; women sabotage each other in the workplace constantly - if all the social capital and prestige was solely among women it would intensify by at least an order of magnitude. I have many brothers and while they are much, much more physical they fight much less.

Anonymous 22739

A bit off-topic, but I want everyone to die out.
We are all awful and there's no point being here. I'd kms if I wasn't a coward and a fellow human addicted to the sensory interest generated on earth.

Anonymous 22742


Maybe some kind of highly infective smallpox or influenza strain with virulence factors somehow activated by male specific features like presence of an SRY gene product

Anonymous 22743

Who are you to decide whether I'm awful and deserving of death?

Anonymous 22745

My mama is a saint!

Anonymous 22747

laughed in a library from this

Anonymous 22748

Pretty much this. There would be a much stricter hierarchy that is decided by social status (basically a huge popularity contest). A lot of people forget that girls can be cruel and judgy even the ones that claim that “everyone is beautiful just that way theyare and we shouldn’t judge them!”. Although I think there would be a lot less competiveness and obsession over looks. Lots of girls dress or do their make up a certain way to appeal to guys, but now that men are gone, they have no reason to unless they just like dressing like that for themselves.

Anonymous 22752

If I lost the men in my life I'd literally jump off a bridge the same day. I don't get this hatred for men.

Anonymous 22753

Me neither, I think a better question to ask would be "what would life be like if we didn't have to reproduce" I think that way a lot of bad things about men would disappear

Anonymous 22754

>all the infrastructure of modern society falls apart with no men to maintain it.
>women don't really build or create new things,
You sound male and/or idiotic, sorry.

Anonymous 22756

Can this thread be deleted, it's full of LARPers.

Anonymous 22758

Ok point out the LARPers then

Anonymous 22759

The point you should be trying to address is if I'm correct. This kind of focus on feelings over results and practicality is part of the issue you know.

Anonymous 22761

I didn't bring up feelings, I said you sound male and/or idiotic. It's not a "feeling" any more than saying "The sky is blue" is. It's a very simple observation. I think this lack of nuanced thinking is a much larger issue.
I'm sorry about whatever feelings must have consistently blocked you from Googling "female inventors", "women and agriculture", or "women and labor force" for so much of your life, but as someone who believes in self-determination, I believe that you can do it if you just push yourself hard enough. It must be hard not having your biases confirmed, but I believe in you. If you disagree with consisted, documented history, please feel free to post your counter-evidence for the world to see.

Anonymous 22765

A small number of women with skills and experience in some of these industries isn't going to be anywhere near enough to stop the massive chain of problems caused by all the men disappearing.

Anonymous 22767

The source of those massive problems would be the sudden disappearance of half of the world population.

Of course there would be a difficult adaptation period when people have to be retrained for jobs.

I wouldn't assume things would be automatically better or worse, just different. And not based on shallow stereotypes like "wow how can women run the world if they're too busy being bitchy"?

This hypothetical is honestly boring.

Anonymous 22770

No, because men would survive just fine without women. Assuming the same reproductive power is given them.

You really underestimate how much work goes into maintaining all the modern conviniences that keep you comfortable and alive if you keep dismissing it as "oh we'd just learn to do it ourselves"

How? Who's teaching you? How are you surviving while you try to learn? How many women will even be physically capable of some of these jobs even if you survive? Have you thought through any of these steps with any level of depth or do you just picture it happening in your head with no details because you think "men aren't so special. We can do all that too".(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 22774

I can't compete in a Stacy World and I'm not a lesbian so I'd probably go be a nun and join a hermitage with other social outcast women for platonic company. Could be comfy.

Anonymous 22775

>men would survive just fine without women

idk why incels and woman haters take this proposition for granted. a hellish lord of the flies type scenario seems just as likely under such circumstances

Anonymous 22776

All that would happen is the sexbot industry would explode.

Anonymous 22783


Anonymous 22786

>No, because men would survive just fine without women.

lol there are literally online communities of men who mentally destroyed themselves just because they never got a hug from a woman. Best part is they insist they're doing fine or that they no longer wish/desire to interact with women

males = original tsunderes

Anonymous 22807

>men would survive just fine without women.
that is not true, it is like saying women can survive just fine without men.

Of course a group of one sex or another can survive. It is not witchcraft, but i think it has a reason that we have two sexes.

Hell yeah, men are idiots and just giant babys and women are crazy and emotional, no sex is better than the other.

Women and men are different, in many ways, but I believe that is made from years of evolution so we can complement each other.

I hope you guys get my point.

Anonymous 22813


There are communities doing that just fine. (With strict discipline)

Anonymous 22814

being a cloistered nun sounds like it would be very chill tbh. i'm 100% for this idea.

i know grown-ass men who can't even operate a washing machine, you really think those guys would be 'just fine'?
when my granddad's wife died he ate out for the next thirty years because he refused to learn how to cook. his elderly (female) neighbor felt so sorry for him that she would come over every week to clean his house because he refused to do it. yeah, sure, men will be fine on their own. just let their stubborn asses live in filth, ill health, and misery.

Anonymous 22818


The point is that without any women enforcing privacy, the lowlife men would just be swept up by other men who have their shit together. They'd be used as literal minions and probably enjoy it because they don't have to worry about much and are taken care of.

Men in a nutshell. It only needs a handful of tricksters/schemers/"wizards" who have oversight and some others who are bold and charismatic.

Around here we also have some concepts like that where "homeless" University students are swept up (and given a cheap home) by fraternities who are more or less civilized but teach them how to function at least in basic concepts, until the older ones graduate and get own homes and then teach the young ones in occasional meetings.

