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are fingers based off of sex or sexuality? Anonymous 227473

im a female homosexual and my ring finger is longer than my pointer but i also see people saying it depends on your sex?? and that women are supposed to have equal length pointer and ring fingers??? so im very confused

Anonymous 227480

Post hand

Anonymous 227481

There are a number of physical phenomena which are both sex-linked and sexuality-linked. For instance:

Anonymous 227484

thank you for this!!!

Anonymous 227485

eww wtf is wrong with your fingers, do you chew on them?

Anonymous 227486

i pick on them until they bleed lolol

Anonymous 227487

That sounds painful. Please, use your teeth on some chewing gum instead

Anonymous 227488

i will delete this picture of my hands now cuz i’m insecure about my weight, but if anyone else wants to see them just ask for my discord and i’ll send them to u

Anonymous 227489

Your weight is just fine. You just need to take care of the skin on your fingers and heal it.

Anonymous 227490

yes maybe i will put bandaids around them so i don’t pick on them anymore

Anonymous 227616

My ring is longer than my pointer and I'm both boyish and a lesbian so idk it might have some truth

Anonymous 227621

Anonymous 227625

I also have a longer ring finger and I’m gay. I’m not masculine but I’m autistic which is linked to lower levels of oxytocin which may also have something to do with it since women have more oxytocin in their system than men. I think there’s some truth to this since legit studies have been done, but there’s always exceptions.

Anonymous 227627

handsize itself matters and says more about the persons sex than the finger lenght but the finger lenght is kinda consistent often as well. to clock trannies you use all anatomical knowledge into consideration, it often works I have had a lot of look telling what sex is who by the handsize the most consistently but its often all the physical characteristics together that I draw conclusions from not only one.

Anonymous 227723

My ring finger is longer but I have zero attraction to women, my knuckles are kind of large too. I don't look masculine, I'm autistic though.

Anonymous 227724

My ring finger is longer and I used to be more of a lesbian but nowadays my fantasies revolve around torturing males and making a male submit to me as my cute boyslave. I've always been more of a tomboy and act aggressively. I think I'm just mentally demented. Any other ring-finger-supremacists mentally demented?

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