I guess if it just was one house with everyone living in it forever it would become the epitome of barbaric, but at least it would work somehow

Anonymous 22821


idk where you live, but where i'm from, fraternity brothers are regarded as scumbags. they're arrogant, inconsiderate, throw loud parties and don't clean up after themselves, and they bully the younger members of the frat.
plus, most of them don't learn to function even in those basic concepts, at least not in the long run. they get their degrees, marry their girlfriends, and then go straight back to being as messy and lazy as they want because they have a domestic servant to take care of them again.

like the frat communities that you're describing sound fine to live in, but i think you're really underestimating the number of pic related that exist. those lowlife men are lowlifes usually because they have no skills, social or otherwise, and i find it hard to imagine that the other men who have their shit together would pick them up and transform their lives without them being able to demonstrate some sort of value.

Anonymous 22827

The thread topic seems to have slid towards a men-only planet.

Men without women would create some sort of cannibalistic human sacrifice oriented culture where dying in war is considered ideal and funerary customs involve turning their skins into war drums and where human bone scrimshaw is the most common form of art. On the plus side there would be personal jetpacks and flying cars, on the downside there would be no license restrictions or insurance for either, fuel efficiency would be considered a cowardly concept and seatbelts would not exist even as a concept. Even our current world has detonated more than 2,150 atomic bombs, mostly more or less safely in test sites. In Man World, and I'm reasonably sure no man on earth would disagree, they'd have easily tripled that number, but a nontrivial percentage of those would not have been tests. Only 4 United States presidents have died by assassination in the current world, 2 shot by far right conservatives (Lincoln and Garfield) and 2 shot by far left communists (McKinley and Kennedy); only one of those was shot after women gained the vote. We can probably quadruple that number for Man World, and without women's civilizing influence on radical leftwing politics illegalism and Propaganda of the Deed such as assassination would be much more common political activities. The Cold War would have gone nuclear and surviving nations would have functioning Orion nuclear engine spaceships, which they would use in their resource wars where they struggle to get control of the solar system's remaining fissile materials so that they can win the next set of nuclear wars. Feminine concepts such as restraint and public order are the only reason there are stop signs, speed limits, and blood alcohol level restrictions on the roads. The whole nightmarish scenario would look a lot like Warhammer 40,000, but with everyone acting like Orkz. I mean heck that's the whole idea of Warhammer's Orkz, there's a reason Orkz are asexually reproducing fungi, men without women and without biological restraints.

Physically, if men still needed a male partner to reproduce with, I don't really know. Men are much more attracted to pale skin than women are, and much more attracted to blue or light colored eyes. They'd probably be larger and have tougher bones and stronger muscles due to the constant personal warfare of all against all that is the natural state on their planet. And since they'd be cannibals they'd probably have better digestive adaptations to drinking blood.

So basically gay vampires with jetpacks.

Anonymous 22828

Good post tbh

Anonymous 22829

i think you just really like warhammer

Anonymous 22834

Man World sounds fucking badass

Anonymous 22835

bear in mind it would also be extremely gay in a prison kind of way

Anonymous 22836

How so? Are you sure? Men are actually more empathetic than women in terms of morals and ideals, for example all great moral undertakings have come from men (ending slavery, rule of law, etc). Women are pretty vicious and don't really care either way. I think a world consisting of men would be highly moral and just. If Man World has the same demographics as now, Europeans would just dominate the Earth and without women to impede them they would never let their empire fall. I don't think it would be as warlike as you claim because one tribe or group would quickly pull ahead of all others and maintain stability, much like in our world (Pax Britannica and then Pax Americana).

Anonymous 22843

>men are more emphatic and have better morals because they ended slavery.

That's not how it works, there were and still are plenty of men that didn't want slavery to end. It's not like woman we're be able to end slavery anyway because they had no power to do so.

Anonymous 22855

>a good leader
thats funny m8

Anonymous 22860

Anonymous 22864

Warhammer is a direct reflection of the male soul. To create a perfect male android we could build a sexbot and train its neural net on Warhammer source materials and pornography, and the result would be functionally indistinguishable from a biological male. The only question is why on Earth anyone would want to do that.

Anonymous 22893

>muh muslims
Germany is objectively one of, if not, the most economically successful European country.

Anonymous 22897

Solely because of the German people, and not because of their leadership.

Anonymous 22901

i work in a female-dominated industry (i'm surrounded by women and talking to women all day) and overall it's a very pleasant environment with little to none of the backstabbing and gossip-mongering that men imagine would happen in a world without them. if anyone is unpleasant it's usually in a way that's stand-offish rather than outright bitchy.
then you have male-dominated spaces such as fraternities like >>22818 mentioned which produce some of the most obnoxious and rude specimens of humanity that i've ever encountered.

uncanny coincidence, huh

Anonymous 22915

I'd like to see you explain how Germany is an Anarchist utopia, Anon. Also haven't all the leaders of Germany been German people? Yes, yes they have.

Anonymous 22956

>random ridiculous strawman
Ok retard.

As long as you at least somewhat harness the German people's industriousness, you will have a successful country. The particulars of their leadership is irrelevant and they would obviously be a billion times better off without Merkel and with someone who instead was NOT trying to slowly genocide them.

Anonymous 22960

i don’t think backstabbing and politics and gossip is a male or female thing, it’s a shitty internal culture thing. we’re too quick to attribute shittiness to what people are rather than who they are, i think

Anonymous 23219

>it was men that decided slavery was bad
>it was men that decided world wars should probably not continue
it's also men who started said world wars, what's your point?

Anonymous 23220

Hitler was Austria tho

Anonymous 23229

Austrians are, in fact, Germans.

Anonymous 23230

t. double citizen

Anonymous 23231

Saupreißn/German dichotomy.

Anonymous 23232

Alright, von Bismarck

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